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Full text of "Thomas Sanford, the emigrant to New England; ancestry, life,and descendants, 1632-4. Sketches of four other pioneer Sanfords and some of their descendants"

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in  2010  with  funding  from 

Allen  County  Public  Library  Genealogy  Center 


, ,.  if  ffnii 

(j  3  1833  033418796 

Gc    929.2    Sa56?88s.     v    ] 
Sanford,    Carlton    E.     b.     1847 
Thomas    Sanford.    the   emigrant 
to    New    England  "^Q^^ant 











Author  "?TF" 



VOL.    I 




Copyright  1911^^ 
By  C.  E.  Sanforo 
Potsdam,  N.  Y. 

Mien  County  Public  Library 
900  Webster  Street 




OQ  3n  tljiT  otrauirg  of 

vl  \ 



N  an5  ajrll.  tbta  mork  i« 
nN^  affifrti0nalrlg  in- 

-v>  acribeb  liu  tlifir 

vj  aott 


Assistance  Acknowledged     - 

Census  of  U.  S.,  1790 

Coats  of  Arms 

Descendants  of  the  Four  Sons 

Eighth    Generation    - 

Eleventh    Generation 

English  Lineage,  Tables 

Fifth   Generation 

First   Generation 

Fourth    Generation    - 

Genealogies  (Others) 

Generations  of  Each  Son     - 

Goflfe,    William 

Hartford,  Settlement  of 

Hatfield  Broad  Oak  - 

Hatfield  Forest 

Key  to  this  "Work     - 

Kibbe,  James   A. 

Lawyers   (Prominent) 

Lineage,  Kecords  of  - 

Loving  Brother's  Agreement 

Medieval  Origins  of  the  Sanfords 

Milford,   Settlement   of 

Milford,  Village  of   - 

Much   Hadham 

Ninth  Generation 

Oldest  Seat  of  Sanfords 

Pioneers,  Arrival  of  - 

Pioneers,  Eelationship  of 

Pioneer  Sanfords 

Plan  of  the  Work     - 

Preface   (Story  of  the  Work) 

Pynehon,   William      - 

Becords  of  Lineage 

Regicides,   Whalley  and   Goflfe 

Eelationship    Chart    -  -  .  . 

Religious    Family       -  .  -.  . 

Sanrords    (Miscellaneous),— 

Abigail   (Letters  of)      - 

Coats  of  Arms  -  -  .  . 

Centennial,   Cornwall,   Vt. 

Emigrants  -  .  .  . 

Ephraim    (Inventory  Estate)    - 

Ephraim    (Son's    Loving    Agreement) 

Ezekiel    (Valley    Forge    Letter) 

Garry    (Letter   of) 

Oldest    Seat   of  - 

Old,    Original    Papers    of 

Origin    (English) 

Relationship    of  -  -  . 

Samuel,   Jr.    (Ante   Nuptial)    - 

Samuel,  Jr.   (Confession) 

Seal  on  (Lemuel's  Will) 

Stephen   (Monument   to) 

Tradition              -             .             .  . 

Sanfords  (Pioneer  and  English) 

Andrew    (Pioneer)  -         '    . 

Ezekiel    (Father    of    Pioneers) 

-  10 

-  1324 

-  53 

-  292 

-  1240 

-  52 

-  112 

-  86 

-  100 

-  1333 


-  79 

-  74 

-  41 

-  42 

-  86 

-  83 

-  63 

-  96 

-  13 

-  74 

■  83 

■  543 











-  455 

-  53 

-  825 

-  63 

-  95 

-  96 

-  168 

-  253 

-  61 

-  1321 

-  13 

-  66 

-  131 

-  130 

-  109 

-  62 

-  1352 


Henry    (Pioneer)  .......  1393 

James   (Pioneer)  .......  1398 

John    (Pioneer)  .......  1386 

Nathaniel    (Pioneer)      .......  1398 

Richard   (Head  of  Family)        -  -  -  -  -  -       23 

Richard    (Pioneer)  -  '  -  -  -  -  -  -  1394 

Robert    (Pioneer)  .......  1335 

Thomas    (Grandfather   of   Pioneers)    -  -  .  -  -25-35 

William    (Pioneer)  .......  I3i96 

Zachary  (Uncle  of  Pioneers)    ■  -  -  ...  -       27 

Zaehary     (Pioneer)        ..-...-  1380 

Sanford  Soldiers, — 

In   Revolution     -.------  1315 

In  War   of    1832  .......  1316 

In    Civil    War     ........  1317 

From  New  York  State  .------  1319 

Sanford,   Thomas, — 

Birth  of  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -       39 

Arrival  of  -  -  -  -  -  -  -        67  and  76 

A    Deputy  ........       80 

Herdsman  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -       68 

In   America  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -       60 

In   Dorchester,   Mass. 
In  Milford,  Conn. 
Inventory  of 
Memorial   of 



Old  Deed  of       -             -             -             -             -             -             -             -  81 

Read  and  Write             .......  78 

Will  of    -             -             -             -             -             -             -             -             -  87 

Sanfords  in  V.  S.  Census  of  1790  ..-.--  1324 

Sanfords,  Very  Old  Papers  of         -----             -  13^1 

Second   Generation    --------  90 

Settlers,  Trials  of      -             -             -             -             -             -             -             -  73 

Seventh  Generation  -.------  190 

Sixth   Generation       --....--  140 

Stanstead    Mountfitchet 

-  935 

-  73 

-  1313 

Warner,   Andrew,   Emigrant              -             -   '          -             -              -             -  66 
Wills  of,— 

Damaris    Sandford          -             -             -             -             -             -             -  29 

John  Warner       ■             -             -             -             -             -              -             -  40 

Lemuel    Sanford              .......  112 

Richard   Sanford              .......  47 

Rychard    Saunforde        -             -             -             -             -              -             -  24 

Stephen    Sanford             .......  no 

Thomas    Sanford             .......  31 

Thomas    Sanford             -             -             -             -             -             -             -  87 

Tenth    Generation 
Third    Generation 
Trials  of  Early  Settlers 
Twelfth   Generation 


Carlton  E.  Sanford,  No.  9805,  Photogravure  -     -             -       Frontispiece  Vol.   1 

Eolliu  Sanford,  No.  2197,  Plwtogravure                     -            Frontispiece  Vol.  2 
Much  Hadham,  Hertford  Co.,  England, — 

Old   Cottage   in          -------  24 

Main  Street  in   -              -              -              -             -              -             -  -       30 

Church    Yard    in        -------  34 

Stanstead   Mountfitehet,   Essex   Co..   England, — 

Parish  Church  in             -              -              -              -              -             -  -       46 

Old  Part  of  Village               --....  50 

Arms  of  Sandfords, — 

Of  Essex  County,  England       -              -              -              -              -  -       .54 

Of  Shropshire  County,  England     -----  54 

Of  Ehode    Island  -------       55 

Seal  on  Lemuel  Sanfonl  's  Will       -----  .55 

Milford,  Connecticut, — 

-\ncieut    Map    of            -              -              -              -             -             -  -       74 

First  Meeting  House             ------  78 

Plan  of  Meeting  House               -              -              -              -             -  -       78 

Memorial  Bridge       -------  g2 

Thomas  Sanford   (Pioneer),  Old  Deed  of  -              -              -             -  -       80 

Samuel  Sanford,  Old  Deed  of     -              -              -              -             -             -  92 

.A.aron   Sanford,  Residence   -------     198 

Ezra  Sanford  (No.  6S5)                ------  222 

Truman  Sanford  (No.  103.3)              -              -              -              -             -  -     278 

Silence  (Tuttle)  Sanford  (No.  1033)     -----  278 

Rev.  Hawley  Sanford   (No.  1210)    -              -              -              -             -  -     308 

Rev.  Aaron  K.  Sanford  (No.  2958)        -----  308 

Thomas  Sanford   (No.   1262)              -              -              -              -             -  -     318 

Frederick  Burr  Sanford  (No.  1302)       -----  324 

John  W.  Sanford   (No.   1410)            -             -             -              -             -  -     340 

.John  Sanford    (No.    1416)            ------  342 

George  W.  Sanford   (No.  1633)        -              -              -              -             -  -     370 

Ferdinand  Doan  Sanford   (No.  8046)     -----  370 

John  Aldeu  Sanford   (No.  S04S)      -              -              -              -             -  -     370 

Winthrop  Sanford  (No.  8049)     ------  370 

William  W.  Sanford   (No.  8050)      -              -              -              -             -  -     370 

William  Moore  Sanford  (No.  1635)       -----  372 

Pierson  E.  Sanford   (No.   1637)        -             -             -             -             -  -     374 

Thomas  Sanford  (No.  1737)       ------  390 

Samuel  Thomas  Woods  Sanford  (No.  1915)            ...  -     412 

Benjamin  Franklin  Sanford  (No.  1947)              -              -             -             -  416 

Lucinda   (GrifiSn)    Sanford   (No.   1947)        .....     415 

Thomas  J.  Sanford  (No.  1980)   ------  422 

Israel  C.  Sanford  (No.  4682)            -              -             -              -             -  -     422 

Imos  Hurd  Sanford  (No.  1981)  ----..  404 


Letitia  (Mitchell)  Sanford  (No.  1981)       -             -             -             -  -     424 

Lerov  V.  Sanford   (No.  4690)   ------  426 

Elam  Sanford   (No.  2034)   -             -             -             -             -             -  -     428 

Dr.  Charles  E.  Sanford  (No.  2058)       -----  432 

Hon.  Isaac  R.  Sanford  (No.  2125)  -             -             -             -             -  -442 

Homestead  of  Isaac  R.  Sanford             .             .             .             .             .  442 

Daniel  Sanford  (No.  2176)               -             -             -             -             -  -     448 

Dotha   (Peek)   Sanford   (No.   2176)       -----  448 

Juliette  (Sanford)  Holly  (No.  5046)           -             -             -             -  -     448 

Horatio  Sanford  (No.  5048)       ------  448 

Ozias  Sanford   (No.  5050)   -             -             -             -             -             -  -     448 

Franklin  S.  Holley  (No.  9778)  -             -             -             -             -             -  448 

Col.  Jonah  Sanford  (No.  2178)       -             -             -             -             -  -     450 

John  Sanford    (No.   2180)            .--..-  458 

Anna  (Peek)   Sanford  (No.  2180)  -             -             -             -             -  -     458 

Edgar  Sanford  (No.  507S)           ------  453 

Minerva   (Tilden)   Sanford   (No.  5078)       -             -             -             -  -458 

Harrison  E.   Sanford   (No.   9848)            -----  458 

Mary   (Sanford)   Flanders   (No.  9849)       -             -             -             -  -     458 

Mary  Ann   (Sanford)   Beecher   (No.   2183)        -             -             -             -  460 

Julius  M.  Beecher  (No.  5094)         ------     460 

Permelia   (Sanford)  Hill  (No.  2177)     -----  462 

.Julina  (Sanford)  Delong  (No.  2185)  -----     452 

Betsey  (Sanford)  Pond  (No.  2186)       -----  4«2 

Ehoda  Ann  (Sanford)  Cowles  (No.  2195)  -             -             -             -  -     464 

Clarinda   (Sanford)   Harrison   (No.   2196)          -             .             -             -  464 

Ozias  Sanford   (No.  2179)            ......  466 

J.  Veloren  Sanford   (No.  5075)       ------     466 

Dr.  George  "Willis  Sanford  (No.  2284)       -             -             -             -  -     482 

Ada  Letitia  (Eno)  Sanford  (No.  2284)               -             -              -             -  482 

Rev.  David  Sanford   (No.  2352)     -             -             -             -             -  -     496 

Hon.  Francis  Asbury  Sanford   (No.   2956)        -             -             -             -  578 

Lucy  Hawley  (Knapp)   Sanford  (No.  2956)            -             -             -  -     578 

David  Burge  Sanford  (No.  2959)           -----  582 

Isaac  Piatt  Sanford   (No.  3337)     -             -             -             -             -  -     618 

Mary  Jennings  (Royall)  Sanford  (No.  3337)  -             -             -             -  618 

Edward   Jackson   Sanford    (No.   3401)        -             -             -             -  -     626 

Hon.    Stephen   Sanford    (No.   3412)        -----  630 

S.  Sanford  &  Son's,  Carpet  Mills  ------     632 

Lieut.  William  H.  Sanford  (No.  3612)  -----  652 

David  Sanford  (No.  3742)    .              -             -             -             -             -  -     668 

Ezra  Sanford   (No.   1608)           ------  680 

John  Crowel  Sanford   (No.  3871)    -             -             -             -             -  -     680 

Edward  Lewis  Sanford   (No.  8003)        -----  680 

Sidney  H.  Sanford   (No.  3889)        -             -             -             -             -  -     682 

Lansing  H  Sanford   (No.  3899)              -             -             .             -             .  684 

Hon.  F.  V.  Sanford   (No.  3902)       -             -             -             -             -  -     684 

George  A.  Sanford  (No.  3903)   ■--...  684 

John  W.  Sanford  (No.  3905)                        -             -             -            -  -     684 




Francis  B.  Sanford  (No.  3906) 684 

James   Everett   Saaford    (No.   3907) 686 

Charles  Van  Wyck  Sanford   (No.  3908)  ...  - 

Eev.  Ezra  Terry  Sanford  (No.  3910)  -  .  .  - 

William  Moore  Sanford,  Jr.   (No.  3912)  .... 

Raymond  P.   Sanford   (No.  8056)    -             -             -     .       -             -  -     694 

WUliam   N.   Sanford   (No.   8059)            ....             -  694 
Ezra  B.  Sanford   (No.  8060)            ...---       694 

James   W.   Sanford    (No.   8062) 694 

VOL.  II. 

Calvin  C.  Sanford   (No.  4964)    - 808 

Mary  Denny   (Brown)   Sanford   (No.  4964)            -              -             -  -     808 

William  L.  Sanford   (No.  9714) 808 

Thomas  F.  Sanford   (No.  9715)        .  -  -  -  - 

Kufus  B.   Sanford   (No.   9716)    ■ 

Edwin  C.  Sanford  (No.  9717)         .  -  .  -  - 

Laura    Sanford    (No.    9718)        -.---- 

Hugh  A.  Sanford  (No.  9719)           -             -             -             -             -  -     808 

John  C.  Sanford  (No.  9720)       - 808 

Mary  L.  Sanford   (No.  9721)            -             -             -             -             -  -     808 

Hon'  Jonah  Sanford,  Jr.    (No.  5063)    -----  816 

Clarinda    (Eisdon)   Sanford   (No.   5063)      -             -             -             -  -     818 

Alice   Clarinda   (Sanford)    Shepard    (No.   9807)            -             -             -  818 

SDas  H.  Sanford   (No.  9806)           -             -             -             -             -  -     820 

Hon.  Patrick  H.  Sanford  (No.  5077)   -----  822 

Daniel  Sanford  (No.  5086)  -             -              -             -             -             "  -     826 

Dr.   Addison  Sanford  Thayer   (No.   10442)        -             -             -             -  874 

Eev.  Arthur  B.  Sanford   (No.  6714)           -             -             -             -  -     962 

Prof.  Myron  E.  Sanford   (No.  6715)     .              -             -             -             -  962 

Hon.  John  Sanford   (No.  7341)       .-.---  1012 

Eev.  Elias  B.  Sanford  (No.  8379)         ....             -  1074 

Sarah  Ann   (Sanford)   Eood  (No.  9542)     .             -             -             -  -  1128 

Jesse  A.   Eood   (No.   13545)        ------  1128 

Joseph  Francis  Sanford   (No.   4888)            ...             -  -  1130 

George  Pinckney  Sanford  (No.  9555)  -             .             -             -             -  1130 

Arthur  L.   Sanford   (No.   13563)      -             - "           -              -             -  -  1130 

Raymond  P.  Sanford   (No.  13564)          ....             -  1130 

Harriet  B.    (Sanford)   Eastman   (No.  5070)  ....  1154 

Cora  A.  (Holley)   Preston  (No.  9780)  -             .             -             -             -  1154 

Sarah  E.   (Sanford)  Lane  (No.  9789)          ....  -  1154 

Abbie  S.   (Brooks)   Landers   (No.  9802)           ....  1154 

Lillian  A.    (KeUogg)   Pert   (No.  9863)        .             -             -             -  -  1154 

Gapt.  Henry  T.  Sanford  (No.  9790)     -----  1156 

Herbert  Jonah  Sanford   (No.   9808),  Photogravure           -             -  -  1158 

Eollin  O.  Sanford   (No.  5068)   ------  1160 

Eollin  Jonah  Sanford  (No.  9816)   -             -            -             -             -  -  1160 

Joseph  Benjamin  Sanford  (No.  9992)               -             -            -             -  1174 

Judge  Edward  Sanford   (No.  42)    -             -             -             -             -  -  1384 

^am  ^avmh — pia«  flf  ttjr  Work 

The  Genealogy  is  built  up  by  generations  from  Thomas  San- 
ford,  the  Founder  of  the  Family,  he  being  the  first  generation, 
his  children  the  second,  all  his  grand  children  the  third  and  so  on 
to  the  end. 

This  method  of  course  brings  all  the  descendants  of  the  Four 
Sons  of  Thomas  of  each  generatian  compactly  together. 

In  any  and  in  every  generation  the  descendants  of  Ezekiel 
(oldest  son)  come  first,  followed  in  order  by  the  descendants  of 
Samuel,  Thomas  and  Ephraim.  This  of  course  separates  the 
descendants  of  each  of  the  Four  Sons. 

For  example,  the  descendants  of  Ephraim,  fourth  son  o^ 
Thomas,  are  the  last  given  in  the  seventh  generation,  (as  they  are 
the  last  given  in  every  generation)  and  they  are  separated  from 
his  (Ephraim 's)  descendants  of  the  eighth  generation  by  the 
descendants  of  his  three  older  brothers,  Ezekiel,  Samuel  and 
Thomas  preceding  and  intervening. 

Since  some  may  feel  a  closer  and  warmer  tie  of  relationship 
to  those  who  spring  from  the  same  Son  of  Thomas  as  themselves, 
the  following  tables  have  been  prepared,  telling  and  giving  not 
only  the  pages  but  the  numbers,  where  all  the  descendants  of  each 
of  the  Four  Sons  can  readily  be  found. 

To  tell  anywhere  in  the  work  which  Son's  descendants  you 
are  reading,  just  look  at  the  first  preceding  descent  east  (lineage 
line  in  italics),  and  the  next  to  the  last  ■name  there  given,  will  be 
either  Ezekiel,  Samuel,  Thomas  or  Ephraim,  which,  of  course,  tells 
you  whose  descendants  they  are. 

The  generation  number,  all  through  the  work,  is  shown  by 
the  caption  of  the  right  hand  page,  and  also  by  the  superior  (small) 
figure  given  with  the  first  child  in  every  family. 

The  plan,  when  once  understood,  will  be  found  quite  simple. 


AU  the  Descendants  of  Ezekiel  Sanford  will  be  found  between 
the  following  pages  and  numbers: 



No.  of    . 


Third    Generation 

91—     92 

8—       14 


Fourth    Generation 

100—  103 

48—       82 


Fifth    Generation 

112—  119 

156—     231 


Sixth    Generation 

140—  158 

448-     686 


Seventh    Generation.... 

190—  223 

1109—  1639 


Eighth    Generation 

292—  375 

2688-  3921 


Ninth  Generation 

543—  688 

6198—  8071 


Tenth    Generation 




Eleventh  Generation.... 




Twelfth    Generation .... 






All  the  Descendants  of  Samuel  Sanford  will  be  found  between 
the  following  pages  and  numbers: 



No.   of 

Third   Generation 

92—     93 

17—       22 


Fourth    Generation 

103—  104 

83—     100 


Fifth    Generation 

119—  123 

232—     288 


Sixth    Generation 

158—  163 

687—    761 


Seventh    Generation.... 

223—  234 

1640—  1787 


Eighth    Generation 

375—  397 

3922—  4241 


Ninth  Generation 

688—  724 

8072—  8563 


Tenth    Generation 




Eleventh   Generation 






All  the  Descendants  of  Thomas  Sanford  will  be  found  between 
the  following  pages  and  numbers : 



No.  of 

Third   Generation 

93—     94 

23—      32 


Fourth    Generation 

104r—   106 

101—    133 


Fifth    Generation 

123—  129 

289—    385 


Sixth    Generation 

163—  174 

762—    905 


Seventh    Generation.... 

234r—  250 

1788—  2096 


Eighth    Generation 

397—  438 

4242—  4884 


Ninth  Generation 

724—  793 

8564—  9534 


Tenth    Generation 




Eleventh   Generation.... 







All  the  Descendants  of  Ephraim  Sanford  will  be  found  between 
the  foUowiBg  pages  and  numbers : 



No.  of 

Third  Generation 

94—     99 

33—       39 


Fourth    Generation 

106—  111 

134—     155 


Fifth   Generation 

130—  139 

386—     447 


Sixth    Generation 

174—  189 

906—  1108 


Seventh  Generation. . . . 

250—  291 

2097—  2687 


Eighth  Generation 

438—  542 

4885—  6197 


Ninth    Generation 

793—  934 



Tenth    Generation 




Eleventh  Generation.  . .  . 




Twelfth    Generation 







Ever  since  I  was  a  bay  on  ray  father's  farm  i  have  been 
curious  and  anxious  to  know  of  my  ancestors,  whence  they  came, 
where  they  lived  and  died  and  what  they  were.  As  a  boy  I  often 
asked  my  father  about  them,  but  since  he  was  born  far  removed 
from  the  parent  nest,  Connecticut,  I  got  but  little  help  from  him. 
Boy  that  I  was  I  knew  not  how  to  learn  of  the  family,  and  as  I 
grew  up  cares  and  duties  pressed,  I  must  admit,  these  longings 
and  desires  to  one  side.  Still,  I  hoped  all  the  while  that  someone 
would  undertake  the  task  and  compile  a  genealogical  history  of  the 
Thomas  Sanford  family.  From  all  that  I  could  learn  it  was  a 
large  one  and  a  good  one,  and  deserving  of  a  written  history. 

A  Limited  Work  at  First 

In  the  -'Early  History  of  HopHnton,  N.  Y."  (1903),  I  found 
it  necessary  to  give  the  families  of  Hon.  Jonah  Sanford  (my  grand- 
father) and  Benjamin,  his  brother,  two  of  the  pioneers  of  the  town. 
and  I  then  decided  that  as  soon  as  possible  I  would  compile  a  genea- 
logical history  of  the  descendants  of  Jonah  Sanford  of  Litchfield. 
Ct,  my  great,  great,  grandfather,  with  as  much  data  and  informa- 
tion as  I  coiUd  gather  readily  as  to  Thomas  Sanford,  the  Pioneer. 

Accordingly,  in  1905  I  began  the  work.  I  already  had  a  little 
early  data  of  the  family,  mostly  obtained  some  years  previous  from 
Mrs.  Rhoda  S.  Cowles,  of  Morris,  Ct.,  an  enthusiastic  Sanford 
and  most  estimable  lady,  who  died  in  1893,  aged  ninety-two  years. 
I  had  not  been  so  very  long  in  the  work  when  I  saw  from  the 
data  that  was  coming  to  me  outside  the  scope  of  the  work  I  had 
planned  that  it  should  not  be  a  limited  work,  but,  instead,  as  full 
a  genealogy-  of  Thomas  Sanford  as  could  be  gathered,'  and  I 
accordingly  changed  my  plans  to  that  end.  Had  I  then  known  what 
a  task  was  before  me,  what  I  now  know  with  the  work  nearly  com- 
pleted, I  feel  certain  that  I  should  not  have  done  so.  But'l  did, 
and  now  that  I  have  passed  through  it,  lived  through  it,  I  have  no 


regrets  to  oft'er,  and  am  glad  I  did  change  the  plan  since  the  family 
has  thereby  secured,  what  it  has  long  sought  and  earned,  a  pretty 
full  and  complete  genealogy. 

The  scope  of  the  work  decided  upon,  I  sought  out  Sanfords  in 
every  way  known  to  me,  in  newspapers,  mercantile  reports,  direc- 
tories, census  reports,  etc.,  sending  to  all  circulars  stating  what  I 
proposed  to  do  and  asking  for  help.  The  responses  for  a  time 
were  so  few  and  infrequent  that  I  confess,  I  was  more  or  less  dis- 
couraged. In  this  dilemma  I  engaged  from  time  to  time  several 
expert  genealogists  who  searched  a  good  part  of  the  western  half  of 
Connecticut  (a  great  Sanford  field)  and  many  places  in  other 
states.  This  brought  me  a  great  amount  of  Sanford  data,  family 
records,  etc.,  and  put  me  on  the  track  of  living  descendants  in  many 
instances.  These  found,  the  field  began  slowly  to  open,  unfold  and 
broaden  and  to  continue  to  do  so  to  this  time,  taking  in  nearly  all 
the  northern  states,  Canada  and  some  of  the  southern  states. 

Reaching  these  actual  living  representatives  of  the  Connecticut 
pioneers  and  Sanford  families,  I  found  a  great  many,  but  not  all, 
quite  willing  to  help  me  to  the  extent  of  their  ability.  Indeed,  I 
came  across  quite  a  number  who  had  in  previous  years  gathered 
considerable  data  as  to  their  immediate  families,  all  of  which  they 
most  freely  and  willingly  turned  over  to  me  for  my  use.  Several  of 
these  were  of  exceedingly  great  help.  Everywhere,  I  found,  what 
pleased  me  most  of  all,  great  pride  in  the  family  and  an  earnest 
desire  to  have  a  genealogy  prepared.  In  several  cases  where  I 
found  "bunches"  of  Sanford  data  in  the  hands  of  those  outside  the 
family  I  bought  it.  I  have  spared  no  means  where  the  result  looked 

Need  of  an  Assistant 

Early  in  the  work  I  discovered  that  with  my  own  labors  which 
I  could  not  neglect,  upon  my  hands,  (President  of  The  People's 
Bank)  it  would  be  utterly  impossible  for  me  to  look  after  all  the 
correspondence,  detail,  study  of  relationship  and  building  of  the 
genealogy,  and  so  employed  Miss  Margaret  Eastman  for  a  time, 
and  then  Miss  Rose  W.  Eastman,  who  has,  day  in  and  day  out, 
for  now  nearly  four  years,  most  faithfully,  carefully  and  skill- 
fully toiled  upon  the  work  and  for  which  I  wish  here  to  make  public 


•    Other  Attempts  to  Get  Out  a  Genealogy 

When  I  began  this  work  I  knew  that  Horatio  Gates  Sanford,  of 
Gloucester,  Mass.,  had  worked  more  or  less  from  1880  to  1890 
gathering  data  for  a  genealogy  and  that  he  had  died  with  it  incom- 
plete and  unfinished.  I  early  went  to  Dorchester  to  make  a  deal  for 
the  data  he  had  gathered  but  was  unable  to  do  so.  In  August,  1909, 
after  I  had  been  at  work  for  nearly  four  years,  I  succeeded  in  pur- 
chasing all  the  papers,  memoranda  and  data  gathered  by  him. 
What  he  had  secured  which  I  had  not  already  obtained,  has  been 
incorporated  into  this  work.  Though  I  did  not  get  very  much  from 
this  data  which  I  did  not  already  have,  I  did  find  among  the  papers 
a  large  number  of  very  old  and  interesting  deeds,  papers  and  writ- 
ings belonging  to  Ephraim  Sanford  and  his  immediate  descendants, 
which  settled  several  perplexing  questions.  The  paper  of  greatest 
value  and  unqualified  interest  to  all  the  living  descendants  of 
Thomas  Sanford  was  a  deed  by  him  to  his  son  Ephraim  dated  March 
28,  1674,  two  hundred  and  thirty-six  years  ago  and  still  legible.  But 
few  people  now  living  can  boast  of  the  autograph  signature  of  an 
ancestor  who  came  to  this  country  only  fourteen  years  after  the 
Pilgrims.  A  fac-simile  of  this  old  deed  is  given  with  the  article  on 
Thomas  Sanford  in  America.  Others  of  said  old  papers  are  par- 
ticularly mentioned  in  the  family  of  Ephraim  and  others  to  which 
the  reader  is  referred. 

I  learn  during  my  work  that  no  less  than  three  other  attempts 
have  been  made  in  the  past  fifty  years  or  so  to  get  out  a  genealogy 
of  the  family,  thus  proving  a  sentiment  that  it  was  worthy  of  one. 
How  many  attempts  were  made  prior  to  this  I  do  not  learn.  All  of 
them  quit,  gave  it  up,  presumably  owing  to  the  great  expense,  time 
and  labor  required. 

Efforts  to  Learn  Our  English  Lineage 

But  what  probably  is  of  more  moment  and  interest  to  Sanforda 
generally  is  the  lineage  and  home  of  our  ancestor  in  England.  In 
the  past  hundred  years  various  stories  have  been  put  afloat  as  to 
his  ancestry,  but  none  of  them  will  stand  the  test  of  investigation 
or  even  close  scrutiny.  From  the  beginning  of  my  work  I  have 
pursued  my  researches  in  England  at  heavy  expense,  hoping  to 
learn  our  ancestor's  parentage  and  whence  he  came.  I  am  indeed 
pleased,  even  happy,  to  have  met,  though  at  the  eleventh  hour,  with 
final  and  signal  success  in  the  effort,  and  I  am  sure  all  Saefords 


everj^where  will  rejoice  with  me  that  our  parentage  and  home  in 
England  have  at  last,,  after  more  than  two  hundred  and  fifty  years 
of  doubt  and  obscurity,  been  brought  to  light.  (See  articles,  by 
Mr.  Hoppin  and  by  the  writer  for  fuller  particulars.) 

Not  a  Complete  or  Perfect  Genealogy 

The  work  is  not.  I  am  quite  well  aware,  a  complete,  much  less 
perfect  genealogy  of  Thomas  Sanford.  To  make  such  a  work  at 
this  late  date  is  utterly  impossible.  I  have,  however,  worked  out 
nearly  all  the  early  descendants,  at  least  all  of  them  where  any 
clue  or  help  was  obtainable.  The  Sanfords  were  continually  emi- 
grating from  Connecticut  north  into  Vermont ;  west  into  the  eastern 
part  of  New  York,  then  into  central  New  York  and  then  on  west. 
Quite  a  number  left  home  so  abruptly  or  went  so  far  away  or  kept 
on  moving  from  place  to  place  westward  that  no  clue  to  them  is 
now  obtainable.  When  a  descendant  of  one  of  these  is  found  in 
the  west  he  can  seldom  give  his  lineage  farther  back  than  grand- 
father, which  often  lacks  a  generation  or  two  of  taking  him  to  the 
parent  nest  to  make  his  membership  in  the  family  certain.  How- 
ever, by  persistent  and  unflagging  effort  following  up  every  clue, 
I  have  run  down,  so  to  speak,  and  placed  a  great  number,  as  my 
upward  of  sixteen  thousand  people,  born  Sanfords,  fuUy  attests. 
I  could  have  added  a  considerable  number  of  families  of  whom 
I  learned  or  got  trace,  and  to  whom  I  wrote,  in  some  cases  many 
times-,  had  they  responded  and  helped  me.  Some  of  them,  no 
doubt,  thought  that  my  effort  was  a  money  making  scheme  on 
my  part,  while  others  were  too  thoughtless  and  too  indifferent 
to  even  make  up  their  own  family  record.  All  such  have  no  one 
to  blame  but  themselves  that  they  are  not  recorded  herein. 

Then,  too,  I  feel  that  I  should  say  that  a  very  large  part  of  the 
sketches  of  the  dead,  and  of  the  living,  in  the  work  were  prepared 
by  me  either  from  personal  knowledge,  from  notes  furnished,  or 
from  records,  obituaries,  sermons  etc.,  published  on  the  decease  of 
the  parties. 

Though  the  work  has  a  great  many  sketches,  I  sought  by  cir- 
cular and  letter  appeal  to  get  further  and  other  sketches,  since 
the  story  of  one's  life,  telling  how  he  lived  and  what  he  did  is  always 
of  interest  and  should  be  preserved,  but  many  of  the  people 
appealed  to  were  too  thoughtless  or  too  modest  to  help  me. 


There'  are'  a  few  sketches',  however,  of  the  dead,  and  also  of 
the  living,  that  were  prepared  of  the  former  by  their  descendants, 
and  of  the  latter  by  themselves  or  close  friends. 

Reason  Why  Two  Year  Dates  Given 

All  through  the  early  years,  as  will  be  noticed,  two  year  dates 
are  often  given  of  births,  baptisms,  dates  of  contracts,  etc.  This 
arose  from  the  fact  that  down  to  the  year  1754,  the  ecclesiastical 
year  began  March  25,  while  the  civil  year  began  on  the  first  day  of 
January.  Thus  many  people  being  in  doubt  which  was  the  correct 
year  gave  both,  as  1654-5. 

Other  Pioneers — Confusion  in  Names 

Added  to  the  ordinary  difficulties  of  a  genealogical  work  going 
back  over  two  and  a  half  centuries,  I  quite  often  met  great  and 
perplexing  problems  of  placing  and  determining  Sanford  data  that 
I  obtained,  due  very  often  to  the  fact  that  there  were  four  other 
Pioneer  Sanfords  in  the  State  of  Connecticut  as  early  as  1640  be- 
sides our  Thomas,  another  in  Rhode  Island  and  Richard  in  Boston 
with  at  least  three  sons.  The  trouble  was  intensified  also  by  the 
fact  that  four  of  the  Connecticut  Sanfords  gave  the  same  names 
to  many  of  their  children.  (See  article  on  Thomas.)  It  was  surpris- 
ing, however,  to  find  so  little  data  belonging  to  the  other  Pioneers. 
Nearly  all  the  Sanfords  I  came  across  were  descendants  of  Thomas, 
who,  with  his  wife,  must  have  been  of  good  rich  blood.  That  the 
descendants  of  Thomas  Sanford  were  numerous  and  vigorous  and 
patriotic  as  well,  is  clearly  shown  by  the  fact  that  of  the  thirty-nine 
Sanfords  shown  by  "Connecticut  Men  in  the  Revolution"  to  "have 
taken  part  in  that  struggle,  twenty-nine  of  them  were  descendants 
of  our  Thomas  Sanford. 

Errors  and  Mistakes 

Nor  do  I  doubt  that  there  are  many  errors  and  mistakes  in  the 
work,  very  likely  a  good  many.  I  certainly  have  done  my  best  to 
make  it  as  accurate  as  I  could,  sparing  not  labor  or  expense  in  that 
effort.  Not  often,  indeed  seldom,  would  the  same  data  from 
different  sources  agree  as  to  dates  and  even  names.  Those  finding 
minor  errors  or  even  important  errors,  I  ask,  under  these  circum- 
stances and  the  difficulties  of  the  situation,  to  be  as  considerate  and 


generous  as  is  possible.    I  have  worked  long  upon  it,  faithfully,  if 
not  well,  and  I  am  greatly  wearied  by  it. 

I  further  ask  all  readers  of  the  work  who  discover  any  errors  to 
write  me  of  them,  and  also  to  send  me  any  new,  further  and 
additional  family  data  that  I  have  failed  to  secure,  making  it  clear 
and  plain  where  it  should  come  in.  If  sufficient  corrections  and  new 
data  be  sent  to  me  to  warrant  it,  I  will  print  a  supplementary  pam- 
phlet to  be  sent  to  the  owners  of  the  work,  or  preserve  the  same 
for  a  new  edition  of  the  genealogy. 

After  all  I  feel  and  believe  that  I  have  secured  about  all  the 
family  data  that  is  fairly  and  reasonably  obtainable,  and  made  a 
grand  base  for  a  more  perfected  genealogy  in  the  future  by  the 
Sanford  Association  organized  in  1906  by  Rev.  B.  T.  Sanford  of 
New  York  city,  Rev.  E.  B.  Sanford  of  New  York  city,  and 
Rev.  A.  B.  Sanford,  of  Long  Island  City,  moved  and  induced  thereto 
by  my  inauguration  of  this  work.  The  Assoeiation  has  now  held 
four  annual  conventions  with  flattering  success.  All  Sanfords  by 
blood  or  name  should  aid  and  attend  these  conventions  when 

A  Religious  Family 

The  family  I  have  found  in  over  four  years  of  study,  has 
been  quite  devout  and  religious,  furnishing  many  ministers  of  the 
Gospel  all  through  the  years  to  the  present  time.  Thomas,  the 
Pioneer,  and  his  wife  were  members  of  the  church.  Among  the 
Sanfords  by  name  who  obtained  more  or  less  prominence  as  minis- 
ters, I  may  name  David  (418),  David  (999),  Joseph  (1101),  Hawley 
(1210),  Aaron  K.  (2958),  David  L.  (7225),  Elias  B.  (8379),  and  of 
Sanford  blood,  Thomas  F.  Davies  (3056). 

A  Patriotic  Family 

In  patriotism  and  loyalty  to  the  country  the  family  takes  high 
rank.  As  will  be  seen  in  scanning  the  work  quite  a  large  number 
were  in  the  war  of  the  Revolution,  the  War  of  1812  and  particu- 
larly in  the  Great  Civil  War.  The  names  of  all  these  soldiers, 
so  far  as  I  have  been  able  to  ascertain  them,  will  be  found  in  the 
rear  part  of  the  work,  arranged  in  alphabetical  order  with  their 
respective  pages  in  the  work. 

PREFACE    •  '  9 

Prominent  Lawtees 

There  were  and  are,  many  in  the  family  who  gave  and  are, 
giving  their  attention  to  the  law,  some  of  whom  gained  consider- 
able distinction,  to  wit : — 

Jonathan  R.  (523),  Judge  David  C.  (2234),  Lemuel  (1260), 
Judge  Patrick  H.  (5077),  Judge  Charles  F.  (5256),  Judge  Edward 
I.  (5263),  Judge  Edward  T.  (7318)  and  OrviUe  H.  Piatt  (3283). 

Successful  Business  IVIen 

But  it  as  business  men  that  the  family  has  shown  the  greatest 
capacity  and  achieved  the  greatest  distinction.  All  the  four  sons 
of  Thomas  and  he  himself,  proved  themselves  men  of  industry, 
frugality  and  good  judgment.  But  it  is  in  recent  years  that  mem- 
bers of  the  family  have  shown  great  business  capacity.  Among 
these  I  will  mention: — 

Capt.  Stephen  (139),  John  (1416),  Levi  (1643),  early  manu- 
facturer of  the  pitchfork,  Thomas  (1737),  earliest  maufacturer  of 
matches,  Benjamin  F.  (1947),  John  C.  (2189),  Henry  J.  (2190), 
RoUin  (2197),  Hervey  (2252),  Sewall  (2347),  Henry  (2946), 
Glover  (1113),  Edward  J.  (3401),  William  E.  (3406),  Stephen 
(3412),  Orman  (3935),  inventor  of  fish  plate,  Milton  H.  (5536), 
Edwards  S.  (5537),  John  (7341),  Henry  S.  (3408),  Jonah,  Jr. 

I  will,  I  trust,  be  pardoned  for  not  giving  the  names  of  others, 
that  should  be  in  the  list  of  ministers,  soldiers,  lawyers  and  busi- 
ness men  which  I  have  failed  to  note. 

Trials  and  Pleasures  op  the  Work 

The  work  though  tedious,  trying  and  taxing,  has  afforded  me 
great  pleasure  as  the  picture  unfolded,  and  as  I,  from  time  to  time, 
secured  information,  which  for  months  it  seemed  impossible  to  get- 
No  one  not  having  done  such  work  has  any  idea  of  the  patience, 
application  and  persistence  required  to  prosecute  such  a  task.  But 
for  the  kindly  words  and  generous  help  that  I  received  when  I  be- 
gan and  as  the  work  progressed,  I  fear  I  should  have  abandoned 
the  undertaking.  This  sympathy  and  help  with  the  attendant 
■growth  of  the  work  from  week  to  week  and  month  to  month  stimu- 
lated and  pushed  me  on.  No  one  who  has  not  "taken  a  hand"  in 
such  work,  can  be  fully  conscious  of  the  pride  that  comes  to  one 
as  his  work  grows,  develops  and  fills  up,  as  he  every  now  and  then 


steals  from  the  darkness-  of  the  past,  a  name,  or  it  may  be  a  family 
fast  sinking  into  historical  oblivion.  To  do  this  fills  one  with  the 
thought  that  he  has  done  something,  accomplished  something,  saved 

And  all  this,  too,  with  no  thought  of  gain  or  even  full  reward 
other  than  an  unknown  and  unlisped  "Thank  you"  now  and  then, 
here  and  there  about  the  country  and  especially  in  the  years  to  come. 
Perhaps  that  is  sufficient.    It  will  have  to  suffice  at  any  rate. 

And  with  it  all  comes  to  me  the  conviction  that  it  is  a  pretty 
good  family.  I  have  not  come  across  a  felon  or  any  one  imprisoned 
for  crime.  The  work  is  filled,  as  those  who  scan  its  pages  will 
observe  with  the  names  of  grand  and  noble  men  and  women,  with 
many  teachers,  ministers,  legislators,  lawyers,  judges,  and  success- 
ful business  men,  some  of  whom  have  attained  distinguished  prom- 
inence in  their  respective  fields  of  labor. 

Acknowledgment  op  Assistance 

I  would  like  to  express  my  thanks  to  all  who  have  so  kindly 
aided  and  assisted  me,  but  it  would  take  too  great  space.  I  must, 
however,  express  my  obligations  to  some  of  those  who  have  taken 
a  deep  interest  in  the  work  and  aided  me  very  much.  Among 
those  I  would  name,  to  wit : 

Frank  E.  Sanford,  Mrs.  F.  A.  Sanford  (See  Andrew's  family 
in  Appendix),  Dr.  and  Mrs.  E.  A.  Daniels,  Mrs.  Sarah  E.  Lane, 
Charles  E.  P.  Sanford,  Rev.  Arthur  B.  Sanford,  Miss  Alice  I.  San- 
ford, Miss  Kate  W.  Fay,  Mrs.  Emma  Brayton,  Mrs.  Charles  Arm- 
strong, George  E.  Baldwin,  Mrs.  Laura  Smith,  Mrs.  Medora  Todd, 
Mrs.  Sarah  E.  Headley,  Charles  H.  Woodruff,  Ferdinand  V.  San- 
ford, Mrs.  Frances  Nelson,  Mrs.  Frank  Powers,  Charles  M.  Jarvis, 
Dr.  Arthur  F.  Bissell,  Miss  Katherine  W.  Sanford,  Rev.  David  A. 
Sanford,  Howard  S.  Abbott,  Leroy  V.  Sanford,  Geo.  W.  Sanford, 
George  Sanford,  Mrs.  Margaret  S.  Sanford,  Frank  M.  Bassett,  Her- 
bert B.  Sanford,  Mrs.  James  Bull,  David  F.  Sanford,  D.  Rowland 
Sanford,  Riley  C.  Sanford,  and  A.  D.  Hodges,  Jr.,  genealogist  of 
Boston,  for  the  free  use  of  his  two  manuscript  vols,  of  early  data 
as  to  all  Pi^eer  Sanfords. 


DiFRABLE  Paper  Used  in  Work 

The  paper  used  in  this  work  is  maufactured  by  S.  D.  Warren 
&  Co.,  of  Boston,  under  the  formula  of  the  New  England  Historic 
Genealogical  Society  and  bears  its  name  as  a  water  mark.  Before 
such  use  of  its  name  can  be  made  the  paper  is  first  analyzed  by  the 
Society's  expert  chemist  for  deleterious  ingredients.  Its  compo- 
sition is  seventy-five  per  cent,  rag,  twenty-five  per  cent,  spruce  sul- 
phite and  soda  poplar  for  fibers,  and  free  from  acids  and  chlorides. 
The  paper  is  more  expensive  than  that  used  in  most  books,  but  its 
durability  far  outweighs  this  extra  cost. 

And  now,  with  this  prefatory  story  of  the  work,  of  the  history 
of  its  preparation  of  its  aims  and  purposes,  with  its  trials  and 
burdens,  I  feelingly  and  respectfully  submit  it  to  the  kindly  and 
considerate  favor  and  judgment  of  the  descendants  of  Thomas  San- 
ford  living  and  to  those  that  shall  appear  in  the  years  to  come. 

C.  E.  SANFORD,  Potsdam,  N.  Y. 
June,  1910. 


anh  ti^t  (Origin  of  ©hnmaja  ^anforli  Mip 
(Hums  to  Am^rira  in  lfi32-4 


Charles  A.  Hoppin 

■'Examine  well  your  blood."       {Shakespere.) 

We  shall  do  so  most  seriously,  Mr.  Shakespere. 

All  the  statements  in  print  to  the  effect  that  a  Sanford  went 
across  the  English  Channel  from  Normandy  to  England  with 
William  the  Conqueror,  in  the  year  1065,  fought  at  'the  Battle  of 
Hastings"  and  became  the  founder  and  progenitor  of  the  Sanford 
families  first  found,  some  generations  later,  in  England,  may  be 
rejected  as  unproven  and  unlikely  to  be  true ;  moreover,  they  are 
impossible  of  proof.  The  so-called  "Roll  of  Battle  Abbey,"  in 
which,  it  is  asserted,  appears  the  name  of  the  genuine  Sanford  (the 
aforesaid  compatriot  of  William  the  Duke  of  Normandy)  has  lost 
much  of  the  importance  and  significance,  under  the  searchlight  of 
recent  investigation  by  men  of  real  authority  in  historical  matters, 
that  had  been  applied  to  it. 

The  Ducliess  of  Cleveland  in  her  work  entitled.  The  Battle 
Abbey  Roll  (1889  V  111  p  108)  states: 

"The  ancient  Shropshire  family  of  Sandford  did  not  derive 
its  name  from  Normandy.  They,  like  so  many  others,  adopted  the 
name  of  their  English  manor.  Other  Sandfords  there  were,  not 
included  in  the  Shropshire  pedigree,  that  may  possibly  have 
imported  the  name  from  Normandy. 

This  latter  suggestion  is  reasonable  enough ;  but  as  no  evidence 
in  support  of  it  is  obtainable,  and  as  the  surname  of  Sanford  can  be 
sufficiently  accounted  for  without  going  out  of  England,  there  is 
no  need  for  us  to  indulge  in  supposition.  Sanford  is  a  surname 
originating  in  England  from  an  older  place-name  of  Sandford  or 
(and)  Sampford.  The  place-name  is  a  Saxon  name;  it  was  created 
long  prior  to  the  entree  of  the  Normans  into  England,  but  not 


adopted  as  a  surname  until  the  latter  part  of  the  twelfth  century. 
We  are  unwilling  to  believe  that  there  was  such  a  person  as  ' '  Gen. 
Thomas  de  Sanford"  living  at  the  time  of  the  Norman  Conquest 
(1066)  as  the  Sanford  progenitor.  We  may  well  doubt  that  there 
was  any  person  alive,  at  that  time,  of  the  true  English  surname  of 
Sanford.  We  are  not  among  the  credulous  who  have  thought  that 
there  was  a  Norman  name  of  "Sontford"  that  was  the  same  as 

On  the  other  hand,  granting  that  there  was  a  man  who  then 
had  a  name  similar  to  that  of  the  later  and  purely  English  surname 
of  Sandford,  or  Sanford,  and  who  was  present  at  some  sort  of  a 
celebration,  aifair  or  meeting,  probably  held  at  what  is  now  known 
as  Battle  Abbey  (which  affair  was  not  held  until  years  after  the 
Norman  Conquest  of  1066)  we  are  still  without  proper  record 
evidence  of  that  time,  extant  in  the  British  archives,  that —  (1) 
any  such  man  married,  (2)  had  male  issue,  (3)  issue  that  married 
and  had  issue,  (4)  issue  that  bore  the  surname  of  Sandford  or 
Sanford,  (5)  that  any  such  man  remained  in  England,  (6)  or  was 
a  General,  (7)  or  came  from  Normandy  with  William,  Duke  of 
Normandy,  (8)  or  was  present  at  the  so-called  Battle  of  Hastings 
in  the  year  1066,  (9)  or  that  did  not,  after  the  manner  of  many 
Normans,  who  had  acquired  property  in  England,  assume  another 
name  altogether  after  the  name  of  that  property. 

There  were  no  English  surnames  then.  Surnames  had  not 
become  thoroughly  established  in  England  for  an  hundred  years 
after  1065;  in  many  distant  parts  (from  London)  it  was  long 
after  1165  before  the  adoption  of  surnames  became  general.  The 
writer  has  oft  noted  in  original  manuscripts  as  late  as  1370,  refer- 
ences to  men  who  had  not  then  adopted  a  surname  other  than  the 
Christian  name  of  their  fathers.  J.  H.  Round  (Studies  in  Peerage 
and  Family  History)  weU  emphasizes  the  fact  of  the  fallacy  that 
the  Sanford  name  came  from  Normandy  or  that  any  real  Norman 
bearer  of  it   founded  the   English   Sanford  families.     He  says: 

"The  Pedigree  maker,  I  observe,  in  these  later  days  has 
found  a  way  of  adapting  Domesday  Book  for  his  purpose.  Any 
family — they  are  countless  in  number —  of  which  the  name  is 
derived  from  a  locality  mentioned  in  Domesday  is  now  assumed  to 
descend  from  a  tenant  who  was  then  holding  [land]  there  [in  1086]. 
•  •  *  As  this  point  is  of  some  importance  I  may  illustrate  it 
further  by  the  case  of  'Sandford  of  Sandford.'  Mr.  Eyton  (author 
of  the  Antiquities  of  Shropshire)  who  devoted  much  study  to  the 
early  hi.story  of  this  ancient  house,   came  to  the  conclusion  that 


Richard  de  Sandford,  the  first  known  representative  of  this  line, 
occurs  in  1167.  No  one  could  knew  so  much  as  Mr.  Eyton  on  the 
subject,  and  yet  Burke's  Landed  Gentry  (and  others  that  have 
copied  Burke)  make  a  genuine  pedigree,  from  1167,  absurd  by 
carrying  back  the  family  for  three  generations  to  the  Conquest 
(1066)  and  asserting  that: 

'Thomas  de  Saundford,  a  Norman,  held  the  manor  under 
Gerard  de  Tonrnaj'',  a  powerful  Baron,  whose  name  is  in  the 
Domesday  Book.' 

This  statement  is  sheer  fiction.  Sandford  is  entered  in  Domes- 
day as  held  by  'Gerard'  of  the  Earl;  Domesday  knows  nothing  of 
Thomas  and  still  less  of  Thomas  de  Saundford. 

The  present  writer  has  examined  both  the  original  Domesday 
Book  of  1086-88  and  its  reproduction.  The  surname  of  Sanford 
in  any  known  form,  does  not  appear  in  this  splendidly  full  record 
of  the  land  owners  and  the  principal  tenants  of  both  before  and 
after  the  Norman  conquest.  A  translation  of  the  entire  record  of 
the  place  of  Sandford  in  Shropshire,  as  given  in  the  Domesday  Book 
in  1086-88,  reads: 

"The  same  Gerard  holds  Sandford  (of  the  Earl).  Uliuet  held 
it  [in  Saxon  times]  and  was  free.  Here  are  three  hides  [of  land] 
geldable  [taxable].  There  is  [arable]  land  [enough]  for  three  ox 
teams.  In  demesne  there  are  one  team  and  a  half-team ;  and  there 
are  2  Serfs  and  4  Villains  with  one  team.  Here  is  a  wood  which 
will  fatten  30  swine;  and  Haye.  In  King  Edward's  time  [in  1042- 
1066]  the  manor  was  worth  15  s  [shillings  per  annum]  ;  now  it  i.s 
worth  10s.     He  [Gerard]   found  it  waste." 

Mr.  Eyton  shows  that  not  only  no  Sanford  held  this  manor 
then,  but  that  later  the  o^\Tiers  were  the  daughter.  Sibil,  and  the 
son-in-law  of  Gerard  de  Tournai,  viz.,  Hamo  Peverel,  and  that  sub- 
sequently, by  failure  of  lineal  descendants  of  the  latter,  or  of  Ger- 
ard, the  property  escheated  to  the  crown.  The  Sandfords  were,  says 
E3d;on,  "enfeoffed  in  this  manor  by  the  Crown  probably  temp 
Henry  I."  (1135).  As  to  whether  the  Sandfords  were  of  Saxon, 
Danish,  Celtic,  or  Norman  blood  there  is  nothing  to  show  except 
that  their  coat-of-arms  suggests  that  they  were  either  descendants 
from,  or  allied  by  marriage  with  the  great  house  of  Fitz  Warin, 
a  family  of  Norman  descent  which  first  came  into  notice  temp 
Henry  I.  It  is  fully  as  likely  that  they  had  Norman  blood  in  their 
veins  as  any  other,  but  before  their  appearance  at  Sandford  in 
Shropshire  their  name  could  hardly  have  been  Sandford.  They 
did  not  name  this  place,  and  they  could  not  have  had  any  such 
snrname  until  after  they  had  become  well  identified  with  the  place 
of  Sandford.     There  were  several  places  of  that  name  before  the 


twelfth  century,  and  not  so  named,  after  1065,  by  the  Normana. 
There  is  no  reason  at  all  to  expect  that  these  people  had  any 
surname  that  early,  but  were  known,  if  they  were  British,  as 
Richard  son  of  Henry,  or  John  son  of  William,  or  by  other  similar 
combinations  of  their  own  Christian  name  followed  by  the  Christian 
name  of  their  father,  or  if  they  were  of  Norman  blood,  then  by  some 
altogether  different  and  entirely  Norman  designation.  If  the 
ancestors  of  the  first-known  Sandfords  of  1167  (whatever  were  the 
other  names  they  certainly  bore,  before,  instead  of  that  of  Sand- 
ford)  lived  at  this  place  in  the  eleventh  century,  then  the  foregoing 
record  of  the  Domesday  Book  tells  plainly  that  they  were  either  one 
or  both  of  those  two  serfs  (small  tenants  having  no  political  exist- 
ence) or  either  of  those  four  villains  (slaves)  who  constituted  the 
adult  male  population  of  Sandford  in  1086-88.  None  of  these 
serfs,  or  villains,  could  hardly  have  risen  above  their  low  station 
of  servitude  during  the  period  of  Norman  rule — as  any  one  who 
understands  the  social  conditions  of  that  time  wiU  know — because 
they  were  not  Normans,  but  of  the  conquered  natives  of  England 
reduced  to  servitude  and  bondage.  Therefore,  it  is  most  likely 
correct,  as  Eyton  observes,  that  the  people  who  had  enfeoffed  in 
this  manor  of  Sandford,  perhaps  as  early  as  the  reign  of  Henry  I 
(1135),  and  who,  after  becoming  so  settled  thereon  and  so  seized  of 
the  same  and  assumed  the  place-name  as  their  surname,  were 
descendants  of  Normans,  in  whole  or  in  part,  or  else  had  sufficient 
influence,  possibly  through  the  Fitz  Warins  {Fitz  is  Norman  for 
5071  of)  to  get  this  property  at  or  shortly  before  1167,  for  at  this 
period  the  Norman  power  still  controlled  the  land  of  England. 
The  title  to  all  of  the  land  was  vested  in  the  King  and  held  (leased 
to  others)  in  capite  (of  the  king). 

The  year  1167  is  sufficiently  early  for  the  first  adoption,  by 
any  man,  of  the  place-name  of  Sandford  as  his  surname.  Mr.  Round 
is  a  genealogical  student  of  the  "new  school,"  the  scientific  school. 
His  observations  in  the  many  pedigree  cases  that  he  has  skilfully 
treated  are  based  upon  actual  record-evidence  and  not  upon  tradi- 
tion. Traditions  800  years  old,  if  any  such  exist  (and  it  is  practi- 
cally impossible  for  a  creditable  tradition  to  survive  for  anywhere 
near  so  long  a  time),  are  but  dreams  and  vagaries.  Mr.  Round  and 
other  have  fairly  shown  that  many  of  these  old  myths  were 
invented  by  the  pedigree-makers  of  the  fifteenth  and  sixteenth 
centuries.  To  conjure  up  some  connection  with  the  Conquest  of 
England  was  then  quite  a  fad.     Nobody  seemed  to  care  enough 


about  it  then  to  question  it.  Any  Sanford  who  cares  to  read  "the 
famous  article"  by  the  late  Prof.  Freeman  of  Oxford  University 
(perhaps  the  highest  authority  upon  the  history  of  England  in  the 
Norman  period),  entitled,  "Pedigrees  and  Pedigree-Makers"  (Con- 
temporary Review  XXX.  11 — 41)  in  which  this  author  demolishes 
some  of  the  fables  published  in  that  ' '  gorgeous  repertory  of  genea- 
logical mythology,"  i.  e.,  the  well-known  "Peerage"  of  Sir  Bernard 
Burke,  Ul-Ster  King-of-Arms,  will  not  feel  disappointed  at  now 
parting  forever  with  the  titled  Norman  ancestors  who  for  so  long 
headed  the  pedigree  of  the  Sandfords  of  Shropshire,  in  the  several 
editions  by  Burke.     Prof.  Freeman  proclaimed: 

"I  turn  over  a  peerage,  or  other  book  of  genealogy,  and  I  find 
that,  tvhen  a  pedigree  professes  to  be  traced  back  to  the  time  of 
which  I  know  most  in  detail  (eleventh  and  twelfth  centuries)  it 
is  all  but  invariably  false.  As  a  rule,  it  is  not  only  false,  but  im- 

A  Bishop  of  Oxford  dryly  remarked,  "It  would  seem  that 
everybody  whose  ancestry  did  not  go  away  in  the  Mayflower,  must 
have  come  over  with  the  Conqueror's  ships." 

Guiding  ourselves  by  these  facts,  foregoing,  we  must  consider 
that  the  only  references  in  print  as  to  the  early  Saafords  in 
England,  that  are  worthy  of  our  credence,  are  those  contained  in 
Eyton's  Antiquities  of  Shropshire.  This  standard  work  absolutely 
exhausts  the  archives  of  England  upon  the  early  Sandfords  of  that 
shire.  Therein,  this  particular  Sandford  pedigree  begins,  not  in 
1065,  but  in  1167.  This  takes  the  name  away  back  to  the  days  when 
surnames  originated  in  England — farther  back  even  than  the 
majority  of  families  can  be  traced.  This  pedigree,  that  Eycon  gives, 
is  that  of  the  Shropshire  Sandfords  only.  There  were  other  Sand- 
fords almost  as  early,  but  not  earlier ;  all  of  them  were  of  English 
origin  as  to  their  surname.  We  shall  not  assume  that  we  are 
descendants  of  any  of  the  Shropshire  Sandfords.  This  line  of 
Sandfords  has  been  prominent,  and  this  family  bears  a  eoat-of-arms. 
American  Sanfords  long  ago  seized  upon  this  more  noted  line  and 
assumed  that,  as  a  matter  of  course,  they  were  descendants  from  it. 
They  also  made  some  claim  to  the  coat-of-arms.  That  is  the  common 
error  into  which  the  inexperienced  querists  allow  themselves  to 
fall.  Their  assumption  is  not  only  unwarranted  but  most  unlikely 
to  be  true,  in  any  way,  at  any  time. 

The  truth  is  that  our  surname  of  Sanford  originated  in 
England  many  years  after  the  Norman  Conquest;  also,  that  there 
are  seven  places  in  England  called  Sanford,  or  Sandford,  and  three 


places  called  (chiefly)  Sampford  or  Samford.  From  one,  and  very 
likely  from  several  of  these  places  different  men,  in  the  twelfth  or 
thirteenth  century,  assumed  that  name  as  their  surname.  As  to 
the  place-name  of  Sampford,  the  three  such  places  are  in  Somerset, 
Devon  and  Essex.  The  authorities  upon  etymology — Lomer  and 
Bardsley — assure  us  that  this  topographical  name  became  the 
surname  of  a  family  of  Sampford  or  Samford.  There  are  various 
early  examples  of  this  surname. 

We  shall  show  heyond  the  possibility  of  a  doubt,  that  our 
eynigrant  ancestor,  Thomas  Sanford,  was  not  of  that  Shropshire 
family.  We  can  have  nothing  to  do  with  the  coat-of-arms  of  these, 
Shropshire  people ;  and  our  true  line  of  ancestry  does  not  figure  at 
all  in  the  records  of  the  College  of  Arms,  as  to  any  armorial  bearings 
whatever,  for  the  two  shires  in  which  that  line  resided.  Therefore, 
casting  aside  all  the  various  claims  that  have  been  made,  all  without 
a  particle  of  proof,  in  the  past  thirty  years,  as  to  the  English  home 
and  parentage  of  Thomas  Sanford,  and  after  a  sufficient  waste  of 
time  and  money  in  investigating  them,  we  have  entered  upon  an 
impartial  original  examination  of  actual  records,  in  England,  in 
an  attempt  to  determine,  with  precision  and  by  proof,  the  parentage 
of  our  emigrant  ancestor.  (The  writer  has  made  this  search  in 
England.)  The  attempt  has  been  successful,  also  somewhat  costly. 
We  have  found  out  who  Thomas  Sanford  was,  and  we  have  found 
out  where  he  came  from.  The  evidence  is  conclusive.  It  sets  at 
naught  all  the  various  claims  hitherto  made  and  based  upon 

A  Henry  Sanford,  of  unkno\vn  lineage,  was  made  Bishop  of 
Rochester  in  Kent  in  1227.  He  died  in  1235  without  issue 
(Banks).  Another  early  Sanford  who  died  without  male  issue 
was  "the  Thomas  Sanford"  who,  says  Banks,  "was  one  of  those 
who  24  Edward  I  had  summons  to  attend  at  Newcastle  upon  Tyne, 
well  furnished  with  horse  and  arms  for  an  expedition  into  Scotland, 
and  to  obey  such  orders  and  directions,  as  by  the  Great  Council 
which  was  commanded  then  to  assemble  might  be  ordained.  He 
probably  is  the  same  who  died  27  Edward  I  leaving  Alva,  his  sister, 
heir  to  his  lands  in  Chester  and  Devon."  • 

There  is  a  place  called  Sampford  in  the  County  of  Essex; 
the  name  has  been  also  written  Samford  and  Sanford.  "Samford," 
"Sanford"  and  "Sampford"  are  hopelessly  intermingled  and 
mixed  up  in  Essex  as  surnames,  one  for  the  other,  owing  to  im- 
perfection in  the  spelling,  caused  by  the  record  keepers.     There 


have  been  Sampf ords  and  Samf ords  and  Sandf ords  and  Sanf orda 
in  Essex  for  hundreds  of  years.  Many,  if  not  all  of  them,  undoubt- 
edly, derived  their  name  between  the  years  1150  and  1300  from  the 
place  of  similar  name  in  the  same  shire,  viz.,  Sampf ord  (also  called 
Sanford)  in  the  Hundred  of  Freshwell,  County  of  Essex,  near 
Braintree,  and  four  miles  northeast  from  Thaxted  and  situated 
on  the  Freshwell  or  Pant  stream.  To  this  origin,  in  Essex,  we 
may  look  more  hopefully  than  to  any  other,  in  considering  to  which 
source  ran  the  blood  of  Thomas  Sanford,  the  emigrant  to  New 
England  of  1634. 

There  were  Samfords  in  Cambridgeshire  in  1272.  There  were 
Sandfords  in  Yorkshire  Aknost  as  early.  There  were  Sandfords  in 
many  places  before  1400.  There  were  certainly  three,  if  not  four 
or  five,  or  even  sis  or  seven  separate  and  distinct  families,  all  bear- 
ing some  form  of  the  surname  of  Sandford,  or  Sampford,  in  Eng- 
land before  1400,  and  none  of  the  number  in  any  way  related  to  any 
one  of  the  others.  "Why  so  1  Simply  and  most  naturally  so  because 
the  place-name  of  Sanford  meant  a  sandy  ford  across  a  stream — 
the  Freshwell  or  Pant  stream,  aforesaid,  in  Essex  for  one  instance. 
There  were  many  such  fords  in  England^  and  at  some  of  these 
fords  settlements  developed.  These  places  were  named  by  the 
Saxons  after  the  topographical  situation  or  characteristic ;  and 
some  man  or  men  living  at  each  or  several  of  such  places,  when 
surnames  came  into  vogue  in  the  twelfth  and  thirteenth  centuries 
adopted  the  place-name  where  they  so  resided  as  a  surname.  Like- 
wise there  were  hundreds  of  blacksmiths,  millers,  and  other  trades- 
men unrelated,  who,  when  surnames  came  into  fashion  in  the 
twelfth  and  thirteenth  centuries,  became  known  by  the  surnames 
of  Smith,  fi'liller  or  other,  after  their  trades.  The  millions  of 
Smiths,  Millers,  etc.,  since  that  time  are,  consequently,  made  up  of 
many  distinct  and  unrelated  family-bloods,  so  to  speak. 

So  far  as  our  Thomas  Sanford 's  ancestry  is  concerned,  our 
surname  is  as  likely  derived  from  Sampford  in  Essex  as  from 
Sandford  in  Oxfordshire.  "Were  it  not  that  the  place-name  of 
Sampford  in  Essex  was  near  enough  to  our  later  ancestral  hoilie 
along  the  Essex-Hertfordshire  border,  to  iofluence  record-keepers 
into  writing  our  name  "Sampford"  instead  of  some  other  way,  we 
should  more  quickly  tie  up  fast  to  the  belief  that  our  blood  was 
first  indicated  by  the  surname  of  Sampford.  The  only  solution  of 
this  problem  lies  in  tracing  back  the  pedigree  of  our  earliest  known 
ancestor  in  Hertfordshire    or  Essex,    from   1500    to  1200.     This 


would  give  US  the  true,  original  spelling  of  our  name.  To  accom- 
plish that  task,  however,  is  almost  impossible,  as  we  now  behold  it. 
The  contiguity'  of  Sampford  town  in  Essex  to  Hertfordshire,  and 
the  certainty  that  there  were  genuine  Sampfords  roundabout  in 
the  sixteenth  and  seventeenth  centuries,  are  good  arguments  that 
Sanford,  Sandford  and  Samford,  as  surnames,  are  variants — so 
far  as  this  part  of  England  is  concerned — of  the  ancient  and 
present  surname  of  Sampford.  Further  hereon,  for  the  present, 
we  shall  leave  the  records  to  make  their  own  impression  and  convic- 

We  have  not  attempted  to  run  down  all  the  numerous  references 
to  Sanfords  in  England,  between  1167  and  1500,  in  order  1o  specify 
to  which  of  the  several  distinct  and  unrelated  lines  of  Sanfords 
each  and  every  such  scattering  item  belongs.  That  is  a  work 
beyond  our  immediate  need  and  purpose,  and,  as  well,  a  work 
requiring  the  financial  co-operation  therein  of  the  Sanford  descend- 
ants in  America,  in  general.  Before  such  a  work  could  be  thought 
of,  we  needed  to  know  where  was  the  home  and  who  were  the  parents 
of  our  emigrant  ancestor,  Thomas  Sanford.  Hence  we  have  confined 
our  search,  somewhat,  to  these  matters  of  chief  importance.  It 
may  be  said,  by  the  way,  that  the  difficulties  and  expense  of  that 
work  alcne  have  been  sufficient  for  the  share  of  any  one  Sanford 
descendant  to  assume,  of  his  own  volition.  There  is  but  slight  hope, 
at  present,  of  the  possibility  of  perfecting  the  ancestry  of  Thomas 
Sanford  further  back  than  we  have  discovered  and  developed  it. 
We  may,  therefore,  properly  set  aside  for  some  possible  future 
consideration  the  question  as  to  which  one  of  the  early  lines  of 
Sanfords,  heretofore  mentioned,  our  ancestors  derived  from  between 
1150  and  1400.  We  find  that  our  direct  ancestors  in  England  lived 
on  both  sides  of  the  line  where  the  counties  of  Hertford  and  Essex 
join,  as  far  back  as  we  have  been  enabled,  by  circumstances,  to 
trace  them.  It  seems  far  more  likely  that  our  Essex-Hertfordshire 
Sanfords  derived,  before  1500,  from  the  nearby  Sampfords  or 
Samfords  of  Essex  rather  than  from  the  Sandfords  who  were  in 
Oxfordshire  in  1273,  or  the  Sandfords  of  the  distant  county  of 
Salop  (Shropshire)  upon  the  border  of  Wales,  or  from  the  more 
distant  Devonshire.  It  is  also  equally  likely  that  the  Sandfords 
of  Essex,  portrayed  partly  in  the  Visitations  of  Essex,  by  the 
heralds  of  the  College  of  Arms,  had  an  origin  separate  from  the 
Shropshire  family,  though  at  no  point  so  far  visible  after  1500  do 
our  Hertford-Essex  Sanfords  come  into  touch  with  their  neighbors. 


the  heraldic  Sandfords  of  Essex.  These  latter  Sandfords  may  be  of 
Essex  entirely,  and  their  name  may  be  one  of  the  variants  of  the 
place-name  of  Sampford  in  Essex,  and  so  make  the  Sampfords  or 
Samfords,  and  the  Sanfords  or  Sandfords,  of  Essex  and  Hertford 
of  one  blood.  This  is  entirely  natural  and  it  looks  good  to  the 
professional  observer.  As  much  as  one  may  wish  to  incline  toward 
keeping  the  two  names  of  Sampford  and  Sanford  apart,  the  records 
prevent  that  separation,  as  will  be  demonstrated  shortly.  The 
suggestions  that  have  been  made  (without  any  evidence  in  support 
thereof)  that  the  emigrant,  Thomas  Sanford,  directly  derived  from 
the  heraldic  Sandfords,  portrayed  in  the  Visitation  of  Essex,  is 
disproved  by  documents  that  we  now  have  great  pleasure  in  present- 
ing. If  his  ancestors  before  1500  came  from  the  Esses  line,  it  was 
then  too  early  to  make  it  possible  for  us  to  claim  any  right  to  bear 
the  coat-of-arms  which  is,  by  the  said  Visitation  of  Essex,  confined 
to  those  Sanfords  of  Essex  of  the  seventeenth  century  whose  names 
appear  in  that  Visitation. 

As  before  stated,  our  known  Sanfords  of  Hertfordshire  and 
Essex  do  not  figure  in  any  way,  in  any  records  in  connection  with 
any  coat-of-arms.  That  fact  is  not  to  their  discredit.  Perhaps  it 
is  not  generally  realized,  in  America,  that  a  coat-of-arms  rightfully 
belongs  solely  to  the  descendants  of  the  one  man  to  whom  it  was 
granted.  For  example :  The  brothers  of  that  one  man,  to  whom  a 
coat-of-arms  has  been  granted,  have  no  legal  right  to  use  their 
brother's  arms;  nor  have  their  descendants  any  right  thereto, 
unless  the  one  man  to  whom  the  arms  were  granted,  dies  without 
issue  and  makes  one  or  more  of  his  brothers  his  heir,  or  heirs,  to 
inherit  his  property,  his  title,  his  coat-of-arms,  etc.  The  sons  of 
such  an  heir  would,  as  a  matter  of  custom,  perpetuate  the  arms 
of  their  childless  deceased  uncle.  Our  Essex-Hertfordshire  San- 
fords were  simple  country  people — small  tradesmen  and  farmers. 
That  is  a  great  truth!  Had  they  been  otherwise,  Thomas  Sanford 
might  have  known  but  little  of  America  and  would  have  cared 
less,  and  much  less  ever  have  set  foot  upon  its  dry  shores,  or  been 
cheered  by  its  sparkling  skies.  These,  our  Sanfords,  may  have  been 
entitled,  in  some  roundabout  way,  to  use  a  coat-of-arms.  Some 
families  drifted  apart;  inheritances  were  lost;  and  so  some 
members  of  some  families  are  probably  entitled  to  coat-armor 
without  knowing  of  that  fact;  and  then,  Puritanism  did  not  set 
great  store  upon  heraldic  honors.  But,  nevertheless,  as  this  matter 
now  lays  before  us,  and  in  default  of  any  evidence  showing  that 


Thomas  Sanford,  or  his  known  ancestors,  either  had  or  xued  arms, 
it  is  deemed  unsafe  and  entirely  inadvisable  for  any  of  his  descend- 
ants now  to  assume  anything  in  connection  with  any  coat-of-arms 
of  any  Sanford,  or  Sandford,  or  Samford,  or  Sampford  of  England. 
As  a  curiosity,  or  souvenir,  the  bearing  of  the  he^-aldic  Sandfords 
of  Essex  may  be  exhibited  in  America,  but  it  should  not  be  used, 
or  claimed,  as  having  any  known  relation  to  the  ancestors  of 
Thomas  Sanford,  the  emigrant.  Had  he  possessed  any  knowledge 
of  his  right  to  such  arms  it  would  have  been  his  duty,  and  no  doubt 
his  pleasure,  to  have  upheld  therewith  in  America  such  an  emblem 
of  proof  of  the  pride  and  station  of  his  family  as  "gentlemen," 
according  to  the  old  English  understanding  of  that  word. 

Briefly  and  "to  the  point,"  we  now  set  forth  all  the  obtainable 
evidence  bearing  directly  upon  our  Thomas  Sanford.  Every  extant 
record  for  this  vital  period  has  been  found  and  examined.  Many 
records  are  lost — to  our  great  loss.    That  which  remains  is  sufficient. 

Hertford  (pronounced  Hartford,  and  sometimes  Harford)  is 
one  of  the  eastern  inland  counties  of  England,  separated  from 
London  by  the  counties  of  Middlesex  and  Essex  which  adjoin  it 
upon  the  south  and  east.  The  county  has  about  two  hundred  and 
sixty  thousand  inhabitants ;  in  1600,  scarcely  more  than  sixty 
thousand  were  settled  within  its  632  square  miles.  "While  hilly  in 
the  northern  part,  the  land  is  mostly  rather  low  and  slightly  rolling, 
presenting  beautiful  fields  and  streams  and  many  market-gardens. 
Herts,  as  it  is  called  in  England,  is  still  chiefly  agricultural,  and 
probably,  the  centre  of  the  malt  trade  of  England.  Of  the  one 
hundred  and  eighty-four  principal  "seats"  of  the  gentry  of  this 
county,  none  have  been  or  are  in  the  possession  of  Sanfords. 
The  county  of  Essex,  in  which  we  shall  also  visit  three  Sanford 
towns,  situated  along  the  western  border,  separates  Hertford- 
shire from  the  North  Sea.  Essex  falls  gradually  eastward  from 
its  western  side,  being  mostly  quite  flat,  rich  in  both  agriculture 
and  manufactures,  thickly  covered  with  villages,  many  quaint 
and  interesting,  and  some  unpleasing.  There  may  be  references 
to  Sanfords  in  Herts  before  1500 ;  if  so,  they  are  not  apparent 
or  easily  found.  As  said,  we  have  been  concerned  chiefly  with 
the  records  after  that  date.  The  earliest  mention  that  we  have 
noticed  of  a  Sanford  in  the  original  manuscript  records  of  this 
shire,  is  that  found  in  a  fine  of  the  year  1513.  A  fixie  is  the 
final  concord,  the  final  agreement  between  all  parties  concerned 
— an  abstract  of  a  deed  of  sale  of  real  estate,  or  other  property, 


which  abstract  was  reported  to  the  crown,  by  demand  of  the 
law.  For  a  preliminary  to  every  such  sale,  a  license  to  alienate 
had  to  be  obtained  and  paid  for.  The  process  of  alienation  was 
by  suit  in  court.  The  buyer,  called  the  querent,  sued  for  the 
property;  the  seller,  called  the  deforciant,  did  not  defend  the 
suit;  the  title  passed  accordingly. 
These  records  are  in  Latin: 

(Public  Record  Office,  London.) 
Feet  of  Fines.  Trinity  Term,  5th  Henry  VIIL  (1513). 
Thomas  Willughby,  Esq.,  Edward  Wotton,  Esq.,  Robert 
Smyth,  Chaplain  and  John  Goodmond,  Junr.,  querents, 
versus  Nicholas  Sandeford  and  Margery,  his  wife,  deforci- 
ants, whereby  the  latter  transfer  to  the  former  their 
moiety  in  three  messuages  (houses)  and  lands  in  the 
town  and  parish  of  Watford. 

We  do  not  connect  this  Nicholas  Sandeford  with  other  Sanf ords 
of  later  record  nearby.  So  far  as  we  are  concerned  with  Hert- 
fordshire, our  people  begin  and  end  in  one  parish—  that  of  Great 
or  Much  Hadham,  some  thirty  miles  northeast  of  Watford. 

The  great  grandfather  of  Thomas  Sanford,  the  emigrant  to 
New  England  of  1634,  was  Richard  Sanford,  whose  wife  was 
Elizabeth,  as  will  be  proven  shortly.  There  was  another  Richard 
Sanford  closely  related  to  the  first  named  Richard.  He  was  likely 
a  cousin.  This  apparent  cousin  resided  in  Great  Hadham,  where 
he  died,  seemingly  without  issue.  We  will  dispose  of  him  first. 
He  figures  in  the  Subsidy  Roll  for  1545.  This  record  is  the  list 
of  the  taxable  inhabitants  who  were  to  pay  a  tax  to  the  crown, 
in  the  general  national  taxation  of  that  year.  The  record  reads: 
(Public  Record  Office,  London.) 

Lay  Subsidy,  Hundred  of  Edwinstree,  Hertfordshire,  1545. 
"Hadham  Magna 

Pro  anticipacione.  Rich.  Sanfford,  g. "  (no  amount  given) 
The  letter  "g"  indicates  that  he  was  to  pay  an  unnamed  sum 
upon  his  goods,  by  which  is  understood  that  he  was  a  merchant 
engaged  in  some  trade  solely,  or  in  addition  to  farming,  possibly 
that  of  a  glover.  The  Sanfords  who  appear  after  him,  in  Great 
Hadham,  were  glovers.  The  will  mentions  no  Sanford  relatives; 
it  does  refer  to  real  estate  this  first  Richard  Sanford  owned  in 
Hatfield  (Broad  Oak),  a  parish  a  few  miles  to  the  eastward  and 
within  the  boundary  of  the  adjoining  county  of  Essex,  where  we 
shall  soon  see  the  father  of  our  Thomas  Sanford,  the  emigrant, 
was  married.    The  will  also  shows  that  the  testator's  father  (Christ- 


ian  name  unknown)  had  lived  in  Great  Hadliam.     This  indicates 
the  presence  of  Sanfords  in  the  parish  as  early  as  1500. 

Commissary  Court  of  London  (Essex  and  Herts),  Register 
Westwood,  folio  551. 

(A  full  abstract  of  the  will  of)  By  chard  Saunforde  in  the 
parrish  of  St.  Lawrence,  Mutch  Haddum,  dated  1st  September 

I  -bequeath  my  body  to  be  buried  within  the  churchyard  of 
Mutche  Haddam,  and  give  to  the  poor  men's  bos  3s.  4d. 

To  Annes,  my  wife,  the  lease  of  this  house  that  I  dwell  in; 
and  all  my  corn  and  cattle. 

To  John  Pernell,  £3.  6s.  8d.,  and  13s.  4d.  more ;  to  remain, 
if  he  dye  within  3  yeares  of  this  date,  to  Edward  Parnell. 

To  PawU  ParneH,  6s.  Sd. 

I  owe  unto  John  Hanes  of  Brooke  £3,  and  Mr.  John  Grysditch 
doth  owe  unto  me  £110,  to  be  paid  £20  by  the  year. 

I  give  unto  John  Northage  £13,  6s.  8d.  to  be  received  of  Mr. 
GrjTuesdytche ;  to  William  Northage,  £20  in  like  manner,  and  to 
Rychard  Northage  20  marks,  to  Marye  Northage  £16,  and  to  the 
other  four  sisters  £13,  6s.  8d ;  and  all  the  said  children  shall  receive 
their  money  of  Master  Grymesdytche,  and  not  trouble  my  executors 

I  give  to  my  wife,  if  she  be  with  child,  for  the  child's  behoof, 
the  tenement  that  was  my  father's;  otherwise  my  sister  Margaret 
shall  have  it. 

I  give  to  Thomas  lyve  a  tenement  at  Grenestreete. 

To  Rycharde  Stoeke,  a  tenement  in  Hatfelde  lying  highest  in 
the  town ;    to  Robart  Eve,  the  other  tenement  in  Hatfelde. 

The  residue  of  all  my  goods  unbequeathed  I  give  to  Annes,  my 
wife,   and  make    her  and    William   Haynes    my  executors;    and 
Thomas  Godfray  of  Elsnam,  (Elsenham)  overseer  of  my  will. 
Witnesses :     Wyllyam    Parnell,     Hughe     Grave,    Pearse     Patmor, 
Wyllyam  Wooddall,  curate. 

Proved  17  September  1560  by  Agnes  Samforde,  the  other  executor 

The  burial  of  this  first  Richard  Sanford  is  not  recorded  in 
the  records  of  the  parish  church  of  Much  Hadham.  That  he  was 
buried  in  the  churchyard  there,  as  the  will  directs,  cannot  be 
doubted,  for  he  died  within  a  few  days  after  his  will  was  written. 
The  vital  records  of  this  parish  commence  in  1559,  the  year  before 
this  man  died,  though  they  are  incomplete,  in  places,  as  will  be 
seen  hereinafter. 

Now  the  other  Richard  Sanford,  to  whom  we  have  referred 
as  being  the  great-grandfather  of  the  emigrant  Thomas  Sanford, 
lived  in  the  parish  of  Stanstead  Mountfitchet,  in  Essex,  five  miles 
to  the  northeast  from  Great  Hadham,  and  just  over  the  line  divid- 


ing  the  counties  of  Hertford  and  Essex.  Here,  in  this  border  town, 
he  died  in  the  year  1591,  as  is  shown  by  this  now-extant  record 
of  burial  in  the  register  of  the  old  parish  church  of  Stanstead 
Mountfitchet : 

"Burialls  1591.     Olde  Samford  buryed  16  of  Novem. " 

This  Richard  Sanford's  wife  was  named  Elizabeth,  as  their 
son's  will  proves;  it  names  them  both  specifically.  She  was  buried, 
according  to  the  register  of  Stanstead  Mountfitchet : 

"Beured  Wedow  Samford  XV  of  September  1600." 

Their  son's  name  was  Thomas.  He  was  undoubtedly  born 
in  Stanstead  Mountfitchet  shortly  prior  to  the  year  1558.  His 
birth  is  not  recorded  in  the  register  of  the  old  church  of  this 
parish  because  the  earliest  book  of  such  records,  now  preserved, 
begins  in  1558.  This  son,  Thomas  Sanford,  however,  married  in 
his  home  parish  shortly  after  he  was  of  age,  as  the  church  register 
there  affirms  in  these  words : 

"Thomas  Samford  and  ffriswit  Eve  were  married  the  XXIth 
of  September  1581." 

In  the  will  of  the  first  Richard  Sanford  of  Great  Hadham,  1560, 
we  have  noted  that  there  was  bequeathed  "to  Robart  Eve  a  tene- 
ment in  Hatfelde, "  where,  by  the  way,  we  shall  soon  have  to  go 
to  follow  the  movements  of  the  father  of  the  emigrant  to  America. 

Sixty-four  days  after  Thomas  Sanford  married  (as  above),  he 
laid  his  wife,  Friswith,  in  a  grave  in  the  noble  yard  of  that  same 
church  of  Stanstead  Mountfitchet.  The  record  in  tlie  parish 
register  of  this  untimely  sorrow,  as  written  at  the  time  of  the 
burial,  reads : 

"ffryswth  Sampford  the  wife  of  Thomas  Sampford  was  buryed 
the  24th  of  November  1581." 

Afterwards  for  solace,  or  relief,  Thomas  Sanford  sought 
another  scene.  Leaving  father  and  mother  he  went  away  the  five 
miles  to  Great  Hadham,  in  nearby  Herts,  an  even  quainter  place 
than  he  left.  Somewhere  in  or  not  far  from  Great  Hadham  he 
married  again,  within  three  years,  to  a  Mary,  whose  maiden  name 
is  not  specifically  recorded,  though  she  was  likely  a  "Lewes"  or  a 
"Mellett",  since  Thomas  Sanford  calls  John  Lewes  and  John 
Mellett  of  Great  Hadham  brothers-in-law.  The  marriage  record 
is  not  entered  at  Great  Hadham,  nor  in  the  adjacent  parishes. 
Perchance,  she  was  of  Great  Hadham  and  the  recordiag  of  the 
marriage  was,  like  the  recording  of  many  other  similar  events,  in 
this  particular  parish,  forgotten  by  the  rector  of  the  church.     The 


"sins  of  omission"  of  this  clergyman,  with  respect  to  his  duties 
to  keep  the  records  of  his  parish,  are  plainly  far  too  many  for  the 
forgiveness  of  the  genealogist,  since  such  neglect  is  unusual.  When 
Thomas  Sanford  arrived  in  this  reposeful,  dignified  little  town 
he  was  evidently  the  only  Sanford  there.  However,  he  soon  attend- 
ed to  that  insufficiency.  This  Thomas  Sanford  of  Great  Eadham 
was  the  grandfather,  and  Mary  Lewes  or  Mellett  was  the  grand- 
mother of  the  emigrant  to  New  England,  Thomas  Sanford.  The 
grandfather  names  five  children  in  his  will;  the  baptisms  of  four 
of  them  are  recorded  in  the  register  of  the  parish  church  of  Great 
Hadham,  where  all  attended — always  as  loyal  supporters  of  the 
Established  Church  of  England.  They  were  free  of  all  taint  of 
dissent  and  nonconformity.  The  unrecorded  baptism  is  that  of 
the  daughter  Damans.  The  book  containing  these  written  records 
is  the  old  official  register,  in  which  were  set  down  the  baptisms, 
marriages  and  burials.  The  entries  of  the  earlier  years  were  well 
written  in  the  Elizabethan  courthand,  an  even,  formal  style  now 
long  since  obsolete.  The  ink  has  faded  but  sUghtly  these  three- 
hundred  and  fifty  years.  While  an  American  Sanford  weald  have 
difficulty  in  reading  these  records,  for  their  first  hundred  years, 
every  entry  is  plaiu  reading  to  the  palaeographer.  The  rector 
cheerfully  removed  the  register  from  the  strong  box  of  iron,  permit- 
ting the  writer  to  peruse  it  entire  with  the  following  result: 

The  entries  begin  in  1559.  Practically  all  of  the  baptisms, 
marriages  and  burials  were  entered,  in  the  order  of  the  occurrence, 
until  the  25  Feb.  1592.  Prom  this  date  to  Dec.  17,  1598,  practically 
all  of  the  baptisms  in  this  parish  were  not  recorded.  Fortunately, 
this  neglect  costs  us  only  one  baptism, — that  of  Damaris  Sanfurd. 
The  careless  rector,  however,  did  set  down  in  the  book  the  baptisms 
of  five  of  his  own  children  and  of  three  others.  He  continued  the 
omissions,  largely,  until  April  1601,  having  set  down  only  forty- 
one  baptisms  between  Dec.  17,  1598,  and  April,  1601.  Also  all 
baptisms  were  omitted  from  the  record  for  November,  December 
and  January  1602-3.  Fully  one  hundred  births  are  thus  missing 
for  the  blank  period.  The  burial  records  are  substantially  complete 
from  Oct.  1559  to  August  1599 ;  but  no  entries  were  made  from  the 
latter  date  to  July  1601.  There  is  also  a  blank  space  in  the  list 
of  burials  from  January  to  September  1625.  The  records  of 
marriage  seem  to  be  fairly  complete  and  consecutive  from  1559, 
but  occasional  omissions  are  to  be  expected.  The  man  responsible 
for  this  indifference  to  the  welfare  of  the  community,  was  "Theo- 


philus  Ailmer,  Doctor  in  Divinity,  Keetor  of  Much  Hadham" 
whose  burial  here  is  recorded  on  11  Jan.  1625.  Having  been  the 
son  of  John  Ailmer,  Bishop  of  London,  lord  of  the  manol-  of  Much 
Hadham,  and  enjoying  a  very  large  salary,  with  almost  unlimited 
power  in  xMuch  Hadham,  this  "lord  spiritual"  felt  free  to  study 
his  own  comfort  and  pleasure.  As  late  as  1870,  the  salary  attaching 
to  this  parish  church  was  over  $10,000  a  year,  with  the  use  of  a 
fine  house  and  270  acres  of  land  additional.  The  salary  is  now 
reduced  to  about  $3,000.  The  town's  population  has  never  been 
over  1300;  so  the  "living"  of  this  parish  is  still  one  of  the  plums 
that  bishops  can  bestow  upon  a  favorite.  The  average  income  of 
the  incumbents  of  the  parish  livings  of  Hertfordshire  is  but  £370 
a  year. 

The  records  of  four  of  the  five  children  of  Thomas  and  Mary 
Sanford  were  entered  as  follows: 
Baptisms — 

"1586  ifebruary  20,  Ezechiell  sonn  of  Thomas  Sandford." 
"lo88  March  17,  Priscilla,  daughter  of  Thomas  Sandforth." 
"1590  August  9,  Zaeharji,  sonn  of  Thomas  Sandford." 
"lo92  September  24,  Sara,  daughter  of  Thomas  Sandford." 
Of  these  children,  Priscilla  married  in  Much  Hadham  as  this 
entry  in  the  same  register  attests : 

"I\Iarriages   September  30,   1609— Thomas   Howe   &  Priscilla 
Sanford. ' ' 

Of  Ezechiel,  there  will  be  much  to  tell  shortly. 
Of  Sara,  she  was  married  by  1615,  to  a  Howe. 
Of  Zachary,  his  life  was  most  uneventful.  He  was  the  only 
son  who  continued  in  Much  Hadham.  As  he  is  not  named  in  any 
of  the  Lay  Subsidies  (tax  rolls  of  parliamentary  taxation),  it  is 
judged  that  he  owned  no  land,  was  not  a  merchant,  but  passed  his 
days  in  the  employ  of  some  citizen  of  the  town.  Out  of  all  the 
various  classes  of  records  applying  to  this  locality,  that  have  been 
searched,  but  four  more  references  occur  to  him  in  all  his  long 
life.  We  may  not  charge  him  with  lack  of  ambition,  but  rather 
with  want  of  opportunities.  Fatherless  at  the  age  of  seven,  a 
younger  son,  he  inherited  nothing  and  was  doubtless  brought  up 
by  his  father-in-law.  His  sequestered  life  was  only  typical  of  that 
of  many  thousands  of  his  sturdy,  immovable,  unquestioning, 
satisfied  countrymen,  who  became  fixed  in  the  positions,  customs 
and  ideas  that  circiunstances  and  nature  seemed  to  have  found  for 
them.  Zachary  Sanford  married,  though  the  record  thereof  is 
among  the  items  missing  from  the  official  records  of  this  parish 


and  its  vicinity.  No  children  are  recorded  to  him;  it  is  probable 
he  did  not  become  a  father.  After  the  day  of  his  baptism,  f  jr 
seventy-four  years,  save  the  mention  in  his  father's  will  of  1597, 
the  record-keepers  had  nothing  to  record  concerning  him,  that 
has  been  left  for  us  to  find.  This  reference  exists  in  the  register 
of  his  parish  church: 

"1661.  Dec.  21st  late  wife  of  Zacharia  Sandford  was  buried." 

The  court  of  the  lord  of  the  manor  must  have  required  his 
services,  or  evidence,  often  enough,  but  these  records  are  all  lost 
between  1586  and  1662,  though  this  fact  is  not  the  usual  condition 
elsewhere.    In  1663  he  was  chosen  on  the  jury.    The  record  reads: 

(Public  Record  Office,  London.) 

Manuscripts  of  the  Ecclesiastical  Commission,   (Lords  of  tho 

Manor  of  Much  Hadham).     Roll  Number  206 — 6. 

"View  of  frank  pledge  in  the  Court  Baron  of  the  Reverend 

Father  in  God,  Gilbert,  by  divine  permission  Bishop  of  London, 

28  October,  1663." 

"Zachariah  Samford,  juror." 

(Jurors  were  chosen  from  tenants  on  the  manor.) 

The  earthly  end  of  Zachary  Sanford  is  pictured  in  the  same 
church  book  that  bears  the  record  of  his  baptism  (birth).  He 
sleeps  beside  his  father,  on  the  sunny  side  of  the  church,  the  only 
son  there  buried.  His  age  at  death  was  eighty  seven  years  and  five 
months,  to  a  day,  he  having  outlived  all  Sanfords  of  his  generation : 
"1677(8)  Jan.  9th  Zacary  Sampford  an  old  man  was 
buried."     (From  the  parish  register  of  Much  Hadham.) 

No  memorial  of  stone,  wood  or  metal  marks  his  grave,  nor 
the  graves  of  any  Sanford  in  this  sleepy  churchyard.  This  "God's 
Acre"  is  almost  cloistered,  shrouded  by  the  thickly  clustered 
branches  of  great  trees.  The  disappearance  of  the  Sanford  grave- 
stones is  merely  in  accord  with  the  custom  of  the  church  authorities, 
all  over  England.  Gravestones  are  seldom  long  left  standing; 
Additional  interments  are  made  upon  the  older  interments,  and 
newer  stones  are  erected  in  place  of  the  former  ones.  The  average 
country  churchyard  is  about  an  acre  in  size.  The  landlords 
generally  manage  to  be  buried  inside  of  the  churches,  and  to  have 
their  memorials  preserved  upon  the  inner  walls  or  in  the  floor. 
So  the  outsiders  are  forgotten;  and  those  who  may  care  about  it, 
and  who  grieve  over  such  "a  state  of  things"  can't  help  the  matter. 

Damaris  Sanford,  sister  of  Zachary,  and  youngest  child  of 
Thomas  and  Mary  Sanford,  died  unmarried  when  about  twenty- 
two  or  twenty-three  years  old,  shortly  before  her  mother.  Her 
burial  was  not  recorded  at  Much  Hadham.    She  made  a  will,  how- 


ever,  implying  that  she  was  of  that  parish;  so,  probably,  she  was 
buried  there.  Her  mother  is  mentioned  in  this  will  as  "Mary 
Hadesly,"  having  married  again  after  the  death  of  her  first  hus- 
band, Thomas  Sanford.  Damaris  may  have  lived  with  her  step- 
father till  her  death  in  November  1615  : 

Commissary  Court  of  London,  Essex  and  Herts.  [Filed  will.] 
Memorand  that  Damaris  Sandford  late  of  the  pishe  of 
Much  Hadham,  deceased,  in  the  time  of  her  last  sickness 
whereof  she  died  beinge  about  November  last  past,  beinge  of 
pfect  minde  and  memory  with  an  intent  to  dispose  of  her 
goods  &  to  make  a  will,  nuncupative,  used  these  words  following 
or  the  like  ia  effect  vizt.  I  geve  unto  Priscilla  Howe  and 
Mary  Howe  the  children  of  my  sister  Priscilla  Howe  five 
poundes  apiece,  and  all  the  rest  of  my  goods  I  geve  to  my  Sister 

In  the  presence  of  Mary  Hadesly  and  Thomas  Gynn,  the 
said  Sara  Howe  wth  others. 
Probated  13  March  1615-16. 

The  fact  that  this  young  English  woman  had  money  to 
bequeath,  is  evidence  that  she  had  earned  it  or  saved  it  out  of  the 
legacy  left  to  her  by  her  father,  to  be  paid  to  her  when  she  attained 
the  age  of  twenty  years. 

Much  Hadham  was  a  local  center  for  the  trade  in  fine  skins, 
and  Thomas  Sanford,  the  father  of  Ezechiell  and  the  four  other 
children,  was  a  glover.  His  product  was  sold  both  within  and 
without  the  town.  He  may  well  have  sent  gloves  to  London  since 
there  were  various  dealings  with  London  from  Much  Hadham, 
owing  to  the  manor  being  the  property  of  the  Bishop  of  London, 
who  maintained  a  palace  in  the  town  and  came  here  frequently 
with  a  large  retinue  of  servants,  accompanied  and  followed  by 
members  of  the  gentry.  These  latter  found  the  vale,  in  which  the 
village  lies,  most  sweet  and  sylvan,  as  it  stiU  is.  A  bishop  of  London 
then  was  well-nigh  as  powerful  as  a  duke.  The  long  village  street 
was  oft  the  path  for  the  feet  and  equipages  of  some  of  the  high 
and  mighty. 

Thomas  Sanford  neither  sued  nor  was  sued  in  the  law  courts 
of  chancery.  His  name  does  not  appear  in  the  records  of  the  sale 
of  real  estate.  He  was  not  lax  in  his  duty  to  the  church.  No 
religious  enthusiasm,  or  new  ideas,  led  him  to  break  the  laws  of 
his  country  by  failing  to  attend  the  services  in  the  church  of  Mueli 

Nor  does  his  name  appear  in  the  records  of  criminal  procedure. 
We  shall  show  that  he  was  a  careful,  exacting,  conscientious  man, 


exceedingly  self-reliant.  Soon  after  he  came  to  Much  Hadham 
from  Stanstead  Mountfitchet,  and  in  the  year  that  his  first  child 
was  born,  this  serious-minded  man  had  won  the  confidence  of  the 
community.  The  lord  of  the  manor  voiced  respect  for  Thomas 
Sanford  by  summoning  him  to  the  manorial  court,  which  chose  him 
as  one  of  the  two  guardians  of  the  peace  of  the  town.  The  evidence 
of  this  fact  appears  in  a  coiirt  roll  of  1585,  viz : 
(Public   Record   Office,   London.) 

Manuscripts  of  the  Ecclesiastical  Commission.  No.  206 — 3. 
[Translation  from  the  Latin.]     "View  of  frank  pledge  in 

the  Court  of  the  Reverend  father  John   [Ailmer] ,  by  divine 

permission,  Bishop  of  London,  held  19  March  in  the  reign  of 

Elizabeth  by  grace    of  God    of  England,    ffrance  &  Ireland 

Queen,  defender  of  the  faith,  etc.   XXVII." 

[27th  year— 1585.] 

[Membrane  6  Great  Hadham.] 

"Philip  Mills  and  Thomas  Sandford  chosen  constables  for 

the  year." 

Doubtless  he  served  in  the  years  following  and  also  in  other 
capacities  in  this  court  and  in  the  town.  The  court  rolls  of  this 
manor  are  lost  from  1586  to  1662. 

Thomas  Sanford  was  a  young  tradesman.  He  inherited  a  bit 
of  land  from  his  father,  in  1591,  over  east  in  Stanstead  Mount- 
fitchet. This  property  his  mother  lived  upon  until  her  death  in 
1600.  Yet  Thomas  Sanford  was  siirely  a  man  of  unusual  careful- 
ness and  sagacity.  The  remarkable  thing  about  him  is  his  will, 
written  about  the  fortieth  year  of  his  age  and  within  a  week  before 
his  untimely  death.  What  foresight  it  reveals  for  a  young  man ! 
In  reading  this  testament  we  almost  hear  his  words,  so  emphatic, 
clear  and  specific  are  their  intent,  so  fraught  with  love  for  his 
children.  He  had  but  little  to  leave.  He  had  but  just  begun  his 
life's  work;  yet  in  disposing  of  that  little  he  was  most  scrupulous  to 
make  the  little  do  the  uttermost  possible  for  the  good  of  those  whom 
he  loved,  yet  was  so  soon  to  leave  fatherless.  Conscientiousness. 
is  in  every  sentence.  He  felt  to  the  full  his  responsibility.  He 
was  the  master  of  his  own  house.  The  reader  of  this  document 
wiU  note  the  earnest  efforts  of  a  dying  man,  a  man  who  wanted  to 
live  to  fulfill  his  obligations  as  a  parent,  and  his  duty  to  the  world 
and  to  posterity,  and  yet,  so  strong  was  his  mind  that  he  could 
leave  no  detail  for  the  development  of  another  person.  Among 
thousands  of  wills  of  this  same  time  and  country,  that  the  writer 
has  perused,  few  are  remembered  as  giving  so  striking  a  reflection 


of  earnestness  in  the  character  of  the  testator.  It  is  plain  that  the 
well-thought-out  provisions  for  developments  and  emergencies  were 
not  the  suggestions  of  a  lawyer ;  they  were  the  fruits  of  the  hard, 
common-sense,  the  penetrating  conception  of  a  tradesman  of  much 
natural  sagacity, — a  farmer,  who  knew  the  Bible,  believed  it  and 
had  practiced  its  precepts.  Here  follows  a  verbatim  copy  of  the 
will  of  Thomas  Sanford,  the  grandfather  of  Thomas,  Andrew, 
Robert  and  John  Sanford,  all  being  emigrants  to  New  England, 
save  John : 

"Commissary  Court  of  London,  Essex  and  Hertford,  (filed 

In  the  name  of  God  Amen.  The  XXIX  day  of  March  1597  and 
in  the  XXXIXth  yeere  of  the  raygne  of  o'r  Soveraygne  Lady 
Elizabeth  by  the  grace  of  God  of  England  ffraunce"'&  Ireland 
Queene  Defender  of  the  fayth  &e.  I  Thomas  Sanford  of  Much 
Hadham  in  the  Countie  of  Hertf.,  Glover,  being  sick  in  bodye  but 
yett  of  pfect  mynd  &  memorye  thancks  be  to  my  good  God  & 
mercifuU  &  loving  heavenly  father  doe  ordayne  &  make  this  my 
last  will  and  testamt.  in  maner  &  forme  following. 

ffirst  &  principally  I  comitt  and  comend  my  sinfull  soule  to 
the  merciful  dispocon  of  him  that  gave  it  &  most  deerely  bought 
it  &  my  body  to  the  earth  from  whence  it  was  taken,  to  be  buryed 
in  the  ehurchyarde  of  Much  Hadham  aforesayd  on  the  south  syde 
of  the  churche  over  agaynst  the  seat  wher  usually  I  satt  in  the 
tyme  of  Divine  Service. 

Item.  I  geve  to  the  pore  of  Much  Hadha  aforesayd  such  as  have 
most  neede  twentye  busshell  of  good  barlye,  sweet  &  well-dressed 
corne,  to  be  distributed  and  delyvered  amongest  them  by  my 
executor  hereafter  named  by  the  peck  at  the  rate  of  tenn  grotes  a 

Item.  I  geve  and  bequeath  to  Prissilla  and  Sara  my  daughters 
to  each  of  them  tenn  pounds  of  lawfull  money  of  England  &  to 
Damaris  my  daughter  twelve  pounds  of  lyke  lawfull  money  to  be 
payd  by  my  executor  within  three  m[onths]  next  after  my  decease 
into  the  hands  of  my  brother  in  Lawe  John  Lewes  to  the  use  of 
mysayd  da[ughters]  by  him  or  by  his  direcon  to  be  employed  to 
their  benefitt  &  further  advantage  wch  sayd  severall  l[egacies]  wth 
the  pffitt  &  encrease  yt  shalbe  raysed  thereby  I  will  shalbe  payd 
by  the  sayd  John  Lewes  or  h[is  heirs]  to  my  sayd  Daughters  as 
they  shall  severally  come  &  attayne  the  full  age  of  twentye  yeeres 
or  at  [marriage]  &  yf  it  please  God  yt  any  of  my  sayd  daughters 
dept.  [depart]  this  liffe  before  her  or  their  sayd  porcion  shalbe  to 
her  or  them  due  then  I  w[ill  that]  the  porcon  or  porcions  of  her 
or  them  so  depting  this  liffe  together  wth  the  pffitt  &  encrease 
thereby  shalbe  equally  deyv'ded  [beween  such]  of  my  sayd  daughters 
as  shalbe  then  living,  yf  all  be  dead  then  to  and  amongst  my  sonnes 
or  the  longer  liver  of  them. 


Item.  I  further  geve  and  bequeath  to  my  sayd  dau[ghters]  Pris- 
sella  one  cowe  of  colour  black  and  to  my  sayd  daughter  Sara  one 
cowe  called  a  ■bullock  yt  hath  had  one  calf  &  is  now  greate  wth 
another  &  to  my  daughter  Damaris  one  cowe  of  colour  pyed  wth 
whight  &  red  wch  I  bought  of  John  Rawline  or  in  lewe  &  recompense 
for  each  cowe  iii  li.  xs.  [L3  :10  shillings]  of  lawfull  english  money 
my  sayd  daughters  to  be  at  their  choice  therein  to  be  delyvered  or 
payd  by  my  executor  to  my  sayd  Daughters  as  they  shall  severally 
come  to  the  age  of  twelve  yeeres  or  before  my  wyffe  be  maryed 
or  contract  herself  to  any  other  wch  first  shall  happen. 
Item.  I  geve  and  bequeath  to  Zaehary  my  sonne  my  browne 
gellding  or  xlvis.  viiid  [46  shillings  and  8  pence]  of  lawfull  english 
money  to  be  delyvered  or  payd  by  my  executor  to  his  use  into  the 
hands  of  John  Lewes  aforenamed  and  by  him  to  be  imployed  to 
my  sonnes  benefitt  &  to  be  payd  by  the  sayd  John  Lewes  his  execu- 
tors or  assigns  together  with  encrease  thereof  to  my  sayd  sonne 
Zaehary  at  his  full  age  of  XX  ti  yeeres  or  yf  my  sayd  sonne  Zaehary 
dye  before  he  attayne  his  sayd  age  of  XXti  yeeres  yt  then  his 
sayd  porcon  shalbe  be  payd  and  devyded  among  my  daughters  or 
so  many  of  them  yt  shalbe  then  lyving. 

Item.  I  geve  to  John  Richardson  of  Standon  in  the  foresayd  countye 
of  Hertf.  Glover,  the  term  shillings  wch  he  oweth  me  uppo  condicion 
yt  he  worke  at  the  wares  that  are  in  the  Lymes  when  he  shalbe 
thereunto  reasonably  requyred  by  my  executor. 
Item.  I  geve  and  bequeath  to  Rychard  Sanford  my  brother  one 
pcell  of  land  contayning  by  estimacon  half  an  acre  lying  and  being 
on  Stansted  Men  fittechett  [Mountfitchet]  in  the  countie  Essex  in 
a  comon  field  there  and  comonly  called  Stonyfield.  To  have  &  to 
hold  the  sayd  pcell  of  land  to  the  use  of  the  sayd  Rychard  Sanford 
and  his  heiers  forever. 

Item.  I  geve  &  bequeath  to  Ezechiell  my  sonne  all  my  other  free 
lands  in  Stansteed  aforesayd  lying  in  three  pcells  and  contayne  by 
estimacon  three  acres.  To  have  &  to  hold  all  of  those  three  pcells 
of  land  to  the  use  of  the  sayd  Ezechiell  &  his  heiers  forever  uppon 
condicon  following  (yt  is  to  say)  yt  the  sayd  Ezechiell  my  sonn  or 
his  heiers  shall  pay  or  cause  to  be  payd  to  Robart  Sanford  my 
brother  L12  &  to  Rych[ard]  Sanford  my  brother  L12  &  to  Elizabeth 
my  sister  now  the  wyffe  of  Wyllyam  Woodley  L12  within  fyve 
m  [onths]  after  the  decease  of  Elizabeth  Sanford,  widow,  my  mother. 
The  wch  yf  my  sayd  sonn  Ezechiell  shall  refuse  or  not  pforme  then 
I  geve  &  bequeath  the  sayd  three  pcells  of  land  to  the  sayd  Robart 
Sanford,  Richard  Sanford,  my  brothers  and  Elizabeth,  my  sister, 
&  to  their  heiers  forever. 

Item.  I  geve  and  bequeath  all  that  my  pte  or  purpte  &  porcon  of 
wch  I  ought  to  have  out  of  the  goods  and  implemts  of  howshold 
wch  were  Rychard  Sanford  my  late  father  deceased  to  the  sayd 
Robart  and  Rychard  Sanford  my  brothers  &  Elizabeth  my  sister  to 
be  devyded  amongest  them  and  my  brother  Henry  to  have  some 
pte  with  them. 


Item.  I  orda3Tie  and  appoynt  my  brother  Rychard  Sanford  &  my 
brothersinlawe  John  Mellett  &  John  Lewes  overseers  of  this  my 
psent  last  will  desyring  them  to  take  the  chardge  uppo  them  and 
towards  their  payns  therein  to  be  taken  I  geve  to  each  of  them 
three  shillings  fower  pence  apece. 

Item.     I  geve  to  each  of  my  servants  yt  shalbe     *     *     *     [inde- 
cipherable word]   towards  me  iiis.  iiid.   [3  shillings  and  3  pence] 
The  resydue  of  my  goods  and  chattels  not  before  geven  or  bequeath- 
ed my  debts  being  payd  my  furneralls  discharged  &  this  my  prsent 
last  will  all  things  pformed  I  geve  and  bequeath  to  Mary  my  wyffe 
(whom  I  ordayne  &  appoynt  my  onely  and  sole  executrix)  of  this 
[my  last]  will  and  testamt  uppon  theise  condieons  following  notwith- 
standing (yt  is  to  say)  yt  yf  Mary  my  sayd  wyffe  (within)   tenn 
dayes  next  after  my  decease  seale  &  delyver  as  her  deed  to  the 
forenamed  Rychard  Sanford  John  Mellett  &  John  Lewes  one  such 
*     *     *      [word  torn  out]   sum  of  money  as  to  the  sayd  Rychard 
Sanford  John  Mellett  and  John  Lewes  shalbe  thought  meete  for 
the  good   [word  torn  out]   edueacon  and  bringing  up  of  my  said 
children  during  all  the  tyme  of  their  minorytie  and  allso  yt  the 
sayd  wyffe  shall  be  pcure  &  cause  my  sayd  children  &  every  of  them 
to  be  enstructed  &  taught  to  wright  read  and  cast  acompt  [accounts] 
wch  yf  she  endevor  not  to  doe  yt  then  she  shal  pay  or  cause  to  be 
payd  to  so  many  of  my  sayd  sonnes  &  daughters  not  so  enstructed 
&  taught  twentye  marks  apeeee  over  and  above  the  legacies  to  them 
or  eyther  of  them  before  geven.     And  allso  yt  she  the  sayd  Mary 
my  wyffe  shall  pforme  &  fullfill  this  my  prsent  last  will  &  testamt 
in  all  things.     And  further  that  yf  she  my  sayd  wyffe  shall  at  any 
tyme  before  this  my  last  wall  be  fully  pformed  and  fuUfllled  be 
mynded  to  bestowe  herself  in  maryage  with  any  man  yt  she  shall 
take  therein  the  advise  of  my  overseers  therein  but  especially  of 
John   Lewes   aforesayd.     And   that   before   Solemnigacon   of   the 
matrymonye  between  them  she  shall  pcure  him  wth  whom  she  shall 
be  so  mynded  to  bestow  herself  in  maryage  &  one  other  such  suffic- 
ient Suertye  with  him  as  shallbe  lyked  of  by  the  sayd  Rychard  San- 
ford John  Mellett  &  John  Lewes  or  so  many  of  them  as  shalbe  then 
lyving  to  seale  and  delyvre  as  his  &  their  deed  one  such  good  and 
sufficient  wryting  obligacon  in  due  forme  of  lawe  to  be  made  sealed 
&  delj^ered  wherein  they  shall  stand  Joyntly  and  Severally  bound 
to  the  sayd  Rychard  Sanford  John  Millett  &  John  Lewes  or  so  many 
of  them  as  shalbe  then  lyving  in  such  a  convenyent  some  of  money 
as  to  them  shalbe  thought  meete  as  well  for  the  edueacon  &  instruc- 
tion of  my  sayd  children  as  for  pformance  of  this  my  last  will  & 
testamt  in  all  things  at  yt  tyme  not  pformed  &  done  &  yt  wthin 
the  sayd  tenn  dayes  she  my  sayd  wiffe  shall  remyse  release  & 
quitte  clayme  to  my  said  brother  Rychard  Sanford  all  her  estate 
tytle  of  dower  &  demand  wch  she  hath  may  might  should  or  ought 
to  have  in  &  to  the  said  half  acre  of  land  lying  in  Stonyfeild  afore- 
sayd.    And  allso  yt  wthin  tenn  days  next  ensuing  the  decease  of  me 
the  sayd  Thomas  Sanford  she  my  said  wyffe  shall  remyse  release 



&  quitt  elayme  to  Ezeehiell  my  sonne  all  her  estate  tytle  of  dower 
&  demand  wch  she  hath  may  might  should  or  ought  to  have  of  in 
&  to  the  sajd  three  pcells  of  land  in  Monfittchett  aforesayd  before  to 
him  bequeathed  conditionally  in  this  my  psent  last  will  he  pform- 
ing  ye  legacies  by  him  to  be  payd  or  else  to  my  brothers  Robart  and 
Rychard  &  my  sister  Elizabeth  and  their  heiers;  yf  he  refuse  to 
pforme  ye  same  That  then  she  shall  be  executor  and  take  benefitt 
of  the  de"V7se  to  her  before  made  of  all  the  resydue  of  my  goods  & 
chatties  All  wch  sayd  things  wch  coneerne  my  sayd  wyffe  yf  she 
shall  not  pforme  and  fullfill  in  manner  &  forme  Then  my  will  and 
mjTide  is  ji;  she  shall  not  be  my  executor  nor  have  any  benefitt  by 
the  gifte  of  her  before  made  of  the  resydue  of  my  goods  &  chatties 
But  insteed  thereof  I  geve  &  bequeath  to  her  my  sayd  wytfe  teun 
pounds  &  no  more  &  in  her  place  I  ordayne  &  appoynt  my  brother 
Rychard  Sanford  to  be  my  sole  executor  &  to  him  I  geve  &  bequeath 
all  the  resydue  of  my  goods  and  chatties  to  the  extent  &  purpose 
yt  he  shall  bring  up  my  children  in  [four  words  torn  out]  pay  my 
debts  &  pforme  this  my  psent  last  will  in  all  things  &  yt  he  shall 
be  bound  by  such  lyke  bond  to  [torn]  John  Millett  &  John  Lewes 
as  my  wySe  should  have  bine  &  wth  such  lyke  condicon  for  the 
edueacon  and  bringing  up  of  my  children  &  pformance  of  this  my 
last  will  in  all  things.  And  further  my  will  and  mynd  is  yt  at  such 
tyme  as  the  [torn  word]  gyftes  before  mentioned  shalbe  payd  & 
delj-vered  to  John  Lewes  before  named  he  the  sajd  John  Lewes 
shall  scale  and  delyver  as  his  deed  to  my  sayd  wyffe  John  Millett  & 
Rychard  Sanford  aforesayd  the  wryting  obligatory  to  be  in  due 
forme  of  same  made  sealed  and  delyvred  wherein  he  shall  stand 
bound  to  my  s^yd  wyffe  John  Millett  &  Rychard  Sanford  aforesayd 
in  a  sufficient  some  of  money  with  condicon  thereupon  that  for  the 
suer  payt  [payment]  of  the  said  legacies  delyvered  to  him  together 
with  the  pffitt  &  encrease  yt  shall  cleerely  grow  &  aryse  thereby  at 
th  tymes  before  lymetted  in  this  psent  last-  will.  And  yt  once  every 
yeere  he  shall  render  an  accompt  to  my  brother  Rychard  Sanford 
of  the  pffitt  &  encrease  yt  shalbe  raysed  of  &  by  the  sayd  legacies  to 
him  delyvered  being  reasonably  demaunded  thereunto  by  the  sayd 
Rychard  Sanford  All  wch  sayd  wrytinge  obligatory  being  made 
sealed  &  delyvered  in  forme  aforesayd  I  will  shalbe  comitted  to  the 
custodj^e  &  keeping  of  my  sayd  brother  Rychard  Sanford. 
This  will  was  read  and  acknowledged  by  the  sayd  testator  to  be  his 
very  last  will  revoking  all  others  by  him  before  this  tyme  made. 
John  Lewes  John  Bayford  John  Crowche 
Lennett  Wall 


Probated  at  Branktrye,  Essex. 
9  April  1597" 
The   signature  of  the   testator   is   written   in   a   very   shaky, 
rambling  hand,  almost  illegible.     A  rat  has  nibbled  several  parts 
of  this  will,  but  without  causing  serious  damage. 

Showing  south  porch  near  which  Thomas  Sanford  was  buried  in  1597 


Thomas  Sanford,  the  testator,  died  six  years  after  his  father 
Richard,  and  three  years  before  his  mother,  Elizabeth.  The  custom 
was  to  bury  people  in  the  parish  where  they  died,  so  Thomas  was 
not  laid  beside  his  parents  in  Stanstead  Mountfitchet.  The  record 
of  his  burial  is  presented  to  us  in  the  register  of  the  parish  church 
of  Much  Hadham,  where  he,  perhaps,  may  have  sometime  listened 
to  a  sermon  by  the  Bishop  of  London,  John  Ailmer,  though  sermons 
were  not  often  preached  in  English  country  churches  in  his  time. 

"1597  April  6,  Thomas  Sandforth,  Glover." 
Circumstances,  doubtless,  hastened  the  re-marriage  of  his  widow 
Mary.   .  She  married  a  neighbor,  as  the  parish  register  show«: 
Marriages.     Eliz.  39 

"1597,  August  9  John  Haddesley  &  Mary  Sandford,  widdow 
late  wyfe  of  Thomas  Sandford." 

All  the  children,  save  the  eldest  son,  Ezechiel  and  Damaris  who 
died,  probably  lived  in  or  near  Much  Hadham,  until  the  time  of 
their  mother's  death.     The  register  has  this  entry:  -^  -^  .'^  o  i  ^,■'0 

Buryalls    .  -l-*- .^.•w■.J^- 

"1620  Aug.  19.  Mary  Hadsley  wife  of  John  Hadsley." 
Ezechiel  Sanford  had  left  the  town  fully  ten  years  before  his 
mother's  death.  We  shall  follow  him  faithfully  and  tell  much 
about  him.  There  is  much  to  tell,  however,  about  Much  Hadham 
It  is  quite  an  interesting  place.  Let  us  ramble  through  its  quiet 
streets,  ere  we  follow  the  footsteps  eastward  of  Ezechiel.  With 
Ezechiel 's  departure  (he  was  the  father  of  our  emigrant  ancestor, 
Thomas  Sanford)  our  ancestors  (save  Ezechiel 's  mother)  were  done 
with  Much  Hadham  forever. 

One  long  street,  slightly  winding,  of  about  a  mile  in  length 
holds,  upon  either  side,  the  most  of  the  dwellings  of  the  town.  A 
cross-road  or  two  besides  and  that  is  all  in  the  way  of  thoroughfares. 
Many  house-fronts  have  been  rebuilt  facing  the  street,  but  the  rear 
portions  of  most  of  them  show  ancient  features.  Some  houses  are 
quite  the  same  as  when  Ezekiel  Sanford  lived  there.  These  are 
thatched.  Thomas,  his  father,  the  glover,  must  have  resided  in  the 
main  street;  in  which  house  can  scarcely  be  learned  now,  as  he  did 
not  own  either  house  or  land  here,  otherwise  we  should  have  found 
a  record  of  his  purchase  or  sale  thereof.  The  Sanford  visitor, 
nowadays,  will  be  quite  satisfied  to  select  one  or  more  of  the  quaint 
houses,  and  to  stand  before  it  and  say  with  pleasure :  ' '  He  may  have 
lived  in  this  one."  If  not  that  one,  surely  one  much  like  ]t;  artisti- 
cally, that  will  be  near  enough  for  the  visitor.  Much  Hadham  is 
well  worth  such  a  visit.  The  inn  is  ordinary,  though  old,  the 
meadows  pleasing,  the  walk  from  the  railway  equally  so^  while  the 


life  of  the  old  town  is  sedate,  as  of  yore,  though  less  ceremonious 
than  when  the  bishop  and  iis  train  summered  here.  An  aristo- 
cratic air  is  lent  by  the  several  old  seats  of  country  gentlemen,  and 
some  good  specimens  of  English  farmers  will  be  seen.  The  hovels 
of  the  poor,  that  so  sorrowfully  tell  their  tales  of  misery  in  so  many 
villages  of  England,  seem  to  be  missing  here.  Hadham  faces  the 
keen-eyed  visitor  contentedly.  It  is  called  Great  or  Much  Hadham 
to  identify  it  from  the  nearby  village  of  Little  Hadham.  The  name 
Hadham  is  probably  formed  of  Haclda  and  Ham,  signifying  the 
village  or  home  of  Hadda,  a  landlord  who  lived  here  in  the  Saxon 
period  (years  500  to  1000).  The  old  palace  of  the  Bishops  of 
London  stands  beside  the  church,  remodeled  somewhat,  and  still 
a  nice  residence.  Like  most  of  the  residences  of  the  gentry,  and 
like  the  lives  of  the  occupants  thereof,  it  is  secluded.  Through  its 
portals,  seldom  if  ever,  have  passed  the  unpretentious  cottagers 
of  the  village. 

Cussan's  History  of  Hertfordshire  states  that: 

"  It  was  here,  in  the  Bishop's  palace,  that  Edmund  of  Had- 
ham, father  of  Henry  VII  was  born.  Edmund's  mother  was 
Catherine  of  France,  widow  of  Henry  V.,  and  was  married  shortly 
after  his  death  to  Owen  ap  Meredyth  ap  Tudyr,  commonly  called 
Owen  Tudor,  by  whom  she  had  three  sons,  of  whom  Edmund  was 
the  eldest.  Edmund  of  Hadham,  created  Earl  of  Richmond  in 
1452,  married  Margaret,  only  daughter  and  eventual  heiress  of 
John  Beaufort,  Duke  of  Somerset,  and  granddaughter  of  John  of 
Gaunt,  Duke  of  Lancaster." 

Hadham  has  not  grown  very  much  since  1086.  The  bishops 
still  have  jurisdiction  of  holding  the  manor  court  within  the 
lordship.  The  fines  upon  the  admission  of  any  copyholder  (lease 
holder)  to  a  house  are  one  year's  quit  rent,  and  there  is  a  custom 
that  "the  widow  of  every  copyholder  who  shall  die  seised  of  a 
copyhold  estate  in  fee  shall  have  her  free-bench  in  all  such  estate 
whereof  her  husband  died  seised." 

The  parish  church  is  the  center  of  interest  for  the  visitor. 
For  six  hundred  years  the  people  of  the  town  have  entered  within 
and  now  lie  without  the  walls  of  this  present  structure.  The 
church  is  dedicated  to  St.  Andrew;  (there  was  an  earlier  building) 
it  was  erected  about  the  year  1300.  The  south  porch  and  tower 
were  probably  built  about  the  year  1400,  by  Eobert  de  Braybrook, 
who  was  Bishop  of  London  from  1381  to  1404.  The  coat-of-arms  of 
the  bishop  are  roughly  carved  over  the  western  doorway.  The 
interior  is  lofty  and  well  proportioned,  though  there  are  but  few 


architectural  features  which  call  for  special  notice.  The  most 
curious  point  is  that  several  of  the  capitals  of  the  columns  which 
support  the  clerestory  are  of  different  heights.  The  roonncr  is  of 
open  timber,  and  the  pendant  posts  in  the  nave  are  suppor'ted  on 
eight  curiously  carved  corbels.  Four  of  these  bear  the  symbols  of 
the  Evangelists,  and  the  others  seem  to  represent  scenes  in  the  life 
of  David. 

The  oldest  memorial  in  the  church  is  a  slab  to  Simon  Flam- 
bard,  who  was  rector  of  this  church  in  1331.  In  the  center  of  this 
slab  is  a  floriated  cross,  mth  a  long  and  very  slender  stem,  the  foot 
restmg  upon  a  lion.  There  is  a  fine  memorial  in  the  chancel  to 
Judith  Aylmer,  widow  of  Bishop  Aylmer,  dated  1618  Some  of 
the  Washingtons,  related  to  the  ancestors  of  George  Washington 
lived  here  for  a  time  and  are  mentioned  in  the  register  of  the 

In  1649,  aU  the  property  in  Hadham  owned  by  the  Bishop 
was  confiscated  by  the  Cromwellian  government  and  sold  for  the 
benefit  of  the  Commonwealth.  At  the  restoration  of  the  kin-  in 
1660,  the  property  was  restored  to  the  bishop. 

Bishop  Aylmer  put  his  son  into  this  rectory  in  1589  This 
Theophilus  Ailmer  read  the  burial  service  over  the  remains  of 
Thomas  Sanford  in  1-597;  also  baptised  and  married  some  of  his 
children.  Peter  Hausted  was  rector  after  1620.  In  the  common- 
wealth period  (1649-1660)  Thomas  Pasche  was  deposed  when  the 
Imng  was  sequestered  by  the  government  and  the  Puritan  Hum- 
phrey Hardwick,  obtained  it  in  1643.  Pasche  was  restored  later 
Thus  the  non-conformists  had  their  way  here  for  a  time  but  not 
when  the  Sanfords  lived  here.  The  fact  that  the  bishop  owned  the 
manor,  tended  to  prevent  non-conformity  from  becomin-  so  ram- 
pant as  m  other  parts  not  far  away. 

The  registers  of  the  church  show  that  many  babies  and  chil- 
dren died  here  in  the  "Spital."  "It  would  seem,"  remarks  Cussan 
that  the  system  of  farming  babies  was  extensively  practiced  in 
this  parish  three  hundred  years  ago.  *  *  *  Perhaps  it  was  on 
account  of  the  salubrity  of  Hadham  that  children  were  brought 
here,  and  it  is  probable  that,  for  the  same  reason,  so  many  stran- 
gers came  here  from  London  to  avoid  the  plague.  The  infection 
that  they  fled  from  they  brought  with  them,  for  in  less  than  five 
months,  in  1603,  no  fewer  than  thirty  entries  of  deaths  marked 
plague  are  recorded.     The  great  visitation  sixty  years  later  was 


more  fatal.  Illustrative  of  the  eagerness  with  which  all  classes  of 
people  fled  from  the  infected  city,  may  be  cited  in  the  following 

"A  pore  London  prentis  fleeing  from  the  plague  was  stricken 
by  the  roadside  and  there  dyed."     Again: 

"A  nurse  child  of  London  being  a  woman  child  was  buried 
at  night  of  the  small-pox." 

Alexander  Nowell,  who  was  rector  here  from  1562  to  1589, 
and  who  baptised  Ezechiel  Sanford,  was  the  author  of  Christianae 
Pietatis,  in  1570,  a  work  that  a  contemporary  author  called  "a 
hammer,  a  hatchet,  a  sword,  an  axe,  to  beat,  to  cut  down,  to  wound, 
to  destroy,  Anti-Christ  and  all  hereticks. "  With  such  a  pastor 
there  was  little  chance  for  Ezechiel's  father  Thomas,  to  be  dis- 
loyal to  the  church.  "We  strongly  doubt  that  he  was  a  dissenter 
at  all,  or  that  he  looked  upon  the  dissenters  with  other  than  dis- 
favor or  regret — if  there  were  any  dissenters  in  this  the  bishop's 
own  parish.  NoweU  was  the  author  of  the  first  part  of  the  Church 
Catechism  in  the  Book  of  Common  Prayer.  His  biographer.  Rev. 
Ralph  Churton  (1809)  credits  him  with  having  been  "an  enthu- 
siastic fisherman  and  the  inventor  of  bottled  beer."  So,  between 
his  intensely  human  sporting  proclivities  and  his  religious  vehe- 
mence, he  doubtless  entirely  won  and  held  his  flock  to  his  own 
way  of  thinking. 

Ezekiel  Sanford!  What  of  him?  We  have  proved  that  he 
was  baptized  at  Much  Hadham,  Herts.,  20  Feb.  1585-6  as  the 
eldest  son  of  Thomas  and  Mary  Sanford.  It  now  becomes  a  great 
pleasure  to  prove  that  he  was  the  father  of  Thomas,  Andrew  and 
Robert  Sanford,  the  three  brothers  who  emigrated  to  New  England. 
Zachary  Sanford,  who  appeared  in  America  in  close  connection 
with  the  other  three,  also  was  possibly  his  son;  but  as  Zachary  is 
not  mentioned  in  the  probate  and  parish  records,  as  are  the  others, 
it  remains  partly  an  open  question  as  to  whether  he  was  a  son  of 
Ezekiel  or  of  the  latter 's  brother  Zachary.  This  elder  Zachary,  as 
has  been  seen,  died  in  Much  Hadham  in  1677,  a  very  old  man. 
Zachary,  the  emigrant,  was  probably  a  son  of  Ezekiel  or  Zachary. 

In  America,  Thomas,  Andrew  and  Robert  Sanford,  each  had 
a  son  whom  they  named  Ezekiel,  so  named  after  their  father. 
Zachary  also  named  a  son  Ezekiel.  All  three  men  also  named 
daughters  Mary  after  both  their  maternal  and  paternal  grand- 
mothers, and  as  well,  they  all  had  a  daughter  Sarah,  named  after 
an  immediate  relative  in  England.     Zachary  also  had  a   Sarah. 


Kobert  named  his  eldest  son  Zachary,  though  Robert's  father  was 
Ezekiel.  The  reader  will  recall  that  Richard  Sanford  of  Much 
Hadham,  in  his  will  of  1560,  bequeathed  property  in  Hatfield. 
This  fact  may  have  had  no  influence  upon  Ezekiel  Sanford  in,  or 
about  the  year  1607.  At  just  about  that  time,  however,  Ezekiel, 
22 'years  of  age,  appeared  in  Hatfield.  He  may  have  left  Much 
Hadham  a  few  years  (at  the  most)  before  that.  At  no  time  is 
there  a  glimpse  of  what  was  his  trade,  or  occupation.  He  married 
in  Hatfield;  that  is  certain.  This  town,  modernly  called  Hatfield 
Broad  Oak,  is  about  six  miles  southeast  of  Much  Hadham,  over  the 
county-line  into  the  shire  of  Essex.  The  records  of  baptisms,  mar- 
riages and  burials  in  this  parish  have  been  lost,  prior  to  1662, 
depriving  us  of  the  exact  date  of  his  marriage,  also  of  the  baptisms 
of  his  two  eldest  sons,  Thomas  and  John,  bom  between  1607  and 
1612.  We  have  turned  up  the  will,  however,  of  EzeMel's  father- 
in-law.  This  document  is  quite  a  revelation.  It  proves  that 
Thomas  Sanford,  our  emigrant  ancestor,  was  one  of  the  aforesaid 
sons  of  Ezekiel;  but  more  remarkable  than  that,  this  will  reveals 
that  Ezekiel 's  brother-in-law  was  the  guiding  genius  who  accom- 
panied the  Sanford  emigrants  to  America.  Andrew  Warner,  now 
the  proven  uncle  of  Thomas,  Robert  and  Andrew  Sanford,  and 
perhaps  the  uncle  of  Zachary  Sanford,  has  been  long  known  as  a 
founder  of  Hartford  in  Connecticut.  We  have  thus  discovered  not 
only  Andrew  Warner's  home  and  parentage  in  England  but,  in 
him,  we  find  the  older  mind,  that  either  planned  the  emigration 
or  that  fell  in  with  the  ideas  of  his  nephews  and  became  their 
adviser,  the  director  of  their  emigration,  and  their  close  friend  in 
the  New  World.  Ezekiel  Sanford  was  present  in  Hatfield  Broad 
Oak  on  the  sixteenth  day  of  July,  1614,  when  he  wrote  his  name 
at  the  end  of  his  father-in-law's  will,  as  a  witness.  It  is  judged 
that  he  had  lived  in  Hatfield,  probably  at  his  wife's  home,  from 
the  time  of  their  marriage  (about  1607)  until  the  births  of  their 
eldest  son  Thomas  (the  emigrant  to  America)  and  their  second  son 
John  (who  did  not  emigrate).  This  couple  had  eight  children  (in 
the  records)  :  the  younger  six  were  baptized  at  Stanstead  Mount- 
fitchet,  the  home  of  Ezekiel's  grandparents,  Richard  and  Elizabeth 
Sanford.  It  was  at  Stanstead  Mountfitchet  that  Ezekiel  fiaally 
settled.  He  did  so  either  shortly  before  the  death  of  his  father-in- 
law  or  within  four  months  after  that  event.  In  presenting  a  full 
abstract  of  the  short  will  of  John  Warner,  father  of  Ezekiel's  wife, 
it  will  be  noted  that  the  testator  did  not  give  the  Christian  name 


of  his  daughter  who  married  Ezekiel  Sanford.  Daughters  Elizabeth 
and  Rose  are  named.  Ezekiel 's  wife  was  evidently  either  Rose,  or 
a  possible  unnamed  daughter,  Mary,  (the  mother's  name).  John 
Warner  was  a  real  yeoman  of  England.  A  yeoman  meant  a  man 
who  owned  land,  a  freeholder,  and  who  lived  upon  that  land  and 
who  tilled  it.  The  lands  he  owned  were  not  extensive ;  a  few  closes, 
or  fields,  of  from  two  to  six  acres  each,  divided  by  hedges,  com- 
prised his  holdings.  He  was  in  average  circumstances — neither 
affluent  nor  poor.  Hatfield  Broad  Oak  was  ever  a  country  village. 
We  have  not  peered  deeply  into  the  Warner  family.  Further 
search  may  reveal  something  about  it  worth  while.  Here  is  the 
will  of  John  Warner,  grandfather  of  Thomas,  Robert  and  Andrew 
Sanford  and  perhaps  of  Zachary  Sanford,  the  emigrants  to 
America : 

Commissary  Court  of  London,  Esses  and  Herts.  (Filed  Will.) 
16  July,  12  James  I.     (1614) 

In  the  name  of  God,  Amen.  I,  John  WARNER  of  Hatfeild 
Broakoke  alias  Hatfeild  Kings,  Co.  Essex,  yeoman,  now  sicke  in 
bodie  but  whole  and  sounde  of  mynde  and  memory,  &c. 

Item.  I  geve  and  bequeath  unto  Mary  my  wief  all  those  my 
freehould  lands,  &c.,  in  Hatfeild,  she  paying  Elizabeth  WARNER 
my  daughter  £10  a  yeare  for  six  yeares,  and  to  Thomas,  John  and 
Ezechiell  three  of  the  sonnes  of  Ezechiel  SANDFORD  my  sonne 
in  lawe  £3.  6s.  8d.  apiece  at  21,  and  to  Andrewe  WARNER  and 
Edward  WARNER  my  sonnes  50s.  apeece  yearly. 

To  Thomas  WARNER  my  grandchild  £20  at  21. 

To  John  my  sonne  one  year's  rent  or  profit. 

To  said  wife  Mary  three  load  of  wheat  strawe  yearly,  &c.,  to 
be  brought  to  hir  and  delivered  by  Thomas  my  sonne,  &c. 

To  Rose  my  daughter  the  best  chest  save  one,  &c. 

The  residue  to  Thomas  my  sonne,  executor. 

Xpofer  WILKYN  and  Abraham  PURCAS  to  be  my  overseers. 

John    X    WARNER 

Witnesses.  Ezeakell  SANFORD,  Christofer  WILKIN,  Rob- 
ert HOWE.     (No  note  of  probate.) 

Andrew  Warner,  at  the  date  of  this  will,  was  a  minor  as  the 
form  of  the  bequest  to  him— a  yearly  allowance — suggests.  His 
brother  Thomas,  the  residuary  legatee,  and  evidently  the  eldest 
son,  doubtless  inherited  the  bulk  of  their  father's  estate.  Andrew 
had  good  cause  to  seek  his  fortune  in  America. 


Of  the  Sanfords  nothing  further  has  been  found  (if  record 
in  connection  with  their  stay  at  Hatfield  Broad  Oak.  Short  though 
this  stay  there  was,  this  town  was  the  home  of  the  mother  of  the 
emigrants;  and  Thomas  (the  emigrant)  and  his  brother  John  were 
probably  born  here,  in  their  mother's  girlhood  home.  Would 
the  reader  care  to  know  something  of  this  sober  village,  upon  the 
slope  of  a  low  hill,  ere  we  follow  Ezekiel  and  family  back  to  the 
little  farm,  in  Stanstead  Moimtfitchet,  of  his  grandparents  Rich- 
ard and  Elizabeth  Sanford? 

Thirty  miles  from  London,  and  8671  acres  in  extent,  was  old 
Hatfield  Broad  Oak,  also  called  Hatfield  Regis  or  King's  Hatfield, 
and  Hatfield,  partly  because  it  was  all  owned  by  a  king  of  England, 
and  also  to  distinguish  it  from  Hatfield  Peverel,  another  place  in 
Esses.  In  1860,  the  town  wa^  divided  into  three  parishes,  the 
additional  two  being  Hatfield  Heath  and  Bush  End.  Hatfield 
proper  is  still  ancient  in  appearance  despite  its  several  mansions 
and  the  modern  country  houses  of  London  men.  Its  three  miles 
from  the  railway  should  keep  the  old  houses  from  destruction  yet 
awhile.  The  town  is  happily  on  the  gently  rising  slopes  (south 
and  west)  of  an  eminence,  which  affords  views  over  The  well- 
reaped  fields.  The  village  street  is  more  business-like  than  that  at 
Much  Hadham.  Which  ones  of  the  many  fields  were  thos-s  of  John 
Warner,  there  is  scarcely  any  means  of  knowing  now.  Richard 
Sanford  of  Much  Hadham,  however,  specified  that  one  of  his 
houses  in  Hatfield  was  "a  tenement  in  Hatfelde  lying  highest  in 
the  town."  Perhaps  he  would  not  quite  identify  one  of  tnose  now 
standing  near  the  hill-crest  as  his,  for  alterations  have  made  some 
of  them  less  artistic  than  of  yore.  The  thoughtful,  well-informed 
visitor  will  have  no  difficulty  in  suiting  his  fancy  as  to  which  house, 
in  its  earlier  glory  of  the  rustic  beauty  of  simplicity,  fits  the  sort 
of  man  Ezekiel  Sanford 's  father-in-law  was. 

There  was  once  a  Benedictine  priory  here,  founded  by  Alberie 
or  Aubrey  de  Vere,  second  of  that  name  and  father  of  the  first 
Earl  of  Oxford,  in  1135.  This  foundation  was  dedicated  to  God, 
St.  Mary  and  St.  Melanius  Redonensis,  a  British  or  Amorican  saint, 
who,  as  his  name  implies,  sprung  from  Rennes,  in  Brittany,  where 
there  was  an  abbey  bearing  his  name.  There  were  nine  monks 
here  and  the  priory  stood  until  the  reformation  in  England,  when 
Henry  VIII.  ordered  all  such  ecclesiastical  institutions  demolished, 
or  confiscated,  and  severing  the  churches  in  England  from  papal 
control,  perhaps  forever.     The  old  parish  church  has  its  venerable 


features,  but  prosperity  hereabouts,  has  wrought  modern  changes 
in  it.  It  is  a  large  structure  for  a  country  town,  generally  in  the 
perpendicular  style  of  architecture  of  the  fourteenth  and  fifteenth 
centuries.  Some  portions  appear  to  be  of  an  older  date  and  formed 
part  of  the  original  priory  church.  There  is  a  chancel,  a  clere- 
storied  nave  of  six  bays,  north  porch,  and  a  lofty  embattled  tower 
facing  the  west,  as  do  nearly  all  of  the  old  church-towers  of 

No  old  Warner  or  Sanford  gravestones  exist.  In  the  church 
is  an  effigy  of  Robert  de  Vere,  third  Earl  of  Oxford,  one  of  the 
barons  appointed  to  enforce  Magna  Charta,  "the  Englishman's 
first  declaration  of  independence,"  in  the  year  1215.  He  died  in 
1221.     The  windows  of  the  church  and  furniture  are  all  modem. 

Hatfield  Forest,  of  about  a  thousand  acres,  lies  to  the  north- 
west of  the  town  and  is  the  property  of  a  gentleman  whose  seat 
adjoins  the  forest.  This  is  a  favorite  resort  for  Londoners  seeking 
a  qiuet  day  in  the  country.  In  the  forest  are  the  remains  of  a  very 
large  old  oak  (now  carefully  fenced  round  and  preserved)  called 
the  "Doodle  Oak"  and  conjectured  to  be  that  from  which  the  place 
acquired  the  name  of  Broad  Oak.  The  visitor  must  not  miss  a 
stroll  through  the  forest.  The  manor  of  Hatfield  was  a  royal  manor 
held  under  the  Crown  and  granted  first  after  the  Conquest  (1066) 
to  the  family  of  de  Gernon,  which  took  the  name  of  Mountfitchet; 
on  their  extinction.  King  Henry  III.  granted  it  to  Isabella  de  Bruce. 
She  fixed  her  residence  at  Bromesho  Bury,  a  house  in  Hatfield, 
as  did  her  son  Robert,  Earl  of  Carrick.  The  latter 's  sou  Robert, 
became  a  competitor  for  the  crown  of  Scotland,  and  so  forfeited  his 
property  in  Hatfield.  The  manor  of  Hatfield  was  long  regarded 
as  rnost  desirable  property.  Noted  families  have  held  it.  Some 
of  the  old  lords  of  it  were  the  de  Bohuns,  the  Staffords,  the  Riches, 
the  Barringtons,  and  the  Lowndes.  Bromesho  Bury,  where  the 
de  Bruces  resided,  is  worth  seeing;  it  is  now  a  farm  house,  sur- 
rounded by  a  moat,  and  belongs  to  the  Earl  of  Roden.  Old  Bar- 
rington  Hall,  the  original  seat  of  the  Barringtons,  is  also  now  a 
farmhouse  at  the  edge  of  the  forest.  A  newer  Barrington  HaU  was 
erected  about  1740;  and  the  stately  timber  amid  which  the  hall 
stands  renders  the  surrounding  park  a  fine  one.  Another  ancient 
place  here  to  be  visited  is  Gladwyns,  near  Hatfield  Heath;  it  has 
borne  that  name  since  temp  Edward  II  (1307).  No  Warners  or 
Sanfords  reside  in  Hatfield  now. 

Ezekiel  Sanford  saw  no  future  for  himself  here.    In  fact,  the 


prospect  of  a  brilliant  future  for  any  of  his  family  was  hardly 
imaginable,  as  life  went  in  those  days,  for  men  of  unpretentious 
birth.  His  father  had  bequeathed  to  him  three  plots  of  land  of 
three  acres  in  Stanstead  Mountfitchet,  which  had  been  Ezekiel's 
grandfather's.  So  he  made  the  most  of  it  by  settling  upon  it.  A 
glimpse  of  this  property  is  had  from  the  tax  records.  Ezekiel's 
grandfather  was  taxed  on  the  land  as  follows: 
{Public  Record  Office)  Roll  110-417. 

"  Lay  Subsidy,  Essex.  Hundreds  of  Clavering  and  Fresh- 

"  8  Elizabeth   (1566)    Stansted  Muntfychet." 

"  Ry chard  Samforde  in  Lond  XXs  (annual  value) — XVId." 

(amount  paid). 

Thus  the  assessed  value  of  the  annual  income  from  the  piece 
of  land  was  then  £1.,  and  tax  paid,  sixteen  pence,  or  a  fifteenth 
of  the  annual  value.  This  seems,  at  first  thought,  to  represent 
land  of  small  value  and  size,  perhaps  merely  a  garden.  The  mone- 
tary standard  of  today  must  be  applied  to  the  old  record,  for  it  is 
known  that,  by  present  reckoning,  the  value  would  be  nearly  ten 
times  as  great  as  by  the  old  financial  terms.  It  is  fair  to  hold  that 
the  land  yielded  $50  annually  in  some  form.  Six  years  later,  in 
1562,  the  grandfather  was  taxed  as  a  merchant : 

"Lay  Subsidy.  111-441.  14  Elizabeth. "  (Subsidy  on  goods, 
a  shilling  per  £.) 

"  Stansted    Mountf itchett. " 

"  Richard  Sampforde,  goods  iii  li  (annual  value)  iiis  (amount 

The  next  subsidy  roll  in  which  our  Sanfords  figured  is  that 
of  1597,  after  Richard's  death.  The  tax  in  this  year  was  increased 
nearly  three  times.  Elizabeth,  the  widow  of  Richard,  still  carried 
on  the  business  of  her  late  husband,  while  the  title  of  the  J  and  had 
become  vested  in  their  son  Thomas,  the  glover,  of  Much  Hadham: 

"Lay  Subsidy  111-500.     39  Elizabeth   (1597)." 

"  Stanstead  Mountfitchett.     Goodes. " 

"  Sampford  Widdow  iii  li viiis. 

In  another  assessment  levied  in  the  same  year  of  1597,  the 
widow  was  assessed  eight  shillings  on  a  stock  of  goods  in  hand  to 
the  annual  value  of  £3: 

"  Lay  Subsidy.   .111-519.     39  Elizabeth." 

"  Stansted  Mountfitchet." 

"  Sampford  widowe.     Goodes    iii  li — viiis. 

These  goods  may  have  been  gloves  awaiting  sale.  It  is  clear 
that  a  glover,  or  other  similar  tradesman  in  those  times,  in  the 


country,  sold  his  product  about  as  fast  as  it  was  made,  working 
upon  order,  instead  of  accumulating  a  large  stock.  The  subsidy 
rolls  after  1597,  are  very  scattering  for  Stanstead  Mountfitchet, 
only  one  roll  being  preserved  for  the  period  of  James  I.  (1603- 
1624)  ;  and  for  Charles  I.  (1624-1648)  there  are  only  extant  the 
rolls  for  the  assessments  of  1627-8  and  1636.  No  Sanfords  are 
named  in  these  rolls.  Nevertheless,  Ezekiel  Sanford  continued  to 
reside  in  this  parish.  Realizing  this,  a  complete  search  has  been 
made  of  the  church  records.  There  may  still  exist,  in  the  posses- 
sion of  the  lord  of  the  manor,  the  rolls  of  the  manorial  courts  that 
were  held  here  several  times  in  each  year  for  centuries  past.  The 
estimable  lord,  however,  secluded  in  his  towering  mansion  behind 
the  parish  church,  has  declined  to  answer  the  queries  addressed 
to  him  by  the  persistent  inquirer.  Some  day,  the  parliament  v/ill 
declare  manorial  court  rolls  to  be  public  records.  Until  then, 
some  (few)  lords  of  manors  will  continue,  with  fine  disdain,  to 
refuse  to  permit  the  pestiferous  genealogist  from  copying  the 
harmless  data  about  innocent,  ancient  tenants,  that  are  now,  by 
such  somewhat  narrow-minded  lords,  looked  upon  as  strictly  pri- 
vate property  that  it  would  never  do  to  have  examined.  There  is 
much  that  we  want  to  know  about  Ezekiel  Sanford  here  in  Stan- 
stead  Mountfitchet,  and  there  is  nothing  else  left  in  the  way  ol 
records  to  be  examined.  The  church  records  afford  some  consola- 
tion. Ezekiel 's  oldest  sons,  Thomas  and  John,  as  we  have  con- 
cluded, were  born  at  their  mother's  home  in  Hatfield  Broad  Oak. 
The  other  children  were  all  born  in  Stanstead  Mountfitchet.  The 
registers  of  baptisms,  marriages  and  burials  in  this  parish  begin 
in  1558.  They  seem  to  be  complete  in  every  year.  The  law 
required  that  every  child  should  be  baptized  as  soon  after  birth  as 
reasonably  possible.  Occasionally  some  people  evaded  this  law, 
for  various  reasons.  The  extreme  non-conformists  defied  the  law 
as  a  matter  of  prejudise,  of  difference  of  opinion  or  belief  with 
the  majority  which  ruled  the  churches.  The  only  omission  that 
we  can  call  an  omission,  as  to  the  registers  of  this  parish,  is  that 
of  the  baptism  of  Zachary  Sanford  the  emigrant.  We  may  con- 
tent ourselves  with  the  fair  thought  that  he  was  bom  and  bap- 
tized when  his  parents  were  on  a  visit  to  some  other  place.  Here 
follows  the  proof  that  Robert  and  Andrew  Sanford,  the  emigrants, 
were  sons  of  the  elder  Ezekiel ;  also  the  names  of  the  others  who 
were  born,  married  or  died  in  this  parish,  whose  names  have  not 
been  given  already: 



Ezechiell  Sampford 

Ezeehiell  Sampford 

Ezechiell  Sampford 

Ezeehiell  Sampford 

Ezeehiell  Sampford 

Ezechiell  Sampford 

"  1612   Baptismes.     Ezechiell  the   Sonne   of 

December  —  26." 
"  1615    Baptismes.      Robert    the    Sonne    of 

November  —  1." 
"  1617    Baptismes.     Andrewe   the    Sonne   of 

November  —  1." 
"  1619    Baptismes.      Samuell   the    Sonne    of 

November  25." 
"  162J2    Baptismes.      Mary   the    daughter    of 

ffebruarie  13." 
"  1624   Baptismes.     Jonathan   the   Sonne   of 

Januarie  IS." 

Of  these  children  nothing  has  been  found  to  indicate  what 
became  of  Ezekiel  the  younger,  if  he  grew  up.  Robert  and  Andrew 
went  to  America  with  (or  followed)  their  elder  brother  Thomas 
Sanford  and  their  uncle  Andrew  Warner,  after  whom  Andrew 
Sanford  was  named.  The  son  Samuel,  baptized  as  above,  was 
buried  ten  days  after  his  baptism,  viz. : 

"1619.     Burialles.     Samuell   Sampford,   December   5." 

As  to  Mary,  the  only  recorded  daughter  of  Ezekiel,  Sr.,  we 
have  discovered  nothing  further.  The  same  is  true  with  respect 
to  her  brother  Jonathan.  If  they  lived  to  maturity,  they  are  not 
of  record  in  their  home-town,  nor  in  the  probate  records  of  Essex  or 

As  to  John,  the  second  son  of  Ezekiel,  Sr.,  mentioned  as  such 
with  his  elder  brother  Thomas  in  the  will  of  their  maternal  grand- 
father, John  "Warner,  he  married  Olim  (probably  in  middle  age) 
continued  to  reside  in  Stanstead  Mountfitchet,  died  there,  and 
had  these  children  baptized  as  per  the  parish  records: 

"Baptismes.     1654  ffranees  the  Sonn  of  John  Samford  was 
Borne  the  7th  of  August,   and  Baptised  September  1." 

"Baptismes.    1656  Philip  the   Sonn  of  John  Samford  borne 
17th  of  iMay  and  baptised  June   6." 

"Baptismes.   1658  James  the  Sonn  of  John  Samford  was  borne 
the  13th  of  June  and  baptised  June  25." 

"Baptismes.    1661,  Ann  the  Daughter  of  John  Samford  was 
borne  21  July,  baptised  August  24." 
The  son  Philip  died: — 

"Buriall  1679  Philip  Samford  October  24." 

His  mother  had  died  four  years  earlier,  to  wit: — 
"Burials,  1675,  Olim  Samford,  January  16." 

Her  husband,  John,  outlived  her  four  years: — 

"Buriall,   1679,   John   Samford   September  5." 

Francis,  the  son  of  John  and  Olim  Sanford,  married,  to  wit : 

"Marriages.    Francis  Sandford  and  Elizabeth  King;    both  of 


Montfitchet  Stansted,  Essex,  22  September  1699,  Profa- 
cult. "      {Register  of  Bishop's  Stortford,  Herts.) 

The  writer  is  still  asking  tlie  question — What  became  of 
Ezekiel  Sanford,  Sr.,  father  of  the  emigrants?  The  last  record  of 
him  in  Stanstead  Mountfitchet  is  that  of  January  18,  1621:-5,  when 
his  son  Jonathan  was  baptized.  That  Ezekiel  was  living  in  Eng- 
land on  the  27th  of  February,  1632,  can  be  proven.  Doubtless  he 
remained  in  Stanstead,  but  there  is  no  record  of  his  burial  there, 
nor  that  of  his  wife.  Did  he  start  for  America  with  his  sons  and 
brother-in-law,  Andrew  Warner,  and  die  on  the  journey,  or  soon 
after  arrival  in  New  England,  leaving  his  son,  John,  in  possession 
of  the  Stanstead  home?  That  is  the  question!  He  was  but  49 
years  of  age  in  1634.  If  he  saw  the  flower  of  his  family  depart 
forever  from  his  sight,  leaving  him  behind,  he  was  a  braver  man 
than  if  he  had  embarked  with  them. 

Only  one  glimpse  more  do  the  records  afford  of  the  Sanfords 
before  they  landed  in  America.  The  family,  doubtless,  lived  in 
or  about  Stanstead  Mountfitchet  up  to  the  great  denouement. 
Here  follows  the  last  word,  iu  the  English  records  upon  the  emi- 
grants :  They  had  a  great-uncle,  Richard  Sanford,  the  brother  of 
their  grandfather,  Thomas  Sanford  of  Much  Hadham,  mentioned 
so  trustfully  in  the  latter 's  will  of  1597.  This  Richard  lived  to  be 
about  eighty  years  of  age.  He  lived  to  see  his  younger  relatives 
start  for  America.  Heaven  claimed  him  soon  after  that  great 
adventure.  His  will  was  made  two  years  before  any  of  them 
appeared  in  America.  To  his  credit,  be  it  remembered,  that  childless 
as  he  appears  to  have  been  himself,  he  did  not  change  his  will,  but 
left  his  kind  remembrance  for  his  nephew's  children  to  stand,  to  be 
sent  to  them  in  their  new  home  beyond  that  permanent  barrier 
(to  him) — the  forbidding  sea.  This  Richard  Sanford  died  in  the 
autumn  of  the  year  1636,  at  North  Weald  (Bassett)  in  Essex,  mid- 
way on  the  road  from  Stanstead  to  London  and  about  eleven  miles 
south  of  Hatfield  Broad  Oak,  or  sixteen  miles  south  of  Stanstead. 
The  Sarah  and  Zachary  Sanford,  named  in  the  will,  were  his  niece 
and  nephew,  the  respective  aunt  and  uncle  of  the  Sanford  emi- 
grants. The  will  also  refers  to  the  children  of  his  niece  Priscilla 
(Sanford)  Howe,  and  to  the  Makens  and  Grubbs,  who  must  have 
been  relatives  of  the  testator's  wife: 

Richard  Sanford 's  Will. 
"Archdeaconry  Court  of  Essex 
1636  No.  59. 
Anno  Domine  1632  ffebruary  the  seaven  and  twentie 


In  the  name  of  God  Amen,  I,  Richard  Sanford  of  North  Weald 
Bassett  in  the  Countie  of  Essex,  Yeoman,  beinge  in  perfect  memory 
to  make  this  my  will  and  Testament  in  maner  and  forme  follow- 

ffirst,  I  committe  my  soule  into  the  hands  of  God,  And  my 

body  to  the  earth  to  be  buried  when  yt  shall  please  God  to  call  me. 

Item.  I  give  unto  Ezekill  Sanforde'and  Zakery  Sanford,  to  both 
of  them  Twelve  penc  apec. 
^  Item.  I  give  unto  Eziekell  Sanford 's  children,  my  Kinsfolke, 
twenty  shilling-s  apece,  but  unto  Ezekeil  my  Godson,  fortie 
shillings,  and  that  to  be  payed  within  one  yeare  after  my 
desease  they  beinge  then  livinge  and  of  age. 

Item.  I  give  unto  Sarra  Sanford,  my  godDaughter,  forty  shillings 
to  be_  payd  into  the  hands  of  Zakery  Sanford,  hir  brother 
for  hir  use,  and  yt  to  be  payd  to  him  wthin  one  yeare  after 
my  desease,  he  being  then  livinge. 

Item.  I  give  unto  the  children  of  Thomas  How  my  Kensman  of 
much  Hadame  tenne  shillings  apeece  to  be  payed  into  the 
hands  of  Zakery  Sanford  for  the  benefitt  of  theme,  to  be 
payed  wthin  one  yeare  after  my  desease  if  they  be  then 
livinge  and  of  age. 

Item.  I  give  unto  Mary  Maken  and  to  Annis  Maken  and  to  Sam- 
uel Maken  twenty  shillings  apec. 

Item.  I  give  unto  John  Halls  and  to  Anna  Mead,  the  wife  of 
John  Chapman  of  Langlie  that  were  my  servants,  five  shill- 
ings apece. 

Item.  I  give  unto  John  Grube,  my  kensman  twenty  shillings, 
and  to  Danniell  Grube  twenty  shillings. 

Item.  I  give  unto  my  brother  Henry  Grube  twentie  shillings. 
My  mind  is  that  the  monyes  shall  be  payed  to  those  persons 
aforenamed  wthin  one  yeare  after  my  Death,  they  beinge 
then  livinge. 

Item.  I  give  unto  the  pore  of  North  Weald  Bassett,  twentie  shill- 
ings to  be  payd  wthin  three  months  after  my  desease  by 
Direction  of  my  Executor. 

I  give  unto  Annis,  my  wife,  that  percel  of  Land  that  was 
bought  of  Mr.  Samuell  Sarle,  being  a  parte  of  barnefields 
for  the  terme  of  feir  life,  and  after  hir  death  unto  John 
Grube,  my  Godsone,  and  to  his  heirs  forever. 
And  my  will  is  that  he  shall  pay  unto  Annis,  his  sister, 
twentie  pounds,  to  pay  yt  within  fouer  years  after  the 
desease  of  Annis,  my  wife.  And  if  John  pay  yt  notThen 
his  sister  Annis  shall  enter  upon  the  Land. 
All  the  rest  of  my  Goods  whatsoever,  I  give  to  Annis  my 
.wife  whom  I  make  my  whole  and  soil  Executor  of  this  my 
last  will  and  Testament. 

I  apoynt  John  Grube,  my  brother  to  be  overseer  of  this 
my  will,  And  I  give  him  forty  shillings  for  his  paines. 


And  allso  I  give  unto  Thomas  Maken  and  to  William  Maken 
Twentie  shillings  apece. 

And  allso  I  Give  my  Brother  Haukes  Twenty  shillings  to 
be  payed  within  one  yeare  after  mv  desease. 

Witnesses  to  this  will 

John  Grubb 

Thomas  Wright  Probated  Oct.  17,  1636." 

Noble,  indeed,  is  the  natural  setting  of  the  parish  church  of 
Stanstead  Mountfitchet.  A  half-mile  of  gently  descending  plain, 
ever  green,  studded  with  trees  just  enough,  reaches  westward  to 
the  steep  banks  of  the  narrow  vale,  across  which  the  old  village 
began  to  stretch  up  the  long  opposite  slope  for  half  a  mile  or  more. 
At  the  top  of  the  hill,  the  village  street  finds  its  western  end ;  yet 
turning  sharply  to  right  and  left  the  king's  highroad  from  Cam- 
bridge to  London  runs  north  and  south,  splendidly  maintained,  and 
lined  upon  either  side  with  houses,  low,  quaint  and  old,  or  modernly 
stately  and  beautiful.  This  road  was  built  by  the  Romans,  fifteen 
hundred  years  ago,  or  more.  The  town  is  about  forty  miles  in 
circumference,  being  one  of  the  largest  in  Essex.  From  the  vale 
half-way  between  the  old  church  and  this  highway  along  the 
western  boundary  of  the  town,  are  the  .remains  of  a  castle,  sup- 
posed to  have  been  built  by  that  William  Gernon,  surnamed  Mont- 
fitchet  (after  the  place-name),  who  was  also  identified  with  Hat- 
field Broad  Oak,  as  we  have  stated.  Two  miles  south  of  the  church 
stood  Tremhall  or  Trenchall  priory,  by  the  side  of  Hatfield  Forest. 
The  forest  reaches  from  Hatfield  Broad  Oak  into  Stanstead,  and 
so  the  journeys  of  the  Sanfords  between  these  two  places  made 
them  familiar  with  the  woods  by  day.  Many  are  the  tales  of 
romance  and  of  highwaymen  they  must  have  heard  in  which  Hat- 
field Forest  was  concerned.  The  priory  was  founded  by  Gilbert 
Montfitchet  in  the  reign  of  William  I.  (1066-1087)  for  canons  of 
the  Augustinian  order.  Slight  remains  of  the  building  still  exist, 
though  the  memorials  over  the  graves  of  the  early  De  Veres, 
Barringtons  and  Montfitchets  are  no  more.  The  present  manor 
house  of  Stanstead  Mountfitchet  is  a  large  Elizabethan  building 
of  brick  and  stone,  built  near  the  site  of  the  old  hall  that  was  here 
in  the  Sanfords'  time.  The  grounds  about  the  manor  house  are 
four  hundred  acres  in  extent,  keeping  the  lords  of  the  manor  quite 
away"  from  the  view  of  the  humble  homes  and  faces  of  the  many 
from  whom  the  lord  derives  a  large  income  from  rentals  of  houses 
and  land.     The  old  church  is  within  the  park.     It  is  dedicated  to 


Saint  Mary.  The  chancel  was  built  in  1120.  The  outer  walls  have 
been  modemly  rebuilt,  yet  there  remain  two  very  fine  Norman 
arches,  one  in  the  chancel,  the  other  over  the  north  doorway.  The 
tower  was  rebuilt  in  1692.  On  the  floor  of  the  chancel,  on  a  small 
brass  plate  in  the  cover  of  a  coped  stone,  is  an  inscription  to  Robert 
de  Bokkyngg,  the  first  vicar  of  this  church,  who  died  September 
22,  1361.  The  general  aspect  of  the  interior  of  the  church  is 
modern,  as  a  residt  of  the  restoration  work  of  1888.  An  old  marble 
monument,  under  a  richly  decorated  arch  and  against  the  south 
wall  of  the  chancel,  is  in  memory  of  an  old  lord  of  the  manor,  Sir 
Thomas  IVIiddleton,  Knt.  He  is  depicted  by  a  recumbent  efGgy 
clad  in  plate-armor  fastened  with  gilt  studs  and  covered  with  a 
red  robe  trimmed  with  fur,  but  the  inscription  on  it  is  nearly 
illegible.  There  is  also  an  interesting  monument  to  his  wife.  Lady 
Middleton,  who  was  killed  by  a  stag  in  Stanstead  Park.  Perhaps 
the  oldest  monument  is  a  figure  in  stone,  under  a  large  pointed  arch 
in  the  north  aisle  of  the  chancel,  of  a  mailed  knight,  cross-legged, 
with  his  feet  upon  a  couchant  lion  and  two  angels  supporting  his 
helmeted  head.  The  churchyard  is  both  larger  and  neater  than 
the  average  in  England.  Somewhere  in  it  were  placed  the  earliest- 
known  ancestors  of  the  emigrant  Thomas  Sanford,  also  others  of  the 
family.  It  may  be  that  the  Sanfords  go  back  in  this  parish  much 
earlier  than  we  have  ascertained.  The  emigrants  were  ^ast  known 
of  here  before  they  went  to  America.  The  Sanfords  were  more 
identified  with  this  place  than  with  Much  Hadham.  Hence,  when 
one  is  asked  what  was  the  Sanford  ancestral  home  in  England,  we 
may  properly  reply:  Pleasant  Stanstead  Mountfitchet  in  the 
extreme  west  of  Essex. 

When  Thomas  Sanford,  his  younger  brothers,  Robert  and 
Andrew,  and  their  very  probable  kinsman,  Zachary  Sanford,  with 
their  uncle  Andrew  "Warner  took  a  conveyance  from  Stanstead 
Mountfitchet  for  London,  to  embark,  they  certainly  turned  their 
faces  from  a  country-side  that  both  nature  and  man  had  made 
happy  to  look  upon.  The  aesthetic  side  of  it  probably  had  little 
hold  upon  them,  in  their  youth,  as  it  seldom  ever  has  had  for  the 
rugged,  unsentimental  young  Englishmen,  who  ever  since  then 
have  continued  to  go  forth  to  all  the  distant  parts  of  the  world, 
to  become  active  and  contented  in  any  clime  or  place,  be  it  a  wilder- 
ness however  isolated,  or  an  India  overcrowded  with  humanity. 
Material  independence  was  the  goal  that  the  Sanford.f  sought. 
That  has  been  also  the  goal  of  "pretty  much"  all  who  have 


left  their  England  since  1634.  When  once  upon  that  pedestal, 
wherever  it  might  be,  all  else  became  as  naught  to  the  Sanfords, 
as  it  has,  likewise,  become  to  all  emigrant  Englishmen  since  then. 
Dominion  over  land,  and  over  any  other  people  who  may  be  on 
that  land,  has  been  the  aim  and  the  attainment  of  the  Saxon  ever 
since  he  came  into  notice,  as  a  Saxon,  along  the  shore  of  the 
Baltic  Sea,  two  thousand  years  ago. 

It  is  written  that  the  emigrants  to  New  England  were,  as 
"the  Lord's  chosen  seed  out  of  Israel,"  etc.,  chosen  for  a  great 
mission  of  God,  making  them  Christian  heroes,  sufferers  for  sake 
of  conscience  and  martyrs  to  their  religion,  and  that  their  coming 
to  America  was  as  a  duty  to  Heaven. 

That  idea  is  the  popular  one ;  it  is  all  right  in  many  individual 
cases,  but  not  in  the  case  of  all  emigrants,  not  even  in  the  majority 
of  cases — not  by  any  means.  We  refer  to  those  who  came  after 
the  Pilgrims  of  1620.  All  fair  praise  is  due  to  the  emigrants,  the 
Sanfords  included;  but  there  is  another  side  to  the  picture — the 
material  side.  The  Sanfords  were  a  religious  family,  as  religion 
went  in  the  Church  of  England  in  their  days  there.  Religion  sup- 
ported them  in  their  trials  upon  the  sea.  It  was  their  "^reat  help 
in  the  New  World;  in  fact,  it  was  not  until  after  they  had  settled 
in  America  that  they  realized  what  the  Christian  religion  held  for 
them.  The  revelation  of  its  help  did  not  come  to  them  fully  until 
then.  They  had  never  so  much  needed  that  help  before.  Then, 
they  made  the  uttermost  of  it,  and  jealously  guarded  the  ideas  of 
Christianity  that  the  settlers  themselves  had,  upon  Neiv  England 
soil,  first  developed  and  laid  doivn.  But  what  those  uncommonly 
sagacious,  hard-headed  Englishmen  left  England  for  was  to  better 
their  material  condition,  to  give  their  children  an  opportunity  to 
rise  above  their  fathers.  They  saw  that  opportunity,  in  America, 
for  all  who  were  of  their  social  station.  They  had  become  tired  of 
being  lorded  over,  in  all  things,  by  those  who  assiuned  to  be  their 
superiors.  With  this  desire  ever  present  in  the  hearts  of  the  San- 
fords and  others,  to  better  their  material  condition,  it  did  not  take 
but  a  little  spark  of  religious  enthusiasm,  to  kindle  into  a  great 
resolve,  that  far-deeper,  underlying,  fundamental  hope  of  material 
independence  always  nurtvired  in  the  mind  of  a  poor  man;  and 
to  them  the  possession  of  land  meant  wealth,  money,  everything, 
in  due  time.  The  spark  that  kindled  that  resolve,  for  the  San- 
fords,  was   probably  struck  in  their  minds  by  Rev.   John   Eliot, 


afterwards  the  Apostle  to  the  Indians,  under  the  general  direction 
of  Rev.  Thomas  Hooker. 

Long  residence  among  the  English,  and  of  study  of  their 
domestic  history,  leaves  the  impression  that  Englishmen  of  the 
seventeenth  century  were  not  of  that  type  of  men  who  would  allow 
religious  excitement,  or  anything  else,  to  run  away  with  them. 
There  was  much  else  besides  a  mere  religious  motive  in  the  emi- 
gration to  America  of  those  poor,  ambitious,  young  Englishmen, 
Thomas  Sanford,  Andrew  Sanford,  Kobert  Sanford,  Zachary  San- 
ford,  and  their  uncle,  Andrew  Warner. 

(Thanks  are  due  to  Mr.  C.  E.  Sanford  for  having  made  it  both 
agreeable  and  convenient  for  the  writer  to  have  investigated  the 
Sanfords  in  England  a;id  to  have  prepared  this  account  of  them.) 
January  20,  1910, 

Hartford,  Conn. 


Investigator  of  American  Foundations  in  Great  Britain  and 


County  and  City  of  Hartford,  j  ^'-  ^arttord,  Conn.,  Jan.  21,  1910. 

I,  Charles  A.  Hoppin,  at  present  of  Hartford,  Connecticut, 
being  duly  sworn  do  depose  and  say  as  follows : 

I  have  personally  found  and  examined  in  the  official  originals, 
in  England,  the  records  quoted  in  the  foregoing  article  entitled, 
"The  Medieval  Origins  of  the  Sanfords  and  the  Origin  of  Thomas 
Sanford,  who  came  to  America  in  1632-1",  and  that  the  copies  of 
these  records,  given  in  the  said  article,  are  true  copies  of  the  orig- 
inals preserved  in  the  places  stated,  and  that  the  interpretations 
placed  upon  them,  by  me,  are  true  to  the  best  of  my  knowledge  and 

Sworn  to  before  me 

this  21  day  of  January,  1910.  (Notarial  Seal.) 



P     «0 

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H  w  a  '*^ 

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-■g  dS  ^  S  °^ 
tsi  W  ca-^^  o 

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"C   °  ca  m 

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«  "-I  "S  ;-i 

-S     5 

•<  ^  02  13 

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o        5         * 


in      .  «0  M 

T-l  Ttl  rH 

S3        d  ai 
o  o  o  o 


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.So        d)  *? 

J3         ^  '^-'  "H  t- 
1-5^  W  13    S  rH 

CO  13 


<D  <o 


-I  §  5   .-13- 

■2  5  "  •- 

_2  ja  5^  ^ 

^anforb  ©nat-of-ArtttB 

It  is  plain  from  our  English  ancestry,  so  far  as  shown  by  Mr. 
Hoppin,  that  the  descendants  of  Thomas  Sanford  are  not  entitled 
to  the  use  of  Arms,  through  inheritance,  by  virtue  of  direct  descent 
from  any  known  Sanford  of  England  who  had  a  proper  right  to 
their  use.  How  then  can  the  descendants  of  Thomas  Sanford 
make  or  lay  claim  to  any  old  Arms  or  heraldic  device?  I  see  and 
know  of  no  way  except,  possibly,  through  and  by  the  doctrine  of 
prescription,  of  which  I  will  speak  more  fully  a  little  later,  on  a 
seemingly  proper  application  of  that  doctrine. 

I  have  sought  expert  advice  from  those  thoroughly  versed  in 
heraldry,  and  I  will  state  what  I  have  learned  on  the  subject,  sub- 
mitting the  matter  to  the  respectful  consideration  of  all  of  my 
readers.  First,  it  is  stated  in  highly  creditable  works  upon  heraldry 
that  coats-of-arms  did  not  come  into  use  in  England,  in  families, 
until  after  the  Crusades.  The  Crusades  began  many  years  after 
the  Norman  Conquest  and  ended  in  the  latter  part  of  the  Thir- 
teenth Century.  Crests  (borne  above  the  shields  of  arms)  did  not 
become  so  adopted  until  1400.  Mottoes  are  of  even  a  later  creation 
in  English  heraldry.  Of  the  several  distinct  Sanford  families  in 
England,  some  used  arms  and  some  did  not. 

As  to  the  use  of  arms  in  America,  I  give  an  abstract  of  the 
recommendations  on  the  subject  of  Arms  adopted  by  the  New  Eng- 
land Historic  Genealogical  Society  at  its  annual  meeting  in  1899 
on  report  of  its  committee  on  heraldry,  viz : — 

"Prior  to  the  Revolution  as  subjects  of  a  government  recog- 
nizing heraldry,  certain  of  the  inhabitants  were  entitled  to  bear 
Coats  of  Arms ;  but  only  such  as  were  grantees  of  Arms,  or  who 
could  prove  descent  in  the  male  line  from  an  ancestor  to  whom 
Arms  were  granted  or  confirmed  by  the  Heralds.  *  »  *  The 
mere  fact  that  an  individual  possessed  a  painting  of  a  Coat  of 
Arms,  used  it  upon  plate,  or,  as  a  book  plate  or  seal,  or  had  it  put 
upon  his  grave  stone,  is  no  proof  that  he  had  a  right  to  it.  Proof 
of  right  must  either  be  found  in  the  Herald's  records,  or  be  estab- 
lished by  an  authenticated  pedigree  direct  from  an  armiger. 

A  coat  of  arms  did  not  belong  with  a  family  name,  but  only 
to  the  particular  family  bearing  the  name  to  whose  progenitor  it 


had  been  granted  or  confirmed;  and  it  was  as  purely  Individual 
a  piece  of  property  as  a  homestead." 

Our  national  and  state  governments,  many  cities,  towns  and 
societies  have  adopted  and  are  using  arms  and  seals.  What  indi- 
viduals (Sanfords  or  others)  may  do  is  a  matter  which  each  should 
decide  for  himself.  The  author  of  the  Sanford  Genealogy  is  with- 
out authority  to  make  regulations  or  recommendations  governing 
the  use  of  any  arms;  and  no  authority  exists  in  America  for  the 
creation  or  enforcement  of  any  such  regulations.  Neither  does 
any  official  authority  now  exist  in  England  for  such  matters.  The 
heralds'  courts  were  abolished  generations  ago.  Kings  and  queens 
of  England  have  long  since  ceased  to  grant  arms.  Almost  any- 
body can  have  a  coat-of-arms  designed  and  "granted"  (bought 
and  sold)  to-day  by  the  body  of  men  called  "the  heralds",  who,  as 
a  matter  of  private  business,  now  carry  on  the  business  of  selling 
heraldic  information  for  large  fees  (especially  to  susceptible  Ameri- 
cans) at  the  place  (the  old  College  of  Arms,  London)  where  the 
old  heralds'  courts  once  were  held.  The  creation  of  a  coat-of- 
arms  to-day,  by  the  ' '  College  of  Arms ' ',  is  no  more  an  official  gov- 
ernmental proceeding,  and  no  more  important,  than  the  designing 
and  use  by  an  American,  in  the  United  States,  of  any  armorial 
device  that  he  may  choose  to  create  and  use. 

It  is  not  for  the  writer  to  assume  to  dictate  what  any  Sanford 
should  or  should  not  do.  The  value  of  old  coat-armor  to  an  Ameri- 
can is  chiefly  as  a  souvenir,  a  relic,  a  trophy  of  some  ancestor 
abroad  who  "bore  arms  and  from  whom  the  American  descends. 
I  do  hope  most  earnestly  that  our  earliest  known  direct  ancestor, 
Richard  Sanford  (who  died  at  Stanstead  Moimtfitchet,  Essex,  Eng- 
land, in  the  year  1591)  can  be  proven  to  have  been  related  to  the 
heraldic  Sandfords  of  Essex,  who  are  all  specifically  named  in  the 
Heraldic  Visitations  of  Essex  in  1612-1634,  and  as  bearing  these 
arms,  viz; — 

"Per  chevron,  sable  and  ermine,  on  a  chevron,  or,  an  escallop 
gules;  in  chief  two  boars'  heads  erased  of  the  third.  Crest;  a 
boar's  head  erased,  sable,  in  the  mouth  a  broken  spear,  cr  headed 
argent  goute  gules." 

So  far  as  the  record  of  this  Visitation  goes,  there  is  nothing 
in  it  to  show  that  this  bearing  is  older  than  1575.  If  Richard  San- 
ford was  in  any  way  related  to  any  heraldic  Sanfords,  it  was  far 
more  likely  to  have  been  to  these  Sanfords  of  his  own  shire  of 
Essex  than  to  any  others.  I  confess  that  the  prospect  of  establish- 
ing such  a  relationship  late  enough  (that  is,  after  these  arms  were 

cc    i.    =_ 
r*    ^   T^ 


granted  to  these  Sandfords  of  Essex)  is  not  a  promising  one.  I 
hope  that  some  one  will  have  faith  enough  in  it  to  have  a  further 
attempt  made  to  establish  such  a  relationship,  even  tho'  I  have 
not  been  able  to  encompass  it,  after  no  little  effort.  I  have  been 
unable  to  ascertain  how  old  is  this  coat-of-arms  of  these  Sandfords 
of  Essex ;  if  it  is  as  old  as  1450,  then  the  ancestor  of  these  heraldic 
Sandfords  in  the  Essex  Visitation  may  easily  have  been  closely 
related  to  the  Essex  ancestors  of  our  Richard  Sanford  who  died  in 
1591.     {See  cut.) 

It  is  fairly  well  claimed  that  the  first  use  of  any  arms  by  a 
Sanford  was  in  the  case  of  one  Sir  Richard  de  Sandford  in  a  deed 
about  the  year  1240,  which  arms  were  "Quarterly  per  fess  indented 
(points  very  long)  azure  and  ermine."  I  do  not  know  whether 
this  deed  is  extant ;  my  English  correspondents  have  not  seen  it. 
The  works  on  heraldry  show  that  there  have  been,  since  the  thir- 
teenth century,  at  least,  fifty  quarterings  of  the  Sanford  Arms  of 
England.  The  coat-of-arms  of  the  Sandfords  of  Shropshire  County, 
England,  given  in  Burke's  Landed  Gentry,  Vol.  2,  p.  1411,  is 
described  as  follows : — 

Arms :     Quarterly,  per  fesse,  indented  azure  and  ermine. 

Crest :     A  falcon  with  wings  endorsed  preying  on  a  partridge. 

Motto:     Nee  Temere,  nee  timide  (neither  rashly  nor  timidly). 

A  wealthy  family  in  New  York  City,  some  years  ago,  claimed 

and  used  this  coat-of-arms  as  shown  by  a  printed  leaf  sent  me.    The 

crest  of  this  "bearing,  at  least,  has  also  been  used  since  the  War  of 

the  Revolution  by  Sanfords  who  early  settled  in  Virginia,  as  Gen. 

John  W.  A.  Sanford  of  Montgomery,  Ala.,  informs  me,  sending  a 

clear  impression  of  the  crest. 

In  Burke's  Landed  Gentry  may  also  be  found  another  style 
of  arms  for  other  Sanfords  of  Shropshire,  Isle  of  Rossall,  England. 
This  bearing  is  described  as  follows : — 

Arms,  per  chevron  sable  and  ermine,  in  chief  two  boars'  heads 

couped  close  or 
Crest,  a  boar's  head  couped  close. 
Motto,  nee  temere,  nee  timide. 

This  coat-of-arms,  as  will  be  seen,  does  not  agree  with  the  early 
arms  of  the  Sandfords  of  Shropshire,  but  from  what  I  leam,  it  is 
the  bearing  used  in  later  years  by  the  present  family  of  Sandford 
Manor,  Shropshire,  England. 

This  coat  is  far  more  in  use  in  America  than  any  other  or  all 
others.  It  was  secured  by  Horatio  Gates  Sanford  of  Gloucester, 
Mass.,  about  1885,  and  by  him  emblazoned  and  sold  to  divers  San- 


fords  about  tlie  country.  What  was  Ms  authority  for  selliag  it  as 
the  arms  of  the  Thomas  Sanford  family  I  do  not  learn  or  know. 
I  purchased  his  papers,  manuscripts,  etc.,  but  they  give  no  light 
on  this  poLat.  The  discovery  of  Thomas  Sanford 's  lineage  by  Mr. 
Hoppin  seems  to  entirely  discredit  any  real  right  or  valid  claim 
to  this  bearing  by  Thomas'  descendants.  I  do  not  say  that  it 
does,  but  I  know  of  no  clue,  or  base,  or  authority,  or  even  a  proper 
written  tradition  for  the  claim. 

In  the  accompanying  engraving  of  the  Arms  sold  by  Horatio 
G.  Sanford  the  ducal  coronet  of  gold  is  omitted,  and  the  large  neck 
of  the  boar  in  the  crest  is  also  eliminated,  as  the  writer  finds  no 
mention  of  these  additions  in  the  published  descriptions  of  this 
coat  of  arms.  The  helmet  is  that  of  an  esquire,  a  manorial  lord, 
with  its  accompanying  mantling.  The  mantling  is  composed  of 
the  colors  of  the  shield,  alternating.     {See  cut.) 

Some  years  ago  a  descendant  of  Ezekiel  Sanford  of  South- 
hampton, Long  Island,  who  was  a  son  of  Robert  the  Pioneer  of 
Hartford,  Ct.  (who  was  a  brother  of  the  Pioneer  Thomas),  after 
considerable  research,  found,  what  he  believed  was  the  arms  to 
which  his  family  was  entitled,  to  wit: — 

Quarterly,  1st  and  4th  per  chevron,  sable  and  ermine,  in  chief 
two  boars'  heads  couped  close,  or;  2d  and  3d  per  fesse,  indented 
azure  and  ermine. 

Crest,    A  falcon,  wings  endorsed,  preying  on  a  partridge  ppr. 

Motto,    nee  temere,  nee  timide. 

This  coat-of-arms,  as  I  am  advised,  is  the  bearing  of  the  Sand- 
fords  of  Sandford  Court,  County  of  Kilkenny,  Ireland.  {See  Early 
History  of  Southampton,  L.  I.,  by  Howell.) 

The  coat-of-arms  used  by  the  late  Hon.  William  Eli  Sanford 
of  Hamilton,  Canada,  a  descendant  of  the  Pioneer  Thomas,  is  like 
that  sold  by  Horatio  Gates  Sanford  excepting  that  the  boar's  head 
in  the  crest  is  far  more  genuine,  having  a  huge  tusk  with  the  ducal 
crown  in  which  it  rests  raised  above  a  wreath. 

The  descendants  of  John  Sanford  of  Rhode  Island,  may  have 
some  sort  of  a  right  to  Arms  by  Prescription,  if  we  apply  that 
doctrine  to  heraldry  in  the  United  States,  since  a  coat-of-arms  was 
actually  cut  into  the  gravestone  of  William  Sanford  of  Newport, 


R.  I.,  who  died  April  24,  1721,  and  also  into  other  stones,  as  I  am 
advised.    This  bearing  is  described  as  follows : — 

Arms:     Ermine  on  a  chief  gn,  two  boars'  heads  couped,  or 

Crest:     A  demi-eagle  displayed 

Motto:  Nee  temere,  nee  timide.     {See  cut.) 

There  is  a  seal  on  the  will  (Mar.  7,  1777)  of  Lemuel  Sanford, 
.  of  Redding,  Ct.,  which  is  the  oldest  used  by  any  member  of  the 
family  in  this  country,  so  far  as  known,  and  thought  by  some 
Sanfords,  for  that  reason,  to  be  the  more  authoritative  than  any 
other.  {See  cut.)  Applying  to  American  use  the  idea  of  Prescrip- 
tion, the  descendants  of  Lemuel  Sanford  may  be  entitled  to  use 
the  device  stamped  upon  that  seal  under  the  ruling  of  Sir  William 
Dugdale,  Garter  King  of  Arms,  (Lansdowne  Ms.  70,  folio  8S)  under 
date  of  15  June,  1668,  as  follows : — 

"It  is  incumbent  that  a  man  doe  look  over  his  own  evidence 
for  some  seals  of  Arms,  for  perhaps  it  appears  in  them,  and  if  soe, 
and  they  have  used  it  from  the  beginning  of  Queen  Elizabeth's 
reigne,  or  about  that  time,  I  shall  then  allowe  thereof  for  our  direc- 
tions are  limiting  us  soe  to  doe,  and  not  a  shorter  prescription  of 

Here,  as  may  be  observed,  we  have  a  positive  rale  laid 
down  by  the  highest  heraldic  authority  that  a  man  is  justified  in 
using  a  coat-of-arms,  providing  it  has  been  used  by  a  member  of 
his  family  for  one  hundred  years  or  about  that  time. 

I  have  sent  to  Fairfield  to  examine  the  seal  upon  the  will  of 
Lemuel  Sanford,  a  gentleman,  thoroughly  posted  upon  heraldry, 
and  particularly  as  to  seals  upon  genealogical  documents.  He 
reports  in  part  as  follows : — 

"This  seal  does  not  bear  the  impress  of  any  crest  known  in 
the  heraldic  works  of  England,  as  that  borne  by  any  Sanford,  either 
before  or  after  the  said  date  of  1777.  There  is  a  slight  resemblance 
to  the  crest  of  'a  demi-eagle  displayed'  which  latter  crest  has  been 
used  by  Sanfords  in  Rhode  Island.  But  the  impression  upon  the 
red  was,  upon  this  wiU,  is  none  other  than  that  known  in  heraldry 
as  an  'eagle  rising,  regardant.'  (See  Fairhairn's  Crests  of  the 
Families  of  Great  Britain  and  Ireland,  compiled  from  the  best 
authorities,  by  James  Fairbairn,  and  revised  by  Laurence  Butters, 
Seal  Engraver  in  ordinary  to  the  Queen,  I860,'  "Vol.  I.).  This 
crest  was  borne  by  the  British  families  of  Agnew,  de  Breos,  Bruse, 
Candler,  Dethicke,  Ramsay,  "Waters  and  Westoji. 

It  may  be  asked:  How  came  that  seal  of  'an  eagle  rising 
regardant'  upon  Lemuel  Sanford 's  will?  There  are  several  likely 
ways  in  which  it  might  have  been  done.  First,  it  should  be  remem- 
bered, that  seals  of  crests,  or  other  devices,  that  have  been  put  upon 


probate  documents,  were  often  not  the  arms,  crest,  mark  or  device 
of  a  testator.  Genealogists  have  learned  not  to  be  misled  by  such 
seals,  as  they  are  frequently  made  with  the  die  of  some  witness, 
notary,  minister,  physician,  maternal  relative,  or  neighbor  present 
when  a  document  was  signed,  and  who  had  the  die  in  his  (or  her) 
pocket,  upon  a  ring  or  watch-charm. 

It  may  not  be  amiss  to  believe  that  Lemuel  Sanford  was  an 
honest  man,  one  who  would  not  knowingly  use  a  Sanford  crest  or 
eoat-of-arms,  or  any  other,  unless  he  believed  that  he  had  a  right 
to  it.  Equally  likely  it  is,  to  my  mind,  that  he  did  not  know  that 
he  was  entitled  to  a  crest  other  than  one  he  might  believe  to  be  of 
his  own  invention.  If  he  chose  an  eagle  rising,  who  shall  say  that 
he  was  not  very  familiar  with  that  bird  in  his  poultry  yard,  or  in 
the  Fairfield  woods,  or,  better,  still,  patriotic  enough  to  'let  the 
eagle  scream'  during  the  "War  of  the  Revolution?  I  rather  choose 
to  look  upon  it  as  being  the  famous  American  eagle ;  and  to  look 
upon  Lemuel  Sanford  as  one  of  the.  first  Americans  to  use  that 
device  after  the  Declaration  of  Independence.  What  greater  honor, 
in  insignia,  need  any  Sanford  ask  for  than  that? 

Now  as  to  Prescription :  If  any  of  Lemuel 's  direct  descend- 
ants wish  for  a  seal,  with  a  device  upon  it,  who  shall  say  that  they 
are  not  reasonably  free  to  take  that  seal  upon  their  ancestor  Lem- 
uel's will,  for  private  use,  as  a  souvenir  of  him?  But  not  as  a  sou- 
venir of  anybody  else— and  not  in  connection  with  any  English 
shield  of  arms;  and  'particularly  not  as  a  device  used  by  any  of 
his    (Lemuel's)   known  ancestors." C.  A.  Hoppin. 

I  have  deemed  it  to  be  my  obligation  to  the  Sanfords  of 
America  and  my  duty  to  myself,  to  state  facts  as  concisely  as  possi- 
ble, as  I  have  observed  them,  without  fear  or  favor.  I  will,  I  am 
sure,  be  pardoned  for  not  mentioning  several  other  coats-of-arms 
which  have  been  sent  to  me,  used  by  Sanfords  in  various  parts 
of  this  country.    As  to  heraldry,  I  feel  that 

"Kind  hearts  are  more  than  coronets 
And  simple  faith  than  Norman  blood." 

I  know  that  the  kind  heart  and  the  simple  faith  of  our  ances- 
tor, Thomas  Sanford,  who  died  in  1597,  are  proven  by  his  will  to 
be  facts  that  can  never  be  doubted.  I  know  that  his  was  the  aris- 
tocracy of  character,  not  of  "birth";  that  his  knighthood  was  man- 
hood direct  from  the  hand  of  God,  and  not  the  gift  of  "royalty". 
I  know  that  his  patent  of  nobility  was  in  his  good  and  great 
endeavor,  not  in  presence  "at  court."  And  I  know  that  his  insignia 
of  merit  was  in  the  respect  of  his  neighbors.  In  the  face  of  such 
heritages,  all  the  pretensions  of  and  to  coat-armor  are,  to  me,  as 

Note:     The  real  colors  of  the  different  parts  of  the  cuts  of 


Coats  of  Arms  are  indicated  and  made  known,  to  wit: —  crossed 
lines,  '^ black";  single  perpendicular  lines,  "red";  single  horizontal 
lines, ' '  blue ' ' ;  single  diagonal  lines,  ' '  green ' ' ;  dotted  space,  ' '  gold ' ' ; 
plain  space,  "silver". 

5II|0maH  BmUvii  in  Ammra 

By  the  Author. 

The  preceding  article,  logically  built  up  and  well  written 
by  Mr.  Hoppia  on  the  Ancestry  of  Thomas  Sanf  ord  leaves  little 
to  be  said  as  to  his  parentage.  I  feel  sure  that  his  descendants 
everywhere,  one  and  all,  will  not  only  be  pleased  but  elated  to  learn 
that  we  have  at  last,  after  more  than  two  and  a  half  centuries, 
learned  from  whence  in  England  our  progenitor  came  and  further- 
more the  names  of  his  ancestors,  for  three  generations. 

The  vital  and  essential  parts  of  Mr.  Hoppin's  article,  to  wit, 
—the  wills  of  Thomas  Sanford  (1597),  John  "Warner,  (1614), 
Richard  Sanford,  (1636),  the  baptisms  at  Stanstead  Mountfitchet, 
and  the  baptisms,  marriages  and  burials  at  Much  Hadham,  have 
been  confirmed  to  me  by  the  Senior  Registrar  of  the  Principal  Pro- 
bate Court  of  London,  England;  by  the  Rev.  A.  M.  Wicker,  Vicar 
of  Stanstead,  Essex  County,  England,  and  by  the  Rev.  R.  S.  Greg- 
ory of  Much  Hadham,  Hertford  County,  England. 

We  can  now,  if  we  will,  go  to  the  very  locality  in  which  he 
was  born  and  also  to  the  neighborhood  in  which  he  was  reared  to 
early  manhood.  We  can,  no  doubt,  if  we  will,  by  great  effort  and 
expense,  now  that  we  havq  a  base  or  starting  point,  trace  his  lineage 
still  further  back. 

This  work  I  must  leave  to  the  Sanford  Association,  or  to  some 
generous,  enthusiastic  Sanford  in.  the  future.  I  have  already  spent 
a  very  large  sum  to  learn  what  I  have  secured.  Two  of  the  three 
genealogists  who  searched  for  me  in  England,  one  of  them  in  ten 
or  a  dozen  counties,  failed  to  get  any  clue  to  Thomas'  ancestry. 
I  had  almost  despaired  of  getting  any  light  on  Thomas'  lineage 
when  Mr.  Hoppin  wrote  me  from  England  that  the  little  clue  I 
had  given  him  promised  fine  results. 

This  Mr.  Hoppin  pursued  with  the  result  shown  in  his  elabor- 
ate article.  Again,  I  have  not  the  time  nor  the  disposition  to 
expend  more  money  in  tracing  Thomas'  genealogy  further  into 
the  past  since  my  work  is  drawing  to  a  close. 


When  I  began  the  work,  over  four  years  ago,  I  felt  sure  that 
I  could,  without  much  difficulty,  soon  learn  of  or  ascertain  some 
proof  that  the  Sanford  family  in  America  descended  from  Gen. 
Thomas  de  Sanford  who  went  over  from  Normandy  (north  of 
France)  with  William  the  Conqueror  who  subjugated  England 
in  1066. 

Such  a  tradition  had  come  to  me  some  thirty  years  earlier  from 
well  informed  Sanfords  and,  of  course,  I  was  disposed  to  believe 
the  story.  When  I  came  to  ask  these  and  other  Sanfords  for  some 
proof  of  the  fact  I  was  greatly  surprised  to  learn  that  they  had 
none,  that  they  had  heard  it  or  learned  it  from  some  Sanford  then 

Oldest  Sanford  Seat  in  England. 

The  oldest  Sanford  "seat"  in  England,  so  far  as  I  have  been 
able  to  learn  is  Sanford  Manor  in  Salop  (Shropshire)  county,  Eng- 
land. Many  Sanfords  in  America  believe  this  property  was  origin- 
ally Gen.  Thomas  de  Sanford 's  share  of  the  spoils  in  the  conquest 
of  England.  The  article  of  Mr.  Hoppin,  practically,  if  not  wholly, 
destroys  any  further  belief  that  such  was  the  fact.  Sanford  Manor 
is  now  held  by  the  widow  of  Thomas  Hugh  Sanford  and  on  her 
death,  there  being  no  male  heir,  (for  the  first  time  in  its  history) 
will  pass  into  collateral  hands.  To  this  rural  estate  situate  a  two 
hours'  ride  from  the  station  at  White  Chapel,  those  of  the  Sanfords 
in  America  who  have  taken  any  interest  in  the  family's  lineage, 
have  felt  that  it  was  their  family  estate,  the  home  of  their  earliest 
ancestor,  Gen.  Thomas  de  Sanford.  Though  they  have  not  a  par- 
ticle of  proof  that  it  is  they  have  "breathed"  it  so  long  that  some 
of  them  have  come  to  verily  believe  it. 

Mr.  Edward  R  Sanford,  Jr.,  of  St.  Paul,  Minn.,  visited  the 
Manor  in  1904  and  took  luncheon  with  Mrs.  Sandford  believing 
he  was  in  the  home  of  his  earliest  known  ancestor.  Mrs.  Sandford 
informed  him  that  a  great  many  attempts  had  been  made  in  years 
past  on  the  part  of  Sanfords  in  America  to  show  that  they  were 
descendants  of  the  Sandfords  of  Sandford  Manor,  but  that  all  such 
attempts  had  proved  utterly  futile,  that  it  could  not  be  shown.  Mr. 
Sanford  promised  her  that  on  his  return  to  this  country  he  would 
send  her  the  proof  of  the  connection.  This  he  found  upon  his 
return,  to  his  great  surprise,  he  was  unable  to  furnish. 

Tradition  as  to  Family  Lineage. 
In   all   my   research   and   studj   in   libraries   and   elsewhere, 


correspondence  with  Sanfords  in  many  states  who  have  given  the 
matter  a  good  deal  of  study  and  some  investigation,  I  have  never 
found  or  learned  of  any  proof  or  of  any  semblance  of  proof  that 
Thomas  Sanford  the  emigrant  to  America  was  a  descendant  of  a 
Gen.  Thomas  de  Sanford  of  1066  or  of  the  family  that  has  held 
Sandford  Manor  during  the  past  centuries,  nor  do  I  believe  that 
any  Sanford  in  America  holds  any  official  writing  or  other  reliable 
memorandum  showing  this,  or  even  showing  from  what  part  of 
England  Thomas  came  to  Americg,  or  even  the  names  of  his  parents. 

I  confess  I  had  great  misgivings  also  that,  if  it  were  true,  that 
it  could  be  now  shown.  I  well  knew  that  if  Thomas  were  a  descend- 
ant of  that  family  of  Shropshire,  he  in  all  human  probability, 
must  have  been  a  descendant  of  one  of  the  sons  other  than  the 
first  son  since  the  first  son  probably  took  the  property  by  entail. 
All  the  other  sons  in  a  way  had  to  go  out  into  the  world  and  shift 
for  themselves.  One  can  readily  imagine  what  a  multitude  of  San- 
fords would,  in  a  few  centuries,  spring  from  these  in  all  parts  of 
England.  As  it  seemed  to  me,  our  ancestor  was  far  more  likely  to 
have  sprung  from  one  of  these  families,  otherwise  he  would  not 
have  emigrated  to  the  inhospitable  shores  of  America  m  the  17th 

The  task  of  finding  him  as  I  progressed  in  the  work  appalled 
me.  It  did  look  to  be  a  herculean  task  indeed,  since  there  were 
Sanfords  all  over  England,  from  any  county  in  which  and  from 
any  hamlet  in  every  county  he  might  have  emigrated. 

And  yet,  notwithstanding  all  this,  I  came  in  contact  with  many 
Sanfords  who  were  so  sure,  though  they  had  no  proof  or  evidence 
other  than  hearsay  or  what  is  called  tradition,  that  they  were 
descendants  of  Gen.  Thomas  de  Sanford  of  1066  and  of  the  Sand- 
ford  Manor  family,  of  Shropshire  that  it  had  become  a  conviction 
with  them.  The  discovery  which  Mr.  Hoppin  has  made  will  be  a 
hard  blow  to  them.  It  does  not  disturb  me  in  the  least  and  I  do 
not  think  it  will  the  great  majority  of  Sanfords  about  the  country. 
I  wish  to  know  the  truth. 

I  have  always  gravely  doubted  that  we  are  of  Norman  descent. 
The  name  Sandford  is  surely  a  place  name  and  it  seems  to  me 
more  Saxon  than  Norman.  I  am  sure  the  most  of  us  would  prefer 
a  Saxon  origin. 

The  will  of  our  emigrant  ancestor's  grandfather  Thomas  San- 
ford, shows  him  to  have  been  a  prosperous,  successful  man,  of  a 
kindly  and  generous  nature  and  of  exceptional  character.    All  San- 


fords  may  well  be  proud  of  him.  The  gentle  care,  interest  and 
concern  shown  by  him  for  his  kith  and  kin  is  a  greater  heritage 
Uian  would  come  from  most  cases  of  nobility,  or  rank.  Well  may 
we  be  proud  of  him  and  our  ancestry. 

Several  Sanford  Emigrants  to  America. 

I  had  not  proceeded  far  in  my  labors  upon  the  work  when 
I  discovered  to  my  surprise  that  several  other  Sanfofds  were  emi- 
grants to  this  country  at  about  the  same  time  that  Thomas  came, 
and  a  little  further  in  my  work  I  was  greatly  annoyed  and  per- 
plexed in  finding  that  the  names  of  the  children,  grandchildren,  etc., 
of  three  of  these  other  pioneers  were  very  largely  the  same  as  those 
given  to  the  descendants  of  Thomas  Sanford.  The  four  pioneers 
who  named  their  children  so  much  alike  were,  Thomas  of  Milford, 
and  Robert,  Andrew  and  Zachary,  of  Hartford,  Ct.  In  1667, 
Andrew  went  to  Milford  where  of  course  his  descendants  got  more 
or  less  into  the  same  records  as  did  those  of  Thomas.  In  1651,  Zach- 
ary settled  in  Saybrook  only  some  forty  miles  distant.  Thus  it 
will  be  seen  that  these  four  men  were  only  a  few  miles  separated, 
and  as  the  generations  increased  settled  on  the  intervening  terri- 
tory and  country  round  about.  It  was  not  long  before  I  found  it 
not  only  expedient  but  necessary  to  work  out  the  descendants  ol 
all  four  of  the  Pioneers  to  enable  me  to  tell  with  certainty  which 
were  the  descendants  of  Thomas.  This  data  for  a  few  generations 
I  preserve  in  the  Appendix  to  this  work  for  the  benefit  of  the 
descendants  of  Robert,  Andrew  and  Zachary  and  any  future  geneal- 
ogist of  either  family.  The  great  similarity  of  names  among 
the  children  and  grandchildren  &c  of  these  four  Pioneers,  with  the 
fact  of  their  settlement  at  or  about  the  same  time,  and  three  of 
them  in  the  same  neighborhood,  led  me  at  an  early  date,  not  only 
to  suspect  but  to  believe  that  they  were  closely  related,  brothers 
very  likely,  cousins  at  the  farthest. 

The  Only  Records  as  to  Thomas  Sanford 's  Lineage. 

The  only  records  of  which  I  have  learned  in  all  my  struggles 
bearing  on  the  nativity  of  Thomas  Sanford  are  three  in  number. 
Two  of  these  are  so  palpably  erroneous  that  I  will  only  speak  of 
them  briefly : — 

The  first  of  these  that  I  will  mention  is  found  in  the  caption 


to  the  Sanford  part  of,  the  work,  "Bev.  John  Beach  and  John 
Sanford  and  their  Descendants,"  published  in  1898.  In  this  cap- 
tion is  the  following: — 

"We  have  reason  to  believe  that  our  Thomas  of  Milford 
was  a  son  of  Anthony  Sanford  and  Joane,  daughter  of  John 
Stratford :  that  Anthony  was  a  son  of  Raulf  Sanford  of  Stowe, 
County  of  Gloucester,  England;  that  Thomas  married  Doro- 
thy, daughter  of  Henry  Meadows  of  Stowe;  that  he  came  to 
Boston,  Mass.,  with  the  John  Winthrop  Colony  in  1631-3." 

This  information  was  given  to  Edward  Jackson  Sanford,  an 
enthusiastic  Sanford  of  Knoxville,  Tenn.,  by  Horatio  Gates  San- 
ford of  Gloucester,  Mass.,  who  worked  for  some  years  gathering 
material  for  a  Sanford  genealogy,  though  his  name  is  there  given 
as  Henry  Sanford.        ' 

It  will  be  noticed  that  the  whole  statement  is  predicated  upon 
the  qualifying  words  "we  have  reason  to  believe"  and  well  it 
should  be,  since  all  that  is  there  given  may  be  found  in  the  Har- 
leian  Society  Publications,  Vol.  21,  page  220.  The  nams  Thomas 
appears  in  Appendix  No.  1,  which  record  states  that  the  family 
records  there  given  were  taken  on  a  Visitation  (an  inquiry  as  to 
families  bearing  arms)  made  in  1569.  We  know  that  our  Thomas 
died  in  Milford  in  1681  which  makes  it  absolutely  impossible  that 
he  could  have  been  the  Thomas  Sanford  who  married  Dorothy 
daughter  of  Henry  Meadows,  there  given,  and  we  can  dismiss  the 
consideration  thereof  without  hesitation. 

The  second  record  of  which  I  will  speak  bearing  on  the  nativity 
of  Thomas  Sanford,  is  an  article  on  the  life  of  Nathan  Sanford, 
who  was  twice  elected  United  States  Senator  from  New  York,  in 
the  Sag  Harbor  Express  (Long  Island)  of  May  21,  1908.  In  this 
the  pedigree  of  Nathan  is  given  as  follows: 

"Hugh  Sanford  of  England  died  in  1530.  He  had  a  son 
Robert  who  died  in  1598.  He  had  three  children,  Arthiir, 
Francis  and  Thomas.  The  last  was  a  captain  of  ordinance  and 
was  killed  Jan.  22,  1643  while  attempting  to  storm  Nantwick. 
His  estate  was  confiscated  by  Parliament  and  his  children  came 
to  America.  One  of  these  was  Robert  Sandford,  of  Hartford, 
Ct.  He  had  a  son  Ezekiell  who  went  to  Bridgehampton,  Long 
Island  in  1670  and  from  whom  Nathan  descended." 

This  does  not  help  us  as  to  the  lineage  of  Thomas  unless  it 
be  shown  that  he  was  a  brother  of  Robert,  which  Mr.  Hoppin  now 
shows  in  his  article,  and,  since  he  does,  the  article  deserves  some 
attention.     It  is  certainly  a  clear,  clean  cut  and  pretty  story  and 


gives  the  family  a  connection  with  the  eminent  family  of  Salop 
(Shropshire)   County,  England. 

But  is  it  true?  That  is  the  point.  I  find  in  Burke's  Landed 
Ceniry,  Vol.  11,  p.  1326,  what,  it  seems  to  me,  is  a  complete  refuta- 
tion of  the  foregoing  story.  The  descendants  of  Hugh  Sanford  are 
there  given.  Robert,  who  died  in  1598,  is  given  only  sons  Arthur 
and  Thomas,  no  Francis.  Thomas  was  killed,  as  stated  in  the  article 
"  in  the  Express,  but  left  no  children  to  come  to  America  for  the  very 
good  reason  that  it  is  not  given  that  he  ever  married  or  left  any 
issue.  Nor  was  his  estate  confiscated.  The  estate  of  his  nephew 
Francis  was  confiscated  but  restored  in  1645.  All  the  other  descend- 
ants seem  to  be  fully  accounted  for  in  England.  The  Author  of  the 
article  in  the  the  Express,  William  L.  Pelletreau,  Esq.,  of  N.  Y.  C, 
wrote  the  writer  that,  the  information  contained  in  the  article 
was  given  to  him  by  the  late  Robert  Sanford,  son  of  Nathan. 

Therefore  I  do  not  see  nor  do  I  believe  that  any  credence  what- 
ever can  be  given  to  this  story. 

The  third  item  of  a  record  as  to  where  the  Pioneer  Sanfords 
came  from  in  England  may  be  found  in  the  Court  Records  at  Hart- 
ford, Ct.    There  we  find  this  entry: — 

"A  County  Court  Dec.  5,  1678  held  in  Hartford,  whereas, 
it  appears  that  Miles  Clay  of  Branterj^  in  England,  deceased 
hath  an  estate  in  the  estate  of  Zachary  Sanford,  late  of  S^- 
brooke.  This  Court  doth  see  reason  to  grant  Joha  Durrant 
and  John  Loomy  of  Hadly  in  right  of  his  wife  who  are  grand- 
children of  the  §aid  Clay,  administration  upon  the  said  estate, 
they  being  next  of  kin  and  having  agreed  to  accept  of  adminis- 

This  record  I  regard  as  not  only  the  best,  but  really  the  only 
clue  to  be  found  in  America  as  to  where  those  four  Pioneer  San- 
fords who  settled  in  Hartford  or  near  by  came  from  in  England. 
It  does  not,  it  is  true,  speak  of  Thomas  except  it  could  be  shown 
that  he  was  a  brother  of  Zachary,  in  which  case  it  would  locate  him 

It  was  this  clue  which  I  persisted  in  following  up  after  I 
learned  of  it  and  which  led  Mr.  Hoppin  to  the  discovery  he  has 
made.  Well  may  the  Thomas  Sanford  family  take  pride  even, 
in  the  fact  that  Zachary  Sanford  was  indebted  to  or  under  engage- 
ment to  pay  Miles  Clay  some  money.  Had  it  not  been  for  this 
Court  record  I  certainly  would  never  have  discovered  the  parentage 
of  Thomas  Sanford  or  the  locality  in  England  from  whence  he 



came  and,  very  likely,  but  for  it,  his  parentage  would  never  have 
been  learned. 

The  fact  that  Zachary  Sanford  is  not  shown  by  the  wills  or 
baptismal  records,  given  by  Mr.  Hoppin,  to  have  been  a  brother 
or  even  a  relative  of  Thomas  does  not  lessen  the  importance  of  the 
Court  record  in  the  discovery.  I  am  still  disposed  to  think  he  was 
possibly  a  brother,  or  at  any  rate  a  near  relative.  It  is  possible 
that  he  was  born  while  his  parents  were  in  another  locality  and  so 
did  not  get  a  record  of  baptism  at  Stanstead  Mountfitchet,  with 
the  others  or  that  the  last  child  Jonathan  later  took  the  name  of 

Proof  of  Relationship  and  Ancestry.    ■ 

What  made  me  think  early  in  my  work,  and  still  does,  that 
they  were  brothers  is  the  fact  that  the  names  EzeMel  and  Sarah 
are  found  among  the  children  of  all  four  of  the  Pioneers,  the  names 
Mary,  Elizabeth  and  Hannah  in  three  of  the  families  and  the  names 
Abigail  and  Zachary  in  two  of  them.  From  this  I  felt  all  the 
while  that  if  the  names  of  their  parents  were  ever  learned  they 
would  be  found  to  be  Bzekiel  and  Sarah  or  Mary.  The  name  of 
the  father,  Mr.  Hoppin  shows  to  have  been  Ezekiel,  but  the  Christ- 
tian  name  of  the  mother  has  not  been  learned. 

Another  reason  for  thinking  them  brothers  was  the  fact  that 
many  Sanfords  about  the  country  wrote  me  that  "their  grand- 
father had  told  their  father  years  ago",  that  three  (some  of  them 
had  it  four)  brothers  came  to  this  country,  together,  that  it  had 
always  been  so  understood  in  the  family."  Among  those  members 
of  the  family  who  took,  and  now  take,  an  interest  in  such  matters, 
this  seems  to  be  not  only  a  prevailing,  but  a  fixed  tradition,  and 
now  it  is  proven  by  Mr.  Hoppin  to  have  been  a  fact. 

One  of  the  very  best  items  of  proof  that  the  Thomas,  Robert 
and  Andrew,  sons  of  Ezechiell  Sanford  of  Stanstead  Mountfitchet, 
England,  are  the  identical  Thomas,  Robert  and  Andrew  Sanford 
who  came  to  America  is  the  fact  that  Andrew  Warner,  who  was 
their  uncle  (brother  of  their  mother)  came  to  New  England  in 
16.32.  He  was  first  in  Cambridge  and  made  a  Freeman  in  Boston, 
May  14,  16.34.  He  went  to  Hartford,  Ct.,  with  the  original  pro- 
prietors there,  where  he  lived  till  1656,  when  he  removed  with  his 
second  wife,  Esther,  to  Hadley,  Mass.,  on  account  of  religious 
troubles.  He  took  the  oath  of  allegiance  there  Feb.  8,  1679,  and 
died  there  Dec.  18,  1684,  aged  90,  making  his  birth  in  1594.     He 


had  seven  children  and  one  of  them,  Mary,  married  John  Street, 
Jr.,  whose  father  lived  four  miles  out  of  Braintree,  England,  and 
his  mother  was  of  that  town.  (See  "Savage's  Dictionary  of  the 
First  Settlers  of  New  England.")  The_  court  order  at  Hartford, 
given  on  a  previous  page,  shows  that  John  Durrant  and  Mrs.  John 
Loomy,  grandchildren  of  Miles  Clay,  of  Braintree,  England,  whose 
estate  had  a  claim  against  the  estate  of  Zachary  Sanford,  were  liv- 
ing in  Hadley  in  1678.  Braintree  is  in  Essex,  England  and  only 
twenty-five  miles  east  of  Stanstead  Mountfitehet,  where  Ezechiel 
Sanford,  father  of  Thomas,  Robert  and  Andrew  resided.  From 
these  facts  it  is  plain  that  they  were  all  of  the  Braintree  Company 
that  came  to  America. 

Whether  Andrew  Warner  who  came  in  1632  and  was  older 
than  his  nephews,  Thomas,  Robert  and  Andrew,  came  alone  or  was 
accompanied  by  them,  as  also  Zachary,  Nathaniel  and  Richard, 
cannot  now  be  learned. 

Thomas  Sa^^ford's  Appearance  in  America. 

It  is  a  tradition  among  many  Sanfords  over  the  country  that 
Thomas  Sanford  came  over  to  this  country  as  a  member  of  the  John 
Winthrop  Colony  in  the  year  1630.  I  find  no  proof  of  this.  It 
is,  in  fact,  quite  safe  to  say  that  he  did  not  come  with  him. 

The  Sanfords  who  came  over  were  more  under  the  influence 
of  Hooker  and  Eliot  who  came  a  little  later. 

There  is  nothing  strange  however,  in  tradition  making  him  a 
member  of  the  John  Winthrop  Colony  since  he  was  a  great  and 
noble  man — the  George  Washington  of  those  early  times.  Accord- 
ing to  the  genealogies  about  the  country  it  would  seem  that  nearly 
every  Pioneer  came  over  with  him. 

Mr.  Winthrop  was  a  resident  of  Groton,  in  the  southwest  of 
Suiiolk,  a  county  on  the  east  coast  of  England.  It  adjoins  Essex 
County,  on  the  north,  from  whence  Thomas  came.  He  was  a  man 
of  such  note  at  home  that  his  emigration  caused  more  than  a  thous- 
and people  to  follow  him  to  the  Massachusetts  coast  that  same 
year.  Poor  and  struggling  as  they  were  then  along  the  Massa- 
chusetts coast,  what  a  burden  must  such  an  influx  of  people  have 
been ! 

The  first  instance  that  I  find  of  the  appearance  of  the  name 
Thomas  Sanford  is  in  the  Town  Records  of  Dorchester,  Mass.  If 
any  vital  records  were  kept  there  they  are  lost.  This  place  was 
settled  in  1630,  but  no  lands  were  allotted  till  April  3,  1633.     It 


is  now  a  part  of  Boston  and  called  South  Boston  and  Dorchester. 
The  town  records  begin  January  16,  1632.  The  first  settlers  prior 
to  1636  were  one  hundred  and  thirty  eight  in  number,  and  Thomas 
Sanford  was  one  of  them.  He  was  made  a  Freeman  March  9,  1637. 
This  right  or  title  conferred  upon  the  holder  the  right  of  suffrage 
and  also  an  advantage  in  the  division  of  lands.  The  principal 
qualification  for  this  position  was  church  membership. 

A  freeman  was  required  to  be  of  godly  walk  and  con^^ersation, 
to  be  at  least  twenty  years  of  age,  to  take  an  oath  of  allegiance  to 
the  government  of  Massachusetts,  to  be  worth  £200,  to  hold  office 
if  elected  or  pay  a  fine  of  forty  shillings,  to  vote  at  all  elections 
or  pay  the  same  fine.  In  the  first  batch  of  twenty  four  made  Free- 
man the  name  of  Thomas  Sanford  does  not  appear.  The  first 
official  entry  or  record  of  Thomas  Sanford  in  this  country  is  to  be 
found  in  the  Dorchester  Toivn  Records  {original),  page  12,  of 
Novemher  22,  1634,  to   wit: — 

"It  is  ordered  that  Thomas  Thornton,  Thomas  Sandford, 

Henry  Wright  shall  have  four  akers  of  ground  on  the  west 

side  of  the  way  by  Mr.  Hawthorne's  by  the  brooke  on  Rox- 

bury  boundes. " 

Ibid,  page  18,  January  4,  1635,  Thomas  Sandford  was  alloted 
sixteen  acres  in  the  same  locality. 

Ibid,  page  19,  February  18,  1635,  Goodman  Sampford  was 
allotted  two  acres  in  the  fresh  marsh  nearest  the  town. 

The  title  "Goodman"  is  another  evidence  of  his  good  standing 
since  it  was  bestowed  only  upon  worthy  citizens. 

"Dorchester,  Mass.,  Town  Voter  pg.  15,  17  April  1635.  It  is 
agreed  with  Thomas  Thornton  and  Thomas  Sanford  to  undertake 
the  keepeing  of  the  cowes  for  the  space  of  seven  moneths  to  begin 
the.  15  of  April  for  which  they  are  to  have  5s  3d  the  cowes  if  there 
be  six  score,  if  not  so  many  the  owners  of  the  cowes  are  to  make 
up  their  pay  to  £31  10s,  if  there  be  more  they  are  to  take  their 
advantage  and  this  to  be  payed  the  one  half  in  May  and  the  other 
halfe  at  the  7  month's  end. 

In  consideration  whereof  the  foresayd  prtys  promise  to 
fetch  all  the  cowes  from  Jonathan  Gillets  house  to  Mr.  "Woolcotts, 
and  from  John  Greenways  to  Walter  Filers  and  to  drive  them  forth 
in  the  morning  an  bower  after  sun  rising,  and  at  coming  in  to  drive 
throu  and  turn  over  the  bridge  those  that  are  beyond  that  way,  also 
one  of  them  doth  promise  to  keep  them  every  lord's  day  and  the 
plantation  to  find  another  according  as  shall  be  agreed  in  an  equall 

Ibid,  page  22,  1636:  "It  is  ordered  that  Mathias  Sension  and 
Thomas  Sampford  shall  keep  the  cowes  this  year  (J637)  to  begin 
the  17  Aprill  and  to  continue  the  keepeing  them  till  the  15  Novem- 


ber,  to  have  for  their  pay  in  keeping  five  shill  the  head  for  as  many 
as  are  brought  in  the  sayd  five  shill  p'  head  to  be  payd  one  third 
in  hand,  one  third  at  halfe  the  tyme,  the  other  at  the  end  of  the 

It  is  also  ordered  that  all  that  have  eowes  shall  put  them  to 
the  keepers  to  be  keept  in  the  ordinary  cowe  pasture,  and  none  to 
be  put  away  at  the  Necke  of  Land  or  keepe  them  otherwise  about 
the-  Towne  or  from  the  herd,  on  payne  of  ten  shillings  for  (sich) 
offending.  Also  that  all  that  live  Northwards  from  the  meeting 
house  shall  (have)  their  eowes  into  the  open  place  before  the  meet- 
ing house  within  an  houer  of  sunne  rising  and  their  keepers  to  be 
ready  to  drive  them  away  and  to  be  ready  to  blow  their  home  along 
the  towne,  and  whosoever  bring  not  their  eowes  before  Mr.  Stough- 
ton's  house  within  an  houer  sunne  rising  the  keeper  shall  stay  no 
longer  (but)  drive  away  those  which  are  redy  to  the  pasture,  and 
those  which  through  their  (owne)  neglect  have  their  eowes  behind 
shall  not  make  that  any  Basse  of  payment  to  the  keepers." 
Ibid,  March  9,  1636-7.  He  was  admitted  freeman  of  Mass.  Bay 

"Ibid,  pg.  36,  March  18,  1637:  Allotted  to  Thomas  Sampford  in 
necke,  two  akers,  one  quarter,  twenty  four  rodes. 
"Ibid,  page  47,  April  1,  1640:  "Ordered  that  Thomas  Sampford 
(two  others)  shall  have  each  one  aker  an4  halfe  of  marsh  in  Mr. 
Hawkin's  necke  which  was  formerly  granted  them  but  not  book- 

The  last  grant  or  rather  "booking"  of  a  grant  was  made  as 
the  record  states,  to  confirm  an  oral  grant  previously  made. 

There  is  no  record  of  the  marriage  of  Thomas  Sanford  to  be 
found  in  the  Registry  Department  Records  of  Dorchester  or  Bos- 
ton, nor  in  the  History  of  Dorchester  by  the  Dorchester  Antiquar- 
iun  and  Historical  Society  published  in  1859,  nor  in  James  Sav- 
age's great  work,  ''The  Dictionary  of  the  First  Settlers  of  New 
England" ,  nor  of  the  birth  of  two  or  of  any  of  his  children. 

The  Thomas  Sanford  of  whom  we  have  absolute  records  had 
seven  children.  I  find  no  record  of  the  birth  of  the  first  two,  Ezek- 
iel  and  Sarah.  The  other  five  were  born  in  Milford  every  two 
years,  and  I  think  it  fair  to  assume  the  same  separation  as  to  all 
the  children,  which  would  make  Ezekiel  bom  in  1637  and  Sarah 
in  1639. 

Thus  we  learn  from  the  History  of  Dorchester  that  Thomas 
Sanford  entered  into  an  agreement  to  look  after  the  town  cows  for 
the  season  of  1635,  and  also  for  the  season  of  1637.  It  would  appear 
also  from  the  grants  of  land  to  him  that  he  remained  in  Dorches- 
ter till  1638  or  9,  and  possibly  1640.  The  grant  to  him  April  1, 
1640  was  made  to  perfect  an  oral  grant  previously  made.     But 


would  it  have  been  done  had  he  abandoned  Dorchester  for  parts 
unknown?  I  can't  say.  There  .is  no  record  of  the  transfer  by  him 
of  any  of  the  lands  allotted  to  him.    They  were  simply  "booked". 

Pynchon's  jVLvrriage  to  Widow  Sajstford. 

After  giving  a  brief  sketch  of  Thomas,  which  I  have  already 
related,  the  History  of  Dorchester  further  says: — 

"Very  possibly  it  was  his  (Thomas')  widow  who  married 
William  Pynchon  of  Roxbury  (adjoining  town)  before  his 
removal  to  Agawam  (Springfield).  If  so,  she  was  widow  Fran- 
cis Smith  at  the  time  of  her  marriage  with  Sanford,  for  she 
had  a  son,  Henry  Smith  who  was  a  "godly  wise  young  man" 
and  removed  to  Agawam  with  his  parents." 
The  first  name  on  John  Eliot's  Record,  Roxbury  Church  ilem- 
bers  is: — 

]\Ir.  William  Pinchon:  his  wife  died  soon  after  he  landed  at 
Xew  Eng.  [in  1630].  "After  some  years  he  married  Mrs.  Francis 
Sanford,  a  grave  matron  of  the  church  at  Dorchester  *  *  *  his 
rteughter  Ann  was  married  to  Mr.  Smith,  son  to  Mrs.  Sanford  by  a 
former  husband."  He  went  in  [1636]  to  Agawam  [Springfield] 
[Boston  Bee.  Comrs.  Report  vi  73] . 

The  foregoing  items  in  the  History  of  Dorchester  and  in  the 
Roxbury  Church  Records  have  given  me  and  others  a  good  deal 
of  concern  and  trouble.  Evidently  they  also  did  the  writer  of 
the  former  work,  since  he  used  the  two  doubtful  phrases  or  terms 
"very  possibly"  and  "if  so."  Now  if  we  knew  the  time  of  the 
marriage  of  the  widow  to  Mr.  Pynchon  it  might  help  us  a  little 
but  no  light  can  be  obtained  from  either  the  Dorchester  or  Rox- 
bury Church  records  on  this  point.  Several  antiquarians  hold  to 
the  belief  that  Mr.  Pinchon  removed  to  Agawam  (Springfield) 
as  early  as  1636  and  not  later  than  1638.  {See  Boston  Record 
Commissioners  Report  Vol.  VI,  73). 

Mr.  Pinchon  was  a  man  of  more  than  ordinary  capacity  and 
importance.  His  residence  in  England  was  near  Chelmsford  Essex 
Co.,  and  not  far  distant  from  Stanstead  Mountfitchet,  where 
Thomas  Sanford  resided.  He  was  one  of  the  Patentees  and  named 
in  the  Royal  Charter  of  March  4,  1629.  He  wrote  a  book  which 
had  a  second  edition.  In  this  he  expressed  some  religious  opinions 
of  his  own  which  led  him  to  think  it  wisest  to  hastily  go  back  to 
England.  In  1630,  he  came  over  in  the  fleet  with  Winthrop  with  a 
wife  and  four  children.  His  wife  died  very  soon  after  reaching 
this  e©«ntry.    He  died  in  England  in  October,  1662,  aged  seA'enty- 


two  years,  showing  him  to  have  been  forty  eight  years  of  age  in 
1638.  Widow  Francis  Smith  came  over  also  in  1630  with  a  "godly 
wise  son. ' '  She  died  in  England,  Oct.  10,  1657.  Their  deaths  and 
the  fact  that  in  1630  she  had  a  "godly  wise  son"  would  indicate 
that  they  were  of  about  the  same  age.  Then  again  she  bore,  so  far 
as  it  is  known,  no  children  to  Mr.  Pinchon.  In  the  "New  'Eng- 
land Historical  and  Genealogical  Register,"  Vol.  13,  pg.  294,  is  a 
letter  bearing  on  the  subject  written  by  Mr.  Pinchon,  Apr.  2,  1645, 
to  Gov.  Winthrop,  but  it  sheds  little  or  no  light.  In  it  he  says, 
"She  (widow  Sanford)  ■  dwelt  with  my  son  Smith  sundry  years 
and  she  was  servant  to  me  in  Dorchester  before  she  came  to  my 
son."  A  note  adds,  "Widow  Francis  Smith  had  a  son  Henry  to 
whom  he  probably  refers,  a  wise  and  godly  young  man."  The  name 
of  the  only  son  of  IVLr.  Pinchon  was  John,  proving  that  it  was  her 
son  that  he  calls  my  son.  Smith.  It  looks  to  me  very  probable  since 
she  was  servant  to  Mr.  Pinchon  in  Dorchester  where  he  first  set- 
tled, and  before  she  "dwelt  with  my  (her)  son  Smith",  that  she 
came  over  as  Pinchon 's  servant  and  remained  such  till  he  removed 
to  Roxbury,  when  she  went  into  the  house  newly  acquired  by  her 
godly  wise  son  Smith  there  in  Dorchester,  where  Mr.  Pinchon  a 
little  later  married  her.  This  explanation,  conforming  to  the  little 
we  do  know,  is  so  in  the  natural  order  of  things  that  it  seems  plain. 
Widow  Frances  must,  at  the  latest,  have  gone  into  Pinchon 's  home 
on  the  death  of  his  wife,  to  conform  to  the  known  facts. 

Thomas  Sanford  did  not  reach  this  country  so  far  as  we  know 
till  1634,  some  four  years  after  widow  Francis'  arrival  and  was 
chostn  in  December  of  that  year  to  drive  the  cows  the  following 
season.  For  these  reasons  I  do  not  think  it  possible  or  even  proba- 
ble that  Thomas  married  widow  Francis  Smith  witi  her  godly 
wise  son,  who  was  probably  near  Thomas'  age.  If  he  did,  who 
was  the  mother  of  Thomas'  first  two  children  who  have  no  known 
birth?  Surely  not  widow  Francis  since  she  bore  no  children  to 
Pinchon.  If  she  did  bear  children  to  Thomas  why  did  she  not 
take  them  to  Pinchon  on  her  marriage  to  him  after  Thomas'  death, 
as  the  History  of  Dorchester  says  was  "very  possibly"  the  case. 
It  seems  to  me  plain  that  as  Thomas'  name  disappeared  from  the 
records  at  Dorchester,  and  as  the  writer  of  the  History  of  Dorches- 
ter could  not  find  him  and  knowing  of  the  marriage  of  widow 
Francis  Sanford  guessed,  as  he  had  disappeared,  that  he  had  died 
and  that  she  must  have  been  his  widow. 

Nor  will  it  hardly  do  to  say  that  she  came  over  as  the  wife  of 


some  other  Sanford  since  she  must  have  gone  into  Mr.  Pinchou's 
home  very  soon  to  comply  with  the  statement  of  Mr.  Pinchon  that 
she  Tvas  his  servant  before  going  into  the  house  of  her  son,  for 
'"sundry  years".  It  is  possible,  of  course,  that  she  may  have 
married  Ezekiel,  father  of  Thomas  Sanford  and  that  he  died  soon 
after  or  before  his  arrival  as  did  the  wife  of  Mr.  Pinchon,  though 
I  hardly  think  it  likely. 

Thomas  Sanford  of  Dorchester  and  Milford  Same  Man. 

After  all  is  said  I  am  so  strong  in  my  opinion  that  it  amounts 
to  a  conviction  that  the  Thomas  Sanford  of  Dorchester  and  the 
Thomas  of  Milford  were  one  and  the  same  person.  My  reasons  for 
so  thinking  in  addition  to  what  I  have  already  stated  are  as  fol- 
lows : — 

In  the  first  place  the  age  of  the  Thomas  of  Milford  well  fits 
the  Thomas  of  Dorchester. 

Second,  the  early  records  of  all  the  coast  towns  of  Massachu- 
setts, also  of  Hartford,  Windsor  and  Wethersfield,  Ct.,  do  not 
show  any  Thomas  except  at  Dorchester,  the  young  son  Thomas  of 
Richard  in  Boston,  and  Thomas  Stanford  (later  Sanford)  of  Fal- 
mouth, Me.  (Portland).  William  Prescott  Greenlaw,  Librarian  of 
the  New  Eng.  Hist.  Gen.  Society,  is  a  descendant  of  the  latter. 
He  can  find  no  record  of  his  having  been  in  Falmouth,  before  1652 
and  believes  he  was  an  original  emigrant  to  that  place.  He  had 
only  one  son,  Robert.  Mr.  Greenlaw  and  Mr.  Hodges  have  worked 
out  the  history  of  the  family  pretty  thoroughly  and  it  is  certain 
that  he  could  not  have  been  the  Thomas  of  Milford.  Mr.  Hodges 
is  a  Sanford  t»x  blood  and  ha^  made  great  research  to  find  his 
ancestor  John.  He  has  preserved  all  his  data  in  two  Mss.  vol 
umes.  The  Thomas  of  Milford  certainly  came  to  this  country  and 
it  is  not  at  all  likely  that  he  landed  and  went  on  at  once  with  two 
children  to  Milford.  If  so,  he  was  married  in  England,  which  the 
records  do  not  show. 

Third,  The  writer  of  the  statement  in  the  History  of  Dorches- 
ter that  "very  possibly"  it  was  Thomas'  widow  who  married  Mr. 
Pinchon  shows  that  he  was  in  grave  doubt  of  the  fact. 

Fourth,  That  James  Savage  in  his  great  work,  Yol.  4,  pg.  15, 
states  that  Thomas  Sanford  of  Dorchester  went  to  Milford. 

Fifth,  That  as  the  Thomas  of  Dorchester  disappears  from  there, 
a  Thomas  appears  in  Milford  with  two  children.    Where  were  they 


born  if  not  in  Dorchester,  the  vital  records  of  which  place  are  lost  ? 
There  was  no  other  Thomas  to  be  their  father. 

Sixth,  We  know  from  history  that  as  early  as  1634,  there  were 
as  many  as  four  thousand  Englishmen  in  the  coast  towns  of  Massa- 
chusetts, that  they  were  overcrowded  and  must  have  more  room. 
But  little  advance  had  been  made  westward.  Up  to  this  time  the 
people  had  hung  to  the  shore  of  the  bay.  The  Indians  were  back 
in  the  woods  all  about  them  and  though  they  were  peaceable  for 
many  years,  the  people  dreaded  to  go  back  in  the  woods  to  chop 
out  homes.  But  they  were  compelled  to  do  so  and  did  steadily  on 
from  1635. 

Trials  and  Troubles  op  Early  Settlers. 

The  life  of  the  settlers  as  we  can  readily  see,  and  as  we  know 
from  history,  was  a  hard,  bitter  and  most  severe  struggle.  As  a 
proof  of  this,  reference  need  only  be  made  to  the  great  mortality 
of  the  Pilgrims  who  came  over  in  the  Mayflower.  This  vessel  got 
into  Cape  Cod  Bay  Nov.  11,  1620,  with  an  even  hundred  people 
aboard.  For  five  weeks  they  remained  on  the  vessel  except  that 
small  parties  explored  the  coast  for  the  best  site  for  a  town.  The 
place  they  selected  had  already  been  named  Plymouth  by  John 
Smith.  Log  huts  were  built  and  in  these  the  Pilgrims  passed  the 
long  winter.  At  its  close  fifty  one  of  the  hundred  had  died.  Ten 
years  later,  in  1630,  the  population  of  Plymouth  was  but  three  hun- 

For  a  time  there  was  some  confusion  among  the  towns  as  to 
rulers,  laws,  &c.  But  in  one  thing  they  were  in  great  accord  and 
that  was  their  hatred  of  Episcopacy  from  the  power  of  which  they 
had  left  England.  They  became  practically  all  eongregationalists, 
or,  at  least,  those  in  authority.  It  was  soon  decreed  that  no  one 
not  a  member  of  that  church  could  hold  office  or  even  vote,  and 
this  was  the  law  for  many  years.  To  such  an  extent  did  they 
carry  church  fealty  and  doctrine  that  on  October  27,  1659,  two 
Quakers  were  hung  on  Boston  Common  for  preaching  their  ' '  nefar- 
ious doctrines,"  and  in  the  following  year  Mary  Dyer  was  hung 
June  1,  1660,  for  the  same  reason.  One  Jeffrey  Pride  was  sentenced 
to  be  hung  at  the  same  time,  but  he,  at  the  last  moment,  renounced 
the  principles  of  the  Friends  and  he  was  released.  Mrs.  Dyer 
would  no  recant  and  so  she  was  hung,  dying  with  this  message 
on  her  lips,  "I  have  been  reserved  for  this — to  free  the  land 
from  spiritual  tyranny."     Many  hold  that  her  martyrdom   did 


do  this  more  than  any  other  single  act  in  our  history.  So  we  see 
matters  and  things  were  not  altogether  pleasant  and  lovely  with 
our  Puritan  forefathers. 

As  early  as  1633,  one  John  Oldham,  went  west  through  the 
forests  to  the  Connecticut  valley  and  returned  with  glowing 
accoxints  as  to  timber,  soil,  climate,  streams,  &c.  Two  years  later 
a  few  Pioneers  from  Dorchester,  led  by  the  pastor  of  the  church 
witlh  many  of  its  members,  went  through  the  wilderness  to  the 
Plymouth  fort  at  Windsor,  now  only  eight  miles  north  of  Hartford, 
where  they  settled,  while  another  party  from  Watertown,  Mass., 
went  a  little  farther  and  came  to  a  halt  upon  the  site  of  Wethers- 
field,  immediately  south  of  Hartford.  In  June,  1636,  the  Rev. 
Thomas  Hooker  of  Newton,  (now  Cambridge),  with  practically  his 
entire  congregation,  set  out  through  the  woods  for  Hartford,  Ct. 
In  May,  1637,  there  were  eight  hundred  people  in  Windsor,  Hart- 
ford and  Wethersfield.  On  January  14,  1639,  the  Freemen  of 
these  three  towns  assembled  at  Hartford  and  adopted  a  Constitu- 
tion. It  was,  says  John  Fiske  in  his  "Beginnings  of  New  Eng- 
land," "The  first  written  Constitution  known  to  history  that 
created  a  government". 

New  Haven,  only  forty  miles  southwest  of  Hartford,  was  not 
settled  till  the  spring  of  1638.  The  next  year,  says  John  Fiske  in 
his  "Beginnings  of  New  England"  page  134,  "a  swarm  from  this 
new  town  settled  in  Milford,"  a  place  some  ten  miles  southwest. 

Thus  we  learn  that  as  early  as  1635  the  neighbors  of  Thomas 
Sanford  of  Dorchester  were  "pulling  up  stakes"  and  journeying 
through  the  woods  as  far  as  to  Hartford,  Ct.  He  knew  all  about 
this  emigration.  He  did  not  go  with  the  first  emigrants  for  the 
very  good  reason,  as  I  conceive  it,  that  he  was  under  contract  to 
drive  the  cows  at  Dorchester  and  did  for  the  years  1635  and  7. 

The  Settlement  in  Milford. 

It  is  universally  understood  and  held  by  all  descendants  of 
Thomas  Sanford  who  have  looked  into  the  matter,  and  it  is  also 
stated  in  aU  records  concerning  him,  that  he  was  one  of  the  original 
forty-four  pionee?  settlers  of  Milford  in  November,  1639.  This  has 
all  arisen  from  the  fact  that  his  name  appears  in  the  Town  Records 
of  Milford  as  an  original  Pioneer. 

He  may  have  been,  I  do  not  dispute  it.  But  I  have  a  serious 
doubt  as  to  his  having  gone  to  Milford  in  1639.  My  reasons  for 
so  doubting  it  are  as  follows: — 

Thomas    Sanford's    lot   was    in    third    block    from    the    left. 


First,  It  will  be  remembered  that  he  was  granted  land  at 
Dorchester  April  1,  1640,  "formerly  granted  but  not  booked". 
It  is  true,  but  would  it  have  been  done  had  he  abandoned  that 
place  and  gone  far  into  the  interior?  He  did  not  join  the  First 
Church  of  Milford  till  January  9,  1642,  and  his  wife  Sarah,  not 
till  December,  1642.  In  all  seriousness,  I  ask :  Would  he  have  been 
made  a  Free  Planter  in  November,  1639,  or  even  granted  land  till 
he  had  joined  the  church?  I  do  not  understand  or  believe  that  he 

Second,  There  is  some  doubt  among  antiquarians  as  to  accept- 
ing the  later  names  in  the  Town  Records  as  Pioneers  of  1639. 
The  original  first  volume  of  the  Town  Records,  as  I  am  informed 
by  Frank  Famsworth  Starr,  genealogist  of  Middletown,  Ct.,  is 
not  in  existence.  The  first  original  volume  of  Town  Records  begins 
in  1680  and  the  Town  Votes  in  1691.  The  original  Church  Records 
are  extant.  In  January,  1677,  a  committee  was  appointed  "to  tran- 
scribe out  ye  old  books  what  is  necessary  and  of  use."  This  was 
done  and  constitutes  the  only  existing  first  volume  of  Town  Records. 
It  consists  of  a  brief  abstract  of  lands  granted  or  obtained  by 
purchase,  with  the  names  of  the  Free  Planters  of  November  20, 
1639.  The  list  of  Free  Planters  consists  of  forty-four  names.  That 
of  our  Thomas  is  number  thirty  two  in  the  list.  It  is  thought  by 
some  antiquarians  due  to  minor  incidents  and  facts  that  have 
arisen  in  the  study  of  the  history  of  the  later  names  in  the  list, 
that  the  last  part  of  the  list  did  not  go  to  jVIilford  till  immediately 
subsequent  to  1639,  though  the  committee,  thirty-eight  years  after- 
wards, put  them  all  down  as  Pioneers  of  1639. 

There  is  a  tradition  still  held  by  some  Sanfords  that  thp 
Pioneers  to  Milford  were  made  up  wholly,  or  in  large  part,  by 
discontented  settlers  at  Dorchester,  and  Watertown,  Mass.,  a  town 
only  a  few  miles  away,  that  they  formed  a  party  and  proceeded 
westward  through  the  woods,  taking  their  stock,  pigs,  hens,  and 
goods  with  them,  that  it  took  several  weeks  to  reach  Hartford,  from 
which  place  they  went  on  to  New  Haven,  about  forty  miles  south- 
west, where  they  spent  one  night,  going  on  the  next  day  to  Milford. 
I  hardly  think  this  story  creditable.  Would  people  be  likely  to  go 
that  distance  into  a  native  forest  to  settle  so  late  in  the  year  as 
November?  Fiske,  as  I  have  stated,  says  it  was  settled  by  a 
"swarm"  from  New  Haven  less  than  ten  miles  distant.  I  think 
this  the  more  reasonable.    In  all  likelihood,  the  men  went  to  Milford 


from  New  Haven  in  the  summer  of  1639  and  built  cabins  into 
which  they  took  their  families  in  November. 

However,  and  whoever  the  Pioneers  to  Milford  were,  they 
selected  a  tract  on  the  banks  of  a  small  stream  with  a  fine  cascade 
which  took  the  eye  of  Washington  in  October,  1789,  while  on  one 
of  his  trips  from  New  York  to  Boston  and  was  noted  in  his  diary. 
There  they  went  to  work  clearing  the  forest.  The  settlement  was 
not  far  from  the  shore  of  Long  Island  Sound. 

{See  picture  of  the  village  at  an  early  date  with  names  of  the 
lot  owners  and  the  stockade  to  protect  the  people  against  a  surprise 
or  sudden  attach  by  the  Indians.) 

There  were  forty  odd  heads  of  families  in  the  town  including 
those  who  joined  them  sufficiently  soon  after  to  be  called  original 
settlers.  The  town  was  certainly  made  up  of,  or  at  least  contained, 
strong,  able  men.  Quite  a  number  of  them  rose  to  great  distinction 
in  the  colony.  Among  these  John  Law  was  governor  of  the  Colony 
of  Coiiecticut  from  1742  to  1750,  and  Robert  Treat  Governor  and 
Deputy  Governor  for  thiiiy  years. 

Antiquarians  tell  us  that  when  the  party  went  from  Dorchester, 
]VIass.,  to  Windsor,  Ct.,  led  by  the  Pastor,  they  took  the  church 
records  with  them  across  the  country  and  that  they  were  lost  on 
the  way  or  after  reaching  Windsor.  If  this  be  so,  it  readily 
explains  why  almost  nothing  can  be  learned  at  Dorchester  in  the 
way  of  early  marriages,  deaths,  baptisms,  etc. 

It  is  a  shame  that  they  were  lost  since  they  would,  no  doubt, 
give  us  Thomas  Sanford's  marriage  and  the  birth  of  his  first  two 
children.  It  is  my  opinion  and  belief  that  Thomas  Sanford  married 
in  Dorchester  and  that  his  first  two  children  were  born  there.  It 
is  also  my  opinion  and  belief  that  he  remained  there  till  after 
April,  1640,  when  the  parcel  of  land  was  granted  to  him  that  had 
been  previously  only  "booked"  to  him.  He  was  surely  in  Milford 
in  January,  1642,  when  he  joined  the  church.  His  third  child, 
Mary,  is  recorded  in  the  records  of  the  First  Church  of  Milford  as 
born  January,  1641,  which  is  presumptive  proof  that  she  was  born 

Arrival  op  Sanfords  in  America. 

It  appears  to  me  from  all  that  can  now  be  learned  that  Thomas 
at  least  came  to  this  country  prior  to  1634  and  probably  in  1632 
with  his  uncle  Andrew  Warner,  since  land  was  booked  to  him  in 
November  of  that  year.     Naturally,  he  had  to  become  settled  and 


show  that  he  was  a  worthy  man,  and  also  to  join  the  church  before 
he  could,  as  I  understand  it,  receive  a  grant  of  land.  There  is  no 
record  in  Dorchester,  Boston,  or  any  other  place  along  the  coast, 
of  Robert  or  Andrew.  They  first  appear  in  the  records  at  Hart- 
ford in  about  1640.  In  addition  to  Robert,  Andrew  and  Zachary 
in  Hartford  there  was  a  Nathaniel  Sanford  who  went  there  at 
about  the  same  time.  He  died  early,  leaving  only  one  child. 
Mary.  His  early  death  deprives  us  of  any  clue  to  him  by  the 
naming  of  his  children. 

There  was  also  a  Richard  Sanford  who  came  to  Boston  in  or 
prior  to  1640  with  at  least  four  children,  Robert,  John,  Mary  and 
Thomas.  All  these  names  are  familiar  Sanford  names  and  I  cannot 
help  thinking  and  believing  that  Richard  was  closely  related  to 
Thomas.  I  would  be  disposed  to  think  him  as  uncle,  but  Mr. 
Hoppin's  article  seems  to  disprove  this.  Of  the  eight  children  of 
Robert,  one-half  of  them  were  given  the  same  names  as  four  of  the 
eight  children  of  Robert  of  Hartford. 

It  is  possible  and  perhaps  quite  likely  that  Robert  and  Andrew 
did  not  come  over  till  perhaps  1640-1,  when  they  were  tv.-enty-five 
and  twenty-three  years  of  age,  but  I  do  feel  and  believe  that 
Thomas,  at  least,  came  with  his  uncle  Andrew  Warner  in  1632. 
He  was  then  twenty-four  years  old.  In  1640,  Robert  and  Andrew 
had  become  men  and  called  to  shift  for  themselves.  They  knew 
they  would  be  welcomed  by  their  brother  Thomas  and  by  their 
uncle,  Andrew  Warner.  Reaching  Dorchester,  they  found  a 
congested  population  and  the  land  allotted,  or  at  least  the  best  of 
it.  They  found  also,  if  they  had  not  learned  before  coming,  that 
their  uncle  had  gone  far  into  the  interior.  Glowing  reports  were 
current  of  the  milder  climate  and  rich  lands  in  the  Connecticut 
Valley.  Emigration  parties  or  bands  were  every  now  and  then 
forming  to  go  to  the  interior.  What  more  natural  than  that  Robert 
and  Andrew,  vigorous  and  full  of  adventure,  should  be  anxious 
to  go  to  their  Uncle  Andrew  at  Hartford  where  were  greater 
opportimities.  It  looks  to  me  quite  likely  that  they  did  soon  join 
an  emigrant  train  in  the  last  half  of  the  year  1640  or  in  1641  and 
that  Thomas,  with  his  wife  and  two  children,  went  with  them  to 
Hartford,  where  Robert  and  Andrew  settled.  Thomas  -with  his 
family,  pretty  soon  after  for  some  reason  went  on  to  Milford.  This 
account  of  his  movements  meet  all  the  early  records  of  Thomas, 
excepting  the  record  that  he  was  a  pioneer  of  Milford  in  1639, 
which,  it  seems  to  me,  is  satisfactorily  explained.     Just  when  they 


came  and  how  they  moved  about  cannot  now  be  definitely  ascer- 
tained.   We  can  only  deal  in  what  was  most  probable. 

Thomas  Sanpord  Could  Read  and  Write. 

It  is  indeed  gratifying  to  learn  that  Thomas  Sanford,  the 
founder  of  our  great  family,  could  read,  write  and  ' '  cast  accompts. ' ' 
For  centuries  prior  to  the  birth  of  Thomas  three-fourths  of  the' 
population  of  England  were  villains  (slaves  in  a  state  of  serfdom). 
When  he  emigrated  to  America  three-fourths  of  the  people  of 
England  could  neither  read  nor  write.  He  could  write  and,  of 
course,  read,  as  is  shown  by  his  signature  to  the  report  on  the  search 
for  Whalley  and  Goffe  and  also  by  his  signature  to  the  deed  to  his 
son  Ephraim  given  in  this  article.  His  ability  to  read  and  write  was, 
in  all  probability,  due  to  the  wise  and  sagacious  provision  in  his 
grandfather's  will  requiring  all  "my  sayed  children  and  every  of 
them  to  be  enstructed  and  taught  to  wright,  read  and  cast 
accompts"  (accounts).  The  will  of  the  grandfather,  Thomas  San- 
ford, shows  him  to  have  been  not  only  a  successful  man,  but  a 
thoughtful,  sagacious  man,  deeply  interested  in  his  family's  wel- 
fare. He  wisely  educated  his  children,  well  knowing  they  would  do 
the  same  with  their  children.  I  do  not  think  a  grander  spirit,  a 
more  tender  and  loving  parent  has  arisen  in  the  family  since  his 
demise,  Apr.  6,  1597,  at  Much  Hadham,  Hertford,  England. 

I  am  pleased  to  note  that  what  meagre  records  there  are  of 
■Thomas  while  living  in  Milford  show  that  he  was  an  active,  enter- 
prising citizen,  and  bore  his  part  in  public  matters,  though  he  did 
not  achieve  distinction  in  a  political  way. 

Thomas  Sanpord  Allotted  Land  in  Milford. 

In  Vol.  1,  page  4,  of  the  Land  Records  is  this  curious  and 
almost  unintelligible  edict,  to  wit: — 

At  a  General  Meeting,  Nov.  22,  1643,  It  is  ordered  as  follow- 
eth  that  whosoever  in  Milford  is  entertayned  into  possession  of 
either  meadow  house  lotts  or  house  lotts,  that  he  or  they  all  and 
every  one  for  every  acre  of  house  lott  or  home  lott  or  meadow  or 
part  of  acre  of  which  he  is  possessed  shall  pay  after  the  rate  of 
four  (shillings)  pr  acre  provided  a  man  shall  be  accounted  to 
have  so  many  acres  of  meadow  as  his  proportion,  (illegible)  to 
by  the  rules  of  persons  and  estates  according  to  the  variation  from 
the  aforesaid  number  of  acres  caused  by  reason  of  ye  different 
quality  of  meadow." 

Then  follows  the  allotment  to  forty-six  inhabitants  of  upland, 


meadow  and  house  lot  to  each.  Thomas  Sanford  received  a  fair 
average  with  the  others,  to  wit: — Two  and  three-quarter  acres 
house  lotts,  sixteen  and  one-half  acres  of  upland  and  seven-tenths 
acres  and  sis  poles  meadow.. 

In  Vol.  1,  page  29,  on  November  24,  1651,  Thomas  was  granted 
a  parcel  of  land  on  an  island  over  against  his  own  lot  to  set  a  barn 
and  to  fence  in  a  little  yard,  provided  a  way  be  left  for  the  town 
-to  build  a  bridge  over  the  river. 

At  a  General  Court  held  April  22,  1656,  "Vol.  1,  page  39,  the 
town  gave  to  Thomas,  to  wit : — 

"All  that  piece  of  land  so  far  as  the  water  stands  or  flows 
commonly  called  by  the  name  of  pond  poynt  provided  that  in  his 
drawing  he  does  not  prejudice  neither  carting  or  passage  for  the 
cattell  of  going  that  way  and  that  when  he  hast  passage  for  it  or 
part  of  it  he  shall  take  two  men  indifferent  only  to  size  or  propor- 
tioui  the  same  with  other  land  or  meadow  and  accordingly  he  is 
from  time  to  time  pay  rates  and  maintain  fencing  for  it." 

At  a  General  Court  held  March  19,  1659,  Vol.  1,  page  54, 
Thomas  Sanford  was  with  others  allotted  thirteen  and  one-quarter 

On  December  26,  1660,  at  a  town  meeting,  Thomas  Sanford 
with  another  was  chosen  to  view  a  highway  for  Joseph  Northrup 
lot  by  the  "  "  pond  gate. 

There  are  some  other  instances  where  his  name  appears  in  the 
records  of  the  town,  all  going  to  show  that  he  bore  his  part  and 
held  the  good  opinion  of  his  neighbors,  that  he  was  a  frugal  and 
industrious  citizen,  which  was  shown  by  the  amount  of  his  estate, 
appraised  October  21,  1681,  soon  after  his  death  at  £450-18s-3d. 
Two  of  his  sons,  Bzekiel  and  Samuel  became  quite  wealthy  for 
those  times. 

The  Regicides — Whalley  and  Goffe. 

The  Regicides,  (King  Killers)  Colonels  Edward  Whalley  and 
William  Goffe  skulked  into  Milford,  Ct.,  where  they  remained  in 
hiding  for  a  time  fed  by  the  plain  people  who  were  nearly  all  their 

On  the  success  of  the  great  uprising  of  the  people  in  England, 
led  by  Oliver  Cromwell  against  King  Charles,  the  latter  was 
brought  to  trial  for  high  treason  before  a  commission  of  one 
hundred  and  thirty  appointed  judges.  Only  seventy-four  of  those 
selected  sat  in  judgment,  and  only  fifty-nine  of  these  signed  the 
death  warrant.     Colonels  Whalley  and  Goffe  signed  it.     Colonel 


Whalley's  name  was  the  fourth  and  preceded  only  by  those  of 
John  Bradshaw,  Lord  Thomas  Grey  and  Oliver  Cromwell.  It  was 
a  brave  thing  to  do  as  it  turned  out.  So  long  as  Cromwell  lived 
they  were  safe.  But  he  died  September  3,  1658,  when  his  son 
Kiehard  was  proclaimed  Protector  by  Parliament.  Through  the 
efforts  of  the  Episcopal  and  Presbyterian  Churches,  King  Charles 
the  Second  was  enthroned  as  King  in  May,  1660.  He  turned  out 
to  be  a  weak,  frivolous  and  riotous  ruler  and  got  the  name  of  the 
"Merry  King".  At  once  on  becoming  king,  he  set  out  to  hunt 
down,  imprison  or  kill  all  those  then  living  who  had  signed  the 
death  warrant  of  his  father. 

The  bodies  or  bones  of  Cromwell,  Bradshaw  and  Iraton  were 
taken  out  of  the  tombs  in  Westminster  Abbey  and  hung  from  a 
gallows  all  day  in  a  public  square  in  the  city.  Following  his 
accession  as  king,  twenty-seven  of  the  judges  were  arrested,  tried, 
and  ten  of  these  promptly  executed.  Sixteen  others  of  the  judges 
escaped  and  fled  the  country,  living  the  rest  of  their  lives  in  exile 
and  seclusion.  Messrs.  Whalley,  Goffe  and  Dixwell  came  to  New 
England  in  July,  1660,  where  they  lived  in  eaves,  cellars  or  in  the 
garrets  of  friends  till  death  released  them.  They  were  brave,  strong, 
able  men.  In  several  encounters  with  the  Indians,  Colonel  Goffe 
appeared  out  of  the  darkness,  so  to  speak,  instantly  took  command 
of  the  settlers,  led  them  to  victory  and  as  suddenly  disappeared, 
no  one  knowing  who  he  was  or  whence  he  came. 

In  their  skulking  and  meanderings  to  avoid  arrest.  Colonels 
Whalley  and  Goffe,  as  before  stated,  got  into  Milford,  Ct.,  in  the 
summer  of  1661.  The  English  ofScials  of  Boston  learning  it, 
acting  under  orders  from  England,  came  to  Milford  to  get  them. 
Failing  to  find  them,  they-forced  the  local  officials  to  issue  a  search 
warrant  as  follows: — 
^^  Order  of  Search  for  Col.  Whalkey  akd  Goffe. 

\  {From  Records  at  Milford,  Ct.) 

For  the  Marshalls  or  Deputies  at  Milford 

May  17,  1661. 
You  are  to  make  diligent  search  by  the  first  throughout  the  whole 
town  of  Milford  and  the  precincts  thereof,  taking  with  you  two  or 
three  sufficient  persons  and,  calling  in  any  other  help  you  shall 
have  need  of  who  are  hereby  required  for  your  assistance  upon 
call ;  And  this  to  be  in  all  dwelling  houses,  barns  or  otlier  build- 
ings, whatsoever  and  all  vessel  in  the  harbor  for  the  finding  and 
apprehending  of  Col.  Whalley  and  Col.  Goffe,  who  stand  charged 




is.,-:- -  .  ;^„««fe^ 

MAS     SANFORD,     THE     POUNDER     OP     THE     FAMILY 
Date    March    23,    1674 


with  crimes  as  by  His  Majesty's  letter  appears;   and  being  found 

you  are  to  bring    them  to  the    Deputy  Governor    or  some  other 

Magistrate  to  be  sent  over  to  England  according  to  His  Majestie's 


Whereof  fail  at  peril.  By  Order  of  General  Court. 

Attest.       : 
Jasper  Crane  : 

Nathan  Gilbert       :         William  Leet,  Dep.  Gov. 
Robert  Treat  : 

In  the  Marshall's  absence  I  do  appoint  and  empower  Thomas  San- 
ford,  Nicholas  Camp  and  James  Tapping  to  the  above  named  power 
according  to  the  tenor  of  the  warrant,  and  to  make  a  return  there- 
of under  your  hand  to  me  by  the  first. 


The  Searchers  appointed  reported  as  follows: — 
We,  the  said  persons  appointed  to  serve  and  search  by  virtue 
of  this  warrant  do  hereby  declare  and  testify  that  to  our  best  light, 
we,  the  20th  day  of  May  1661,  made  diligent  search  according  to 
the  tenor  of  this  warrant  as  witnesses  on  hand. 



JAMES  TAPPING  hisXmark:  Searcher 

The  Regicides  remained  concealed,  the  record  adds,  in  the 
cave  at  West  Rock  in  New  Haven  from  May  15  to  June  11.  It 
is  very  evident  from  the  temper  of  the  people  shown  in  a  work 
entitled,  " Wadsworth  or  the  Charter  Oak,"  that  neither  Thomas 
Sanford  nor  his  co-searchers  hunted  for  them  with  lanterns.  The 
Regicides  had  very  many  narrow  escapes  from  arrest.  Both  died 
in  the  home  of  Rev.  John  Russell  at  Hadley,  Mass.  During  the 
sixteen  years  that  Col.  Goffe  was  under  his  roof  he  was  not  seen 
in  public  but  once. 

It  will  be  noticed  that  our  forefather  wrote  his  name  Sanford 
and  also  that  there  is  no  "d"  in  the  middle  of  the  name  Sanford. 

ORIGIN.VL  Deed  of  Thomas  Sanford. 

Probably  nothing  has  been  found  or  can  be  found  which  will 
more  please  and  interest  the  descendants  of  Thomas  Sanford, 
excepting  possibly  the  discovery  of  his  English  ancestry,  than  the 
finding  at  this  late  dale  of  a  genuine,  original  deed  with  his 
signature,  to  his  son  Ephraim.  This,  with  other  papers  was  passed 
on  Ephraim 's  death  to  his  son  Samuel  and  by  him  to  his  son 
Samuel  and  so  on  to  a  quarter  of  a  century  ago  when  Horatio  Gates 
Sanford  discovered  and  secured  them.     They  were  found  and  kept 



all  these  years  in  a  small  oak  box,  put  together  with  coarse,  hand 
made  nails  and  filed,  "Samuel,  Sept.  9,  1736."  All  descendants 
of  Thomas  everywhere  should  bless  the  memory  of  the  descendants 
of  Ephraim  who  for  so  long  sacredly  kept  and  preserved  these  old 
papers.  There  were  ninety-two  of  them  in  the  box,  several  of  them 
nearly  as  old  as  the  deed  of  Thomas.  But  few  people  can  boast  of 
the  autograph  signature  of  an  ancestor  who  came  to  this  country 
verj-  nearly  as  early  as  the  Pilgrim  Fathers.  These  papers  will  be 
filed  in  the  Connecticut  Historical  Society  for  the  benefit  of  all 
who  may  be  interested. 

In  the  Appendix  is  given  a  list  of  these  papers  with  the  names 
of  all  parties  to  them,  including  witnesses  and  officials,  where  may 
be  seen  and  found  the  original  signatures  of  all  these  parties. 
{See  Ephraim,  son  Samuel  and  his  son  Samuel  for  further  particu- 
lars as  to  several  of  said  old  papers).  • 

The  Deed  Translated  {See  Fac  simile  copy). 

This  Witnesseth  yt.  J,  Thomas  Sanford  of  Milford  have  given 
unto  my  son  Ephraim  Sanford  a  piece  of  Land  Lying  in  yt  Cap- 
tain's Neck  containing  thirty  acres  more  or  less  wth  a  prcell  (parcel) 
of  meadow  in  yt  fresh  meadow  joyning  to  yt  sd  Land — Alsoe  J 
give  unto  him  three  acres  of  meadow  be  it  more  or  less  upon  an 
JsLand  in  Stratford  River  and  alsoe  a  piece  of  Salt  meadow  in 
Oystr  (oyster)  meadow  conteyning  about  two  acres  bounded  with 
G.  M.  (Goodman)  Merwins  meadow  South  W  (southwest)  &  yt 
river  east  and  the  Avood  Land  North,  and  also  a  piece  of  Up  Land 
in  Added  Plaine  conteyning  six  acres  more  or  less.  J  say  all  these 
Abovesd  Pcells  (parcels)  of  Land  and  meadows  J  do  hereby  give 
&  grant  to  my  son  Ephraim  to  him  &  to  his  heirs  quietly  to  Jnjoy 
forever  &  doe  hereby   (torn)   secured  the  Same  unto  him. 

Jn  Witness  w — of  (whereof)  J  have  hereunto  set  my  hand 
^  Thomas   Sanford. 

Witness : 

Alexander  Bryan,  Jun. 
Samuel  Northrup 
28—1—74  (28  March  1674,  old  Style) 

The  above  sd  gift  was  confirmed  before  me. 

Alex.  Bryan. 

Note.  Alexander  Bryan  was  a  Magistrate  and  a  member  of 
the  Upper  House  of  the  Colony  Assembly.  He  always  signed  his 
name  as  the  fac-simile  copy — Alexander  Bryan,  Jun.  was  his  grand- 

Some,  or  possibly  all  the  lands  conveyed  in  the  foregoing  deed. 
were  in  Ephraim 's  estate  on  his  death  in  1686  and  divided  among 
his  children.    In  fact,  the  gift  of  land  in  foregoing  deed  to  Ephraim 


was  confirmed  by  Thomas'  will.  {See  Stratford,  Conn.,  Book  1, 
page  77,  Nov.  6,  1681.)  Our  forebear  used,  as  will  be  noticed,  a 
peculiar  letter  in  his  signature  by  inverting  the  letter  h.  Inverting 
this  letter  as  I  am  informed  by  James  Allen  Kibbe,  the  veteran 
genealogist  of  Warehouse  Point,  Ct.,  was  often  done  in  those 
early  days,  as  also  in  England,  as  I  learn  from  true  copies  of  wills 
sent  to  me.  For  the  capital  letter  "I"  the  writer  used,  as  will  be 
noticed,  the  letter  now  used  for  J.  They  did  not  begin  recording 
deeds  in  Milford  till  about  1685,  and  so  the  above  deed  of  gift  is  not 
on  record. 

The  Village  op  Milford. 

The  village  of  Milford  is  today  a  bright,  enterprising  place  of 
about  four  thousand  people.  A  prominent  man  there  ^\T0te  me 
when  I  began  this  work  that  he  Ivnew  of  but  one  person  bearing  the 
name  of  Sanford  in  Milford,  to  wit,  Ephraim  Sanford,  a  gentleman 
of  some  seventy-five  years.  On  writing  him  not  long  afterwards 
I  learned  from  others  that  he  too  had  passed  away.  The  home  of 
our  family  seems  to  be  entirely  deserted  by  its  descendants,  at 
least  the  name.  Such  is  the  way  of  the  world.  The  place  that  knew 
them,  gave  them  birth,  knows  them  no  more.  But  there  are  good 
men  and  women  there  still.  Though  not  of  our  blood,  they  have 
remembered  us.  As  the  graves  and  headstones  of  the  founders 
of  the  town  had  disappeared  and  become  utterly  unknown,  it  was 
thought  best  to  commemorate  them. 

Accordinglj^,  in  1SS9,  on  the  two  hundred  and  fiftieth  anni- 
versary of  the  founding  of  the  town  a  stone  bridge  was  built  over 
the  stream  which  the  Pioneers  had  some  difficulty  in  crossing  when 
entering  the  town.  The  descendants  of  the  Pioneers  built  a  stone 
tower  at  one  end  of  the  bridge  as  a  memorial  in  their  memory  and 
also  placed  heavy  stones  on  the  battlements  of  the  bridge  in  which 
the  names  of  the  founders  are  cut.  A  cut  of  the  bridge  is  given 
in  this  work.  The  cross  in  this  picture  indicates  the  stone  that  is 
given  to  our  forefather,  Thomas  Sanford,  with  this  inscription, 


Obit  1681 
Thomas  Sanford  died  at  Milford,  October,  1681,  and  was 
buried  there.  No  trace  of  his  grave  or  that  of  his  wife  Sarah  who 
died  in  the  summer  of  that  year  is  known.  Evidently,  he  was  not 
sick  long  since  the  date  of  his  will  is  September  23,  1681,  and  his 
death  October,  1681. 

Strjrttntts  for  ISatng 

First,  read  carefully  '"key  to  work"  at  the  beginning  of  genea- 
logical tables  proper,  on  another  page.  Then  trace  from  the  reeoi'd 
the  ancestry  of  the  two  persons  whose  relationship  you  wish  to  find, 
to  their  first  and  nearest  cammon  ancestor.  From  this  ancestor 
taken  as  generation  No.  1  find  the  number  of  the  generation  of 
each  of  the  two  persons.  Now,  refer  to  the  Chart  and  trace  the 
intersection  of  the  generation  numbers,  so  found  (from  top  and 
left  hand  margins  of  Chart),  where  you  will  find  the  relationship 

Examples.  Find  the  relationship  between  Carlton  E.  Sanford 
(No.  9S05  of  record)  and  Joseph  H.  Sanford  (No.  2919).  Tiuming 
to  No.  9805  we  find  the  ancestry  of  Carlton  E.  to  be :  {Jonah  5063, 
JonaJi  2178,  Benjamin  944,  Jonah  397,  Joseph  136,  Samuel  35, 
Epfiraim  6,  Thomas  1).  Now,  turning  to  No.  2919  we  are  referred 
to  No.  2917  where  we  find  the  ancestry  of  No.  2919  to  be :  {Joseph 
1196,  Isaiah  484,  Joseph  161,  Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  EzeUel  2, 
Thomas  1). 

An  inspection  of  these  ancestors  shows  Thomas,  the  Pioneer, 
to  be  the  first  and  nearest,  common  ancestor,  from  whom  as  first 
Carlton  E.  is  the  9th  and  Joseph  H.  the  8th  generation.  The 
intersection  on  Chart  of  Nos.  9  &  8  or  8  &  9  shows  them  to  be 
12th  cousins. 

Again,  take  Zachariah  Sanford  No.  107  and  David  A.  Sanford 
No.  1719.  From  No.  107  we  are  referred  to  No.  103  where  we  iind 
for  No.  103,  Samuel  23,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1,  and  from  No.  1791 
we  get,  David  762,  David  291,  Samuel  103,  Samuel  23,  Thomas  5, 
Thomas  1.  These  show  Samuel  23  as  nearest  common  ancestor, 
from  whom  as  first  generation,  Zachariah  is  2nd  and  David  Austin 
is  5th  generation.  Tracing  on  Chart  the  intersection  of  2  from  the 
left  with  5  from  tlie  top  and  5  from  the  left  and  2  from  the  top,  we 
get  the  senior  and  jmiior  relationship  to  be  great-great  uncle  and 
great-great  nephew. 

For  practice,  take  Alice  C.  Shepard,  child  of  No.  5063,  and 
Sarah  E.  Lane,  child  of  No.  5048,  and  find  Benjamin  Sanford  as  common  ance-stor,  from  whom  as  first  generation  find  Alice 
to  be  the  4th  and  Sarah  to  be  the  4th  generation,  and  their  relation- 
ship that  of  third  cousins. 


o  -J  4.;  i-^ 

tya'S  fl  "^ 

M  3 

•  S    3 

g  § 

>  3 

"»    3 


_               T3 

.2  *i  *j  a 
^C5  tfig 

.-   0 



S  0 

M  0 




==    ■      S 

M^-  »| 


5  fl 


ja  9 

^    2 


5  a 


bJ3    .    H  *■• 

jq  'S 

bn  3 

9    3 

1  " 

3  -S 

"3  3 

0                ° 






S  0 




.  ^ 


^       ^ 



S    3 


H    3 

-°    3 

S  3 

.a  a 

.9  3 

-3  9 

g  3 

1 3 





>  0 

05  f<. 



S  0 



es         C 

^   *> 

■*J          -w 


CO  toSS 

M  „  a 

jj  "3  ^ 

M  a  ^ 

5  9 

3    3 

__  a 

S    3 

"H    3 

5    3 

a  'S 
»  3 

"So  3 

.9  3 

1  = 

.2  ^  a 


0    0 







^o  2 

a     = 



a  -^  a 


^  a  <i> 

rt        ^ 


>«  £  S 

2  o"S 

T3    Q 

-s  a 

j=  9 

2  3 

5  3 

.3  a 

J3    « 



O    =^CL, 


J3    5 

i-  "3 
3  3 

^  3 

a  'S 




"  >-  rt 


k         o 


0  0 








-  0 



=«      1 


ca--;    3 

g    3 

3    3 

.a  .9 



"S    3 

5  0 

a  '£ 

-^  0 

ao  3 


op  ^ 

0    0 


0    0 




.^  0 

^H             ^ 



=*     g 




-w  9 
.S  3 

8  3 

■a  .9 

-c  a 

3    3 


<4H     2 

"«    3 

5   3 

0  "S 

«  3 

-*  0 


""   5 

t3 . 



5  0 


0    0 



rH     l-        K 







ijo  S 

-M   jj 

cq  -h^ 

^  &  § 

S  s  s 

^&    S 


!^MS    S 


0   V 

■"  ca 
.2  C-i 

0)  .t_i 



^  0 

"S  2.2 

2  a^ 

*-"     CJ     <1» 


■  2.2 
o'^  0 


.  ^  0 


.  -tJ  0 


."  .«•  ja  •»;; 

*J  +^  1^    0 
0    SB 

.  "^ 

-w  c  0 



ca      2 

r-4          -^ 

ci  -"2 

.-1  "Sj^ 




0  7^ 


-^    1-  fO 



0  *J 


0  ^'^ 

0  *i  *i 


-"  J3 

*"  "S 

■^  JJ  IT3 

-"   M-o 

00  he  3 

■"  M  bca 


m   C 

fflO    H 

m   "5   a 

21       .    C 

to   sc  t. 

DO       .  g 

.-,  ca 

— .       ca 

—  2  ca 

•-  *j  ca 

—       ca 


■-•  ^  ^  ca 


CO  ^ 

Th      (5 






mO  M(5 



CO      O 

{4       « 

§    5 

*— 4 









B      •< 

a  s 

£      2 




5  1 



yaaa  « 


®ij?  ®If0ma0  B'anfnrJii  iFamtIg 


KEY  TO  WORK. — Tha  children  are  numbered  consecutively  from  one  to 
the  end.  Each  child  is  given  his  or  her  own  iruiividual  mmiber.  Every  child 
that  married  and  had  a  family  has,  where  birth  is  given,  a  cross  between  the 
number  and  name.  Such  children  are  "carried  forward"  and  their  families 
there  given.  These  can  readily  be  found  ahead  by  the  child's  number  re-ap- 
pearing in  black  and  larger  figures.  The  numbers  carried  forward  appearing 
in  consecutive  order  greatly  aids  the  quick  finding  of  the  number  sought. 

The  small  elevated  figure  following  the  given  name  of  a  person  denotes  his 
or  her  generation.     In  tables  of  children,  the  first  child  only  is  thus  noted. 

Whether  you  are  a  descendant  of  Ezekiel,  Samuel,  Thomas  or  Ephraim 
(the  four  sons  of  Thomas,  fhe  Pioneer),  is  instantly  shown  by  which  of  these 
names  is  the  next  to  last  in  the  descent  cast  (italics)   where  you  appear. 

To  learn  where  all  the  descendants  of  each  of  the  four  sons  can  be  found 
consult  article  in  fore  part  of  this  work,  entitled  "Descendants  of  the  Four 
Sons. ' ' 

ABBREVIATIONS.— b.  (born)  ;  bap.  (baptized)  ;  m.  (married)  ;  unm. 
(unmarried);  d.  (died);  dec.  (deceased);  ab.  (about);  ag.  (aged). 

1.  THOIVIAS  SAXFORD,  b.  [1607-8]  in  Essex  County,  Eng- 
land, and  in  all  probability  at  Hatfield  Broad  Oak ;  d.  Sept.  or  Oct. 
1681,  ^Vlilford,  Conn.  (See  preceding  article  by  Mr.  C.  A.  Hoppin 
on  his  parentage  and  lineage.)  m.  [1636-7]  Sarah,  maiden  name 
unknown,  at  [Dorchester,  Mass.]  She  d.  May  14,  1681  at  Milford, 
Ct.  Her  name  is  not  mentioned  in  her  husband's  will  who  died  in 
the  following  October.  He  was  added  to  the  First  Church  of 
Milford  Jan.  9,  1642  and  she  Dec.  15,  1642.  (See  article  by  the 
author  for  a  fuller  story  of  Thomas  in  America.)  No  stone  marks 
the  gfrave  of  Thomas  or  his  wife  nor  can  it  now  be  located.  The 
author  of  this  work  visited  the  cemetery  of  Milford,  Ct.  in  Sept. 
1909  and  the  oldest  Sanford  stone  he  could  find  was  that  of  Mrs. 
Samuel  Sanford  1726.  "With  people  so  devout  as  they  were  in  those 
early  days,  and  with  a  family  so  well  to  do,  it  is,  indeed,  strange 
if  a  stone  was  not  erected,  and  if  it  was,  that  it  has  not  survived 
to  this  time.  In  all  probability,  a  stone  was  placed  at  their  graves, 
but  of  such  inferior  quality  that  it  crumbled  away.  There  are 
several  early  Sanford  graves  in  close  proximity  in  the  cemetery  and 
no  doubt  the  graves  of  Thomas  and  Sarah,  his  wife,  are  in  their 
midst.  A  suitable,  substantial  and  durable  monument  should  be 
erected  in  this  cemetery  forthwith  to  their  memory.  If  it  should 
not  be  done  now  that  the  situation  has  been  made  known,  it  would 
really  be  a  disgrace  to  the  family.  Steps  should  be  at  once  taken 
to  repair  this  neglect  and  inattention. 


In  September,  1681,  Thomas  Sanford,  evidently  fearing  that  his 
end  was  approaching  made  his  last  will.  His  wife  had  taken  her 
departure  only  four  months  previous,  and,  no  doubt,  this  added 
to  his  many  years  of  toil  and  hardship  hastened  the  coming  of  the 
end  with  him.  The  children  had  long  since  married  and  were 
gone,  with  new  duties  and  cares  of  their  own.  They  were  alone  in 
the  sunset  of  life,  save  for  Sarah  Whitlock  their  maid,  whom 
he  remembered.  The  will  he  made  bespeaks  the  man.  It  is  a  fair, 
just,  sensible  and  equitable  distribution  of  his  estate  and  is  as 
follows : — 


I  Thomas  Sanford,  aforesaid,  being  weak  in  body,  yet  of  perfect  memory 

&  sound  understanding  do  now  make  this  my  last  Will  &  Testament,  in  manner 

and  form  as  followeth. 

First,   I   comitt  my  soul  into  ye  hands  of  God  through  Jesus   Christ,  in 

whom  alone  I  hope  to  be  saved;   and  my  body  to  be  decently  interred,  c&  for 

my  worldly  estate  I  dispose  of  as  followeth. 

Imp :  I  give  unto  my  Eldest  son  Ezekiel  Sanford  twenty  pounds,  besides 
what  I  have  already  given  him.  /  Item.  I  give  unto  my  son  Thomas 
Sanford  ten  pounds,  besides  what  I  have  already  given  him./ 

Item :  I  give  unto  my  son  Ephraim  Sanford  that  piece  of  meadow,  that  I 
bought  of  Mr.  Adam  Blackman  lying  on  an  island  in  Stratford  river, 
contayning  seven  acres,  besides  what  he  hath  had  already./ — 

Item :  I  give  unto  my  daughter  Sarah  Shute,  wife  of  Richard  Shute  of 
East  Chester,  the  sum  of  fifty  shillings,  besides  what  I  have  already 
given  her./ — 

Item :  I  give  trnto  my  daughter  Elizabeth  AUyn,  vrif  e  of  Obadiah  Allyn 
of  Middletovra,  the  sum  of  five  pounds,  besides  what  I  have  already 
given  her./ — 

Item :  My  Will  is  that  my  ingagement  of  twenty  pounds,  to  my  gran- 
daughter  Sarah  Shute,  should  be  fulfilled,  by  my  executor,  as  also  all 
ye  forementioned  bequests,  within  ye  term  of  three  years  after  my 

Item :  I  give  unto  my  grandchild,  Thomas  Allyn,  five  pounds  to  be  payd 
when  he  attains  to  the  age  of  twenty  one  yearsV — 

Item:  I  give  unto  my  son  Samuel  Sanford,  my  dwelling  house,  barns,  out- 
houseing,  with  my  home  lott,  &  all  the  rest  of  my  lands,  both  Arrable 
and  meadow  ground,  within  ye  bounds  of  Milford,  that  I  have  not 
formerly  disposed  of,  with  all  ye  appurtenances  &  Priviledges  there- 
unto belonging,  to  him,  &  his  heyrs  &  assigns  forever.  And  I  do 
hereby  make  my  sd  son  Samuel  Sanford  my  whole  and  sole  executor, 
of  this  my  last  Will  and  Testament.  And  I  do  desire  &  appoint  the 
honored  Major  Robert  Treat  &  Mr.  Daniell  Buckingham  &  Samuell 
Eells  to  be  overseers  to  see  this  my  Will  fulfilled,  and  In  wittness 
that  this  is  my  last  Will  &  testament  I  have  hereunto  sett  my  hand 
&  seal  this  three  and  twentieth  Day  of  September  1681. 

Signed,  sealed  &  Delivered 
In  ye  presence  of  us 

DanieU  Buckingham 

SamueU  Eells 

Jonathan  Laws 

The  above  sd  Thomas  Sanford  did  further  declare  on  ye  26th  day  of  this 
instant  September  that  it  was  his  mind  &  Will  that  his  son  Ezekiel  Sanford 


should  have  five  pounds  more  out  of  his  estate,  &  his  Daughter  Elizabeth 
AHon  should  have  five  pounds  more  out  of  his  estate,  and  that  Sarah  Whit- 
lock  that  was  his  mayd  should  have  fifty  shillings,  &  this  was  done  in  the 
presence  of 

DANIELL  BUCKIxXGHAM  )  ^ittnesses 
SAMUELL    EELLS  p-viunesses. 

Probate  Eecords,  District  of  New  Haven,  Yol.  I,  Part  2,  pg.  82. 

OCTOBEE  21,  1681. 

An  Inventory  of  the  estate  of  Thomas  Sanford  of  Milford  deceased  taken 
&  apprised  by  us  imderwritten. 

First:       His  wearing  Apparell  9  lb.  3  s.  /  2  pillow  Cases,  a  table     lb.       s.       d. 

cloath  &  3  napkins  12  s.  09    :   15    :   00 

2  pavre  of  sheets  &  halfe  a  sheet  2  lb.  4  s./  one  feather- 
bed,'bolster  &  6  pillows  3  lb   10  s.  05    :   14    :   00 

It. :       I  bag  of  feathers  &  an  old  bed  ticking,  2  bags,  1  lb.  2  s./ 

2  coverlitts  &  a  blankett  1  lb.  4  s.  02    :   06    :   00 
Aflocks   &   bolster  &  2  yds.   of  linsy  woolsy   12   s.   /   3 
coverlitts   &   an  old  curtaine   1   lb.    12   s.  02    :   04    :   00 

3  chests  1  lb.  8  s.  /  56  lb.  of  cheese  1  lb.  Is./  one  halfe 
firkin  &  12  lb.  of  butter  7  s.  02    :   08    :   00 
2  payre  of  cards  9  s.  2  sives  2  s.  6  d.  /  2  cheesmatts 

2  s.  6  d.  /  1  cubbard  4  s.   1  tub  of  old  casks  4  s.  00    :   18    :   00 

It. :      5  gaily  pots  &  2  earthen  pots  and  one  glass  4  s.  5  lb.  %  "1 

of  cotton  yarns  3  lb.     %  box  yarns  &  4  lb.  %  of  woolen  I  02   :   13   :  00 
yarns  4  lbs.   of  Unnen  yam  &  a  basket  J 

4  chayxs   11  s.  4  cushins  8   s.   /  a  warming  pan  8  s./ 
29  lb.  y2  of  brass  3  lb.  12  s.  6  d. 

19  lbs  Vn  of  pewter  2  lb.  /  1  iron  pott  14  s.  2  old  iron 

potts  6  s.  a  skillet  1  lb.  /  1  little  skillett  3  s. 

One    muskett,    sword,    flaske    &    bandoleere    1    lb.    16    / 

amunition,  powder,  bulletts  &  shott  6  s. 

1  houre  glass,  2  quart  glasses  &  3  small  ones  4  3.  /  1  old 

iron  jug,  buttons  spectacles  &  brayletts  4  s. 

1  brush,  1  comb,  2  smoothing  irons,  2  hamers  8  s.  8  d.  / 

tongs,   gridiron,   pothooks   &   Tramell   11   s.   / 

1  old  Spade  1  old  tramell  1  pr.  old  andirons  7  s.  6  d. 

2  pr.  safe  hooks  a  rest,  6  augurs  1  old  adds  15  s.  6  d. 

2  lamps,  2  pack  needles,  1  bodkin,  2  awls  4  s.  10  d.  / 
gouge,  1  chisell,  2  gouges,  3  chisells  &  1  tramell  1-0  s.  6  d. 

3  gimlets,  a  bill,  a  rubstone,  a  gimlett  &  knife  4  3./ 

2  axes,  a  bitt,  a  mattock,  a  grubbing  hoe  17s. 

6  old  sickles,  4  cart  hoops  /  2  lb.  of  steel  11  s.  6  d.  / 
old  iron  16  a.  8  d.  /  25  lbs.  of  iron  9  s.  abwest  one  old 
handsaw,  a  meate  forke,  4  s.  6  d.  /   1   frying  pan  /   3 
payre  of  old  shares  5  s. 
Old  books  8  s.  2  old  geneva  bibles  13  s.  /  1  old  bed  5  s. 

3  leather  bags  11  s.  2  payre  leather  buskins  3  s.  6  d. 
A  piece  of  sole  leather  6  s.  wooden  ware  8  s.  6  d.  earth- 
ern  ware  2  d.  /  5  bush  of  mault  2  lb. 

5  lb.  sheeps  wooll  3  bags  10  s.  8.  d.  /  1  peck,  a  seed  peck, 
1  peck,  1  old  bottle  4  s.  /  4  lb.  of  hops  4  s.  6  d. 

4  old  barrels,  of  salt  1  bush.,   %   of  indyan  7  s.  9  d. 
1  hghs,  3  s  1  payre  of  woosted  combs  1  lb. 

8  d.  nayls  2  s.  3  d.  /  6  d.  of  hob  nayls  5  s.  9  d.  /5  barrels 
Tanks,  1  cheesetub  10  s.  /  1  caske  of  oyle  9  s. 

































:  06 



.  06 


:  19 

:  02 


:  10 

:  09 


.  07 

:  00 



Tallow   &  candles  &  lumber  in  ye  ceUar   8   s.   8    d.    10 

bush,  of  apples  10  s.  /  3  barrells  &  great  tub  11  s.  02    :   09    :   08 

A  cart  &  furniture  2  lbs.  10  s.  chayne  &  "  — "  1  lb.  10  s./ 

one  plow  &  irons,  harrow,  shaft,  collar  &  bolt  2  lb.  16  s.     06    :   16   :   00 

One  yoake,  2  payre  of  horsegoands,  8  parcel!  flax  2  lb. 

3  s.  /  6  load  &  halfe  of  hay  3  lb.  05    :   03    :   00 

20  bush,  indyan  corne,  8  bush,  of  barley  &  12  bush,  of 

oats,  5  lbs.  6  s.  /  8  bush,  of  pease  2  lb.  8  s.  06   :   14   :  00 

3   bush.   %   of  rye  &  20   bush,   of  wheat  5  lb.   12   s.   / 

1  Hhds.,  barrels  &  a  tub  1  lb.  ropes  10  s.  spade,  bridle  8  s.     07    :    10    :   00 

One  old  fan  3   s.  a   deareskin  5  s.   4  forks  4  3./   nine 

small   soveine   4    lb.  04    :   12    :   00 

The  bams  &  ground  about  it  30  lbs.  Homelott  &  houseing 

aU  130    :   00    :   00 

8  acres  ^4  of  land  in  ye  baronecke  66  lb.  /  a  piece  of 

meadow  in  ye  great  meadow  42  lb.  108    :   00    :   00 

One  parceU  of  land  at  pumpion  delight  40  lbs.  1  acre  15 

pole  in  ye  round  meadow  6  lb.  046    :   00    :   00 

A  division  of  land  by  ye  mille  river  7  lb.  /  10  acres  of 

land  in  oyster   river  playne   5   lbs.  012    :   00    :   00 

7   acres  of  meadow  lyeing  upon   an  island   in  Stratford 

river  030    :   10    :   00 

1  payre  of  oxen   11  lb.   10  s.   /   2  horses  7  lbs.   10  s.  3 

cowes  9  lb.  18  s.  2  yearelings  3  lb.  8  s.  032    :   04    :   00 

1  young  mare  2  lb.  /  2  yearelings  2  lb.  10  s.    a  jare  with 

some  oyle  2  s.  an  old  chamber  pott  2  s.  004    :   14    :   00 

1  old  dung  cart,  boxes,  hoops  &  other  irons  &  a  wooden 

wheele  02    :   02    :   00 

2  howes,  2  axes,  a  dung  rake  &  old  iron  11  s.  /     by  an 

iron  banded  halfe  bushell  5  s.  00   :   16    :   00 

In  money  3  s.  6  d.  &  money  lent  16  s.  a  beetle,  wedges,  & 
crosscut  saw  00    :   19    :   06 

I  old  meale  traughe,  2  ladders  &  forme  00    :   20    :   00 

424    :    12    :    03 

There  is  also  a  piece  of  land  lying  in  the  indyan  side  in 
ye  old  field  containing  about  3  acres  &  halfe  &  some  od  poles 
which  is  not  yet  apprised  026    :   06    :   00 

Totall  450    :    IS    :   03 

JOHN    BEARD  )   . 




Children  of  Thomas  and  Sarah  Sanford.    All  bap.  in  Milford, 
Ct.,  except  Ezekiel  and  Sarah. 

2.4-Ezekiel2,  b.   [1637,  Dorchester,  Mass.];  d.  1683;  m.  Eebecea  Whelplej. 

3.+Sarah,  b.   [1639,  Dorchester,  Mass.];  m.  Eichard  Shute. 

3a.  Mary.  b.  Jan.  16,  1642;  d.  in  Milford,  Ct.,  unm.     Not  mentioned  in  her 

father's  will. 
4.  +  Samuel,  b.  Apr.  30,  1643;   d.  Nov.  27,  1691;  m.  Hannah  Bronson. 
o.+Thomas,  Jr.,  b.  Dec,  1644;  d.  in  New  Haven,  Ct.;  m.  (1)  Elizabeth  Paine; 

m.   (2)   Elizabeth  Gibbard. 
6.4-Ephraim,  b.  Maj  17,  1646;  d.  1687;  m.  Mary  Powell. 
7.-i-Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  27,  1648;  m.  Obadiah  AUyn. 

(Milford  Church  and  Town  Becords.) 



2.  EZEKIEL=  SANFORD  {Thomas  1)  b.  [1637  Dorchester, 
Mass.]  ;  d.  late  in  1683,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Apr.  25,  1665,  Eebecca 
Whelpley,  b.  16 — .  (Her  name  is  given  in  Schenk's  History  of 
Fairfield  as  Rebecca,  daughter  of  John  and  Rebecca  Whelpley  of 
Fairfield  and  ia  other  works  as  Wickla  and  Wakely.) 

Mr.  Sanford  settled  in  Fairfield,  Ct.  before  1660  where  he  died 
only  two  years  later  than  his  father.  Was  a  Freeman  there  in 
1669.  His  grave  is  not  known.  The  inventory  of  his  estate  shows 
that  he  was  a  tanner  and  a  large  land  owner  for  his  time.  He 
divided  the  greater  part  of  his  lands  among  his  children  during 
his  life  time.  At  his  death  his  estate  amounted  to  £356,  which  ia 
dollars  is  about  $1200,  the  pound  of  those  days  being  $3.33  1-3. 

His  widow  administered  upon  his  estate,  but  died  before  it 
was  settled,  which  was  done  by  a  writing  signed  by  all  the  heirs 
in  1697,  the  husbands  of  the  married  daughters  signing  for  them. 

"The  Old  Burying  Ground  of  Fairfield"  by  Kate  E.  Perry, 
1882,  gives  two  Sanfords  only,  viz.  Elnathan  b.  1717;  d.  April  26, 
1727,  and  Ezekiel  b.  1666 ;  d.  March  2,  1728-9. 

Ezekiel  Sanford 's  name  does  not  appear  in  the  Vital,  Church, 
Probate  and  Deed  Records  at  Milford  except  in  his  father's  will. 

As  it  disappears  in  Milford  it  re-appears  in  New  Haven.  Some 
writers  have  felt  a  little  doubt  as  to  his  being  a  son  of  Thomas  of 
Milford,  due,  no  doubt,  to  the  fact  that  an  Ezekiel  Sanford  is  given 
in  very  early  writings  as  an  English  Engineer  and  the  builder  of 
the  Stockade  Fort  at  Saybrook,  Ct.  The  builder  may  have  been  this 
Ezekiel  or  possibly  an  English  Engineer  by  the  name,  sent  over 
for  that  purpose.  The  author  of  this  work  has  no  doubt  or  question 
whatever  that  he  was  the  son  of  Thomas  of  Milford. 

He  named  a  son  Thomas  for  his  father,  a  daughter  Sarah  for  his 
mother,  daughters  Mary  and  Elizabeth  for  his  sisters.  Savage  in 
his  great  work,  and  the  Historian  of  Milford  regard  this  Ezekiel 
as  the  son  of  Thomas  of  Milford. 

{See  Schenk's  Hist,  of  Fairfield,  Ct.  Col.  Col.  Bee.  ii  521; 
Todd's  Hist,  of  Reading,  p.  213;  A.  D.  Hodges,  Jr.,  Manuscript  of 
Early  Sanfords.) 

They  had  seven  children  all  bom  ia  Fairfield,  Ct. 

8.  +  Sarah3,  b.  March  5,  1666;  m.  Corneliua  Hullt. 

9. -f  Ezekiel,  Jr.,  b.  March  6,  1668;  d.  March  2,  172S-9;  m.  Rebeckah  Gregory. 
10.+Mar7,  b.  Apr.  3,  1670;   m.  Theophilus  Hull. 


11.     Rebecca,  b.  Dec.  13,  1672;  m.  John  Seeley. 

12.+Thomas,  b.  May  2,  1675;  d.  May  20,  1757;  m.  Hannah  Middlebrook  (?). 

13.  Martha,  b.  July  9,  1677;  m.  Nathaniel  (i)  Hoyt  of  Danbury,  Ct. 

14.  Elizabeth,  b.  Sept.  6,   1679;   m.  Joshua  Jackson. 

3.  SAEAH-  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  2)  b.  [1639  Dorches- 
ter] ;  m.  Aug.  14,  1656,  Richard  Shute.  He  was  a  seafaring  man. 
They  moved  to  East  Chester,  N.  Y.,  in  1665. 

They  had  two  children. 

15.  Thomass  Shute,  b.  Aug.  5,  1659.    Beared  a  family  in  East  Chester,  N.  Y. 

16.  Sarah  Shute.    She  received  £20  by  her  grandfather  Thomas  Sanf ord  's  will. 

4.  SAIVrUEL-  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  2)  b.  Apr.  30. 
1643,  Milford,  Ct. ;  bap.  there  in  April,  1643;  d.  Nov.  27,  1691, 
jVIilford,  Ct. ;  m.  Aug.  16,  1674,  Hannah,  dau.  of  Richard  Bronson 
of  Farmington,  Ct.  She  was  added  to  First  Church  of  Milford, 
Jan.  31,  1675.  Mr.  Sanford  received  the  homestead  by  his  father's 
will.  He  was  posted  for  freeman  in  1669.  Was  added  to  First 
Church  of  Milford,  Nov.  5,  1669.  He  was  a  man  of  some  promi- 
nence and  standing  in  the  town.  His  father  made  him  executor 
of  his  will.  An  inventory  of  his  estate  was  taken  Dec.  8,  1691,  and 
names  widow  Hannah,  children  Hannah,  Samuel,  Sarah,  Mary  and 
Thomas.  His  widow's  estate  was  administered  Feb.  5,  1712.  {Pro. 
Bk.  4,  p.  123). 

The  author  of  this  work  feels  that  he  was  exceedingly  fortu- 
nate in  securing  a  smaU  oak  box  filled  with  very  old  papars  mostly 
belonging  to  Ephraim  Sanford  and  his  early  descendants.  With 
one  or  two  exceptions,  these  papers  are  in  a  good  state  of  preserva- 
tion and  quite  legible.  The  author  has  made  free  use  of  them  in 
the  family  of  Ephraim.  The  only  paper  by  Samuel  is  a  deed  by 
him  as  executor  "to  ye  estate  of  his  Honored  Father  Thomas 
'  Samford  '  "  "to  his  Loving  Brother  Ephraim  Samford  "  of 
several  parcels  of  land  in  Milford,  dated  Nov.  21,  1686.  (Entered 
in  17  in  ye  new  book).  The  deed  was  sealed  in  the  presence  of 
Daniel  Buckingham  and  Zachariah  Baldwin  and  acknowledged 
Mar.  4,  1686-7,  before  Robert  Treat,  Gov.  It  bears  a  clean,  fine 
autograph  signature  of  Samuel  Sanford.     See  fac-simile  copy. 

In  very  many  of  the  early  legal  papers,  writings  and  even 
baptisms  two  years  were  given  like  that  above,  1686-7.  The  reason 
of  this  was  that  the  Ecclesiastical  year  began  March  25th  and  the 
Civil  year  Jan.  1st,  and  without  knowing  the  year  used  by  the 

fit  ^tp    tT'S^'^ 



Data  Nov.  21,   1686 


writer,  the  actual  year  could  not  be  told.     This  custom  continued 
until  the  year  1754. 

He  had  six  children,  all  born  in  Milford,  Ct. 

IT.  +  Hannah-J,  b.  Feb.  2,  167.5;   d.  Mar.  11,  1716;   m.  James  Wright. 

18.     Thomas,  b.  Sept.  29,  1677;   d.  Mar.  3  1679. 

19.+Samuel,  Jr.,  b.  Mar.   12,  1680;   bap.   Mar.   li,   1680;   d.   1729;   m.  Esther 

20.+Sarah,  b.  July  10,  1682;  m.  Benjamin  Baldwin. 

21.  Mary,  b.  Apr.  16,  1686;  d.  Feb.  2,  1703. 

22.  Thomas,  b.  May  4,  1688;  d.  Oct.  18,  1730,  Milford,  Ct.;  m.  Sept.  29,  1713, 

Eebecca,  dau.  of  Joseph  Barnes  of  Farmington,  Ct.  No  children. 
They  resided  in  Milford,  Ct.  His  will  dated  Feb.  3,  1724-.5,  pro. 
Nov.  4,  1730,  names  no  children,  but  names  wife  Rebecca,  sister 
Hannah  Wright,  dec 'd,  and  her  sons  James  and  Jonathan  of  Dur- 
ham, Ct.;  children  of  brother  Samuel  of  Newtown,  viz.:  eldest  son 
Nathaniel  and  Samuel.  (For  proof  as  to  Samuel  Sanf ord  "s  children 
in  1709,  see  Milford  L.  R.,  Bk.  4,  p.   109.) 

5.  THOMAS-  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  2)  b.  Dec. 
1644;  bap.  at  Milford,  Ct.,  Dec.  1644;  d.  in  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  (1) 
Oct.  11,  1666,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  William  Paine  of  New  Haven,  Ct. ; 
m.  (2)  Elizabeth  "Gibbard".  Mr.  Savage  says  that  "perhaps"  Mr. 
Sanford  was  a  son  of  Thomas  of  Milford.  There  can  be  and  is  no 
question  or  doubt  in  the  mind  of  the  author  of  this  work  that  he 
was  the  son  of  Thomas  of  Milford  from  the  fact  that  he  took  most 
if  not  all  of  his  children  back  to  Milford  for  baptism. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  a  freeman  in  1669  and  was  allotted  land  in 
1680.  The  allotments  were  determined  by  the  niunber  of  heads 
in  the  family  and  the  amount  of  taxable  estate,  four  acres  being 
given  for  each  head  and  one  acre  for  each  £5  of  taxable  property. 
He  having  seven  in  his  family  and  a  taxable  estate  of  £59  and  10s. 
received  forty  acres.  In  the  drawing,  his  lots  fell  on  the  east  side 
of  East  River  in  what  was  first  called  North  Farms,  afterward 
Parish  of  North  Haven  and  in  1786  became  the  town  of  North 

In  1721  he  deeded  forty  acres  to  his  son  Samuel,  two  pieces 
to  his  grandson  "William,  and  to  his  son  John  all  his  estate  personal 
and  real,  wherein  the  son  John  agreed  to  well,  comfortably  and 
honorably  maintain  "me  and  my  wife  so  long  as  we  shall  live  and 
give  a  comely  and  decent  burial  to  our  bodies,  and  to  pay  at  my 
death  to  my  daughter  Anna  Abbott  £4,  to  my  daughter  Sarah  Beach 
£5  and  to  my  granddaughter  Elizabeth  Huminston  £8".  ^Tr. 
Sanford  left  no  will  nor  is  there  any  record  of  his  death. 

Nov.   13.  1679,  William  Paine  of  New  Haven,  deeded  t-o  his 


son-in-law,  Thomas  Sanford  of  New  Haven,  "as  part  portion  of 
my  daughter  Elizabeth,  the  house  and  home  lot  he  now  lives  on.'* 
This  was  the  first  Sanford  deed  on  record  in  New  Haven.  {Book 
1,  p.  14). 

He  had  ten  children  by  first  marriage,  all  bom  in  New  Haven, 

23.-fSamuel3,  b.  Sept.  13,  166S;  d.  1748. 
24.-|-Elizabeth,  b.   Sept.  3,  1671;  m.  Joseph  Tuttle. 

25.  Thomas,  b.   Oct.   13,   1673;   d.   Nov.   13,  1673,   New  Haven,   Ct. 

26.  Anna,  b.  Feb.  19,  1675;  m.  Abbott.     She  received  £4  at  the  death 

of  her  father  Thomas. 
27.-[-Thoma3  b.  May  2.5,  1677;   d.   1714;   m.  Mary  Chub. 
28.     WiUiam,  b.  Nov.  29,  1679. 
29.+Sarah,  b.  Nov.  26,  1682;   m.  Thomas  Beach. 

30.  Daughter,  b.  Feb.,  1684;   d.  Mar.  8,  1684. 

31.  Mary,  b.  Feb.,  1685. 

32.+John,  b.  Apr.  6,  1686;  d.  after  1753;  m.  Hannah  . 

(Above  from  New  Haven  Begistry.) 

6.  EPHRAIM-  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  2)  b.  May  17, 
1646,  Milf ord,  Ct. ;  bap.  there  in  the  same  month ;  d.  1687,  Milford, 
Ct. ;  m.  Nov.  18,  1669,  Mary,  dau.  of  Thomas  and  Priscilla  Powell, 
bap.  July  20,  1645,  New  Haven,  Ct.  Mr.  Powell  was  a  planter 
in  New  Haven.  Mrs.  Sanford  was  admitted  to  the  Milford  Church 
May  15,  1681. 

The  author  of  this  work  has  in  his  possession  ninety-two  very 
old  original  papers,  such  as  deeds,  contracts,  releases,  receipts, 
confessions  of  faith,  inventories,  etc.,  with  autograph  signatures, 
which  start  with  Thomas  Sanford  and  continue  through  his  son 
Ephraim  to  Hershel  Sanford  of  Waterbury,  Ct.,  in  1835. 

Through  these  papers  several  knotty  and  perplexing  questions 
have  been  absolutely  settled.  The  author  considers  that  the  dis- 
covery of  these  old  papers  was  the  most  pleasing  and  fortunate  find 
that  has  attended  his  four  years  toil  upon  this  work.  They  were  all 
written  upon  hand-made,  rag  paper,  otherwise  they  would  not  have 
survived  to  this  time.  They  are  somewhat  aged  in  color  to  be  sure, 
but  with  two  or  three  exceptions  are  not  much  broken  and  quite 

They  were  found  in  a  small  oak  box  about  nine  inches  by  six, 
with  a  slide  top.  The  box  is  greatly  darkened  by  age  and  put 
together  with  coarse  hand  made  nails.  It  is  filed  in  hand  writing 
on  the  bottom  "Samuel  Sept.  9,   1736."     These  papers  are  most 


valuable  and  should  be  preserved  in  some  archive.  As  the  author 
of  this  work  is  a  descendant  of  Ephraim  Sanford,  he  can  hold  them 
with  much  pride.  However,  he  now  intends  to  deposit  them  at  an 
early  date  in  the  Connecticut  Historical  Society  of  Hartford,  where 
they  will  be  accessible  to  all  Sanfords  and  to  any  parties  wishing 
to  see  the  autograph  signature  of  their  ancestor. 

The  oldest  of  these  papers  is  an  autograph  deed  by  Thomas 
Sanford  to  his  son  Ephraim,  dated  25-1,-74,  (March  28,  1674,  old 
style)  a  fac-simile  copy  of  which  is  given  on  another  page.  He  has 
also  an  original  deed  by  Samuel  Sanford,  Executor  of  the  will  of  his 
honored  father  Thomas  Sanford,  to  his  brother  Ephraim  Sanford, 
bearing  date  Nov  21,  1686.  It  was  witnessed  by  Daniel  Bucking- 
ham and  Zachariah  Baldwin,  and  acknowledged  before  Robert 
Treat,  Gov. 

He  has  also  the  original  inventory  of  Ephraim 's  estate  made  on 
June  12,  1687,  by  Benjamin  Fenn  and  John  Smith,  a  copy  of  which, 
as  nearly  as  can  be  made  out,  is  as  follows : 

' '  An    Inventory    of    the    Estate    of    Ephraim 

Sanford  of  Milford,   late  deceased  taken   by 

us  whose  names  are  underwritten  on  the  12th 

day  of  .June  1687. 

Imprimis — by  wearing   apparel   in   all  £09  —  17  —  06 

Item     two  oxen  £11 — 1  horse  £4  15  —  00  —  00 

Item     four  cows  £4  1  calf  6  s.  2  young  eatle  17  —  11  —  00 

Item  One  fether  bed  &  bolster  2  pillows  04  —  00  —  00 
Item     1   trundle  bedstead  &  cord    10   s.    1   "  chase ' '   bed   & 

bolsters  01  —  00  —  00 

Item  1  bedstead  cord  &  matt  7  s.  6  d.  1  paire  cutains  £1  01  —  07  —  06 
Item     I   old   coverlid   12s.   I   old   blanket   5s.    1    paire   sheets 

10  s.  00  —  05  —  00 

Item     2  coverlids  £2  lis.,  4  blankets  £1  sheet  6d.  04  —  00  —  00 

Item     by  com  &  meal  19s.  2  skins  9s.  old  cask  lis.  02  —  02  —  00 

Item     by  3  baggs  &  bushell  wheat  00  —  16  —  00 

Item  by  pound  flax  hetcheld  &  11  pounds  cotton  wool  01  —  02  —  00 
Item     one    mattucks    15g.    2    houghs    (hoes)     &    1    axe    7s. 

1  shoveU  01—07—00 

Item     3  axes — 1  fork — 1  hand  saw,  3  wedges,  beetle  ring  01  —  00  —  06 

Item     3  iron  hoops  63.,  1  axe  &  stubing  hough  6s.  6d.  00  —  12  —  06 

Item     3  sickles,  1  bell  6s.  3d.,  " "  43.  6d.  1  paire  hoops 

10s.  01  —  00  —  06 
Item     old    iron    os.    6d.    &    steel    lis.    1    friing    pan    8s.    one 

shovel  Is.  01  —  00  —  06 

Item     old  iron  &  ring  &  fork  tines,  1  old  pan  &  sive  00  —  07  —  00 

Item     1  hetchell  143.  6d.  3  wheells,  12s.  hopes  2s.,  basket  &  flax  01  —  10  —  06 

Item     1  brass  kettle  £1,  1  dito  12s.  01  —  12  —  00 

Item     wooUin  &  linen  yarn  £12   173.  2  kitles  £2  12s.  6d.  15  —  09  —  06 

Item     2  brass  skilets  15s.,  1  warming  pan  12s.,  2  iron  pots  01  —  17  —  00 

Item  2  kittles  £2,  tramill,^  tonges,  gridiron,  firepan  £1  23.  03  —  02  —  00 
Item     1    pair    bellowes    5s.    2    hamers    3s.    8    poringers,    4 

puter  cups,  1.5s.  6d.  01  —  01  —  00 
Item     3  puter  bassons,  9s.   6d.  3  pots   dito,   IO3.   13  pounds 

puter  2s.  3d.  03  —  02  —  06 


Item  old  puter  basaons  Ss,  earthen  waire  £1  tin  waire  5s.  01  —  10  —  00 
Item     2  cheasts,  4  boxes  Is.  6d.,  5  trayes  6s.  other  wooden 

waire  163.  02  —  18  —  00 

Item     3  paire  sheets  £4,  2  pair  dito  £1,  7  napkins,  17s.  6d.  05  —  17  —  00 

Item     8  ■  •  piUabeers ' '  £1  4s.,  3  holand  table  cloaths  £1  4  s.  02  —  08  —  00 

Item     2  table  cloath  6s,  1  pad  lock,  2  cheast  locks  os.  6d.  00  —  11  —  06 

Item     3  glass  botlea  2s,  nails  43,  arms  &  amonishon  £2-3s.  02  —  09  —  00 

Item     7  yards  serge  £l-ls,  butns,  os.   6d.  carpit  3s.  01  —  07  —  06 

Item     2  bibls  &  other  book  12s,  8  chairs,  table,  cradle  10s.  01   —  02  —  00 

Item     2  bushels  wheat  2s.  6d.  1  our  glass,  2  looking  glasses  2s.  00  —  04  —  06 

Item  sissors  &  a  chum  5s,  candles  &  box  Is,  sope  &  firkin  00  —  14  —  00 
Item     2    barrells    with    meat    12s,    10    half    tubs,    14s,    other 

cask  15s.  02  —  05  —  00 
Item     1  trunk  Is.  6d.,  2  wooden  bolls  Is.  6d.,  4  yards  woollin 

cloth  10s.  00  —  10  —  00 
Item     houseing  with  the  yard  &  ortchard  containing   about 

one  acre  of  land.  45  —  00  —  00 
Item   Flax   on   the    groimd   £1-103.    winter   corn    on    ground 

4-lOs  06  —  00  —  00 

Item     5  acres  indian  com  £5,  oats  2  acres  £l-10s.  06  —  10  —  00 

Item  5  acres  flax  £l-10s.  06  —  00  —  00 
Item     22  acres  upland  at  home  £100,  6  acres  in  reading  plain 

£12.  112  —  00  —  00 

Item     5  acres  of  medow  at  the  bend  in  the  Stratfor  river  27  —  10  —  00 

Item     medow  on  the  indian  side  10  —  00  —  00 

Item  out  lands  his  father  first  half  division  05  —  00  —  00 
Item     that  which  was  Edward  Wilkinson's  first  half  division  05  —  00  —  00 

Item     15  acres  near  poaUs  plaine  12  —  00  —  00 

Item     Land  on  the  indian  sd  field  10  —  00  —  00 

Item     11  svrine  10  —  00  —  00 

Item     I  cart  and  things  belong  to  it  01  —  15  —  00 

Item     1  plough  and  irons  to  it  15s.   1  chain  12s.  01  —  07  —  00 

Item  horse-tackling  12s.  sadle  &  bridle  10s.  *  01  —  02  —  00 
Item     to  be  added  to  the  totall  sum,  one  coverlid  £l-15s. 

Debts  to   be   deducted   to   Mr.   Bryan 
Close  of  estate 

332  —  16  —  06 
Beniamen    Fenn 
John    Smith. 

Benjamin  Fenn,  John  Smith  personally  appeared  before  me 
this  12  day  of  Desember  1687  &  gave  it  in  upon  their  oathes  that  the 
with  in  inventory  is  taken  by  them  according  to  the  best  of  thr 

P.  mee  Rich.  Bryan,  Justice  of  the  Peace" 

On  the  back  of  said  inventory  is  given  the  names  of  his 
children  with  their  ages  as  of  Dec.  2,  1691,  which  agrees  with  the 
children  herein  after  given. 

The  Loving  Brother's  Agreemfnt. 

Another  paper  of  interest  is  an  agreement  between  the  four 
■sons  of  Ephraim  dividing  the  lands  of  their  father  between  them- 
selves.   It  is  as  follows : 

382  - 

-  16 




50  - 

-  00 




"We  whose  names  are  underwritten  being  legatees  to  the 
estate  of  Ephraim  Sanford  of  IVIilford,  deceased,  do  hereby  com- 
pound and  agree,  each  with  ye  other  both  for  ourselves  and  our 
heirs,  our  severall  rights,  titles  and  interests  in  sd  estate,  and  do 
hereby  promise  and  oblige  orselves  and  our  heirs  to  rest"  fully  & 
forever  satisfied  for  the  whole  of  our  portions  or  legacies  due  to 
us  from  sd  estate  wt  is  mentioned  in  these  articles  following: 

Imprimis  Samuel  shall  have  ye  house  and  nine  acres  of  the 
homlott  more  or  less  as  we  have  divided  it. 

It.  (Item)  Ephraim  shall  have  in  ye  sd  homlott  one  acre  and 
half  in  one  place  &  five  acres  in  another  place  in  sd  Lott  more  or 
less  as  we  have  divided  it. 

It.  (Item)  Nathaniel  shall  have  in  sd  homlott  one  acre  and 
half  in  one  place  and  five  acres  in  another  place  in  sd  Lott  more  or 
less  as  we  have  divided  it. 

It.  Zachariah  shall  have  in  ye  sd.  homlott  six  acres  &  halfe 
more  or  less  as  we  have  divided  it  in  one  place. 

And  all  ye  rest  of  ye  lands  both  upland  and  swamps  and 
meadow  wch  did  belong  to  the  estate  of  our  sd  Honored  Father 
deceased,  as  to  quantity  and  quallity  shall  be  equally  divided 
amongst  us  aliways  allowing  to  Samuel  our  Eldest  Brother  a 
double  share  or  portion  as  we  shall  ourselves  or  with  ye  help  of 
friends  divide  it  amongst  us. 

And  further  we  do  covenant  and  promise  each  to  ye  other 
both  for  orselves  and  for  our  heirs,  that  whatsoever  shall  appeare 
to  be  just  and  lawfully  due  to  our  Brother-in-law,  Joseph  Ash- 
bourne or  his  heirs  after  the  decease  of  our  honoured  mother,  upon 
the  acct.  of  her  thirds  in  sd  lands  shall  be  paid  amongst  us  at  an 
equal  rate,  Samuel  paying  a  double  share. 

And  we  desire  ye  Honoured  Court  to  ratifie  this  our  agreement 
and  sett  ye  administr  free  from  his  bonds. 

For  confirmation  whereof  we  set  to  hands  and  seals  ye  fifteenth 
day  of  November  1705 
Signed  and  sealed  SAM'LL  SANFORD 

in  presence  of  us  EPHRAIM  SANFORD 



At  a  Court  of  Probate  1st  Monday,  Jan.  1706-7. 

The  above  agreement  acknowledged  by  the  parties  subscribed 
thereunto  and  is  approved  for  record. 

Recorded  2  Book  fo  248-9  and  is  a  true  copie  test. 

John  Winston,  Clerk". 

The  foregoing  agreement  is  filed  on  the  back  "The  Loving 
Brother's  Agreement"  and  is  a  copy  furnished  by  the  clerk  of  the 

The  author  has  the  writing  dividing  the  lands  agreeably  to  the 


foregoing  agreement  consisting  of  three  large  pages,  describing 
the  lands  each  took. 

He  also  has  the  order  of  Jon.  Winston,  Clerk  of  Probate  dis- 
charging Samuel  Sanford  as  administrator  of  Ephraim  Sanford 
upon  agreement  and  acquittance  shown  in  Court  dated  Nov.  15, 

They  had  seven  children  all  except  Mary  born  in  Milford,  Ct. 

33.  Marys,  b.  Sept.  28,  1670,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  was  living  in  1728;   m.    (1) 

Joseph  Ashburn  (Ashland);  m.  (2)  Joshua  Hotchkiss;  m.  (3)  Eleazer 
Holt.     She  had  four  children  by  first  marriage. 

The  author  has  in  his  possession  the  original  release  and  quit  claim 
deed  dated  May  15,  1719,  by  Mary  Ashburn  to  her  surviving  brothers,  viz. — 
Samuel,  Ephriam  and  Nathaniel  Sanford,  of  aU  her  right  and  interest  in 
and  to  the  real  estate  of  her  honored  father,    Ephraim  Sanford,  dec. 

The  author  also  has  in  his  possession  the  original  ante-nuptial  agreement 
dated  Sep.  15,  1719,  between  Joshua  Hotchkiss  and  Mary  Ashbourne  whereby 
said  Hotchkiss  agrees  that  if  in.  the  providence  of  God  they  shall  come 
together  in  marriage  and  said  Ashbourne  shall  bring  any  part  of  her  estate 
into  ye  family,  the  said  Hotchkiss  shall  make  it  as  good  to  her  as  when 
it  came  and  if  ye  providence  >  of  God  he  shall  die  first,  his  said  wife  shall 
have  £10  out  of  his  estate.  The  inventory  of  her  estate  made  in  November, 
1719,   and   taken   with   her   to   New   Haven   is   as   follows: 

bed  and  beding  and  two  bolsters 
Coverlid  and  two  blankets 

6  sheets  ' 

1  table  cloath 

7  towells 

2  pilow  beers 

3  napkins 
1  bras  kittell 
1  bras  kittell 

1  iron  pot 
10  pounds  of  flax 
12  sheeps  wool 

2  earthenware 
2  glass  boless 
2  old  barells 

1  bason — 6  spoons — 1  chamberpot — 1  cupe  saser 

2  milk  bols — 6  trenchers 
1  chest  drawers 
1    rounnd   table 
6  chairs 

1  great  spin  wheel 
1  heckeell  spin  wheel 

34.  Samuel,  b.  Jan.  26,  1672;   d.  early. 

35.  + Samuel,  b.  May  9,  1674;  d.  1749;  m.   (1)   Hannah  Baldwin;  m.   (2)   Mrs. 

Esther   Parmelee. 

36.  Ephraim   Jr.,   b.   May   11,   1677;    d.   Apr.    13,   1728,  Milford,   Ct.     Unm. 

Estate  divided  among  his  brothers  and  sisters.  May  7,  1728.  His 
brother  Samuel  was  administrator.  The  author  has  an  autograph 
deed  by  Ephraim  to  his  brother  Samuel  Sanford  dated  Nov.   12,  1711. 

37.  Thomas,  b.  Jan.   29,   1679;    d.   Apr.   1683.     Another  record  says  he   died 

■3  — 

0  —  6 

1  — 

17  —  6 

0  — 

14  —  0 

0  — 

1  —  6 

4  —  2 

0  — 

2  —  6 

0  — 

3  —  0 

1  — 


0  — 


0  — 

6  —  8 

0  — 

7  —  6 

1  — 


0  — 


0  — 


0  — 


1  — 

2  —  6 

0  — 




1  — 


1  — 

10  —  6 

0  — 

2  —  1 

0  — 

6  —  0 





Satetn\7l3     ^^  "^^  °°*'  mentioned  in  tlie  settlement  of  Zachariah'a 

38.+NathanieI,  b.  Oct.  10,  1682;  d.  Aug.  20,  1771;  m.  (1)  Deborah  Parrand- 
m.   (2)  Bethiah  Stebbins. 

39.  Zachariah,  b.  Mar.  14,  1683;  d.  Dec,  1712,  MUford,  Ct.  Unm  The 
author  has  Zachariah 's  autograph  deed  to  his  brother  Samuel  dated 
Nov.  12,  1711.  His  estate  was  settled  bj  a  writing  filed  in  New  Haven 
Probate  Court  May  19,  1713,  between  his  brothers  and  sisters  viz  • 
Samuel  Sanford,   Mrs.   Mary  Ashbourne,   Ephraim  and  Nathaniel. 

7.  ELIZABETH-^  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  2)  b.  Aug.  27, 
1648,  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  Aug.  28,  1669,  Deacon  Obadiah  Allj^  of 
IVIiddletown,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  7,  1712.  He  was  a  great-great-uncle  of 
Ethan  AUen. 

They  had  eight  children. 

40.  Obadiah3  Alljn,  b.  Sep.  20,  1670;   d.  Sep.  1702;  m.  Dorkes  Wright 

41.  Thomas  AUyn,  b.  Sep.  20,  1672;  d.  Nov.  8,  1672. 

42.  Thomas  Allyn,  b.  Sep.  27,  1673;  m.  1679,  Hannah  Leeks.     He  is  mentioned 

in  the  will  of  Thomas  1st.  He  is  buried  in  Middletown,  Ct.,  in  the 
old  cemetery  by  the  river.  The  slab  that  marks  his  grave  caUs  him- 
Deacon    Thomas    Ailing. 

43.  Mary  Allyn,  b.  Sep.  15,  1675. 

44.  Ann  Allyn,  b.  Sep.  12,  1677. 

45.  Thankful  Allyn,  b.  Sep.  8,  1679. 

46.  Samuel  Allyn,  b.  Mar.  15,   1684;   m.  Mary,  dau.   of  Thomas  .Andrews  of 

Milford,  Ct. 

47.  John    Allyn,    b.    Sep.    27,    1686;    d.    Dec.    1,    1783;    m.    Mary    Howe,    of 

Wallingford,    Ct. 



8.  SARAH^  SANFORD  {Ezekiel  2  Thomas)  b.  March  5, 1666, 
Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Cornelius  Hull,  Jr.,  d.  March  14,  1737  or  '40, 
aged  85  years.  In  the  Fairfield  Church  records  pages  23-40  we 
find :  among  those  admitted  to  full  communion  were  Cornelius  Hull, 
Jr.  and  his  wife  Sarah,  Apr.  20,  1701.  There  being  no  church  at 
Hull's  Farms,  they  transferred  their  allegiance  to  the  Greenfield 
Hill  Church  where  they  were  admitted  to  membership  May  18,  1726 
and  renewed  covenant  June  1732.  His  will  was  probated  Aug.  12, 
1740  and  in  it  he  named  wife  Sarali,  daughter  R.  Rebecca  (Meeker), 
Elizabeth  (Burr),  Martha  (Sherwood),  Eleanor  (Ferry),  grand- 
daughter Sarah  Sanford;  and  sons  George,  Nathaniel,  Ebenezer 
and  John.  The  baptisms  of  all  the  children  are  in  the  Greenfield 
Hill  parish  records  between  1694  and  1710  but  no  dates  are  given 
for  George  and  John. 

Mrs.  Hull's  will  is  dated  Jan.  16,  1744,  in  which  she  names 
all  her  children  except  John. 
They  had  ten  children. 

48.  George*  Hull,  b.  1686;  m.  Martha  Gregory. 

49.  Sarah  Hull,  bap.  Aug.  26,  1694;  m.  Sanford. 

50.  Eebeeca  Hull,  bap.  Aug.  26,  1694;  m.  Meeker. 

51.  Nathaniel  Hull,  bap.  April  7,  1695;  m.  Elizabeth  Burr. 

52.  Ebenezer  Hull,  bap.  Jan.  20,  1697;  m.  Martha  .       " 

53.  Elizabeth  Hull,  bap.  Oct.  15,  1699;  m.  Dea.  Stephen  Burr. 

54.  Martha  Hull,  bap.  July  13,  1701;  m.  Daniel  Sherwood. 

55.  John  Hull,  b.  about  1703;  d.  ,  1741  in  Cuba,  on  an  expedition  to  the 

West  Indies. 

56.  Eleanor  Hull,  bap.  Sep.  15,  1706. 

57.  Cornelius  Hull,  b.  May  14,  1710;  m.  Abigail  Eumsey. 

9.  EZEKIEL^  SANFORD,  Jr.  {same  descent  as  8)  b.  Mar.  6, 
1668,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  2,  1728-9,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Mar.  1696, 
Rebeckah,  dau.  of  Samuel  Gregory  of  Chestnut  Hill,  Ct.  They 
were  admitted  to  full  communion  in  the  first  church  at  Fairfield, 
Sept.  30,  1705.  Mr.  Sanford  left  a  large  landed  estate.  He  was 
an  engineer  and  built  the  first  stockade  fort  at  Saybrook  at  the 
mouth  of  the  Connecticut  River  for  protection  against  the  Indians. 
His  will  dated  Jan.  29,  1729,  gave  widow  Rebecca  one-third  personal 
estate  and  use  of  one-third  real  estate  for  life.  To  daughters  Abigail 
and  Rebeckah  each  £200.  To  eldest  son  Joseph  £100  more  than 
equal  part  with  his  brethren.  To  son  Samuel  £20  more  than  equal 
part  with  his  brethren  in  consideration  of  his  not  having  a  trade. 


To  sons  Joseph,  Lemuel,  Zachariah,  Ezekiel,  Samuel  and  Ephraim 
all  the  rest  and  residue  of  his  estate,  consisting  of  land  which  he 
parcelled  to  each  with  the  value  thereof,  each  being  charged  with 
what  the  testator  had  advanced  them. 

The  widow  was  still  living  in  1764,  as  is  shown  by  a  settlement 
under  his  will,  probated  Mar.  28,  1729,  between  her  and  the  first  five 
children.  His  stone  of  blue  slate  is  still  standing  (1908)  in  the 
Old  Fairfield  Cemetery  and  bears  this  inscription, — 

"Here  lies  ye  body  of  Mr.  Ezekiel  Sanford  aged  62  years 
dec'd  March  ye  2nd  1728-9." 

The  author  has  a  copy  of  the  covenant  dated  Fairfield,  Jan.  7, 
1764,  whereby  the  brothers  Joseph,  Lemuel,  Zachariah,  Ezekiel  and 
Samuel  bound  themselves  in  the  sum  of  one  hundred  pounds  to 
support  their  mother,  Rebecca,  ratably. 

They  had  nine  children  all  bom  and  baptised  in  Fairfield,  Ct. 

58.  + Joseph-*,  b.   Mar.   27,   1697;    d.   1781;    m.   Katherine   Fairchild. 

59.  + Lemuel,  b.  Dec.  16,  1699;   d.  Apr.  25,   1780;  m.  Eebecea  Squires. 

60.  + Zachariah,  b.  Nov.  24,  1701;  d.  1787;  m.  (1)  Ann  HaU;  m.  (2)   Sarah  — , 

61.  + Ezekiel,  b.  July  27,  1704,  d.  1764;   m.  EUzabeth  . 

62.  + Samuel,  b.  Feb.  20,  1707-8;  d.  Nov.  6,  1768;  m.  Sarah  Meeker. 

63.  +  EphTaim,  b.  Feb.  12,  1708-9;  d.  Feb.  2,  1761-2;  m.  Elizabeth  Mix. 

64.  +  Eebeckah,  b.  Nov.  21,  1710;  m.  Wm.  Hill. 

65.  + Abigail,  b.  Aug.  29,  1714;  m.  James  Bradley. 

66.  Elnathan,  b.  Sept.  1,  1717;  d.  Apr.  26,  1727. 

(Fairfield  Parish  Records,    Town   Eec.    Vol.   3,   p.   632 — 17S3     "Dexter 
Notes"  Stratford  Church  Bee.) 

10.  :\L1RY^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  8)  b.  April  3,  1670, 
Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  Joseph  Ashbourne  and  had  four  children; 
m.  (2)  Capt.  Theophilus,  son  of  Cornelius,  Sr.  and  Rebecca  (Jones) 
Hull.     In  May,   1705,   Capt.   Hull  was  appointed  Ensign  of  the 

company  at  the  West  end  of  Fairfield ■    He  was  Deputy 

for  Fairfield,  May,  1708,  and  Oct.,'  1709 — Lieutenant  of  the  West 
Company  of  Fairfield,  June,  1709,  and  Captain  the  same  year. 
At  the  General  Court  that  year  he  was  appointed  on  the  Committee 
of  War  for  Fairfield  County.  A  small  fort  was  built  at  Hull's 
Farms  to  which  the  settlers  could  retreat  in  time  of  danger.  In 
this  house  he  lived  until  he  built  a  new  home.  His  will  was  proven 
Aug.  2,  1710,  naming  wife  Mary  and  his  children.  Mrs.  Hull's  will 
was  admitted  at  Fairfield  Court,  April  18,  1713,  naming  her 
daughters  Mary  and  Ann. 

The  homestead  of  Capt.  HuU  was  sold  in  1729  by  his  son  Theo- 


philus,  who  disposed  of  it  in  order  to  go  with  his  cousins  to  locate 
in  the  town  of  Redding,   Ct.,  which  then  became   the   principal 
''stamping  ground"  of  the  Hull  families  for  several  generations. 
She  had  six  children  by  second  marriage. 

67.  Mary*  HuU. 

68.  Ann  Hull,  bap.  Aug.  26,  1694. 

69.  Theophilus  Hull,  Jr.,  bap.  May  23,  1697.  *  ' 

70.  John  Hull. 

71.  Jabesh   (Jabez)   Hull.  V 

72.  Eliphalet  Hull. 

A  Hull  family  history  is  soon  to  be  published  by  the  Hull 
Family  Association,  which  will  give  a  full  record  of  the  descend- 
ants of  Sarah  and  Mary  Sanford. 

12.  THOMAS^  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  8)  b.  May  2, 
167.5.  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  May  20,  1757,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Hannah 
:Middlebrook  (?)  d.  May  18,  1755  in  her  75th  year.  Mr.  Sanford 
lived  in  Fairfield,  Ct.,  in  the  Parish  of  Stratfield.  He  and  his  wife 
Hannah  were  admitted  to  full  communion  in  the  First  Church  of 
Fairfield,  Dec.  21,  1712.  In  1699,  he  divided  with  his  brother 
Ezekiel,  their  father's  long  lot  stretching  up  into  Redding,  and 
settled  there.  He  removed  to  Wallingford,  Meriden  Parish  before 
1739  and  returned  to  Fairfield  before  1750.  He  and  his  wife 
Hannah  lie  buried  in  Stratfield  Cemetery.  He  and  his  sons  owned 
land  in  Stratford  and  difl:erent  parts  of  Fairfield,  some  of  which  was 
in  what  afterwards  became  the  town  of  Easton.  His  will,  probated 
Dee.  6,  1757,  in  Fairfield^  mentions  his  children,  viz: — Thomas, 
Ebenezer,  David,  Elizabeth,  wife  of  Thomas  Lee,  Hannah,  wife  of 
John  Porter,  Eunice,  wife  of  David  Hubble,  Mary,  wife  of  Thomas 
Wheeler,  Sarah,  wife  of  Joseph  (?)  Andrews,  Tabitha,  wife  of 
Benjamin  Andrews,  and  Tamer,  wife  of  Ebenezer  Hubble  and 
grandson,  Joseph  Andrews,  son  of  daughter  Sarah.  The  Court 
appointed  his  sons,  Ebenezer,  of  Fairfield,  and  Thomas,  of  Strat- 
ford, administrators  of  his  estate  June  27,  1757,  {Fairfield  Pro. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  bom  in  Fairfield,  Ct. 

73.  Elizabeths    bap.    Aug.    26,    1705;    m.    Nov.    15,    1721,    Thomas    Lee    of 

GuUford,    Ct. 

74.  Hannah,  bap.  Aug.  26,  1705;  m.  John  Porter. 

75.  Eunice,  bap.  Aug.  26,  1705;  m.  David  Hubble. 

76.  Thomas,  bap.  Oct.  4,  1707;  d.  Apr.  17,  1767.  Buried  at  Long  Hill,  Fairfield 


Co.    Mr.  Sanford  settled  in  Stratford,  Ct.     The  inventorj  of  his  estate 

July  7,  1767,  mentions  among  many  other  things  his  servants  Eger,  Fib 

or  Gib,  Judd  and  Cezer.     No  other  people  named. 
77.+Ebenezer,  bap.  Nov.  6,  1709;  d.  Apr.  16,  1783;  m.  (1)  Mary  EUis;  m.  (2) 

Sarah  Chapman. 
78.+David,  bap.  Feb.  24,  1711-12;  d.  1767;  m.  Patience  Burrows. 

79.  Mary,  bap.  May  2,  1714;  m.  Thomas  Wheeler. 

80.  +  Sarah,  bap.  Nov.  11,  1716;  m.  Joseph   (?)   Andrews. 

81.  Tabitha,  bap.  Jan.  25,  1718-19;  m.  May  4,  1738,  Benjamin  Andrews,  of 

Middletown,  CL 

82.  Tamer,  bap.  Aug.  16,  1724;  m.  Ebenezer  Hubble.     She  joined  the  Meriden 

Church,   July   26,    1741.      (Schenck's   History   of   Fairfield,    Vol.   1,   p. 
404-5,  Stratford  Church  'Records.) 

IT.  HANNAH^  SANFORD  {Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  2, 
1675,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  11,  1716,  Durham,  Ct. ;  m.  ab.  1696-7, 
James  Wright  of  Durham,  Ct.  Mrs.  Wright's  brother,  Thomas  of 
Milford,  Ct.,  in  his  will  of  Feb.  3,  1724,  leaves  property  to  James 
and  Jonathan  Wright,  sons  of  his  late  sister,  Hannah.  Jan.  2, 
1709-10,  James  Wright  and  his  wife,  Hannah  of  Durham,  gave  quit 
claim  deed  to  house  and  lot  which  was  their  father's,  Samuel  San- 
ford, of  Milford.       {Milford  L.  B.  Bk.  4  p.  109.) 

(Mr.  Wright  married  for  his  second  wife,  Bethiah — ). 

They  had  six  children. 

S3.-fJonathan*  Wright,  m.  Phebe  . 

84.  James  Wright,  bap.  Sept.  29,  1700,  Milford  Ct. 

85.  Margery  Wright,   bap.   Feb.   25,   1705,   Milford,  Ct. 

86.  Mary  Wright,  bap.  Mar.  7,  1707,  Milford,  Ct. 

87.+ Joseph  Wright,  b.  Nov.  1,  1713;  m.  Eleanor  . 

88.     Ebenezer  Wright,  b.  Feb.  26,   1716,  Durham,  Ct. 

19.  SAMUEL^  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  17)  b.  Mar. 
12,  1680,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  1729,  Newto^vn,  Ct. ;  m.  Jan.  1702, 
Esther,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and  sister  to  Hannah  Baldwin.  She  was 
born  May  25,  1683,  Milford,  Ct.  They  were  added  to  First  Church 
of  Milford,  Feb.  1710.  They  went  to  Newtown,  Ct.,  in  ]711.  In 
1712  Mr.  Sanford  had  permission  from  the  inhabitants  to  put  a 
grist  mill  on  Pond  Brook  and  in  1714  had  a  grant  of  land  given 
him  on  Potatuck  River  for  a  mill  "for  to  grinde  ye  towne  graine". 
His  will  bears  date  Feb.  17,  1728  or  9.  The  Sanford  homestead  in 
Newtown  has  continued  in  the  possession  of  the  Sanford  famdly. 
In  1894  it  was  owned  and  occupied  by  Frederick  Sanford,  a  gt.  gt. 
grandson  of  Samuel. 

They  had  ten  children. 


89.+Nathaniel*,  b.  Dec.  3,  1702;  d.  Apr.  14,  1768;  m.  Elizabeth  Seeley. 
90.+ Samuel,  b.  Apr.  1,  1704;  d.  Mar.  7,  1758;  m.  Hannah  Gilbert. 
91.+Ebenezer,  b.  Feb.  22,  1705;   d.  Aug.  8,  1772;  m.  Ann  Booth. 
92.     Esther,  b.   Feb.   10,   1707,   Milford,   Ct.      She   was  not  mentioned   in   her 

brother  Moses'  wiU  in  1760. 
93. -f  John,  b.  Oct.  17,  1709;   d.  Nov.  17,  1792;  m.   (1)   Rebecca  Northrop;  m. 

(2)   Abiah  Dunning. 
94".  + Daniel,  b.  Nov.   1,  1711;   d.  before  Feb.,  1757;   m.  Dinah  Perkins. 
95.+Moses,  b.  1713;  d.  1766;  m.  Hannah  Gunn. 

96.  Job,  b.  Jan.  10,  1715,  Milford,  Ct.     He  sold  land  to  his  brother  Samuel 

Mar.  29,  1739.  Mr.  Charles  H.  Peck,  for  many  years  town  clerk,  said 
that  Job  Sanford  never  married.  Mr.  Frank  E.  Sanford  of  LeGrange 
111.,  was  unable  to  find  his  grave  in  Newtown  Cemetery. 

97.  Hannah,  b.  Jan.  6,  1717,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  Sept.  14,  1758,  Samuel  Prindle. 

He  died,  May  12,  1767.     No  children  given  in  Town  Records. 
9S.-r Rachel,  b.  June  13,  1720;  m.  Ebenezer  Booth. 

20.  SAEAH^  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  17)  b.  July  10, 
1682,  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  June  17,  1701,  Benjamin,  son  of  Nathaniel 
Baldwin,  b.  Jan.  26,  1681,  Milford,  Ct.  In  1708,  Mr.  Baldwin, 
then  of  Stratford,  Ct.,  was  one  of  the  proprietors  of  Durham,  Ct. 
In  1710,  he  and  his  wife  joined  with  others  in  conveying  land  in 
Milford.  They  were  then  of  Durham.  In  1697,  he  renewed  cove- 
nant in  Stratford,  Ct.,  and  in  1706  his  wife  joined  the  Milford 
Church.     {See  Baldwin  Genealogy.) 

They  had  two  children. 

99.     Judith*  Baldwin,  b.  July  14,  1702   {Stratford  Eec.) 

100.  Abiah  Baldwin,  b.  Oct.  13,  1700  {Milford  Eec.) 

23.  SAMUEL^  SANFORD  {Thomas  5,  TJwmas  1)  b.  Sept. 
13,  1668,  New  Haven,  Ct.,  d.  1748.  Settled  in  what  is  now  North 
Haven,  Ct.  He  received  forty  acres' by  his  father's  will.  April  2, 
1748,  Samuel,  eldest  son  of  Samuel  Sanford,  of  New  Haven, 
deceased,  exhibited  an  agreement  imder  "ye  Hands  of  ye  sevral 
sons  of  said  deceased,  viz.  Samuel  and  Ephraim  of  New  Haven, 
Ezekiel  and  Zachariah  of  Waterbury  and  Thomas  of  New  Haven 
for  settlement  of  the  estate  of  Samuel  Sanford  of  New  Haven,  dec. ' ' 
{New  Haven  Pro.  Rec,  Bk.  7,  p.  303.) 

They  had  nine  children,  all  bom  in  North  Haven,  Ct. 

101.  Mary*,  b.  May  31,  1696. 

102.  Lydia,  b.  July  22,  1698. 

103.-|-Samuel,  b.  Jan.  2,  1701;  d.  1757;  m.  Deborah  Clart 
104.+Ephraim,  b.  Mar.  24,  1704;  m.  Esther  Heaton. 
lOo.+Ezekiel,  b.  May  4,   1707-8;   d.   1760;   m.  Desire  Warner. 


106.+Rachel,  b.  May  1,  1710;  m.  Benjamin  Warner,  Jr. 
107.+Zaehariah,  b.  Oct.  7,  1712;  d.  Jan.  11,  1774;  m.  Sarah  Curtis. 

108.  Dinah,  b.  Apr.  28,  1715. 

109.  Thomas,  b.  Dec.  17,  1718.     Sold  land  Apr.  25,  1748,  to  Isaac  Stiles  of 

New  Haven   {Land  Hec.  Bk.  30,  p.  411.) 

24.  ELIZABETH^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  23)  b.  Sept. 
3,  1671,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov  10,  1691,  Joseph,  son  of  Joseph 
and  Hannah  (Munson)  Tuttle,  in  Milford,  Ct.,  by  Gov.  Treat.  He 
was  born  ^lar.  18, 1668,  lived  in  East  Haven  and  was  prominent  and 
active  in  local  affairs.  Was  elected  Representative  to  State  Legis- 
lature May  and  Oct.,  1710.  {See  Tuttle  Book  for  full  record  of 

They  had  five  children. 

110.+ Joseph*  Tuttle,  b.  Nov.  10,  1692;  d.  Jan.  16,  1761;  m.  (1)  Mercy  Thomp- 
son; m.  (2)  Widow  Sarah  Washburn. 

lll.+Noah  Tuttle,  b.  Dec.  12,  1694;  d.  ab.  1757;  m.  Eachel  Hoadley. 

I12.+Katherine  Tuttle,  b.  Nov.  25,  1699;  m.  George  Mix. 

I13.+Elizabeth  Tuttle,  b.  July  27,  1705;  d.  Sept.  27,  1751;  m.  Capt.  Samuel 

114.  Thankful  Tuttle,   b.   Sept.   3,   1709. 

2T.  TH0:\L1S3  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  23)  b  >Iay  25, 
1677,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  1714 ;  m.  Jan.  13,  1704,  Mary  Chub.  The 
administration  of  his  estate  was  granted  to  his  widow  Mary,  June 
5,  1714.  (She  married  (2)  John  Granniss,  of  New  Haven.)  In 
April,  1752,  the  real  estate  of  Thomas  Sanford  was  divided  among 
his  children — to  wit — William,  only  son,  daughters,  Elizabeth  Clin- 
ton, Mehitable  Barnes  and  heirs  of  Mary  Humiston,  dec.  {New 
Haven  Fro.  Bk.  S,  pp.  140^  163.) 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  New  Haven,  Ct. 

115.  Elizabeth-*,  b.  Nov.  7,  1704;  m.  Lawrence  Clinton.     His  will  was  proved 

Jan.,  1758.    John  Sanford  and  Gershom  Barnes  were  executors  {Bk.  9,  p. 

I16.-|-Mehitable,  b.  Mar.  20,  1707;  m.  Gershom  Barnes. 
117.     Mary,  b.  Sept.  15,  1709;   d.  early. 

118.-|-WilUam,  b.  Feb.  23,  1711;   d,  Feb.  10,  1792;  m.  Desire  BunneU. 
I19.-|-Mary,  b.  Jan.  1714;  d.  Mar.  8,  1742;  m.  John  Humiston. 

29.  SARAH*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  23)  h.  Nov.  26, 
1682,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Jan.  13,  1703,  Thomas  Beach  of  New 
Haven,  Ct.    She  received  £5  at  the  death  of  her  father. 

They  had  eight  children. 


120.  Benjamin*  Beach,  b.  June  29,  1704. 

121.  Ephraim  Beach,  b.  June,  1707;  d.  early. 

122.  Sarah  Beach,  b.  Sept.  1708. 

123.  John  Beach,  b.  Dec.  1713. 

124.  Mary  Beach,  b.  June,  1716.  ■• 

125.  Ephraim  Beach,  b.  May,  1719. 

126.  Thomas  Beach,  b.  July,  1721. 

127.  Samuel  Beach,  b.  Aug.  1724. 

32.  JOHN^  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  23)  b.  Apr.  6,  1686, 
New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  after  1753 ;  m.  ab.  1705,  Hannah — .  They  lived 
in  North  Haven  Parish,  Ct.  He  got  most  of  his  father's  property 
for  taking  care  of  him  and  his  mother.  On  Dec.  3,  1735,  he  gave 
forty  acres  to  his  son  John  and  on  Feb.  7,  1753,  eighteen  acres  to 
his  son  Moses,  and  certaia  property  to  his  "loving  wife  Hannah". 
He  was  on  the  committee  to  found  an  Ecc'l.  Soc.  in  1716.  He  and 
his  wife  were  members  of  the  Congregational  Church  of  North 
Haven,  Ct.,  in  1760. 

They  had  six  children,  aU  bom  in  North  Haven  Parish,  Ct. 

128.  John*,  b.  Sept.  17,  1706;   d.  early. 

129.+De3ire,  b.  Feb.  12,  1707;  d.  Jan.  2,  179.5;  m.  Caleb  Cooper. 

ISO.+John,  b.  Nov.  7,  1710;  d.  1780;  m.  (1)  Mehitable  Ives;  m.  (2)  Mary 

131.  Moses,  b.  Jan.  9,  1713;  d.  early. 

132.  Hannah,  b.  Oct.  23,  1717;  m.  May  3,  1738,  Caleb  Barnes. 
133.+Mo3e3,  b.  May  7,   1725;   m.  Mary  Robinson. 

35.  SAIVIUEL^  SANFORD  {Ephraim  6,  Tlioynas  1)  b.  May  9, 
1674,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  1749,  Milford,  Ct.;  m.  (1)  Nov.  1695.  Hannah 
Baldwin,  b.  July  11,  1674;  d.  Jan.  14,  1726,  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  (2) 
Esther,  widow  of  Deacon  Nathaniel  Parmelee  of  Killingsworth,  Ct. 
Mr.  Sanford  was  admitted  to  the  Milford  Church,  May  15,  1698. 
IVIrs.  Hannah  Sanford  was  admitted  to  the  Milford  Church,  May 
9,  1697.  Her  tombstone  is  still  standing  and  in  very  good  condi- 
tion. Close  by  her  grave  is  that  of  Mrs.  Thomas  Baldwin.  The 
author  of  this  work  visited  the  cemetery  in  August,  1909.  Mrs. 
Esther  Sanford  was  a  sister  of  Stephen  Parmelee  who  married 
Elizabeth,  sister  of  Hannah  Baldwin.  Hannah  Baldwin  and  her 
sister  Esther,  who  married  Samuel  Sanford  (Samuel,  Thomas)  and 
Elizabeth  who  married  Parmelee  were  daughters  of  Nathaniel  and 
Hannah  (BotcMord)  Baldwin. 

Their  ancestry  on  the  Baldwin  side  dates  back  to  Richard  Bald- 
win of  Cholesbury,  Buckinghamshire,  Bng.,  who  died  in  1553.  His 
great  grandson,  the  grandfather  of  Hannah,  Esther  and  Elizabeth, 


born  in  Cholesbury,  England,  came  to  this  country  and  settled  in 
Milford,  Ct.,  where  he  died  in  1650—  Hannah  Botchford  was  the 
daughter  of  Henry  Botchford  of  Milford,  one  of  the  pioneer  set- 
tlers.    He  has  a  stone  in  the  Memorial  Bridge  at  Milford. 

He  was  a  corporal  in  a  "little  army"  from  the  New  Haven 
Colony  that  went  against  the  Dutch  in  1654. 

Nathaniel  Baldwin  was  a  quite  successful  and  prominent  man 
at  Milford.  The  author  of  this  work  has  several  original  papers 
bearing  his  signature  in  a  very  legible  state,  as  maker  of  the  instru- 
ment and  as  a  witness.  His  will,  probated  June  22,  1714,  bequeathes 
property  to  his  three  sons-in-law,  viz. :  Stephen  Parmelee,  of  New- 
town, Samuel  Sanford,  of  Stratford,  and  Samuel  Sanford,  of  Mil- 
ford, and  made  the  latter  executor  of  his  will. 

Among  the  old  papers  secured  by  the  author  of  this  work, 
mentioned  in  the  sketch  of  Ephraim  Sanford,  are  quite  a  number 
with  original  signatures  belonging  to  Ephraim 's  son  Samuel. 
Among  these  are,  to  wit:— A  deed  by  Nathaniel  Baldwin,  Sr.,  to 
his  son  (in  law)  Samuel  Sanford  both  of  Milford  dated  Nov.  24, 
1712.  A  deed  by  Steven  Parmelee  of  Newtown  to  his  brother-in- 
law,  Samuel  Sanford,  of  date  Apr.  17,  1717.  An  autograpn  deed  by 
Samuel  and  Nathaniel  to  their  brother  Ephraim  Sanfoid,  dated 
July  30,  1715.  Also  another  by  Samuel  to  his  brother,  Ephraim 
Sanford,  dated  Nov.  11,  1711.  Also  a  deed  by  Samuel  to  his  son 
Samuel  Sanford,  dated  Sep.  27,  1723. 

A  lease  by  David  Sanford,  of  Milford,  to  his  honored  father 
Samuel  Sanford,  of  four  acres  for  the  term  of  his  natural  life  for 
the  rent  of  one  pepper  corn  pr.  year,  dated  Sep.  29,  1732-3.  It 
was  witnessed  by  Samuel  Gunn,  who  appears  to  have  been  the  attor- 
ney who  drew  the  most  of  these  old  papers  and  by  Joseph  Ash- 

Another  lease  by  David  Sanford  to  "his  Honored  parents 
Samuel  Sanford  and  Mrs.  Ester  Sanford  his  wife"  of  a  parcel  of 
the  Homlott  with  ye  buildings,  estimated  to  contain  ten  acres,  dated 
Sep.  23,  1732.     The  consideration  on  this  lease  is,  to  wit: — 

"For  divers  good  causes  and  considerations  him  thereunto 
moving,  and  more  especially  that  his  aforesaid  parents  may  be 
under  a  more  comfortable  subsistence  while  they  continue  in  this 
world. ' ' 

The  term  was  for  the  natural  life  of  Samuel  Sanford  and  the 
rent  one  pepper  corn  pr.  year.    The  lease  further  provided  that  in 


case  Mrs.  Ester  Sanford  outlived  his  father,  she  should  have  the  use 
of  one  third  of  said  lands  for  the  term  of  her  natural  life. 

A  deed  by  Stephen  Sanford  of  Milford  to  his  "Honored  father 
Samuel  Sanford",  dated  Nov.  21,  1731.  The  deed  recites  that  the 
lands  conveyed  are  the  same  which  he  (Stephen)  "lately  bought" 
of  his  father  Samuel  and  Ester  Sanford  his  wife  and  that  they 
are  the  same  lands  which  the  said  Ester  Sanford  bought  "when 
and  while  she  was  Ester  Parmelee."  The  lands  were  si-:;uated  in 
Saybrook,  Ct. 

A  deed  by  David  Sanford  to  his  honored  father  of  five  acres 
in  Milford,  dated  Apr.  17,  1744.    Both  resided  in  Milford. 

Also  a  receipt  dated  Killingworth,  May  3,  1739,  by  Ezra  Parme- 
lee of  "Samuel  Sanford  by  ye  hand  of  his  wife  Easther  Sanford, 
she  being  administratrix  upon  ye  estate  of  Deacon  Nathaniel 
Parmelee  of  Killingworth"  the  legacy  of  £44 — 5s — 3d  allowed 
to  him  by  Probate  Court  of  which  sum  lis  6d  was  a  legacy  from 
estate  of  widow  Sarah  Hayton. 

Also  a  full  release  and  discharge  to  Samuel  Sanford  and  David 
Sanford  as  executors  of  the  will  of  Samuel  Sanford,  deceased,  late 
of  Milford  by  John  Franklin,  personally  and  as  attorney  for 
Josiah  and  "Neil"  Parmelee,  Jonathan  Franklin,  Lemuel  and 
Ezra  Parmelee,  Michael  Griswold,  Jr.,  Nehemiah  Parmelee  and 
John  Ward,  all  of  Ejllingworth,  the  children  and  legal  representa- 
tives of  Esther  Sanford,  late  of  Milford,  deceased.  The  amount 
paid  by  said  executor  for  this  full  acquittance  was,  "thirty  five 
pounds,  money  old  Tenour"  and  bears  date,  Dec.  22,  1749.  Among 
the  old  papers  is  also  an  order  of  the  Probate  Court  held  at  New 
London,  Ct.,  June  16,  1719,  distributing  the  estate  of  Deacon  Nath- 
aniel Parmelee,  late  of  "Kennelworth",  Ct.,  upon  the  petition  and 
report  of  Mrs.  Esther  Parmelee,  widow  and  relict  of  said  Nathan- 
iel. These  papers  taken  together  absolutely  prove  that  Samuel 
Sanford  married  for  his  second  wife  Estfher  Parmelee,  that  she  was 
then  the  widow  of  Deacon  Nathaniel  Parmelee,  of  Killingsworth, 
Ct.  The  author  in  all  his  research  and  assistance  by  others,  was 
unable  to  learn  who  Esther  was,  until  the  discovery  of  these  old 

The  will  of  Samuel  Sanford,  dated  Oct.  21,  1742,  proved  Aug. 
5,  1749,  gave  to  his  wife  Esther,  all  the  movable  estate  that  was 
hers  before  marriage  and  came  to  him;  also  £20  provided  she  quit 
claimed  her  dower  in  his  housings  and  lands;  to  eldest  son,  Sam- 
uel,  forty  acres  bounded  by  land  of   Capt.   Joseph  Treat;    five 


acres  in  Middlefield ;  a  small  parcel  in  his  home  lot  and  a  half  acre 
in  the  meadow  lot.  He  gave  to  his  sons  Joseph,  Jonathan  and 
Stephen  each  a  new  bible  in  addition  to  what  he  had  already  given 
them;  to  his  son  David,  all  the  rest  of  his  common  and  undivided 
land;  to  his  five  daughters,  viz: — Hannah,  wife  of  Joseph  Gunn; 
Mary,  wife  of  Josiah  Northrup;  Esther,  wife  of  Samuel  Bristol; 
Abigail  and  Elizabeth  Sanford  all  his  lands  in  Waterbury  and  the 
rest  of  his  movable  estate,  the  daughter  Hannah  to  have  four 
pounds  less  than  the  other  four  daughters  and  each  to  be  charged 
with  what  had  been  paid  to  her. 

The  personal  estate  amounted  to  £592 — 13 — 4. 

He  must  have  been  quite  successful  in  his  later  years  to  have 
accumulated  this  fine  property  since  in  1732  his  son  leased  him 
lands  for  a  pittance  to  give  him  a  more  comfortable  subsistence. 

He  had  eleven  children  by  first  marriage,  all  born  in  Milford, 

134.  Hannah*,  b.  June  2.5,  1696;  m.  Joseph  Gimn. 

135.  +  Samuel,  Jr.,  b.  May  29,  1698;  d.  May  3,  1781;  m.  Abigail  Holbrook. 
136.+Joseph,  b.  July  5,  1701;  d.  Sept.  9,  1754;  m.  Mary  Clark. 
137.+Mary,  b.  July  5,  1702;   m.  Josiah  Northrop. 

138.+Jonathan,  b.  July  13,  1704;  m.  (1)  Phoebe  Piatt;  m.   (2)  Hannah  Piatt. 

139.  Stephen,  b.  Nov.  20,  1706 ;  d.  Jan.  6,  1779 ;  m.  Esther  Parmelee  (Saybrook 
Bee.  Bk.  4.  p.  383)  b.  1712;  d.  Mar.  4,  1784.  No  children.  The 
author  has  an  autograph  deed  of  Stephen  to  his  father  Samuel  Sanford, 
dated  Nov.  20,  1734.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  man  of  considerable  wealth 
and  resided  in  New  Haven-  He  bequeathed  one  dozen  large  bibles 
to  diJferent  relatives.  Mr.  Sanford  was  one  of  the  origiBal  members 
of  the  Woodbridge  Congregational  Church.  He  was  honored  by  his 
fellow  townsmen  and  took  a  deep  interest  in  the  church.  He  made 
the  church  a  present  of  a  Baptismal  Bowl  and  Communion  Service 
which,  it  is  said,  are  still  in  use.  At  his  death  he  left  a  large  landed 
estate,  which  was  afterwards  sold,  and  from  which^  with  Other  funds 
which  he  also  gave  the  parish,  was  derived  a  large  part  of  the  society's 
present  fund  for  the  support  of  the  gospel. 

As  an  appreciation  of  his  services  the  following  inscription  was 
placed  upon  the  monument  erected  to  his  memory: 

"Capt.  Stephen  Sanford  of  Woodbridge  departed  this  life  oa 
the  sisth  day  of  January,  1779,  in  the  72nd  year  of  his  age.  His 
character  was  reputable  as  a  man  and  a  Christian.  He  had  the 
advancement  of  Christ's  kingdom  in  this  place  so  much  at  heart  that 
he  made  a  testamentory  gift  to  this  society  of  much  the  largest  part 
of  his  estate,  amounting  to  £930  L.  M.  and  appropriated  the  same 
to  the  support  of  the  ministry  in  this  society.  This  society,  there- 
fore, as  an  acknowledgment  and  lasting  memory  of  their  gratitude 
for  so  liberal  and  distinguished  a  benefaction,  at  their  own  expense 
have  erected  this  monument. ' ' 


Near  her  husband's  monument  in  the  cemetery  near  Woodbridge, 
Ct.,  is  a  stone  marked,  "Esther,  wife  of  Stephen  Sanford,  Ob.  4 
March,  1784,  aged  72." 

Capt.  Stephen's  will,  dated  Jan.  8,  1779,  proved  February,  1779, 
mentions  wife  Esther  and  makes  bequests  to  the  following  parties, 
viz. :  To  the  Society  of  Amity  for  the  support  of  Presbyterian  or 
Congregational  ministers  of  the  pariah ;  to  Charles  Sanford  ' '  who 
lives  with  me " ;  to  Stephen  Sanford  of  Bethany,  ' '  my  nephew ' ' ; 
to  Zadoc  Sanford  of  Bethany;  to  my  negro  servant,  Jesse,  property 
and  freedom;  to  Ebenezer  Sanford  of  New  Haven,  "for  love  and 
good  will,"  £20;  to  Hannah  Harrison,  Oliver  Sanford,  Joseph  Sanford, 
children  of  my  brother  Joseph  Sanford  late  of  Litchfield,  deceased ; 
to  my  sisters  Esther  Bristol  and  Abigail  Pierson ;  to  Joseph  Sanford, 
Oliver  Sanford,  Aaron  Sanford,  EKhu  Sanford,  Eunice  Stoddard, 
children  of  my  brother  David  Sanford  of  Milf ord,  deceased ;  to  Isaac 
Sanford.  (Joseph's  children,  David's  children  and  Isaac,  each  were 
to  receive  a  "Great  Bible".)  On  Aug.  28,  1779,  Samuel  Sanford  of 
Milford,  brother  of  Capt.  Stephen,  appealed  from  the  probate  of 
above  will  to  the  higher  court.  {New  Haven  Pro.  Bk.  12,  pp.  303-4-5 
and  354.) 

140.     David,  b.  May  2,  1708;   d.  1708. 

I41.+David,  b.  Sept.  8,  1709;  d.  Jan.  16,  1751;  m.  Rachel  Strong. 

142.     Esther,  b.  Nov.  9,  1711;  m.  Samuel,  son  of  Daniel  Bristol. 

143. + Abigail,  b.  Oct.  14,  1714;  m.  Aaron  Parsons. 

144. + Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  13,  1716;  d.  Apr.  7,  1764;  m.  Jonathan  Alvord. 

38.  NATHANIEL^  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  35)  b.  Oct. 
10,  1682,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  20,  1771,  Woodbury,  Ct. ;  m.  (1) 
1710,  Deb.orah,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Farrand,  d.  1720;  m.  (2)  Bethiah 
Stebbins,  sister  to  Benoni  Stebbins,  of  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  Mr. 
Sanford  settled  in  Squthbury,  part  of  Woodbury,  Ct.  He  and  his 
wife  Deborah  were  added  to  the  Church,  Feb.  26,  1714.  He  bought 
land  in  New  Milford,  Jan.  3,  1720,  and  sold  land  there  Mar.  6, 

The  author  has  two  autograph  deeds  by  Nathaniel  to  his  brother 
Ephraim  Sanford,  each  dated  Mar.  29,  1714.  Also  one  to  his 
brother  Samuel  Sanford,  of  Dec.  9,  1720.  Mr.  Sanford 's  will,  dated 
Apr.  20,  176-5,  proved  Sept.,  1771,  mentions  wife  Bethiah,  sons 
— Nathaniel,  Zachariah  and  Joseph;  daughters,  Mary,  wife  of 
Andrew  Coe;  Hannah,  wife  of  Elisha  Peck;  Susannah,  wife  of 
William  Guthree;  Phebe,  wife  of  Abijah  Tomlin  (son?)  and  grand- 
son, Ebenezer ;  children  of  daughter  Sarah  Old  and  heirs  of  daughter 
Deborah,  deceased;    {Woodbury  Pro.  Rec.  Bk.  6,  p.  391.) 

On  Dec.  14,  1757,  Joseph  Sanford,  Andrew  Coe  and  wife, 
Mary,  Elisha  Peck  and  wife  Hannah,  William  Guthree  and  wife 


Susannah,  all  of  Woodbury,  Ct.,  gave  to  Zachariah  Sanford,  of  New 
Milford,  Ct.,  a  deed  of  24  acres  of  land  in  New  Milford,  which  lately 
belonged  to  Stebbins  Sanfocd,  of  New  Milford,  deceased.  {New 
Milford  Land  Rec.  Bk.  10,  p.  214.) 

On  Feb.  28,  1734-5,  Nathaniel,  Jr.,  and  his  brother,  Ebenezer, 
both  of  Woodbury,  Ct.,  deeded  to  Samuel  Bristol,  of  Milford,  land 
in  Milford  left  them  by  their  grandfather  Nathaniel  Ferrand  in  his 

{Milford  L.  B.  Bk.  8,  p.  434.)  He  had  four  children  by  first 
and  seven  by  second  marriage,  the  first  four  all  bom  in  Milford. 
Ct.,  and  the  last  seven  in  Southbury,  Ct. 

145.4- Nathaniels  b.  Mar.  10,  1711;  d.  in  Sandgate,  Vt. 

146.+Ebenezer,  b.  Mar.  10,  1711;   d.  June  24,  1752;  m.  Abigail  Griswold. 

147.  Deborah,  bap.  Oct.  28,  1716. 

148.  Sarah,  bap.  June,   1719. 

149.+Zaehariah,  b.  Dec.   8,   1722;    d.   1803;   m.   Bachel  Goold. 
I50.+Jo8eph,  b.  Oct.  6,  1726;  d.  Aug.  13,  1791;  m.  Ann  Hickock. 

151.  Marj,  bap.  Mar.  9,  1729;  m.  Andrew  Coe,  of  Woodbury,  Ct. 

152.  Hannah,  b.  May  5,  1731;  m.  EUsha  Peck,  of  Woodbury,  Ct. 

153.  Stebbins,  b.  Nov.  27,  1733 ;  d.  Apr.  1,  1757.     He  was  adopted  by  Benoni 

Stebbins,  who,  Nov.  17,  1755,  gave  him  land  in  New  Milford  (Land 
Eec.  Bk.  8,  p.  108) . 

154.  "Susee"  (Susannah)  b.  Feb.  15,  1737;  m.  William  Guttre  of  Woodbury, 


155.  Mercy,  b.  Aug.  3,  1738.    Was  unmarried  Feb.  16,  1763,  at  wMch  time  she 

deeded  to  her  brother  Zachariah  of  New  Milford,  land  in  that  town,  it 
being  part  of  the  land  given  by  Benoni  Stebbins  to  "my  brother 
Stebbins  Sanford,  deceased."     {New  Milford  Land  Eec.  Bk.  9,  p.  703.) 



58.  JOSEPH*  SANFORD  {Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1) 
b.  Mar.  27,  1697,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  1781 ;  m.  Feb.  11,  1725,  Catherine, 
dau.  of  Joseph  and  Johanna  (Wilcoxson)  Fairehild,  of  Fairfield, 
Ct.  Settled  in  Redding,  Ct.  He  renewed  covenant  in  the  First 
Church  of  Fairfield,  March  6,  1725-6.  His  will,  dated  Nov.  2,  1779, 
proved  Jan.  11,  1781,  mentions  all  his  children,  except  Joseph  and 
Stephen,  also  mentions  son  Joseph 's  children,  viz. : — Solomon  Noble, 
Zachariah,  Isaiah,  Molly,  Tabitha,  and  Joseph;  also  son  Stephen's 
children,  viz: — John  and  Esther. 

They  had  nine  children,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

156.+Nehemiah5,  b.  Mar.  10,  1726;  d.  Nov.  16,  1815;  m.  Elizabeth  Morehouse. 
157.4-Elnathaii,  b.  Oct.  11,  1727;  d.  April  19,  1803;  m.  (1)  Deborah  White;  m. 

(2)    Hannah  . 

158.+Phebe,  b.  Nov.  11,  1729;  d.  Apr.  24,  1796;  m.  Israel  White. 
159.+Ann,  b.  Feb.  15,  1732;  d.  July  27,  1822;  m.  Gershom  Morehouse,  Jr. 
I60.+Timothy,  b.  Feb.  8,  1734;  d.  1784;  m.   (1)   Mary  Sanford;  m.   (2)   Mrs. 

Esther  Whitney. 
161.+ Joseph,  b.  June  20,  1736;  d.  Nov.  25,  1776;  m.  Hepsibah  Griffith. 

162.  Nathan,  b.  Aug.  15,  1738. 

163.  James,  b.  Dec.  14,  1740;  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Caleb  Baldwin,  of  Danbury, 

Ct.,  b.  1764.     She  died  before  her  father,  who  left  nothing  to  her  or  her 
heirs,  if  any.     He  died  Nov.  21,  1794. 
164.+Stephen,  b.  July  16,  1743;  d.  Oct.  6,  1776;  m.  Abigail  Ward. 

59.  LEMUEL*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  58)  b.  Dec.  16, 
1699,  Fairfield  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  25,  1780;  m.  May  12,  1730,  Rebecca 
Squires,  b.  June  17,  1705 ;  d.  Mar.  26,  1779,  Redding,  Ct.  Mr.  San- 
ford settled  in  Redding  Centre.  He  was  one  of  the  first  Committee- 
men of  the  Society,  a  sterling,  upright,  successful  man  and  promi- 
nent in  religious  and  public  affairs.  That  he  was  such  a  man  is 
shown  by  the  records  of  his  time,  and  also  by  his  will  which  was  as 
follows : — 

In  the  name  of  God,  Amen : 

I,  Lemuel  Sanford,  of  Redding,  in  Fairfield  County  and  Colony 
of  Connecticut  in  New  England,  being  of  sound,  disposing  mind 
&  memory  as  well  as  in  usual  bodily  health,  God  be  praised  there- 
for, calling  to  mind  my  own  mortality  and  not  knowing  the  day  of 
my  death,  and  knowing  that  it  is  appointed  to  all  once  to  die ;  Do 
make  and  ordain  this  my  last  Will  &  Testament — and  first  of  all  I 
give  my  soul  into  the  Hand  of  God  who  gave  chearfully  trusting  in 
his  covenanted  mercy  in  Jesus  Christ  for  the  salvation  thereof :  and 
my  body  I  recommend  to  the  Earth  to  be  decently  buried  at  the 
discretion  of  my  Executors  hereafter  named,  nothing  doubting  of 


the  glorious  resurrection  and  hoping  for  eternal  life  through  Jesus 
Christ  our  Lord,  and  as  touching  that  worldly  estate  with  which 
it  hath  pleased  God  to  bless  me,  I  give,  bequeath  and  devise  in 
manner  following : 

Imprimis     My  will  is  that  all  my  just  debts  and  funeral  charges 

shall  be  first  paid  and  satisfied. 
Item.   I  will  and  bequeath  to  my  well  beloved  wife,  Rebeckah  the 

one  third  part  of  my  personal  estate  to  be  hers  forever,  and 

also  the  use  of  the  one  third  part  of  my  real  estate  during  her 

natural  life. 

Item.   I  will  and  bequeath  to  ye  Heirs  of  my  Daughter  Rebeckah 
Lyon,  the  wife  of  Henry  Lyon,  late  of  Redding,  dec'd,  the 
following  sums,  viz :  to  Philo  Lyon  the  sum  of  ten  pounds, 
to  Henry,  Lemuel,  David  and  Eli  the  sum  of  six  pounds  each, 
and  to  Huldah  Hawley  ye  wife  of  Ezekiel  Hawley,  Jr.  to 
Lois  Monger  the  wife  of  Simeon  Monger  and  Hannah  the 
wife  of  Andrew  Hill  the  sum  of  three  pounds  each. 
Item.   I  will  and  bequeath  to  Sarah,  Rebeckah  and  Eunice  Coley, 
the  heirs  of  my  deceased  daughter  Sarah,   wife  to  Daniel 
Coley  of  Ridgebury  the  sum  of  three  pounds  each. 
Item.   I  will  and  bequeath  to  my  beloved  daughter  Lydia  Beach, 
the  wife  of  Lazarus  Beach  the  sum  of  thirty  pounds  to  be 
paid  her  out  of  my  moveable  estate. 
Item.   I  will  and  bequeath  to  my  Grand  Children,  Ezekiel,  David, 
Eunice  and  Anna  Jackson,  ye  heirs  of  my  daughter  Anna 
Jackson,  dee  'd  ninety  six  pounds  to  be  divided  amongst  them 
in    manner    following,    viz :    to    Ezekiel    and    David    forty 
pounds  each  &  to  Eunice  and  Anna  eight  pounds  each. 
Item.   I  will  and  bequeath  to  Lemuel  Burr  &  Elizabeth  Barr,  heirs 
of  my  deceased  daughter  Rhoda  Burr  the  following  sums, 
viz:   to   Lemuel   Burr   forty -five   pounds   and   to   Elizabeth 
Burr  thirty  five  pounds. 
Item.   It  is  my  will  that  my  daughter  Beach  above  named  and  the 
heirs  of  my  deceased  daughters  mentioned  above  shall  have 
what  I  have  willed  to  them  out  of  my  moveable  estate ;  more- 
over it  is  my  will  that  my  grondchildren  above  mentioned 
shall  receive  what  I  have  willed  to  them  as  they  shall  sev- 
erally arrive  to  lawful  age,  and  also  three  pounds  pr.  cent, 
interest  to  take  place  upon  my  decease  and  to  continue  till 
they  arrive  to  lawfull  age. 
Item.   I  will  and  bequeath  to  my  beloved  son  Hezekiah  Sanford 
Twenty  Pounds  in  consideration  of  his  being  my  oldest  son. 
Item.   I  will  and  bequeath  to  my  three  beloved  sons,  viz ;  Hezekiah, 
Lemuel  &  Ezekiel   Sanford  all  the  remaining   part  of  my 
estate,  both  real  &  personal  to  them,  their  heirs  and  assigns 
forever  and  to  be  equally  divided  amongst  them. 
Item.   It  is  my  Will  that  my  son  Lemuel  Sanford,  as  also  his  heirs 
and  assigns  have  the  privilege  of  a  shut  highway  through  my 



land  to  accomodate  his  Farm,  but  in  such  a  part  of  it  as  shall 
be  least  inconvenient  for  me. 
Item.   I  do  hereby  ordain,  constitute  &  appoint  my  three  sons,  viz : 
Hezekiah,  Lemuel  and  Ezekiel  Sanford  to  be  the  joint  exe- 
cutors of  this  my  last  Will  &  Testament. 
Finall  I  do  hereby  revoke  all  former  Wills,  Testaments  or  Executors 
by  me  made  or  appointed,  ratifying  and  confirming  this  and 
no  other    to  be  my  last  Will  &  Testament. 
In  Witness  Whereof,  I  have  hereunto  set  my  hand  and  seal 
this  7  day  of  March  A.  D.  17ZJ. 
Signed,  sealed,  published 
and  declared  by  Deacon  >     , 

Lemuel  Sanford  to  be  his 
last  Will  &  Testament  in 

presence  of  Lemll  Sanford  (Seal) 

Eunice  Bartlet 
Russell  Bartlett 
Nath'l  Bartlet 
On  the  day  of  its  date  the  witnesses  appeared  before  William 
Hawley,  a  justice  of  the  peace  and  made  oath  to  the  execution  of 
the  will  and  to  Mr.  Sanford 's  competency  to  make  it. 

The  will  is  of  great  interest  and  has  been  the  object  of  thought- 
ful study  and  consideration,  more  particularly  on  account  of  the 
seal  in  wax  opposite  Mr.  Sanford 's  signature.  The  seal  is  about 
a  half  inch  in  diameter.  The  author  of  this  work  had  two  exper- 
ienced men  in  Heraldry,  visit  Fairfield  and  study  this  seal.  The 
result  of  such  study  by  C.  A.  Hoppin  will  be  found  in  the  article 
on  Sanford  Coat  of  Arms. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  born  in  Fairfield,  Ct 

16o.4-Hezekiah5,  b.  Mar.  1,  1731;  d.  Sept.  16,  1798;  m.  Hannah  Hawley. 

166.+Rebecca,  b.  Oct.  29,  1732;  m.  Henry  Lyon. 

167. -f Sarah,  b.  Sept.  11,  1734;   d.  in  Wilton,  Ct.;  m.  Daniel  Coley. 

168.     Anna,  b.  Oct.  19,  1736;  d.  Dec.  23,  1743. 

169.-|-Lydia,  b.  May  19,  1738;  d.  Mar.  12,  1803;  m.  Lazarus  Beach. 

170. -f- Lemuel,  b.  Apr.  18,  1740;  d.  Mar.  12,  1803;  m.  Mary  Russell. 

17L-1-Ezekiel,  b.  June  30,  1742;  d.  Mar.  8,  1808;  m.  (1)  Sarah  Sturges;  m.  (2) 

Abigail  Starr. 
172.+Anna,  b.  Oct.  7,  1744;  d.  1773;  m.  David  Jackson. 
173.     Eunice,  b.  Sept.  10,  1746;  d.  Dec.  8,  1770. 
174.-|-Rhoda,  b.  Feb.  20,  1749;  m.  Elijah  Burr. 

60.  ZACHARIAH*  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  58)  b.  Nov. 
24,  1701,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  1787;  m.  (1)  Oct.  7,  1736,  Ann  Hall;  m. 
(2)  Sarah  .     He  probably  lived  in  Stratford, 

Ct.    His  will,  dated  Jan.  23,  1783,  proved  Feb.  19,  1787,  mentions 


wife  Sarah,  James  Hall,  son  of  dec.  wife  Ann  Hall,  Mary  Hali, 
widow  of  Eleazer,  son  of  Anji,  and  my  daughter  Ann,  wife  ol 
James  Crowfoot,  Rhoda,  Mrs.  Gershom  Jennings,  Huldah,  wife  of 
Samuel  Lang.  Also  mentions  his  grandchildren.  The  inventory 
of  his  estate  was  made  Apr.  2,  1787. 

He  had  seven  children  by  first  marriage,  all  born  in  Fairfield 

175.+Buth5,  b.  June  19,  1737;   m.  Wheeler. 

176.  Zachariah,  b.  Mar.  19,  1739^d.  Mar.  20,  1739. 

177.  Ann,  b.  Feb.  6,  1739-40;  m.  James  Crofut. 
178.+Eumce,  b.  Oct.  ",  1741;  m.  Summers. 

179.     Ehoda,  b.  Feb.  28,  1742-3;  m.  Nov.  IS,  1762,  Gershom  Jennings. 
180     Huldah,  b.  Apr.  15,  1744;  m.  Samuel  Lang. 

181.  Abigail,  b.  Aug.  27,  1747;  d.  Dec.  1,  1747. 

61.  EZEKIEL'  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  58)  b.  July  27, 

1704,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  1764 ;  m.  Elizabeth .  Ezekiel  Sanford 

lived  in  Stratford,  Ct.  The  inventory  of  his  estate  was  made  June 
12,  1764,  and  it  was  distributed  July  1,  1766,  to  widow  Elizabeth 
and  to  Samuel,  eldest  son  and  Nathan,  youngest  son. 

They,  had  four  children. 

182.  Samuels. 

183.  Augustus. 

184.  Ephraim. 

185.  Nathan,  b.  1762.      (Perhaps  other  children.) 

62.  CAPT.  SAMUEL*  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  5S)  b. 
Feb.  20,  1707-8,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  6,  1768,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m. 
Jime  11,  1733,  Sarah,  dau.  of  David  Meeker,  of  Fairfield,  Ct.,  d. 
Oct.  31,  1803,  Redding,  Ct.,  ag.  87  yrs.  11  mo.  Her  will  is  dated 
June  15,  1803.  Capt.  Samuel  Sanford,  in  1734,  with  Nathaniel 
Sanford  and  his  brothers,  Lemuel  and  Ephraim,  of  Fairfield,  Ct., 
removed  to  Redding,  Ct.,  when  the  town  was  founded  and  the 
country  first  opened  to  settlers.  He  joined  the  church  in  Redding, 
in  1734.  The  Public  Records,  of  the  Common  Assembly,  show  the 
following  commission  and  appointments  to  Captain  Sanford.  In 
March,  1745,  to  be  Ensign  in  the  intended  expedition  against  Cape 
Briton ;  June,  1746,  to  be  first  lieutenant  of  Capt.  Elihu  Hall's  Com- 
pany of  foot  to  be  raised  in  the  colony  for  the  expedition  against 
Canada ;  May,  1752,  to  be  lieutenant  of  Company  or  Trainband  in 
the  parish  of  Redding,  May,  1754,  to  be  Capt.  in  the  Co.  or  Train- 
band in  the  Parish  of  Redding. 


His  will  probated  in  Redding,  Nov.  16,  1768,  mentions  wife 
Sarah,  and  his  eleven  children.  The  estate  was  distributed,  June 
15,  1778,  daughter  Esther,  called  Hester  and  Mary,  Marah,  in  the 
distribution.  Nehemiah  Sanford  was  one  of  the  distributors. 
{Hist,  of  Redding.) 

They  had  eleven  children. 

186.  +  Daniels,  b.  Feb.  25,  1734;   d.  July  5,  1777;  m.  Esther  Hull. 

187.  +  Seth,  b.  Aug.  18,  1735;   d.  July  3,  1805;  m.   (1)   Eebecca  Burr;  m.   (2) 

Abiah  ;  m.   (3)  Abigail  . 

188.  Mary,  b.  Feb.  16,  1738;  m.  Timothy  Sanford.  (See  160.) 
lS9.+David,  b.  Nov.  16,  1739;  d.  June  15,  1787;  m.  Abi^  Lacy. 
190.+Abigail,  b.  Jan.  16,  1743;  m.  John  Hawley. 

191.  +  Samuel,  Jr.,  b.  Apr.  24,  1745;  d.  May  16,  1814;  m.  Sarah  Olmstead. 

192.  Sarah,  b.  May  6,  1747;  d.  June  6,  1775;  unm. 

' '  In  calm  Repose  her  Body  lies 

When  Christ  appears  her  dust  shall  Rise." 

193.  Esther,  b.  Apr.  9,  1749;  d.  Aug.  3,  1828;  unm. 

Buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery.  Her  will  dated  May  9,  1S28,  proved 
Aug.  11,  1828,  gives  to  her  sister  Rachel  the  use  of  all  her  estate.  In  the 
distribution  of  her  estate  are  mentioned — Eli  and  Chloe  Starr,  children 
of  her  deceased  brother  Daniel,  her  sister  Abigail  Hawley 's  children; 
the  descendants  of  her  sister  Mary;  her  brother  David 's  Children ;  her 
brother  Samuel's  children;  Her  brother  Ezra's  children,  viz, —  Ira — 
C3TUS —  Lewis —  Myra —  Morris —  Bela —  Stephen —  Anna  and  Warren. 
Also  mentions  children  of  her  brothers  Seth  and  Peter. 

194.  +  Ezra,  b.  Feb.  26,  1751;   d.  Dec.   17,  1825;   m.    (1)    AbigaU  Sanford;   a. 

(2)   Charlotte  Crawford. 

195.  Rachel,  b.  Feb.  2,  1753;  d.  Aug.  19,  1829.    Unm.    Buried  in  Umpawang 

196. 4- Peter,  b.  May  18,  1756;  d.  Nov.  28,  1827;  m.  Abigail  Keeler. 

63.  BPHRAIM*  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  58)  b.  Feb.  12, 
1708-9,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  2,  1761-2,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  7, 
1730,  ETizabeth,  dau.  of  John  Mix,  d.  Jan.  21,  1777,  ag.  62.  Set- 
tled in  a  place  in  the  northern  part  of  Fairfield,  which  was  incor- 
porated under  the  name  of  Redding  in  1767.  He  joined  the  church 
there  in  1734.  The  locality  where  he  settled  was,  and  still  is,  called 
Sanfordtown.  He  conducted  the  first  store,  and  was  very  suc- 
cessful. He  died,  leaving  a  widow,  four  sons  and  seven  daughters. 
To  his  widow  by  mil,  dated  Jan.  30,  1761,  he  left  £967  3s,  to  each 
son  £760  2s,  6  l-4d,  and  to  each  daughter  £253,  7s,  6  l-4d,  making 
a  total  of  about  $33,000.  Estate  distributed,  May  23,  1763.  On 
Sept.  2,  1766,  widow  Elizabeth  was  appointed  guardian  of  sons, 
Ephraira  and  Augustus. 

They  had  twelve  children,  all  bom  in  Fairfield,  Ct. 


197.+Elizabeth5,  b.  July  3,  1731;  d.  in  Bedding,  Ct. ;  m.  Jocaa  Piatt. 
198.+Eachel,  b.  July  23,  1733;  m.  Stephen  Mead. 
199. + Abigail,  b.  May  10,  1735;  m.  Daniel  Jackson. 
200.+Hannah,  b.  Mar.  3,  1737;   d.  May  8,  1779;  m.  David  Lyon 
201.+John,  b.  Apr.  26,  1739;  d.  Apr.  18,  1784;  m.  Anne  Morgan 
202.  +  Oliver,  b.  Sept.  17,  1741;  d.  Mar.  14,  1814;  m.  Rachel  Coley. 
203.+Lois,  b.   Sept.  14,  1743;   m.  Joseph  Lyon. 

204.     Tabitha,  b.  Feb.  28,  1746;  m.  June  6,  1766,  Thomas  Rockwell. 
.      205.  +  Hulda,  b.  Apr.  25,  1748;  m.  Thomas  White. 

206.+Ephraim,  b.  May  25,  1750;   d.   1806  in  Canada;   m.  Tabitha  Morehouse 

207.  +  Augustus,  b.  July  12,  1753;  d.  Jan.  19,  1778;  m.  Abigail  Sturges. 

208.  Esther,   b.   April   24,    1755;    d.   April   27,   1755.      Not   mentioned   in   her 

father  's  vail. 

"Though  she  was  young  not  too  young  to  dy 

But  quick  was  call 'd  into   Eternity 
In  ten  hours  time  she  did  submit  to  death 
And  sore  sign 'd  her  dearest  vital  breath." 

64.  REBECKAH*  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  58)  b.  Nov. 
21,  1710,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  William  Hill,  in  Fairfield,  Ct. 

They  had  three  children. 

209.  Ezekiels  BQll. 

210.  Abigail  Hill. 

211.  Mary  Hill. 

{Beach- Sanford   Genealogy.) 

65.  ABIGAIL*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  58)  b.  Aug-  29, 
1714,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Dec.  4,  1735,  James  Bradley. 

They  had  five  children,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

212.  Ezekiel'  Bradley,  bap.  Aug.  14,  1737. 

213.  Eunice  Bradley,  bap.  Mar.  4,  1739. 

214.  James  Bradley,  Jr.,  bap.  May  24,   1741. 

215.  Nathan  Bradley,  bap.  Aug.  21,  1743;  d.  May,  1744. 

216.  Abigail  Bradley,  bap.  July  7,  1745. 

77'.  EBENEZER*  SANFORD  {Thomas  12,  Ezekiel  2, 
Thom,as  1)  bap.  Nov.  6,  1709,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  16,  1783,  Fair- 
field (now  Easton),  Ct.,  in  78  yr.  of  his  age,  buried  at  Easton,  Ct; 
m.  (1)  Mary,  dau.  of  William  and  Mary  (Griswold)  Ellis,  b.  Nov. 
22,  1711;  m.  (2)  Feb.  14,  1740,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Robert  Chapman,  of 
East  Haddam,  Ct,  b.  1817 ;  d.  Mar.  20,  1809,  Fairfield,  Ct.  Buried 
at  Easton,  beside  her  husband.  Mr.  Sanford  received  from  his 
father.  Mar.  6,  1749-50,  land  in  the  Sanford 's  long  lot  in  Fairfield, 
Ct.  Deeds  show  that  both  Thomas  and  his  son  Ebenezer  removed 
to  Meriden,  Ct.,  and  afterwards  returned  to  Fairfield.     {Fairfield 


L.  Rec.  Bk.  9,  p.  537.)  October  23,  1739,  Ebenezer  Saaford,  of 
Meriden,  Ct-,  received  from  his  father,  Thomas,  60  acres  at  Sport 
Hill,  in  Fairfield.     {Fairfield  L.  B.  Bk.  7,  p.  19.) 

On  March  2,  1757,  he  and  his  wife  Sarah  gave  to  Elisha  Corn- 
wall, of  Middletown,  Ct.,  a  quit  claim  deed  of  all  rights  in  lot  212 
in  the  "Three  Mile"  {Middletown  L.  B.  Bk.  19,  p.  433).  He  was 
an  original  member  of  the  First  Baptist  Church  of  Fairfield,  Ct. 

He  had  one  child  by  first  and  eight  by  second  marriage. 

217.+Ebenezer3,  b.  1739;  d.  May  1.  1778;  m.  Esther  Hotchkiss. 

218.  Sarah,  b.  Mar.  1,  1741;  d.  May  IS,  1741,  Meriden,  Ct. 

219.  Sarah,  d.  Feb.  25,  1809,  in  68th  yr.     Buried  in  Easton,  Ct. 

Her  estate  was  distributed  to  her  brothers  and  sisters,  Apr.  10,  IS  10. 

220.  Hannah,  b.  Feb.  25,  1744;  m.  June  23,  1768,  David  Stratton. 
221.-|-Jo3iah,  b.  June  29,  1746;   d.  Aug.  7,  1811;   m.  Mary  Thorpe. 

222.  Ebenezer,  b.  Apr.  25,  1748;  d.  1777.     Mr.  Sanford  Hved  in  Fairfield,  Ct. 

He  was  a  yeoman  Sept.  6,  1776.  His  will  proved  Mar.  3,  1777  gives  his 
property  to  his  oldest  sister,  Sarah  Sanford,  next  older  sister,  Hannah 
Stratton,  brother  Josiah,  sister  Mary  Wheeler,  sister  Deborah  Wheeler. 

223.  -  Mary,  b.  July  25,  1750;  d.  July  25,  1750. 

224.  Mary,  b.  June  15,  1752;  m.  Oct.  1771,  Caleb  Wheeler. 

225.  + Deborah,  b.  Aug.  25,  1754;  m.  Nathan  Wheeler. 

78.  DAVID^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  77)  bap.  Feb.  24, 
1711-12,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  1767 ;  m.  Jan.  29,  1736,  Patience  Burrows 
in  Stratfield,  Ct,  and  paid  the  minister  10s.  He  was  of  "Walling 
ford,  Ct.,  (Meriden),  where  they  joined  the  church,  Dec.  31,  1737. 
Was  mentioned  in  his  father's  will.  On  Mar.  27,  1738-9,  David  and 
his  wife,  Patience,  of  "Wallingford,  quit  claimed  all  their  rights  in 
the  Burrows  farm  in  Wallingford  "near  the  stone  house"  to 
Timothy  Jerome.  There  is  an  abundance  of  evidence  that  David, 
wife  and  family  emigrated  to  Warwick,  N.  Y.,  and  in  about  1764. 
In  fact,  it  is  well  known  that  they  did.  The  sons,  David,  John  and 
Ezra,  appear  in  U.  S.  Census  of  Warwick,  taken  in  1790.  The 
descendants  of  the  son  Ezra,  now  residing  in  Warwick,  have  a 
memorandum  that  this  David  was  a  son  of  Samuel,  who  was  a  son 
of  Samuel,  of  Thomas,  the  pioneer,  but  they  can  furnish  no  proof  of 
the  line,  nor  are  they  at  all  certain  of  it- 
James  Allen  Kibbe,  a  most  reliable  genealogist,  doubted  from  the 
first  this  line  of  descent,  and,  after  searching  diligently  for  the 
purpose  at  Fairfield,  Wallingford,  Stratford,  &c.,  became  not  only 
satisfied  but  convinced  that  this  David  was  really  and  in  fact  a 
son  of  Thomas,  who  was  a  son  of  Ezekiel  of  Thomas,  the  pioneer. 
Several  minor  incidents  as  well  confirm  this  lineage. 


These,  with  IVIr.  Kibbe's  decided  opinion,  have  caused  the 
author  to  place  the  above  David  in  the  line  of  Ezekiel  of  Thomas, 
instead  of  Samuel  of  Thomas. 

They  had  five  children,  the  first  two  born  in  Meriden,  Ct.,  and 
the  last  three  in  North  Killingworth,  Ct. 

226.  +  David5,  bap.  Feb.  6,  1737;  m.  Patience  Sullivan. 

227.  Thomas,  bap.  July  26,  1741. 

228.+ John,  bap.  May  20,  1744;  d.  ab.  ISlo;  m.  Eebecca  DeBow. 
229.+Ephraim,  bap.  Apr.  5,  1747;   d.  1836;  m.  Julia  Huff. 
230.4-Ezra,  bap.  Apr.  5,  1747;  d.  Apr.  22,  1822;  m.  Aon  Hopper. 

80.  SARAH*  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  77)  bap.  Nov.  11, 
1716,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Joseph  (?)  Andrews.  They  lived  in  New- 
field.    She  was  mentioned  in  her  father's  will. 

One  child  was 

231.  Joseph'    Andrews. 

83.     JONATH.^^*     WRIGHT      {Hannah     17,     Samuel     4, 

Thomas  1)  b.  probably  in  Mi' ford,  Ct. ;  m.  Phebe  .     In 

1726,  Mr.  Wright  received  a  deed  of  land  in  Guilford,  Ct.,  from  his 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  Durham,  Ct. 

232.  Catherines   Wright,  bap.  Dec.   28,  1729. 

233.  Hannah  Wright,  bap.  Mar.  12,  1731-2. 

234.  Isabel  Wright,  bap.  Dec.  7,  1734. 

235.  Jonathan  Wright,  bap.  May   1,  1737. 

87.     JOSEPH*  WRIGHT,    {same  descent  as  83)   b.  Nov.  1, 

1713,  Durham,  Ct. ;  m.  Eleanor . 

They  had  five  children,  all  bom  in  Durham,  Ct. 

236.  Eleanors,  Wright,  b.  May  2,  1740. 

237.  Margery  Wright,  b.  Jan.  5,  1742. 

238.+Joseph  Wright,   Jr.,   b.   May  6,   1744;    d.   Mar.   4,    1818;    m.    (1)    Sarah 
Bishop;  m.   (2)   Anna  Camp. 

239.  Davids  Wright,  b.  Mar.  29,  1747. 

240.  Huldah  Wright,  b.  Nov.  24,  1754. 

89.  NATHANIEL*  SANFORD  {Samuel  19,  Samuel  4,  Thom- 
as 1)  b.  Dec.  3,  1702,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  14,  1768;  m.  Oct.  16, 
1728,  Elizabeth  Seeley,  of  Stratfield,  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford  settled  in 
Umpawaug,  Ct.,  and  was  an  original  member  of  the  Congregational 
Church  of  Redding,  Ct. 


On  Apr.  16,  1737,  then  residing  in  Washington,  Kings  Co., 
N.  Y.,  he  sold  and  conveyed  by  deed  duly  recorded,  all  his  interest  in 
the  land  of  his  honored  father,  Samuel  Sanford,  late  of  Newtown, 
Ct.,  to  his  brother,  John  Sanford,  of  Newtown.  (Newtown  L.  Rec. 
Bk.  4  p.  294).  On  May  3,  1768,  Moses  Wright  was  appointed  adm. 
on  the  estate  of  Nathaniel  Sanford,  dec.  both  of  Newtown,  Ct.  (Dan- 
bury  Pro.  Rec,  Bk.  2,  p.  256.) 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 


241.  Nathans,  b.  Sept.  8,  1729.  '    . 

242.  Abel  H.,  bap.  Mar.  25,  1733;  d.  1761. 

243.  Ruth,  bap.  May  12,  1737. 

244.  Esther,  bap.  May  27,  1744. 

90.  SAMUEL*  SANFORD,  (same  descent  as  89)  b.  Apr.  1, 
1704,  Milford,  Ct.;  d.  Mar.  7,  1758,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  June  16, 
1731,  Hannah  Gilbert,  b.  Jan.  26,  1705.  Mr.  Sanford  bought  his 
house  of  the  Indians  and  it  was  occupied  by  his  descendants  till 
1905,  when  it  was  sold.  In  1894,  Frank  E-  Sanford,  of  LaGrange, 
IlL  and  Frederick  Sanford,  gt.  gt.  grandson  of  Samuel  Sanford, 
dug  out  the  half  buried  headstone  in  Newtown  Cemetery  and  made 
out  the  following  inscription :  "In  memory  of  Mr.  Samuel  San- 
ford, who  died  Mac.  ye  7th,  1758  in  ye  54th  year  of  his  age." 

On  Dec.  8,  1758,  Mr.  Sanford 's  estate  was  distributed  to  his 
widow  Hannah  and  his  children  Thomas,  Amos,  Hezekiah,  Samuel, 
Lois  Sanford  and  Sarah  Piatt,  they  being  children  and  the  only 
children  of  the  said  deceased.  Thomas  and  Amos  Sanford  were 
appointed  adm.  on  their  father's  estate  Apr.  7,  1758.  The  children 
named  in  the  will  were  evidently  the  only  ones  then  living.  Mary, 
James  and  Hannah  had  previously  died.  (Danbury  Pro.  Rec.  Bk. 
2,  p.  75-103.) 

They  had  nine  children. 

245.+Thomas5,  b.  Mar.  3,  1732;  d.  Mar.  24,  1814;  m.  Lydia  Clark. 
246.  + Amos,  b.  Oct.  18,  1733;  d.  Dec.  19,  1777;  m.  Mary  Cluckstone. 
247.+Sarah,  b.  1735;  m.  Josiah  Piatt. 

248.  + Hezekiah,  b.  1737;  d.  June  18,  1775;  m.  Hittie  Sanford. 

249.  Mary,  b.  1739. 

250.  James,  b.  1740. 

251.  Hannah,  b.  1742;  d.  Mar.  4,  1758. 

252.  +  Samuel,  b.  Mar.  23,  1743;  d.  Nov.  26,  1817;  m.   (1)   Abiah  Dunning;  m. 

(2)    Charity  Bristol. 

253.  Lois,  b.  1750;  m.  Aug.  14,  1769,  Samuel  Stephens  of  Stamford,  N.  Y. 


91.  EBENEZER^  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  89)  b.  Feb. 
22,  1705,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  8,  1772,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  June  10, 
1731,  Ann  Booth.  Mr.  Sanford  owned  land  adjoining  his  brother 
Moses.  He  and  his  wife  sold  land  to  their  "honorable  mother  Mary 
Booth."  On  July  2,  1757,  he  deeded  twenty  acres  in  Newtown  to 
his  brother  John,  {Land  Rec.  Bk.  7,  p.  56)  and  Sept.  12,  1758  he 
deeded  land  to  his  sister  Hannah.     {Land  Rec.  Bk.  7,  p.  253.) 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

254.     Esthers,  b.  Sept.  2,   1733. 

2-33.     James,  b.  Oct.  8,  1736.     Eeceisad  fiam  his  father,  Feb.  3,  1762,  land  iu 

Newtown,  Ct.      (Land.  Rec.  Bk.  10,  p.  415.) 
256.     Ebenezer,  b.  Nov.  17,  1738;   d.  early. 
237.     Ann,  b.  Apr.  14,  1741. 
258.     Abiah,  b.    June    29,    1743;    d.    Jan.    13,    1810.      Buried   in    Bridgewater 

Cemetery;  m.  Jonas  Sanford.     {See  411.) 
259.+Ebenezer,  b.  Dec.  14,  1749;   d.  Mar.  29,  1822;  m.  Jerusha  Buck. 

260.  Eunice,  b.  Aug.  11,  1753 ;  d.  Apr.  8,  1815. 

93.  JOHN*  SANFORD,  {same  descent  as  89)  b.  Oct.  17, 
1709,  Milford,  Ct.;  d.  Nov.  17,  1792,  Newtown,  Ct.  Buried  in  New- 
town Cemetery;  m.  (1)  Jan.  11,  173-3,  Rebecca,  dau.  of  Zophar  and 
Hannah  Northrop,  of  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  13,  1759,  ag.  about  45 
years;  m.  (2)  July  7,  1760,  Widow  Abiah  Dunning,  mother  of  wile 
of  Samuel  (252)  d.  July  21,  1811,  ag.  91  years.  Buried  in  New- 
town Cemetery.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  surveyor  and  had  a  saw  mill, 
say  the  Newtown  records.  He  received  the  mill  and  water  privi- 
leges at  Sandy  Hook,  Ct.,  from  his  father.  In  April,  1737,  he  pur- 
chased all  the  interest  of  his  brother,  Nathaniel,  then  living  in 
Washington,  N.  T.,  in  and  to  the  lands  of  their  father,  Samuel  San- 
ford.    {Land  Rec.  Bk.  4,  p.  294.) 

His  will,  dated  April  1,  1783,  probated  Dec.  1,  1792,  mentions 
his  wife  Abiah,  children  Delilah  Wheeler,  Hannah  Farnam,  dec, 
Phebe  Peck,  dec,  John  Sanford,  and  Mary  Schofield. 

He  had  eight  children  by  first  and  one  by  second  marriage, 
all  bom  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

261.  Zophars,  b.  Jan.  6,  1734;  d.  Nov.  10,  1759. 

262.  Delilah,  b.  Jan.  20,  1735;  m.  June  30,  1752,  John  Wheeler. 

263. 4- Abiah  (Phebe),  b.  Sept.  19,  1736;  d.  before  1783;  m.  Jabez  Peck. 

264.  Rebecca,  b.  Dec.  6,  1739;   d.  early. 

265.  Hannah,  b.  Dec.  22,  1745;   d.  before  1783;  m.  Farnum. 

266.  Elizabeth,  b.  Dec.  22,  1745. 

267.  Rebecca,  b.  Jan.  29,  1748. 

268.  Mary,  b.  Oct.  29,  1750;  m.  Schofield. 

269.-|-John,  b.  Mar.  28,  1762;  d.  Jan.  20,  1839;  m.  Amy  Northrup. 


94.  DANIEL*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  89)  b.  Nov.  1, 
1711,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  before  Feb.  1757 ;  m.  Jan.  6,  1741-2,  Dinah, 
dau.  of  Peter  Perkins.  Certain  proof  that  this  Daniel  was  the 
son  of  Samuel  has  not  been  found.  James  Allen  Kibbe,  the  veteran 
genealogist  has  given  the  subject  a  good  deal  of  time  and  research 
and  states  it  is  his  positive  belief  that  he  is  the  son  of  Samuel  of 
New  Haven.  New  Haven  Land  Records  proved  that  he  moved  from 
Milford  to  Amity  Parish.  {Bh.  10,  pp.  355,  545,  546  and  Bk. 
11,  p.  90).  His  estate  was  adm.  in  Feb.  1757.  He  left  a  widow 
Dinah  and  four  daughters. 

They  had  five  children. 

270.  Mary5,  b.  May  9,  1743 ;  m. Mead. 

271.  Sarah,  b.  May  12,  1743;  m.  Timothy  Dickerman. 

272.  Damaris,  bap.  Sept.  14,  1746;  m.  David  Sanford  {See  291.) 

273.  Mehitable   (Hittie),  bap.  June  27,  1748;  m.  Hezekiah  Sanford  of  New- 

town, Ct. 

274.  Daniel,  bap.  Newtown,  Ct.,  Mar.  2.5,  1749;   d.  before  his  father. 

95.  MOSES*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  89)  b.  1713, 
Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  1766;  m.  Dec.  28,  1749,  Hannah,  daughter  of 
Jasper  Gunn  of  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  May  11,  1790,  age  70  years. 
The  date  of  Mr.  Sanford 's  birth  is  uncertain;  it  is  not  given  in  th^ 
Town  records.  He  chose  his  brother  John  for  his  guardian  Oct.  27, 
1739.  {Fairfield  Pro.  Court  Bee.)  He  is  given  by  his  father's 
will,  dated  Feb.  17,  1728-9,  the  house  lot,  orchard  and  meadow,  but 
is  to  work  with  his  brothers  John,  David  and  Job  for  his  mother 
till  he  is  of  age. 

His  home  was  between  Newtown  Centre  and  Sandy  Hook  on 
the  north  side  of  the  highway.  In  Feb.,  1759,  he  bought  a  grist 
mill  and  dam  on  Still  River  in  New  Milford  at  a  place  yet  known 
as  the  Iron  Works.  On  Aug.  23,  1760,  he  bought  oE  Nathan 
Sanford  seventy  acres  of  land  with  house,  barn  and  cooper  shop 
near  "West  River  in  New  Haven  (now  Woodbridge).  There  he 
lived  till  his  death  in  the  fall  of  1766.  There  is  no  record  of  the 
birth  of  his  children  in  Newtown  nor  of  his  death  in  New  Haven. 
There  is  a  grave  in  Woodbridge  Cemetery  between  the  Center  and 
West  River  whose  headstone  has -this  inscription,  "In  memory  of 
^Irs.  Hannah  Sanford,  wife  of  Moses  Sanford,  who  died  May  11, 
1790,  in  the  70th  year  of  her  age." 

Moses  Sanford 's  wiU  is  on  file  in  New  Milford,  Ct.,  dated 
Jan.  16,  1760,  probated  Jan.  1767  {New  Haven  Pro.  Bk.  10,  p.  370.) 


It  gives  the  grist  mill  and  saw  mill  to  his  sons  Zadoc  and  Philo, 
bequeathes  also  to  his  wife  Hannah  and  daughter  Phebe.  His  estate 
inventoried  £482.  The  will  also  mentions  his  brothers,  Ebenezer, 
Nathaniel,  Samuel,  John,  and  sisters,  Rachel,  wife  of  Ebenezer 
Booth,  and  Hannah,  wife  of  Samuel  Prindle.  His  wife,  Hannah, 
was  exec.  In  1752,  Mr.  Sanford  received  by  quit  claim  deed  the 
home  and  farm  of  his  father-in-law,  Jaspar  Gunn.  This  farm 
was  located  in  Woodbridge,  then  Amity  Parish,  New  Haven. 
According  to  his  will  he  lived  late  in  life  in  New  Milford,  but  his 
prop(;rty  seems  to  have  been  in  Amity  Parish,  New  Haven,  Ct. 
They  had  three  children. 

275.+Zadoc5,  b.  1750;   d.  Sept.,  1806;  m.  Sarah  Brisco. 

276.  Philo,  b.  1752;  joined  the  British  during  the  Kevolution.     His  property 

waa  confiscated.  Administration  was  granted  Nov.  3,  1782.  One 
Jesse  Ford  appointed  administrator,  who  found  he  had  £109  and  owed 
£120.     He  does  not  seem  to  have  ever  returned. 

277.  Phoebe,  b.  1755;  m.  Thomas  Beecher,  of  Stockbridge,  Mass. 

{See  New  Haven  Land  Bk.  36,  p.  239.) 

98.  RACHEL*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  89)  b.  June  13, 
1720,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  Dec.  6,  1739,  Ebenezer  Booth,  b.  1705 ;  d. 
Aug.  9,  1773. 

They  had  eleven  children,  all  born  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

278.  Anns  Booth,  d.  June  12,  1741. 

279.  Ann  Booth,  b.  Mar.  28,  1742;  d.  1748. 
280.+Ebenezer  Booth,  Jr.,  b.  Aug.   16,   1743;   m.  OUve  Sanford. 

281.  Elijah  Booth,  b.  Oct.  26,  1745. 

282.  Ashael  Booth,  b.  Oct.  19,  1747. 

283.  Nathan  Booth,  bap.  July  28,  1751. 

284.  Amos  Booth,  bap.  Aug.   22,   1752;    d.  young. 

285.  Mehitable  Booth,  bap.   Jan.    13,   1754. 

286.  David  Booth,  b.  Nov.  8,  1754. 

287.  Amos  Booth,  b.  Mar.  8,  1760.  •    . 

288.  Mary  Booth,  b.  May  17,  1762. 

103.  SAIVrUEL*  SANFORD  {Samuel  23.  Thomas  5,  Thomas 
1)  b.  Jan.  2,  1701,  North  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  1757;  m.  Nov.  3,  1737, 
Deborah,  daughter  of  Joseph  and  Marah  (Parker)  Clark,  b.  May 
23,  1715,  New  Haven,  Ct.  They  lived  in  New  Haven,  Ct.  His 
will  was  probated  July,  1757,  in  New  Haven.  His  property  was 
divided  among  his  creditors.     {L.  Bee.  Bk.  36,  p.  484.) 

In  1771,  Mrs.  Sanford 's  dower  land  in  North  Haven  as  wido\*" 
of  Samuel  Sanford,  was  sold  to  Ebenezer  Barnes  for  £15. 


In  1770,  David  Jacobs,  John  Hill,  John  Hnmason,  Stephen 
Atwater,  Thomas  Sanford,  David  Tharp,  Isaac  Tharp,  Damaris 
Hill,  David  Sanford,  Nathan  Burr,  Christopher  Todd,  John  Dol- 
bier,  Hannah  Sackett,  John  Sanford,  Jr.,  Samuel  Sackett,  John 
Mitchell,  Hezekiah  Todd,  Gershom  Barnes,  Reuben  Batchelor,  all 
of  New  Haven,  Ct.,  and  Elnathan  Street,  of  Wallingford,  Ct, 
gave  to  Ebenezer  Barnes,  of  New  Haven,  all  "our"  title  and 
interest  in  a  piece  of  land  in  North  Haven  which  was  set  off  by 
freeholders  appointed  thereunto,  to  Deborah  Sanford,  widow  and 
relict  of  Samuel  Sanford,  of  New  Haven,  dec.  as  her  dower  in  his 
estate.  {New  Haven  L.  B.  Bk.  36,  p.  484).  There  seems  to  be  no 
doubt  that  all  the  grantors  of  the  above  deed  were  descendants  of 
Samuel  Sanford  and  his  wife  Deborah  Clark. 

They  had  six  children,  all  born  in  New  Haven,  Ct. 

289.  Davids,  b.  Oct.   29,  1738;   d.  Dec.  23,   1741. 

290.  Mary,  b.  Jan.  2,  1740. 

291.+David,  b.  May  28,  1742;  d.  1805;  m.  Demaris  Sanford. 
292.4-Ezekiel,  b.  Dec.  1,  1746;   d.' in  Middletown,  N.  Y. 
293.+Samuel,  b.  Nov.  6,  1753;   d.  1803. 
294.     Lucy,  b.  Sept.  16,  1755. 

(See  Tuttle  Family  History,  for  fuller  record.) 

104.  EPHRAIM*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  103)  b.  Mar. 
p4,  1704,  No.  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Jan.  28,  1728,  Esther,  dau.  of  Theo- 
philus  (Seth)  and  Hannah  (Todd)  Heaton  b.  Apr.  27,  1709.  They 
|ilived  in  New  Haven,  Ct.  On  Apr.  25,  1748,  he  deeded  land  to  Isaac 
Stiles  of  New  Haven.  {X .  H.  Land  Rec.  Bk.  30,  p.  411). 

Mrs.  Sanford  was  admitted  to  the  church  in  North  Haven 
about  1758. 

They  had  ten  children. 

29.5.+ Joels,  b.  May  3,  1730;  d.  Feb.  8,  1782;  m.  Mary  Porter. 

296.     Amoa,  b.  Feb.  7,  1732;  d.  early. 

297.+Cliloe,  b.  Jan.  26,  1734;  m.  Joseph  Bassett. 

298.     Esther,  b.  Mar.  12,  1736;  m.  Jan.   15,  1761,  Isaac  Robinson. 

299.+Patienee,  b.  Oct.  25,  1738;  m.  David  Ailing. 

300.+Amos,  b.  Dec.  29,  1740;  m.  Eunice  Bradley. 

301.  Susanna,  b.  Nov.  15,  1743. 

302.  Mabel,  b.  June  19,  1746. 

303.+Jonah,  b.  July  17,  1749;  d.  Nov.  15,  1824;  m.  (1)  Mary  Dunbar;  m.  (2) 

Miss  "West. 
304.  +  Jesse,  b.  Jan.  26,  1753;   d.  June  17,  1832;  m.  Sarah  Fenii. 

105.  EZEKIEL*  SANFORD  {saw.e  descent  as  103)  b.  May 
4,  1707-8,  North  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  1760;  m.  Feb.  11,  1728-9,  Desire, 


dau.  of  Benjamin  Warner  of  New  Haven.  They  lived  first  in  New 
Haven  and  then  in  Waterbury.  Jan.  30,  1745-6  he  sold  to  Nathan 
Cutting  of  New  Haven,  land  and  buildings  in  New  Haven  in  which 
"I  now  live".  {Land  Rec.  Bk.  12,  p.  503.)  This  was  probably  the 
time  he  removed  to  Waterbury. 

They  had  six  children,  all  born  in  New  Haven,  Ct. 

SOo.+Daniels,  b.  Jan.  6,  1729-30;  d.  Aug.  1777;  m.  Thankful  Toles. 

306.  'Ezekiel,  b.  May  28,  1731;   d.  Jan.   16,   1738-9. 

307.  +  Ezra,  b.  Sept.  22,  1735;  m.  Martha  Barker. 

308.  +  Hannah,  b.  Jan.  6,  1738-9;  m.   (1)    Moses  Ball;   m.   (2)   Joel  Button. 

309.  Desire,   m.   May  5,   1757,   "Vazal,"  son  of   Neal  Barker.     No   children 


310.  +  Ezekiel,  b.  1744;   d.  1831,  ag.  87;  m.    (1)    Sarah  Cook;  m.   (2)   Rebecca 


106-     RACHEL*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  103)  b.  May  1, 
1710,  North  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Jan.  1,  1729,  Benjamin  Warner,  Jr. 
They  had  six  children. 

311.  Benjamins  Warner,  b.  May  2,  1730;  m.  Dec.  26,  1751,  Sarah  Tuttle. 
312.+Ebenezer  Warner,  b.   Dec.   14,   1732;    m.   Susannah  Tuttle. 

313.  Mary  Warner,  b.  Oct.  22,  1736. 

314.  Rachel  Warner,  b.  Sept.  18,  1738. 

315.  Hezekiah  Warner,  b.   Mar.   9,   1741. 

316.  Hannah  Warner,  b.  July  17,  1743. 

107.  ZACHARIAH*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  t03)  b. 
Oct.  7,  1712,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  11,  1774;  m.  Feb.  16,  1738, 
Sarah  Curtis.  They  resided  in  Waterbury,  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford's 
will,  dated  Nov.  8, 1773,  mentions  wife  Sarah,  and  children,  Stephen, 
Philemon  (of  Winchester,  Ct.),  Enos,  Zacheus,  Elias,  Sarah  and 
Deidama  {Litchfield  Pro.  Rec.  Vol.  3,  p.  182). 

They  had  ten  children,  all  except  Deidama  recorded  in  Water- 
bury, Ct. 

317.  +  Philemon3,  b.  Feb.  4,  1739;   d.  about  1787;   m.  Jerusha  . 

SlS.  +  Stephen,  b.  Feb.  22,  1741;  d.  Apr.  12,  1827;  m.  Abigail  Fuller. 

319.  Enos,  b.  Mar.  3,  1743;   d.  Oct.  17,  1749. 

320.  Sarah,  b.  Oct.  24,  1744;   d.  Oct.  15,  1749. 

321.  Zacheus,  b.  Nov.  24,  1746;  d.  Oct.  16,  1749. 

322.  + Enos,  b.  Sept.  7,  1749;   d.  1775;  m.  Martha  

323.  Zacheus,  b.  Oct.  31,  1751;  d.  Dec.  21,  1828;  m.  Eunice,  d.  May  25,  1844, 

ai?.  90.  Buried  in  East  Burying  Ground,  Litchfield,  Ct.  He  enlisted 
Feb.  10,  177^.  Was  in  Capt.  Pendleton  's  Co.  Was  a  pensioner  placed 
on  roll  Sept.  17,  1818,  to  date  from  April  24,  1818. 


Annual    pension   $96.      His   widow   was   drawing   a   pension    in    1840. 
(Conn.  Men.  in  the  Rev.,  p.  294  and  637,  and  Census  of  Pensioners.) 
324.+Elias,  b.  July  7,  1753;  m.  Alice  Fuller. 

325.  Sarah,  b.  June  8,  1755. 

326.  Deidama. 

110.  JOSEPH^  TUTTLE  {Elizabeth  24,  Thomas  2,  Thomas 
1)  b.  Nov.  10,  1692;  d.  Jan.  16,  1761;  m.  (1)  Mercy,  dau.  of  John 
and  Mercy  (Mansfield)  Thompson,  b.  Feb.  21,  1696;  d.  Sept.  6, 
1743;  m.  (2)  widow  Sarah  "Washburn.  In  Mar.,  1761,  at  a  court 
in  New  Haven,  Sarah,  widow  of  Joseph,  was  appointed  exec. ; 
inv.  £2,722;  the  wiU  mentions:  house  at  Derby,  buildings  in  East 
Haven,  land  in  Stony  Hill,  Derby,  Pond  Brook,  Salisbury  and 
Oxford,  and  several  slaves.  Mr.  Tuttle  was  captain  of  the  train- 
band in  East  Haven ;  in  1742,  quartermaster  of  the  troops  in  the 
2nd  Regiment. 

He  had  ten  children. 

327.  Joels  Tuttle,  b.  Oct.  18,  1718;  d.  June  30,  1789;  m.  Eebecca  Eowe. 

328.  Mary  Tuttle,  b.  Dec.  22,  1720;  d.  Jan.  17,  1779;  m.  John  Hemingway,  Jr. 

329.  Amy  Tuttle,  b.  1726;  d.  Nov.  20,  1736. 

330.  Mercy  Tuttle  b.  Sept.  17,  1730;  d.  Jan.  20,  1812;  m.  Abraham  Heming- 


331.  Comfort  Tuttle,  b.  1732;  d.  Nov.  27,  1736. 

332.  Joseph  Tuttle,  b.  1734;   d.  young. 

333.  Samuel  Tuttle,  b.  1741 ;  d.  May  20,  1817,  E.  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Bethia  Miles. 

334.  Joseph  Tuttle,  d.  Apr.  4,  1777;  m.  Hannah  Twitchel. 

335.  Amy   Tuttle,  m.   Benjamin   Hargar. 

336.  Benjamin  Tuttle,  not  mentioned  in  his  father's  will. 

111.  NOAH*  TUTTLE  [sayne  descent  as  110)  b.  Dec.  12, 
1694;  d.  ab.  1757;  m.  Dec.  1,  1720,  Rachel  Hoadley;  d.  Apr.  7,  1749, 
ag.  46.  The  administration  of  Mr.  Tuttle 's  estate  was  given  to 
Henry  Freeman  Hughes  in  1757. 

They  had  eight  children.  : 

337.  Lydias   Tuttle,  b.  Jan.   27,   1722;   m.  Henry  F.  Hughes. 

338.  Timothy  Tuttle,  b.  Apr.  3,  1724;  d.  Oct.  22,  1778;  m.  Anna  Washburn. 

339.  Desire  Tuttle,  b.   1726;   d.  in  infancy. 

340.  Elizabeth  Tuttle,  b.  Jan.  8,  1728 ;  m.  Israel  Abbott. 

341.  Desire  Tuttle,  b.  Sept.  30,  1730;  m.  George  Adkins. 

342.  Joseph  Tuttle,  b.  July  18,  1734;  m.  Mary  Granger. 

343.  Eachel  Tuttle,  b.  1737.  . 

344.  Abigail  Tuttle,  b.  Sept.   12,  1740. 


112.  KATHERINE*  TUTTLE  {same  descent  as  110)  b.  Kov. 
25,  1699 ;  m.  Feb.  14,  1724,  George,  son  of  Samuel  and  Rebecca  Mix 
of  New  Haven,  Ct.,  b.  Mar.  24,  1702 ;  d.  1765. 

They  had  seven  children. 

345.  Sons,  b.  Sept.  4,  1725;  d.  Sept.  7,  1725. 

346.  Sibyl  Mix,  b.  Sept.  26,  1726;  m.  John  Wolcott. 

347.  Katharine  Mix,  b.  Jan.  22,  1729;  d.  Aug.  26,  1818,  Chesterfield,  Mass;  m, 

Gershom  Todd. 

348.  Samuel  Mix,  b.  Dec.  15,  1730;  d.  ab.  1800. 

349.  Esther  Mix,  b.  Nov.  22,  1732;  m.  Timothy  Potter. 

350.  Isaac  Mix,  b.  June  13,  1735;   d.  Nov.  30,  1739. 

351.  Stephen  Mix,  b.  May  11,  1739;  m.  Zurviah  -. 

113.  ELIZABETH*  TUTTLE  {same  descent  as  110)  b.  July 
27,  1705 ;  d.  Sept.  27,  1751 ;  m.  Sept.  25,  1740,  Capt.  Samuel,  son  of 
Thomas  Barnes,  d.  July  21,  1762,  ag.  63. 

Thej  had  four  children. 

352.  Eebeccas  Barnes,  b.  July  27,  1741 ;  d.  young. 

353.  Samuel  Barnes,  b.  Apr.  24,  1743 ;  m.  Hepzibah  Collins. 

354.  Elizabeth  Barnes,  b.  Mar.  1,  1745. 

355.  Isaiah  Barnes,  b.  Jan.   1,   1747-8. 

116.  MEHITABLE*  SANPORD  {Thomas  27,  Thomas  5, 
Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  20,  1707,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  19,  1727, 
Gershom  Barnes. 

They  had  two  children. 

356.  Loiss  Barnes,  b.  Sept.  9,  1728. 

357.  Asa  Barnes,  b.  May  9,  1736. 

118.  WILLIAM*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  116)  b.  Feb. 
23,  1711,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  10,  1792 ;  m.  Mar.  9,  1733,  Desire, 
dau.  of  Ensign  Nathaniel  Bunnell  of  Wallingf ord,  Ct.  ( Land  Rec. 
Bk.  8,  p.  265.)  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  member  of  the  Episcopal  Church 
in  No.  Haven  in  1759. 

They  had  eight  children. 

358.  Meriams,  b.  Jan.  5,  1734,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  before  1747. 

359.  Lois,  b.  June  16,  1735,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  early. 
360.+Lois,  b.  June  3,  1737;  m.  John  Robinson. 

361.+Thomas,  b.  July  26,  1739;   d.  Mar.  6,  1810;  m.  Keziah  Brockett. 
362.+Wimam,  b.  July  26,  1739;  d.  Jan.  2,  1815;  m.  Lydia  Brockett. 

363.  Hannah,  b.  Aug.  20,   1741. 

364.  Titus,  b.  Sept.  IS,  1743. 

365.  Meriam,  b.  June  18,   1747. 


-  119.     MARY-'  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  116)  b.  Jan.,  1714, 

New  Haven,  Ct.;  d.  Mar.  8,  1742;  m.  June  5,  1738,  John,  son  of 

John  and  Hannah  (Royce)  Hmniston.     They  lived  in  Waterbury, 

Ct.     (Mr.  Humiston  m.  (2)  Ruth  Culver  and  (3)  Thankful  Tyler.) 

They  had  two  children. 

366.  Marys  Humiston,  b.  May  10,  1739;  m.  Oct.  26,  1762,  Aahur,  son  of 
Jacob  and  Elizabeth  (Barnes)  Blakeslee,  b.  May  23,  1738;  d.  May  3, 

367.+John  Humiston,  b.  Feb.  25,  1741-2;  m.  Hannah  Sanford. 

129.  DESIRE*  SANFORD  {John  32,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1) 
b.  Feb.  12,  1707,  North  Haven  Parish,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  2,  1793,  Water- 
town,  Ct. ;  m.  Mar.  13,  1735,  Caleb  Cooper,  b.  1708 ;  d.  Oct.  30,  1746, 
New  Haven,  Ct. 

They  had  five  children. 

368.+Caleb5   Cooper,  b.  Aug.   16,   1736;   m.   Eunice  Barnes. 

369.  Jason  Cooper,  b.  Apr.   18,   1739,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;   m.  Mary  GUbert,  b. 

Sept.  13,  1726-7. 

370.  Sarah  Cooper,  b.  Jan.  16,  1742 ;  m.  Mar.  15,  1759,  Samuel  Frost  at  Water- 

bury,  Ct. 

371.  OUve  Cooper,  b.  Apr.  19,  1744. 

372.  Desire  Cooper,  b.  Apr.  27,  1746;  m.  Apr.  10,  1776,  Peter  Welton,  Jr.,  at 

Waterbury,  Ct. 

130.  JOHN-*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  129)  b.  Nov.  7, 
1710,  North  Haven  Parish,  Ct. ;  d.  1780;  m.  (1)  Feb.,  1743,  Mehit- 

able  Ives;  m.  (2)  Mary .    Mr.  Sanford 's  will  dated  Jan.  25, 

1776,  proved  in  New  Haven,  Ct.,  Nov.,  1780,  mentions  wife  Mary 
and  children  Eliada,  John  and  Mabel  Street.  The  sons,  Eliada  and 
John,  were  executors.  {Neiv  Haven  Pro.  Bee,  Vol.  12,  p.  4J6.) 
Nov.  8,  1793,  Eliada  Sanford,  Exec,  of  the  wiU  of  Mary  Sanford, 
dec,  of  North  Haven.  The  will  proved  Dec.  7,  1801,  mentions 
my  "son  in  law"  John  Sanford,  "son  in  law"  Eliada  Sanf  ird.  The 
inventory  returned  £45—11—8.     {Vol.  22,  pp.  142  and  29S.) 

He  had  three  children  by  first  marriage,  all  born  in  North 
Haven,  Ct. 

373.4-Eliada5,  b.  Dec.  27,  1744;   d.  Nov.  4,  1820;  m.  Nancy  Todd. 
374.-t-.Tohn,   b.   Oct.   7,   1746;    d.   Oct.   17,   1827;   m.   Susannah   Thorp. 
375.+Mabel,  m.  Caleb  Street. 

133.  MOSES*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  129)  b.  May  7, 
1725,  North  Haven  Parish,  Ct. ;  m.  Sept.  24,  1746,  Mary-,  dau.  of 
John  and  Mary  Robinson,  of  New  Haven,  Ct. 


Mr.  Sanford  owned  considerable  land  in  North  Haven  and 
his  wife  also  had  land  there.  On  Nov.  11,  1755,  he  deeded  to 
Samuel  Bishop,  Jr.,  land  in  New  Haven  to  be  laid  out  in  the  name 
of  Thomas  Sanford,  Sr.,  and  other  land  to  be  laid  out  in  the 
name  of  "My  father  John  Sanford."  Moses  Sanford  was  living 
in  Waterbury,  Ct.,  in  1766  and  in  Litchfield  July  7,  1767,  where 
he  probably  lived  until  his  death.  {New  Haven  L.  Rec,  Bk.  20,  p. 
63;  Bk.  28,  pp.  17-348-409;  Bk.  30,  p.  200;  Bk.  31,  p.  1]3. 

In  May,  1771,  Moses  Sanford  and  John  Warner  petitioned 
the  Assembly  that,  as  they  lived  in  the  southeast  extremity  of 
Litchfield,  they  be  annexed  to  the  Parish  of  Northbury  in  Water- 
bury  to  enjoy  parish  privileges  there,  and  to  perform  military 
duties  there,  which  was  granted.  {Public  Rec.  Conn.,  Vol.  13, 
p.  475.)  Mar.  22,  1769.  Mary  Robinson,  John  Robinson,  Joel 
Bradley  and  Miriam  Bradley,  all  of  New  Haven,  and  Closes  and 
Mary  Sanford,  of  Litchfield,  gave  to  Daniel  Lyman  a  quit  claim 
of  their  right  in  the  house  which  lately  belonged  to  John  Robin- 
son, of  New  Haven,  dec,  and  is  that  part  of  above  house  which  is 
part  of  the  dower  of  above  said  Mary  Robinson.  {New  Haven  L. 
Rec,  Bk.  30,  p.  200.)  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Sanford  were  members  of 
the  Congregational  Church  in  No.  Haven,  in  1760. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  in  Capt.  Barnes'  Co.,  Col.  Hook-^r's  Reg., 
Apr.  12,  1777.  Discharged  May  20,  1777.  In  Col.  "Enos"  Reg. 
on  the  Hudson,  1778;  Capt.  Gillett's  Co.,  Col.  Canfield's  Militia 
Reg.  at  West  Point,  N.  Y.,  Sept.,  1781.  His  residence  was  Litch- 
field, Ct.     {See  Conn.  Men  in  the  Rev.,  p.  502-541-583.) 

They  had  ten  children,  the  births  of  the  first  eight  are 
recorded  in  New  Haven,  Ct. 

376.  Hannah',  b.  July  7,  1747. 

377.  Linus,  b.  Mar.  25,  1749;   d.  1775. 

Moses  Sanford  of  Litchfield  as  adm.  on  the  estate  of  Linus  Sanford, 
petitioned  the  court  that  as  the  debts  of  the  deceased,  exceeded  the 
personal  estate  bj  £22 — 13 — 7,  he  be  allowed  to  sell  sufficient  of  the 
real  estate  to  meet  the  excess  of  debts,  which  was  granted.  {Col.  Eec. 
Vol.  15.) 
378.-|-Sblomon,   b.  Apr.    15,   1751;   m.   Thankful  Sperry. 

379.  Mary.  b.  Apr.  18,  1753,  No.  Haven,  Ct.;  d.  young. 

380.  Desire,  b.  Apr.  30,  1755;  d.  young. 

381.  Desire,  b.  July  27,  1757. 

382.+Moses,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  17,  1761;  m.  Ann  Eossiter. 

383.     Isaac,  b.  Mar.  22,  1763. 

384.-1- Asa,  b.  Nov.  26,  1765;  d.  Dec.  7,  1856;  m.  Susannah  Baldwin. 

385.     Mary,  b.  Mar.  10,  1768.     Recorded  in  Fairfield,  Ct. 



135.  SAMUEL*  SANFORD,  JR.  {Samuel  35,  Ephraim  6, 
Thomas  1)  b.  May  29,  1698,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  May  3,  1781;  m.  (1) 
May  11,  1721,  Abigail,  dau.  of  Pelatiah  and  Martha  (Sanford) 
Holbrook,  of  Milford,  Ct.,  bap.  Apr.  23,  1699,  in  First  Church  of 
Milford.  Her  mother  was  a  daughter  of  Andrew  Sanford  of 
Milford,  Ct.  {Milford  L.  R.,  Bk.  3,  p.  311)  ;  m.  (2)  Dec.  20, 
1762,  in  Second  Church  of  Milford,  Mrs.  Hannah  Tomlinson,  dau. 
of  John  Merwin  and  widow  of  Capt.  John  Collins  and  John  Tom- 
linson, of  Derby,  Ct.  The  latter 's  estate  was  adm.  Dec.  4,  1758. 
A'ew;  Eaven  Pro.  R.,  Bk.  6,  p.  562,  and  Bk.  9,  p.  16.)  Mrs.  San- 
ford joined  the  church  July  9,  1727.  Both  were  members  of  the 
Second  Church  of  Milford.  Mrs.  Hannah  Sanford  died  Apr.  19, 
1790,  buried  in  Colman  Cemetery,  Amenia,  N.  Y.  (For  proof 
that  Hannah  Merwin-CoUin-Tomlinson  married  Samuel  Sanford 
see  Milford  L.  R.,  Bk.  13,  p.  426  and  History  of  Seymour,  Ct. 

The  original  papers  of  Ephraim  and  his  son  Samuel  Sanford 
were  passed  along  to  the  latter 's  eldest  son,  Samuel,  Jr.  The 
author  has  many  autograph  papers  belonging  to  Samuel,  Jr.,  many 
of  which  are  mentioned  herein  under  the  name  of  his  sons  who 
gave  them,  bearing  their  autograph  signatures. 

Amojig  the  old  papers  is  a  Confession  of  Faith  by  Samuel 
Sanford,  Jr.  In  those  early  times  it  seems  to  have  been  quite 
the  custom  with  both  men  and  women  to  express  in  writing  what 
may  be  called  their  Confession  of  Faith.  Among  these  old  papers 
there  are  three  of  these,  viz. : — By  Nathaniel  Baldwin,  Martha 
Baldwin,  and  Samuel  Sanford,  Jr.  They  were  then  deeply  and 
radically  religious.  It  would  seem  even  more  so  thau  we  are 
now.  A  verbatim  copy  of  the  writing  of  Samuel  Sanford,  Jr.,  is 
as  follows : 


"I  have  reason  to  praise  god  for  his  goodness  in  alowing  me 
to  live  in  a  land  of  light  under  ye  means  of  grace.  I  have  often" 
"in  mind  of  my  Duty  towards  god  &  to  get  an 
entrest  in  christ.  I  have  had  many  good  instructions  by  my 
parents  to  seek  first  ye  kingdom  of  god  &  his  righteousness,  but 
yet  I  put  of  thinking  myself  young,  and  soo  was  Drawn  away 
by  the  temptations  of  ye  world. 

I  was  as  a  fool  with  a  pride  in  my  hand  but  no  heart  to 
improve,  ye  same  as  17  pro  16  fProverbs).  I  was  reddy  to  fear  that 
god  would  leave  me  to  myself  to  perrish  in  my  sins  for  when  1  would 


Do  good  evl  was  present  with  me.  I  was  awakened  by  reading 
that  place  of  Scripture  in  the  5  iohn  (John)  40  and  ye  will  not 
come  to  me  that  ye  might  have  life. 

I  was  awakened  by  the  death  of  sum  persons  which  put  me 
in  mind  of  my  great  &  last  chang.  I  was  awakened  by  reading 
the  Scriptures  as  50  psal  22,  now  consider  this  ye  that  forget  god 
lest  I  tare  you  in  peases  &  there  be  none  to  Deliver,  pro.  29-1, 
he  that  being  often  reproved  hardeneth  his  neck  shall  sudenly  be 
Destroyed  and  that  without  remedy. 

I  hop  god  hath  made  me  sensable  that  I  am  a  siner  and  that 
I  was  shapen  iniquity  &  conceived  in  sin. 

I  Desire  to  cum  unto  Jesus  christ  tho  I  am  most  unworthy, 
yet  I  fear  to  neglect  such  great  offers  least  I  should  Dishonor  god. 

I  hop  I  am  made  sensable  0^  my  original  sin  and  the  corrup- 
tion of  my  hole  nature,  but  reading  these  and  isah  5.5-7  let  ye 
wicked  forsake  his  way  and  the  unritous  man  his  thoughts  and 
let  him  return  unto  the  lord  and  he  will  have  mercy  upon  him; 
also  1  isa  18  com  now  and  let  us  reason  together  saitli  ye  lord 
though  your  sins  be  as  scarlet  they  shall  be  whit  as  snow,  though 
they  be  red  like  crimson  they  shall  be  as  wooll,  and  now  I  desire 
to  renounce  all  my  one  (own)  Righteousness  and  to  count  all  as 
Done  that  so  I  might  be  found  in  christ  not  havein  on  my  one 
Righteousness  but  his  righteousness  that  so  I  be  not  ashamed.  Who 
am  I  lord  that  I  should  make  any  claim  unto  thee  or  have  any 
part  or  portion  in  thee  who  am  unworthy  of  the  least  of  Gods 
mercies.  Yet  to  Dispare  will  be  to  Disparage  gods  mercy  but 
Reading  thes  word  in  Gen.  6-3  was  incoiiraging  to  me  and  ye 
lord  said  my  spirit  shall  not  always  strive  with  man  also  thes 
words  in  isa  incline  your  ear  and  com  unto  me,  hear  and  your 
soul  shall  live  and  I  will  make  an  everlasting  covenant  with  you 
even  the  sure  mercies  of  David. 


Antenuptial  Agreement. 

In  those  early  times,  the  husband,  upon  marriage,  took  all  the 
property  of  his  wife  if  there  was  no  agreement  to  the  contrary 
Widows,  who  remarried,  it  seems,  were  inclined  to  make  pretty 
rigid  antenuptial  agreements  whereby  they  could  hold  their  own 
property,  as  is  shown  by  the  following  agreement  betw./en  Han- 
nah Tomlinson  and  Samuel  Sanford. 

This  Indenture  made  this  24th  of  November  Anno.  Dom.  1762 
by  and  between  Sam '11  Sanford  of  Milford  in  ye  county  of  New 
Haven  and  Colony  of  Conecticut  on  ye  one  party  and  Hannah 
Tomblenson  of  ye  to^vn  and  county  aforesd  on  ye  other  party 
witnesseth  that  as  well  for  ye  consideration  of  a  raaraige  agreed 
upon  and  to  be  solemnised  between  the  sd  Sam'LL  Sanford  and 
Hannah  Tombleson  as  for  ve  good  will  love  and  affection  that  ve 


sd  Sam  11  hath  .and  beareth  to  ye  sd  Hannah  and  to  ye  intent 
land  and  tenements  hereafter  in  these  preasants  speci- 
fied shall_  come  and  continue  in  the  isue  of  ye  sd  Sam'LL  and 
Hannah  in  such  sort,  manner  and  form  as  hereafter  in  these 
preasants  is  expressed,  mentioned  and  declared,  it  is  covenanted, 
granted  concluded  and  fully  agreed  upon  by  and  between  ye  sd 
parties  to  these  preasants  in  manner  and  form  following,  and  ye 
sd  Sam '11  Sanford  for  ye  consideration  afore  sd  doth  covenant, 
grant  and  promise  for  himself,  his  heirs,  executors  &  admrs  by 
these  preasants  that  he  ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford  his  heirs  exectors  or 
admrs  shall  lay  no  manner  of  claim,  challenge  or  demands  or  title 
to  any  part  of  ye  real  or  personal  estate  of  ye  sd  Hannah  Tom- 
leson  (that  doth  of  right  belong  to  her)  only  ye  use  and  improve- 
ment of  certain  chattel  estate  specified  in  an  inventory  bearing 
even  date  with  these  presants  till  death  shall  separate  them,  and 
which  otlier  wife  by  vertue  of  a  maraige  covenant  he  ye  sd  Sam '11 
and  his  heirs  might  have  a  legal  claim  to  &  farther  ye  sd  Sam '11 
Sanford  for  him  self  his  heirs  exectors  and  assigns  doth  covenant 
to  and  with  ye  sd  Hannah  Jomleson  and  her  heirs  and  assigns  that 
if  it  should  so  hapen  that  ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford  should  depart  this 
life  before  ye  sd  Hannah  Tomleson  his  heirs  exectors  cr  admrs 
shall  quietly  and  peaceably  deliver  up  all  and  singular  the  goods 
and  chattels  which  ye  sd  Hannah  Tomleson  brought  with  her 
specified  in  sd  inventory ;  but  if  ye  sd  Hannah  Tomleson  shall 
decease  before  ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford  then  all  ye  sd  goods  or  chat- 
tels (save  one  cow)  shall  in  like  manner  be  delivered  up  by  him 
ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford  or  his  heirs  unto  ye  heirs  or  assigns  of  ye 
sd  Hannah  without  any  manner  of  trouble  disturbance,  suit  or 
vexation  of  ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford  his  heirs  or  assigns,  and  further 
that  ye  sd  Hannah  Tomleson  shall  have  free  liberty  and  full  power 
to  dispose  of  any  or  all  ye  rest  of  her  estate  not  specified  as  aforesd 
at  any  time  while  they  live  together  &  farther  ye  sd  Sam '11  San- 
ford doth  covenant  and  promise  for  him  self  and  heirs  that  if  ye  sd 
Hannah  Tomleson  shall  survive  him  she  shall  have  ye  use  and 
improvement  of  ye  east  lower  room  of  his  drawing  house  and  a 
prevelidge  in  ye  celler  under  the  same  and  a  liberty  of  ye  well  & 
passage  to  &  from  the  same  &  one  quarter  of  ye  fruite  of  my 
orchard  &  also  my  little  garden  south  of  my  house  &  four  loads 
of  wood  delivered  to  her  yearly  by  heirs  of  ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford 
&  also  have  her  one  cow  &  one  horse  keept  winter  and  summer  by 
ye  heirs  of  ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford,  yearly  during  the  term  of  her 
widowhood  from  me  and  no  longer  &  also  one  half  year's  pro- 
vision of  meat,  drink,  wood,  candles  and  other  necessaries  and  if 
ye  sd  Hannah  Tomleson  for  ye  consideration  aforesd  doth  cove- 
nant grant  &  promise  for  her  self  &  her  heirs  exectors  or  admrs 
by  these  preasants  to  and  with  ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford  and  his  heirs 
&  assigns  that  ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford  and  his  heirs  and  assigns  shall 
stand  and  be  seized  of  all  &  singular  ye  real  &  personal  estate  of 
ye  sd  Sam'U  Sanford  besides  what  is  above  specified  &  that  ye 


sd  Hannah  Tom  eson  &  her  heirs  and  assigns  are  by  these  preas- 
ants  for  ever  declared  &  put  by  from  making  any  manner  of  claim 
challenge  or  demand  there  to  by  vertue  of" the  maraige  covenant 
according  to  the  true  intent  &  meaning  of  these  preasents  in  wit- 
ness whereof  the  parties  to  these  preasents  have  interchangably 
sett  their  hands  and  seals  ye  day  &  date  above  written 
Signed  &  sealed 
in  preasance  of 


Thankful  Bald\¥in 

Noah  Baldwin 

N.  B.    for  further  explanation  of  the  true  intent  and  meaning 
of  the  parties  these  preasants  our  true  intent  &  meaning  is  that 
if  that  cow  &  heifer  that  is  entered  in  sd  inventory  dies  by  acci- 
dent of  sd  Sam '11  Sanford  shall  return  but  half  ye  value  thereof 
&  if  ye  sd  Sam '11  Sanford  shall  think  best  upon  some  considera- 
tion to  put  of  ye  sd  cow  for  their  use  he  shall  procure  another  as 
good  or  of  equal  valine  as  sett  in  the  inventory  witness  my  hand 
witness  preasant 
January  ye  6th  A.  D.  1763 
Noah  Baldwin 
Thankful  Baldwin  _        Sam '11  Sanford. 

Mr.  Sanford 's  will,  dated  May  14,  1/7S,  gave  son  Nathan  £4; 
Moses  £3 ;  Isaac,  £15 ;  dau.  Sarah,  Mrs.  John  Hine  £40 ;  Abigail 
Mrs.  William  Stephens,  £15 ;  and  grandchildren,  Abigail  and  Mary 
Ashburn,  £1  each.  Gideon  Sanford  was  sole  executor  and  resid- 
uary legatee.  Inventory  was  taken  July,  1781.  {New  Haven  Pro. 
Bee,  Bk.  13,  p.  40-46.)  They  had  eight  children,  all  born  in 
Milford,  Ct. 

386. -f- Nathans,  b.  May  26,  1722;  m.  (1)  Abigail  Tibbals;  m.  (2)  Lois  Dunning. 

3S7.-t-Sarah,  b.  Aug.  24,  1724;  m.  John  Hine. 

388.  ■  Moses,  b.  Dec.  28,  1726;  d.  1805,  Woodbridge,  Ct.;  m.  Mary,  dau.  of 
Ensign  John  and  Mary  Ball,  of  New  Haven,  Ct.,  b.  Aug.  23,  1745.  No 
children.     Mr.  Sanford  lived  in  Woodbridge,  Ct. 

The  author  has  an  autograph  deed  by  Moses  to  his  father  Samuel 
Sanford,  of  Milford,  dated  May  10,  1763.  Moses  was  then  Living  in 
Amity,  Ct.  His  will,  dated  Jan.  16,  1805,  gave  to  wife  Mary  the  use 
of  twenty-one  acres,  two  cows,  one  horse,  all  his  pewter  and  brass 
ware  and  the  use  of  one  third  of  his  house;  to  his  brother  Gideon 
Sanford,  the  use  of  part  of  the  house,  and  to  his  nephew  Gideon 
Sanford  "who  lives  with  me"  aU  of  the  same  upon  their  deaths.  It 
also  mentioned  nephew  John  Hine,  Hannah,  wife  of  Thomas  Baldwin, 
Elizabeth,  wife  of  Major  Morris,  and  Joseph  Hine.  {New  Haven  Pro. 
Bee.  Bk.  25,  p.  SS4.)  ffis  nephew,  Gideon  Sanford,  was  sole  executor. 
Mrs.  Sanford  's  mother  married  a  second  time,  Philip  Eexf ord  of  New 
Haven,  Ct.,  as  his  second  wife.      The  division  of  her  estate,  Jan.   1, 


1800;  includes  her  thirds  in  her  first  husband 's  estate,  which  are  given 
to  Mr.  John  Ball,  Mary  Sanford,  Capt.  Glover  Ball  and  Mrs.  Hannah 
Dickerman.  These  thirds  included  all  or  part  of  the  Mansfield  farm. 
Moses  Sanford  of  Woodbridge  and  his  wife  Mary,  on  July  7,  1791, 
gave  to  Glover  Ball  of  New  Haven  a  quit  claim  deed  of  all  rights 
in  a  farm  in  New  Haven,  called  the  Mansfield  farm,  at  a  place  called 

I  "Westfield,  it  being  the  right  of  said  Mary  in  the  thirds  of  her  mother 

^     {New  Haven  Land  Bee.  Bk.  44,  p.  20£,  and  BJc.  21,  p.  60.) 

389.4-Hannah,  b.  Mar.  12,  1728-9;  m.  John  Ashbum. 

390.+Isaac,  b.  Nov.  9,  1731;  d.  1801;  m.  Jertwha  Baker. 

391.+Gideon,  b.  Jan.  10,  1734-5;  d.  1806;  m.  Jane  Colbreath. 

392.+ Jonathan,  b.  Dec.  14,  1736.     Not  mentioned  in  his  father's  will. 

393.     Abigail,  b.  Feb.  11,  1741;  d.  in  1778;  m.  Oct.  1,  1760,  William  Stephens. 

136.  JOSEPH^  SANFORD  [same  descent  as  135)  b.  July 
5,  1701,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  9,  1754,  Prospect  Hill,  Litchfield, 
Ct;  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Joseph  Clark,  b.  Mar.  1704,  Milford,  Ct. ; 
d.  Sept.  9,  1766. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  several  times  a  member  of  tlie  Colonial 
Legislature,  Capt.  of  the  Militia.  He  lived  on  Prospect  Hill  and 
is  said  to  have  set  up  the  first  dry  good  store  in  Litchfield.  The 
author  has  the  original  receipt  of  Joseph  Sanford  to  his  brother 
Samuel,  which  is  as  follows  : 

Milford  Apraiil  ye  30th  day  1750 

Acording  to  my  honored  father's  will  I  have  received  of  my 
Brother  Samuell  Sanford  and  my  Sister  Rachel  Sanford  Executors 
of  my  father's  will  one  Bible  as  witness  my  hand 


Mrs.  Sanford  was  the  great-granddaughter  of  Deacon  George 
Clark,  who,  with  his  wife  and  two  children,  emigrated  to  New 
England  in  1637  with  Rev.  John  Davenport  and  his  congregation 
from  Kent  and  Surrey  near  London,  to  escape  religious  persecution. 
They  landed  at  Boston,  where  they  remained  one  year,  and  then 
settled  in  New  Haven.  In  1639,  George  Clarke  with  other  settlers 
removed  to  Milford,  where  he  died  in  1690,  a  planter  of  consid- 
rable  property  and  influence.  He  has  a  stone  in  the  Memorial 
Bridge  at  Milford,  Ct.  A  house  with  a  hip  gabled  roof,  built  by 
his  son  Ensign  George,  is  still  standing  and  was  the  first  one  in 
Milford,  built  outside  of  the  palisades.  He  was  granted  some 
land  for  his  bravery  in  doing,  it.  Mary  Clarke 's  father  was  Joseph, 
.son  of  Thomas,  the  eldest  child  of  George.  All  of  these  men  were 
deacons  in  the  church,  as  may  be  seen  by  the  old  tombstones  in 
the  Milford  Cemetery. 


Thomas  married  Hannah  Gibbard,  whose  grandfather,  Edmund 
Tapp,  was  one  of  the  foremost  men  of  the  Milford  Colony,  serving 
it'  well  during  the  fourteen  years  he  lived  there.  He  also  has  a 
stone  in  the  bridge.  His  daughter  Jane  married  Gov.  Robert 
Treat.  His  daughter  Ann  married  William  Gibbard,  who  was 
Secretary  of  the  colony  in  1657,  and  assistant  in  1661.  He  was 
great  grandfather  of  Mary  Clarke. 

Mary  Clarke's  mother  was  Mary  Piatt,  a  granddaughter  of 
Deacon  Richard  Piatt,  born  in  Barrington,  Hertfordshire,  Eng., 
who  came  to  this  country  in  1638  and  settled  in  New  Haven,  where 
he  owned  84  acres,  part  of  which  is  now  the  best  part  of  the  city. 
He  was  one  of  the  few  who  settled  the  township  of  Milford  in  1639. 
At  his  death  his  estate  was  estimated  at  £600,  a  large  amount  for 
those  days.  His  stone  in  the  Milford  Memorial  Bridge  occupies 
the  place  of  honor  next  to  Peter  Prudden,  the  first  pastor  of  the 
Milford  Church.  Mary  Piatt's  grandfather,  Thomas  Canfield, 
also  one  of  the  earlier  settlers  of  Milford,  has  a  stone  in  the 
Memorial  Bridge.  Thus  the  descendants  of  Mary  Clarke  have  four 
stones  by  her  ancestors  in  the  Milford  Memorial  Bridge. 

They  had  six  children. 

394.  +  Hannah5,  b.  July  23,  172&;   d.  Jan.   11,  1804;   m.  Ephraim  Harrison. 

395.  Sarah,  b.  July  28,  1731;  d.  July  30,  1731,  Milford,  Ct. 

396.  +  01iver,  b.  Aug.  22,  1732;  d.  Oct.  26,  1800;  m.  Elizabeth  Lyon. 
397.+ Jonah,  b.  Aug.  1,  1735;  d.  Jan.  21,  1817;  ra.  Ehoda  Woodruff. 
398.     Mary,  b.  Oct.  4,  1739;  d.  Jan.  8,  1755. 

399.+ Joseph,  b.  July  28,  1745;  d.  Dec.  13,  1813;  m.  Mehitable  Young. 
(Milford  Bee. — Litchfield  Tombstones  and  Pro.  Eec.) 

137.  MARY*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  135)  b.  July  5, 
1702,  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  Josiah,  son  of  Zophar  Northrup,  of  Milford, 

They  had  seven  children. 

400.  Josephs   Northrup,   bap.  June   1728. 

401.  Sarah  Northrup,  bap.  Nov.  1728. 

402.  Abigail  Northrup,  bap.  Nov.  1728. 

403.  Moses  Northrup,  bap.  June,  1730;  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Joshua  Baldwin. 

404.  Jonathan  Northrup,  bap.  May,  1732. 

405.  Anna  Northrup,  bap.  Oct.  1735. 

406.  Israel  Northrup,  bap.  Dec.  1739;  d.  Aug.  10,  1750. 

138:  JONATHAN*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  135)  b. 
July  13,  1704,  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  July  8,  1725,  Phoebe,  dau.  of 
John  Piatt,  of  Newtown,  Ct.,  b.  1705;  m.   (2)   Hannah  Piatt.     He 


settled  in  Newtown,  Ct.,  on  Walnut  Hill.  His  will  dated  April 
16,  1773,  probated  Sept.  1,  1788,  mentions  wife  Phoebe,  children 
Jonas,  Jonathan,  Solomon,  Phoebe  Castle,  Olive  Booth,  Mary  Stur- 
divant  and  granddaughter  Mabel  Hulbert.  It  would  seem  that 
the  will  was  made  prior  to  the  death  of  his  first  wife. 

He  had  two  children  by  first  and  six  by  second  marriage,  all 
born  in  Newi;own,  Ct. 

407.  PhebeB,  b.  Aug.  1,  1726;  d.  Aug.  1,  1726. 

408.  Hannah,  b.  Aug.  27,  1727. 

409.  Phebe,  b.  Nov.  11,  1729;  m.  Nov.  29,  1747,  David  Castle. 

410.  Mary,  b.  May  19,  1734;  m.  July  5,  1758,  John  Sturdivant,  of  Newbury, 

411. + Jonas,  b.  Jan.  3,  1736;  d.  Oct.  13,  1811;  m.  Abiah  Sanford. 
412.-1- Jonathan,  Jr.,  b.  Jan.  19,  1738;   d.  May  1,  1807. 

413.  + Solomon,   m.  Mehitable  Northrup. 

414.  Olive,  m.  Ebenezer  Booth,     {See  280.) 

141.  CORNET  DAVID*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  135) 
b.  Sept.  8,  1709,  IVHlford,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  16,  1751,  Milford,  Ct. ;  m. 
Mar.,  1730,  Rachel,  dau.  of  Elnathan  Strong,  of  "Woodbury,  Ct., 
b.  June  20,  1713,  Woodbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  12,  1777,  Woodbury,  Ct. 
She  married  (2)  Dec.  17,  1760,  Matthew  Miner  and  resided  in 
Woodbury.  Mr.  Sanford  and  wife  Rachel  were  admitted  to  full 
communion  Feb.  9,  1734.  He  left  an  estate  of  about  $26,660.  He 
must  have  been  a  man  of  great  business  capacity  to  have  accumu- 
lated such  a  property.  Sept.  25,  1732,  he  received  from  his  father 
land  on  Long  Hill  in  Milford  that  had  belonged  to  his  father's 
brother  Ephraim,  of  Milford,  deceased.  On  May  13,  1732,  his 
father  gave  him  several  rights  of  land  in  Milford,  one  of  .which 
belonged  to  his  grandfather  Nathaniel  Baldwin.  {Milford  Land, 
Rec,  Bk.  8,  p.  83-86.) 

The  author  has  an  autograph  lease  by  David  to  his  father 
Samuel  and  mother  Esther  (Parmelee)  Sanford  dated  Sept.  23, 
1732 ;  also  another  dated  Sept.  29,  1732,  and  also  a  deed  by  him 
to  his  father  Samuel,  both  then  residing  in  Milford,  dated  Apr. 
19,  1744.     {See  sketch  of  his  father  Samuel.) 

In  May,  1749,  he  was  appointed  Quartermaster  of  the  Troop 
of  Horse  in  the  2nd  Reg't.  Conn.,  and  in  May,  1750,  was  com- 
missioned Cornet  in  the  Troop  of  Horse  in  the  2nd  Reg't.  Conn. 
Is  called  Cornet  David  Sanford  on  his  tombstone,  which  is  still 
standing.  {New  Haven  Col.  Hist.  Soc,  Vol.  5,  p.  54  and  Conn. 
Col.  Rec,  Vol.  p.  426,  317,  318.) 


On  Feb.  8,  1751/  administration  of  his  estate  was  granted  his 
widow  Rachel  and  she  was  appointed  guardian  of  their  minor 
children.     {Pro.  Bk.,  7,  p.  131.) 

They  had  nine  children,  all  born  La  Milford,  Ct. 

415.+Elihu5,  b.  May  6,  1731;   d.  May  28,  1808;   m.  Hannah  Sanford. 
416.     Eunice,  b.  Feb.  7,  1733;  d.  early. 

417. + Joseph,  b.  Apr.  7,  1735;  d.  Aug.  26,  1802;  m.  Mehitable  Clarke. 
41S.+Da\dd,  b.  Dec.  11,  1737;   d.  Apr.  7,  1810;  m.  Bathsheba  Ingersoll. 

419.  +  Stephen,  b.  Apr.   13,   1740;   d.  Aug.   13,  1790;   m.  Sybil  White. 

420.  +  Oliver,  b.  May  24,  1744;   d.   Dec.   18,  1817;   m.    (1)    Phebe  Newton;   m. 

(2)    Mrs.  Robert  Green. 
421. + Aaron,  b.  Aug.  8,  1745;  d.  Sept.  15,  1809;  m.  Susanna  Mitchell. 
422.+Eunice,  b.  Oct.  22,  1747;  d.  Oct.  10,  1794;  m.  Nathan  Stoddard. 

423.  Patience,  b.  Nov.  22,  1750;  d.  1815;  unm. 

143.  ABIGAIL*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  135)  b.  Oct. 
14,  1714,  IVniford,  Ct. ;  m.  Feb.  6,  17.33,  Aaron  Parsons,  of  Durham, 
Ct.,  b.  1711 ;  d.l791.    He  was  a  son  of  Lieut.  Samuel  Parsons. 

They  had  five  children. 

424.  Ann*  Parsons. 

425.  Aaron  Parsons. 

426.  Jerusha  Parsons. 

427.  Rachel  Parsons. 

428.4-Abigail  Parsons,  b.  July  14,  1746;  d.  Oct.  29,  1S36;  m.  (1)  Nathan  Coe; 
m.   (2)   Aaron  Stone. 

144.  ELIZABETH*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  135)  b. 
Dec.  13,  1716;  d.  Apr.  7,  1764,  Chatham,  Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  16.  1739, 
Jonathan  Alvord,  b.  Nov.  6,  1711,  Northampton,  Mass. ;  d.  June 
28,  1784,  Winchester,  Ct.  In  Oct.,  1748,  he  was  commissioned 
Lieutenant  of  17th  Co.  6th  Regiment  of  Conn.,  and  was  appointed 
Captaiil  in  same  Regiment  in  June,  1753. 

They  had  two  children,  born  in  Middletown,  Ct. 

429.+Elipha35  Alvord,  b.  Jan.  13,  1742;  d.  Apr.  15,  1825;  m.  Esther  Hart. 
430.+David  Alvord,  b.  June  14,  1753;  d.  in  New  York  State  probably  Oneida 
County;  m.  Elizabeth  Wetmore. 

145.  NATHANIEL*  SANFORD  {Nathaniel  38,  Ephraim  6, 
Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  10,  1711,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  in  Sandgate,  Vt.  Mr. 
Sanford  married  and  moved  to  Sandgate,  Vt.,  where  he  bore  an 
office  in  the  church  and  "was  called  in  like  a  shock  of  corn  fully 
ripe. ' ' 

He  had  three  sons  and  several  daughters. 


431.+Ephraim5,  b.  Dec.  22,  1737;  d.  Jan.  18,  1803;  m.  Sarah  Frencli. 
432.+ Simeon,  b.  1739;   d.  July  29,   1818;   m.   Clarinda  Dudley. 
433.+Nathamel,  Jr.,  b.  Sandgate,  Vt. ;   m.  Hannah  .  ♦ 

146.  EBENEZER^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  145)  b. 
Mar.  10,  1711,  Milf ord,  Ct. ;  d.  June  24,  1752,  Woodbury-,  Ct. ;  m. 
Abigail,  dau.  of  John  Griswold,  of  Wallingford,  Ct.  Mr.  San- 
ford's  will,  dated  July  9,  1746,  proved  July  21,  1752,  mentions 
wife  Abigail  and  children  Carpenter  and  Ebenezer,  both  minors. 
June  16,  1792,  the  estate  was  distributed  equally  to  Nathaniel 
Sanford,  of  Sandgate,  Vt.,  the  legal  representatives  of  Sarah,  late 
wife  of  Capt.  Old,  of  "Woodbury;  the  heirs  of  Deborah,  late  wife 
of  Ebenezer  Brownson,  of  Southbury,  these  being  the  legal  heirs 
of  Ebenezer  Sanford,  dec,  which  proved  that  his  sons  died  without 
issue.  On  Dec.  17,  1753,  Mrs.  Abigail  Sanford,  of  Woodbury,  joins 
in  deed  with  her  brothers  and  sisters,  settling  estate  of  their 
father,  John  Griswold,  of  Wallingford,  dec.  {Wallvngford  Land 
Rec,  Bk.  16,  p.  252,  and  Woodbury  Pro.  Bee,  Bk.  3,  p-  121;  Bk.  9, 
p.  131.) 

They  had  two  children. 

434.  Carpenter*. 

435.  Ebenezer. 

149.  ZACHARIAH*  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  145)  b. 
Dec.  8,  1722,  Woodbury,  Ct. ;  d.  1803,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  May 
28,  1761,  Rachel,  dau.  of  Job  and  Sarah  (Prindle)  Goold,  b.  Mar. 
12,  1734;  d.  Apr.  8,  1813,  Sanfords  Ridge,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sanford 
moved  to  New  Milford,  Ct.,  and  became  a  noted  farmer.  He  was 
quite  rich  and  respected  both  in  the  church  and  society.  Admitted 
to  the  church  May  2,  1762.  With  his  aunt,  Widow-  Mary  Stebbins, 
he  purchased  the  land  given  to  the  First  Eccl.  Society  by  Benoni 
Stebbins  to  the  amount  of  £200.  {Neiv  Milford  Town  Bee.)  He 
was  admitted  a  Freeman  in  New  Milford,  Ct.,  Apr.  9,  1759,  elected 
tax  collector  Dec.  14,  1761,  and  chosen  grand  juryman  during  1762. 
Dec.  10,  1764,  chosen  surveyor  of  highways ;  Dec.  8,  1766,  select- 
man; Dec.  14,  1769,  surveyor  of  highways  and  again  Dec.  8,  1783. 

They  had  four  children,  all  bom  in  New  Milford,  Ct. 

436.+Benoni  Stebbins',  b.  Mar.  5,  1762;   d.  Oct.  24,  1816;  m.  Prudence  Bost- 

437.-L-Mary,  b.  Jan.  26,  1765;  d.  Feb.  20,  1850;  m.  (1)  Dr.  Charles  McDonald; 

m.    (2)    Maj.  Thomas  Bradshaw. 
438.     Phebe,  b.  1767;  d.  1770. 
439.-i-David,  b.  Nov.  14,  1769;  d.  Apr.  4,  1813;  m.  Amy  Hartwell. 


150.  JOSEPH^  SANPORD-  (some  descent  as  145)  b.  Oct. 
6,  1726,  Southbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  13,  1791,  Southbury,  Ct. ;  m.  Dec. 
29,  1756,  Ann  Hickock  in  Southbury.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a 
farmer  in  Southbury  Ct.  He  is  said  to  have  beea  a  Capt.  in  the 
Rev.  War,  but  his  name  does  not  seem  to  appear  in  Conn.  Men 
of  Rev.  ffis  will,  dated  Aug  3;  1791,.  proved  Sept.  12,  1791,  men- 
tions wife  Ann  and  children  David-  of  Sandgate,  Vt. ;  Joseph,  of 
■  Charleston,  N.  Y. ;  Jerusha,  wife  of  John  Shumway,.  of  Wells,  Vt.;: 
Catherine,  wife  of  Lewis  Hurd,  of  Sandgate,,  Vfc. ;  Molly,.  Wait  and 
Amos.     {Woodbury  Pro.  Bee,  Bk.  9,  p.  133.) 

The  record  of  this  family  is  confirmed'  by  a  letter  written  by 
Lewis  Hurd  July,  1838,  Sandgate,  Vt.,,  to-  Henry  Sanford.  The 
letter  is  now  in  the  possessioa  of  F.  S.  Sanford,  of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

They  had  eight  children. 

440.     David  Stebbinss,  b.  about  1756;  d.  Mar.  1.5,  1S36;  m.  Olive  Johnson. 
441. -[-Catherine,  b.  May  26,  1760;   d.  Nov.  13,  1837;  m.  Lewis  Hurd. 
442.+ Joseph,  b.  1763;   d.  May  14,  1826,  ag.  63;  m.  Strong. 

443.  Annie,    d.    about    1787,    Southbury,    Ct.,    aged    about    25;    m.    


444.  Jerusha,  d.  in  Poultney,  Vt.;  m.  Nov.  26,  1789,  John  Shumway. 

445.  Molly,    b.    1770;    d.    Feb.    20,    1836,    ag.    66    yrs.;    m.    Smith. 

Removed   to  Venus,   N.   Y.     She  had   four   sons  and   three   daughters 

with  great  property. 
446.-f-Wait,  b.  1773;   d.  Jan.  12,  1852,  ag.  79  yrs.;   m.  Lura  FuUer. 
447.     Amos,  married  and.  had  one  son.    Became  wealthy,  and  through  misfortune 

lost  it. 



156.  NEHEMIAH'  SANFORD  {Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  Eze- 
kiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  10,  1726.  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  16,  1815, 
Bridgewater,  Ct. ;  m.  Mar.  5,  1747,  Elizabeth  Morehouse ;  d.  July 
31,  1810.  He  came  from  Umpawaug  in  the  town,  of  Redding  to 
Bridgewater  in  1772,  where  he  took  possession  of  two  hundred  acres 
of  land  and  worked  industriously  for  many  years  clearing  and 
improving  the  land. 

They  had  six  children,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

448.     Gershoms,  b.  Aug.  26,  1748;  d.  early. 

449.+Liffe,  b.  Aug.  30,  1750;  d.  Dec.  3,  1815;  m.  Huldah  Blackman. 

450.  Phebe,  b.  Aug.  20,  1752;   d.  early. 

451.  Anna,  b.  Oct.  2,   1755;   d.  Jan.  8,   1846. 

452.  Catherine,  b.  Oct.  31,  1759;  d.  Nov.  17,  1843. 
453.+Neliemiah,  Jr.,  b.  Oct.  2,  1762;  d.  Dec.  26,  1844;  m.  Hannah  Beach. 

157.  ELNATHAN=  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  156)  b. 
Oct.  11,  1727,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  19,  1803;  m.    (1)    Deborah 

"White  ;  m.  (2)  Hannah .    Mr.  Sanford  and  his  wife  Deborah 

were  received  into  communion  Jan.  5,  1775.  {Redding  Ch.  B.) 
His  estate  was  distributed  Mar.  29,  1804,  to  widow  Hannah  and 
children  Rebecca,  wife  of  Aaron  Barlow,  and  Lucy,  wife  of  David 
Starr.     {Redding  Pro.  Rec.) 

He  had  three  children  by  first  marriage,  all  bom  in  Redding, 

4.54.+Rebecca6,  b.  1747;  d.  Apr.  15,  1839;  m.  Aaron  Barlow. 
455.+Lucy,  bap.  Aug.  26,  1759;  d.  May  10,  1814;  m.  David  Starr. 

456.  Elnathan,  bap.  Jan.  16,  1763;  d.  Aug.  8,  1766,  Redding,  Ct. 

158.  PHEBE'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  156)  b.  Nov. 
11,  1729,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  24,  1796,  Sharon,  Ct. ;  m.  Israel, 
son  of  Israel  and  Mary  (Benedict)  White,  b.  about  1732,  Stam- 
ford, Ct.;  d.  Aug.  5,  1820,  Sharon,  Ct.,  aged  89.  Mr.  White  was 
executor  of  his  father's  estate  in  Danbury,  Ct.,  in  1759.  He 
removed  to  Sharon  in  1775. 

They  had  nine  children. 

457.  James«  "White,  b.  1754;   d.  Mar.  5,  1837;  m.   177.5,  Abigail  Wood.     No 


458.  John  White,  b.  Aug.  9,  1755 ;  m.  Chloe  Holden.     Seven  children. 

459.  Sanford  White,  m.   Hannah  Ide. 
460.-|-Mary  White,  b.  May  12,  1760;  m.  Edward  Gay. 


461.  Israel   White,   b.    1762;    d.    Dec.   20,    1845;    m.    Laurana   Andrews.      No 


462.  Stephen  White,  m.  Elizabeth  Skinner.     Four  children. 

463.  Dorcas  White,  m.  Michael  Hill.  Six  children. 

464.  +  Phebe  White,  b.  Apr.  3,  1769;   d.  Oct.  6,  1342;  m.  Ezra  Bentoii. 

465.  Deborah  White,  d.  unm. 

159.  ANN'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  156)  b.  Feb.  15, 
1732,  Redding,  Ct.,  d.  July  27,  1822;  m.  Jan.  18,  1749,  Gershom 
Morehouse,  Jr.,  d.  Jan.  22,  1805,  Redding,  Ct.,  ag.  77  years. 

Mr.  Morehouse  enlisted  into  the  army  as  a  Private,  was  soon 
appointed  1st  Lieutenant  of  1st  Conn.  Battalion  and  afterwards 
made  Captain.  In  the  Battle  of  White  Plains  he  was  in  command 
of  a  company.  His  son-in-law  was  a  captain  on  the  British  side 
and  after  the  battle  they  were  permitted  to  meet.  His  will  is  in 
Danbury  Pro.  Bee. 

They  had  thirteen  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

466.  Peters  Morehouse,  b.  Feb.  27,  1750. 

467.  Tabitha  Morehouse,  b.  July  4,  1752;  m.  Ephraim  Sanford   {See  S06.) 

468.  Ezra  Morehouse,  b.  Apr.  15,  1754. 
469.+BilIe  Morehouse,  b.  June  2,  1756;  m.  Euth  Guyer. 
470.+Aaron  Morehouse,  b.  June  2,  1758;  d.  Dec.  3,  1833;  m.  Urana  Starr. 

471.  Jane  Morehouse,  b.  Nov.  7,  1760. 

472.  Anna  Morehouse,  bap.  June  19,  1763;  m.  Morehouse. 

473.  Hill  Morehouse,  bap.  May  5,  1765. 

474.  Lucy    Morehouse,    bap.    July    12,    1767;    m.    Charles    Morgan,    a    farmer 

of  Harwick,  near  Cooperstown,  N.  T. 

475.  Betty  Morehouse,  bap.  Aug.  6,  1769;  d.  early. 

476.  Elizabeth  Euth  Morehouse,  bap.   Nov.   10,   1771;   m.  Goodsell,   a 

blacksmith  and  storekeeper  of  Cooperstovra,  N.  Z. 

477.  Polly  Morehouse,  bap.  May  15,  1774 ;  d.  early. 

478.  Polly  Morehouse,  bap.  May  4,  1777. 

160.  TIMOTHT'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  156)  b.  Feb 
8,  1734,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  1784,  Redding,  Ct,  ag.  50  years;  m.  (1) 
Feb.  14,  1762,  Mary,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Sarah  (Meeker)  San- 
ford, b.  Feb.  16,  1738;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Esther  Whitney,  b-  Mar.  2,  1745; 
d.  Mar.  10,  1826,  Redding,  Ct.,  ag.  80.  Timothy  Sanford  and  his 
wife^  Esther,  are  both  buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery.  He  and  wife, 
Mary,  were  added  to  the  church  of  Redding,  Nov.  18,  1769.  His 
estate  was  distributed  May  1,  1780,  to  widow,  Esther,  and  his  only 
children,  Huldah  and  Mary.  Distributors  of  Mrs.  Esther  Sanford 's 
estate   to   daughters,   Huldah   Olmstead   and   Mary   Maflett,,    were 


Peter  Sanford,  Eli  Sanford  and  Abel  Burr-     {Danbury  Pro.  Bee, 
Bk.  11,  p.  100,  and  Bk.  3,  p.  488.) 

He  had  three  children  by  first  marriage,  all  born  in  Redding, 

479.     Infant,«,  d.  1769,  Eedding,  Ct. 

480.+Huldah,  b.  Aug.  29,  1770;  m.  Olmstead. 

481.+Mary,    b.   Feb.    21,    1779;    m.    (1)    Thomas   Couch,   Jr.;    m.    (2)    Daniel 

161.  JOSEPH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  156)  b.  June 
20,  1736,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  25,  1776 ;  m.  Nov.  2,  1762,  Hepsi- 
bah,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and  Mollie  (Noble)  Griffith,  b.  Aug.  17, 
1747;  d.  Mar.  4,  1826. 

Mr.  Sanford's  will,  dated  Oct.  4,  1776,  proved  April  7,  1777, 
mentions  wife  Hepsibah  and  children,  Solomon  Noble,  Zaehariah, 
Isaiah,  Tabitha  and  Molly,  Seth  Sanford  and  Asahel  Fitch  wit- 
nesses. He  gave  each  of  his  four  sons  £26 — 3 — 3  and  his  two 
daughters  £13 — 1 — li/i-  Joseph  Sanford  and  his  wife  Hepsibah 
renewed  covenant  in  Redding,  Nov.  20,  1763.  {Redding  Church 
Rec.)  Descendants  of  this  Joseph  Sanford  have  a  memorandum 
that  four  Sanford  brothers  came  from  the  north  of  Scotland  and 
settled  in  Connecticut  and  Long  Island  and  he  was  a  descendant 
of  one  of  them.  (After  Mr.  Sanford's  death,  Mrs.  Sanford  married 
Stephen  Turrill.) 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

482.  + Solomon  Nobles,  b.  Feb.  16,  1764;  d.  Mar.  20,  1844;  m.  Anna  Loekwood. 
483.+Zachariah,  b.  Nov.  3,  1765;   d.  Mar.  21,  1857;  m.  Lydia  Loekwood. 
484.+Isaiah,  b.  Apr.  26,  1768;  d.  June  27,  1854;  m.  Molly  Hill. 
485.     Molly  b.  Aug.  8,  1770;  d.  July  12,  1771,  Redding,  Ct. 
486.+Tabitha,  b.  May  1,  1772;   d.   1851;  m.  Cyrus  Bostwiok. 
4S7.     Molly,  b.  Mar.  20,  1774;   d.  Feb.  2,  1797,  Redding,  Ct. 
4SS.+ Joseph,  b.  Nov.  15,  1776;   d.  Sept.  11,  1825;  m.  Sarah  Smith. 
{Redding  T.  Bee,  Vol.  2,  p.  S-39.) 

164.  STEPHEN-^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  156)  b.  July 
16,  1743,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  6,  1776;  buried  in  the  Old  Cemetery 
of  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov.  19,  1767,  Abigail,  dau.  of  Moses  Ward. 
They  were  added  to  the  church  Oct.  23,  1768.     He  was  a  farmer. 

They  had  five  children,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

489.  Esthers,  bap.  Oct.  23,  1768;  d.  Sept.  4,  1769,  Redding,  Ct. 

490.  John,  bap.  Oct.  14,  1770;  d.  Aug.  21,  1772,  Redding,  Ct. 

491.  John,  b.  Oct.  4,  1772. 


.492.     Abigail,  b.  Oct.  4,   1772. 

493.     Esther,  b.  Aug.  5,  1775   {R.  T.  B.   Vol  2  S-S9.), 

165.  HEZEKIAH'  SANJFORD  {Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Eze- 
kiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  1,  1731,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  16,  1798; 
buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  Sept.  7,  1755, 
Hannah,  dau.  of  Joseph  and  Hannah  (Walker)  Hawley,  b.  Dec.  4, 
1734;  d.  Mar.  13,  1805.  Probably  buried  in  Redding,  Ct.  They 
settled  in  Redding  Center  on  the  farm  now  owned  by  Mr.  Delevan. 
Both  were  added  to  the  church  April  24,  1757.  Mr.  Sanford  was 
a  Member  of  Assembly  in  1771,  2,  3,  6,  84,  85,  86,  91,  92.  93. 

On  May  5,  1777,  he  was  made  one  of  a  coranrittee  to  care  for 
the  families  of  soldiers  in  the  service,  and  on  Jan.  23,  1780,  to  pro- 
cure nine  soldiers  for  the  service.  As  one  of  the  selectmen,  he  was 
required  on  Aug.  11,  1783,  to  remove  from  the  town  all  men  who 
had  joined  the  enemy  and  return  to  town.  He,  with  Lemuel  and 
Seth  Sanford  and  others,  on  Feb.  12,  1778,  remonstrated  with  the 
Rev.  John  Beach  for  praying  for  the  success  of  King  George,  clos- 
ing with  these  significant  words.  "Your  compliance  herewith 
may  prevent  you  trouble." 

Mr.  Sanford  kept  Negro  slaves.  One  of  them,  by  name  Pomp, 
he  agreed  to  free  when  twenty-five  years  of  age,  which  was  done  by 
his  executors,  Apr.  7,  1806.  (The  agreement  is  on  page  134  of 
Todd's  History  of  Bedding.)  His  will,  dated  May  31,  1797,  proved 
Nov.  9,  1798,  mentions  wife  Hannah  and  all  his  children  except 

Some  of  his  account  books  as  a  merchant  are  still  extant. 
They  contain  strange  items,  such  as  2  oz.  of  ink  powder ;  so  many 
quarts  New  England  Rum,  &c.  He  left  a  large  estate  of  £8417 — 
6s. — 8d.  Each  of  his  four  sons  received  £1760 — 9s. — 4d.  and  his 
two  daughters  £881 — 14s. — 8d.  Distribution  was  made  Mar.  10, 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

494.+Aaron8,  b.  May  26,  1757;   d.  Feb.   8,   1849;   m.  Lydia  Hawley. 

495.     Hannah,  b.  July  13,  1759;  d.  June  29,  1790;  unm.     Buried  in  Old  Ceme- 
tery, in  Redding,  Ct. 

496.-|-Hezekiah,  Jr.,  b.  Jan.  6,  1762;  d.  Mar.  18,  1834;  m.  Betsey  Booth. 

497.-t-Wimam,  b.  Aug.  21,  1764;  d.  Oct.  6,  1837;  m.   (1)   Lydia  Hull;  m.   (2) 
Mrs.  Ruth  Ketchum. 

498.     Zalmon,  b.  Aug.  7,  1767;  d.  April  30,  1809. 

Was    married.      Was    a   Freeman    of    Redding,    Ct.,    April    17,    1791. 
Removed  with  his  brother  Hezekiah  to  Southeast,  Putnam  Co.,  N.  Y. 


about  1791.  The  first  town  meeting  of  Southeast  was  held  at  his 
house  in  1795.  (Hist,  of  Putnam  Co.,  p.  462.)  He  was  a  zealous 
Methodist  and  a  godlj  man.  Buried  in  Milltown  Cemetery,  Southeast, 
N.  Y. 

499.+Eunice,  b.  Apr.  23,  1772;  d.  Feb.  6,  1805;  m.  Aaron  Hunt. 

500.     Huldah,  b.  Feb.  11,  1777. 

166.  REBECCA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  165)  b.  Oct. 
29,  1732,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Henry  Lyon  of  Redding,  Ct. 

They  had  five  children.  , 

oOl.  PhUos  Ljon. 

502.  Henry  Lyon. 

503.  Lemuel  Lyon. 

504.  David  Lyon. 

505.  Eli  Lyon. 

167.  SARAH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  165)  b.  Sept.  11, 
1734,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  in  Wilton,  Ct. ;  m.  Apr.  16,  1754,  Daniel 
Coley,  of  Ridgebury,  Ct.,  b.  March  14,  1729,  d.  March  22,  1800, 
Ridgebury,  Ct. 

They  had  five  children. 

506.  Stephens  Coley,  bap.  Oct.  27,  1754,  Eedding,  Ct.;  d.  Aug.  23,  1774. 

507.  Ezra  Coley,  bap.  Feb.  25,  1759,  Redding,  Ct.;  d.  Dec.  30,  1776. 

508.  Sarah  Coley,  b.  AprO  30,  1765. 
5«9.  Rebeckah  Coley,  b.  June  17,  1768. 

510.  Eunice  Coley. 

169.  LYDIA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  165)  b.  May  19, 
1738,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  12,  1803 ;  m.  June  20,  1756,  Lazarus, 
son  of  Rev.  John  and  Sarah  Beach,  b.  Sept.  20,  1736,  d.  Jan.  20; 
1800,  Redding,  Ct. 

They  had  eight  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

511.  Sarahs  Beach,  b.  Sept.  27,  1758;  d.  Nov.  21,  1759,  Eedding,  Ct. 
512.+Lazaru3  Beach,  Jr.,  b.  Dec.  1,  1760;  d.  June  28,  1816;  m.  Mrs.  PoDy  Hall. 

513.  Lemuel  Beach,  b.  Mar.  31,  1763. 

514.  Sarah  Beach,  b.   Nov.   19,   1764;   d.  May   10,   1828;   m.  James  Sanford. 

{See  610.) 
515.+Hannah  Beach,  b.  Apr.  11,  1767;  d.  Jan.  25,  1814;  m.  Philo  Lyon. 
516.-f-Eumce  Beach,  b.  Sept.  23,  1769;  d.  Sept.  19,  1822;  m.  Jonathan  Hull. 
5ir.+l3aac  Beach,  b.  May  19,  1773;  d.  July  20,  1822;  m.   (1)   Elizabeth  SilU- 

man ;  m.   (2)   Hannah  Hill. 
513.     Abigail  Beach,  b.  Sept.  13,  1778;  d.  Dec.  17,  1837. 
{Bedding  Becords.) 


170.  LE:\rUEL»  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  165)  b.  Apr. 
18,  1740,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  12,  1803,  Danbury,  Ct. ;'  m.  Sept. 
20,  1768,  Mary,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Russell  of  North  Branford,  Ct., 
d.  June  23,  1829,  ag.  84.  They  Settled  in  Redding  Center,  and  he 
became  a  Freeman  April,  1792.  The  circumstances  attending  their 
marriage  are  thus  narrated.  He  left  Redding  on  horseback,  early 
on  the  morning  of  his  wedding  day,  but  was  delayed  on  the  road 
and  did  not  reach  Branford  until  midnight.  By  that  time  the 
wedding  guests  had  dispersed  and  the  family  had  retired ;  but  he 
roused  them,  collected  the  guests,  and  the  ceremony  was  performed. 
The  bride  and  groom  returned  to  Redding  the  nex;  day  on 

He  was  judge  of  County  Court  at  the  time  of  his  death.  He 
had  filled  all  the  positions  of  honor  and  trust  in  his  native  town, 
and  during  the  Revolution  had  been  a  member  of  the  Committee 
of  Supply.  He  represented  the  town  in  General  Assembly  in  the 
years  1770-1-3-4-5-7-8-1780-82-83-84-87-88-89.  His  will,  dated  Jan. 
7,  1795,  probated  April  1,  1803,  mentions  wife  Mary  and  his 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Redding  Centre,  Ct. 

519. -[-Lemuels,  b.  July  18,  1769;  d.  Dee.  1,  1831;  m.   (Sarah)   Mary  Heron. 
520.     Rhoda,  b.  Mar.  4,  1773;  d.  Nov.  23,  1796;  m.  Aug.  16,  1795,  Rev.  Jonathan 

Bartlett,  bap.  Oct.  14,  1764.    No  children. 
521.-1- Mary,  b.  May  18,  1776;  d.  May  29,  1798;  m.  Dr.  Thomas  Peek. 
522.     Abigail,  b.  April  30,  1779;   d.  June  11,  1781. 
523. -I- Jonathan  Russell,  b.  Feb.  11,  1782;  d.  Aug.  21,  1858;  m.  Maria  Davies. 

524.  Abigail,   b.   Apr.    18,    1784;    d.   July   24,   1854;   m.   Apr.    16,    1812,  Rev. 

Jonathan  Bartlett,  bap.   Oct.   14,   1764.     No   children. 

525.  Lucretia,  b.  May  4,  1786;  d.  Sept.  2,  1861;  unm.     Her  will,  dated  May 

13,  1852,  probated  Oct.  21,  1861,  bequeathes  to  her  sister  Abigail  and 
to  her  nieces  and  nephews,  also  to  the  Cong.  Church  $150.  (Bedding 
Pro.  Bee.  Vol.  3,  p.  604-5),  {Bedding  T.  B.  Vol.  2,  p.  51),  {Todd's 
Hist,  of  Bedding   {1906)    .) 

111.  CAPT.  EZEKIEL'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  165) 
b.  June  30,  1742,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  8,  1809,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m. 
(1)  Apr.  23,  1767,  Sarah  Sturges,  d.  Mar.  21,  1771,  buried  in 
Umpawaug;  m.  (2)  Nov.  21,  1773,  Abigail  Starr,  b.  March  24, 
1750 ;  d.  July  18,  1827,  ag.  77.  Buried  in  Umpawaug.  They  settled 
in  Boston  District,  Redding,  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford  and  wife  Sarah 
were  added  to  the  church  May  1,  1768. 

In  May,  1775,  Mr.  Sanford  was  commissioned  Lieutenant  in 
Capt.  Zalmon  Read's  company,  5th  Reg.  Conn.  Line,  Col.  David 



Waterbury  commanding,  and  served  in  the  Northern  Department, 
being  discharged  Nov.  28,  1775.  He  again  served  as  first  lieutenant 
under  Capt.  Zalmon  Read,  in  the  1st  Battalion,  Wadsworth's 
Brigade  (CoL  G.  S.  Silliman)  in  the  operations  around  New  York 
in  1776.  Jan.  1,  1777,  he  was  commissioned  captain  in  the  5th 
Regt.  Conn.  Continental  Line,  Col.  Philip  B.  Bradley  commanding, 
and  served  till  Mar.  17,  1778,  when  he  resigned.  He  was  made  a 
Freeman  of  Redding  in  April,  1778.  In  January,  1780,  he  was 
appointed  Captain  in  the  second  regiment  raised  for  the  defense  of 
the  state^  but  declined.  He  was  appointed  on  several  town  com- 
mittees: Jan.  28,  1780,  to  take  care  of  soldiers'  families;  June  23, 
1780,  to  hire  nine  soldiers  for  the  Conn.  Line  of  the  Continental 
Army;  Nov.  20,  1780,  to  ascertain  the  number  of  soldiers  the  town 
then  had  in  the  Continental  Army;  Mar.  28,  1781,  to  vindicate 
claims  to  Continental  soldiers;  April  6,  1781,  to  supply  John 
Lines'  family;  Feb.  28,  1782,  to  vindicate  claims  to  Continental 
soldiers  and  State  troops.  He  was  a  pensioner  under  tlie  law  of 
June  7,  1785,  as  a  Captain  of  the  Revolutionary  Army,  his  pension 
dating  from  Mar.  4,  1789.  His  annual  allowance  was  £60,  under 
which  he  received  payments  amounting  to  £1140  up  to  the  time  of 
his  death.  {Conn.  Men  in  Rev.,  pp.  41,  70,  117,  194,  231,  393,  616, 

He  had  two  children  by  first  and  five  by  second  marriage, 
all  born  in  Boston  District,  Redding,  Ct. 

526.+Beiijamin8,  b.  July  17,  1768;  d.  about  1856;  m.  Sarah  Obnstead. 
527.  Sarah,  b.  Dec.  9,  1769;  d.  Aug.  1,  1791.  Buried  in  Umpawaug. 
528.+Mollie  (Polly),  b.  Aug.  16,  1774;  d.  Apr.  24,  1814;  m.  John  Drew. 

529.  Rebecca,  b.  Nov.  10,   1776;   m.  Hezekiah  Hawley. 

530.  Ezekiel,  b.  Sept.  11,  1778;  d.  Nov.  22,  1778. 

531.+Abigail  Starr,  b.  Nov.  10,  1779;  d.  July  13,  1813;  m.  Benjamin  Gregory. 
532.  +  Clarissa,  b.  Feb.  23,  1786;  d.  Aug.  12,  1838;.  m.  Wm.  Bartlett. 

172.     ANNA=   SANFORD    {same  descent  as  165)   b.  Oct.  7, 
1744,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  1773 ;  m.  Nov.  13,  1762,  David  Jackson. 
They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

o33.+Ezekiel8   Jackson,  b.   Sept.   20,    1763;   m.   Hannah   Gray. 

534.  David  Jackson,  b.  Dec.  29,  1765. 

535.  Eunice   Jackson,  b.  Jan.   26,   1768. 

536.  Anna  Jackson,  b.  Aug.  28,  1770;   d.  May  29,  1771. 

537.  Anna  Jackson,  b.  May  6,  1772. 

{Redding  T.  B.,  Vol.  2,  p.  J  9.) 


174.  RHODA=  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  165)  b.  Feb.  20. 
1749,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Apr.  2,  1767,  Elijah,  son  of  Stephen  Burr. 

They  had  two  children,  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

538.  Lemuels  Burr,  bap.  Dec.  11,  1768. 

539.  Elizabeth   Burr,   bap.   May   5,    1771. 

175.  RUTH^  SANFORD  {Zachariah  60,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2, 
Thomas  1)  b.  June  19,  1737;  m.  Wheeler. 

They  had  three  children. 

540.  Stephens  Wheeler. 

541.  Lydia  Wieeler. 

542.  Sarah  Wheeler. 

178.     EUNICE'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  175)  b.  Oct.  23, 

1741 ;  m.  Summers. 

They  had  two  children. 

543.  Zachariah  Sanford*   Summers. 

544.  Eunice  Sanford  Summers. 

186.  DANIEL'  SANFORD  {Samuel  62,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2, 
Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  25,  1734,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  July  5,  1777,  Redding, 
Ct.  Buried  in  the  old  cemetery  at  Redding;  m.  Apr.  18,  1758, 
Esther,  dau.  of  John  Hull.  They  were  added  to  the  church  Feb.  4, 
1759.  Mr.  Sanford  was  Ensign  in  State  Regiment,  1st  Battalion, 
under  Generals  Spencer  and  Worster;  taken  prisoner  in  Danbury 
Raid,  Apr.  25-28,  1777,  and  carried  to  New  York.  {Conn.  Men 
in  Rev.,  p.  424,  493.)     His  will  was  proved  Aug.  4,  1777. 

They  had  three  children. 

545.  Jeremiahs,  b.  March,  10,  1759;  d.  June  28,  1777,  in  the  19th  year  of  his 

age,  a  prisoner  in  New  York.     He  was  evidently  taken  prisoner  in  the 

Danbury  Eaid  with  his  father. 
546.+EU,  b.  July  23,  1761;   d.  Apr.  3,  1833;   m.   (1)    Anna  Stebbins;   m.    (2) 

Rebecca  . 

547.     Chloe,  b.  May  30,  1767;  m.  Nov.  30,  1793,  John  Starr. 

Perhaps  others.      (Bedding  T.  E.  Vol.  2  S-18.) 

187.  SETH'  SANFORD  {savie  descent  as  186)  b.  Aug.  18, 
1735,  Redding,  Ct;  d.  July  3,  1805,  Redding,  Ct- ;  m.  (1)  Apr. 
25,  1759,  Rebecca,  dau.  of  Dea.  Stephen  Burr,  who  was  a  brother 
of  Rev.  Aaron  Burr,  the  first  President  of  I^rinceton  College, 
and  an  uncle  of  Col.  Aaron  Burr.  She  died  Sept.  10,  1775;  m.  (2) 
Apr.  25,  1778,  Abiah ,  d.  Feb.  12,  1781;  m.  (3)  Au;,^  3,  1781, 


Abigail ,  d.  Nov.  25,  1804,  aged  69.    Mrs.  Rebecca  Sanford's 

will,  dated  Sept.  17,  1775,  disallowed  Nov.  23,  1775,  mentions  her 
six  children.  Esther  Sanford  was  one  of  the  witnesses  to  the  will. 
{Fairfield  Pro.  Rec.)  Seth  Sanford  and  his  wife  Rebecca  renewed 
covenant  in  Redding,  Aug.  24,  1760.  He  served  in  1757  in  Capt. 
Bradley's  company,  and  Col.  Andrew  Burr's  Reg.  in  the  relief 
of  Fort  William  Henry.  On  Oct.  5,  1777,  he  marched  as  Ensign 
in  Capt.  Gershom  Morehouse's  Co.,  Col.  Whiting's  Reg.,  Fourth 
Conn.  Militia,  commanded  by  Lieut. -Col.  Jonathan  Demon  at 
Peekskill,  N.  T.  (Conn.  Men  in  Rev.,  p.  520.)  He  was  made  a 
freeman  of  Redding  before  1778.  Was  a  representative  in  Conn. 
Assembly  during  the  years  1776-78-79-80.  On  May  5,  1777,  was 
chosen  one  of  four  Selectmen. 

In  Hurd's  History  of  Fairfield  Co.  the  following  note  appears: 
"Aug.  11,  1783,  Voted — that  the  selectmen  of  this  town  be  desired 
to  move  out  of  this  town  all  those  persons  who  have  been  over  and 
joined  the  enemy,  and  have  returned  into  this  town,  and  that  they 
pursue  this  business  as  fast  as  they  conveniently  can  according 
to  law." 

Seth  Sanford  with  four  other  selectmen  were  instructed  to 
carry  it  into  effect.     {Todd's  Hist,  of  Redding,  1906,) 

He  had  six  children  by  first,  two  by  second  and  one  by  third 

548.-fElias«,  b.  Sept.  18,  1760;  d.  Feb.  7,  1831;  m.  Hannah  Youngs. 

549.  Ebenezer,  b.  Jan.  27,  1763;  d.  Jan.  24,  1847.  Buried  in  Umpawaug  Cem. ; 
m.  Feb.  24,  1787,  Mary  Dauchy,  d.  Feb.  1,  1852,  ag.  87.  They  had  no 
children,  but  on  the  death  of  his  brother  Seth,  adopted  his  five  children. 
He  lived  in  Eedding.  Appears  as  Freeman,  April,  1789.  His  vnll, 
dated  March  22,  1834,  proved  Feb.  1,  1847,  gives  his  estate  to  his 
sister  Abiah,  wife  of  Isaac  Hilliard;  his  brother-in-law,  Jacob  Dauchy; 
nephews  and  nieces,  and  £200  to  the  Cong.  Church. 
{Redding  Pro.  Bee,  Vol.  1,  p.  321  2.) 

550.-|-Joel,  b.  Jan.  27,   1766;  m.  Huldah  Griffin. 

551.-f-Elijah,  b.  Aug.  20,  1768;  d.  Dec.  3,  1833;  m.  Elizabeth  Starr. 

552. -(-Samuel,  b.  .Jan.  27,  1771. 

553.-|-Seth,  b.  July  7,   1773;   d.  Dec.  27,   1821;   m.    (1)    Sarah  Couch;   m.    (2) 
Esther  Couch. 

554.     Mary. 

555     Abiah,  b.  Dec.  23,  1780;  m.  Isaac  Hilliard. 

556.     Abigail. 

189.  DAVID'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  186)  b.  Nov.  16, 
1739,   Redding,   Ct. ;   d.  June   15,   1787,   Redding,   Ct. ;   buried  in 


Umpawaug  Cemetery;  m.  Nov.  22,  1769,  Abiah  Lacy,  b.  1749;  d. 
Feb.  10,  1844,  ReddiBg,  Ct.,  aged  95  yrs.  7  mos.  Buried  in 
Umpawaug  Cemetery.  They  renewed  covenant  in  Redding,  Dec. 
29,  1771.  In  June,  1776,  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  private  in  the  4th 
Conn.  Militia  commanded  by  Lieut.  Col.  Abraham  Gould,  in  the 
Co.  of  Lieut.  John  Davis.  He  was. present  at  White  Plains,  Oct.  28, 
and  was  brought  home  sick  Nov.  1,  having  served  four  months. 
He  served  one  week  in  Danbury  raid;  took  part  in  the  action  of 
Ridgefield  Apr.  27,  1777;  and  in  the  pursuit  to  the  enemy's  ship- 
ping. In  September  and  October  of  the  same  year  he  was  for  some 
six  weeks  in  the  command  of  Capt.  John  Gray,  serving  Oct.  5  to  30 
in  the  Fislikill  Campaign,  at  Fishkill,  PeekskiU  and  Redliook.  In 
Apr.:^  1779,  he  was  again  in  the  service  for  two  weeks  and  four 
days  under  Lieut.  Col.  Jonathan  Dimon  of  the  4th,  at  what  point 
is  not  stated.  In  July,  1779,  he  served  one  week  in  the  alarms  at 
Fairfield  and  Norwalk,  was  in  service  on  alarms  two  terms  of  two 
days  each  during  the  summer,  and  in  September  following  was 
in  service  fourteen  days  at  Gregory's  Parish,  N.  Y.  During  the 
war  he  was  a  member  of  several  committees  appointed  by  the 
town :  Sept.  18,  1777,  to  procure  articles  requested  by  the  Governor 
and  Counsel  of  Safety:  Dec.  22,  1777,  to  take  care  of  soldiers' 
families;  Mar.  13,  1780,  Inspector  of  Provisions;  Dec.  21,  1781,  to 
care  for  Isaac  Olmsted's  family. 

Mrs.  Sanford  was  living  in  Redding  in  1840,  ag.  95.  She 
received  a  pension  for  his  services  under  an  application  dated  Dec. 
19,  1836. 

{W.  E.  Grumman's  Rev.  Soldiers  of  Redding,  Ct.;  also  Conn. 
Men  in  the  Rev.,  p.  228,  239,  40S,  517,  523.) 

Mr.  Sanford 's  will,  dated  May  6,  1787,  probated  July  2,  1787, 
mentions  wife  Abiah,  children :  Daniel,  Solomon,  Molly  and  Sarah, 
my  brother  Peter.     Ezra  Sanford  was  a  witness  {Redding  T.  R.) 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 
(Taken  from  R.  T.  R.,  V.  2,  p.  T.  73.) 

557.+Molly8,  b.  June  15,  1771;  d.  Nov.  27,  1858;  m.  Joel  Merchant. 
558.    Daniel,  b.  Oct.  3,  1773;   d.  Feb.  14,  1775,  Redding,  Ct. 
559.-|-Damel,  b.  Jan.  1,  1776;  d.  Apr.  21,  1857;  m.  (1)  Olive  Morehouse;  m.  (2) 
Cinderella  Chapman. 

560.  +  Sarah,  b.  Feb.  18,  1778;  d.  June  24,  1839;  m.  James  Bouton, 

561.  Zahnon,  b.  Dee.  25,  1780;  d.  Oct.  8,  1870;  unm.     Buried  in  Umpawaug. 

His  win  proved  Oct.  17,  1870,  gives  his  property  to  the  church  and  his 
nieces  and  nephews. 

{Bedding  Fro.  Rec,  Vol.  4,  p.   562-13) 


190.  ABIGAIL'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  186)  b.  Jan. 
16,  1743;  m.  Dec.  21,  1762,  John  Hawley. 

They  had  four  children. 

562.  Samuels   Hawley.  :  .,         . 

563.  Daniel  Hawley. 

564.  Abigail  Hawley.  -    " 

565.  John  Hawley. 

191.  SAMUEL'  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  136)  b. 
Apr.  24,  174.5,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  May  16,  1814,  New  Milford,  Ct. ; 
m.  July  23,  1767,  Sarah  Olmstead,  b.  1745 ;  d.  June  7,  1822.  They 
came  from  Redding  to  New  Milford  and  lived  a  little  north  of 
Brookfield  Center,  on  Still  River  Neck.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  mem- 
ber of  Assembly  in  1776. 

His  will,  dated  Mar.  22,  1798,  proved  Aug.  13,  1814,  mentions 
wife  Sarah  and  his  first  five  children. 

{Neiv  Milford  Pro.  Uec.) 
They  had  seven  children,  the  last  five  born  in  New  Milford,  Ct. 

566.+Uriah8,  b.  Dec.  18,  1768;  Eedding,  Ct.;  d.  Oct.  15,  1S3S;  m.  Eunice  . 

567.     Thomas,  b.  Oct.  27,  1769,  Eedding,  Ct.;  d.  Feb.  11,  1849;  m.  Polly  — 

d.  Sept.  26,  1361,  aged  86.  No  children.  Mr.  Sanford 's  will  dated 
Nov.  21,  1846,  mentions  wife  Polly,  sister  Sarah,  wife  of  Jabez  Bris- 
tol, and  her  children,  Uriah  and  Susan  Bristol ;  Susan  and  Mary  E. 
Warren,  wife  of  Hiram  Warren;  nieces  Polly  (Mrs.  Henry  Briggs), 
Minerva  (Mrs.  Chas.  Briggs),  nephew  Samuel  Baldwin,  Sarah  C, 
daughter  of  deceased  brother  Uriah ;  Hiram  L.,  son  of  Samuel  H. 
Warren,  dec. ;  William  T.  Baldwin ;  son  of  Stanley  Sanford,  dec. ;  and 
Alonzo  Bristol,  son  of  Alonzo,  dec.  (North  Milford  Pro.  Bee.  Vol. 
IS,  p.  179.) 

568.     Zuca    (Lucy),   b.   Apr.   27,   1772. 

569.+Mabel  C,  b.  Dec.  7,  1774;  m.  Joel  Baldwin. 

570.  +  Savah,  b.  Aug.  27,  1777;   m.  Jabez  Bristol, 

571.  Samuel,  b.  Dec.  29,  1779;  d.  July  5,  1783. 

572.  Polly,  b.  May  8,  1788 ;  d.  Jan.  16,  1794. 

(History  of  New  Milford) 

194.  EZRA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  186)  b.  Feb.  26, 
751;  d.  Dec.  17,  1825;  buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery;  m.  (1) 
Dec.  25,  1781,  Abigail  Sanford,  d.  July  25,  1788;  m.  (2)  Sept.  30, 
1795,  Charlotte  Crawford,  b.  Aug.  14,  1763 ;  d.  Aug.  31,  1838.  Mr. 
Sanford  was  a  private  in  Capt.  John  Gray's  Co.  4th  Conn.  Militia, 
Fishkill  campaign,  Oct.  5-24,  1777.  {Conn.  Men  in  Rev.,  p.  517.) 
His  estate  was  distributed  Mar.  19,  1827,  to  his  widow  Charlotte 


and  children  Anna,  Stephen,  Ira,  Warren,  Cyrus,  Lewi3,  Morris, 
Myra,  and  Bela. 

He  had  three  children  by  first  and  eight  by  second  marriage, 
all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

573.+Anna«,  b.  Aug.  12,  1782;  d.  Nov.  23,  1851;  m.  David  Keeler. 

574.  Stephen,  b.  Mar.  30,  1785. 

575.  Ezra,  b.  July  4,   1788;   d.  Oct.  31,  1794. 

576.+Ira,  b.  Sept.  6,  1796;  d.  Aug.  6,  1868;  m.  (1)  Lois  Pierce;  m.  (2)  Mariah 

577.  Patty,  b.  Oct.  5,   1797;    d.  Aug.   25,   1825,  unm.     Buried  in  Umpawaug 


578.  Warren,  b.  ^uly  6,  1799;   d.  Dec.  9,  1864,  unm. 
579.+Cyrus,  b.  Aug.  25,  1800;   d.  Mar.  22,  1852;  m.  Sarah  Hubbell. 

580.  Lewis,  b.  Nov.  3,  1802;  d.  Nov.  4,  1854;  unm. 

581.  Morris,  b.  Mar.  17,  1805;   m.  Charlotte  Mills.     No  children. 

582.  Myra,  b.  Dec.  9,  1807;  d.  Oct.  19,  1881;  unm. 

583.+Bela,  b.  Mar.  4,  1809;  d.  Mar.  16,  1S76,  Dix,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Theodocia  Schutts. 
(Redding  T.  E.,   V.  S,  p.  53.) 

196.  PETER'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  186)  b.  May  IS, 
1756;  d.  Nov.  28,  1827;  buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery;  m.  Jan. 
1,  1786,  Abigail  Keeler,  d.  Mar.  16,  1834,  ag.  77  yrs.  Mr.  Sanford 
was  made  a  Freeman  of  Redding,  Apr.,  1780.  Member  of  Assem- 
bly in  lSOl-4-5,  and  1811.  Mr.  Sanford  was  supposed  to  have 
been  a  soldier ;  record  unknown ;  was  Capt.  of  Militia  after  the  war. 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

584.+ Amelias,  b.  Jan.  2,  1789;  d.  May  15,  1827;  m.  Ebenezer  Coley. 

585.  Harry,  b.  Nov.  14,  1790;  d.  May  14,  1794;  buried  in  Umpawaug  Cem. 

586.  Clarry,  b.  Aug.  15,  1792;   d.  Aug.  6,  1835;  buried  in  Umpawaug  Cem.; 

m.  Burr  Meeker,  b.  Nov.  25,  1791;   d.  Apr.  4,  1878. 

587.  Lucy,  b.  Dec.  3,  1794. 

588.  Abby,   b.  Feb.   24,   1797, 

(iJ.  T.  R.,  r.  2,  p.  37.) 

197.  ELIZABETH'  SANFORD  {Ephraim  63,  Ezekiel  9, 
Ezekiel  2,  Tho-mas  1)  b.  July  3,  1731,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  at  Redding, 
Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  17,  1717,  Jonas  Piatt,  of  Redding,  Ct. ;  b.  Oct.  9,  1727, 
Fairfield,  Ct. 

They  had  ten  children. 

589.+ Johns  Piatt,  bap.  Feb.  5,  1752;  m.  Elizabeth  Parmalee.      . 

590.     Daniel  Piatt,  bap.  Aug.  1,  1754,  Eedding,  Ct. 

591. + Jonas  Piatt,  b.  ,  1755;  d.  Sept.  19,  1840;  m.  Lucy  Mills. 

592.  Eunice  Piatt,  bap.  May  30,  1756,  Eedding,  Ct. 

593.  Obadiah  Piatt,  b.  May  17,  1758,  Ridgefield,  Ct. 


594.  Isaac  Piatt,  b.  Apr.  30,  1760,  Eidgefield,  Ct.;  d.  1797. 

595.  Samuel  Piatt. 

596.  William  Piatt,  bap.  Jan.  1,  1775. 

597.  Jehu  Piatt. 

598.  Huldah  Piatt. 

198.  RACHEL'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  197)  b.  J\ily 
23,  1733,  Fairfield,  Ct;  m.  Oct.  31,  1751,  Stephen  Mead.  Mr. 
Mead  was  the  first  of  the  name  in  Redding,  Ct.  Was  a  man  quite 
prominent  in  town  affairs ;  elected  the  first  clerk  of  the  town  at  its 
organization  in  1767,  and  held  other  important  offices.  He  lived 
in  Redding  Center.     {History  of  Bedding.)  i. 

They  had  six  children. 

599.  Jeremiahs  Meade,  b.  Mar.  22,  1752. 

600.  Ezra  Meade,  b.  Dec.  31,  1754. 

601.  Hannah  Meade,  b.  May  2,   1756. 

602.  Esther  Meade,  bap.  Aug.   17,  1760. 

603.  Thaddeus  Meade,  bap.   Oct.  25,   1761. 

604.  Stephen  Meade,  Jr.,  bap.  Jan.  24,  1768. 

199.  ABIGAIL'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  197)  b.  May 
10,  1735,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  2,  1755,  Daniel  Jackson,  b.  May 
16,  1733. 

They  had  one  child. 

605.  +  Daniel8    Jackson,  Jr.;  b.  1763,  d.  Aug.  25,  1841;  m.  Elizabeth  Whitney. 

200.  HANNAH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  197\  b.  Mar. 
3,  1737,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  May  8,  1779,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  Sept.  19, 
1756,  David  Lyon. 

They  had  four  children. 

606.  Nathan«  Lyon. 

607.+Hannah  Lyon,  b.  Feb.  10,  1758;  m.  Andrew  Hill. 

608.  Cyrus.  Lyon,  b.  June  10,  17 — . 

609.  Betty  Lyon,  m.  Vreeland. 

201.  JOHN'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  197)  b.  Apr.  26, 
1739,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  18,  1784,  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. :  m.  1757, 
Anne,  dau.  of  Capt.  James  Morgan.  (According  to  Dr.  Appleton 
Morgan's  History  of  Morgan  Family,  pages  194  and  198;  but 
according  to  the  Beach-Sanford  History,  page  308,  her  name  was 
Anne  "Wheeler.)  She  died  in  1791;  buried  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. 
Ih  the  Volume  of  State  records  for  the  year  1777,  page  163,  is  an 


order  permitting  Mr.  Sanford  to  give  a  bond  for  £1000.  and  thus 
be  released  from  imprisonment  at  Mansfield,  where  he  was  held 
a  prisoner,  that  he  might  return  to  Redding  for  the  settlement  of 
his  mother's  estate.  He  was  a  loyalist  to  the  King  daring  the 
Revolution.  The  last  sentence  of  the  order  permitting  his  release 
reads  as  follows:  "Let  not  your  present  patriotism  condemn  that 
of  your  forefather,  who  was  faithful  to  his  oath  and  King. ' '  The 
names  of  his  children  are  given  in  the  following  order  in  the  will, 
dated  April  15,  1784,  probated  May  8,  1784. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

610.+James'5,  b.  Nov.  13,  1758;  d.  Apr.  14,  1842;  m.  Sarah  Beach. 

61I.  +  Eli,  b.  1762;  d.  in  Redding,  Ct.;  m.  Sarah  Lyon. 

«12.-^ Elizabeth,  b.  Oct.   13,   1763;   d.  Aug.  5,  1853;   m.    (1)    Daniel  Hill,  Jr.; 

m.   (2)    Hezekiah  Morgan. 
613.+John,  Jr.,  b.  Dec.   21,   1765;    d.  June  5,  1842;   m.    (1)    Lydia  Wheeler; 

m.    (2)    Elizabeth  Parsons. 
614. -f  Stephen,  b.  Nov.  24,1769;  d.  Oct.  20,  1848;  m.  Sarah  Curtis. 
615.+Hulda,  b.  Aug.  29,  1771;  m.  Lemuel  Lyon. 
616.+Ephraim,  b.  1775;  d.  1808;  m.  Sally  Piatt. 

617.  Lois. 

618.  Esther,  b.  1779. 

619.  Anne,  b.  Aug.  12,  1781. 

202.  OLIVER'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  197)  b.  Sept. 
17,  1741,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  14,  1814,  Redding,  Ct. ;  buried  in 
Hull  Cemetery ;  m.  Apr.  9,  1767,  Rachel,  dau.  of  Dea.  David  Coley, 
of  Weston,  Ct.,  b.  Mar.  29,  1746,  Northfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  11,  1831, 
Fairfield,  Ct.  Buried  in  Redding,  Ct.  Mrs.  Sanford  was  added  to 
the  church  Aug.  23,  1767,  and  he  July  31,  1768.  The  deed  of  the 
homestead  bears  date  Jan.  17,  1767.  The  old  house  was  soon  torn 
down  and  then  a  new  one  built,  which  is  still  in  use.  He  was  an 
extensive  farmer  and  besides  did  an  iron  smelting  business  in 
Sandfordtown.  He  became  the  owner  of  the  Iron  Works  in  Weston, 
Ct.,  known  as  the  Forge,  which  he  later  transferred  to  his  sons 
Levi,  David  and  Oliver  C.  It  was  said  that  this  enterprise  was  the 
first  of  its  kind  in  America.  He  also  conducted  a  profitable  grist 
mill.  The  iron  works  were  destroyed  by  a  flood  in  1805  and  were 
never  rebuilt,  the  business  being  removed  to  Valley  Forge.  He 
enlisted  in  1777  in  the  Connecticut  Militia  under  command  of  one 
Captain  Read.  Upon  the  landing  of  the  British  and  the  burning 
of  Fairfield,  this  company  was  ordered  out  for  service.  Starting 
out  in  the  night  they  met  the  enemy  near  Perry's  Mill  on  their 


march  to  Danbury.  It  being  dark  and  foggy  the  company  was 
surprised  and  all  taken  prisoners.  *rhey  were  sent  to  New  Yorft 
and  confined  in  the  old  Sugar  House  of  Revolutionary  memory. 
There,  with  his  companions,  he  suffered  about  all  that  mankind 
can  endure.  {Conn.  Men  in  Eev.,  p.  493.)  He  was  made  a  Free- 
man of  Redding  before  1778. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

620.  Marys,  b.  June  24,  1768;   d.  Aug.  22,  1768,  Bedding,  Ct. 

621.  David,  b.  July  21,  1769;  d.  Oct.  4,  1806;  m.  Lucy  Chauneey. 
622.-fEphraim,  b.  Aug.  19,  1771;   d.  June  20,  1834;  m.  MoUie  Bradley. 
623.+ Abigail,  b.  Dec.   11,   1773;   d.  North  Salem,  N.  Y.;   m.  Joseph  Canfield. 
624.     Enoch  A.,  b.  Dec.  18,  1775;  d.  Feb.  17,  ISOO,  Bedding,  Ct.;  m.  Lucy  Ann 

Chauneey,  a  sister  of  Com.  Isaac  Chauneey  of  U.  S.  Navy. 
625.+Levi,  b.  Oct.  6,  1777;  d.  Feb.  2,  1845;  m.  Abigail  Fitch. 
626.     Mary,  b.  Aug.  25,  1780;   d.  Aug.  9,   1800. 
627.+Betsey,  b.  Nov.  2.5,  1782;  d.  Sept.  19,  1S64;  m.  Nathan  Jarvis,  Jr. 

m.  (2)  widow  Peck. 
629.+Lorraine,  b.  Sept.  3,  17S7;  d.  Dec.  3,  1871;   m.  Gurdon  Bartram. 

203.     LOIS'  SANFORD   {same  descent  as  197)  b.  Sept.  14, 
1743,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m.  May  21,  1761,  Joseph,  son  of  Nathan  Lyon. 
They  had  two  children. 

630.  Augustus^  Lyon. 

631.  Lucy  Lyon. 

205.  HULDA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  197)  b.  Apr. 
25,  1748,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  before  Jan.  21,  1777;  m.  Oct.  28,  1769, 
Samuel  White. 

They  had  three  children. 

632.  Samuels  White. 

633.  Stephen  White.  - 

634.  Betty  White. 

206.  EPHRAIM', SANFORD  {same  descent  as  197)  b.  May 
2.5,  1750,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  1806  in  Canada;  m.  Nov.  15,  1770,  Tabi- 
tha^  dau.  of  Gershom  and  Ann  (Sanford)  Morehouse,  b.  July  4, 
1752,  Redding,  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford  settled  on  a  farm  in  Salem,  Mass. 
In  1776,  he  abandoned  his  property  and  joined  the  Royal  Army. 
He  raised  a  Company  called  the  Queen's  Rangers.  At  the  time 
of  the  Danbury  Raid  he  was  in  New  York,  and  through  his  inter- 
cession, the  British  released  his  brother  Oliver,  whom  they  had 


captured  and  carried  to  the  city.  Oliver  returned  home  and  later 
went  to  New  York  with  flags  of  truce. 

When  the  war  was  over  Mr.  Sanford  went  to  England,  remain- 
ing two  years,  when  the  English  government  granted  him  a  pension 
and  a  large  tract  of  land  in  Canada.  He  went  to  Canada  to  live 
and  was  drowned  in  the  St.  Lawrence  River  in  1806  by  the  upset- 
ting of  his  boat.  His  estatp  in  Salem  was  adjudged  forfeited  by 
the  County  Court  of  Fairfield  Co.  on  the  third  Tuesday  of  April, 

They  had  three  children. 

635.  +  Ephraim8,  Jr.,  b.  June  1,  1775;  d.  May  16,  1844;  m.  Ann  Eea. 
636.+ John,  b.  1779;  m.  Elizabeth  Boston. 

637.  Betsey,  C. 

207.  AUGUSTUS'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  197)  b. 
July  12,  1753,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  19,  1778,  in  the  war ;  m.  Aug. 
18,  1774,  Abigail  Sturges.  They  lived  where  INIr.  Sanford 's  father 
lived.    "Were  added  to  the  church  May  14,  1775. 

They  had  two  children,  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

638.  Lois«,  bap.  May  14,  1775. 

639.  +  Sturge3,  b.  Aug.  3,  1777;  d.  June  4,  1851;  m.   (1)   Sarah  Read ;  m.   (2) 

Deidamia  Wheeler. 

217.  EBENEZER'  SANFORD  {Ebenezer  77,  Tliomas  12, 
Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  1739  ;  d.  May  1,  1778,  in  Rev.  War. ;  m.  Jan. 
29,  1761.  Esther  Hotchkiss,  d.  1824,  Berlin,  Ct.,  ag.  85.  Mr.  Sanford 
was  of  Wethersfield,  Ct.,  in  1762,  when  he  and  his  wife  joined  the 
Kensington  Church.  In  1775,  at  the  organization  of  the  Worthing- 
ton  Chnrch,  which  was  set  off  from  Kensington,  he  and  his  wife 
Esther  were  original  members.  When  he  was  sixteen  years  of  age 
he  was  allowed  by  the  Court  to  choose  for  his  guardian,  his  uncle 
Ezekiel  Kelsey.  Mr.  Kelsey  was  his  mother's  brother-in-law. 
{Hartford  Pro.  Rec,  Bk.  17,  p.  101.)  Mr.  Sanford  enlisted,  Aug. 
1,  1777,  for  three  years.  He  then  lived  in  Middletown,  Ct.,  town 
of  Wethersfield.  He  served  six  days  in  the  Lexington  Alarm  Call 
{See  Conn.  Men  in  the  Revolution,  p.  25  and  290.)  He  was  one 
of  the  force  that  placed  the  chain  across  the  Hudson  River  below 
West  Point,  and  while  stretching  it  was  drowned.  He  made  a 
powder  horn  on  which  is  printed  in  antique  characters,  "Ebenezer 
Sanford,  his  horn — made  in  Squanton,  Ct.,  Feb.  1776.  Liberty  or 
death. ' ' 


His  widow  Esther  was  made  administratrix  of  his  estate  Sept. 
11,  1778.  The  estate  insolvent.  No  heirs  mentioned-  {Hartford 
Pro.  Rec,  Bk.  23,  p.  5.) 

They  had  nine  children,  all  born  in  Wethersfield,  Ct. 

640.+Jesse«,  b.  Feb.  3,  1762;   d.  May  24,  1840;  m.  Eleanor  Collins. 

641.  Huldah,  b.  Aug.  15,  1763;  m. Tuttle;  moved  to  Marietta,  Ohio. 

642.  Silas,  b.  Mar.  17,  1765;  m.  Sept.  23,  1784,  Lucretia  Duning   (?). 

643.  JMiary,  b.  Mar.  24,  1767;  m.  Bacon. 

644.  Esther,  b.  Apr.  26,  1769;  m.  Oct.  4,  1795,  Gurdon  Wadsworth  of  Bristol, 

Ct. ;   three  children. 
645.+Ebenezer,  b.  June  1,  1771;   d.  Oct.  8,  1838;  m.  Rhoda  North. 

646.  Anne,  b.  May  1,  1773;  m.  Edmund  Mathews. 

647.  Lois,  b.  Mar.  13,  1775. 

648. -|- Amos,  b.  Apr.  17,  1778;  d.  Mar.  5,  1856;  m.  Lydia  Blyn. 

221.  JOSIAH=  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  217)  b.  June 
29,  1746;  d.  Aug.  7,  1811;  m.  Nov.  16,  1769,  Mary  Thorpe,  of 
Easton,  Ct.,  b.  1752 ;  d.  Oct.  2,  1838,  ag.  81.  Both  buried  in  Easton, 
Ct.  They  lived  in  Easton,  Ct.,  where  they  joined  the  church  Apr. 
7,  1770.  Mr.  Sanford's  will,  probated  in  1812,  mentions  his  wife 
Mary  and  all  his  children  except  Nathan  and  Ebenezer. 

They  had  nine  children,  all  born  in  Easton,  Ct. 

649.  Eunices,  bap.  May  12,   1771;   d.  Feb.   13,   1860,  aged   89;   unm.     Buried 

at  Easton,  Ct. 

650.  Xathan,  d.  Oct.  1,  1773,  aged  10  months,  20  days.    Buried  at  Easton,  Ct. 

651.  Josiah,  Jr.,  bap.  Nov.  13,  1774;   m.  Rhoda,  dau.  of  David  Mallett.     He 

removed  vnth  his  family  to  N.  T.  State. 

652.  +  Sarah,  b.  Nov.  1,  1777;  d.  Feb.  27,  1834;  m.  Elijah  Mallett. 
653.+Mary,  m.  Robert  Middlebrook. 

654.+Deborah,  b.  Sept.  11,  1784;  d.  July  5,  1848;  m.  Silas  Wheeler. 

655.+Anne,  m.  Isaac  Wakely, 

656.     Hannah,  b.   1791;   d.   1868,  Easton  Ct.;   unm. 

657.+Ebenezer  Thorpe,  b.  1794;  d.  Nov.  22,  1873;  m.   (1)   Sally  ;  m. 

(2)   Sarah  Lyon;  m.   (3)  Bboda  Mallett. 

225.  DEBORAH^  SANFORD  [savie  descent  as  217)  b.  Aug. 
25,  1754 ;  m.  Feb.  10,  1773,  Nathan  Wheeler  at  Easton,  Ct. 

They   had   three   children. 

658.  Mary  Anns  Wheeler,  b.  Apr.  16,  1775. 

659.  Deborah  Wheeler,  b.  Aug.  23,  1788. 

660.  Nathan  Wheeler,  b.  Mar.  20,  1790. 

226.  DAVID'  SANFORD  {David  78,  Thomas  12,  Ezekiel  2, 
Thomas  1}  bap.  Feb.  6,  1737,  Meriden,  Ct. ;  m.  Patience  Sullivan. 


Mr.  Sanford  was  a  private  in  4th  Regt  Orange  Co-,  N.  Y.,  Militia. 
{See  Rosters  of  the  Rev.  State  Capitol,  Albany.) 
They  had  four  children. 

661.     Thomass. 

662.+ Joseph,  m.  Polly  Townsend. 

663.  Sarah. 

664.  Patience. 

228.  CAPT.  JOHN'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  226)  bap. 
May  20,  1744,  North  Killingworth,  Ct. ;  d.  about  1815,  Butler,  N.  J. ; 
m.  Rebecca  DeBow.  Capt  Sanford  was  First  Lieut,  and  Adjutant 
of  Malcolm's  New  York  Regt.  Sept.  1776;  Capt.  of  Malcolm's 
additional  Continental  Regiment  Mar.  11,  1777.  Transferred  to 
Spencer's  Regt.  Apr.  22,  1779.  Retired  Jan.  1,  1781.  Served 
subsequently  as  Captain  of  N.  Y.  Levies. 

{Officers  of  the  Continental  Army,"  1775  to  1783,  by  Heitman, 
p.  355;  "Official  Register"  of  Officers  and  Men  in  New  Jersey  in 
the  Rev.  War,  by  Adj.  Gen.  Stryker,  p.  56  and  87.  "New  York  in 
the  Revolution,"  by  Fernoiv,  p.  241.) 

They  had  ten  children. 

665.+Thomaa8,  b.  1772;  d.  1849,  aged  77;  m.  Amelia. 

666.+ John,  b.  1774;  m.  Sarah  Miller. 


668.+David,  m.  (1)    (Clark);  m.  (2)  Elizabeth  Morrison. 

669.+Gamaliel,   b.   May   25,   1778;    m.    (1)    EUzabeth   Brown;    m.    (2)    Sarah 

670.+Jo3eph,  d.  1869;  m.  Ann  Eydner. 

671.+Hannah,  b.  Sept.  30,  1791;  d.  Sept.  12,  1863;  m.  John  Wessels. 
672.+Rebeeca,  m.  Jonathan  Benjamin. 
673.+Mary,  m.  Samuel  Bruen. 
674.+Elizabeth,  m.  Thomas  Richards. 

229.  EPHRAIM'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  226)  bap. 
Apr.  5,  1747,  North  Killingworth,  Ct. ;  d.  1836,  Wayne,  N.  Y.,  ag. 
89  years. ;  m.  Julia  Huff.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  Revolutionary  soldier. 
In  1793,  he  removed  from  Luzerne  Co.,  Pa.,  and  settled  in  Wayne, 
Steuben  Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  he  bought  1,864  acres  of  land  of  Jacob 
Hallet  of  New  York  City.  Some  of  this  land  was  afterwards  sold  at 
18  pence  an  acre.  Mr.  Sanford  was  an  earnest  member  of  the 
Baptist  ministry  and  spent  much  time  in  the  religious  cause.  He 
was  identified  in  the  building  of  the  Baptist  church  at  Salter  Cor- 
ners in  1794.    In  1802,  he  was  prospecting  in  Alleghany  Co.  and  in 


1804,  moved  his  family  there,  settling  in  Oramel.     He  afterwards 
returned  to  "Wayne  and  died  at  the  home  of  his  son,  James. 
They  had  two  children,  born  in  Wayne. 

675.     Betseys. 

676.+ James,  d.  in  Wayne,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Sally  Harrison. 

230.  EZRA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  a.s  226)  bap.  Apr.  5. 
1747,  Killingworth,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  22,  1822,  Warwick,  N.  T. ;  m.  Ann 
Hopper.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  Corporal  in  4th  Regt.,  Orange  Co., 
N.Y.,  Militia  {See  Rosters  in  Rev.  State  Capitol,  Albany.) 

They  had  ten  children,  all  born  in  Warwick,  N.  T. 

677.     Patiences,  b.  Nov.  7,  1773;  m.  Daniel  Smith  of  Ohio. 
67S.+Mathew,  b.  July  22,  1775;  d.  Sept.  13,  1859;  m.  Catherine  Garrison. 

679.  Olive,  b.  Sept.  8,  1777;   d.  in  infancy. 

680.  Olive,  b.  Aug.  29,  1779;  m.  Morehouse  of  Michigan. 

681.  Ann,  b.  Sept.  5,  1781;  m.  Archibald  Doty. 

682.+Esther,  b.  Sept.  22,  1785;  d.  Aug.  16,  1850;  m.  Wm.  Hause,  Jr. 

683.  Hannah,  b.  Mar.  1788;   m.  Stephen  Smith  of  Ohio. 

684.  + Mary,  b.   Sept.   7,  1790;   m.  John  Thomas. 
685.+Ezra,  b.  Nov.  11,  1793;  d.  Aug.  14,  1883,  m.  Adeline  Terxy. 

686.  Dorcas,  b.  Sept.  1798 ;  m.  John  Hulh 

238.  JOSEPH'  WRIGHT,  JR.  {Joseph  87,  Hannah  17,  Sam- 
uel 4,  Thomas  1)  b.  May  6,  1744,  Durham,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  4,  1818,  Bris- 
tol, Ct. ;  m.  (1)  Dec.  17,  1767,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Timothy  Bishop,  of 
Durham,  b.  Apr.  22,  1741,  Guilford,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  5,  1776,  Durham, 
Ct. ;  m.  (2)  Anna,  dau.  of  Capt.  Israel  and  Jemimah  (Talcott) 

He  had  three  children  by  first  and  seven  by  second  marriage 

687.  Sallys  Wright,  b.  Dec.  3,  1769. 

688.  Ichabod   Wright,   b.   Feb.   27,   1773;   rf.  Damaris  Cook,   at   Stockbridge, 


689.  Lucy  Wright,  b.  Dec.  21,  1775. 

690.  Seymour  Wright,  b.  Sept.  27,  1779.     In  War  of  1812. 

691.  Nancy  Wright,  b.  .July  26,  1781. 

692.  Eunice  Wright,  b.  Oct.  9,  1783. 

693.+Harvey  Wright,  b.  May  20,  1786;   d.  June  28,  1858;   m.  Esther  Crissey. 

694.  Israel  Camp  Wright,  b.  Nov.  25,  1788.     In  War  of  1812. 

695.  Elizur  Wright,  b.  Dec.  25,  1791.     Had  daughter  Cornelia,  who  married 

Mr.  Drake. 

696.  Anna  Wright,  b.  Aug.  21,  1796;  m.  Jerome. 

245.  THO:\rAS'  SANFORD  {Samuel  90,  Samuel  19,  Samuel 
4,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  3,  1732,  Newtown,  Ct.;  d.  Mar.  24,  1814;  m. 


1755,  Lydia,  dau.  of  Daniel  Clark,  of  New  Haven,  Ct.  On  Mar.  17, 
1783,  Daniel  Clark  deeded  to  Thomas  Sanford  ten  acres  with  old 
house  and  barn  thereon,  situated  in  the  parish  of  West  Haven,  near 
Oyster  River.  {New  Haven  L.  Bee,  Bk.  39,  p.  314.)  He  also  deeded 
fifteen  acres  to  him  and  his  wife  Lydia,  in  1781.  May  7,  1783, 
Thomas  Sanford  deeded  to  Daniel  Clark  three  acres  in  Parish  of 
West  Haven  near  Oyster  River  and  is  to  include  the  old  house  and 
bam  bounded  partly  by  "my  own  land."  {L.  R..  B.  42,  p.  304.) 
Mr.  Sanford 's  will,  dated  Nov.  7,  1811,  probated  Apr.  4,  1714, 
mentions  wife  Lydia,  children  Daniel  C.  Sanford,  Lydia,  wife  of 
Eli  Schofield,  Lois,  formerly  wife  of  Joshua  Chapin,  Hannah,  wife 
of  Peter  Perry,  Polly,  wife  of  William  Beardsley,  William  San- 
ford and  Charles  Thomas  Chapin,  son  of  daughter  Lois.  Executor 
Daniel  C.  Sanford.  {Danbury  Pro.  Bee,  Bk.  11,  p.  624.) 
They  had  eleven  children. 

697. -(-Daniel  Gark«,  d.  in  Litchfield,  Ct.,  aged  64  years;  m.  Marian  Beardsley. 

698.  Thomas,  d.  Mar.  5,  1763. 

699.  Abel,  b.  1762. 

700.  Hannah,  b.  1764;  m.  Peter  Perry. 

701.-1- William,  b.  June  5,  1765;  d.  May  7,  1814;  m.  Huldah  Hull. 

702.-)-Lois,  b.  1766;  m.  Joshua  Chapin. 

703. -f- Polly  Ann,  b.  1768;  m.  WiUiam  Beardsley. 

704.  Lydia,  b.  1770;  m.  Eli.  Scofield. 

705.  Child,  b.  1773. 

706.  Child,  b.  1775. 

707. -H Thomas,  b.  Apr.  6,   1778;   d.  Nov.  14,  1848;  m.  Sarah  Gillette. 

246.  AMOS'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  245)  b.  Oct.  18, 
1733,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  19,  1777,  Ellsworth,  Ct. ;  buried  in 
Sharon  Cemetery;  m.  Jan.  13,  1757,  Mary,  dau.  of  John  Cluck- 
stone,  b.  1737,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  13,  1816,  Ellsworth,  Ct. 
Buried  in  Sharon  Cemetery.  They  moved  to  Sharon  in  1768.  Mr. 
Sanford 's  property  was  distributed  Oct.  6,  1780. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

708. -f  Davids,   b.  Nov.   9,   1757;    m.   Hannah  Eowlin. 

709.  Betsey,  b.  Mar.  23,  1759,  Newtown,  Ct.;  m.  (1)  Cartwright;  m.  (2) 
Isaac  Honeywell.  Had  six  children  by  first  marriage,  names  unknown. 
In  the  distribution  of  Mrs.  Honeywell 's  father 's  estate  on  Oct.  6, 
1780,  she  received  moveables  and  two  and  a  half  acres  of  land.  Upon 
the  distribution  of  her  mother's  estate  Dec.  17,  1816,  she  received 
twenty-three  rods  of  land.  Feb.  4,  1825,  she  deeded  the  land  given 
by  her  father  to  her  brother  Amos  Sanford  of  Sharon.  She  lived  in 
Haldiman,  Can. 


710.+Caleb.  b.  Aug.  22,  1761;  d.  June  9,  1S22.  m.  Lucinda  Pike. 
7H.+Ezra,  b.  Apr.  22,  1763;  d.  Jan.  1813;  m.  Mercy  Gay. 
712.-fSamuel,  b.  Feb.  25,  1765;  m.  Miss  Rand. 
713. + John,  b.  Feb-  6,  1767;  m.  Miss  Russ. 

714.  Annis,  b.  Feb.  19,  1770;  m.  Oct.  13,  1795,  Thomas  Miller. 

715.  Solomon,  b.   1771;  m.  Miss  Rand.     No  children.     Settled  in  Rensselaer- 

ville,  N.  T.     (Deeds  taken  from  Land  Eecords  of  Sharon,  Ct.) 

716.  Polly,  b.  Jan.  31,  1772;  m.  Noah  Curtis. 

717.+Amos,  b.  Feb.  1,  1774;  d.  July  25,  1831;  m.  (1)   Betsey  Pardee;  m.  (2) 

Abigail  Riley. 
713.     Gurdon,  b.  Jan.  11,  1776.  'j- 

247.     SARAH'  SANFORD    {same  descent  as  245)   b.   1735, 
Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov.  13,  1758,  Josiah  Piatt. 

They  had  six  children,  all  bom  in  Newtown,  Ct. 


Hannahs  Platt,  b.  Oct.  3,  1759. 
Nathan  Platt,  b.  Mar.  3,  1761. 
Isaac  Platt,  b.  Dec.  24,  1762. 
Louisa  Platt,  b.  May  28,  1765. 
Amos  Platt,  b.  June  12,  1768. 
Jonas  Platt,  b.  Jan.  11,  1770. 

248.  HEZEKIAH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  245)  b 
1737 ;  d.  June  18,  1775 ;  m.  Hittie,  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Dinah 
(Perkins)   Sanford,  b.  1745.     Resided  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

One  child  was 

725.     Dariuss. 

252.  SAIVrUEL'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  245)  b.  Mar. 
23,  1743,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  26,  1817,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  (1) 
Aug.  19,  1765,  Abiah  Dunning;  m.  (2)  1789,  Charity  (Foote) 
Bristol,  widow  of  Elias  Bristol  and  daughter  of  Daniel  and  Sarah 
(Whiting)  Foote,  b.  Jime  21,  1752;  d.  Nov.  13,  1826. 

Samuel  Sanford  had  a  shop  opposite  the  Sanford  homestead 
and  manufactured  spinning  wheels,  reels  and  looms.  The  home- 
stead was  built  by  his  grandfather  Samuel,  a  settler  of  Newtown. 
He  was  succeeded  by  his  son  Josiah.  His  will,  dated  Mar.  10,  1809. 
proved  Dec.  4,  mentions  wife  Charity  and  children  Sarah,  wife  of 
Samuel  Perry,  Azuba,  wife  of  Andrew  Winton,  Betsey,  wife  of 
Rowland  Downson,  Josiah  and  Philo,  youngest  sons,  Abiah  Ann, 
Isaac,  Annis,  Mrs.  Crofut  and  her  children  Josiah  and  Betsey 
Crofut,  granddaughter  Sarah  Bennett,  heir  of  my  deceased 
daughter  Renah   Bennett,   and   daughter  Artemesia,   wife   of   Eli 


Winton.     Zachariah  Ferris,  Jotham  Sherman,  and  Beardsley  San- 
ford,  witnesses.     (Danbury  Pro.  Rec,  Bk.  13,  p.  130.) 

He  had  eleven  children  by  first  and  three  by  second  marriage, 
all  born  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

726.+Anni88,  b.  Mar.  12,  1766;  d.  Oct.  28,  1502;  m.  Israel  Crofut 
727.+l8aac,  b.  Feb.  2,  1768;  d.  Nov.  15,  1848;  m.   (1)   Anna  Bristol;  m.    (2) 
Sarah  Gorham. 

728.  Josiah,  b.  Sept.  6,  1769;  d.  1780. 

729.  Betsey,  b.  Sept.  26,  1771;  m.  Eowland  Downson. 

730.  Sarah,  b.  July  26,  1773;  d.  1817;  m.  Samuel  Perry. 

731.  Joel,  b.  Mar.  23,  1775. 

732.  Eenah,  b.  1777;  d.  1779. 

733.+Renah,  b.  June  1,  1779;  m.  James  Bennett. 
734.+Azubah,  b.  June  3,  1781;  m.  Andrew  Winton. 

735.  Artemesia,  b.  1783;  m.  Eli  Winton. 

736.  Abigail,  b.  1785;  d.  1792. 

737.+Abiah  Ann,  b.  Jan.  10,  1790;  d.  Mar.  13,  1861;  m.  Clement  Northrop 
738.+ Josiah,  b.  June  9,  1793;  d.  July  26,  1851;  m.  PoUy  Johnson 
739.  +  Philo,  b.  July  11,  1796;  d.  Feb.  23,  1873;  m.  Martha  Burgess. 

259.  EBENEZER'  SANFORD  {Ehenezer  91,  Saw.nel  19, 
Samuel  4,  Thomas  1 )  b.  Dec.  14,  1749,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  29' 
1822,  New  IVIilford,  Ct.  m.  Jerusha,  dau.  of  Capt.  James  and  Eliza- 
beth (Sherman)  Buck,  of  New  Milford,  d.  Feb.  16,  1855,  ag.  97  yrs. 
Both  are  buried  in  Gaylordsville  Cemetery.  Mr.  Sanford  removed 
to  the  northern  part  of  New  Milford  in  1799.  His  farm  and  home 
were  on  the  west  side  of  the  Housatonic  River,  just  below  the 
Straits,  where  he  lived  an  honorable  and  successful  life.  His  will 
is  dated  May  9,  1816,  proved  Apr.  3,  1822,  mentions  wife  and 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  New  Milford,  Ct. 

740.-FEbenezer8,  b.  Dec.  19,   1794;   d.  Apr.  5,  1863;   m.  Eunice  Knapp. 
741.-f  Armida,  b.  Dec.  28,  1796;  d.  May  15,  1893;  m.  Samuel  Giddings. 

742.  EUza,  b.  July  1,  1801 ;  d.  June  15,  1888 ;  m.  Oct.  27,  1847,  William  Albert 

Knapp.    No  children.     Mrs.  Knapp  was  a  successful  teacher  until  she 
was  46  years  of  age,  when  she  married  Mr.  Knapp. 

263.  ABIAH'  SANFORD  {John  93,  Samuel  19,  Samuel  4, 
Thomas  1)  b.  Sept.  19,  1736,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  before  1783  •  m  July 
17,  1764„Jabez  Peck. 

They  had  five  children. 

743.  Annas  Peck,  b.  July  30,  1766;   d.  early. 

744.  Elnathan  Peck,  b.  Oct.  19,  1767. 


745.  John  Peck,  b.  Aug.  1,  1769. 

746.  Phedimee  Peck,  b.  Sept.  19,  1771. 

747.  Anna  Peek,  b.  May  19,  1773. 

269-  JOHN'  SANFORD  {sarne  descent  as  263)  b  ^lar.  28, 
1762,  Newtown,  Ct;  d.  Jan.  20,  1839,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  Amy, 
dau.  of  John  and  Lois  Northrup  of  Newtown,  Ct.,  b.  Feb.  9,  1760. 
d.  Oct.  16,  1849,  Newtown,  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford  inherited  from  his 
father  the  mills  and  water  privileges  at  Sandy  Hook,  Ct.,  and  ran 
the  mills  during  his  lifetime. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

74S.     Davids,  b.  Aug.  1,  1783 ;   d.  1849 ;  unm.     He  was  a  surveyor  under  Gen. 

Mansfield,  in  the  territory,  now  state  of  Ohio. 
749.+Elijah,  b.  May  23,  1787;  d.  Oct.  26,  1849;  m.  Abigail  TomUnson. 
7D0.+Charlotte,  b.  Apr.  IS,  1792;  d.  May,  1843;  m.  Birdsey  Noble. 

275.  ZADOC'  SANFORD  {Moses  95,  Samuel  19,  Samuel  4, 
Thomas  1)  b.  1750,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.,  1806;  m.  Aug.  7,  1769, 
Sarah,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Ruth  (Northrop)  Briscoe  of  Bethany 
parish,  Milford,  Ct,  b.  Oct.  11,  1751,  d.  Nov.  6,  1813.  Buried  in 
Pine  Grove  Cemetery.  At  the  division  of  his  father's  estate, 
in  1769,  Mr.  Sanford  received  as  his  share  (two-fifths  of  the  estate 
by  the  terms  of  the  will)  the  homestead  near  West  River  in  New 
Haven  (now  Woodbridge).  This  homestead  where  he  was  then 
living  he  sold  in  1778.  From  his  marriage  in  1767  to  1774  and 
again  from  1778  to  1783  he  lived,  it  appears,  at  Bear's  Hill  (now  in 
Bethany),  near  his  father-in-law.  Jan.  15,  1783,  he  bought  a  large 
tract  of  land  and  woods  known  as  Sopus  Plain,  on  the  west  side  of 
the  Naugatuck,  in  Oxford  parish,  town  of  Derby,  cleared  a  spot 
and  built  a  home.  This  house,  which  stood  until  about  1883,  was 
a  small  frame  building  with  a  sitting  room,  bedroom,  kitchen  and 
pantry  on  the  first  floor  and  a  garret  or  low  chamber  above. 

He  also  built  a  grist  mill  on  the  Naugatuck  about  one  half  mile 
from  the  Pines  Bridge.  The  dam  to  this  mill  was  twice  washed 
away.  A  third  time  he  started  to  rebuild  with  great  care.  A 
foundation  was  dug  across  the  river  and  stones,  so  large  that  five 
yoke  of  oxen  were  required  to  haul  one,  were  laid  across  in  rows, 
"shingled",  that  is,  leaning  up  stream  and  filled  underneath 
with  small  stones  to  prevent  the  undermining  action  of  water. 
When  this  was  about  half  completed  an  unusual  August  flood 
carried  it  all  away.    No  further  attempt  was  made. 

In  March,  1796,  Mr.  Sanford  sold  everything  at  Sopus  and 


moved  to  Cold  Springs,  x\.  Y.,  on  the  east  bank  of  the  Hudson  in 
the  heart  of  the  "Highlands".  During  the  latter  part  of  his  life 
he  was  a  church  member.  Ten  years  later  he  died,  says  a  record 
made  by  his  son  Philo,  "In  Sept.,  1806,  at  the  age  of  5S  "  This 
record  is  the  only  clue  to  the  date  of  his  birth,  as  there  is  no 
record  of  it  in  Xewtown,  Ct. 

His  wife  Sarah  returned  after  his  death  to  Connecticut  and 
lived  with  the  children  near  her  father  in  Nyumphs  Wood- 
bridge,  Ct. 

They  had  ten  children. 
751.+Moses«,  b.  Feb.  11,  1771;  d.  1856;  m.  Philena  Lines 
7o2.  +  Sarah,  b.  July  8,  1773;   d.  Nov.  5,  1813,  in  Iowa;  m.  Griswald 
7o3.+John,  b.  Feb.  21,  1776;   d.  Nov.   16,  1826;  m.  Alma  Lines 
7o4.+Philo,  b.  May  20,  1779;  d.  Mar.  4,  1863;  m.  Charity  Wheeler 
7oo.+Esther,  b.  Mar.  9,  1782;   d.  Dec.  29,  1827;  m.  Oliver  Buckingham 
/o6.+Phebe,  b.  Nov.  2,  1784;  m.  James  Wheeler. 
757.+Mary,  b.  Dec.  2,   1786;   m.  Wm.   Tuttle. 

758.  +  Nathan,  b.  Feb.   22,   1790;    d.   Apr.   19,   1S68;   m.    (1)    Ann  Bassett;   m. 

(2)    Lonnda  Campbell;   m.    (3)    Julia  Hayden. 

759.  +  Charity,  b.  July  10,  1793;  m.  Wait  Bassett. 
760.+Harriet,  b.  July  23,  1796;  d.  Feb.  4,  1873;  m.  Ilbenezer  Seeley. 

280.  EBENEZER'*  BOOTH,  JR.  {Rachel  98,  Sam.^el  19 
Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  16,  1743,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov.  20,' 
1766,  Olive,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Sanford. 

One  child  was 

761.+Joel8  Booth,  m.  Sarah  Beach. 

From  Jonathan  and  his  cousin  Ebenezer  Booth,  1st,  all  the 
Booths  of  Newtown,  Ct.,  have  descended.    Beach— Sanford  Gen. 

291.  DAVID^  SANFORD  (Samuel  103,  Samicel  23.  Thomas 
5,  Thomas  1)  b.  May  28,  1742,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  1805,  Bethany, 
Ct. ;  m.  1767,  Damaris,  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Dinah  (Perkins)  Sanford' 
bap.  Sept.  14,  1746,  Amity,  Ct.,  d.  1821.  Mr.  Sanford  resided  in 
Bethany,  Ct.  His  estate  was  distributed  Dec.  16,  180-5  to  his 
widow  and  the  following  children,  viz.— David,  Cyrus,  Esther, 
Damaris,  wife  of  Stephen  Hitchcock,  Olive,  wife  of  Jonah  Warner^ 
Samuel,  Truman,  Seymour,  Lucy,  wife  of  Linus  Warner,  Mary  and 
Miner.  {New  Haven  Pro.  Bk.  25,  p.  32.)  Mrs.  Sanford 's  will 
dated  Feb.  2.5,  1817,  proved  1821  (codicil  dated  Apr.  1820),  names 
dec.  husband  David  Sanford  and  her  children.  Elihu  Sanford  was 
executor.     {Tuttle  Bk.,  p.  19.) 


David  Sanford  and  his  wife  Damaris  and  Sarah  Sanford,  all  of 
New  Haven,  deeded  to  Gideon  Lathrop,  Jr.,  of  New  Haven,  land 
in  Amity  parish,  New  Haven,  Feb.  4,  1775.  (iV.  H.  L.  Rec.  Bk.  34, 
p.  240.) 

They  had  eleven  children. 

762.-f-David5,  b.  1768;  d.  in  Plymouth,  Ct.;  m.  Experience  Andrus. 

763.  Cyrus,  b.  1770;  m.  1798,  Lois,  dau-  of  Enos  and  Lois  (Ailing)  Dickerman, 

of  Hamden,  Ct.;  b.  Aug.  24,  1772;  d.  Apr.  11,  1854.  No  children. 
On.  Apr.  28,  1806,  all  of  Mr.  Sanford 's  brothers  and  sisters  excepting 
Mary  and  Miner  gave  to  him  a  quit  claim  of  aU  rights  in  the  real 
estate  of  their  father  David,  set  to  them  in  the  distribution  of  his 
estate.  (Woodbridge  L.  B.  Bk.  7,  p.  SIS).  They  resided  in  Wood- 
bridge,  Ct.,  in  1820  aad  in  1840  -were  living  in  Bethany,  Ct.  (L.  Rec. 
BJc.  19,  p.  352 ;  and  Bk.  11,  p.  501.)  She  was  admitted  to  the  church 
Jan.  5,  1817,  and  he  about  1823. 

764.  Esther,  b-   1771.     Resided  in  "Woodbridge,  Ct.;   unm.  in  1806. 
76o.+Damaris,  b.  1773;  m.  Stephen  Hitchcock. 

766.  +  01ive,  b.  1775;  d.  1862;  m.  Jonah  Warner. 

767.  Samuel,  b.   1776,  Woodbridge,  Ct. ;    d.   Feb.  14,   1861,  Hamden,   Ct.;   ag. 

85.     Was  a  bachelor  and  blind.     Resided  in  Woodbridge,  Ct. 
768. -f  Truman,  b.  1778;  d.  Aug.  25,  1859;  m.  Betsey  Warner. 
769.+Seymour,  b.  Apr.  19,  1781;  d.  Feb.  12,  1852;  m.  (1)   Esther  Hitchcock; 

m.    (2)   Polly  Hill. 

770.  Lucy,  b.  1783;  m.  Zenas  Warner,  of  Hamden,  Ct. 

771.  Mary,  b.  1785;  m.  John  Hunt.     Resided  in  Guilford,  Ct. 

772.  Miner,  b.   1787;   m.  Louisa.     Lived  in  Dryden  Co..  N.  Y.     In  1829,  he 

deeded  land  in  Bethany,  Ct.,  to  Cyrus  Sanford,  of  New  Haven,  Ct. 
{Woodbridge  L.  B.  Vol.  15,  p.  339). 

292.  EZEKIEL^  SANFORD   {same  descent  as  291)  b.  Dec. 

1,  1746,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  in  Middletown,  N.  Y.;  m.  . 

Mr.  Sanford  removed  from  Connecticut  to  Middletown,  N.  Y.,  and 
lived  in  his  son  Ezekiel's  house. 

Four  children  were 

773.  +  CyTenus8,  b.  1775;  d.  May  28,  1858;  m.  Ann  Hubbell. 
774.-i-Ezekiel  K.,  m.  Elizabeth . 

775.+Darius,  d.  about  1832,  Springfield,  Pa. 

776.     Daughter,  m. White. 

Note. — The    author    has   no    positive   proof   that   the   above    are   the 
children   of   Ezekiel,  who  was  the  son  of   Samuel,  but  feels  satisfied 
■  that  they  are. 

293.  DR.  SAMUEL'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  291) 
b.  Nov.  6,  1753,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  1803 ;  m.  .    His  will 


was   proved   in   New  Haven,    Ct.,   in   1803.     Rowena   and   Elihu 
Sanford,  Jr.  were  executors.     Estate  insolvent. 
They  had  one  child. 

777.  Samuel*. 

295.  JOEL'  SANFORD  (Ephraim  104,  Samuel  23,  Thomas  5, 
Thomas  1)  b.  May  3,  1730,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  kHled  in  battle  in 
Revolutionary  War,  Feb.  8,  1782 ;  m.  Aug.  24,  1757,  Mary,  dau.  cf 
Thomas  Porter  of  Waterbury,  Ct.,  b.  Jan.  5,  1732.  Mr.  Sanford 
was  in  Capt.  James  Stoddard's  Co.  {Conn.  Men  in  Rev.,  pp.  239, 
574,  612.)     Enlisted  twice. 

They  had  six  children. 

778.  Laurana3,  b.  Sept.  2,  1758;   d.  unm. 
779.+Millicent,  b.  Nov.  23,  1760;  m.  Willis  Pond. 
780.4-Lewe7,  b.  Apr.  22,  1763;  d.  Dec.  16,  1786;  m.  Willis  Pond. 

781.  +  Eri,  b.  Feb.   17,   1765;   d.  Aug.  7,  1833;   m.  Rhoda  Allen. 

782.  +  Sylvia,  b.  Oct.  14,  1766;  m.  Spencer. 

783.  +  Anne,  b.  Nov.  5,  1769;  m Welton. 

297.     CHLOE=  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  295)  b.  Jan.  26, 
1734;  m.  Dec.  24,  1760,  Joseph  Bassett. 
They  had  five  children. 

784.  Zophars  Bassett,  b.  Apr.  11,  1763. 

785.  Patience  Bassett,  b.  Nov.  8,  1764. 

786.  Esther  Bassett,  b.  Oct.  11,  1766. 

787.  Jesse  Bassett,  b.  Dec.  12,  1768. 

788.  Chloe  Bassett,  b.  Feb.  25,  1773. 

299.  PATIENCE'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  295)  b.  Dct. 
25,  173S ;  m.  Jan.  3,  1760,  David  Ailing. 

They  had  six  children. 

789.  Medads  Ailing,  b.  Jan.  28,  1762. 

790.  Rhoda  Ailing,  b.  Feb.  11,  1764. 

791.  Patience  Ailing,  b.  July  21,  1766. 

792.  Susannah  Ailing,  b.  Sept.  10,  1769.  ^i 

793.  Job  Ailing,  b.  Apr.  12,  1773. 

794.  Christopher  AUing,  b.  Aug.  29,  1775. 

300.  AMOS'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  295)  b.  Dec.  29, 
1740 ;  m.  Eunice  Bradley.  Mr.  Sanford  served  in  the  Revolutionary 
War — private  in  Capt.  Jesse  Curtis'  Co.,  Col.  Hooker's  Reg.  {Conn. 
Men  in  Rev.,  p.  500.) 

They  had  four  children. 


795.+Ephraiiii8,  b.  Jan.  2,  1785;  d.  Apr.  1,  1845;  m.  Sallj  Sedgwick. 

796. -{-Amos,  b.  1788;  m.  Lucretia  BueL 

797.     Frederick,   b.    1790;    had   two   sons,   he   went   to   Ohio.      The   house   was 

demolished  and  the  whole  family  killed. 
79S.     Eton,  m.  Oct.  4,  1820,  Elizabeth  Blakealee.     They  had  one  daughter. 

303.  JONAH'  SANFORD  {savie  descent  as  295)  b.  July  17, 
1749,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  15,  1824,  Camden,  N.  Y. ;  m.  (1)  1772, 
]\[ary  Dunbar;  m.  (2)  Miss  West  of  Rome,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sanford 
moved  from  Plymouth,  Ct.  to  Clinton,  N.  Y.  about  1791,  and  from 
there  to  Camden,  N.  Y.,  then  a  dense  forest,  about  1800.  His  first 
wife  died  while  he  lived  in  Clinton  and  is  buried  where  the 
Congregational  Church  now  stands.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  soldier 
in  the  Revolutionary  War. 

He  had  eight  children  by  his  first  marriage. 

799.-|-Iras,  b.  Oct.  10,  1774;  m.  (1)   Polly  Canfield;  m.   (2)   Mahala  Eastman. 
800.-|-Giles,  b.  Jan.  5,  1777;  d.  Jan.  21,  1855;  m.  Rebecca  Dunbar. 
SOl.  +  Chloe,  b.  May  27,  1779;  d.  Aug.  27,  1S48;  m.  Samuel  Bradner. 
802.-1- Linus,  b-  Jan.  16,  1782;  d.  May  29,  1842;  m.   (1)  PoUy  Woods;  m.   (2) 

Rhoda  Alcott. 
803.-f  Sala,  b.  July  16,  1784;  d.  Mar.  15,  1866;  m.  Margaret  Smith. 
804.-!- Jeremiah,  b.  Jan.  5,  1787;  d.  Oct.  6,  1856;  m.  (1)  Sally  Wakelee ;  m.  (2) 

Jane  Stuart. 
S05.-j-Ephraim,  b.  Aug.  13,  17S9;  d.  Dec.  24,  1861;  m.  Temperance  Dunbar. 
806. 4- James  B.  b.  Mar.  25,  1792;  d.  Aug.  20,  1829;  m.  Phila  Sperry. 

304.  JESSE^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  295)  b.  Jan.  26, 
1753;  d.  Jime  17,  1832;  m.  Sept.,  1780,  Sarah  Fenn,  d.  Sept.  11, 

They  had  two  children. 

807.     Susannas,  b.  Nov.  19,  1781. 

808.-|-Sarah,  b.  Aug.  27,  1784;  d.  1854;  m.  EU  Ely. 

305.  DANIEL^^  SANFORD  {Ezehiel  105,  Samuel  23.  Thomas 
5,  Thomas  1)  b.  Jan.  6,  1729-30,  New  Haven,  Ct.;  d.  Aug.  1''77;  m. 
Jan.  31,  1753,  Thankful,  dau.  of  Daniel  Toles,  of  New  Haven,  Ct. 
Mr.  Sanford 's  estate  was  distributed  Sept.  2,  1793,  to  his  wife, 
children  and  grandson,  Daniel  Sanford. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Waterbury,  Ct. 

809.  Irenah',  b.  Nov.  7,  1753 ;  m.  Samuel  Fenn,  Jr. 

810.  Thankful,  b.  Nov.  6,  1755;  d.  May,  1759. 

811.  Ezekiel,  b.   Nov.   25,   1757. 

812.  Lois,  b.  June  15,  1760;  m.  Daniel  Curtis. 


813.  Phebe,  b.  Sept.  20,  1762;  m.  Samuel  Martin. 

814.  Eli,  b.  Apr.  10,  1765;  d.  Mar.  22,  1767. 

815.  +  Eli,  b.  Sept.  28,  1767;  d.  Apr.  7,  1827;  m.  Sarah  Wheeler. 

307.  EZRA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  305)  b.  Sept.  22, 
1735,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  1,  1759,  Martha,  dau.  of  Xeal  Barker^ 
of  Waterbury,  Ct. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Waterbury,  Conn. 

816.  Desires,  b.  Dec.  26,  1760. 

817.  Malical  (?)   b.  Jan.  2,  1763. 

818.  Joseph,  b.  June  27,  1766. 

308.  HANNAH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  305)  b.  Jan. 
6,  1738-9,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  June  30,  175—,  Moses  Ball, 
b.  Aug.  22,  1732,  d.  1758 ;  m.  (2)  Feb.  16,  1762,  Joel  Button. 

She  had  one  child  by  each  marriage. 

819.  Mabels  BaU,  b.  Jan,  4,  1736. 

820.  Moses  Dutton,  b.  Oct.  16,  1762. 

310.  EZEKIEL'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  305)  b.  1744, 
New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  1831,  Springwater,  N.  T.,  ag.  87,  at  the  home 
of  his  son  Soton;  m.  (1)  Nov.  11,  1765,  Sarah  (Chloe)  Cook,  b. 
1743,  d.  June  24,  1784,  Waterbury,  Ct.;  m.  (2)  Jan.  1,  1785  (?) 
Mrs.  Rebecca,  dau.  of  N.  Barker  of  Waterbury,  Ct.,  and  widow  of 
Ebenezer  Foote,  b.  1740,  d.  Apr.  26,  1824,  Dryden,  N.  Y.,  ag.  84. 
Ezekiel  Sanford  moved  with  his  family  to  Windsor,  N.  T.  soon 
after  the  birth  of  his  yoiuagest  child.  In  1795,  they  removed  to 
Dry-den,  N.  Y.  He  was  brought  up  in  Waterbury,  Ct.  Served  in 
the  Revolutionary  War,  also  the  French  and  Indian.  Ezekiel 
Sanford,  soldier  in  Revolutionary  War,  given  by  Bureau  of  Pen- 
sions of  the  Department  of  the  Interior. 

Dates  of  enlistment  or  appointment :  1775,  for  eight  months- 
Private— Capt.  Benedict  Arnold— Enlisted  from  Conn.;  1776—10 
months— Private— Capt.  Smith— Col.  Elmore,  Ct. ;  April,  1777,  to 
June  15,  1779,  Corp '1.— Capt.  David  Smith— Col.  Chandler,  8th 
Conn.  Battle,  Germantown  and  Monmouth.  Enlisted  at  Water- 
town,  Ct.  Was  wounded  in  battle  by  a  bullet  striking  the  ridge  of 
his  nose.  {Conn.  Men  in  Rev.,  p.  649.)  Applied  for  pension  Apr. 
22,  1818 — got  it.  Residence  when  he  applied,  Dryden,  N.  Y.  His 
age,  72  years. 

Remarks:  In  1820  mentions  wife  Rebecca,  aged  78.  He  was 
the   only   Ezekiel   Sanford   found  on   the   Rev.   Pension   Records. 


The  following  letter  written  by  him  while  at  Valley  Forge  is 
still  extant.  The  original  letter  is  held  by  F.  S.  Sanford  of 
Washington,  D.  C. 

Camp  Valley  Forge,  27th  Apr.  1778. 
Dear  Wife : — 

A  sense  of  my  conjugal  obligation  and  tender  affection  for  you 
and  the  children  whom  God  hath  given  us  induces  me  to  write  at 
this  time  and  I  doubt  not  you  have  an  earnest  desire  to  hear  from 
me  as  you  have  frequently  manifested.  I  have  been  very  sick  and 
nigh  to  Death  for  a  long  time,  but  God  of  his  infinite  mercy  has 
lengthened  out  my  life  and  so  far  restored  my  helth  that  I  have 
returned  to  the  Camp  under  circumstances  of  comfort  and  am  able 

to  attend  the  exercises  of  the  and  am  gaining  strength  very 

fast.  Hope  soon  to  enjoy  a  confirmed  state  of  helth,  great  and 
manifold  have  been  the  favors  and  Blessings  which  God  of  his 
infinite  goodness  has  bestowed  on  me  who  am  unworthy  of  any 
motive  from  him,  may  his  name  be  suitably  praised,  and  all  his 
benefits  Remembered  by  me  and  all  concerned  for  me :  T  received 
your  letters  by  "Majs"  Curtis  camp,  am  obliged  to  you  for  the 
care  and  concerne  for  me  therein  manifested. 

Rejoice  greatly  to  hear  of  your  welfare,  but  am  not  without  the 
greatest  concerne  and  anxiety  for  you  and  the  Children,  I  know 
the  times  are  difficult  and  I  consider  the  care  upon  you  to  be  very 
great  under  your  particular  circumstances — the  duty  of  parents 
to  children  is  very  important  and  as  it  is  necesarily  devolved  upon 
you,  I  cannot  forbare,  nor  do  I  think  it  inconsistent  with  my  Duty 
to  express  my  concerne  for  them  and  earnest  desire  that  they  may 
be  well  instructed  in  the  ways  of  virtue  and  piety  if  they  are  not. 
Sin  lieth  at  the  Dore  and  we  must  be  answerable  for  the  neglect, 
and  I  can  do  my  duty  in  no  other  way  than  by  recommending  them 
to  your  care  and  the  care  of  a  kind  and  indulgent  Providence. 

I  understand  the  neighbors  are  kind  and  careful  for  you  which 
I  am  very  glad  of,  as  I  think  it  must  be  of  no  small  comfort  to  you 
and  greatly  softens  your  cares,  be  not  discouraged  but  surmount 
the  dificulties  with  all  becoming  Patience,  and  God  bless  your 
indeavors  and  preserve  your  helth . 

I  intended  to  come  home  but  now  do  not  expect  this  siunmer — 
it  would  be  very  agreeable  and  gratifying  to  me  to  see  you  once 
more  and  hope  I  may  at  the  close  of  another  campaign  but  that  is 
uncertain.  We  appoint  and  God  disappoints  and  it  becomes  us  to 
prepare  for  the  event  of  his  will  with  all  due  submission  and  that 
His  blessing  may  ev§r  attend  you.  Piece  be  restored  to  our  land 
and  our  hearts  prepared  for  the  receipt  of  so  great  favors  is  the 
desire  and  prayer  of  your  Loving  Husband. 


He  had  nine  children  by  first  and  one  by  second  marriage,  the 
first  five  all  born  in  Waterbury,  Ct. 


821.  Asenaths,  b.  Sept.  23,  1766;  d.  July  18,  1789. 

822.  Deborah,  b.  July  3,  1768. 

823.  Damis,  b.  Mar.  4,  1770. 

824.  Sabra,  b.   Oct.   24,  1772.      ' 
823.     Linus,  b.  Feb.  11,  1774. 

826.     Soton,  lived  La  Springwater,  N.  Y. 

827.+Lyman,  b.  Apr.  11,  1780;  d.  Aug.  9,  1815;  m.  Rachel  Ross. 
S28.+Chloe,  b.  1782;  m.  John  Reed. 
829.     Lucy,  b.  1784;  d.  Feb.  12,  1792. 

830.+Elisaph,  b.  Nov.  20,   1785,  Lebanon,  Ct.;   d.  Mar.  3,  1870;   m.  Rebecca 

312.  EBENEZER^  WARNER  {Rachel  106,  Samuel  23, 
Thomas  3,  Thomas  1)  b.  Dec.  14,  1732;  m.  Jan.  27,  1761,  Susannah 

They  had  five  children. 

831.  Jonahs   Warner,  b.   Feb.   IS,   1765. 

832.  Hannah  Warner,  b.  Mar.  14,  1766. 

833.  Ebenezer  Warner,  b.  July  16,  1768. 
S.'!4.  Susanna  Warner,  b.  Apr.  1,  1770. 
8?.n.  Isaac  Warner,  b.  Jan.  6,  1773. 

317.  PHILEMON'  SANFORD  {Zachariah  107,  Samuel  23, 
Thomas  5,  Thomas  i).b.  Feb.  4,  1739,  Waterbury,  Ct. ;  d.  ab   1787; 

m.  Jerusha  .     They  resided  in  Goshen,  Ct.     In  May,  1771, 

Moses  Sanford,  Philemon  Sanford,  and  John  Warner  petitioned  the 
Assembly  that  as  they  lived  in  the  southeast  extremity  of  Litchfield, 
they  be  annexed  to  the  parish  of  Northbury  in  Waterbury,  to  enjoy 
parish  privileges  there  and  to  perform  military  duties  there,  which 
was  granted.     {Public  Bee.  of  Conn.,  Vol.  13,  p.  475.) 

On  Oct.  14,  1773,  Philemon  Sanford  and  wife  Jerusha  of 
Goshen,  Ct.,  gave  a  quit-claim  of  all  rights  in  one-half  Right  in 
the  Susquehannah  Purchase.  {Bk.  C.  of  Original  Rec,  p.  106  ) 
Mr.  Sanford 's  brother  Stephen  was  appointed  guardian  to  his 
daughter  Rhoda,  June  27,  1787,  and  Jonathan  Buel,  Jr.,  was 
appointed  administrator  of  his  estate,  June  27,  1789.  {Litchfield 
Pro.  Rec,  Vol.  4,  p.  71,  and  Vol.  5,  p.  71.) 

One  child  was 

836.     Rhodas,  b.  about  1775. 

318.  STEPHEN'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  317)  b.  Feb. 
22,  1741,  Waterbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  12,  1827 ;  m.  Jan.  6,  1774,  Abigail 


Fuller,  d.  Nov.  IS,  1802,  ag.  66  years.     Both  buried  in  Northfield 
Burying  Ground,  Litchfield,  Ct 

They  had  one  child.  • 

837.+Diadema8,  b.  Sept.  11,  1774;  d.  Aug.  10,  1839;  m.  Truman  Webster. 

322.     ENOS'  SANFORD   {same  descent  as  317)   b.  Sept.  7, 

1749,  Waterbury,  Ct. ;  d.  1775 ;  m.  Martha .     IVIrs.  Sanford 

was  appointed  guardian  of  her  son  Enos  Feb.,  8,  1775.     {Litchfield 
Pro.  Bee,  Vol.  3,  p.  250.)     They  had  one  child. 

83S.+Eno36,  Jr.,  b.  Oct.  24,  1773;  d.  Feb.  5,  1847;  m.   (1)   Abigail  Hubbard. 

324.  ELIAS'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  317)  b.  July  7, 
1753,  Waterbury,  Ct. ;  m.  Jan.  23,  1776,  Alice  Fuller.  They  had 
six  children. 

839.  Joseph  Fs.,  b.  Mar.  13,  1777.  ' 

840.  Lucinda,  b.  Aug.  14,  1778. 

841.  Daniel,  b.  Mar.  3,  1780. 

842.  Elias,  b.  Mar.  20,  1782.  .       ■ 

843.  Benjamin,  b.  Apr.  18,  1784. 

844.  Barzillai,  b.  July  7,  1786. 

360.  LOIS'  SANFORD  {William  118,  Thomas  27,  Thomas  5, 
Thomas  1)  b.  June  3,  1737,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Mar.  8,  1755,  John 
Robinson,  Jr. 

They  had  nine  children. 

845.  MaryS  Eobinson,  b.  Aug.  8,  1755. 

846.  Desire  Robinson,  b.  Jan.  2,  1758. 

847.+ John  Robinson,  b.  Nov.  12,  1760;  m.  Serena  Spencer. 

848.  Julius  Robinson,  b.  Dec.  6,  1765. 

849.  Herman  Robinson,  b.  July  6,  1767;   d.  early. 

850.  Herman  Eobinson,  b.  July  7,  1768. 

851.  Medad  Robinson,  b.  July  19,  1770. 

852.  Linus  Eobinson,  b.  Feb.  4,  1774. 

853.  Lois  Robinson,  b.  Mar.  19,   1776. 

361.  THOMAS'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  360)  b.  July 
26,  1739,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  6,  1810;  m.  Dec.  '.Q,  1762, 
Keziah,  dau.  of  Moses  and  Lydia  Ann  (Grannis)  Brockett,  b.  June 
13,  1735,  d.  Dec.  25,  1813.  Mrs.  Sanford  joined  the  church 
in  No.  Haven,  Ct.,  Nov.  6,  1774.  {No.  Raven  Church  Rec.) 
On  Oct.  27,  1809,  Thomas  Sanford  of  North  Haven,  Ct.,  deeded  to 


his  son  Jairus  of  New  Haven,  27  acres  with  buildings,  in  North 
Haven.     {No.  Haven  L.  Rec,  Bk.  3,  p.  218.) 
One  child  was 

854.+Jairus3,  b.  Nov.  21,  1762;  m.   (1)  Clarissa  Bromi;  m.  (2)  Lucy. 

362.  WILLIAM'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  360)  b.  July 
26,  1739,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  2,  1815,  No.  Haven,  Ct;  m. 
Dec.  12,  1763,  Lydia,  dau.  of  Moses  and  Priscilla  (Grannis)  Brock- 
ett.  ^Ir.  Sanford  was  in  the  Revolutionary  War  in  1776.  Served 
in  5th  Battalion,  Wadsworth's  Brig.,  Capt.  Brockett's  Co.  {Conn. 
Men  in  Rev.,  p.  409.)  Belonged  to  Church  of  England  in  1759.  Mrs. 
Sanford  joined  the  church  Feb.  21,  1779.  On  May  8,  ]767,  Mr. 
and  Mrs.  Sanford  deeded  to  lehabod  Brockett  of  New  Haven  the 
4I/2  acres  in  North  Haven  which  Mrs.  Sanford  receiv':;d  by  her 
grandfather  Moses'  will.     (.V.  H.  L.  Rec,  Bk.  29,  p.  271.) 

They  had  ten  children,  all  born  in  New  Haven,  Ct. 

855.  Joel«,  b.  Feb.  22,  1764;  d.  early. 

856.  Moses,  b.  July  31,  1766;  d.  Sept.  23,  1766,  New  Haven,  Ct. 

857.  Elam,  b.  Nov.  4,  1768;  d.  Oct.  20,  1774. 

858.  Lydia,  b.  1769;   d.  Oct.  20,  1774,  New  Haven,  Ct. 

859.  +  Titu3,  b.  May  1  1770;   d.  1854;  m.   (1)   Lydia  Hotehkiss;  m.   (2)   Mrs. 

Huldah   (Smith)   Barnes;  m.   (3)   Betsey  Smith. 

860.  Lydia,  b.  Dec.  18,  1775. 

861.  Anna,  b.  June  18,  1778;  m.  Oct.  26,  1803,  Thomas  Barnes. 

862.  Mary,  b.  Apr.  23,  1782. 

863.  William,  b.  Mar.  20,  1785. 

864.  Joel,  b.  Mar.  29,  1788 — Said  to  have  been  in  the  U.  S.  Navy,  and  sup- 
to  have  died  in  the  service.   {New  Haven  U.  S.  Vol.  2.) 

367.  JOHN^  HmilSTON  {Manj  119,  Thamas  27,  Thomas  5, 
Thomas  l),h.  Feb.  25,  1741-2;  m.  Dec.  14,  1769,  Hannah  Sanford. 
Resid.ed  in  Litchfield,  Ct. 

They  had  one  child. 

86o.  +  Sherman«  Humiston,  b.   Sept.  24,   1789;   m.  Polly  Tompkins. 

368.  CALBB^  COOPER  {Desire  129,  John  32,  Thomas  5, 
Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  16,  1736,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov.  4,  1762, 
Eunice,  dau.  of  Daniel  and  Abigail  (Heaton)  Barnes,  b.  Sept.  24, 

They  had  five  children. 

866.+Asa8  Cooper,  b.  1773;   d.  Aug.  21,  1855;  m.  Hannah  Botsford. 
867.     Eli  Cooper. 


868.  Giles  Cooper. 

869.  Mary  Cooper.  m.  ab.  1790,  Thomas  Jacobs. 

870.  Esther   Cooper,  m Mix. 

373.  ELIADA'  SANFORD  {John  130,  John  32,  Thomas  5, 
Thomns  1)  b.  Dee.  27,  1744,  No.  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  4,  1820,  No. 
Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  July  6,  1785,  Nancy,  dau.  of  Enos  and  Sarah 
Todd  of  Wallingford,  Ct.,  d.  1838,  North  Haven,  Ct.  About  1756 
Mr.  Sanford  settled  in  the  southern  part  of  North  Haven,  and  was 
a  quite  successful  farmer,  becoming  a  man  of  considerable  prom- 
inence. He  was  a  commissioner  in  building  the  New  Haven  and 
Middletown  turnpike  in  1791.  He  was  a  deacon  in  the  Congre- 
gational Church.  Enlisted  from  North  Haven  in  1776.  {North 
Haven  Annals,  p  239.)  Was  on  Gov.  Trumball's  staff  in  the 
Rev.  War  and  in  Capt.  Jacob  Brackett's  Co.  Conn.  State  Troopers. 
Served  in  New  York  Campaign  in  1776  and  in  Tryon's  Invasion 
in  1779.  {Conn.  Men  in  Bev.,  p.  409.)  His  will  is  dated  Apr.  20, 
1820.     {N.  E.  Pro.  Bee,  Vol.  31,  p.  147.) 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  North  Haven,  Ct. 

871.-1-Lucretia3,  b.  Sept.  20,  1787;  m.  George  Leete. 

872.     Nancy  Todd,  bap.  Dec.  15,  1799;   d.  Nov.  28,   1S21;   m.  Sept.  24,   1820, 

Dennis  Tuttle,  b.  Mar.  31,  1797;  d.  Sept.  26,  1878,  North  Haven,  Ct. 

No  children. 
873.+Perit  Meriman,  b.  Jan.  2,  1791;  d.  July  28,  1888;  m.  SybU  Dorman. 
874.+Eliada,  Jr.,  b.  July  11,  1794;   d.  Nov.   1S89;  m.  Maria  Abbott. 
875.4- Whiting,  b.  1796;  d.  Port  Au  Prince,  Hayti;  m.  (1)  Mary  Foote;  m.  (2) 


876.-|-Sally,  b.   1797;   m.   Richard  Mansfield. 

877.  Mary  Angeline,  bap.  Feb.  15,  1806 ;    died  at  age  of  13  or  14  years. 

374.  JOHN'S  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  373)  b.  Oct.  7, 
1746,  North  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  17,  1827;  m.  June  21,  1780, 
Susannah  Thorp,  d.  Nov.  19,  1827,  ag.  71.  IVIr.  Sanford  united 
with  the   Congregational  Church  of  North  Haven,   Ct.,  in  1788. 

They  had  four  children. 

878.  Melinda',   bap.    Sept.    24,    1788.     She   recited   from   memory   the   whole 

Shorter  Catechism  in  1796. 

879.  Lowey,  bap.  Sept.  24,  1788. 

880.  Mabel,  bap.  Sept.  24,  1788. 

881.  Sally,  bap.  Sept.  24,  1788. 

375.  MABEL'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  373)  m.  Oct. 
29,  1772,  Caleb,  son  of  Samuel  Street,  b.  Oct.  26,  1753 ;  d.  Apr.  10, 


1797,  Catskill,  N.  Y.  (Mr.  Street  married  for  his  second  wife 
Susannah  Whittlesy,  Nov.  1,  1786.)  He  was  a  merchant  in  Catskill, 
N.  Y.    They  had  four  children. 

882.  Paulines   Street,   m.    (1)    Bogarders;    m.    (2)    Branaon. 

883.  Louisa  Street,  unm. 

884.  Susan  Street,  unm. 

885.+Randall  Sanford  Street,  b.  1780;  d.  Dec.  4,  1839;  m.  Cornelia  Billings. 

378.  SOLOMON'  SANFORD  {Moses  133,  John  32,  Thomas  5, 
Thomas  1)  b.  Apr.  15,  1751,  recorded  in  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov. 
24,  1774,  Thankful,  dau.  of  Daniel  Sperry.  They  resided  in 
Litchfield,  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford  was  in  the  15th  Reg't  under  Col. 
Sheldon.  {Conn.  Men  in  the  Bev.,  p.  562.)  The  author  finds  that 
a  Solomon  Sanford  was  a  private  in  2d  Reg.  U.  S.  infantry,  and 
drew  an  annual  pension  of  $60.  Res.  Oneida  Co.,  N.  Y.  He  died 
Nov.  26,  1816,  and  the  author  thinks  this  Solomon  must  have  been 
the  man.     {Census  of  Pensioners.) 

They  had  two  children. 

886.  Linuss,  b.  Sept.  22,  1776;  d.  Feb.  1777. 

887.  Sally,  b.  June  29,  1778. 

382.  MOSES'  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  378)  b.  Feb. 
17,  1761,  recorded  in  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  Anne,  dau.  of  Jon- 
athan and  Millicent  (Claflin)  Rossiter,  b.  Oct.  13,  1762;  m.  (2) 
Feb.  4,  1802,  . 

On  Aug.  25,  1787,  Jonathan  Rossiter,  Jr.,  of  Harwinton,  Ct., 
James  Webster  and  Millicent,  his  wife,  Moses  Sanford  nnd  Ann, 
his  wife,  all  of  Litchfield,  Noah  Preston  and  Honour,  his  wife,  both 
of  Harwinton,  gave  to  Elihu  Hotchkiss  a  quit  claim  of  all  rights 
in  four  acres  whic-t  descended  to  them  as  heirs  of  Keturah  Peck, 
dec.  Mrs.  Peck  was  a  sister  of  Jonathan  Rossiter,  Sr.  She  died 
without  children,  and  her  brother's  children  inherited  her  estate. 
{Litchfield  L.  Bee,  Bk.  13,  p.  69,  and  for  another  deed  see  L.  B. 
B.  12,  p.  187.) 

He  had  six  children  by  first  and  two  by  second  marriage. 

888.  Olives,  b.  July  24,  1784. 

889.+Liaus,  b.  Jan.  14,  1786;  d.  Jan.  6,  1858;  m.  SaUy  Perkins. 

890.  Solomon,  b.  Sept.  25,  1787. 

891.  Sheldon,  b.  Sept.  27,  1791. 

892.-l-Anna,  b.  Dec.  30,  1793;  d.  Aug.  25,  1851;  m.  Joseph  Higgins. 

893.  Clarry,  b.  Dec.  19,  1797;  m.  Beals. 

894.  Lyman  Jefferson,  b.  Oct.  17,   1803. 

895.  James  Moses,  b.  Dec.  26,   1808. 


384.  ASA^'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  378)  b.  Nov.  26, 
1765,  Waterbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  7,  1856,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Sept.  15, 
1790,  Susannah,  dau.  of  Abner  and  Anne  (Marsh)  Baldwin,  b. 
Oct.  17,  1769,  d.  Mar.  27,  1857.  Both  buried  in  the  West  Burying 
Ground,  Litchfield,  Ct. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  bom  in  Litchfield,  Ct. 

896.+Catherine8,  b.  Sept.  9,  1791;  m.  Elias  McNeU. 

897.+Garwood,  b.  Dec.  14,  1793;  d.  Jan.  5,  1876;  m.  Diantha  Bissell. 

898.  Amanda,  b.  Feb.  26,  1796;  m.  Edwin  Benedict. 

899.  Susan,   b.    Oct.    5,    1797;    d.    Sept.   20,    1869.      Buried   in   West  Burying 

Ground,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Eeuben  Jenne. 

900.  Derrick  V.,  b.  July  9,  1801;  d.  Feb.  17,  1876;  m.  Nov.  1,  1827,  Miranda 

Palmer,  b.  1805;   d.  Oct.  13,  1869. 

901.  Esther  R.,  b.  Jan.  20,  1804;   m.  Oct.  8,  1824,  William  Hammill. 

902.  Dorcas,  b.  Mar.  28,  1807;  m.  July  8,  1828,  William  Hammill,  of  Little 

Falls,  N.  Y. 

903.  Abby,  b.  .June  3,  1809;  m.  Ward  Coe,  of  Winsted,  Ct. 

904.  Mary  Angeline,  b.  June   11,  1811. 

905.  George  T.,  b.  1815;  d.  Apr.  7,4848,  Litchfield,  Ct.     Buried  in  the  West 

Burying  Ground. 

386.  NATHAN'  SANFORD  {Samuel  135,  Samuel  35, 
Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  May  26,  1722,  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  June 
13,  1748,  Abigail,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Tibbals;  m.  (2)  Lois  Di/nning. 

The  author  has  an  autograph  deed  by  Nathan  to  his  grand- 
father, Samuel  Sanford,  dated  Mar.  4,  1745-6.  Both  were  then 
residing  in  Milford. 

On  Mar.  2,  1779,  Nathan  Sanford  of  New  Haven,  Ct.  deeded 
to  his  sons  Jonathan  and  Archibald  land  in  Wallingford,  parish 
of  New  Cheshire,  which  was  formerly  land  of  Daniel  Smith.  It 
had  a  house  thereon  and  was  bounded  north  and  west  by  his 
(Nathan's)  land.  {Cheshire  Land  Rec,  Bk.  21,  p.  499.)  He  and 
wife  Lois  gave  deed  Feb.  7,  1785,  to  their  son  Jonathan  for  main- 
taining them. 

He  had  seven  children  by  first  marriage,  all  bom  in  Milford, 

906.-1- Nathans,  b.  Mar.  7,  1749;   d.  Aug.  9,  1821;  m.  Sarah  Smith. 
907. -I- Henry,  b.  Jan.  22,  1752;  d.  Dec.  25,  1830;  m.  Rhoda  Perkins. 

908.  Joel,  b.  Dec.  22,  1754. 

909.  Comfort,  b.  Jan.  31,   1756;   m.  Joel  Collins. 

910.-H Jonathan,   b.   1757;    d.  Dec.   2,   1836;   m.  .Jerusha  Sanford. 
911. -(-Archibald,     b.  Apr.  14,   1759;   d.  Mar.  2,  1844;   m.  Amy  Peek. 
912.     Patience,  m.  Jehiel  Clark. 


387.     SARAH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  386)  b.  Aug.  24, 
1724,  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  John,  son  of  John  Hine. 
They  had  one  child. 

913.  Johns  Hine. 

389.  HAJSFNAff  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  386)  b.  Mar. 
12,  1728-9,  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  John,  son  of  Joseph  Ashburn. 

They  had  two  children. 

914.  Abigails  Ashburn. 

915.  Mary  Ashburn. 

390.  ISAAC  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  386)  b.  Nov.  9, 
1731 ;  d.  1801 ;  m.  May  4,  1756  in  Washington,  Ct.,  Jerusha  Baker, 
of  Woodbury,  Ct.  They  settled  in  Woodbridge,  Ct.,  where  he  was 
a  farmer.  His  will,  which  is  dated  Nov.  2,  1801,  and  received  in 
probate  Jan.  2,  1802,  mentions  wife  Jerusha,  and  my  four 
children".  His  son  Abel  was  executor.  He  bequeathed  to  a 
certain  church  in  Woodbridge,  Ct.,  a  good  amount  of  property  and 
a  solid  silver  communion  set.  These  were  given  under  conditions 
which  must  be  lived  up  to  or  the  whole  gift  would  revert  to  his 
heirs.     {New  Haven  Pro.  Rec,  Vol.  22,  p.  195.) 

They  had  four  children. 

916.  .Jonathans,  b.  June   19,   1757.     Never  married.     Lived  with  his  parents. 

"Was  in  Revolutionary  War- 

917.  +  Lois,  b.  July  14,  1760;   m.  Oliver  Tucker. 

918.  Jerusha,  b.  Jan.  3,  1763;  d.  Feb.  9,  1836;  m.  Jonathan  Sanford.     {See 

919.4-Abel,  b.  Mar.  22,   1766;   d.  Sept.  10,  1843;  m.    (1)    Deborah  Sperry;   m. 
(2)   Mrs.  Elizabeth  Tuttle. 

391.  GIDEON'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  386)  h.  Jan.  10, 
1734-5,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  1806;  m.  Feb.  1,  1759,  Jane,  dau.  of 
Hifflsphrey  Colbreath,  d.  May  27,  1790.  They  lived  in  Woodbridge, 
Ct.  The  author  has  the  autograph  signature  of  Gideon  Sanford  to 
a  paper  engaging  a  substitute,  which  is  as  follows : 

"Whereas,  I,  Gideon  Sanford  of  Chestier,  soldier  in  Capt. 
Ephraim  Cook's  company  of  Militia,  being  drafted  to  go  into 
actual  military  service  in  defense  of  American  independence  and 
my  personal  attendance  being  now  required  at  Branford — And, 
whereas  Isaac  Smith,  Jun.,  late  from  Long  Island  hath  this  day 
agreed  with  me  in  my  stead  to  perform  said  military  duty,  these 
are  therefore  to  obligate  me,  the  said  Gideon  Sanford  to  pay  unto 


the  said  Isaac  Smith  on  demand  half  a  bushel  of  good  merchantable 
wheat  per  day  for  each  day  he  shall  do  duty  for  me  and  thereby 
hold  me  excused  from  doing  military  duty  in  said  service  to  be 
computed  from  and  after  this  23rd  day  of  July,  1779. 

Witness  my  hand.  GIDEON  SANFORD. 

In  presence  of  us, 

Ebenezer  Dayton 
Moses  Thomas. 

The  author  also  has  an  autograph  deed  by  Gideon  to  his  father, 
Samuel  Sanford  of  Milford,  dated  Mar.  14,  1781.  Gideon  Sanford 
deeded  land  in  Cheshire,  Ct.,  to  his  son  Gideon,  Aug.  26,  1789. 
{Cheshire  L.  R.  Bk.  3,  p.  215.)  His  estate  was  administered  Aug. 
7,  1806.     {Wallingford  Pro.  Bee.  Bk.  6,  p.-  202.) 

They  had  ten  children. 

920.     Gideons,  Jr.     Lived  with  his  uncle,  Moses  Sanford,  and  was  executor  of 

his  will. 
921.+David,  b.  Apr.  3,  1765;  d.  Nov.  26,  1839;  m.  Millicent  Hotchkiss. 

922.  Nabbj  (Abigail),  d.  Sept.  9,  1813,  age  46. 

923.  John,  m.  Amarilla  Jones. 
924.+Betsey   (Mary),  m.  Ebenezer  Hothchkisa. 

925.  Huldah. 

926.  Susan,  m.  Paine. 

927.  Jane. 

928.  Patty.  " 

929.  Lois,  m.  Philemon  Paine. 

394.  HANNAH'  SANFORD  {Joseph  186,  Samuel  35,  Eph- 
raim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  July  23,  1729,  Milford,  Ct.;  d.  Jan.  11,  1804, 
Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  1750,  Ephraim,  son  of  Thomas  Harrison,  b.  Nov. 
7,  1791. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  South  Farms,  Ct. 

930.+Eachel8  Harrison,  b.  Feb.  15,  1751;   d.  1795;  m.  Levi  Peck. 
931.+David   Harrison,  b.  Nov.   9,   1753;    d.   Apr.   13,   1812;   m.    (1)    Jerusha 

Marsh;  m.  (2)  Mehitable  Landon. 
932.     Mary  Harrison,  b.  Dec.  13,  1754. 
933.+Hannah    Harrison,    b.    Mar.    20,    1757;    m.    (1)    Elijah    Peck;    m.    (2) 

Ebenezer  Marsh;  m.   (3)   Gen.  Timothy  Skinner. 
934.4-So!omon  Harrison,  b.  Apr.  17,  1760;   d.  Apr.  11,  1834;  m.  Susan  Gunn. 
935.     Levina  Harrison,  b.  May  17,  1767;  d.  Aug.  7,  1774. 
936.+Lucy  Harrison,  b.  Mar.  29,  1762;   d.   1812;   m.    (1)    Samuel  Woodruff; 

m.   (2)   Jesse  Spencer. 
396.     OLIVER'  SANFORD   {same  descent  as  394)   b.  Aug. 
22,  1732,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  26,  1800;  m.  Feb.  8,  1762,  Eli^beth 
Lyon,  d.  Dec.  23,  1804,  ag.  72  yrs.     It  is  said  that  he  was  in  the 


Revolutionary  War,  but  his  name  is  not  found  in  Conn.  Men  in  Rev. 
He  was  a  farmer,  lived  and  is  buried  at  South  Farms,  Ct. 

They  had  six  children,  all  born  in  South  Farms,  Ct. 
937.     Marys,  b.  June  4,  1762. 
938.+Sarah,  b.  Sept.  15,  1764;  d.  Aug.  7,  1844;  m.  Ephraim  HaU. 

939.  Eoxanna,  b.  Dec.  10,  1766. 

940.  Polly,  d.  early. 

-   941.  +  Orenda,  b.  June  27,  1769;  m.  Enoch  Hyde. 

942.     Marvin,  b.  Oct.  2,  1771;  m.  (1)   Anna  Smedley,  d.  1802;  m.  (2)   Nov.  6, 
1503,  Damaris  Blake.     Eemoved  to  New  York  State  where  he  died. 

397.  JONAH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  394)  b.  Aug.  1, 
1735,  So.  Farms,  Ct. ;  d.  JaH.  21,  1817,  So.  Farms ;  m.  Dec.  7,  1757,' 
Rhoda,  dau.  of  Benjamin  and  Eunice  (Martin)  Woodruff  b  May 
26,  1742,  d.  July  11,  1807. 

The  author  of  this  work  in  September,  1909,  visited  the  ceme- 
tery at  Morris,  Conn.  It  is  situate  on  the  road  between  Morris  and 
East  Morris.  It  has  a  good  road  wall,  the  grounds  rising  back  from 
the  highway.  The  grounds  are  very  well  cared  for  and  looked 
after.  The  stone  to  the  grave  of  Mr.  Sanford  is  a  marble  slab  about 
three  feet  by  two  in  width,  standing  erect  and  in  a  fine  state  of 
preservation.  The  graves  of  his  wife  Rhoda  and  son  Jonah  with 
smaller  stones  are  by  his  side.  In  the  next  lot  and  close  by  are 
the  graves  of  his  son  Simeon  and  his  wife  Elizabeth,  well  marked. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  a  farmer  and  lived  at  So.  Farms.  He  was 
commissioned  an  ensign  in  1770,  was  a  member  of  Capt.  Jesse 
Curtis'  Co.,  Col.  Hooker's  Reg.,  Erastus  Wolcott's  Brigade,  and 
stationed  at  Peekskill  at  Barracks  No.  3.  {Conn.  Men  in  Rev., 
p.  500.) 

His  gt.  gt.  grandson,  Harrison  E.  Sanford  of  Cornwall,  Vt., 
has  a  letter  written  by  him  to  his  son  Benjamin  Sanford  of  Corn- 
wall of  which  the  following  is  a  copy : 

Litchfield,  Conn.,  1  1812. 
Dear  Son, — 

Although  I  have  not  written  to  you  for  some  time  I  have  not 
forgotten  you.  You  are  remembered  in  my  prayers.  As  nothing 
very  material  has  taken  place  I  have  neglected  to  write.  Thinking 
a  few  lines  from  me  might  be  agreeable,  as  I  always  find  it  so  to 
hear  from  you,  I  will  write  you  a  short  letter. 

I  understand  you  are,  or  were,  much  out  of  health  but  of  late 
are_  better.  As  to  my  health  I  took  a  dreadful  cold  last  May  with 
a  high  fever.  It  appeared  I  was  going  to  be  quite  sick,  but  by  keep- 
ing in  for  a  time  broke  it  off.    As  soon  as  I  was  able  I  went  down 


to  brother  Clark's  axid  remained  two  weeks  and  got  pretty  com- 
fortable, some  infirmities  of  old  age  remaining.  Clark's  family 
enjoy  good  health. 

I  understand  you  are,  or  were,  much  out  of  health  but  of  late 
are  better.  As  to  my  health  I  took  a  dreadful  cold  last  May  with 
prosperity.  To  obtain  these  they  should  ever  feel  themselves  in  the 
presence  of  God,  and  make  his  word  theirs. 

Simeon  (brother  of  Benjamin  and  residing  in  Cornwall) 
urged  me  to  visit  you  all  but  I  am  unable  to  perform  so  long  a 
journey.  I  hope  you  will  come  and  see  us  as  soon  as  you  will  find 
it  convenient  and  write  me  frequently. 

Give  my  love  to  Sarah  and  all  the  children. 
From  your  affectionate  father, 


They  had  six  children,  all  except  Joseph  born  in  Morris,  Ct. 

943.+Joseph8,   b.   April    17,    1758,   Milford,   Ct.;    d.   Oct.    17,    1843j    m.   Chloe 

944.+Benjamin,  b.  June  4,  1761;   d.  July  1,  1883;  m.  Sarah  Marsh. 
945.4-Clark,  b.  July  10,  1764;  d.  Sept.  5,  1819;  m.   (1)   Sarah  Marsh;  m.   (2) 

Anna  Marsh. 
946.-|-Rhoda  Pamelia,  b.  April  27,  1768;   d.  June  4,  1805;  m.  Daniel  Clark. 
947.     Jonah,  Jr.,  b.  Jan.  27,  1773;  d.  Aug.  28,  1806;  unm.     Buried  in  Morris, 

948.+SLmeon,  b.  May  6,  1775;  d.  June  23,  1846;  m.  Elizabeth  Post. 

399.  CAPT.  JOSEPH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  394) 
b.  July  28,  1745,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Dee.  13,  1813,  So.  Farms,  Ct; 
m.  Mar.  7,  1769,  Mehitable  Young  of  Long  Island ;  d.  Mar.  11, 
1835,  ag.  88  yrs..  So.  Farms,  Ct.,  now  called  Morris. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  a  farmer  and  is  buried  at  So.  Farms,  Ct.  In 
the  Colonial  Records  of  the  State  of  Conn.,  Capt.  Joseph  Sanford 's 
Revolutionary  history  is  told  in  the  list  of  positions  he  held,  which 
were : 

Lieut,  of  the  3rd  Co.  or  Trainband  in  the  town  of  Norwich, 
Ct.,  June  10,  1761,  in  the  3rd  Regiment  of  the  Colony;  May  9  and 
June  3,  1765,  Quartermaster  of  the  2nd  troop  of  horse ;  the 
Assembly  made  him  Lieut,  of  the  2nd  troop  of  horse  in  the  2nd 
Regiment;  June  8,  1778,  Capt.  of  the  11th  Co.  or  Trainband  in 
the  13th  Regiment  of  the  state.  In  a  book  on  "Revolution  Rolls 
and  Lists",  Capt.  Joseph  Sanford 's  name  appears  under  the 
ofiicers'  pay  roll  list.  He  was  also  in  service  at  Peekskill  with  the 
main  army  in  the  state  of  New  York.  ( Conn.  Men  in  Rev.,  pp.  507, 
34S,  461,  485,  and  pp.  211,  225,  Rev.  Rolls.) 

They  had  eight  children,  all  born  in  Litchfield,  Ct. 


949.  Stephens,  b.  Jan.  12,  1770;  d.  Apr.  22,  1772. 

950.  MeMtable,  b.  Mar.  6,  1771;  d.  Apr.  15,  1772. 

951.  +  Joseph,  b.  Maj-.  15,  1773;  m.  Temperance  Ijres 

952.+01ive,  b.  xNov.  3,  1774;  d.  Mar.  6,  1817;  m.  Capt.  Erastus  Goodwin. 

953.+Stephen,  b.  Sept.  6,  1776;  d.  1843;  m.  Olive  Woodruff 

954.+Edmund,  b.  Oct.  25  1781;  d.  Jan.  9,  1860;  m.   (1)   Sarah  Lynde-  m    (") 

Betsey  Sheldon.  >      ■  \   J 

955.+Ozias,  b.  Aug.  24,  1784;  d.  Sept.  7,  1856;  m.   (1)  Lydia  Brown;  m.   (2) 

Mrs.  Eunice  Hand. 
956.+Clarissa,  b.  Jan.  19,  1786;   d.  Apr.  12,  1860;   m.  Maj.  William  Beebe. 

411.  JOxVAS'  SANFORD  {JonatUn  138,  Samuel  35,  Eph- 
raim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Jan.  3,  1736,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  13,  1811, 
New  ililford,  Ct.,  buried  in  Bridgewater,  Ct. ;  m.  Abiah.  dau  of 
Ebenezer  and  Ann  (Booth)  Sanford,  b.  June  29,  1743,  NewtowTi, 
Ct.  d.  Jan.  13,  1810.  Mr.  Sanford  went  from  Newtown  to  New  Mil- 
ford,  Ct.  He  was  mentioned  in  his  father's  will.  His  will,  dated 
Feb.  8,  1810,  proved  Nov.  7,  1811,  mentions  his  children,  Joel, 
Andre,  dec,  Mabel,  Phebe,  Abiah,  Esther,  Lucy,  Clarissa,  ^^rand- 
daughter  Flora  Marietta  and  son-in-law  N.  Blaekman.  {New  Mil- 
ford  Pro.  Rec.) 

They  had  eight  children. 

957. -f  Joels,  d.  about  1842;  m.  Huldah  Prindle. 

958. -f- Abiah,  b.  Mar.  3,  1773;  d.  Sept.  19,  1843;  m.  EU  Eoberts. 

959.-f  Mabel,  b.  Dec.  7,  1774;  m.  Joel  Baldwin. 

960.  +  Andre,  b.  1781;  d.  Dec.  8,  1809;  m.  Eunice  Bennett. 

961.  Phebe. 

962.  Esther,  m.   Richard  Randall  of  New  Milford,  Ct.     She  received  a  deed 

of   a  piece   of   land   in   New  Milford   from   her  father  Apr.    1,    1805. 

{New  Milford  L.  E.  Vol.  25,  p.  414). 
963. -f  Lucy  Ann,  m.  Nathaniel   Randall. 
964.     Clarissa,  m.  Menander  Porter,  son  of  Philo  and  Lois   (Baldwin)    Porter, 

of  New  Milford,  Ct. 

412.  JONATHAN'  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  411) 
b.  Jan.  19,  1738,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  May  1,  1807. 

Mr.  Sanford 's  will,  dated  Dec.  22,  1801,  probated  May  11, 
1807,  mentions  children  Zalmon,  Lavinia,  wife  of  Jeremiah  Bald- 
win, Hannah,  wife  of  Abijah  Merritt,  Abigail,  Huldah,  Polly  and 
Lucinda.      {Danbury  Pro.  Rec,  Bk.  9,  p.  378.) 

They  had  seven  children. 

965.  Zalmons. 

966.  Lavinia,  m,  Jeremiah  Baldwin. 

967.  Hannah,  m.  Abijah  Merritt. 


968.  ABigaU. 

969.  Huldah, 

970.  P0U7.  _  - .  - 

971.  Lucinda. 

413.  S0LAM0N5  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  411)  b.  in 
Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  Mehitable  Northrup. 

Mr.  Sanford's  will,  dated  Dec.  23,  1802,  probated  Feb.  1, 
1812,  mentions  his  wife  Mehitable,  children  Josiah,  Jerusha,  Olive 
Ann  and  Amos  N.     {Danbury  Pro.  Bee,  Bk.  11,  p,  46.) 

They  had  four  children. 

972.  Amos  Northrops,  m.  Phebe  Hard. 

973.  Jerusha,  m.  Ira  Squire. 

974.  Olive   Ann. 

975.  Josiah. 

415.  ELIHU'  SANFORD  {David  141,  Samuel  35,  Ephraim  6, 
Thomas  1)  b.  May  6,  1731,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  May  28,  1808,  Bethany, 
Ct.,  buried  in  the  old  cemetery  at  Bethany;  m.  June  28,  1758, 
Hannah  Sanford,  b.  Apr.  30,  1733,  d.  Sept.  17,  1826,  Bethlehem,  Ct. 
They  moved  to  New  Haven  in  1771-2  and  to  Bethany  in  1784. 
H.  G.  Sanford's  record  says  they  moved  to  Woodbridge,  Ct.  and 
settled  there  in  1776.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  soldier  in  the  French 
and  Indian  War.  He  with  his  two  oldest  sons  joined  the  Army 
of  the  Revolution  and  continued  in  it  till  the  close  of  the  war. 

About  1667  there  came  to  Milford  one  Andrew  Sanford  who 
married  Sarah,  dau.  of  William  Gibbard.  Their  son  Andrew 
married  Mary,  dau.  of  Henry  and  Elizabeth  Botsford,  thtir  son 
Andrew  married  Hannah  Piatt  and  their  son,  Ensign  Samuel, 
married  Ann,  dau.  of  Joseph  Plumb,  and  had  this  daughter  Hannah. 
She  joined  the  White  Haven  Church  Apr.  18,  1773. 

They  had  ten  children. 

976.  +  Elihu»,  .Jr.,  b.  Apr.  26,  1759;  d.  Oct.  9,  1S39;  m.   (1)  Sarah  Thorpe;  m. 

(2)   Mrs.  Nancy  Carrington. 

977.  +  Strong,  b.  Oct.  9,  1760;  d.  May  3,  1846;  m.  Temperance  Hotchkiss. 

978.  Hannah,  b.  Nov.  20,  1761;   d.   Sept.  26,  1786;   m.  Timothy  Johnson,  of 

New  Haven,  Ct.  Had  two  sons  and  five  daughters.  Lived  in  Bethle- 
hem,   Ct. 

979.+Stephen,  b.  Oct.  24,  1763;  d.  Dee.  1834;  m.   (2)   Statira  Benton. 

980.+.Samuel,  b.  Oct.  20,  1765;  d.  Jan.  25,  1803;  m.  Eowena  Davis. 

981.  David,  b.  Oct.  20,  1765;  m.  Sally,  daughter  of  Lieutenant  .John  and 
Anna  (Bostwick)  White,  of  Humphreysville,  Ct.,  where  he  lived  and 
died.  She  was  born  Apr.  5,  1785;  d.  Feb.,  1836.  No  children.  He 
waa  a  merchant. 


982.  Mary    Anne    (Polly),    b.    Apr.    6,    1768;    d.    Apr.    17,    1793;    m.    Isaac 

Guernsey,  of  New  Haven,  Ct. 

983.  Clarissa,  b.  Oct.  6,  1770;  d.  July  14,  1773. 

984.  +  Susan,  b.  Jan.  27,  1774;   d.  Feb.  11,  1835;  m.  David  Hannah. 
985.+Joseph,  b.  Nov.  3,  1779;  d.  Oct.  26,  1851;  m.  Hopey  Wilmot. 

The  foregoing  record  except  as  to  the  last  three  children  was  made 
by  EKhu  Sanford,  Sr.,  and  preserved  in  his  old  bible. 

417.  JOSEPH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  415)  b.  Apr. 
7,  1735,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  26,  1802;  buried  on  bank  of  Lake 
Champlain ;  m.  1759,  Mehitable  Clark,  dau.  of  Thomas,  son  of 
Samuel  C.  of  Milford,  son  of  Thomas,  son  of  Deacon  George  Clark, 
pioneer  of  Milford,  b.  Mar.  25,  1739,  d.  Mar.  3,  1815.  They  moved 
from  Milford  to  Woodbury.,  then  to  Poultney,  Vt.,  and  from  there 
to  Orwell,  Vt.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  blacksmith,  and  while  living  in 
Orwell  he  also  kept  a  hotel.  The  first  record  of  land  deeded  to 
him  in  Orwell  is  dated  1758,  and  in  1787,  a  deed  to  Mehitable 
Sanford  is  recorded.  On  Oct.  31,  1801,  Levi  and  Jonah  were 
appointed  administrators  of  their  father's  estate.  A  dower  in 
his  personal  estate  was  set  out  to  Mehitable,  his  widow,  June  17, 
1802    {Castletm,  Yt.,  Pro.  Bee,  Bk.  4,  pp.  108  and  215.) 

They  had  thirteen  children. 

986.     Josephs,  d.  Mar.   14,   1778,  in  Revolutionary  War. 

987.+David,  b.  Mar.  26,  1760;  d.  June  IS,  1811;  m.  Phebe  .  "    ; 

988.  +  Clark,  b.  Jan.  4,  1762;  d.  Aug.  23,  1853;  m.  Rebecca  Conkey.  ; 

989.  Mehitable,  b.  Oct.  31,  1764;  d.  Jan.  3,  1810;  m.  Nathan  Parks. 

990.  Job,  b.  Nov.  1765;  d.  March  19,  1778. 

991.  +  Susanna,  b.  Jan.  20,  1767;  d.  Aug.  22,  1855;  m.  Solomon  Chittenden. 
992.+Esther,  b.  Aug.   6,   1768;    d.  May  26,   1860;   m.  Joseph  Thomas. 

993.     Levi,   b.   Dec.    15,    1769;    d.   Apr.   4,    1809.     Buried   in   Orwell,    Vt.;    m. 

Huldah  .     No  children.     His  estate  was  divided  Feb.  4,  1812, 

among  his  brothers  and  sisters. 
994.+Mary,  b.  Dec.   17,   1771;   d.  June  24,  1862;   m.    (1)    Jabez  Barnum;   ra. 

(2)   Judge  Olin. 
995.+Lot,  b.  Sept.  5,  1773;  d.  Apr.  20,  1860;  m.  Lurana  Bush. 
996.+ Anna,  b.  Nov.  24,  1775;  d.  Oct.  3,  1852;  m.  Asa  Cary. 

997.  Jonah,  b.  Oct.  20,  1777;   d.  Oct.  9,   1803;   unm.     Buried  in  Orwell,  Vt. 

The  adminstration  of  Mr.  Sanford  's  estate  was  granted  to  his  brothers 
Levi  and  Lot,  Dec.  3,  1803.  On  May  30,  1804,  an  agreement  among 
the  heirs  of  Joseph  and  Jonah  was  filed  in  Court  with  the  following 
names  signed  thereto,  via. :  Nathan  Parks,  Joseph  Thomas,  Clark 
Sanford,  Solomon  Chittenden,  Lot  Sanford,  Jabez  Barnum,  PoUy 
Barnum,  Asa  Cary,  Anna  Cary,  Levi  Sanford,  Sally  Sanford  and 
David  Sanford.      {Castleion,  Vt.,  Pro.  Sec.  Bk.  4,  pp.  434  and  439.) 

998.  Sally,  b.  ifov.  17,   1780;   d.  Dec.  3,   1863;   m.  Luther  Chamberlin. 


418.'  KEY.  DAVID=  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  415)  b. 
Dec.  11,  1737,  MUford,  Ct;  d.  Apr.  7,  1810,  Medway,  Mass.; 
m.  Aug.  4,  1757,  Bathsheba,  dau.  of  Moses  Ingersol  of  Great 
Barrington,  Mass.,  b.  June  4,  1738 ;  d.  Nov.  12,  1800,  West  Medway, 
ilass.  Mr.  Sanf ord  was  a  graduate  of  Yale,  Class  of  1755 ;  studied 
theology  with  Dr.  Bellany,  was  ordained  and  installed  Apr.  14, 
1773,  pastor  of  the  Second  Church  of  Christ  in  Medwuy,  Mass., 
where  he  was  pastor  for  thirty-seven  years. 

'"He  was  chaplain  of  Col.  Lemuel  Robinson's  regiment  and 
took  a  leading  part  in  every  measure  adopted  for  vigorous  defence." 
{Conn.  Men  in  Bev.)  In  1779,  he  was  a  delegate  to  the  Con- 
vention for  framing  a  constitution  of  the  state  of  Massachusetts. 
He  was  an  eloquent  preacher,  a  devoted  pastor,  a  kind-hearted 
^  ^  and  loveable  man.     A  monument  was  erected  to  his  memory  by 

^.j-^vi*    YA      his  surviving  jiee^fe  in  1860,  but  his  memory  will  long  outlive 
rrf  { ^      \      his  monument. 

r^l  '  i^\  ^^        The  record  of  the  family  of  Rev.  David  and  his  son  Philo  is 
^     taken  from  a  register  of  Rev.  David  and  bible  of  Philo. 

They  had  ten  children,  the  last  six  born  in  Medway,  Mass. 

999.+David6,    b.   Jan.   6,   1759,   Milford,   Ct.;    d.   July   19,   1841;    m.    Hannah 

lOOO.-f Philo,  b.  Sept.  7,  1761,  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;   d.  Sept.  8,  1835;   m. 

Lydia  Whiting., 
1001. -f  Clarissa,  b.  Nov.  20,  1763,  Pompey  Hill,  N.  Y.;   d.  Mar.  15,  1850;   m. 

Eev.  John  Morse. 
1002.-fElihu,  b.  Jan.  28,  1766;  d.  Jan.  15,  1839;  m.  (1)   Hannah  Metcalf;  m. 

(2)   Elizabeth  Fischer. 
1003.-flchabod,  b.  Oct.  18,  1768;  d.  Aug.  6,  1860;  m.  Nancy  Howe. 
1004.-HBathsheba,  b.  Feb.   14,   1771;    d.  Apr.   5,   1835;   m.  Eev.  Ethan  Smith. 
1005.     Stephen,  b.  Mar.  4,  1773;  d.  Aug.  28,  1792;  unm. 
lOOe.+Moses,  b.  Nov.  7,  1775;   d.  Feb.  8,  1833;  m.  Margaret  Welsh. 
1007.     Electa,  b.  Mar.  13,  1778;  d.  Mar.  8,  1838;  unm. 
1008. 4- Samuel,  b.  Jan.  27,  1780;   d.  Apr.   13,  1845;   m.  Betsey  Wight. 

419.     STEPHEN'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  415)  b.  Apr. 

13,  1740,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  13,  1790,  Hamden,  Ct. ;  m.  , 

Sybil,  dau.  of  Deacon  John  and  Mary  (Dickerman)  White,  b.  Oct. 
15,  1745,  d.  Dec.  5,  1808,  buried  in  Hamden,  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford 
was  mentioned  in  the  will  of  his  uncle,  Capt.  Stephen  Sanford  of 
Bethany,  Ct.  Mrs.  Sanford  was  a  direct  descendant  of  Elder  John 
White,  one  of  the  original  settlers  of  Cambridge,  Mass.  She 
married  for  her  second  husband  Deacon  Asa  Goodyear. 

They  had  nine  children. 


1009.  Esthers,  b.  Feb.  4,  1768;  d.  May  21,  1768. 

1010.  +  Esther  Lucy,  b.  July  26,   1769;   m.  Jared  Sperjy. 

1011.  +  Rachel,  b.  Dec.  1,  1771;  d.  May  22,  1861;  m.  Zeri  Downes. 

1012.  Huldah,  b.  May  17,  1774;   d.  July  1,  1794. 

1013.  Elisha,  b.  July  1,  1776;   d.  early. 

1014-fEli3ha,  b.  Mar.  30,  1779;   d.  Dec.  9,  184.5;  m.  Margaret  Tolles. 
lOlo.+Sybil,  b.  July  27,  1782;   d.  Oct.  13,  1862;  m.  Nehemiah  Sperry. 
I016.+Amos  White,  b.  Dec.  29,  1786;  d.  Oct.  29,  1850;  m.  Obedience  Atwater. 
I017.+Lucretia,  b.  Oct.  27,  1799;  d.  Feb.  27,  1880;  m.  Zina  Beecher. 
(Joseph  Dickerman  Genealogy,  p.   490.) 

420.  OLIVER'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  415)  b.  May 
2*,-  1744,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  18,  1817,  Poultney,  Vt.;  m.  (1) 
Phebe,  dau.  of  Joseph  Newton,  b.  1748,  d.  Nov.  13,  1793;  m.  (2) 
widow  of  Robert  Green.  Mr.  Sanford  served  in  the  Conn,  militia 
in  1777,  captured  by  British  at  the  time  of  the  Danbury  raid, 
Apr.  25-28,  1777,  and  carried  to  New  York.  {Conn.  Men  in  Rev., 
p.  493.)  After  the  close  of  the  war  he  removed  from  Conn,  to 
Poultney,  Vt.,  where  he  purchased  a  farm.  He  had  been  a  tanner 
in  Conn.,  but  sold  his  tannery  when  he  went  to  Vermont.  He 
owned  one  right  in  Susquehannah  Purchase  as  an  original  propri- 
etor. {Book  A  of  Original  Rec.)  All  the  children  united  in  a  deed 
conveying  their  rights  in  the  estate  and  lands  of  Joseph  Newton, 
late  of  Milford,  Feb.  10,  1808,  to  Jonah  Newton.  {Milford  L.  Rec, 
Bk.  24,  pp.  363  and  561.) 

They  had  thirteen  children. 

lOlS.+Oliver*,  Jr.,  b.  Apr.   18,   1765;    d.  Oct.   21,   1835;   m.  Catherine  Green. 
I019.  +  David,  b.  Jan.  9,  1768;   d.  Apr.  2,  1842    ;   m.    (1)    Abigail  Sturtevant; 

m.    (2)    Lueretia  Beaman. 
I020.+Newton,  b.  Dec.  19,  1769;   d.  Feb.  20,  1829;  m.  Lydia  Adams. 
I021.+Phebe,  b.  Jan.  19,  1772;   d.  Newark,  Ohio;   m.  Samuel  Buckland. 

1022.  Eunice,  b.  1775;   d.  aged  18  years. 

1023.  Bachel,  b.  1778;  m.  Alexander  Clark.     They  resided  in  Hampton,  N.Y., 

in  1808. 
1024.+Reuben,  b.  Dec.  3,  1780;  d.  May  19,  18-55;  m.  PoUy  Lewis. 
1025.     Nathan,  b.  1782;   d.  1784. 

1026. + William,  b.  Dec.  18,  1784;   d.  Mar.  24,   1866;   m.  Betsey  Tuttle. 
1027.  + Elizabeth,  b.  May  12,  1786;   d.  May  27,  1862;  m.  Reuben  Hartsworth. 
1028.+Catherine,  b.  1788;  m.  William  Angevine. 

1029.  +  Abigail,  b.  Aug.   10,  1790;   d.  Apr.   19,  1868;   m.  Gideon  Kendrick. 
I030.+Althea,  b.  Sept.  25,  1792;   d.  Batavia,  N.  Y.;  m.  William  Lusk. 

421.  AARON'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  415)  b.  Aug.  8, 
1745,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Sep.  15,  1809,  Pawlet,  Vt. ;  m.  1770,  Susanna, 
dau.  of  Asahel  and  Olive  (Root)  Mitchell,  of  Woodbury,  Ct.,  bap. 


Aug.   15,   1752,  d.  Mar.   17,   1813,   GreenviUe,  N.  T.     Buried  at 
Greenville,  N.  Y.     The  stone  at  her  grave  says  she  died  in  the 
62nd  year  of  her  age.    They  settled  in  Pawlet,  Vt. 
They  had  nine  children. 

I031.+Aaron8,  b.  Feb.  19,  1771;   d.  July,  1851;  m.  Dolly  Parmilee. 

1032.  Mitchell;  lived  and  died  at  May's  Lick,  Ky. ;  buried  there;  m.  Lydia 
Shotwell,  of  May's  Lick,  Ky.  He  changed  his  name  to  Sanford 
Mitchell  and  has  many  descendants  by  the  name  of  Mitchell.  He 
had  four  sons,  one  of  whom  died  young. 

1033.+Truman,  b.  Oct.  16,  1775;  d.  Mar.  1,  1851;  m.  Silence  Tuttle. 

1034.+Asahel,  m.  Abby  Whitlock(?). 

lOSS.-t-David  M.,  m.  Laura  Spencer. 

1036.  Susanna,  d.  at  Eden,  Erie  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  m.  about  1813,  Benjamin  Simmons, 

at  Eden,  N.  Y.        . 

1037.  Ashbell,  d.  unm.  -■ 

1038.  Laura,  m.  John  Talmadge. 

I039.+Olive,   d.   in  Pawlet,  Vt. ;   m.  Hosea  Loveland. 

422.  EUNICE'  SANFOKD  {same  descent  as  415)  b.  Oct. 
22,  1747,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  10,  1794,  Woodbury,  Ct. ;  m.  Nathan, 
son  of  Gideon  Stoddard  of  Woodbury,  Ct.,  b.  Aug.  8,  1742 ;  d.  Oct. 
1777,  in  the  army.  He  was  a  captain  in  the  Revolutionary  War,  and 
was  killed  when  the  British  attacked  Philadelphia,  Pa. 

They  had  seven  children. 

1040.+Clarissas  Stoddard,  b.  Mar.  27,  1766;  d.  Sept.  10,  1849;  m.  (1)  Timothy 

Terrill;  m.    (2)    Timothy  Strong. 
I041.+Nathan  Ashbel  Stoddard,  b.  July  27,   1768;   d.  Apr.   7,   1850;  m.  Euth 

1042.4-Phebe  Stoddard,  b.  Nov.  5,  1769;   d.  Aug.  1858;  m.  Timothy  Hinman. 
1043.+Sarah  Stoddard,  b.  Nov.   1771;   d.  Nov.  1825;   m.  Japheth  Benham. 
I044.+Olive   Stoddard,  b.   Dec.   23,   1774;    d.   June   11,   1840;   m.    (1)    Simeon 

Wheeler;   m.    (2)    Truman  Judson. 

1045.  +  Hannah  Stoddard,  b.  Sept.  4,  1775;  d.  Sept.  1862;  m.  Timothy  Wheeler. 

1046.  +  Eunice   Stoddard,   b.   Mar.   22,    1778;    d.   Apr.   4,    1854;    m.    (1)    Alden 

Sprague;   m.    (2)    Jonathan   Elkins. 

428.  ABIGAIL'  PARSONS  {Abigail  143,  Samuel  35,  Eph- 
raim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  July  14,  1746;  d.  Oct.  29,  1836;  m.  (1)  July 
22,  1767,  Nathan  Coe,  of  Durham,  Ct.,  son  of  Capt.  David  Coe,  b. 
1742,  d.  1796;  m.  (2)  1797,  Deacon  Aaron  Stone,  of  North  Madison, 

She  had  eight  children  by  first  marriage. 

1047.  Sanford'  Coe. 

1048.  Camp  Coe,  m.   (1)   Mary  Crowell;  m.    (2)    Elizabeth  Clark. 


1049.  Nathan  Coe,  m.  Jeruaha  Coe. 

1050.  Euth  Coe,  m.  James  Tucker. 
I051.+Clarissa  Coe,  b.  1784;  d.  1874;  m.  Heman  Stone. 

1052.  Ehoda  Coe,  m.  David  Ward. 

1053.  Amy  Coe,  m.  John  Bacon. 

1054.  Abigail  Coe,  m.  Ichabod  Allen. 

(Coe-Ward  Memorial,  p.  HI,  and  Durham  and  North  Madison  Bee.) 

429.  ELIPHAS'  ALVORD  {Elizabeth  144,  Samuel  '5.  Eph- 
raim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Jan.  13,  1742,  Middleto\vii,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  15, 
1825,  Winchester,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov.  29,  1764,  at  East  Hampton,  Ct' 
Esther,  dau.  of  Judah  and  Anna  (Norton)  Hart,  b.  Apr.  4,  1742, 
Fannington,  Ct.,  d.  Nov.  18,  1818,  Winchester,  Ct.  He  was  a 
prominent  man  in  Winchester  town  affairs,  holding  the  office  of 
Town  Clerk  and  Justice  for  many  years.  Also  a  deacon  in  the 
Congregational  Church.    He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolutionary  war. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

1055.  Elizabeths  Alvord,  b.  Nov.   22,   1765,   East  Hampton,   Ct.;    d.  June   25, 

ISIS,  Winchester,  Ct. ;   unm. 

1056.  Esther  Alvord,  b.  Jan.   18,  1768,  East  Hampton,  Ct.;   m.  Levi  Piatt. 

1057.  Sylvester   Alvord,    b.   Feb.   21,    1770,    East    Hampton   Ct. ;    d     Mar     13 

1770.  ' 

1058.  Lois  Alvord,  b.  Mar.  4,  1771,  East  Hampton,  Ct. ;  m.  Levi  Ackley. 

1059.  John  Alvord,  b.  May  27,   1773,  Winchester,  Ct.;   m.  Experience  Webb. 

1060.  Anna  Alvord,  b.  Nov.  11,  1774,  Winchester,  Ct;  m.  Abel  Tibballs. 

1061.  Achsa  Alvord,  b.  Aug.  14,  1778,  Winchester,  Ct. ;  d.  July  2,  1779. 

1062.  Eliphas  Alvord,  b.  Sep.  29,  17S0,  Winchester,  Ct. ;   d.  Oct.  27,  1780. 

1063.  Eliphas  Alvord,  b.  July  16,  17S1,  Winchester  Ct. ;  d.  July  16,  1781. 

1064.  Achsa  Alvord,  b.  May  21,  17S2,  Winchester,  Ct.;   d.  May  21,  1782. 

1065.  Elias  Alvord,  b.  Mar.  4,  17S4,  Winchester,  Ct. ;   d.  Apr.  23,   17S4. 

430.  DAVID'  ALVORD  {same  descent  as  429)  b.  June  14, 
1753,  Middletown.  Ct. ;  d.  in  New  York  State,  probably  Oneida 
County;  m.  Sep.  8,  1774,  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  John  and  Elizabeth 
Wetmore,  bap.  Oct.  15,  1758,  Torrington,  Ct.  He  was  a  carpenter 
by  trade  and  resided  at  Torrington  and  Winchester,  Ct.,  until 
1800,  when  he  removed  to  Neversink,  N.  Y.,  and  thence  to  Vernon 
N.  Y. 

They  had  two  children. 

1066.  Persise  Alvord,  b.  Dec.  18,  1774,  Winchester,  Ct. ;  m.  Daniel  Daniels. 

1067.  Ursula  Alvord,   b.  Feb.   13,   177S,  Winchester,   Ct. 

431.  EPHRAIM=  SAXFORD   {NatJianiel  145,  Nathaniel  38, 
Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Dec.  22,  1737 ;  d.  Jan.  18,  1803,  Sandgate, 


Vt. ;  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  Abijah  and  Joanna  (Holbrook)  French, 
b.  about  1747,  d.  Nov.,  1841,  Sandgate,  Yt.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a 
man  of  sterling  worth  and  integrity — a  deacon  in  the  Congrega- 
tional Church  and  prominent  in  the  business  affairs  of  the  town. 
His  estate  was  administered  Feb.  2,  1803,  his  wife  being  the 
administratrix.  Her  estate  was  administered  Mar.  23,  1842  Joseph 
Nicholas  Brush  was  administrator. 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Sandgate,  Vt. 

1068.  Charitys,  m.  July  31,  1796,  Jedediah  Stoddard.     No  children. 

1069.  Benjamin,  b.  1783;   d.  Feb.  24,  1786. 

1070.  David,  b.   1783;    d.  July   13,   1794. 

1071. + Joanna,  b.  Feb.  9,  1785;  d.  Sep.  17,  1867;  m.  Joseph  Brush. 

1072.  Sally,  b.  1790;  d.  Aug.  3,  1794. 

432.  SIMEON'  SANFOED  {same  descent  as  431)  b.  1739; 
d.  July  29,  1S18,  Moriah,  N.  Y.,  ag.  79  years;  m.  Clarinda  Dudley, 
d.  Feb.  24,  1815,  Moriah,  N.  Y.,  ag.  54  years.  Both  are  buried  at 
Mineville,  an  old   Cemetery  six  miles   from  Port  Henry,   N.   Y. 

They  had  four  children. 

1073.  Deborahs,  b.  1790;  d.  Feb.  4,  1872,  Moriah,  N  .T.     Buried  in  Mineville 


1074.  Ann  Currence,  b.  1793,  Sandgate,  Vt. ;  d.  Sep.  27,  1866,  Moriah,  N.  Y. 

Buried   at  Mineville  Cemetery. 

1075.  +  David  Ephraim,  b.  179.5;  d.  July  29,  1873;  m.  Lydia  Eeed. 

1076.  +  Simeon,  b.  Sep.  16,  1798;   d.  Mar.  3,  1883;   m.  Luthera  Calhoun. 

433.  NATHANIEL'  SANFORD,  JR.   {same  desent  as  431) 

b.  Sandgate,  Vt. ;  m.  Hannah ,  b.  1744 ;  d.  Apr.  23,  1804,  ag. 

60  years.     Mr.  Sanford  was  a  farmer. 

They  had  five  children. 

1077.+Benjamin  Clarks,  b.  July  6,   1772;    d.  July  4,  1849;   m.  Clarissa   Kim- 

I078.+Simeon,  b.  1777;   d.  Sep.  17,  1814;  m.  Sally  . 

1079.+Nathaniel,  b.  1782;  d.  Dec.  20,  1856;  m.  Elizabeth  Hurd. 

1080.     Anne,  b.   1787;   d.  Oct.  2,  1798. 

I081.+Euth  Eliza,  b.  Dec.  28,  1789;  d.  Feb.  1871;  m.  William  Brady. 

436.  BENONI  STEBBINS'  SANFORD  {Zachariih  149, 
Nathaniel  38,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  5,  1762,  New  Milford, 
Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  24,  1816 ;  m.  Prudence  Bostwick,  b.  1762,  d  Nov.  22, 
1841.  Mr.  Sanford  received  from  his  father  a  deed  of  pait  of  the 
home  lot,  Jan.  31,  1785.     {New  Milford  L.  B.  Vol.  17,  p.  324.)     He 


served  in  the  Revolutionary  War.  Private  in  Capt.  Chapraan  's  Co. 
Time  commenced  Dec.  28,  1777;  discharged  Mar.  1,  1778.  (Conn. 
Men  in  Rev.,  p.  524.) 

They  had  three  children,   all  bom  in  New  Milford,   Ct. 

1082.  +  Isaac«,  b.  Feb.  9,  1785;   d.  June  23,  1824;   m.  Betsey  Northrop. 

1083.  +  Gould,  b.  Oct.  31,  1786;   d.  Sep.  5,  1855;  m.  Sarah  Sheldon. 
1084.+Sarah,  b.  Mar.  2,  1788;  m.  Elijah  Bennitt. 

437.  MAEY'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  436)  b.  Jan.  26, 
1765,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  20,  1850,  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y. ;  m. 
(1)  May  12,  1784,  Dr.  Charles  McDonald;  m.  (2)  Major  Thomas 
Bradshaw  of  Revolutionary  fame,  who  was  a  son  of  James  Brad- 
shaw,  one  of  the  original  patentees  and  proprietors  of  the  township 
of  Kingsbury,  N.  Y. 

Dr.  McDonald  was  a  physician  of  considerable  eminence  and 
as  surgeon  served  in  the  American  army  during  the  Revolution, 
after  which  he  practiced  at  New  Rochelle,  N.  Y. 

She  had  one  child  by  first  marriage. 

108o.+Wimam8  McDonald,  b.  Feb.  29,  17S4;  d.  Sep.  11,  1870. 

439.  DAVID'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  436)  b.  Nov.  14, 
1769,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  4,  1813,  Sanford's  Ridge,  N.  Y. ; 
m.  Aug.  3,  1790,  Amy  Hartwell,  b.  Aug.  18,  1773,  New  Milford,  Ct., 
d.  1835.  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y. 

Mr.  Sanford  removed  to  the  town  of  Queensbury,  N.  Y.,  about 
1795  and  settled  on  a  ridge  just  outside  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y.,  which, 
in  honor  of  him,  soon  took  the  name  of  Sanford  Ridge.  There 
he  at  once  entered  into  the  mercantile  business,  which  he  very 
successfully  conducted  for  some  years.  He  also  conducted  an 
ashery  and  acquired  a  good  deal  of  real  estate.  He  was  a  man 
of  wide  influence  and  general  esteem,  holding  various  offices — 
Town  Clerk  in  1802-3;  Superintendent  of  Schools  in  1805-6-7- 
10  and  11,  and  other  town  offices.  He  assisted  in  the  building 
of  the  first  church  in  Glens  Falls,  the  subscription  paper  for  which 
was  dated  Mar.  4,  1803,  but  not  completed  till  1808.  {Holden's 
History  of  Queensbury,  pp.  152-3.) 

They  had  eight  children,  all  except  Rebeckah  and  Rachel  born 
in  Sanford's  Ridge,  N.  Y. 

1086.  Eebekahs,  b.  Apr.  4,  1791,  New  Milford,  Ct.;  d.  Aug.  22,  1812,  San- 
ford's Eidge,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Mar.  22,  1811,  at  Sanford's  Eidge,  N.  Y., 
John  H.  Hitchcock.     No  children. 


1087.+Eacliel,  b.  July  2,  1793;   d.  May  9,  1868;   m.    (1)   Abraham  Van  Den 

Berg;   m.    (2)   Dr.  Abram  Allen;   m.    (3)    Perry  Barker. 
loss.     Henry,  b.  July  11,  1798;  d.  1813,  from  an  injury  received  while  playing 

at  school. 
1088.A  Elijah^  b.  Oct.  25,  1801;  d.  in  infancy. 

1089.+Delia  Maria,  b.  June  11,  1803;   d.  Mar.  6,  1855;  m.  Nehemiah  Sheldon. 
I090.+George,  b.  Oct.  25,  1805;  d.  Mar.  24,  1862;  m.  Louisa  Gibbs. 
lOgi.  +  Emily  Frances,  b.  May  7,  1809;   d.  May  14,  1837;   m.  Orlin  Mead. 
1092. +Amy  EmeHne,  b.  Oct.   10,   1811;   d.  Jan.  22,  1834;   m.  Orlin  Mead. 

440.  DAVID  STEBINS'  SANFORD  [Joseph  150,  Nathaniel 
38,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  ab.  1756;  d.  Mar.  15,  1836,  Southbury, 
Ct. ;  m.  Olive  Johnson.    They  removed  to  So.  Britain,  Ct,  ab.  1798. 

They  had  five  children. 

1092.A  Ebenezers,  lived  in  Southbury,  Ct. 

I093.+Menemon,  b.  Nov.   15,   1789;    d.  June  24,  1852;   m.   Harriet  Bontecou. 

1094.  Asa,  d.  at  sea. 

1095.  Daughter. 

1096.  Daughter. 

441.  CATHERINE'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  440)  h. 
May  26,  1760,  Southbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  13,  1837,  Sandgate,  Vt.; 
m.  Dec.  8,  1783,  Lewis  Hurd,  b.  May  26,  1759,  Roxbury,  Ct.,  d. 
Dec.  19,  1847,  Sandgate,  Vt. 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  Sandgate,  Vt. 

I097.+Josiah8  Hurd,  b.  Mar.  5,  1792;  d.  Apr.  7,  1885;  m.  Abigail  Parker. 

1098.  Anna  Hurd,  b.  May  13,  1795;  m.  Stephen  Tamter;   removed  to  Prairie 

du  Chien,  Wis. 

1099.  Chauncey  Hurd,  b.  June  8,  1797;  drowned  June  8,  181S,  Sandgate.  Vt 

1100.  Merritt  Hurd,  b.  June  14,   1799;   d.  Apr.   15,   ISSO,  Cambridge,  N.  Y.; 

m.  Olive  Sandford.      (See  2604.) 

442.  JOSEPH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  440)  b.  1763, 
Southbury,  Ct. ;  d.  May  14,  1826,  in  Cayuga  Co.,  N.  T.,  ag.  63  years, 
10  mos. ;  m.  a  daughter  of  Thomas  and  Ann  Strong  of  Southbury, 
Ct.  They  moved  from  Southbury  to  Vermont,  then  to  Saratoga 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  where  they  continued  to  reside  until  July,  1816,  when 
they  removed  to  Cayuga  Co.,  N.  T. 

They  had  three  children;  one  was 

1101.  Josephs,  b.  Feb.  1797,  in  Vermont;   d.  Dec.  25,   1831,  Galway,  N.  Y.; 

buried  in  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  beside  his  first  wife;  m.  (1)  Sept.  23,  1823, 
Anna  Jackson,  of  Philadelphia,  Pa.;  d.  Dec.  6,  1823,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.; 
m.(2)  Nov.  6,  1828,  Margaret  H.  Boardman  of  Albany,  N.  Y.  Mr. 
Sanford  entered  the  Sophomore  Class  of  Union  College  in  Sept.  1817. 


and  was  doubtless  graduated  in  1820,  when  he  entered  the  Theo- 
logical Seminary  at  Princeton,  where  he  remained  three  years.  In 
1823  he  was  licensed  to  preach  by  the  Presbytery  of  New  York. 
After  a  few  weeks  of  preaching  in  Montreal  he  became  pastor  of 
the  First  Presbyterian  Church  of  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.,  where  he  remained 
until  Jan.  21,  1829,  when  he  was  installed  pastor  of  the  Second  Pres- 
byterian Church  of  Philadelphia,  Pa. 
(See  Memoir  of  him   by  Robert  Beard,  pub.  1836.) 

He  had  a  son  by  his  second  marriage,  born  Sept.,  1830.  At  the 
time  of  his  death  he  and  his  wife  were  staying  in  Galway  for  the 
benefit  of  their  sick  child. 

446.  WAIT'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  440)  b.  1773; 
d.  Jan.  12,  1852,  ag.  79  yrs. ;  m.  Lura  Fuller,  b.  1779  in  Vermont, 
d.  Mar.  15,  1859,  Marion,  N.  Y.,  ag.  80  yrs.  Mr.  Sanford  went  to 
Marion,  N.  Y.,  in  the  spring  of  1816. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  except  Louisa  born  in  Pawlet,  Vt. 

1102.+ William  E^.,  b.  Aug.  26,   1798;   d.  Jan.  23,  1839;  m.  Lucy  Olmstead. 
I103.+Permeua,  b.  1800;  d.  1864;  m.  GUes  Cogswell. 
I104.+Leman,  b.  July  22,  1803;  d.  Apr.  23,  1879;  m.  EmeHne  Pratt. 

1105.  Polly,  b.  1807. 

1106.  Cornelia. 

I107.+Walter    RoUin,    b.    Apr.   30,    1812;    d.   Mar.    2,    1898;    m.    (1)    Abigail 

Higby;    m.    (2)    Mrs.   Catherine   Saunders. 
I108.+Louisa.  b.  May  11,  1821;   m.  Charles  WUcox. 



449.  LIFFE"  SANFORD  (Nehemiah  156,  Joseph  5S,  Ezekiel 
9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  30,  1750,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  3, 
1815 ;  m.  1785,  Hulda,  dau.  of  John  Blackman,  of  Newto\\Ti,  Ct.,  d. 
July  1,  1843,  ag.  87  yrs.  Mr.  Sanford  moved  to  New  Milford,  Ct., 
with  his  parents  in  1772.  After  his  marriage  he  resided  in  Bridge- 
water,  Ct.,  a  part  of  New  Milford,  as  a  successful  farmer.  He 
enlisted  Feb.  24,  1777,  and  served  during  the  war.  He  became 
Sergeant  Aug.  1,  1780,  from  Capt.  BiUings'  Company.  Was  in 
Capt.  Comstock's  Company  Feb.,  1783,  with  rank  of  sergeant. 
He  was  present  at  the  execution  of  Major  Andre.  {Conn.  Men 
in  the  Rev.,  pp.  291,  326,  361.) 

His  will,  dated  Dec.  1,  1815,  proved  Dec.  22,  1815,  mentions 
wife  Huldah  and  his  five  children.  His  sons  John  of  Brookfield  and 
Joseph  of  New  Milfofd  were  executors. 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Bridgewater,  Ct. 

1109.+ John  BlackmanT,  b.  Jan.,  1788;  d.  1856;  m.  Eebecca  Clark. 

1110.     Jerusha,  b.  Jan.  1790,  d.  1825. 

llll.+Joseph,  b.  May  17,  1792;  d.  Sept.  14,  1864;  m.  (1)  Ann  Crane;  m.   (2) 

Maria  Young. 
I112.+Laura,  b.  Apr.  1794;  d.  1857;  m.  Bushnell  Bostwick. 
1113.+Glover,  b.  Mar.  3,  1797;  d.  May  30,  1878;  m.  Betsey  Lake. 

453.  NEHEMIAH«  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  449) 
b.  Oct.  2,  1762,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  26,  1844,  Bridgewater,  Ct. ; 
m.  Apr.  6,  1786,  Hannah,  dau.  of  David  Beach,  b.  Sept.  28,  1764, 
Bridgewater,  Ct.,  d.  Apr.  24,  1839.  Mr.  Sanford  lived  on  the 
homestead  of  his  father  in  New  Milford,  as  a  farmer,  an  influential 
and  esteemed  citizen.  He  enlisted  in  the  Revolutionary  army 
when  a  youth  of  nineteen,  and  served  three  months.  He  was 
added  to  the  Standing  Com.  of  the  New  Milford  Church,  Dec.  19, 

They  had  sis  children,  all  born  in  New  Milford,  Ct. 

1114.+Eobert  Walker^,  b.  May  10,  1787;  d.  Joly  7,  1879;  m.  Mabel  Squires. 
1115.     Anna,  b.  May  31,  1792;  d.  July  14,  1841;  unm. 
I116.+E!ecta,  b.  Sept.  11,  1795;  d.  Nov.  16,  1836;  m.  Philo  Carter. 
1117.-f-Garry,  b.  Aug.  28,  1797;  d.  June  7,  1845;  m.  Emily  Richardson. 
I118.  +  Beach,  b.  Aug.  16,  1804;  d.  Jan.  18,  1866;  m.  Lucy  Smith. 
I119.+Henry,  b.  Oct.  14,  1806;   d.  July  24,  1898;   m.    (1)    Anna  Canfield;  m. 
(2)   Polly  Piatt. 

454.  REBECCA'  SANFORD  {Elnathan  157,  Joseph  58,  Eze- 
kiel 9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  1747,  Redding,  Ct. :  d.  Apr.  15,  1839, 


buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery;  m.  Dec.  27,  1772,  Aaron,  son  of 
Samuel  and  Esther  (Hull)  Barlow,  b.  Feb.  11,  1750,  Redding,  Ct., 
d.  1800,  Norfolk,  Va.,  of  yellow  fever.  They  settled  in  Umpawaug, 
Ct.,  on  a  farm  purchased  by  his  father  several  years  before. 
Col.  Barlow  was  a  tried  and  trusted  officer  of  the  Revolution, 
and  a  personal  friend  of  Gen.  Israel  Putnam.  In  the  Fishkill 
Campaign,  Oct.  5-19,  1777,  he  served  as  ensign  in  Capt.  John 
Gray's  Co.,  4th  Conn.  Militia,  and  in  April,  1780,  was  commiss- 
ioned lieutenant  in  Capt.  Jesse  Bell's  Co.,  Col.  Bezaleel  Beebe's 
Regt.  of  State  Troops.  (For  complete  war  record,  see  Todd's 
History  of  Redding,  p.  149.)  After  the  war  he  was  interested 
with  his  brother  Joel,  the  poet,  in  several  industrial  enterprises, 
notably  the  building  of  a  grist  mill  for  the  kiln  drying  of  corn  for 
export  to  the  West  Indies. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1120.  ElnathanT  Barlow,  bap.  Jan.   2,   1774;   d.  Aug.   28,  1774,  Bidding,  Ct. 

1121.  Elnathan  Barlow,  bap.  July  16,  1775;   d.  in  War  of  1812. 

1122.  Samuel  Barlow,  bap.  May  4,  1777;  removed  to  Ohio. 

1123.  Stephen  Barlow,  bap.  June  13,  1779;  Lawyer  in  Ohio. 

1124.  Daniel  Barlow,  lived  and  died  in  Bedding,  Ct. 

1125.  Aaron  Barlow,  d.  at  8ea. 

1126.  Esther  Barlow,  d.  at  Norfolk,  Va.  of  yellow  fever. 

1127.  Joel  Barlow,  d.  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1128.  Rebecca  Barlow,  lived  and  died  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1129.  Thomas  Barlow,  was  educated  by  his  uncle,  the  poet,  and  accompanied 

him  to  France  as  his  private  secretary.  He  was  also  his  companion 
on  the  fatal  journey  to  Wilna.  After  the  death  of  his  uncle  Thomas 
returned  to  America  and  established  himself  as  a  lawyer  in  Pittsburg, 
Pa.,  where  he  died. 

455.  LUCT«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  454)  bap.  Aug. 
26,  1759,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  May  10,  1814;  m.  Oct.  8,  1778,  David 
Starr,  b.  Dec.  2,  1755,  d.  Mar.  13,  1814. 

They  had  eight  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

I130.+Eli7  Starr,  b.  May  18,  1779;  d.  July  2,  1849;  m.  Mary  Lea. 
I131.+David  Starr,  Jr.,  b.  Mar.  12,  1781;  d.  July  11,  18.54;  m.  Eunice  Lee. 
1132.+Comfort  Starr   (son)   b.  Mar.  27,  1783;   d.  Mar.  13,  1867;  m.  Laurana 

1133.  Anne  Starr,  b.  July  2,  1785. 

1134.  Aaron  Starr,  b.  Mar.  22,  1788;  d.  Nov.  10,  1788,  Redding,  Ct. 

1135.  Nabbe  Starr,  b.  Apr.  28,  1790. 

1136. 4- Aaron  Starr,  b.  Sep.  23,  1792;   d.  1851;  m.  Mahala  Davenport- 
I137.+Elnathan  Sanford  Starr,  b.  Apr.  1,  1795;   m.  Sally  Stratton. 

(B.  T.  E.,  Vol.  2,  p.  50.)  For  further  information  see  Starr  Gene- 


460.  MAEY^  WHITE  {Phele  158,  Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  Eze- 
kiel  2,  ThanMs  1)  b.  May  12,  1760,  Danbury,  Ct. ;  m.  May  13,  1783, 
Edward,  son  of  Perez  Gay,  b.  Feb.  3, 1763,  Sharon,  Ct.,  d.  Franklin, 
N.  Y.     Mr.  Gay  was  a  soldier  in  the  Revolutionary  War. 

They  had  nine  children. 

113S.  Infanf^,  d.  in  infancj. 

1139.  Perez  White  Gay,  b.  Feb.  22,  1786;  d.  May  24,  1863;  m.  Submit  Rice. 

1140.  Clarissa  Gay. 

1141.  Deborah  Gay.  .  ,^     . . 

1142.  Catherine  Gay. 

1143.  Henry  Sanford  Gay. 

1144.  William  Gay,  b-  May  7,  1798,  Sharon,  Ct. ;   d.  Aug.  24,  1861,  Franklin, 

N.  Y.;  m.  Aug.  26,  1819,  Almirah  Benton.     {See  1148.) 

1145.  Edward  Fairbanks  Gay,  b.  Aug.  30,  1800;  m.  Clarissa  M.  Lee. 

1146.  Infant,   d.  in  infancy. 

464.  PHEBE«  WHITE  {same  descent  as  460)  b.  Apr.  3, 
1769;  d.  Oct.  6,  1842;  m.  Apr.  4,  1792,  Ezra,  son  of  Isaac  and 
Jemima  (St.  John)  Benton,  b.  May  2,  1764,  Salisbury,  Ct.,  d.  May 
28,  1832,  Salisbury,  Ct. 

They  had  seven  children. 

1147.  AhnonT  Benton,  b.  July  7,  1793;  d.  July  23,  1812. 

1148.  Almira  Benton,  b.  Mar.  21,  1795;  d.  Oct.  3,  1884,  Franklin,  N.  Y.;  m. 

Aug.  26,  1819,  William  Gay     (See  1U4.) 

1149.  Alvin  Benton,  b.  Dec.  3,  1796;  m.  Feb.  24,  1820,  Phebe  Hugg. 

1150.  Carmi  Benton,  b.  Nov.   27,   1798;   m.  May  6,  1823,  Lucia  Cowles. 

1151.  Ezra  Benton,  b.  Jan.  13,  1801;   d.  Jan.  19,  1803. 

1152.  Phebe  S.  Benton,  b.  Aug.  26,  1805;  m.  May  10,  1842,  William  Perrin. 

1153.  Chester  Benton,  b.  Sept.  27,  1808;  d.  Oct-  27,  1812. 

469.  BILLE*  MOREHOUSE  {Ann  159,  Joseph  58,  Ezekwi  9, 
Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  June  2,  1756,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  Mar.  5,  1778, 
Ruth  Guyer. 

They  had  four  children. 

1154.  OUveT  Morehouse,  bap.  Aug.  22.  1779,  Bedding,  Ct. 

1155.  Tabitha   Morehouse,   married   a   Sanford   and   lived   near   the   pond  in 

W.  Redding,  Ct. 

(Other  names  unknown.) 

470.  AARON'  MOREHOUSE  {same  descent  as  469)  b.  June 
2,  1758;  d.  Dec.  3,  1833,  Redding,  Ct.,  buried  Redding  Ridge; 
m.  Urana,  dau.  of  John  Starr.  Mr.  Morehouse  entered  the 
Revolutionary  Army  as  a  fifer  at  the  age  of  sixteen,  was  in  the 


battles  of  Flatbush,  Eedhook  and  others,  and  aided  in  covering 
the  retreat  of  the  patriots  from  New  York  after  the  Battle  of 
Long  Island.    After  the  war  he  settled  in  Redding  Centre,  and  for 
thirty  years  was  Deputy  Sheriff  of  Fairfield  County. 
They  had  nine  children. 

1156.  Starr  HillT  Morehouse. 

1157.  Flora  Morehouse. 

1158.  Betsej  Morehouse. 

1159.  Anna  Morehouse. 

1160.  William  Morehouse. 

1161.  Almira  Morehouse. 

1162.  +  Charle8  Morehouse,   b.   Dec.    13,    1302;    m.    (1)    Fidelia   Starr;    m.    (2) 

Anna  Morehouse. 

1163.  Amelia  Morehouse. 

1164.  George  Morehouse. 

480.  HULDAH«  SANFORD  {Timothy  160,  Joseph  58,  Eze- 
kiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  29,  1770,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m. 

They  had  one  child. 

1165.  Timothy  Sanford^  Olmstead;  resided  in  Germantown,  N.  Y. 

481.  J\IARY«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  480)  b.  Feb.  21, 
1779,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  Sept.  25,  1797,  Thomas  Couch.  Jr.; 
m.   (2)   Daniel  Mallett. 

She  had  two  children  by  first  and  one  by  second  marriage, 
all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1166.  TimothyT  Couch,  b.  Feb.  12,  1797. 

1167.  Esther  Couch,  b.  Jan.  29,  1799. 

1168.  Aaron  Mallett.     Lived  on  the  .old  homestead  in  Bedding,  Ct. 
{Redding  T.  R.  Vol.  S,  p.  79.) 

482.  SOLOMON  NOBLE«  SANFORD  {Joseph  161,  Joseph 
58,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  16,  1764,  Redding,  Ct.; 
d.  Mar.  20,  1844;  m.  Apr.  12,  1790,  Anna,  dan.  of  Nathaniel  and 
Johanna  (Benedict)  Lockwood,  b.  May  22,  1775,  d.  Mar.  11,  1847. 
On  July  30,  1796,  Solomon  N.  Sanford  and  his  wife  Anna  deeded 
to  Elijah  Benedict  of  Danbury,  land  in  Danbury,  being  part  of 
what  was  set  off  to  said  Anna  of  the  estate  of  her  grandfather, 
Samuel  Benedict,  late  of  Danbury,  dec,  and  bounded  west  on  the 
Ridgefield  line.  On  Mar.  25,  1803,  Solomon  N.  Sanford  and  wife 
Anna  of  Hinesburg,  Vt.,  deeded  five  acres  of  land  in  Danbury  to 
Elijah  Benedict  of  Danbury.     {Danbury  L.  R.,  Bk.  8,  p.  461,  and 



Bk.  11,  p.  120.)  Mar.  16,  1791,  Solomon  Noble  Sanford  and  his 
brother  Isaiah,  both  of  New  Milford,  Ct.,  bought  from  Ebenezer 
Trobridge  25  acres  in  New  Milford  Neck.  This  land  they  redeeded 
to  Ebenezer  Trobridge  Mar.  30,  1793.  {New  Milford  L.  R.,  Bk.  18, 
p.  296.) 

They  had  ten  children. 

1169.+JehannalT,  b.  July  15,  1791;   d.  Nov.  10,  1837;  m.  Levi  Marshall. 
I170.+Ezbon,   b.   July   22,    1793;    d.    Oct.    26,    1876;    m.    (1)    Mary   Bradley; 

m.    (2)    Diana    Tyler;    m.    (3)    Mary   Chapin. 
1171.     Alvah,    b.    Oct.    16,    1795;    d.    Sept.    29,    1873,    Granville,    Ohio;    m. 

Mar.    9,    1828,    Clarissa    Covell,    b.    Oct.    29,    1794.    No    children. 

Mr.    Sanford    was    an    Episcopal    Clergyman,    also    ran    a    ladies' 

seminary    at    Granville,    Ohio,    for    many    years.     He    educated    his 

youngest   brother    Solomon    Noble,    Jr. 
I172.+Talmadge,  b.  Dec.  26,  1797;  d.  Nov.  21,  1873;  m.  (1)  Betsey  Benedict; 

m.    (2)    Lydia   Irish. 
1173. +Ira,    b.    Apr.    30,    1800;    d.    Apr.    6,    1857;    m.    (1)    Laura    Sanford; 

m.    (2)    Emeline   Mattoon. 
I174.+Hiram,   b.   Aug.   10,   1802;    d.  Aug.    1,   1841;   m.  Laura  Whitney. 
I175.+Anna  Mariah,  b.   Feb.   12,   1805;    d.  Aug.   15,   1897;   m.    (1)    Philemon 

Griffin;    m.    (2)    Lewis   Marshall;    m.    (3)    George   Bliss. 
I176.+Amanda,    b.   Mar.    12,    1807;    d.    Aug.    13,    1876;    m.    James    Goulding. 
1177.     Melissa    Antoinette,    b.    Jan.    2,    1814,    Hinesburg,    Vt. ;    d.    Sept.    20, 

1832,    Hinesburg,    Vt. 
1178.+Solomon    Noble,    Jr.,    b.    July    15,    1821;    d.    Oct.    17,    1900;    m.    Mary 


483.  ZACHARIAH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  482)  b. 
Nov.  3,  1765,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  21,  1857,  Franklin ville,  111; 
m.  April  21,  1785,  Lydia  Lockwood,  b.  Jan.  3,  1763,  d.  Mar.  25, 
1852.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  tanner  and  currier  and  shoemaker,  a 
devoted  Christian  man.  In  1821,  with  their  fifteen  children,  they 
moved  from  Vermont  to  Canton,  N.  T.,  where  they  lived  until  1843, 
when  they  removed  to  Seneca,  111.,  making  the  entire  journey  over- 
land in  an  open  buggy.  Three  of  their  sons,  Israel,  Nelson  and  Stan- 
ley, and  their  families  went  with  them,  using  covered  wagons,  the 
sons  walking  most  of  the  way.  Their  parents  were  then  seventy-eight 
and  eighty  years  old.  The  father  planted  a  peach  orchard  soon  after 
his  arrival  and  both  he  and  his  wife  lived  to  eat  peaches  that  grew 
on  the  trees. 

They  were  pious  people  and  with  thirteen  of  their  children 
were  members  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  church.  The  other  child< 
was  a  Close  Communion  Baptist.  Fourteen  of  their  children  lived 
to  raise  families. 


Mr.  Sanford  was  a  very  temperate  and  industrious  man.  His 
wife  was  a  most  devoted  and  consistent  help-meet.  Her  hands  were 
never  idle.  She  sat  at  the  old  family  loom  weaving  her  ten  yards 
of  cloth  in  a  day,  or  spun  wool  or  tow  at  the  great  wheel  or  sat  sing- 
ing at  the  little  wheel,  spinning  linen  from  the  flax  on  the  distaflP 
with  both  hands,  as  her  wheel  carried  two  spools  filling  at  the  same 
time,  thus  doing  two  days'  work  in  one.  At  the  time  of  Mr.  San- 
'  ford's  death  they  had  been  married  sixty-six  years  and  at  this  time 
tlw^e  were  thirteen  of  their  fifteen  children  living  and  one  hundred 
fifty-seven  grand  and  great-grandchilden. 

They  had  fifteen  children,  the  first  ten  all  born  in  New  Milford, 
Ct.,  and  the  last  five  in  Hinesburg,  Vt. 

1179.-)-Eufus  Clarke  b.  Dec.  6,   1785;   d.  Aug.  7,  1861;  m.  Clarinda -Conger. 

1180. -f- Polly,  b.  Jan.  19,  1787;   d.  Oct.  23,  1878;   m.  David  Barteau. 

1181.-fHepsibah,   b.    Feb.    25,    1788;    d.   Feb.    24,    1874;    m.   Oliver   Barber. 

1182.     Sally,  b.  Aug.  31,  1789;   d.  1789. 

1183.4-Sally,  b.   Nov.   25,   1790;    d.   Sept.   5,   1874;    m.    Samuel   Bacheller. 

1184. -I- Israel  L.,  b.   Dec.   6,   17^1;    d.  June  5,   1871. 

1185.-t-Betsey,   b.   Oct.   6,    1793;    d.   Feb.    13,    1880;    m.    (1)    Jonathan   Paul; 

m.    (2)    Dr.   John   Hubbard. 
1186.-}-Lorana,   b.   Apr.    18,    1795;    d.   Dec.   5,    1882;    m.   William   Belding. 
I187.+Aurilla,   b.    July    4,    1796;    d.    July   25,    1877;    m.    (1)    Abijah    Lake; 

m.    (2)    Caleb  Olin. 
I188.+Lydia,    b.    Jan.    29,    1798;    d.    Nov.    13,    1843;    m.    Gershom    Conner. 
I189.-1-Samantha,   b.   Apr.    10,    1800;    d.    Oct.    1,   1886;    m.   Luther   Lincoln. 
1190.-f-Eliza   Ann,   b.    Feb.    22,    1802;    d.   Mar.    8,    1896;    m.    Gresham   Isham. 
I191.+Minerva,  b.   Nov.   14,   1803;    d.  Jan.   8,   1895;    m.   Oringe   Crary. 
1192.     Charles   Nelson,   b.   Nov.   9,    1805,    Hinesburg,   Vt.;    d.   Apr.    23,    1884, 

FranklinviUe,    111.;    m.    Feb.,    1833,    Mary    Batcheller.     He    had    uo 

children  and  adopted  two.     Was  one  of  the  first  settlers  in  Seneca, 

m.,  where  he  resided  over  forty  years. 
1 1 93. -f  Stanley,  b.  July  28,  1808;  d.  Jan.  25,  1902;  m.  Marie  Bradford.' 

484.  ISAIAH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  482^  b.  Apr. 
26,  1768,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  June  27,  1854,  Stockholm,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Jan. 
23,  1791,  Molly  Hill  of  Sharon,  Ct.,  b.  Jan.  27,  1776,  Saybrook,  Ct., 
d.  Oct.  24,  1843,  Stockholm,  N.  Y.,  ag.  74.  Mr.  Sanford  sold  his 
right  in  the  25  acres  of  land  in  New  Milford,  purchased  from 
Ebenezer  Trobridge,  with  dwelling  house  to  his  brother  Solomon 
Noble,  Mar.  30,  1793.  He  sold  his  home  in  New  Milford,  Dec.  9, 
1795.  (iV.  MUford  L.  R.,  Bk.  21,  p.  397.)  Mr.  Sanford  removed 
to  Monkton,  Vt.,  where  he  was  postmaster  and  justice  of  the  peace 
for  many  years.  He  later  removed  to  New  Haven,  Vt.,  and  in  1817 
to  Stockholm,  N.  Y. 


They  had  six  children,  all  except  Carr  and  Auletas  bom  in 
Monkton,  Vt. 

1194.4-Carr  Xoble^,  b.  Feb.  29,  1794,  New  Milford,  Conn.;   d.  May  3,  1820; 
m.  Betsey  Chapman. 

1195.  Daughter,  b.  Oct.  21,  1796;  d.  Oct.  21,  1796,  Monkton,  Vt. 

1196.  +  Joseph   Horace,  b.   Sept.   26,   1799;    d.  Aug.   1,   1866;    m.    (1)    Elmim 

Golding;     m.     (2)     Maria    Doyle. 
_1197.     Laura  Luzette,  b.  Jan.  30,  1803;    d.   Mar.   15,   1839,   Springfield,  111.; 

m.   Ira  Sanford.      (See  1173.) 
1198.     Daughter,  b.  Apr.  26,  1806;  d.  Apr.  26,  1806,  Monkton,  Vt. 
1199.4- Auletas  Melancton,  b.  May  28,  1812,  New  Haven,  Vt.;  d.  Aug.  6,  1886; 

m.    (1)    Nancy  Fuller;  m.   (2)   Harriet  Elderkin. 

486.  TABITHA8  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  482)  b.  May 
1,  1772,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  1851,  Vergennes,  Vt. ;  m.  Jan.  5,  1796, 
Cyrus,  son  of  Jonathan  and  Rebecca  (Brownson)  Bostwick,  b. 
Mar.  28,  1769,  d.  July  16,  1847,  Vergennes,  Vt. 

They  had  three  children,  all  bom  in  Vergennes,  Vt. 

1200.     Marcia^  Bostwick,  b.  July  31,   1799;   d.  Feb.  22,   1879. 
I201.+Betsey  M.  Bostwick,  b.  May  11,  1806;  d.  Nov.  25,  1877;  m.  Osman  Cole. 

1202.  Isaiah  S.  Bostwick,  b.  July  9,  1809;  Jan.  26,  1836. 

488.  JOSEPH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  482)  b.  Nov. 
15,  1776,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  11,  1825,  in  Vermont;  m.  Sarah 
Smith,  d.  1824  in  Vermont.  Mr.  Sanford  lived  in  Potsdam,  N.  Y., 
until  about  1820,  when  he  went  to  Vermont.  His  children  were 
cared  for  and  educated  by  his  wife's  sister,  Miss  Smith.  He  was 
mentioned  in  his  grandfather  Joseph  Sanford 's  will. 

They  had  four  children. 

1203.  Martin^,  d.  young  from  burns  accidently  received. 

1204.  Joseph,  d.  young. 

1205.  Charlotte,   d.   1857  or   1858   Potsdam,.  N.  T. ;   ag.  43  years;   unm. 

1206.  William  W.,  b.  ab.  1817;  d.  1844,  accidentally  killed  in  Fond  du  Lac,  Wis. 

494.  AARON"  SANFORD  {Hezekiah  165,  Lemuel  59,  Eze- 
kiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  May  26,  1757,  Redding,  Ct.-  d.  Feb. 
8,  1849 ;  m.  Nov.  2,  1780,  Lydia,  dau.  of  WiUiam  and  Lydia  (Nash) 
Hawley,  b.  Dec.  13,  1763,  Redding,  Ct,  d.  Mar.  21,  1847.  Buried 
in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct.  ' 

Mr.  Sanford  in  May,  1775,  as  a  youth  of  18,  when  the 
Revolution  had  just  begun,  enlisted  in  the  5th  Regiment,  Connecti- 
cut Line ;  and  at  this  time  his  service  took  him  as  far  north  as 
Montreal,  a  memorandum  in  his  superior  handwriting  being  yet 
preserved  which  describes  his  experience.    Discharged  July  4,  1775. 

^   3 
o  < 

<  y  ~ 
(^  -5  "S 

i<  2 

=  o 
—  S. 

_r-        O 



In  1776,  he  was  a  sergeant  in  the  13th  Regiment  of  militia,  Capt. 
Hines'  Co.,  discharged  Sept.  7th.  Re-enlisted  in  Capt.  Morehouse's 
Co.  Time  of  marching,  Oct.  5,  1776.  Discharged,  Oct.  12th.  In 
1777,  he  was  a  member  of  the  4th  Connecticut  Militia.  On  this  last 
occasion,  he  was  with  the  soldiers  who  resisted  the  British  attack 
upon  Danbury,  Ct.,  and  says  of  his  encounter  with  the  enemy: 
"I  fired  towards  or  at  them,  I  think,  six  times,  but  no  ball  was 
permitted  to  hit  me."  For  these  services  as  a  patriot,  in  later 
life,  he  persistently  refused  a  pension  of  ' '  several  hundred  dollars ' ' 
which  he  might  have  obtained.  {Comi.  Men  in  Rev.,  pp.  71,  469, 
520.)  He  married  his  first  cousin,  Lydia  Hawley,  in  1780;  their 
children  were  five  sons  and  five  daughters.  He  was  a  farmer,  and 
at  one  time  held  the  ofiBce  of  magistrate. 

In  June,  1789,  Rev.  Jesse  Lee,  the  first  Methodist  missionary 
to  New  England,  came  to  Redding  and  preached.  Mr.  Sanford  was 
deeply  impressed,  and  in  December  of  that  year,  with  Mrs.  "William 
Hawley,  his  wife's  mother,  joined  the  new  Society.  By  this  step 
he  became  the  first  male  member,  Steward,  Class  Leader,  and  Local 
Preacher  in  New  England  Methodism.  Often  he  preached  in 
Redding  and  elsewhere,  to  the  edification  of  the  people.  In  1797, 
he  was  ordained  a  deacon  by  Francis  Asbury,  the  first  Bishop  of 
the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church  in  the  United  States,  who  was 
not  an  infrequent  visitor  in  the  home  of  Mr.  Sanford.  This 
residence,  in  fact,  yet  stands,  as  a  landmark  of  the  olden  time,  to 
which  Mr.  Sanford  added  a  room  as  a  preaching  place  for  the 
pioneer  Bishop. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  a  man  of  strong  intellectual  powers,  of  the 
most  4evout  spirit,  of  deep  religious  experience^  and  of  the  most 
scrupulous  integrity  in  his  dealings.  He  became  one  of  the  three 
richest  men  in  Redding.  On  February  8,  1849,  as  a  patriarch  of 
nearly  92,  he  passed  to  the  better  life,  enjoying  the  veneration  cf 
ail.     His  burial  was  at  Redding  Ridge,  Conn. 

His  descendants  are  many.  Since  his  conversion,  in  1789, 
some  25  of  his  Idndred  have  been  enrolled  in  the  local  or  the 
itinerant  ministry  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church,  including 
two  brothers  and  a  sister,  and  also  sons,  daughters,  grandchildren, 
and  great  grandchildren.  Among  clergymen  now  preaching  as 
the  twentieth  century  progresses,  several  are  his  d,fescendants. 
Others  are  prominent  in  literary  and  commercial  activity.  The 
instance  of  such  a  long  Line  of  useful  and  influential  posterity  can 
have  but  few  parallels. 


They  had  ten  children,  all  born  in  Redding  Centre,  Ct. 

1207.4-Betse77,  b.  Oct.  5,  1781;   d.  July  29,  1818;  m.  John  HiU. 
120S.+Hannah,  b.  May  31,  1784;  d.  Sept.  18,  1831;  m.  Rev.  Aaron  Hunt. 
1209.  + Aaron,  Jr.,  b.  July  8,  1786;   d.  Aug.  20,  1872;  m.  Fanny  Hill. 
1210.4-Hawley,  b.  July  16,   1789;    d.   Feb.   15,   1867;   m.    (1)   Betsey    (Stow) 

Howe;  m.   (2)    Sarah  Ketchum. 
1211.     Jesse  Lee,  b.  July  27,  1791;  d.  April  9,  1813.     Buried  in  Redding,  Ct. 
"All  flesh  is  grass  and  all  the  godliness  thereof  is  as  the  flower  of  the 

field. ' ' 
1212.4-Eunice,  b.  Aug.   10,   1793;    d.   Dec.  22,   1827;   m.  Isaac  Gorham. 
1213. + Walter,   b.   Feb.   18,   1796;    d.   Sept.   26,  1875;   m.    (1)    Harriet  Booth; 

m.    (2)    Emily  Gorham. 
1214.  +  Charlotte,  b.  Jan.  8,  1800;   d.  May  1,  1857;  m.  Thomas  Fanton. 
I215.+Lydia,  b.  Sept.  23,  1803;  d.  Nov.  14,  1863;  m.  Aaron  Hyatt. 
I216.+William  Anson,  b.  Jan.  15,  1807;  d.  June  30,  1875;  m.  Harriet  Tuttle. 

496.  HEZEKIAH"  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  494)  b. 
Jan.  6,  1762,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  18,  1834;  m.  June  10,  1783, 
Betsey  Booth  (?)  daughter  of  Stephen  Booth  (?)  of  Derby,  Ct,  b. 
Nov.  10,  1763.  Mr.  Sanford  was  made  a  Freeman  of  Redding,  Ct., 
April,  1784. 

He  removed  to  Southeast,  N.  Y.  He  was  Methodist  local 
preacher  and  instrumental  in  establishing  Methodism  there.  He 
is  buried  in  Milltown  Cemetery,  Southeast,  N.  Y.,  and  his  tomb- 
stone bears  the  following  inscription :  "In  memory  of  Hezekiah 
Sanford,  Esq.,  who  died  triumphant  in  the  merits  of  the  Lord 
Jesus  Christ,  March  18,  1834,  aged  72  years,  2  months  and  12  days." 
{History  of  Putnam  Co.,  N.  Y.,  p.  464.) 

They  had  sis  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1217.-|-LydiaT,  b.  Mar.  19,  1784;  m.  Sanford  Mygatt. 

1218.  Hezekiah,   b.   Dec.   9,   1785;    probably   died  early. 

1219.  Ahaz,  b.  Jan.  19,  1789;  probably  died  early. 
1220.-f-Sally,  b.  Oct.  13,  1792;  m.  DePorest. 

I221.+Betsey,  b.  Dec.  3,  1795;  d.  Jan.  or  Mar.  3,  1842;  m.  Walter  Lyon. 
1222.     Zalmon  Booth,  b.  Dec.  6,  1798;   d.  Jan.  31,   1803. 

497.  WILLIAM^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  494)  b.  Aug. 
21,  1764,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  6,  1837,  buried  in  Umpawaug,  Ct. ; 
m.  (1)  Jan.  8,  1792,  Lydia  Hull,  d.  Jan.  13,  1818,  ag.  49  years, 
buried  in  Umpawaug;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Ruth  Ketchirm  of  New  York 
City,  mother  of  Sarah  Piatt  Ketchum,  who  was  the  second  wife  of 
Hawley  Sanford.  She  died  Dee.  11,  1861,  ag.  95  years.  Buried 
in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct.    Mr.  Sanford  was  connected  with  the  early 


Methodism  of  Redding — that  society  being  among  the  first  in  all 
New  England,  and  for  a  long  time  conspicuous  in  the  denomination. 
Was  made  a  Freeman  of  Redding  in  April,  1791.  He  was  a 
member  of  Assembly  in  1818-25-27. 

He  had  five  children  by  first  marriage. 

1223.  +  George T,  b.  Sept.  18,  1792;   d.  Oct.  21,  1826;  m.  Ann  Teed. 

1224. + William,  Jr.,  b.  June  19,  1794;   d.  Sept.  2,  1821;  m.  Hester  . 

1225.  +  Gi]es,  b.  June  11,  1798;  d.  Jan.  30,  1857;  m.  Cynthia  Willis. 

1226.  Ralph,    b.    1802;    d.    Mar.    20,    1839,    Redding,    Ct.;    unm.     Buried    in 

Umpawaug  Cemetery.  Waa  a  member  of  Legislature  in  1832-36. 
Mr.  Sanford  'a  will  dated  Jan.  11,  1839,  proved  Apr.  16,  1840,  givea 
his  property  to  the  children  of  his  brother,  Giles,  of  Albany,  N.  Y., 
and  Zahnon,  of  Weatport,  Ct.,  also  to  his  niece,  Lydia  Ann  Sanford, 
of  Poughkeepsie,  N.  Y.     {Bedding  Pro.  Bee.  Vol.  1,  p.  16.) 

1227.  +  Zalmon,  b.  Aug.  17,  1803;   d.  Mar.  22,  1858;  m.  Caroline  Peck. 

499.  EUNICE^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  494)  b.  Apr. 
23,  1772,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  6,  1805,  buried  in  Redding,  Ct. ; 
m.  Aug.  18,  1793,  Rev.  Aaron  Hunt,  b.  Mar.  28,  1768,  East  Chester, 
N.  Y.,  d.  Apr.  25,  1858. 

They  had  four  children. 

'  1228.     ZalmonT  Hunt,  d.  young. 
1229.+ Joseph  Drake  Hunt,  b.   Dec.   12,   1796;    d.   Feb.   6,   1864;    m.   Clarissa 

1230.  Phebe  Hunt,  b.  Dec.  19,  1800;  d.  Jan.  29,  1829;  m.  Rev  Aaron  Sanford 

Hill    (See  S930). 

1231.  William  Hunt,  b.  Aug.  27,  1804;   d.  Dec.  2,  1855;   m.  Sept.  14,  1831, 

Jane  Beadle,  dau.  of  William  and  Juliana  (Benton)  Germoud^  b. 
Dec.  29,  1812,  Washington,  N.  Y.;  d.  Jan.  28,  1892,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 
Mr.  Hunt  resided  in  Poughkeepsie,  N.  Y. 

512.  LAZARUS"  BEACH,  JR.  {Lydia  169,  Lemuel  59,  Eze- 
kiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  TJiomas  1)  b.  Dec.  1,  1760,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  June 
28,  1816,  N.  Y.  C. ;  m.  Aug.  19,  1797,  at  Bridgeport,  Ct. ;  Polly  Hall, 
widow  of  Dr.  Chas.  A.  Hall,  b.  Feb.  15,  1764;  d.  Aug.,  1824. 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  Bridgeport,  Ct. 

1232.  Son7,  b.  Nov.  29,  1798;   d.  Nov.  29,  1798. 

1233.+Fanny  Beach,  b.  Mar.  30,  1800;  d.  Mar.  14,  1868;  m.   (1)  .Jame'i  Ladd ; 

m.    (2)  WUliam  Whitehead. 
1234.+Caroline  Beach,  b.  Dec_  20,  1801;  d.  Apr.  9,  1837;  m.  Augustin  AverilL 
1235.+Catherine  Beach,  b.  Oct.  12,  1805;  d.  Nov.  3,  1866;  m.  Thomas  Underhill. 

515.  HANNAH"  BEACH  {same  descent  as  512)  b.  Apr.  11, 
1767,   Redding,   Ct. ;   d.   Jan.   25,    1814;   m.   Jan.   29,   1786,   Philo, 


son  of  Daniel  Lyon  of  Weston,  Ct.,  b.  Oct.  29, 1764,  d.  Apr.  12, 1813. 
They  had  nine  children. 

1236.  HenryT  Lyon,  b.  Nov.  16,  1786;  d.  Dec.  30,  1873,  Eedding  Eidge,  Ct.; 

m.  Esther  Taylor. 

1237.  Lazanis  Lyon,  b.  Oct.  16,  1788;  d.  Mar  18,  1810. 

1238.  Infant,  b.  Jan.  13,  1792;  d.  same  day. 

1239.  Ziba  Lyon,  b.  Jan.  10,  1793 ;  d.  Sept.  4, ,  Utiea,  N.  T. ;  m.  Minerva 

Nichols;  no  children. 
I240.+Philo  Lyon,  Jr.,  b.  Aug.  24,  1794;  d.  May,  7,  1839;  m.  Lucy  Starr. 
I241.+Isaac  Beach  Lyon,  b.  Apr.  24,  1796;  d.  July  4,  1837;  m.  Julia  Hibbard. 

1242.  Infant,  b.  Oct.  10,  1798;  d.  Nov.  11,  1798. 

1243.  Lydia  Lyon,  b.  Nov.,  1799;  d.  Feb.  3,  1816. 

1244.  Philemon  Lyon,  b.  July  28,   1802;   d.  Dec.  23,  1857,  Utica,  N.   Y. ;   m. 

Eliza  Ann  Lewis;  d.  July  4,  1895,  Utica,  N.  Y.    No  children. 
{Taken  from  an  old  Bible  owned  by  Ziba  Lyon.) 

516.  EUNICE"  BEACH  {same  descent  as  512)  b.  Sept.  23, 
1769,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  19,  1822,  New  Haven,  111.;  m. 
Jonathan,  son  of  Seth  and  Elizabeth  (Mallory)  Hull,  b.  Oct.  25, 
1763,  d.  Dec.  1,  1820. 

They  had  three  children. 

1245.+Lemuel    Beach^    Hull,   b.   Apr.    10,    1792;    d.    Oct.    22,    1843;    m.    Polly 

1246.     Eleanor  Hull,  b.  May  20,  1794;  d.  Sept.  21,  1814. 
1247.+Seth  Hull,  b.  July  13,  1796;  d.  Apr.  1835;  m.  Nabby  Eveleth. 

517.  ISAAC"  BEACH  {same  descent  as  512)  b.  May  19, 
1773,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  July  20,  1822,  Alexander,  N.  T. ;  m.  (1) 
Dec.  7,  1794,  Elizabeth  SiUiman  of  Easton,  Ct,  b.  Dec.  11,  1769, 
d.  Feb.  14,  1796;  m.  (2)  Sept.  26,  1797,  Redding  Ct,  Hannah, 
dau.  of  Andrew  Lane  and  Hannah  (Lyon)  Hill,  b.  Jan.  7,  1776,  d. 
May,  1846. 

He  had  six  children  by  second  marriage,  all  bom  in  Redding, 

1248.     Betsey ■f  Beach,  b.  Nov.  12,  1798;   d.  Sept.  1,  1846,  Eedding,  Ct.;   unm. 
1249.+Lydia  Beach,  b.  Feb.  27,  1800;  d.  May  3,  1871;  m.  James  Hawley. 
1250.+Charles  Beach,  b.  Nov.  27,  1801;  d.  Mar.  14,  1864;  m.  Lucy  Peck. 

1251.  WyUis  Beach,  b.  Aug.  20,  1803;  d.  Feb.  3,  1851,  Eedding,  Ct.;  unm. 

1252.  Lazarus  Beach,  b.  July  28,  1805;   d.  Sept.  20,  1850,  Eedding,  Ct.;  m. 

May   14,    1829,   at   Eedding,   Ct.,   Betsey,    dau.    of   Joel   and   Esther 
(Seymour)    Foster,   b.   Jan.   6,    1811,   Eedding,   Ct.     No  children. 
1253.-f-l3aac  Beach,  Jr.,  b.  July  14,  1808;  d.  .July,  10,  1862;  m.  Mary  Winton. 

519.  LEIVITJEL"  SANFORD  {Lemuel  170,  Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel 
9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  July  18,  1769,  Redding  Centre,  Ct. ;  d. 


Dec.  1,  1831,  m.  Jan.  1,  1795,  (Sarah)  Mary,  dau.  of  Esq.  Heron, 
b.  Nov.  3,  1768,  Redding,  Ct.,  d.  Dec.  6,  1832.  He  was  educated 
at  President  Dwight's  famous  academy  on  Greenfield  Hill,  settled 
in  Redding  Centre  on  the  farm  now  owned  by  Albert  Gorham. 
He  was  a  man  of  much  ability  and  prominent  in  towii  affairs. 
Was  a  deaoQn  in  the  Cong,  church  for  many  years.  He  was  a 
member  of  the  Legislature  in  the  years  1807-8-9-10-12-13-14.  Mr. 
-   Sanford  is  buried  in  the  Old  Cemetery  at  Redding,  Ct. 

"He  was  in  the  universal  judgment  a  man  of  sound  under- 
standmg,  of  solid  and  intelligent  piety  and  of  unbending  integrity. 
As  he  lived  so  he  died  in  the  faith  and  hope  of  the  Gospel." 

They  had  two  children. 

1254.-|-JuUaT,  b.  Sept.  7,  1797;  d.  June  8,  1858;  m.  Rev.  Thomas  Daviea. 
1255.-f-Mar7  Heron,  b.  Apr.  21,  1801;  d.  June  4,  1832;  m.  Dr.  Nehemiah  Perry. 

521.  ^LIRY*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  519)  b.  May  18, 
1776,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  May  29,  1798 ;  m.  March  27, 1796,  Dr.  Thomas 
Peck,  d.  May  29,  1798. 

They  had  two  children. 

1256.  Sophia^  Peck,  b.  AprU  26,   1797;   m.  Col.   Burr,  of  Redding,   Ct.     No 


1257.  Aaron  Burr  Peck. 

523.  JOxNATHAN  RUSSELL*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as 
519)  b.  Feb.  11,  1782,  Redding  Centre;  d.  Aug.  21,  1858;  m  Oct.  17, 
1808,  Maria,  dau.  of  Dr.  Thomas  Davies,  b.  1791,  Sherman,  Ct.,  d! 
May  25,  1869.  In  June,  1808,  he  was  appointed  Town  Clerk  and 
Treasurer,  and  held  those  offices  until  his  death,  a  period  of  half  a 
century.  He  also  filled  the  office  of  Judge  of  Probate  for  several 
years,  besides  representing  his  native  town  in  1815-20  and  1831  in 
state  legislature.  His  will,  dated  Feb.  18,  1856,  probated  Sept.  29, 
1858,  bequeathes  to  his  wife  and  children. 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Centre,  Ct 

1258.  AmandaT,  b.  Feb.  23,  1810;  d.  Oct.  20,  1866;  unm. 

1259.  Maria,  b.  Sept.  16,   1815;   d.  Nov.   18,   1815. 

1260. -f  Lemuel,  b.  Sept.  18,  1816;  d.  June  9,  1890;  m.  Abby  Hill. 

1261. -I- Jonathan  RusseU,  b.  Oct.  25,  1819;  d.  Feb.  28,  1897;  m.  Clarissa  Read. 

1262. -f  Thomas,  b.  Sept.  27,  1823;  d.  Apr.  1,  1880;  m.  Charlotte  Hewitt. 

526.  BENJAMIN"  SANFORD  {Ezekiel  171,  Lemuel  59,  Eze- 
kiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  July  17,  1768,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  ab. 
1856,  Germantown,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  Col.  David  Oimstead, 


of  Ridgefield,  Ct.  Col.  Benjamin  Sanford  lived  for  a  few  years 
in  Ridgefield,  Ct.,  then  removed  to  Onondaga  County,  N.  Y.,  then 
to  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  and  afterwards  to  Germantown,  N.  T.  He 
built  the  mills  at  Jamesville,  Onondaga  County,  N.  Y.,  in  1803. 
{Clarke's  Hist,  of  Onondaga  Co.,  p.  234.)  Was  in  27th  Brigade  in 
1812.     Rank,  Brig.  Major. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Ridgefield,  Ct. 

1262a.  William  HeniyT,  b.  May  4,  1794. 

1262b.  Ezekiel,  b.  Feb.  12,  1796;  d.  Dec.  1822,  Columbia,  S.  C,  ag.  26. 
Graduate  of  Yale  College,  Class  of  1815.  His  home  was  then  in 
JameaviUe,  N.  Y.  He  became  quite  a  writer — was  editor  of  the 
"Edecdic"  Magazine  at  Philadelphia,  Pa.,  in  1819. 

1263.     Benjamin,  b.  Mar.  15,  1798.     (Bidgefield  V.  S.  p.  85.) 

528.  MOLLIE*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  526)  b.  Aug. 
16,  1774,  Boston  District,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  24,  1814,  buried 
in  Umpawaug — "Blessed  are  the  dead  which  die  in  the  Lord" — ; 
m.  John  Drew  of  Weston,  Ct,  d.  1862,  Sheboygan,  Wis.  (He 
married   (2)   Hannah  Rowland.) 

They  had  five  children,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1264.+Ezekiel  Sanford^  Drew,  b.  Oct.  13,  1803;  d.  1875;  m.  Minerva  Barnum. 
1265.+Edwin  Starr  Drew,  b.  Apr.  10,  1804;   d.   Sept.   10,   1886;   m.  Permelia 

1266.+Abbe7  Drew,  b.  Apr.  26,  1809;   d.  July  25,  1870;  m.  Backus  Culver. 

1267.  Laura  Drew,  m.   1832,  Charles  Janes,  of  Wilton,  Ct.;   she  died  at  an 

early  age.. 

1268.  Mary  Drew,  b.  Apr.  19,  1813;  d.  Mar.  17,  1903,  Amenia,  N.  Y.;  m.  Nov. 

6,  1867,  Ambrose  Mygatt,  of  Amenia,  N.  Y. ;  d.  July  6,  1884.     No 
children.     They  resided  at  Amenia,  N.  Y. 

531.  ABIGAIL  STARR"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  326) 
b.  Nov.  10,  1779,  Boston  Dist.,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  July  13,  1813, 
Albany,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Nov.  14,  1797,  Benjamin  Gregory  of  Wilton,  Ct., 
b.  July  27,  1779,  d.  Mar.  19,  1842,  Albany,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Gregory  was 
a  freeman  of  Redding,  April,  1798. 

They  had  six  children,  all  except  James  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1269.  Walter^  Gregory,  b.  Jan.  9,  1798;  d.  May  16,  1802. 

1270. 4- Dudley  Sanford  Gregory,  b.  Feb.  5,  1800;  d.  Dec.  8,  1874;  m.  Ann  Lyon. 
1271. + Walter  Gregory,  b.  Jan.  28,  1803;   d.  Sept.  21,  1857;  m.   (1)   Amanda 

Kelly;  m.   (2)    Miss  Vanderheyden. 
1272.4-Benjamin  Pitt  Gregory,  b.  Mar.   12,   1805;  d.  Aug.  23,  1848;.m.  Ann 

1273.+Clara  Bartlett  Gregory,  b.  Sept.  16,  1807;  d.  July  28,  1845;  m.  George 



1274.4- James   Gilbert   Gregory,  b.   Feb.   13,   1811;    d.   Oct.  7,   1865;   m.   EUza 

532.  CLARISSA"  SANFORD  (same  descent  as -526)  b.  Feb. 
23,  1786,  Boston  Dist.,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  12,  1838 ;  m.  William 
Bartlett,  d.  Dec.  10,  1824,  aged  41  yrs. 

They  had  three  children. 

1275.+William    S^.    Bartlett,   b.   Jan.    23,    1809;    d.    Nov.   6,    1881;    m.    Jane 

1276.  Henry  Bartlett,  b.  1812;   d.  Dee.  27,  1832. 

1277.  Clarissa  Bartlett,  b.   1821;   d.  May  11,  1863;  m.  Dr.  Thomas  Wade  of 

Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

533.  EZEKIEL«  JACKSON  (Anna  172,  Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel 
9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Sept.  20,  1763,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  Apr.  30, 
1786,  Hannah  Gray. 

They  had  six  children,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1278.  Anna'  Jackson,  b.  Dec.  21,  1786. 

1279.  Hiram  Jackson,  b.  Apr.  22,  1788. 

1280.  Samuel  Jackson,  b.  Dec.  29,  1789. 

1281.  Clarissa  Jackson,  b.  Dec.  25,  1792. 

1282.  Laura  Jackson,  b.  Feb.  28,  1794.  _ 

1283.  Harriet  Jackson,  b.  Dec.  18,  1795;  m.  Gideon  H.  Hollister,  of  Woodbury, 

Ct.     Their  son  Gideon  H.  was  the  historian  of  Connecticut. 

546.  ELI"  SANFORD  {Daniel  186,  Samuel  62,  Ezekiel  9, 
Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  July  23,  1761 ;  d.  Apr.  3,  1833,  Redding,  Ct. ; 
m.  (1)  Nov.  16,  1786,  Anna,  dau.  of  Theophilus  StebVins,  ^b.  1762, 
Redding,  Ct.,  d.  Aug.  27,  1806,  ag.  43  years;  m.  (2)  Rebecca,  d. 
Dec.  19,  1843,  ag.  72  yrs.  The  three  are  buried  in  Urapawaug 
Cemetery.  An  Eli  Sanford  served  in  Capt.  James  Clark's  Co.  July, 
1779,  on  an  expedition  for  the  defense  of  Fairfield,  Norwalk,  and 
Danbury,  who  is  believed  to  have  been  this  Eli.  {Conn.  Historical 
Society  Picblications.) 

He  was  made  a  Freeman  of  Redding  in  Sept.,  1784.  In  the 
distribution  of  Eli  Sanford 's  estate,  Sept.  9,  1833,  are  mentioned 
widow  Rebecca,  children,  Esther,  Mrs.  Aaron  Perry,  Daniel  S., 
Maria,  wife  of  John  Couch,  Jeremiah  and  Noah  H. 

He  had  four  children  by  first,  and  one  by  second  marriage. 

1284.+EstherT,  b.  Aug.  15,  1787;  d.  1867;  m.  David  Perry. 

1285.4-Daniel  Stebbins,  b.  Dec.  11,  1795;   d.  Jan.  17,  1872;  m.    (1)   Elizabeth 
Hanford;   m.    (2)    Sarah   Merwin. 


1286.  Ann  Maria,  b.  Oct.  31,  180O;  d.  1860;  m.  May  19,  1822,  John,  son  of 
Thomas  and  Mary   (Sanford)    Couch.     No  children. 

12S7.  Jeremiah,  b.  Aug.  21,  1806;  d.  Oct.  1,  1840.  Buried  in  Umpawaug 

1288.     Noah,  H.,  b.  1811;   d.  Oct.  14,  1839.     Buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery. 

548.  ELIAS«  SANFORD  {Seth  187,  Samuel  62,  Ezekiel  9, 
Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Sept.  18, 1760,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  7,  1831, 
Bethel,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Aug.  31,  1786,  Hannah  Youngs,  b.  Apr.  29,  1760, 
Stamford  (?),  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  20,  1856,  Bethel,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sanford 
was  buried  in  Fulton  Cemetery.  He  was  one  of  the  earliest  settlers 
in  that  section  of  Sullivan  County.  James  Fulton,  a  native  of 
Scotland,  came  in  with  him.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  patriot  of  the 
Revolution.    A  Freeman  of  Redding,  Ct.,  in  Sept.,  1790. 

They  had  seven  children. 

1289. 4- Jeremiah",  b.  Dec.  15,  1787;  d.  Jan.  7,  1814;  m.  Martha  Bamum. 
1290.+Eebekah,  b.  Aug.  10,  1789;  d.  Dec.  9,  1869;  m.  Montgomery  Fulton. 

1291.  +  Hiram,  b.  Apr.  21,  1794;  d.  Oct.  10,  1855;  m.  Phebe  Warren. 

1292.  Lyman,  b.  Apr.  21,  1794,  Redding,  Ct.;   lived  twelve  hours. 

1293.  PoUy,  b.  Apr.  21,  1794,  Redding,  Ct.,  d.  Nov.  12,  1804. 
1294.+Philo,  b.  June  10,  1797;  d.  Sept.  24,  1866;  m.  Hannah  Warren. 

1295.  Julia,  b.  Apr.  12,  1800,  Bethel,  N.  Y.;  d.  May  18,  1883,  Bethel,  N.  Y.; 
unm.      {Redding  T.  R.  Vol.  p.  T7S.) 

550.  JOEL«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  548)  b.  Jan.  27, 
1766,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  May  1,  1788,  Huldah  Griffin.  He  was  a 
Freeman  of  Redding,  Sept.,  1795. 

'  They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1296.+Hudson7,  b.  Aug.  18,  1789;  d.  Aug.  31,  1824;  m.  Betsey  Little. 

1297.  Harry,  b.  Nov.  29,  1792;  d.  unm. 

1298.  Betsey,  b.  Sept.  26,  1795. 

1299.  Lena,  b.  Mar.  15,  1798. 

551.  ELIJAH*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  348)  b.  Aug. 
20,  1768,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  3,  1833,  Danbury,  Ct. ;  m.  Elizabeth, 
dau.  of  Nathaniel  Starr,  b.  Nov.  20,  1775,  Danbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  3, 
1833,  Danbury,  Ct. 

Elijah  Sanford  was  a  prominent  citizen  of  Danbury,  Ct.,  and 
a  man  of  fine  Christian  character.  He  was  a  member  of  the  First 
Congregational  Church  and  financial  manager  of  the  same  up  to 
his  death,  when  he  left  money  to  the  church  for  a  perpetual  fund. 
He  was  a  director  in  the  Danbury  branch  of  the  Fairfield  County 
Bank.     He  was  partner  in  a  tanning  and  manufacturing  business. 


The  Sanford  Homestead  is  the  house  now  known  as  the  Pahquisque 
House  or  Hotel,  on  Danbury  Main  St. 

They  had  three  children,  all  bom  in  Danbury,  Ct. 

1300.  +  Elia8  StarrT,  b.  June  2,  1794;   d.  Jan.  8,  1865;  m.  Elizabeth  Wilcox. 

1301.  Sarina,   b.  Jan.   29,   1800;    d.   Mar.   18,   1834;    Danbury,  Ct.;   m.   1823, 

Thomas  Pitman.     No  children. 
1302. 4- Frederick  Burr,  b.  Apr.  25,  1805;  d.  Dec.  27,  1879;  m.  Eveline  Nichols. 

552.  SAMTJEL«  SANFORD   {same  descent  as  548)    b.  Jan. 

27,  1771 ;  m. . 

They  had  four  children. 

I303.+HarrietT,  b.  Mar.  26,  1798;  d.  May  16,  1849;  m.  Noah  Pierson. 

1304.  +  George,   d.   Newark,  N.   J. 

1305.  +  Caroline,  m.  Daniel  Edmonds. 

1306.+Legrand,  b.  about  1808;  d.  Mar.  7,  1845;  m.  Eliza  Edmonds. 

553.  SETH«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  548)  b.  July  7, 
1773,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  27,  1821,  Redding,  Ct.  Buried  in 
Umpawaug;  m.  (1)  Oct.  8,  1803,  Sarah  Couch,  b.  Sept.  18,  1779, 
Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  7,  1809.  Buried  in  Umpawaug;  m.  (2)  May 

28,  1809,  Esther  Couch,  b.  Dec.  14,  1783,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  12, 
1867.  Buried  in  Umpawaug.  Mrs.  Esther  Sanford  was  appointed 
guardian  to  her  daughters  Betsey  Ann,  Sally  Mary,  and  Eliza  Jane, 
Feb.  19,  1822,  and  later  Billy  Comstock,  Eli  Sanford  and  Daniel 
Sanford  were  appointed  their  guardians.     {Bedding  Pro.  Rec.) 

He  had  two  children  by  first  and  three  by  second  marriage, 
all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1307.     MaryT,  b.  July  21,  1804;  d.  Oct.  7,  1812.     Buried  in  Umpwaug. 
1308.+Ebenezer  Burr,  b.  June  21,  1806;  d.  Sept.  2,  1869;  m.  Sarah  Coueh. 
1309.  +  Sally  Mary,  b.  Dec.  30,  1813;  d.  Oct.  3,  1881;  m.  Edwin  Wheeler. 
1310.4-Betsey  Ann,  b.  Jan.  22,  1816;   d.  Dec.  3,  1889;  m.  Gould  Sears. 
I311.+Eliza  Jane,  b.  July  14,  1819;   d.  Aug.  7,  1888;  m.  Orson  Warner. 

557.  MOXiLY*  SANFORD  {David  189,  Samuel  62,  Ezekiel  9, 
Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  June  15,  1771,  Redding,  Ct;  d.  Nov.  27, 
1858  Redding  Ct. ;  m.  Mar.  17,  1790,  Joel  Merchant,  b.  May  1, 
1762,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  24,  1844.  Buried  in  Umpawaug.  He  was 
a  Revolutionary  soldier  and  his  wife  received  a  pension  for  his  ser- 
vices until  her  death.  {W.  E.  Grummxin's  Rev.  Soldiers  of  Red- 
ding, Ct.) 

They  had  eight  children,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 
1312.-fClarreyT  Merchant,  b.  Dec.  16,  1791;  d.  Patterson,  N.  T.;  m.  Hezekiah 


I313.+Betsey  Merchant,  b.  Jan.  29,  1794;  d.  May  6,  1875;  m.  Edward  Couch. 

13 14.  + Cortes  Merchant,  b.  June  9,  1797;  d.  Nov.  24,  1874;  m.  Eebecca  Prock- 


1315.  +  Orson  Merchant,  b.  Dec.  16,  1799;  d.  Jan.  7,  1874. 
I316.+Edward  Merchant,  b.  July  29,  1806;  d.  Sept.  24,  1877. 
I317.+Eliza   Ann   Merchant,   b.   Nov.   15,    1808;    d.   Dec.    12,   1897;    m.   Alva 

1318.-fAsher  Sanford  Merchant,  b.  May  18,  1811;  d.  Aug.  4,  1884;  m.  Sarah 

1319.     George  Merchant,  b.  Feb.  13,  1814;  d.  June  10,  1896,  Bedding,  Ct.;  umn. 

559.  CAPT.  DANIEL"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  557) 
b.  Jan.  1,  1776,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  21,  1857.  Buried  in  Umpa- 
waug;  m.  (1)  Dec.  14,  1799,  Olive  Morehouse,  b.  July  4,  1779, 
Bridgeport,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  9,  1812,  Redding,  Ct.,  ag.  33  yrs.  Buried 
in  Umpawaug;  m.  (2)  1814,  Cinderella  Bradley  Chapman,  b.  June 
24,  1783,  Fairfield,  Ct.,d.  Dec.  19,  1867,  ag.  84  years.  Buried  in 
Umpawaug.  {Redding  T.  R.,  Vol.  2,  p.  S.  77.)  Capt.  Sanford  and 
his  sons  Marvin  and  Moses  attended  church  at  the  Old  Congrega- 
tional Meetinghouse  before  it  was  torn  down  in  1836.  {Hist,  of 

He  served  in  the  "War  of  1812. 

He  had  two  children  by  each  marriage,  all  bom  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1320.+David?,  b.  Jan.  25,  1799;  d.  June  19,  1860;  m.  Esther  Staples. 
I321.+Emily,  b.  June  24,  1809;   d.  Sept.  1906;  m.  Alonson  Coley. 
1322.+Marvin  Chapman,  b.  Oct.  6,   1816;   d.  Aug.   1,  1890;   m.  Eliza  Burr. 
1323.+Mo8e8  Bradley,  b.  April  17,  1818;  d.  Dec.  5,  1874;  m.  Mary  Haviland. 

560.  'SARAH«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  557)  b.  Feb.  18, 
1778,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  June  24,  1839;  m.  March  9,  1793,  James 
Bouton,  b.  Feb.  18,  1764 ;  d.  June  7,  1843. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

1324.  David  S^.  Bouton,  b.  Aug.  2,  1794;   d.  Nov.  21,  1829. 

1325.  Betsey  Bouton,  b.  Aug.  28,  1796;  d.  Dec.  15,  1884;  m.  Feb.  28,  1832, 


1326.  Gould  C.  Bouton,  b.  Jan.  28,  1799;  d.  Aug.  28,  1803. 

1327.  Orrin  Lee  Bouton,  b.  Nov.  14,   1801;   d.  July  2,  1803. 

1328.  Orrin  Gould  Bouton,  b.  Mar.  31,  1804;  d.  July  5,  1832. 

1329.  Lucretia  Bouton,  b.  Oct.  24,  1806;  d.  Nov.  26,  1806. 

1330.  Zalmon  Lacey  Bouton,  b.  June  14,  1808. 

1331.  James  Avery  Bouton,  b.  Feb.   19,  1811;   d.  Sept.  25,  1812. 
1332. + James  Daniel  Bouton,  b.  Nov.   19,   1812;    d.  Nov.   27,   1867. 

1333.  Sarah  Ann  Bouton,  b.  Mar.  18,  1815;   m.  Dec.  30,  1846,  Rev.  William 


1334.  Esther  Abiah  Bouton,  b.  Sept.   13,   1820;   d.  Nov.   15,  1845. 


566.  URIAH"  SANFORD  {Samuel  191,  Samuel  62,  Ezekiel 
9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Dec.  18,  1768,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  35, 
1838;  m.  Eunice ;  d.  July  6,  1834. 

They  had  three  children. 

1335.  Samuel^,  b.  1814;  d.  Aug.  2,  1834. 

1336.  Sarah  Caroline,  b.  about  1823. 

1337.  Thomas. 

569.  MABEL  C."  SANFORD  [same  descent  as  566)  b.  Dec. 
7,  1774,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  June  18,  1797,  Joel  Baldwin,  b.  Oct. 
29,  1772. 

They  had  four  children. 

1338.  SamuelT  Baldwin. 

1339.  Stanley  Sanford  Baldwin. 

1340.  Minerva  Baldwin,  m.  Charles  Riggs. 

1341.  Mabel  Baldwin. 

570.  SARAH«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  566)  b.  Aug. 
27,  1777,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  Jabez  Bristol. 

They  had  three  children. 

1342.  UriahT  Bristol. 

1343.  Susan   Bristol. 

1344.  Alonzo  Bristol. 

573.  ANNA«  SANFORD  {Ezra  194,  Samuel  62,  Ezekiel  9, 
Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  12,  1782,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  23, 
1851,  Kortright,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Dec.  25,  1800,  David  Keeler,  b.  Nov.  16, 
1779,  Ridgefield,  Ct. ;  d.  June  1,  1861,  Kortright,  N.  Y.  In  1801, 
they  settled  in  Kortright,  N.  Y. 

They  had  twelve  children,  all  bom  in  Kortright,  N.  Y. 

1345.  DavidT  Keeler,  b.  Oct.  20,   1801;   unm.  in  1873. 

1346.+Ezra  Keeler,  b.  May  30,  1803;  d.  Jan.  2,  1869;  m.  (1)  Mary  Sherwood; 
m.  (2)  Jane  Burridge. 

1347.  Abigail  Keeler,  b.  Apr.  28,  1805;  d.  Oct.  8,  1868,  Kortright,  N.  Y.;  unm. 

1348.  Arvilla  Keeler,  b.  May  22,   1807;   d.  Mar.   19,   1842,  Kortright,  N.  Y. 

1349.+Ward    Keeler,    b.    Sept.    4,     1809;     d.    Sept.    19,    1871;     m.    Barbara 

1350.+Stephen  Sanford  Keeler,  b.  Jan.  17,  1812;  d.  Mar.  3,  1864;  m.  Amelia 

I351.+Burr  Keeler,  b.  Apr.  20,  1814;  m.  Jane  O'Neill. 

1352.  Emily  Keeler,  b.  Feb.   18,  1818;   d.  Aug.   1,   1863,  Delhi,  N.  Y.;   unm. 

1353.  Esther  Ann  Keeler,  b.  Sept.  6,  1820;  unm. 


1354.  Ira  Bela  Keeler,  b.  May  17,  1823;   d.  Jan.  2,  1869,  Greenwich,  N.  T.; 

m.  Jan.  20,  1852,  Jane,  dau.  of  Lyman  and  Christiana  (Fenton) 
Lawgon,  of  Axgyle,  N.  Y.;  b.  Jan.  25,  1827;  d.  Sept.  2,  1868,  Green- 
wich, N.   Y.     No  children. 

1355.  Adelia  Maria  Keeler  b.  July  3,  1825;   unm. 

1356.  +  Sarah  Ann   Keeler,  b.   Mar.   27,   1827;    d.  May   11,   1869;    m.   Andrew 


576.  IRA«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  573)  b.  Sept.  6,  1796, 
Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  6,  1868;  nx  (1)  Lois  Pierce;  m.  (2)  Mariah 

He  had  two  children  by  each  marriage. 

1357.  Andrew  J.t,  b.  about  1830;  d.  about  1890;  m.  .     No  children. 

1358.  Louis  N.,  b.  June  24,   1832;    d.  July,   1896;   m.  Oct.,   1864,  Katherina 

Lott.     No  children. 

1359.  Ezra,  b.  1839;   d.   1S59. 
1360.+Lucy,  m.   John  Crippen. 

579.  CYRUS"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  573)  b.  Aug.  25, 
1800,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  22,  1852 ;  m.  Oct.  7,  1826,  Sarah  Hub- 
bell,  d.  Feb.  4,  1882. 

They  had  three  children. 

I361.+E8ther   Ann?,   b.    Oct.    20,    1827;    d.    Feb.    15,   1886;    m.   Morgan   Van 

1362.+Sarah  A.,  b.  Oct.  20,  1832;  d.  Nov.  2,  1882;  m.  Dorman  Schuyler. 
1363.+Bela  E.,  b.  May  10,  1840;  d.  Mar.  8,  1874;  m.  Margaret  Putnam. 

583.  BELA"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  573)  b.  Mar.  4, 
1809,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  16,  1876,  Dix,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Theodocia 
Shutts.  Her  res.  is  in  Wis.  Mr.  Sanford  with  his  mother,  a 
maiden  sister,  and  several  brothers  removed  from  the  state  of 
Connecticut^  to  the  town  of  Catlin  (now  Dix)  in  Chemung  Co. 
(now  Schuyler)  in  the  year  1835-6  and  to  the  premises  where  he 
died.  Through  industry,  frugality  and  capacity  he  became  one  of 
the  leading  and  prominent  men  of  his  locality.  For  nearly  thirty 
years,  first  as  clerk  and  subsequently  as  justice  of  the  peace,  he 
was  a  member  of  the  board  of  the  town  of  Dix.  In  early  life  he 
became  a  member  of  the  Masonic  fraternity.  He  was  a  kind, 
thoughtful  man  and  died  respected  by  all  who  knew  him. 

They  had  one  child. 

1364.  +  Omar  J.t,  b.  Mar.  25,  1850;  m.  Cora  Wood. 

584.  AMELIA"  SANFORD  {Peter  196,  Samuel  62,  Ezekiel  9, 


Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Jan.  2,  1789,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  May  15,  1827 ; 
m.  Oct.  16,  1810,  Ebenezer  Bradley  Coley,  d.  Apr.  5,  1816. 

One  child  was 
1365.+Peter  Sanford^  Coley,  d.  about   1890. 

589.  JOHN*  PL  ATT  {Elizabeth  197,  Ephraim  63,  Ezekiel  9, 
Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  bap.  Feb.  5,  1752,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  July  7, 
1775,  Elizabeth.  Parmalee. 

One  child  was 
1366.+Daniel  Gould^  Piatt,  b.  July  25,  1707;  m.  Almyra  Hitchcock. 

591.  JONAS^  PLATT  [same  descent  as  589)  b.  1755,  Red- 
ding, Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  19,  1840,  Pine  Plains,  N.  T. ;  m.  about  1781-2, 
Lucy  Mills,  b.  1765,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  28,  1852,  Sharon,  Ct. 
He  was  taken  prisoner  during  the  Danbury  Raid  in  the  Revolu- 
tionary War  April  25,  to  28,  1777,  and  is  said  to  have  been  carried 
to  New  York.  His  name  also  appears  among  those  who  marched 
to  Fishkill  to  re-inforee  Gen.  Putnam,  during  the  Burgoyne  Cam- 
paign in  October,  1777. 

They  had  thirteen  children. 

1367.     Betsey^  Piatt,  b.  Feb.  22,  1783,  Bedding,  Ct.;  m.  Samuel  Robinson. 
1368.+Lucy  Piatt,  b.  Feb.  22,  1785;   d.  May  24,  1869;  m.  James  Jarvis. 
1369.     Daniel  Piatt,  b.  Oct.  2,  1786,  Redding,  Ct.;  d.  Aug.  31,  1850,  Westport, 

Ct. ;    m.  Betsey  Bradley. 
1370. -t- Abigail  Piatt,  b.  Feb.  1,  17S9;  d.  Oct.  1,  1861;  m.  Edward  Leach. 
1371.     Uri  Piatt,  b.  Apr.  2,   1791;   d.  Feb.,  1850,  Wolcottville,  Ct.;   m.  Lucy 

1372.-f-Sally7  Piatt,  b.  Apr.  23,  1793;  d.  Sept.  1,  1875;  m.  Henry  Ostrum. 

1373.  Harriet  Piatt,  b.  June  13,  1795;  d.  Nov.  27,  1852;  m.  John  Othic. 

1374.  Hulda  Piatt,  b.  Aug.  28,  1797 ;  d.  Feb.  22,  1800. 
1375.-fWimam  Piatt,  b.  Jan.  22,  1800;   d.  Aug.  3,  1868;  m.  Polly  Allen. 

1376.     John  L.  Piatt,  b.  May  5,  1802;  d.  May  1,  1829;  m.  Meeker. 

1377. -I- Delia  Piatt,  b.  May  24,  1804;  d.  Aug.  31,  1880;  m.  Landaia  Lathrop. 

1378.  Arba  Piatt,  b.  May  25,  1807;  d.  June  24,  1886,  Pine  Plains,  N.  Y.;  m. 

May  12,  1827,  Betsey  Ann  Lacey,  of  New  Milf  ord,  Ct. ;  d.  1847,  Pine 
Plains,  N.  Y. 

1379.  Eveline  Piatt,  b.  June  1,   1809;   d.  June  13,   1889;   m.  Lewis  Allen,  b. 

May,  1803;  d.  Mar.  23,  1882. 

605.  DANIEL"  JACKSON,  JR.  {Abigail  199,  Ephraim  63, 
Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  1763,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  25, 
1841,  Stratford,  Ct. ;  m.  Feb.  20,  1783,  Elizabeth  Whitney,  b.  Feb. 
18,  1761 ;  d.  Mar.  17,  1839,  Stratford,  Ct. 

They  are  buried  in  the  Episcopal  Cemetery  at  Stratford.    They 



settled  in  Ridgefield,  Ct.,  where  they  resided  until  1794,  when  they 
removed  to  Redding.  In  1809,  they  went  to  Stratford,  where  the 
remainder  of  their  lives  was  spent.  Mr.  Jackson  enlisted  in  the 
spring  of  1778  in  Capt  Gates'  Co.,  of  Stratford;  in  1779,  in  Col. 
B.  Beebe's  Reg.  and  in  1782,  in  Col.  Samuel  Webb's  Reg.  He 
served  until  the  close  of  the  was. 

They  had  six  children,  the  first  four  all  born  in  Ridgefield,  Ct. 

1380.+BetseyT  Jackson,  b.  Sept.  22,  1784;  d.  Sept.  2,  1852;  m.  Luther  Copeley. 
13Sl.+Samuel  Jackson,  b.  Aug.  6,  1786;  d.  Apr.  1,  1867;  m.  Elizabeth  Wells. 
1382.     Daniel  Jackson,  b.  1791;   d.  Aug.  16,  1829. 
1383.+"Whitney  Jackson,  b.  1793;  d.  Aug.,  1860;  m.  Clemantine  Hart. 

1384.  Henry  Jackson,  b.   1796,  Eedding,  Ct. ;    d.  unmarried  in  New  Orleans, 

La.  He  was  a  merchant  of  the  firm  of  Jackson  &  Brewster,  of  New 
York  and  New  Orleans,  a  man  noted  for  strict  integrity,  thorough 
business  talents  and  intellectual  ability.  His  property  was  divided 
among  his  brothers,  the  youngest  of  whom,  Edward,  with  the  gener- 
osity and  nobleness  of  heart  which  were  distinguishing  traits  in  his 
character,  divided  his  portion  among  his  brothers  and  sister,  retain- 
ing only  the  watch  and  a  miniature  of  his  deceased  brother. 

1385.  Edward   Jackson,  b.   Apr.    20,    1799,   Redding,   Ct.;    d.   July    14,    1872, 

Hamilton,  Ont. ;  m.  Lydia  Ann  Sanford.     {See  1412.) 

607.  HANNAH^  LYON  {Hannah  200,  Ephraim  63,  Ezekiel 
9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  10,  1758;  m.  Apr.  22,  1775,  Andrew 
Lane  Hill. 

One  child  was 

1386.  Hannah^   Hill,   b.   Jan.   7,   1776;    d.   May,    1846;   m.   Isaac  Beach.    {See 


610.  JA:\IES»  SANFORD  {John  201,  Ephraim.  63,  Ezekiel  9, 
Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Nov.  13,  1758,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  14, 
1842.  Buried  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. ;  m.  1780,  Sarah,  dau  of  Lazarus 
Beach,  b.  Nov.  19,  1764;  d.  May  10,  1828.  He  was  called  "Squire 
James"  and  was  a  man  of  mark,  as  well  as  means.  Enlisted  Dee.  1, 
1778,  and  joined  Putnam's  division  at  Redding  and  served  as  a 
teamster  under  Capt.  John  Drew,  who  had  charge  of  teams  for 
Poor's  Brigade.  He  witnessed  the  execution  of  Jones  and  Smith 
on  Callow's  Hill,  Feb.  16,  1779.  In  April,  1779,  he  was  in  the  team 
service  near  Fishkill,  N.  Y.,  under  Capt.  Simsori  till  June  5,  1779, 
when  he  was  discharged,  having  served  six  months  and  five  days. 

In  Sept.  of  the  same  year  he  was  drafted  and  served  under 
Capt.  Thomas  Nash  at  Greens  Farms  till  Nov.  16.  In  August,  1780, 
being   drafted    again,    he   served    two    months   under    Capt.    Isaac 


Jarvis.  Again,  in  May,  1781,  he  was  drafted  and  served  two  months 
under  Capt.  John  Gray  and  Thomas  Nash.  (Conn.  Men  in  Rev., 
p.  225,  326,  644,  662.) 

His  name  is  not  on  the  muster  roll,  but  in  1841,  he  was  on  the 
pension  list,  as  of  Redding,  ag.  87.  His  descendants  even  to  the 
sixth  generation  still  reside  in  and  about  Redding.  The  old  Home- 
stead in  Redding,  conveyed  to  him  by  his  father  John  in  1784,  is 
still  held  in  the  family. 

They  had  twelve  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1387. -{-Lemuels  b.   Nov.  20,   1781;   d.  Apr.   26,   1826;   m.  Charlotte   Piatt. 
1388.+Lydia  Ann,  b.  Aug.  1,  1782;  d.  Apr.  22,  1824;   m.  William  Shepard. 
1389.+l3aac  P.,  b.  Apr.  23,  1786;  d.  Mar.  30,  1832;  m.   (1)   Betsey  Chapman; 

m.   (2)  Marilla  Chapman. 
1390.-fAlanson,  b.  Jan.  20,  1789;  d.  Jan.  10,  1824;  m.  Sally  Gorham. 

1391.     Lazarus,  b.  Dec.  8,  1791;  d  ;  unm. 

1392.-f  Sally,  b.  Dec.  15,  1794;   d.  Nov.  5,  1820;  m.  Alden  Winton. 

1393.  +  John  Beach,  b.  Oct.  10,  1796. 

1394.-f  James,  Jr.,  b.  June  10,  1799;   d.  May  26,  1883;  m.  Eliza  French. 

1395.  Charles,  b.  Jan.  7,  1801. 

1396.  Boy,  b.   Oct.  1,   1804. 

1397.  Harriet,   d.  Apr.   29,   1840. 

Her  will,  dated  Apr.  17,  1840,  probated  May  6,  1840,  bequeathes  to 
her  brother  James  Sanford,  nephew  David  Sanford,  nieces  except 
MariUa  Sanford  and  Sally  Thorpe,  and  to  Samuel  J.  Collins  for 
services.      {Redding  Fro.  Bee,   Vol.  1,  p.  17-18.) 

1398.  Maria,  b.  Apr.  1811;   d.  Mar.  28,  1824,  Redding,  Ct. 

611.  ELI'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  610)  b.  1762,  Red- 
ding, Ct. ;  d.  in  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  April  22,  1792,  Sarah  Lyon,  of 
Quaker  Hill. 

They  had  three  children. 

1399.  Laura^,  b.  Oct.  10,  1792. 

1400.  Asahel,  b.  Apr.  12,  1794. 

1401.  Polly,  b.  Mar.  8,  1797. 

612.  ELIZABETH*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  610)  b. 
Oct.  13,  1763,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  5,  1853,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  (1) 
Daniel  Hill,  Jr.,  b.  Apr.  12,  1761;  m.  (2)  Hezekiah  Morgan,  b. 
July  24,  1773,  Newtown,  Conn.,  d.  Mar.  24,  1857,  Newtovm,  Ct. 

She  had  one  child  by  first  and  three  by  second  marriage. 

1402.  John-  HiU. 

1403.+Zera  Morgan,  b.   1797;   m.   Sally  Underhill. 

1404.+Fanny  Morgan,  b.  Feb.  22,   1799;   d.   Sept.   5,   1856;   m.    (1)    Jeremiah 

Banks;   m.    (2)    Sturges  Fanton. 
1405.-|-Ezra  Morgan,  b.  Feb.  21,  1801;  d.  June  9,  1871;  m.  Hannah  Naat. 


613.  JOHN"  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  610)  b. 
Dec.  21,  1765,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  June  5,  1842,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  (1) 
17S8,  Lydia,  dau.  of  John  Wheeler,  of  Weston,  Ct.,  b.  1771 ;  d.  Nov. 
9,  1807,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  (2)  Elizabeth  Parsons,  d.  Nov.  23,  1848. 

His  will,  dated  Nov.  4,  1840,  proved  June  21,  1842,  mentions 
wife  Betsey,  children  Ruth  Duneombe,  John  W.  Sanford,  Lydia  A. 
Jackson,  Eli,  dec. ;  children  of  said  Eli — viz. :  Eliza,  Lydia  Ann, 
Hannah  and  Wm.  Eli ;  Betsey,  wife  of  Aaron  Lyon  and  her  chil- 
dren; Sally,  wife  of  Leroy  Dayton  and  her  children.  {Redding 
Pro.  Bee,  Vol.  1,  p.  100-1.) 

He  had  seven  children  by  first  marriage,  all  born  in  Redding, 

1406.-|-ElizabethT,  b.  Aug.  15,  1790;  d.  Jan.  7,  1881;  m.  Aaron  Lyon. 
1407.+Euth,  b.  Aug.  22,  1792;   d.  May  11,  1831;  m.  David  Buncombe. 

1408.  Margaret,  b.  Oct.  20,  1794;  m.  Henry  Dean.     No  descendants. 

1409.  +  Sarah,  b.  Jan.  25,  1797;   d.  Aug.  4,  1846;   m.  Garry  Dayton. 
1410. + John  Wheeler,  b.  May  21,  1799;  d.  Nov.  24,  1890;  m.  Altha  Fanton. 
I411.-|-Eli,  b.  Aug.  21,  1801;  d.  Aug.  31,  1845;  m.  EmeHne  Argall. 

1412. -f  Lydia  Ann,  b.  Mar.   17,   1804;   d.  May  5,  1875;  m.  Edward  Jackson. 

614.  STEPHEN*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  610)  b.  Nov. 
24,  1769,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  20,  1848,  Roxbury,  Ct. ;  m.  Sarah 

■  Curtis,  b.  Sept.  5,  1771,  Zoar,  Ct. ;  d.  May  8,  1856,  Roxbury,  Ct. 
They  had  seven  children. 

1413.-f-Nehemiah  Curtis^,  b.  Oct.  29,  1792;  d.  June  23,  1841;  m.  Nancy  Shelton. 
1414.     Charlotte,  b.  Dec.  15,  1797,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  19,  1813,  Roxbury,  Ct. 
1415.-f-Phoebe,  b.  Jan.  20,  1800;  d.  Jan.  30,  1879;  m.  Dimon  Morehouse. 
1416.+ John,  b.  June  3,  1803;   d.  Oct.  4,  1857;   m.  Mary  Slack. 
I417.+Charle3,  b.  July  20,   1805;   d.  Aug.   10,   1848;   m.    (1)    Emeline  Oliver; 

m.    (2)    Charlotte  Sauchy. 
I418.  +  Stephen,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  12,  1808;  d.  Dec.  4,  1888;  m.  Eunice  Hurd. 
1419.+Nelson,  b.  May  15,  1810;  d.  Sept.  5,  1846;  m.  Mary  Morehouse. 

615.  HULDAH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  610)  b.  Aug. 
29,  1771,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  25,  1787,  in  Redding,  Lemuel  Lyon. 

They  had  six  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1420.  AaronT  Lyon,  m.  Elizabeth  Sanford.     {See  1406.) 

1421.  Eli  Lyon,  b.  Jan.  9,  1790. 

1422.  Simeon  Lyon,  b.  June  13,  1792;   d.  Mar.  15,  1795,  Redding,  Ct. 

1423.  Suse  Lyon,  b.  Jan.  10,  1795;  m.  WiUiam  Piatt,  of  Newto^Ti,  Ct. 

1424.  +  Rebecca  Ann  Lyon,  b.  Jan.  11,  1799;  d.  Jan.  23,  1877;  m.  Curtis  Fanton. 

1425.  Alanson  Lyon. 


616.  EPHRAIM*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  610)  b.  1775, 
Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  1808,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  1796,  Sally,  dau.  of  Jarvis 
Piatt.  He  was  killed  in  a  runaway  accident  between  New  Haven 
and  Torrington,  where  he  was  a  merchant. 

They  had  four  children. 

1426.+Ephraim  M.ix',  b.  Jan.  15,  1797;  d.  May  1,  1871;  m.  Eebecca  Lacy. 
1427. + Anna,  b.  May  8,  1799;   d.  Aug.  12,  1889;  m.    (1)   Sherman  Barber;   m. 

(2)    Augustus  Adams. 
1428.+ Jarvis  P.,  b.  June  15,  1801;   d.  Mar.  8,  1847;  m.   (2)   Clarissa  Burt. 
1429.+Alosia,  b.  July  1,   1803;    d.   Jan.  30,   1889;   m.    (1)    Luman  Oviatt;   m. 

(2)   Hosea  Crandall. 

622.  EPHRAIIVP  SANFORD  {Oliver  202,  Ephraim  63,  Eze- 
Jciel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  19,  1771,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  June 
20,  1834,  Redding,  Ct.  Buried  in  Hill  Cemetery,  m.  Dee.  22,  1795, 
Molly  Bun-,  dau.  of  Gershom  Bradley,  b.  Mar.  12,  1777,  Weston, 
Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  28,  1860,  Redding,  Ct.  Buried  in  Hill  Cemetery.  He 
built  the  first  carriage  factory  in  Redding  and  was  succeeded  in 
business  in  1820  by  his  two  sons  David  and  Enoch  A.  , 

Mrs.  Sanford's  will,  dated  Dec.  24,  1853,  probated  Dec.  13, 
1860,  bequeathes  to  her  children,  grand  and  great  grandchildren. 
{Redding  Pro.  Rec,  Vol.  3  p.  524-5-6.) 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1430.     Marietta^,  b.  Dec.  19,  1796;  d.  July  14,  1843;  m.  Henry  Jarvis. 
I431.+David,  b.  Nov.  15,  1798;  d.  Nov.  23,  1834;  m.  Armoziah  Bates. 
1432.  +  Enoch  Augustus,  b.  Aug.  9,  1800;   d.  June  30,  1870;   m.  Eliza  Barlow. 
143'3.+Deborah,  b.  July  28,  1803;  d.  Sept.  22,  1885;  m.  Joel  Barlow. 
1434.+Mary,  b.  May  27,  1805;  d.  Mar.  31,  1891;   m.  Samuel  Collins. 
1435.+Gershom    Bradley,    b.    June    11,    1807;    d.    Sept.    3,    1882;    m.    Esther 

1436.  +  Daniel  P.,  b.  Aug.  31,   1809;   d.  Oct.  16,   1884;   m.  Lydia  Bennett. 

623-  ABIGAIL^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  622)  b.  Dec. 
11,  1773,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  in  North  Salem,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Oct.  27,  1799, 
Josiah  Canfield. 

They  had  five  children. 

1437.  May7  Canfield,  b.  May  9,  1801. 

1438.  Harry  Canfield. 

1439.  Nelson  Canfield. 

1440.  Betsey  Canfield. 

1441.  Abigail  Canfield. 

{Bedding  T.  E.,  Vol.  S,  p.  99.) 


625.  LEVP  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  622)  b.  Oct.  6, 
1777,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  2,  1845,  Weston,  Ct. ;  m.  Sept.  13,  1801, 
Abigail  Alice  Fitch,  b.  July  19,  1776 ;  d.  July  11,  1868. 

'Mr.  Sanford  with  his  brothers,  David  and  Oliver  C,  continued 
the  iron  business  at  "Weston.  They  made  iron  from  the  ore.  During 
the  War  of  1812  they  sold  a  quantity  to  the  U.  S.  Government,  which 
was  transported  to  New  London  by  ox  teams. 

They  had  four  children,  all  bom  in  Weston,  Ct. 

1442.+Frederick    Augustus^,    b.    May    13,    1802;    d.   Nov.    7,    1825;    m.    Maria 

1443.  Mason   Fitch,   b.   Oct.   4,    1803;    d.   July  31,   1827.     Graduate   of  Yale 


1444.  David  C,  b.  Nov.  11,  1806;   d.  Aug.  11,  1809,  Weston,  Ct. 
1445.4-William  0.,  b.  Apr.  6,  1818;  d.  Oct.  12,  1905;  m.  Lydia  Wheeler. 

627.  BETSEY"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  622)  b.  Nov. 
25,  1782,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  19,  1864;  m.  Nov.  16,  1802,  Nathan 
Jarvis,  Jr.,  of  Norwalk,  Ct. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

1446.+FTederick   Sanford^   Jarvis,   b.   Nov.    25,    1803;    d.   Apr.    27,    1881;    m. 

Nancy  Taylor. 
1447.+Mary  Ann  Jarvis,  b.  Oct.  6,  1805;  d.  Mar.  29,  1876;  m.  Samuel  Church. 
1448. + Elizabeth  Jarvis,  b.  Sept.  11,  1807;  m.  Solomon  Taylor. 

1449.  Jane  Maria  Jarvis,  b.  Nov.  25,  1808;   d.  Oct.  16,  1867;  unm. 

1450.  William  Henry  Jarvis,  b.  June  6,  1810;  d.  Aug.  12,  1813. 
I451.+Esther  Lucretia  Jarvis,  b.  Feb.  4,  1813;   d.  Aug.  24,  1893;  m.  William 

St.  Jokn. 
1452.4-Eachel  Jarvis,  b.  Jan.  29,  1815;   d.  Apr.  28,   1892;  m.  Bradley  Banks. 
1453. + William   Oliver  Jarvis,  b.   Nov.   28,   1816;    d.  Apr.   25,   1847;    m.  Sarah 


1454.  Catharine  Jarvis,  b.  Sept.  12,  1818;   d.  June  29,  1883;  unm. 

1455.  John  Henry  .Jarvis,  b.  Mar.  18,  1821;  d.  May  7,  1896;  m.  Oct.  1,  1884, 

Julia  Lamb. 
1456.+Charles  Jarvis,  b.  Aug.  19,  1826;  deceased;  m.  Margaret  Baker. 

628.  OLIVER  COLEY"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  622) 
b.  Apr.  29,  1785,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  May  31,  1870;  m.  (1)  Polly 
Gould;  m.  (2)  widow  Peck. 

Mr.  Sanford  served  as  Captain  in  the  War  of  1812.  He  was 
a  prominent  man  in  the  town  of  Weston.  Was  a  representative  in 
the  Legislature  in  1814-17-18-19-20-25-  to  35,  besides  holding  many 
local  offices. 

He  had  one  child. 
1457.-|-David7,  m.   Sarah  Jarvis. 


629.  LORRAINE"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  622)  b. 
Sept.  3,  1787,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  3,  1871,  Redding,  Ct  ;  m.  Jan. 
1,  1804,  Gurdon  Bartram,  b.  Sept.  21,  1776,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr. 
12,  1845,  Redding,  Ct. 

Mr.  Bartram  was  a  member  of  Assembly  in  1830. 

They  had  twelve  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1458.+Aaron  Eead^  Bartram,  b.  Nov.  15,  1804;   d.  Nov.  1,  1880;   m.  Harriet 

1459.  +  Lucy  Ann  Bartram,  b.  Aug.  27,  1806;   d.  June  27,  1905;  m.  Milo  Lee. 

1460.  +  Barney  Bartram,  b.  Sept.  20,  1808;  d.  June  25,  1878;  m.  Laura  Culver. 
1461.+Coley  Bartram,  b.  Nov.  1,  1810;  d.  Nov.  3,  1877;  m.  Malvina  Adams. 
1462.+Betsey  Bartram,  b.  May  23,  1813;  d.  Feb.  6,  1875;  m.  Ebenezer  Wilson. 
1463.     Oliver  S.  Bartram,  b.  July  11,  1815;   d.  July  23,  1816,  Redding,  Ct. 
1464.+Daniel  Sanford  Bartram,  b.  Jan.  14,  1818;  d.  Dec.  28,  1904;   m.  Eliza 

1465.     Ephraim  Bartram,  b.  Mar.  26,  1820;   d.  July  31,  1827,  Redding,  Ct. 
1466.+Levi  W.  Bartram,  b.  Apr.   25,   1822;  'd.  July  19,  1903;   m.    (1)    Sarah 

Haynes;  m.   (2)   Armenia  Weeks. 
1467.+Frederick  A.  Bartram,  b.  Sept.  13,  1824;   d.  May  14,  1895;  m.  Amelia 

1468.+Mary  B.  Bartram,  b.  July  16,  1827;  d.  Dec.  19,  1889;  m.  Rufus  Banks. 
1469.     Julia  Bartram,  b.  Sept.  30,  1829;  m.  May  6,  1875,  Myron  Haynes.     No 

children.     Residence,   Bridgeport,  Ct. 

635-  EPHRAIIVP  SANFORD,  JR.  {Ephraim  206,  Ephraim 
63,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  June  1,  1775,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d. 
May  16,  1844,  Canada ;  m.  Aug.  22,  1810,  Ann  Rea,  b.  Nov.  3,  1789, 
Canada;  d.  Dec.  15,  1836.  Mr.  Sanford  went  to  Canada  with  his 
father  and  settled  there. 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  Canada. 

1469.A  ReaT,  b.  May  25,  1811;   d.  Oct.  26,  1814. 
1470.+Sidney  Morehouse,  d.  Dec.  13,  1813;  m.  Sarah  Thompson. 
1471.     John  Rea,  b.  July  6,  1815;  d.  Jan.  1,  1816. 
1472.+Mary,  b.  Aug.  21,   1816;   d.   1848;    m.  James  Smith. 

(Eecord    copied   from   Ephraim   Sanford's    Bible.) 

636.     JOHN'^  SANFORD   {same  desceyit  as  635)  b.  1779;  m. 
Elizabeth  Boston,  of  Canada. 
They  had  two  children. 

1473.  ThomasT,  b.  Dec.  18,  1818,  Canada;  m.  (1)   1848,  Mary  Thorp,  d.  1862; 

m.     (2)    1864,    Frances    M.    Johnson,    d.    1877.      No     children.      He 
resided  in  Cleveland,  O.,  in  1885. 

1474.  William  Nichols,  b.  1821. 


639.  STURGES«  SANFORD  {Augustus  207,  Ephraim  63, 
Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  3,  1777,  Redding,  Ct.  d. 
Jime  4,  1S51.  Buried  in  Amenia  Cemetery;  m.  (1)  Mar.  10,  1798, 
Sarah  Read,  b.  1778 ;  d.  Feb.  16,  1816,  ag.  38  yrs.  5  mos.  Buried 
in  Amenia  Cemetery;  m.  (2)  Sept.  12,  1816,  Deidamia  Wheeler, 
b.  1789 ;  d.  Nov.  10,  1877.  Buried  in  Amenia  Cemetery.  Mr.  San- 
ford  settled  in  Amenia,  N.  Y.,  and  was  one  of  the  founders  of  the 
Presbyterian  Church. 

He  had  three  children  by  each  marriage. 

147o.+Dudley-,  b.  Mar.  23,  1799. 

1476.  +  Augustus,  b.  Jan.  10,  1802;   d.  Jan.  4,  1854;  m.  Harriet  PerLee. 

1477.  Milly  Amelia,  b.  Dec.  4,  1803;   d.  Aug  20,  1827;  unm. 
1478.+Edwin  Sturges,  b.  Mar.  IS,  1819;  d.  Feb.  11,  1886;  m.  Jennette  Darling. 

1479.  Antoinette,  b.  June  18,  1823;   d.  Oct.  20,  1876;  married.     No.  children. 

1480.  Sarah  Amelia,  b.  Dec.  15,  1828;   d.  May  10,  1897;   unm. 

640.  JESSE"  SANFORD  {Ehenezer  217,  Ebenezer  77, 
Thomas  12,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  3,  1762,  Wethersfield,  Ct. ; 
d.  May  24,  1840 ;  m.  Dec.  27,  1783,  Eleanor  Collins,  of  Rocky  Hill, 
Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  7,  1846,  ag.  86  yrs.  Mr.  Sanford  served  in  Militia  Regt., 
Capt.  Wright's  Co.,  1778,  and  drew  pension  while  residing  in  Hart- 
ford, Ct.     {Conn.  Men  in  Rev.,  p.  539,  652.) 

They  had  seven  children. 

1481.  William^,  a  sailor,  d.  at  sea;  unm. 

1482.  Lois,  d.   1866,  Southington,  Ct. ;   m.  Evans.     Eight  children. 

1483.  Edward.     Lived  and  died  in  New  Britain,  Ct. 

1484. -I- Jesse,  b.  June  11,  1791;   d.  Mar.  7,  1879;  m.  Almira  North. 

1485.     Mehitable,  d.  1879 ;  m.  Thaddeus  Thompson.     They  had  three  daughters, 

one  of  whom  married  Dea.  Russell,  of  Burlington,  Ct. 
1486.-|-Esther,  d.  1879;  m.  William  Morgan. 
1487.-fHuldah,  m.  Sage. 

645.  EBENEZER*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  640)  b. 
June  1,  1771,  Wethersfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  8,  1838,  Milan,  Mich. ;  m. 
Apr.  8,  1793,  Rhoda,  dau.  of  Asa  and  Margaret  (Lusk)  North,  and 
a  granddaughter  of  Lord  North  of  England,  b.  Mar.  14,  1771;  d. 
Sept.  3,  18.50,  Candor,  N.  Y.  They  lived  in  "Beckley  Quarter," 
a  part  of  Berlin,  Ct.,  which  lay  part  in  Wethersfield  and  part  in 
Middletown,  until  1785.  The  rest  of  Berlin  was  then  taken  from 
Farmington,  Ct.  In  1806,  he  removed  to  Candor,  N.  Y.,  and  after- 
ward to  Milan,  Mich. 

They  had  ten  children,  the  first  seven  all  born  in  Farming- 
ton,  Ct.,  and  the  last  three  in  Candor,  N.  Y. 


1488.+Romeo7,  b.  June  16,  1794;  d.  Mar.  12,  1857;   m.  Esther  Colbuni. 

1489.  +  Timothy,  b.  Dec.   13,   1795;    d.  Aug.   17,   1866;   m.    (1)    Lucinda  Teal; 

m.   (2)  Sarah  Bingham. 

1490.  +  Asa,  b.  June  2,  1797;  d.  Aug  21,  1872;  m.  Susan  Kelsej. 
I491.+Hulda,  b.  July  28,  1799;  d.  1876;  m.  Lyman  Barber. 

1492.  +  Cynthia  Margaret  Hotchkiss,  b.   Oct.   19,   1801;    d.  Mar.   26,   1832;   m. 

Latimer  Gates. 

1493.  Luther  N.,  b.  Mar.  9,  1803 ;  m.  Hannah  Phillips.     Resided  in  Ridgeway, 


1494.  +  Seth,  b.  Apr.  14,  1805;   d.  in  Toledo,  O. ;  m.  Sarah  Southwick. 

1495.  Elizabeth,   b.   June   3,    1807;    m.   Latimer   Gates. 

1496.  Nancy  Isabel,  b.  Aug.  17,  1810;  m.  Manning  Hathaway. 

1497.  Laura  Lusk,  b.  May  5,  1813;  m.   (1)   John  Peck;  m.   (2)   John  Fox. 

648.  Ai\[OS"'  SANPORD  {same  descent  as  640)  b.  Apr.  17, 
1778,  Wethersfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  5,  1856,  Trenton,  N.  T. ;  m.  May 
10,  1797,  Lydia  Blyn,  d.  Sept.  4,  1862,  Trenton,  N.  Y.,  ag.  82. 

They  had  eight  children. 

1498.  +  So]omon7,  b.  1798;  d.  Apr.  5,  1854. 

1499.  +  Theodore,  b.  Oct.  22,  1800;   d.  Sept.  16,  1874;  m.  Mrs.  Lucy  Patton. 

loOl.+Betsey,  m.  Bernard  VanBuren. 
1502.+Ebenezer,  b.  1811;  d.  May,  1885,  aged  74. 

1503.  +  Otis,  b.  Mar.  16,  1812;  d.  Jan.  9,  1897;  m.  Elizia  Patten. 

1504.  +  Sylvester,  b.  July  29,  1814;  d.  Sept.  26,  1880;  m.  Harriet  Rounds. 

1505.  Celesty,  b.  Nov.,  1S19;   d.  young. 

652.  SARAH"  SANFORD  {Josiali  221,  Ebenezer  77,  Thomas 
12,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Nov.  1,  1777,  Easton,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  27, 
1834,  Tashua,  Ct. ;  m.  Dec.  1,  1795,  Elijah,  son  of  Joseph  Mallett, 
b.  Aug.  31,  1773 ;  d.  July  6,  1806. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Tashua,  Ct. 

1506.4-Ephraim  Sanford^  Mallett,  b.  Jan.  6,  1796;  d.  Mar.  15,  1881;  m.  Cyn- 
thia Sherman. 

1507.  Josiah  Mallett,  b.  Apr.  23,  1798;  d.  June  11,  1886;  buried  at  Stepney, 
Ct.;  m.  Nov.  20,  1833,  Huldah,  dau.  of  John  Winton,  b.  Feb.  12, 
1807;  d.  Jan.  23,  1890.    No  children. 

1508.4-Esther  Mallett,  b.  Jan.  17,  1802;  d.  July  6,  1876;  m.  Benjamin 

653.  MARY«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  652),  b.  Easton, 
Ct. ;  m.  Robert  Middlebrook. 

They  had  one  child. 

1509.  Lucius''  Middlebrook,  m.  Mary,  dau.  of  Isaac  and  Anne  (Sanford) 
Wakeley.    No  children. 


654.  DEBOKAH«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  652)  b.  Sept. 
11,  1784,  Easton,  Ct. ;  d.  July  5,  1848,  Easton,  Ct. ;  m.  1801-2,  Silas 
Wheeler,  b.  Sept.  11,  1784,  Easton,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  10,  1864,  Easton,  Ct. 
Both  are  buried  in  Union  Cemetery  at  Easton,  Ct. 

They  had  eleven  children,  all  bom  in  Easton,  Ct. 

1510.     SamuelT  Wheeler,  b.  Oct.  1,  1802;   d.  July,  1884.      • 

loll.  +  Sallie  Wheeler,  b.  Feb.  25,  1804;  d.  Aug.  9,  1860;  m.  Bradley  Burr. 

1512.  +  Sanford  Wheeler,  b.  Oct.  11,  1805;  d.  Mar.  19,  1887;  m.   (1)  Marietta 

Banks;  m.   (2)   Eurania  Wilson;  m.   (3)   Eunice  Perry. 

1513.  Esther  Wheeler,   b.   June   3,   1807;    d.   Jan.   10,   1899,   Easton,  Ct.;    m. 

Gershom  Bradley  Sanford.      {See  1435.) 
I514.+David  Wheeler,  b.  Mar.  4,  1809;   d.  Dec,  1861;   m.  Eunice  Wordin. 
I515.+Ebenezer    Thorpe   Wheeler,   b.    Dec.   26,    1810;    d.   Aug.,    1888;    m.    (1) 

Eliza  Nichols;  m.   (2)    Eunice  Gould. 
I516.+Edwin  Wheeler,  b.  Dec.  3,  1812;   d.  Nov.  29,  1870;  m.  Lucinda  Lyon. 
1517.+Elosia  Wheeler,  b.  Apr.  2,  1815;  d.  July  1.5,  1878;  m.  John  Hull. 
1518.+John  Wheeler,  b.  Nov.  28,  1816;  d.  Aug.  24,  1904;  m.  Malvina  Smith. 

1519.  Burritt  Wheeler,  b.  Feb.  5,  1820;  d.  1826,  Easton,  Ct. 

1520.  Lydia   A.   Wheeler,   b.   Apr.    IS,   1824;   m.  WUUam   0.  Sanford.      {See 

1445.)      Ees.,   Weston,   Ct. 

655.  ANNE*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  652)  b.  Easton, 
Ct. ;  m.  Isaac  Wakeley. 

They  had  eight  children. 

1521.  Aaron"  Wakeley. 

1522.  Sanford  Wakeley. 

1523.  William   Wakeley. 

1524.  Mary  Wakeley,  m.  Lucius,  son  of  Robert  and  Mary   (Sanford)   Middle- 

brook.     No  children. 

1525.  Caroline  Wakeley. 

1526.  Walker  Wakeley. 

1527.  Abel  Wakeley. 

1528.  Jane  Wakeley. 

657.  EBENEZER  THORPE*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as 
652)   b.   1794,  Easton,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  22,  187.3,  ag.  79  yrs.  7  mos. 

Buried  in  Easton,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  Sally ,  d.  Sept.  22,  1817,  ag: 

24.  Buried  at  Easton,  Ct. ;  m.  (2)  Sarah  Anna,  dau.  of  Aaron 
Lyon,  of  Redding  Ridge,  Ct.,  b.  1792;  d.  Aug.  2,  1849,  ag.  57. 
Buried  in  Easton,  Ct. ;  m.  (.3)  Rhoda  Clarissa  Mallett,  b.  1814;  d. 

He  had  one  child  by  first,  four  by  second  and  one  by  third 

1529.  JosephT,  a.  Aug.  27,  1817,  aged  13  mos.  9.  days. 


1530.     Daniel  L.,  b.  1819;  d.  1895;  m.  Anna ;  d.  May  26,  1883,  ag.  57. 

Buried  Easton,.Ct. 
1531.+Aaron,  b.  1821. 

1532.  Sallie,  b.  Aug.  1823,  Easton,  Ct.;  d.  July  6,  1908;  buried  in  Stratford, 

Ct. ;    m.    Charles,    son    of   Walter   and    Harriet    (Booth)    Sanford,   b. 
1822;    d.  Oct.  29,   1901.     Buried  in  Stratford,  Ct.     No  children. 

1533.  Julia,  b.   1826;  m.  Norman  Northrop.     Res.,  Newtown,  Ct. 

1534.  Stephen  Mallett,  b.   1850;   m.   Sylvia  Alosia  ;   d.  Apr.   4,   1881, 

ag.  28  yrs.     Res.,  Easton,  Ct. 

662.     JOSEPH^  SANFORD   {David  226,  David  78,  Thomas 
12,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  m.  Polly  Townsend. 
They  had  six  children. 

1535.  +  Daniel7,  b.  Oct.  4,   1815;    d.  Jan.  25,   1901;   m.  Lydia  Atwell. 

1536.  Joseph,  d.  young. 
1537.-|-Elizabeth,   d.   1848;   m.   Charles  Peters. 

1538.  +  Sullivan  S.,  b.  Nov.  28,  1825;  d.  Dec.  15,  1904;  m.  MariUa  Van  Keuren. 
1539.+David  D.,  b.  Nov.  27,  1827;  d.  Mar.  2,  1866;  m.  Caroline  Creveling. 
I540.+John,  b.  Dec.  17,  1830;   d.  Jan.   12,  1874;  m.  Sophia  Collier. 

665.  THOMAS*  SANFORD  {John  228,  David  78,  Thomas 
12,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  1772;  d.  1849,  in  Ohio,  ag.  77;  m. 
Amelia — Mr.  Sanford  moved  from  New  Jersey  to  Urbana,  N.  Y.,- 
where  he  engaged  in  farming. 

They  had  three  children. 

1541.4-Thomas  HaU^  b.  July  4,  1796;  d.  Nov.  20,  1864;  m.  Matilda  Miller. 

1542.     Benjamin. 

1543. + Joseph,  b.  Sept.  4,  1802;  d.  Sept.  4,  1876;  m.  Hester  Douglas. 

666.  JOHN'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  665)  b.  1774,  New- 
ark, N.  J. ;  m.  about  1795,  Sarah  Miller.  Mr.  Sanford  moved  from 
Long  Pond,  N.  J.,  into  Steuben  County,  N.  Y.  He  served  in  the 
War  of  1812. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

] 544. 4- Nancy',   b.    1796;   m.   John   Schofield. 
154.5. -|-:Mary  (Polly),  b.  June  3,  1799;  m.  Benjamin  Woodruff. 
1546.  +  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  1801;   d.  May  18,  1852;  m.  Hezekiah  Schofield. 
1547. + John  M.,  b.  Feb.   20,  1803;    d.  Mar.  4,   1882;   m.    (1)    Electa  Cassity; 
m.   (2)   Elizabeth  Taylor;  m.   (3)    Hannah  Harpeson. 

1548.  +  Hannah,  d.  in  Kansas;   m.  James  Woodruff. 

1549.  +  David,  b.  Oct.,  1807;   d.  Sept.,  1893;  m.  Samantha  Lyon. 
1550.+ Andrew,  b.  Dee.   11,   1810;   d.  May,   1902;   m.   EKza  Shriner. 
I551.+Rebecca,  b.  Dec.  11,  1810;  d.  Nov.  20,  1893;   m.  Orin  Longwell. 
1552.+Thomas,  d.  in  Mt.  Washington,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Jane  Scott. 


1553.  +  Sarah  Ann,  b.  May  14,  1815;   d.  Mar.  16,  1899;  m.  James  Vanhouten. 
15o4.+Ephraiin,  b.  June  10,  1817;  d.  Jan.  2,  1882;  m.  Betsey  Crawford. 

667.  BENJAMIN"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  665)  mar- 
ried and  had  four  children. 

1555.  Elizabeth^. 

1556.  Mary. 

1557.  Nettie.  '  ' 

1558.  Matilda. 

668.  DAVID*   SANFORD    {same   descent   as   665)    m.    (]) 
(Clark)  ;  m.   (2)  Elizabeth  Morrison.     Mr.  Sanford  moved 

to  Senaca  County,  0.,  where  he  owned  320  acres  in  Reed  Town- 
ship. His  first  wife's  maiden  name  was  Clark,  name  of  her  hus- 
band unknown.  Mr.  Sanford  founded  the  First  Baptist  Church 
in  that  part  of  the  country,  the  Omar  church,  and  was  always 
called  Deacon  Sanford. 
He  had  two  children. 

1559.+ James",  m.  Harriet  Wall. 
1560.     Mary  Ann,  m.  Daniel  Bunce. 

669.  GAMALIEL^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  665)  b.  May 
25,  1778;  m.  (1)  Sept.  8,  1805,  Elizabeth  Brown,  of  Newfoundland, 
N.  J.,  b.  Nov.  8,  1787;  d.  Feb.  1,  1832;  m.  (2)  Apr.  18,  1834,  Sarah 
Blanbelt  at  Caldwell,  N.  J. 

He  had  ten  children  by  first  marriage,  all  bom  in  Caldwell, 
N.  J. 

1561.+PeterT,  b.  July  13,  1806;  d.  Dec.  19,  1875;  m.  Ehoda  Coonrod. 

1562.  Hannah,  b.  Apr.  25,  1808. 

1563.  Jane,  b.  Sept.  1,  1810. 

1564.  Eebecca,   b.   Sept.    6,    1812;    d.   Mar.    11,   1872;    m.   George   Boss.     No 

1565. -I- John,  b.  Apr.  12,  1814;   d.  Sept.  2,  1866;  m.  Harriet  "Wilson. 
1566.-|-Eliza  Jane,  b.  July  17,  1817;  d.  Nov.  11,  1893;  m.  John  Ross. 
1567.-|-Benjamin,  b.  May  15,  1820;  d.  Jan.  21,  1902;  m.  Esther  Damon. 
1568.+Hannah  Maria,  b.  Aug.  9,  1822;  m.  John  Vinson. 

1569.  Martin  B.,  b.  Apr.  6,  1825. 

1570.  +  Joseph  Board,  b.  Mar.  22,   1831;   d.  July  4,  1906;  m.  Margaret  Cum- 

min gs. 

670.  JOSEPH^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  665)  d.  1869, 
Florida,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Ann  Rydner. 

They  had  ten  children. 


loTOVa.RebeccaT,  b.  Feb.  15,  1809. 

I571.+Catherine  E.,  b.  Dec.  16,  1808;  m.  John  Terhune. 

1572.  Jane,  b.  Jan.  14,  1811;  m.  Chatterton. 

1573.  +  Sarah,  b.  Feb.  .3,  1813;   d.  July,  1891;  m.  Warren  Anway. 

1574.  Elizabeth,  b.  June  4,  1815;  m.  Henry  Spier. 

1575.+John  Weasels,  b.  May  26,  1818;  d.  Oct.  30,  1887;  m.  Estella  Blodett. 

1576.+Mary  Anna,  b.  Sept.  5,  1820;  m.  Avey. 

1577. + James  E.,  b.  Aug.  2,  1823;  m.  Mary  Dingwell. 

1578.  Hannah  M.,  b.  Oct.  7,  1828;  m.  Hand. 

1579.  David  Joseph,  b.  Dec.  18,  1833. 

671.  HANNAH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  665)  b.  Sept. 
30,  1791;  d.  Sept.  12,  1863;  m.  John  L.  Wessels,  b.  Nov.  24,  1785, 
Acquackaneck,  N.  J.,  d.  Oct.  6,  1862,  Pompton,  N.  J. 

They  had  four  children,  all  born 'in  Ringwood  Furnaze,  N.  J. 

1580.+MargaretT  Wessels,  b.  Jan.  20,  1817;  d.  Apr.  3,  1864;  m.  Jacob  Berry. 
I581.+Eebecca  Wessels,  b.  Oct.  11,  1818;  d.  June  20,  1849;  m.  Major  WilHam 

1582.+Mary  Eliza  Wessels,  b.  Dec.  23,  1821;   d.  Oct.  6,  1904;   m.  Eev.  A.  G. 

1583.+Eachel  Ann  Wessels,  b.  Sept.   8,   1827;    d.  Dec.  3,  1907;   m.  Benjamin 


672.  REBECCA"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  665)  m. 
Jonathan  Benjamin. 

One  child  was 

1584.  Edward"  Benjamin.     Lived  at  Eockaway,  N.  J. 

673.  IVIART"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  665)  m.  Samuel, 
son  of  David  and  Elizabeth  Bruen.  He  was  living  in  1805 — prob- 
ably died  about  1817. 

They  had  nine  children. 

1585.  +  GamalielT   Bruen,  b.   July   22,    1797;    d.   Oct.    16,    1876;    m.    (1)    Anna 

Parsells;  m.   (2)   Mrs.  Mary  Lewis. 
1586. + James  Bruen,  d.  ab.  1832  in  N.  T.;  m.  Eachel  Queman. 
1587.+Eebecca  Bruen,  d.  Mar.  25,  1880,  ag.  79;  m.  John  Estell. 
1588.+David  Bruen,  b.  1803;  d.  in  So.  Norwalk,  Ct.;  m.  Harriet  Minuse. 
1589.     Eliza  Bruen,  d.  unm. 
1590.+Maria  Bruen,  d.  in  Philadelphia,  Pa.;  m.  Samuel  Jones. 

1591.4-Abram  Brant  Bruen,  d.  Aug.  14,  1845,  ag.  35;  m.  Jane  . 

1592. + Joseph  Bruen,  d.  Nov.  1,  1860,  ag.  47;  m.  Ann.  Williams. 
1593. -{-Marcus  Bruen,  d.  1849;  m.  Margaret  Van  Velsor. 

674.  ELIZABETH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  665)  m. 
Thomas  Richards.     Resided  in  Newark,  N.  J. 


They  had  six  children. 

1594.  John^  Eichards. 

1595.  Samuel  Eichards. 

1596.  Nathaniel  Eichards. 

1597.  William  Eichards. 

1598.  Mary  Eichards.  ,  '  1 

1599.  EUzabeth  Eichards.     '    .' "  ■   ■  =     .   .    .•    . 

676.  JAMES*  SANFORD  {Ephraim  229,  David  78,  Thomas 
12,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  i)  b.  in  Wayne,  N.  T. ;  d.  in  "Wayne,  N.  Y. ;  m. 
Sally  Harrison.    Resided  in  Wayne,  on  the  old  homestead. 

They  had  seven  children. 

1600.  JohnT,  d.  in '  Wayne,  N.  T.  ■  .-^  ....  .:  .  ,,' .,    . 

1601.+Da\-id,  d.  in  Wayne,  N.   Y.        •   •  ■,        ....... 

1602.     Ephraim,  d.  in  Wayne,  N.  Y.  ■        '  ■ 

1603.+Irena,  d.  in  Wayne,  N.  Y. ;  m.  George  Lord.  •■     •       '  ;■ 

1604.+Eussell,   b.  Nov.    15,   1822;    d.  in  Wayne,  N.  Y.;   m.  Laura  Chapman. 

1605.  Densy,  d.  in  Wayne,  N.  Y. 

1606.  William,  d.  in  Wayne,  N.  Y.  ,  '  ■,  /  .  '  -  '  . 

678.     MATHEW«  SANFORD   {Ezra  230',  David  78,  Thomas 

12,  Ezekiel  2  Thomas  1)  b.  July  22,  1775,  Warwick,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Sept. 

13,  1859,  in  Ohio ;  m.  Catherine  Garrison,  d.  ab.  1850,  at  Moe,  N.  J. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

1607.+AbramT,  m.  Jane  Eyerson.  ■,,.''. 

1608.4-Ezra,  b.  1798;  d.  Dec.  12,  1883;  m.  Mary  Crowel. 
1609.+Mathew,  b.  Nor.  12,  1804;  d.  Apr.  6,  1886;  m.  Elizabeth  Long. 

1610.  Garrison,  m.  Jane  Wells.       - 

1611.  Sally,  m.  Simeon  Utter.       ■  ;    y' '„    ■         ' ,''■    •      ;''  ' 

1612.  Dolly,  m.   William  Winters.  •  .    •  •    ■  ■ 

1613.  Patience,  m.  John  Hyatt. 

1614.  Eliza,  m.  Joseph  Montrose. 

1615.  Catherine,  m.   (1)    George  Wright;   m.    (2)    John  Taylor. 

1616.  Anna,  m.  "  Mosman  Eobert. "     ■    .    ;  ' 

1617.  Jane,  m.  Martin  Welch. 

682.  ESTHER*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  678)  b.  Sept. 
22,  1785,  Warwick,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Aug.  16,  1850;  m.  Apr.  7,  1S04,  Wil- 
liam Hause,  Jr.,  b.  Nov.  22,  1781 ;  d.  Jan.  2,  1825.  Mrs.  Hause  had 
seventeen  grandchildren  in  the  War  of  the  Rebellion,  four  wounded, 
one  died. 

They  had  ten  children. 

1618.  SanfordT  Hause,  b.  May  7,  1805;  m.  Nov.  20,  1824,  Lydia  Swarthout. 

1619.  Elizabeth  Hause,  b.  Feb.  12,  1807;  d.  Jan.  18,  1848;  m.  Sept.  12,  1824, 

Manly  Swarthout. 



1620. + Jesse  J.  Hause,  b.  June  23,  1808;  m.  Sally  Swarthout. 

1621.  Anna  Hause,  b.  Aug.  4,  1811;  d.  Feb.  22,  1812. 

1622.  Heman  C.  Hause,  b.  May  13,  1813;  m.  Nov.  26,  1832,  Elvira  Bacon. 

1623.  Hannah  Hause,  b.  Jan.  23,  1815;   d.  Feb.  2,   1815. 

1624.  Harris  E.  Hause,  b.  Jan.  1.5,  1816;  m.  Mar.  25,  1837,  Lucinda  Maynard. 

1625.  Mary  Ann  Hause,  b.  Aug.  3,  1819;  m.  Nov.  6,  1834,  Horace  B.  Avery. 

1626.  Elmer  C.  Hause,  b.  Mar.  21,   1823;  m.  July  1,  1849,  Polly  Thompson. 

1627.  Dorcas  Hause,  b.  July  27,  1825;  d.  Sept.  11,  1825. 

684.  MARY*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  678)  b.  Sept.  7, 
1790,  Warwick,  N.  Y. ;  m.  John  Thomas. 

They  had  two  children. 

1628.  Sally  Ann^  Thomas. 

1629.  John  Thomas. 

685.  EZRA*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  678)  b.  Nov.  11, 
1793,Warwick,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Aug.  14,  1883 ;  m.  Oct.  29,  1814,  Adeline 
Terry,  of  Warwick,  N.  Y.,  d.  Aug.  13,  1875,  Warwick,  N.  Y. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  a  man  of  remarkable  energy  and  activity. 
His  entire  life  was  spent  in  Warwick,  N.  Y.,  where  he  was  chiefly 
engaged  in  agricultural  and  milling  pursuits.  He  was  one  of  the 
directors  of  the  Chester  National  Bank  from  the  time  of  its  organ- 
ization. He  assisted  in  the  construction  of  the  Warwick  Valley 
R.  R.  and  was  one  of  the  directors  of  that  corporation  at  the  time  of 
his  death. 

He  served  in  the  War  of  1812,  for  which  he  drew  a  pension 
for  many  years. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  born  in  Warwick,  N.  Y. 

1630.-|-Uriah  Terry^,  b.  Oct.  29,  1815;   d.  May  9,   1863;  m.  Mary  Van  Duzer. 
I631.+Hester  Ann,  b.  May  24,  1818;  d.  Jan.  6,  1886;  m.  George  Price. 
1632.     George  W.,  d.  young. 

1633.+George  "W.,  b.  Nov.  5,  1821;  d.  Jan.  6,  1900;  m.  Frances  Baird. 
1634.     Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.  8,  1824;  d.  Nov.  17,  1905,  Watkins,  N.  Y. 
1635.+William  Moore,  b.  Aug.  22,  1827;  d.  Aug.  17,  1887;  m.  Sarah  Burt. 
1636.     Julia  A.,  b.  Mar.  17,  1830;  d.  May  2,  1892,  Warwick,  N.  Y.;  m.  Dee. 

22,  1852,  Charles  Morehouse,  b.  Oct.  9,  1825;  d.  1893. 
1637.+Pierson  Ezra,  b.  Aug.  26,  1832;  m.  Anna  Burt. 
1638. + Abigail,  b.  Nov.  5,  1836;  m.  John  Gabriel. 
1639.+Emily,  b.  Dec.  25,  1838;  m.  (1)   Lee  Cleveland;  m.   (2)   Adrian  Tuttle. 

693.  HARVEY*  WRIGHT  {Joseph  238,  Joseph  87,  Hannah 
17,  Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  b.  May.  20,  1786,  Durham,  Ct. ;  d.  June 
28,  1858,  Bristol,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov.  8,  1815,  Esther,  dau.  of  Gould 
Crissey,  d.  Oct.  30,  1844,  Bristol,  Ct. 


They  had  three  children. 

1640.+Filbert  LeanderT  Wright,  b.  Nov.  18,  1816;  d.  Oct.  2,  1886;  m.  Sabrina 

1641. + Julius  Wright,  b.  Mar.  23,  1821;  d.  about  1902;  m.  Jane  Wright. 
1642.+Benjamin   Franklin   Wright,   b.   Aug.   25,   1834;    d.   Mar.   9,   1895;   m. 

Eliza  Brown. 

697.  DA^^IEL  CLARK*  SANFORD  {Thomas  245,  Samuel 
60,  Samuel  19,  Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  d.  in  Litchfield,  Ct.,  ag.  54;  m. 
Marian,  dau.  of  Jesse  and  Ruth  (Lyon)  Beardsley,  d.  Nov.  27,  1847, 
East  Solan,  N.  Y.  Thomas  Sanford  of  Newtown,  Ct.,  deeded  land  to 
Daniel  and  his  wife  Marian,  Dec.  24,  1814.  (L.  B.,  Bk.  28,  p.  40.) 

They  had  five  children. 

1643.+LeviT,  b.  Apr.  19,  1787;   d.  Mar.  5,  1869;  m.  Elizabeth  Tyrrell. 
1644.+Beardaley,  b.  Feb.  5,  1790;   d.  Sept.  7,  1868;  m.  Ehoda  Weed. 
1645.+PoUy,  b.  1794;  d.  Dec.  6,  1859;  m.  Samuel  Doty. 
1646.+Abel,  b.  1798;  d.  1843;  m.  Lydia  Post. 
1647.+Daniel,  b.  Oct.  1799;  d.  1869;  m.  Selina  Curtis. 

701.  WILLIAM*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  697)  b.  June 
5,  1765 ;  d.  May  7,  1814,  Halcottsville,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Huldah,  dau.  of 
Elijah  Hull,  of  Newtown,  Ct. ;  b.  Feb.  17,  1767,  Margaretville,  N.  Y., 
d.  Jan.  24,  1834,  Halcottsville,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sanford  was  one  of  the 
Pioneers  of  Delaware  County,  N.  Y.  He  came  there  from  Litch- 
field County,  Ct.,  about  1797,  and  settled  on  a  farm  on  Hubbell 
Hill,  N.  Y.  This  farm  has  been  handed  down  from  father  to  son 
and  is  now  in  the  possession  of  D.  Rowland  Sanford,  of  Kelly 
Corners,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sanford  and  his  wife  signed  a  quit  claim  deed 
of  all  their  rights  in  the  estate  of  Elijah  Hull,  Feb.  13,  1812,  to 
Moses  Botsford,  of  Newtown,  Ct.      {Bh.  27,  p.  345.) 

Mr.  Sanford 's  will,  dated  Apr.  24,  1814,  probated  June  16, 
1814,  bequeathes  to  wife  Huldah,  children  Charles  C,  Phebe,  Amy 
Crosby,  Polly  A.,  Betsey.  Charlotte,  Roxana,  Lucy,  Ziba,  John, 
William,  and  Miransa. 

They  had  twelve  children. 

1648.  +  Charle3  Clark^,  b.  Mar.  8,  1791;  d.  Feb.  22,  1876;  m.  Mary  Smead. 

1649.  Phebe,  b.  Sept.  16,  1793. 

1650.  Amy,  b.  May  24,  1794;  m.  Crosby. 

1651.  Polly  Ann,  b.  Feb.  9,  1796. 

1652.  +  Ziba,  b.  Oct.  16,  1797;  d.  May  4,  1878;  m.  Hannah  Roberts. 

1653.  Betsey,  b.  May  1,  1799. 

1654.  + John,  b.  Dec.  28,  1800;  d.  Mar.  11,  1866;  m.  Clarissa  North. 


1655.  +  Charlotte,  b.  Nov.   22, '1802;   d.  May  30,   1857;   m.  William  Van  Ben- 

1656. + William,  b.  May  27,  1804;   d.  Feb.  10,  1878;   m.  Harriet  DuMond. 

1657.  Lucy,  b.  Jan.  16,  1806;  d.  July  10,  1890,  Griffin  Corners,  N.  Y. 

1658.  Roxana,  b.  Jan.  26,  1808. 

1659.+Maran8a,  b.  Dec.  2,  1809;   d.  Dec.  18,  1892;  m.    (1)    Elizabeth  Grant; 
m.    (2)    Eliza  Jones;   m.    (3)    Mary  McLaughlin. 

702.  LOIS«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  697)  b.  1766;  m. 
Joshua  Chapin. 

They  had  one  child. 

1660.  Charles  Thomas'  Chapin. 

703.  POLLY  ANN«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  697)  b. 
1768,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  July  28,  1798,  William  Beardsley,  of  Red- 
ding, Ct. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1661.  LoisT  Beardsley,  b.  Apr.  4,  1799. 

1662.  Lydia  Beardsley,  b.  Nov.  21,  1800. 

1663.  Jesse  Beardsley,  b.  July  9,  1802. 

1664.  Polly  Ann  Beardsley,  b.  May  19,  1804. 

1665.  Ruth  Beardsley,  b.  Feb.  16,  1806. 

1666.  William  Beardsley,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  12,  1808. 

1667.  Aaron  Beardsley,  b.  Aug.  8,  1809. 

{Eedding  T.  B.,  V.  2,  p.  13-46.) 

707.  THOMAS'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  697)  b.  Apr. 
6,  1778,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  ^ov.  14,  1848,  Ashippun,  Wis. ;  m.  1806, 
Sarah  Gillet,  b.  May,  1786;  d.  Sept.,  1876,  Ashippun,  Wis.  Both 
are  buried  in  Ashippun,  Wis. 

They  had  eight  children,  all  bom  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

1668.+David  A.t,  b.  1809;  d.  Jan.  27,  1834;  m.  Melissa  Smith. 
1669. -f- William  E.,  b.  Aug.   22,   1811;   m.  Lavinia  Tillson. 
1670.  +  John  G.,  b.  June  26,  1813;  m.  Jane  Curtis. 
1671.4-George  T.,  b.  July  20,  1816;  m.  Eliza  KoUock. 
1672.  +  Mary  E.,  b.  Feb.  20,  1819;  m.  Philo  Patchin. 
1673.+Abel  B.,  b.  Jan.  20,  1822;  m.  Esther  Curtis. 

1674.  +  Sarah  A.,  b.  Aug.  9,  1824;  m.  M.  R.  Tillson. 

1675.  Polly,  b.   1826;   d.  early. 

708.  DAVID«  SANFORD  {Amos  246,  Samuel  90,  Samuel  19, 
Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  b.  Nov.  9,  1757,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  Feb.  27, 
1781,  Hannah  Rcwlin. 

One  child  was 

1676.  Sidney",  d.  Mar.  7,  1809,  Sharon,  Ct.,  ag.  2  mos. 


710.  CALEB*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  708)  b.  Aug. 
22,  1761,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  June  9,  1822 ;  m.  Feb.  4,  1783,  Lucinda 
Pike,  d.  Feb.  4,  1826.  Mr.  Sanford  received  from  his  father's 
estate  7%  acres  of  land.  He  was  in  Capt.  Mathew  Smith's  Com- 
pany from  Sharon,  Ct.,  joined  the  Army  Aug.  5.  {See  Conn.  Men 
in  the  Rev.,  p.  569.)     They  settled  in  Rensselaerville,  N.  Y. 

They  had  five  children. 

1676. A  Amos'',  b.  1784;  d.  in  the  war;  m.  Miss  Cooper.    No  children. 
1677.     Betsey,  b.  1787;  m.  Peter  Vrooman. 

1678.+Apollos,  b.  Mar.  19,  1788;  d.  Dec.  4,  1869;  m.  Millicent  Smith. 
1679.     Mary,  b.  1789;   d.  Aug.  1837;  m.  Zacheus  Shaw. 

1680.+David,  b.  Jan.  24,   1798;    d.  Nov.   11,   1871;   m.    (1)    Mercy  Starr;  m. 
(2)   Nancy  Fancher. 

711.  EZRA"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  70S)b.  Apr.  22, 
1763,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.,  1813,  Pownal,  Vt. ;  m.  Oct.  11,  1786, 
Mercy,  dau.  of  John  Gay,  of  Sharon,  Ct.,  b.  Sept.,  1761,  Sharon, 
Ct. ;  d.  1841,  Byron,  N.  Y.  They  removed  from  Sharon  to  Pownal, 
Vt,  in  Feb.,  1792,  where  they  resided  during  the  remainder  of  Mr. 
Sanford 's  life.  He  was  a  farmer  and  carpenter,  a  remarkably 
muscular  man,  possessed  of  great  nerve  and  quickness  ol  percep- 

They  had  four  children,  all  except  Electa  bom  in  Pownal,  Vt. 

I681.  +  Electa7,  b.  in  Sharon,  Ct.;  m.  Dewey  Miller. 

1682.+Ezra,  Jr.,  b.  June,  1792;   d.  Aug.  1,  1855;  m.  Almira  Chamberlain. 

1683.+Sally,  b.   1796;   m.  Daniel  Merrill. 

1684.+Lucy,  b.  1709;  m.  Levi  Cass. 

712.  SAMUEL"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  708)  b.  Feb. 
25,  1765 ;  m.  Miss  Rand.  Settled  in  Rensselaerville,  N.  Y.  He 
received  from  his  father's  estate  nine  acres  of  land,  which  he  deeded 
Jan.  16,  1797,  to  his  brother  David.  •    ■ 

One  child  was 

1685.     ErwinT. 

713.  JOHN"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  708)  b.  Feb.  6, 
1767;  m.  Miss  Russ.  He  received  ten  acres  and  forty  rods  of  land 
from  his  father's  estate,  which  he  deeded  to  his  brother  David, 
Sept.  1,  1795.     He  lived  in  Rensselaerville,  N.  Y. 

They  had  two  children. 


1686.  DennisT. 

1687.  Daughter,  m.  Leete  Whitford. 

717.  AMOS'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  708)  b.  Feb.  1, 
1774,  Ellsworth,  Ct. ;  d.  July  25,  1831.  Buried  in  Sharon  Cemetery! 
m.  (1)  Betsey  Pardee,  of  Sharon,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  22,  1819,  ag.  35  years. 
Buried  in  Sharon  Cemetery;  m.  (2)  Abigail  Riley,  b.  Dec.,  1788, 
Wethersfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  22,  1867,  Lime  Rock,  Ct. 

He  had  five  children  by  second  marriage. 

1688.  Joseph  Riley^  b.  May  17,   1822;   d.  Feb.  10,  1830.     Buried  in  Sharon 


1689.  Henry,   b.   Aug.    1824;    d.   Aug.    1830.      Accidentally  killed.     Buried   in 

Sharon  Cemetery. 

1690.  Samuel  Amos,  b.  Mar.   12,  1826,  Ellsworth,  Ct. ;   d.  Jan.  11,  1899,  Win- 

sted,  Ct.  Buried  at  Great  Barrington,  Mass.,  Old  Cemetery;  m.  Sarah, 
dau.  of  Lathrop  and  Mary  (Evarts)  Holmes,  of  Sheffield,  Mass.; 
d.  May  9,  1893,  Great  Barrington,  Mass.,  ag.  71  years.  Buried  in 
Old  Cemetery  at  Great  Barrington,  Mass.     No  children. 

1691.  +  Charles  Stephen,  b.  Sept.  23,  1828;   d.  Feb.   10,  1876;  m.  Polly  White. 

1692.  +  Mary   Elizabeth,   b.   Aug.    15,    1831;    d.    Sept.    13,   1884;    m.   Benjamin 


726.  ANNIS"  SANFORD  {Samuel  252,  Samuel  90,  Sam- 
uel 19,  Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  12,  1766,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct. 
28,  1802,  Redding,  Ct.  Buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery;  m.  Sept. 
19,  1784,  Israel  Crofut. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

1693.  Josiah  Sanford^  Crofut,  b.  Dec.  30,  1786. 

1694.  Betsey  Ann  Crofut,  b.  Jan.  20,  1793. 

1695.  Joel  Dunning  Crofut,  b.  Feb.  15,  1798. 

{B.   T.   B.,   Vol.   2,  p.  2-37.) 

727.  ISAAC'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  726)  b.  Feb.  2, 
1768,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  15,  1848,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  Feb 
10,  1790,  Anna  Bristol,  his,  stepmother's  daughter  by  her  first 
marriage,  b.  Oct.  13,  1773;  d.  June,  25,  1825,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  (2) 
Oct.  30,  1826,  Sarah  Gorham,  b.  Dee.  8,  1782;  d.  May  17,  1845.  He 
was  a  wheelwright. 

He  had  five  children  by  first  marriage,  all  born  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

1696.  +  EUas  Bristol,  b.  Feb.  16,  1791;   d.  June  2,  1881;  m.    (1)    Sally  Lock- 

wood;  m.   (2)   Lucretia  Fayerweather. 
1697.+Samuel  Norman,  b.  Mar.  IS,  1793;  d.  Apr.  29,  1858;  m.  Anna  Shepard. 

1698.  Jerusha,  b.  July  1.5,  1797;   d.  Mar.   16,  1798. 

1699.  +  John,  b.  Sept.  8,  1799;   d.  July  25,  1883;  m.  Mary  Nettleton. 


1700.+Luman  Andrus,  b.  July   13,   1807;    d.   in   Stirling,  111.;   m.  Julia  Car- 

733.  RENAH*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  726)  b.  June  1, 
1779,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  James  Bennett. 

They  had  one  child. 

1701.  Sarah'  Bennett. 

734.  AZUBAH«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  726)  b.  June 
3,  1781,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  Andrew  Winton. 

They  had  one  child. 

1702.  Laura"  Winton  ;  unm. 

737.  ABIAH  ANN«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  726)  b.  Jan. 
10,  1790,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  13,  1861,  Elyria,  0. ;  m.  June  3, 
1810,  Clement  Northrop,  b.  Feb.  28,  1787,  Sherman,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug. 
14,  1864,  Elyria,  0.  They  moved  from  Newtown,  Ct.,  to  Ohio 
about  1834. 

They  had  eight  children. 

I703.+Lin3on  Et.  Northrop,  b.  Apr.  3,  1811;  m.  Olive  Smith. 

1704.  +  Elizur  Northrup,  b.  Feb.  24,  1814;  d.  April  9,  1893;  m.  Mary  Seekins. 

1705.  Julius  Northrup,  b.  June  4,  1816;   d.  Jan.  19,  1817. 
I706.+Antoinette   Northrop,   b.   Mar.   31,    1818;    d.   Feb.    16,    1889;    m_   Smith 


1707.  Henry  Sanford  Northrop,  b.  Nov.   25,  1824,  Elyria,  Ohio;   d.  Feb.   22, 

1857,  Elyria,  Ohio;  m.  June  6,  1816,  Harriet  Burnell,  b.  June  28, 
1831,  Eochester,  N.  Y.  No  children.  Mr.  Northrop  was  a  graduate 
of  Oberlin  College.  While  taking  a  medical  course  in  Buffalo,  N.  Y., 
in  preparation  for  active  work  as  a  medical  missionary  in  Africa, 
his  health  failed  and  he  was  compelled  to  relinquish  his  cherished 
plans.     Her  res.,  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

1708.  John   Burnell   Northrop,   b.    Apr.   20,    1828,   Elyria,   Ohio;    d.    Aug.    26, 

1851,   Elyria,  Ohio. 
1709.+Albert    Northrop,    b.    July    14,    1830,'    d.    May    2,    1891;    m.    Margaret 

1710. + Ann  Northrop,  b.  July  14,  1830;  d.  Mar.  24,  1860;  m.  Lyman  Burnell. 

738.  JOSIAH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  726)  b.  June  9, 
1793,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  July  26,  1851,  Sandy  Hook,  Ct. ;  m.  Aug. 
7,  1816,  Polly,  dau.  of  Capt.  Enos  Johnson,  of  Newtown,  Ct.,  b. 
June  5,  1793 ;  d.  Apr.  13,  1854,  Newtown,  Ct.  He  was  a  mechanic 
and  manufacturer.     He  succeeded  his  father  in  the  manufacture 


of  spinning  wheels  and  after  1830  maufactured  broadcloth,  satinets 
and  cassimeres  at  Sandy  Hook,  Ct. 

They  had  eight  children,  all  bom  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

1711.     Edwin",  b.  Apr.  IS,  1S17;   d.  Sept.  27,  1839,  Newtown,  Ct. 
1712.+ Julius,  b.  Aug.  27,  1819;  d.  Nov.  1,  1879;  m.  Mary  Parsons. 

1713.  +  Henry,  b.  June  2,  1822;  d.  Nov.  9,  1882;  m.  Mary  Booth. 

1714.  Frederick,  b.  Sept.  18,  1825;   d.  July  8,  1899,  Sandy  Hook,  Ct. ;   unm. 

At  the  age  of  18  he  commenced  a  business  life.  After  a  number  of 
years  spent  in  the  south  and  west  he  returned  to  Newtown  in  1851, 
and  resided  on  the  old  homestead  tiU  his  death,  being  the  fifth 
generation  to  occupy  it.     He  retired  from  business  in  1869. 

I'lo.+Charlotte,  b.  Jan.  6,  1828;  m.  G.  B.  Wheeler. 

1715a.  Margaret,  b.  June  6,  1830;  d.  Nov.  1,  1900,  Pittsburg,  Pa.;  m.  Albert 
Northrop    (See  1709.) 

1715b.  Josiah,  b.  Jan.  26,  1836;  m.  Mar.  27,  1870,  Julia  Crittenden,  of 
TVaterloo,   la. ;    res.   Clinton,   la. 

1715c.  Augusta,  b.  Sept.  22,  1838;  res.,  Dyersville,  la. 

739.  PHILO*  SANFORD  [same  descent  as  726)  b.  July  11, 
1796,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  23,  1873,  Bushnell,  111.;  m.  Aug.  21, 
1826,  Martha  Beatrice,  dau.  of  William  and  Martha  (  Mort)  Bur- 
gess, b.  June  15,  1808,  Lancashire,  Eng.  They  lived  in  many 
places.     He  was  a  mechanic  and  worker  in  wood. 

They  had  sis  children. 

1716.  Martha  Beatrice",  b.  Nov.  16,  1827,  Rochester,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Oct.  10,  1828, 

Rochester,  N.  Y. 

1717.  Jane  Elizabeth,  b.   Aug.   24,   1831,   Rochester,   N.  Y. ;    d.  Aug.   2,   1832, 

Rochester,  N.  Y. 
I718.+Mary  Josephine,  b.  Jan.  30,  1836;  m.  George  Fuller. 

1719.  William  Henry,  b.  Jan.  23,  1837,  Bridgeport,  Ct.;  d.  1875,  New  Haven, 

Ct. ;  unm.  A  wood  turner  and  lawyer.  He  lived  in  New  Haven, 
Chicago,  Hartford  and  other  places. 

1720.  Frances  Ann,  b.  Mar.  20,  1838,  Zoar,  Ct. 

1721.+Thoma3,  b.  Dec.  3,  1843;  m.  Mary  Schimpf.  ■ 

740.  EBENEZER«  SANFORD  {Ebenezer  259,  Ehenezer  91, 
Samuel  19,  Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  b.  Dec.  19,  1794,  New  Milford,  Ct. ; 
d.  Apr.  5,  1863;  m.  Sept.  30,  1818,  Eunice  A.  Knapp,  b.  Jan.  11, 
1799;  d.  Dec.  22,  1870. 

They  had  two  children,  born  in  New  Milford,  Ct. 

1722.+Lucy  Maria",  b.  June  2,  1821;  m.  William  Bostwick. 
1723.     George,  b.  1840;  d.  May  29,  1859. 


741.  AEIMIDA"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  740)  b.  Dec. 
2S,  1796,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  May  15,  189-3,  New  Milford,  Ct. 
Buried  in  Sherman,  Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  16,  1831,  Samuel  Giddings,  b. 
May  13,  17S2,  Sherman,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  10,  1853,  Sherman,  Ct. 

They  had  one  child. 

1724.  Minot,  S".  Giddings,  b.  Mar.  19,  1837,  Sherman,  Ct.;  m.  (1)  Nov.  25, 
1863,  Nellie  Canfield  Giddings  d.  May  22,  1876;  m.  (2)  June  2, 
1877,  Emma  M.  Umberfield,  widow  of  Dr.  John  B.  Snow.  No 
children.  Mr.  Giddings  is  a  deacon  in  the  First  Congregational 
Church.     Ees.  New  Milford,  Ct. 

749.  ELIJAH^  SANFORD  {John  269,  John  93,  Sumuel  19, 
Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  b.  May.  23,  1787,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  26, 
1849,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov.  14,  1806,  Abigail  Elizabeth,  dau.  of 
Josiah  and  Anna  (Shelton)  Tomlinson,  b.  Oct.  29,  1789;  d.  Feb.  3, 
1855,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  They  lived  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Newtown,  Ct. 

1725.+David'   b.  Aug.  21,  1807;   d.  May  3,  1866;  m.  Emily  Townsend. 
1726.     Juliette,  b.  Dec.  1,  1810;  d.  June  1848;  m.  June  1,  1830,  George  Atwater, 

son  of  Isaac  Townsend,  of  New  Haven,  Ct.,  b.  Oct.  28,  1807. 
1727.+Elizabeth  Charlotte,   b.   July  26,   1820;   d.  May  29,   1893;   m.   Edmund 


750.  CHARLOTTE^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  749)  b. 
Apr.  18,  1792,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  May,  1843;  m.  Jan.  17,  1813,  Rev. 
Birdsey  Glover  Noble,  of  Milford,  Ct.,  b.  Apr.  26,  1791. 

They  had  five  children,  all  except  William  bom  in  Middle- 
town,  Ct. 

1728.+William  Henry^  Noble,  b.  Aag.  18,  1813;  d.  Jan.  18,  1S94;  m.  Harriet 

1729.  John  Sanford  Noble,  b.  Mar.  11,  1815;   d.  1899,  Ottawa,  HI.;   unm. 

1730.  Charlotte  Elizabeth  Noble,  b.  Apr.  15,  1818;   d.  May,  1903,  Bridgeport, 

Ct. ;    m.   Sept.   20,   1849,  Rev.  Charles  H.   Force. 

1731.  +  Frederick  Waldo  Noble,  b.  May  15,  1821;   d.  in  Easton,  Pa.;  m.  Anna 


1732.  Edward  Sylvanus  Noble,  b.  Oct.  21,  1826;   d.  1827. 

Tol.  MOSES"  SANFORD  {Zadoc  275,  Moses  95,  Samuel  19, 
Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  11,  1771,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  1856.  Buriod 
in  Pine  Grove  Cemetery ;  m.  1794,  Philena,  dau.  of  Eber  and  Han- 
nah (Welton)  Lines,  b.  1777 ;  d.  1862.  Mr.  Sanford  lived  on  Beacon 
Hill,  Bethany,  Ct.  He  grafted  fruit  for  years.  He  was  one  of  the 
rigid,  old-fashioned  Methodists,  so  much  so,  that  he  cut  his 
daughter's  hair  half  way  off  because  she  curled  it  to  go  to  a  partj'. 


He  said  it  was  so  wicked  to  be  so  proud.  At  the  time  of  his  death 
he  was  living  with  his  son  Merrit  between  Beacon  Hill  and 
Nyumphs,  Ct. 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Bethany,  Ct. 

1733.  +  Sarah7,  b.  Jan.  29,  1795;   d.  Mar.   17,   1820;   m.  Lucian  Judd. 

1734.  Merritt,    b.    Oct.    31,    1797;    d.    Dec.    20,    1868,    Beacon    Falls,    Ct.;    m. 

Carrie   Storrs,    of   Seymour,   Ct.     No    children.     They   lived  between 
Beacon   Hill  and  Nyumphs.     He  is  buried  in  Pine  Grove  Cemetery. 

1735.  Laura,  b.  May  27,  1799;  d.  Apr.  16,  1823.     Buried  in  Pine  Grove  Ceme- 


1736.  +  Harris,  b.  June  4,  1807;   d.  Mar.   14,   1843;   m.  Martha  Merrick. 

1737.  +  Thomas,  b.  Jan.  27,  1809;  d.  May  6,  1860;  m.  Jane  Hotchkiss. 

752.  SARAH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  751)  b.  July  8, 

1773,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  5,  1813,  in  Iowa ;  m.  Griswald. 

They  lived  in  Patriot,  0.,  and  afterwards  in  Iowa. 

They  had  three  children. 

1738.  LymanT  Griswald. 

1739.  SaUy  Griswald. 

1740.  Maria  Griswald.  ♦ 

753.  JOHN«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  751)  b.  Feb.  21, 
1776,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  16,  1826.  Buried  in  Pine  Grove 
Cemetery;  m.  Alma  Lines  (sister  to  Philena),  b.  1782;  d.  May  2, 
1823,  ag.  41  years.  They  lived  on  Beacon  Hill  next  house  west  of 
Moses  Sanford.     Both  are  buried  in  Pine  Grove  Cemetery. 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  Bethany,  Ct. 

1741.+ John",  Jr.,  b.  1801;  d.  Sept.  26,  1881;  m.  Eliza  French. 

1742.     Eber,   never  married.     Was   living   Aug.    1891,   with   Byron   Clark,   the 

grandson  of  his  sister  Alma,  at  Beacon  Falls. 
1743.+ALma,  b.  Sept.  5,  1804;  m.  James  Clark  Seeley. 
1744. _|_ Charlotte,  b.  Nov.  22,  1811;   d.  Sept.  1891;   m.  George  Crook. 

754.  PHILO'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  751)  b.  May  20, 
1779,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  4,  1863.  Buried  in  Pine  Grove  Ceme- 
tery i  m.  May  20,  1801,  Charity  Wheeler,  of  Bethany,  Ct. ;  b.  May 
3,  1777 :  d.  July  23,  1863.  Buried  in  Pine  Grove  Cemetery.  They 
lived  on  "Rimmon  Hill." 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Oxford,  Ct. 

1745.  ChildT,  b.  June  25,  1802. 

1746.  Child,  b.  Oct.  11,  1812. 

1747.+Nathan,  b.  Jan.  25,  1815;  d.  July  22,  1856;  m.  Mary  Talmage. 


1748.     Polly,  b.  Dec.  8,   1817;    d.  May  11,   1818. 

1749.+Sheldon,  b.  Apr.  7,  1819;   d.  Oct.  8,  1900;  m.  Anna  Riggs,    {Seymour 

Conn.    Vital   Statistics  give   Nathan   Sheldon   and   the   child   torn    in 


755.  ESTHERS  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  751)  b.  Mar.  9, 
1782,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  29,  1827.  Buried  in  Pine  Grove  Ceme- 
tery ;  m.  Oct.  31,  1803,  Oliver,  son  of  Oliver  Buckingham,  t.  Oct.  16, 
1782.    They  lived  east  of  Beacon  Falls  and  are  buried  in  Pine  Grove 


They  had  seven  children. 

1750.  Elizabeth^  Buckingham,  b.  May  6,  1804;   d.  Oct.  30,  1827;   unm. 

1751.  Esther  Buckingham,  b.  Feb.  17,  1806;   d.  May  21,  1867;   unm. 
1752.+Edwin   Buckingham,   b.   Aug.    23,   1808;    d.   Sept.   18,    1887;    m.    Sarah 

1753.     Infant,  b.  July  27,  1809;   d.  July  27,  1809. 
1754.+Charity  Buckingham,  b.  May  5,   1813;   m.  William  Lounsbury. 
1755.-|-Buel  Buckingham,  b.  Nov.  23,  1816;  m.  Henrietta  Beecher. 

1756.  Althea  Buckingham,  b.  Aug.  1,  1819;  d.  May,  1862;  unm. 

756.  PHEBE«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  751)  b  Nov.  2, 
1784,  Derby,  Ct. ;  m.  James  Wheeler. 

They  had  four  children. 

1757.  Harvey'^  Wheeler,  m.  Silence  Collins,  of  Rootstown,  Ohio,  and  moved  to 


1758.  Charity  Wheeler,  m.  James  Gillett  and  moved  to  "Vineland,  N.  J.     Had 

three  or  four  children. 

1759.  Sally  Wheeler,  m.  Casner  and  went  to  New  York  State.     Had 

three  children. 

1760.  Henrietta    Wheeler,    m. Cole.     Had    three   boys    who    went    to 


757.  ]\L\RY«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  751)  b.  Dec.  2, 
1786,  Derby,  Ct. ;  m.  1806,  William  R.,  son  of  Andrew  Tuttle,  d. 
about  1858.  They  removed  to  the  paternal  home  in  Woodbury, 

They  had  ten  children,  all  born  in  Woodbury,  Ct. 

1761.-f-William  Rt.  Tuttle,  Jr.,  b.  July  19,  1808;  m.  Sarah  Tuttle. 
1762.  +  John  Tuttle,  d.  Dec.  12,  1863;  m.  Abigail  Tolles. 

1763.4-Philo  Tuttle,  b.  July  8,  1812;  d.  Mar.  29,  1854;  m.  (1)  Caroline  Stone; 
m.   (2)   Martha  Morris. 

1764.  Marinda  Tuttle,  m.  Burr  Keeler,  of  Bridgeport,  Ct. 

1765.  + Albert  Tuttle,  m.  Harriet  Saxton. 

1766.  +  Charity  Tuttle,  m.   (1)   William  Culver;  m.   (2)   Henry  Wheeler. 

1767.  Nathan   Tuttle,   d.   at   Cora,   Pa.;   married.     No   children. 


1768.+Burritt   Tuttle,  m.    (1)    Catherine  Bissell ;    m.    (2)    Adeline   Lyman;    m. 

(3)    Julia  Curtis. 
1769.+Marvin  Tuttle,  b.  Jan.  24,  1826;  d.  Mar.  9,  1878;  m.  Caroline  Hubbell. 
1770.     Emory  Tuttle,  m.  Martha  Hubbell.     Lived  in  Birmingham,  Ct.    {Tuttle 


758.  NATHAN*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  751)  b.  Feb. 
22,  1790,  Derby,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  19,  1868,  Edinburg,  0.;  m.  (1)  1814, 
Arm,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Miles  Basset,  of  Oxford,  Ct.,  d.  in  Westfield, 
0.  and  buried  there;  m.  (2)  1836,  Lorinda  Campbell,  of  Elmira, 
N.  Y.,  d.  Mar.  30,  1855,  ag.  62  years;  m.  (3)  Julia  Hayden,  of 
Connecticut,  d.  Mar.  26,  1865.  The  last  two  wives  are  buried  in 
Edinburg,  0.  After  his  first  marriage  Mr.  Sanford  settled  near 
Beacon  Falls,  Ct.,  moving  from  there  about  1815  or  16  to  a  farm 
east  of  Litchfield,  Ct.  In  1831,  he  moved  to  "Westfield.  Medina 
County,  0.,  where  his  wife  Ann  died.  In  1837,  he  moved  to  Roots- 
town,  0.,  living  for  twelve  years  on  the  "Hough"  place,  southeast 
of  the  Center.  In  1854,  he  moved  to  Edinburg,  0.,  living  on  the 
McComb  place,  a  mile  and  a  quarter  north  of  the  center,  one  year ; 
nine  years  on  the  Chapman  place  at  the  Center  and  the  last  four 
years — until  his  death  in  1868 — with  his  sons.  Smith  and  Emery. 

He  had  nine  children  by  first  marriage,  the  first  seven  all  born 
in  Litchfield,  Ct. 

1771. -f  Miles",  b.  Feb.   12,   1816;   m.  Sophronia  Powers. 

1772.  Charles,  b.  Sept.  18,  1818;  d.  June  28,  1847;  m.  Oct.  20,  1846,  Eosanna 
W.  Miller,  of  Miller,  Ohio. 

1773. + Jane,  b.  May  1,  1821;  d.  Apr.  23,  1852;  m.  Ephraim  "WilUams. 

1774.+George,  b.  July  4,  1823;  m.   (1)  ;  m.   (2)   Lucy  Thorp. 

1775.  Albert,  b.  June  26,  1825;  d.  June  25,  1856,  Staten  Island  N.  Y.,  of 
yellow  fever;  unm.  He  was  on  his  way  from  Cuba  in  a  sailing  vessel 
in  which  yellow  fever  rags  had  been  secretly  stowed.  He  had 
made  his  home  with  his  brother  Miles  in  Boston,  Mass.,  and  is  buried 
there  in  Woodlawn  Cemetery,  Charlestown.  A  high  monument  on 
the  highest  point. 

1776.-|-Malinda,  b.  July  28,  1827;  d.  July  17,  1888;  m.  (1)  Dr.  Andrew  Bassett; 
m.    (2)    Marcus  McClain. 

1777.  +  Smith,  b.  Jan.  12,  1830;  m.  Louisa  Davis. 

1778.  John,  b.  May  30,  1833,  Westfield,  Ohio;   d.  early. 
1779.4-Emory,  b.  Aug.  29,  1835;   d.  Nov.  18,  1888;  m.  Sarah  Bullock. 

759.  CHARITY'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  751)  b.  July 
10,  1793,  Derby,  Ct. ;  m.  Wait  Bassett  and  lived  near  the  school 
house  at  Pines  Bridge. 

They  had  two  children. 


1780.+ Jonathan  Miles^  Basaett,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  17,  1817;   d.  Jan.  1872  or  1874. 
1781.-[- Elizabeth  Bassett,  b.  July,  1825;  m.  Milton  Moore. 

760.  HARRIET"  SANFORD  {same  descent  a^  751)  b.  July 
23,  1796,  Cold  Spring,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Feb.  4,  1873,  Chestnut-tree  Hill, 
Ct.;  m.  Jan.  4,  1825,  Ebenezer  Seeley,  b.  Apr.  29,  1802;  d.  Jan. 
14,  1878.  They  lived  and  died  on  Chestnut-tree  Hill,  northwest  of 
Pines  Bridge,  in  sight  of  "Rimmon. "  Both  are  buried  in  Pine 
Grove  Cemetery. 

They  had  four  children. 

1782.  Olive  Augusta'  Seeley,  b.  July  24,  1826;  d.  Sept.  27,  1885;   m.  


1783.  Harriet  Eliza  Seeley,  b.  Aug.  2,  1829. 

1784.  Albert  Seeley,  b.  Aug.  24,  1832;  m.  Charlotte  Bronson. 

1785.  Charity  Hester  Seeley,  b.  Apr.  29,  1835;  m.  Enos  B.  Tyler. 

761.  JOEL«  BOOTH  {Ebenezer  280,  Rachel  98,  Samuel  19, 
Samuel  4,  Thomas  1)  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  John,  Jr.,  and  Phebe  (Cur- 
tis) Beach,  b.  Feb.  5,  1774,  Newtown,  Ct. ;  d.  July  9,  1859.  Buried 
at  Zoar,  Ct. 

They  had  two  children. 

1786.  PerseusT  Booth,  b.  1794;   d.  June  16,  1812.     Buried  in  Zoar  Cemetery. 
1787.-|-John  Beach  Booth,  m.  Julia  Brooks. 

762.  DAVID*  SANFORD  {David  291,  Samuel  103,  Samuel 
23,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  1768;  d.  in  Plymouth,  Ct. ;  m.  Exper- 
ience Andrus.  Resided  in  Plymouth,  Ct.  In  1822,  Mr.  Sanford 
deeded  land  in  Woodbridge,  Ct.,  to  Cyrus  Sanford,  of  Woodbridge. 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Plymouth,  Ct. 

1788.  EansomT,  b.  Sept.  28,  1790;   d.  Apr.  22,  1811. 

1789.  Betsey,  b.  Apr.  20,  1802. 

1790.  Lucy,  b.  June  27,  1804. 

I791.-|-David  Austin,  b.  Dec.  5,  1807;  d.  June  21,  1882;  m.   (1)  Julia  Norton; 

m.   (2)   Lois  Norton;  m.   (3)   Mrs.  Candace   (Holt)   Nichols. 
1792.-|-Ran3om  Andrew,  b.  July  25,  1813.      (Plymouth  Conn.  Town.  Bee.) 

765.     DAMARIS^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  762)  b.  1773; 
m.  Stephen  Hitchcock.    Resided  in  Hamden,  Ct. 
They  had  two  children. 

1793.-|-EmelineT  Hitchcock,  m.  Gilbert  Root. 
1794. -(-Eliza  Hitchcock,  m.  Peter  Joyce. 


766.  OLIVE*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  762)  b.  1775;  d. 
1862 ;  m.  Jonah  Warner,  d.  Nov.  5,  1848,  ag.  84.  Resided  in  Ham- 
den,  Ct. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

179o.+Elizabeth7  Warner,  m.  Alfred  Doolittle. 

1796.  +  Alma  "Warner,  m.  Zeri  Peck. 

1797.-|-Maria   Warner,   m.   Seymour   Doolittle. 

1797a.  Litha  Warner,  dec;  m.  Silas  Ljman  Hotchkiss.     No  children.     Resided 

in    Bethany,    Ct. 
1798. -f  Eliza  Warner,  m.   Egbert  Ailing. 

1799.  Melinda   Warner,   m.    Chauncey   Nutt.     No   children. 

1800.  Mehitable  Warner,  d.  young. 
ISOl.  +  Zealous  Warner,  m.  Mary  Ailing. 
1802.+Abner  Warner,  m.  Mary  Bradley. 

I803.+Minor  Warner,  b.  June  11,  1805;  d.  July  6,  1880;  m.  Betsey  Ford. 
1804.-fHarley  Warner,  b.  Sept.  10,  1812;   d.  Mar.  10,  1899;  m.    (1)    Susannah 
Dorman;   m.    (2)    Emily  Ailing. 

768.  TRLDIAN'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  762)  b.  1778, 
Bethany,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  25,  1859,  Hamden,  Ct. ;  m.  Betsey  Warner,  b. 
1779,  Hamden,  Ct. ;  d.  1860,  Hamden,  Ct. 

They  had  eleven  children,  all  born  in  Hamden,  Ct. 

180o.  +  EmilyT,  b.  1794;  d.  Oct.  9,  1835;  m.  Sidney  Downs. 

1806.  Cerenius,  b.   1800;   unm. 

1807.  + Darius,  b.  Aug.  12,  1801;   d.  Nov.  28,  1881;  m.   (1)   Aurelia  Doolittle; 

m.    (2)   Betsey  Brown;   m.   (3)   Betsey  Warner. 
lS08.  +  Reuel,  b.   1803;   d.  May  30,  1871;  m.    (1)    Sarah  Bishop;   m.    (2)    Mrs. 
Louisa  Brown. 

1809.  +  Almeron,  b.  Jan.  20,  1806;   d.  Jan.  5,   1892;   m.  Polly  Mathews. 

1810.  +  Harvey,  b.  1808;  m.  Harriet  Peck. 

ISll.+Mehitable,  b.  1810;   d.  Apr.  20,  1882;  m.  Justus  Mathews. 
I812.+Linus,  b.  Sept.  19,  1812;   d.  Nov.  8,  1906;  m.  Margaret  Durant. 
1813.     Betsey,   b.   May  4,   1814;    d.  May  4,   1884;   m.   July  30,   1836,   Bradley 

Keeler,  of  Bridgeport,  Ct.     No  children.     They  lived  in  Prospect,  Ct. 
I814.+Julia,  b.  June  30,  1816;   d.  1884;  m.   (1)   Robert  Davis;  m.   (2)   Justus 

1815.  +  Fanny,  b.  June  15,  1820;   d.  Sept.  20,  1884;  m.    (1)   Alchard  Shepard; 

m.    (2)    Harvey  Keeler. 

769.  SEYMOUR*  SANFORD  {sayne  descent  as  762)  b.  Apr. 
19,  1781,  New  Haven,  Ct.;  d.  Feb.  12,  1852;  m.  (1)  Esther  Hitch- 
cock; m.  (2)  1821,  Polly  Hill.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  cooper.  He 
settled  in  Dryden,  N.  Y. 

He  had  five  children  by  first  and  nine  by  second  marriage. 

1816.  Miles''',    settled    in    Oregon,    married   there   and    had   several    children — 

nothing:   more   known. 


1817.     Harriet,   m.   David  Harrington  of  Dryden,   N.   Y. ;    several   children. 
1818.+Lorenzo,  b.  Apr.  8,  1811;   d.  Jan.  20,  1883;  m.  Hannah  Smith. 

1819.  +  Seymour,  b.  Apr.   16,   1813;   d.  Dec.   11,   1891;   m.  Elizabeth  Eogers. 

1820.  ISTancy,  d.  young. 

I821.+Lucy  I.,  b.  Sept.  13,  1823;  m.  George  Japhet,  of  Berkshire,  N.  Y. 

1822.  Emeline,  b.  Apr.  6,  1825;  m.  Milton  Dutcher,  of  Union,  N.  Y. 

1823.  Philander,  b.  Aug.  5,  1827;  d.  Jan.  7,  1861,  Coventry,  Ct. 
1824.4-George  Lewis,  b.  Sept.  12,  1829;  m.  Clarissa  Eaton. 
1825.+ John,  b.  Aug.  21,  1831;  m.  Julia  Loomis. 

1826.     Caroline,  F.,  b.  Nov.  6,  1835;  m.  Noah  Isham,  of  Vernon,  Ct. 
1827.+01ive,  b.  Aug.  10,  1837;  m.  Lyman  Loomis. 

1828.  Elsie  A.,  b.  Apr.  25,  1839;  m.  Hiram  Ingraham,  of  Nanticook,  N.  Y. 

1829.  CordeUa  M.,  b.  Sept.  27,  1842. 

Note:  The  record  of  the  family  and  descendants  of  Seymour 
Sjmford  by  his  first  marriage  was  sent  the  author  by  Jonah  Sanford, 
of  Troupsburg,  N.  Y.  The  second  marriage  and  descendants  the 
author  found  in  the  data  purchased  by  him  from  Horatio  G.  Sanford, 
which  the  latter  gathered  from  1880-5.  This  record  did  not  give  the 
first  marriage  and  children.  Jonah  Sanford  did  not  give  the  second 
marriage  and  children,  but  admits  there  was  a  second  marriage  of 
which  he  knows  but  little.  It  looks  to  the  author  that  the  Seymour 
here  given  is  the  father  of  the  two  families,  but  he  confesses  that 
he  has  no  real  proof  of  it. 

773.  CTRENUS*  SANFORD  {Ezekiel  292,  Samuel  103, 
Samuel  23,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  1775,  in  Ct. ;  d.  May  28,  1858, 
Buffalo  Grove,  111.,  ag.  83 ;  m  Anner  Hubbel,  of  Hubbel  Hill,  Del. 
Co.,  N.  Y.,  b.  1778 ;  d.  Dec.  13,  1862.  Mr.  Sanford  removed  from 
Connecticut  to  Hubbel  Hill,  where  he  resided  twenty-four  years. 
In  1834,  he  moved  to  Buffalo  Grove,  111.,  and  became  one  of  its 
earliest  settlers. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

1830.+AmosT,  b.  Jan.  1,  1802;  d.  Nov.  21,  1843;  m.  Relief  Bellows. 

1831.     Albion  m.  Moats. 

1832.+Vemon,  b.  Apr.  4,  1810;  m.  Catherine  Campbell. 
1835. + Joel,  d.  in  Stayton,  Ore.;   m.  Jane  Osterhout. 
1834.+Ahirah,  d.  in  Salem,  Ore.;  m.   Amanda  Hull. 
1835.-j-Harrison,  m.  Bridget  Deyo. 
1836. + Warren,  m.  Dolly  Osterhoudt. 
1837.+Bennett,  b.  May  1,  1821;  m.  Miranda  Sweet. 

1838.  Ensants. 

1839.  Susan. 

1840.  Julia,  m.  Hammond. 

774.  EZEKIEL  K."  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  773)  m. 
Elizabeth ,  b.   1782;  d.  Feb.  2,  1849,  ag.   67  years  7  mos. 


Buried  in  the  Sanford  Cemetery  near  Arkville,  N.  Y. 
Two  children  were 

1841.  +  AdanirunT,  b.  Dec.  26,  1810;  d.  Feb.  7,   1860;  m.  Jane  Austin. 

1842.  Horace,  b.  1820;   d.  Mar.  10,  1844.     Buried  in  Sanford  Cemetery,  Ark- 

ville, N.  Y. 

775.     DARIUS'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  773)  b.  ab.  1832, 

Springfield,  Pa. ;  m.  . 

He  had  six  children. 

1843.  AnnaT,  d.  in  Buffalo  Grove,  111.;  m.  Stephen  Hull. 
1844.+Beer3,  m.  Rachel  Akely. 

1845.  Jackson,  d.  in  Springfield,  Pa.     No  children. 

1846.  +  Daniel  Burr,  b.  May  21,  1803;  d.  July  15,  1856;  m.  Lucy  Parsons. 

1847.  +  Affadilla,   d.   in   Girard,  Pa.;   m.  Joel  Bradish. 
1848. -+- Darius. 

779.     mLLICENT"    SANFORD    {Joel    295,   Ephraim    104, 
Samuel  23,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  Nov.  23,  1760;  m.  Willis  Pond. 
They  had  twelve  children. . 


Solomon^  Pond. 


Chauncey  Pond. 


Johnson  Pond. 


Willis  Pond. 


Asa  Pond. 


-f  Lyman  Pond,  m.  Lucy  Spencer. 


Miles  Pond. 


Riley  Pond. 


Porter  Pond. 


Rebecca  Pond. 


Lucy  Pond. 


Celestia  Pond. 

780.  LEWEY«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  779)  b.  Apr. 
22,  1763,  Harwinton,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  16,  1786;  m.  Willis  Pond. 

They  had  one  child. 

1861.    LeweyT  Pond. 

781.  ERI»  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  779)  b.  Feb.  17, 
1765,  Harwinton,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  7,  1833 ;  m.  Aug.  12,  1802,  Rhoda, 
dau.  of  John  and  Electa  (Peck)  Allen,  b.  Sep.  28,  1784,  d.  July  30, 
1829.  Mr.  Sanford  was  one  of  the  incorporators  of  the  town  of 
Plymouth,  Ct,  in  1795.     {History  of  Plymouth,  p.  13.) 

They  had  nine  children,  all  bom  in  Harwinton,  Ct. 


1862.  +  Electa7,  b.  Aug.  21,  1803;  d.  Nov.  7,  1884;  m.  Erastus  Baldwin. 

1863.+Marv,  b.  May  3,  1805;  d.  Dec.  29,  1854;  m.  EU  Potter. 

1864. + Joel,  b.  May  4,  1807;  d.  at  Harwinton,  Ct.;  m.  Charity  Wheeler. 

1865.     John  Allen,  b.  Feb.  11,  1809;  d.  Oct.  14,  1810. 

1866.+John  Porter,  b.  May  24,  1811;  d.  Mar.  19,  1851;  m.  Sally  Wheeler. 

1867.     Justin,  b.  Nov.  15,  1813;  d.  Jan.  12,  1893;  unm.     He  owned  the  home 

in  Churchville,  N.  Y.,  with  his  brother  Eri. 
186S.+Eri,  b.  Oct.  21,  1815;  d.  Nov.  23,  1898;  m.  Mary  Ailing. 

1869.  +  Roswell  Allen,  b.  June  2,  1818;  d.  Jan.  16,  1886;  m.  Adeline  Leonard. 

1870.  Dennis,  b.  July  6,  1820;  d.  Apr.  1,  1823. 

782.  SYLVIA"  SANFORD  {same  dmxnt  as  779)  b.  Oct.  14, 
1766;  m.  Spencer. 

They  had  six  children. 

1871.  Pollys  Spencer. 

1872.  MiUicent  Spencer. 

1873.  Lucy  Spencer. 

1874.  Julia  Spencer. 

1875.  Miles  Spencer. 

1876.  Frederick  Spencer. 

783.  ANNE"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  779)  b.  Nov.  5, 
1769;  m.  Welton. 

They  had  six  children. 

1877.  JoeK  Welton. 

1878.  Polly  Welton. 

1879.  Eli  Welton. 

1880.  Phebe  Welton. 

1881.  Bennett  Welton. 

1882.  Betsey  Welton. 

795.  EPHRAIM"  SANFORD  {Amos  300,  Ephraim  104, 
Samuel  23,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  Jan.  2,  1785;  d.  Apr.  1,  1845; 
m.  Sally  Sedgwick,  b.  Mar.  2,  1788 ;  d.  Jan.  10,  1839,  Plymouth,  Ct. 

They  had  two  children. 

1883.  +  Porter7,  b.  Sept.  7,  1810;   d.  Nov.  27,  1891;  m.  Sarah  Allen. 
1884.+Burritt   F.,   b.   June   5,   1820;    m.    (1)    Margaret  Hart;    m.    (2)    Grace 


796.  AMOS"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  795)  b.  1788;  m. 
Lucretia  Buel.     They  resided  in  Goshen,  Ct. 

They  had  four  children. 

1885.     AlsonT,  m.  Mar.   11,   1849,  Lucretia  I.  Price,  of  Goshen,  Ct.     No  chil- 


1886.  Nancy,  m.  Apr.  17,  1848,  Lorenzo  M.  Wadleyes. 

1887.  Caroline,  m.  Buel. 

1888.+Edward,  b.  1828;  d.  July  17,  1892;  m.  Vilate  Gardner. 

799.  IRA«  SANFORD  {Jonah  303,  Ephraim  104,  Samuel  23, 
Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  Oct.  10,  1774,  Plymouth,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  July 
25,  1797,  Polly,  dau.  of  Rev.  Thomas  Canfield  of  Roxbury,  Ct. ;  d. 
Dec.  12,'  1797,  Woodbury,  Ct.,  ag.  21;  m.  (2)  Aug.  29,  1798, 
Mahala,  dau.  of  Dr.  Azariah  Eastman  of  Roxbury,  Ct.,  b.  Feb.  28, 
1784,  d.  Apr.  27,  1837.  {Roxbury  Rec.)  Mr.  Sanford  went  from 
Salisbury,  Ct,  to  Roxbury,  Ct.,  where  he  lived  several  years.  He 
was  a  brush  manufacturer.  From  Roxbury  he  went  to  New  Haven, 
Ct.,  and  kept  a  hotel  for  sever*!  years.  He  lost  his  property  and 
then  moved  to  Albany,  N.  Y. 

He  had  seven  children  by  second  manage,  all  bom  in  Roxbury, 

1889.  Richard  Eastman^,  b.  Oct.  4,  1799;  ra.  July  27,  1S20,  Betsey  Truerga 
(Townley)    of  Maine.     They  had  three  sons  and  two  daughters. 

1«90.  +  Sarah  Booth,  b.  Mar.  9,  1«03;  m.  (1)  Nathan  Maxfield;  m.  (2) 
Charles  McCombs.  ^ 

1891.+George  Dunbar,  b.  Sept.  30,  1805;  d.  Aug.  2,  1870;  m.  Zilpha  Baker. 

1892.+Mahala  Cecelia,  b.  Nov.  1,  1809;  d.  Jan.  10,  1829;  m.  Samuel  Utter. 

1893.  Thalia  Henriette,  b.  Jan.  1,  1812;  m.  Samuel  Utter,  husband  of  her 
dec.  sister  Mahala.  They  lived  near  Port  Jervis,  N.  T.  No  chil- 

1894.+John  Thomas  James  Washington,  b.  Mar.  29,  1814;  d.  in  Roxbury,  Ct.; 
m.  Abigail  Paterson. 

1895. + Watson,  b.  June  12,  1819;  d.  Sept.  17,  1907;  m.  Ellen  Viele. 

Watson  was  the  son  of  Sarah  Booth  Maxfield.  He  took  his  mother's 
maiden  name,  Sanford,  and  his  descendants  have  all  had  the  same 
name.  One  report  states  that  he  was  adopted  by  his  grandfather 
Ira  Sanford. 

800.  GILES'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  799)  b.  Jan.  5, 
1777,  in  Conn. ;  d.  Jan.  21,  1855,  Camden,  N.  Y.  •  m.  Jan.  25,  1804, 
Rebecca,  dau.  of  Capt.  Joel  and  Rebecca  Dimbar  (his  second 
cousin),  b.  Feb.  6,  1784;  d.  July  19,  1858.  Mr.  Sanford  bought 
fifty  acres  in  the  forest  and  built  a  house  of  strong  planks  standing 
endways.  The  fireplace  occupied  one  entire  side  of  the  living 
room  and  at  night  the  fire  was  banked  with  ashes.  To  this  home 
he  brought  his  wife,  and  here  their  lives  were  spent.  The  place  is 
still  occupied  by  their  descendants. 

There  were  many  Indians  roving  through  the  woods,  and  by 
their  demands  for  food,  caused  the  settlers  much  annoyance.     One 


night  Mr.  Sanford,  hearing  some  disturbance,  arose  and  found 
several  Indians  about  to  roll  themselves  in  their  blankets  in  front  of 
the  fire.  They  were  eold  and  in  need  of  rest,  and  like  the  lawless 
beings  they  were,  had  pulled  the  latch-string  and  entered.  Mr. 
Sanford  went  back  to  bed,  and  in  the  morning  before  the  household 
was  awake  the  Indians  were  off. 

They  had  eleven  children,  all  born  in  Camden,  N.  Y. 

1896.+Orrin7,  b.  Mar.  5,  1805;  d.  Jan.  27,  1839;  m.  Vesta  Bassett. 
lS97.+Mar7,  b.  Oct.  19,  1806;  d.  Mar.  4,  1834;  m.  Lewis  Blaka 
lS98.+Naiicy,  b.  Nov.  13,  1808;  d.  Feb.  6,  1891;  m.  Lorenzo  Wetmore. 
:S99.     Emily,  b.  Oct.  13,  1810;  d.  Apr.  1,  1811,  Camden,  N.  T. 

1900.  Joel  D.,  b.  May  1,  1813;  d.  Jan.  22,  1814,  Camden,  N.  Y. 

1901.  +  Angelina,  b.  Apr.  12,  1815;  d.  May  28,  1857;  m.   (1)   Lewis  Blake;  m. 

(2)    Andrew   Stone. 

1902.  Louisa,  b.  June  9,   1817;   d.  June  1,  1851,  Camden,  N.  Y.;  m.  Oct.  4, 

1843,  Andrew  J.  Stone. 
1903.-fFortune  Carlos,  b.  Aug.  28,  1819;  d.  Mar.  12,  1897;  m.  Mary  Crawford. 
1904.     Charlotte  Diantha,  b.  Aug.  7,  1821;   d.  Jan.  10,  1892,  Camden,  N.  Y.; 

m.  (1)  Oct.  4,  1843,  James  Merriman;  d.  July  10,  1857;  m.  (2)  June 

1,  1858,  Andrew  J.  Stone. 
1905.+Leander   Van    Ess,   b.    Mar.    27,    1825;    d.    July    13,    1862;    m.    Tirzah 


1906.  Infant,  d.  in  infancy. 

801.  CHLOE'*  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  799)  b.  May.  27, 
1779,  Plymouth,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  27,  1848,  New  Haven,  N.  Y. ;  m.  1798, 
Samuel  James  Bradner,  b.  Feb.  10,  1771,  d.  Jan.  26,  1349,  New 
Haven,  N.  Y. 

They  had  eight  children,  all  bom  in  New  Haven,  N.  Y. 

1907.  MaryT  Bradner,  b.  Aug.  24,  1799;  d.  Jan.  5,  1849,  New  Haven,  N.  Y.; 


1908.  Hannah  Bradner,  b.  Aug.  9,  1801;  d.  July  26,  1807,  New  Haven,  N.  Y. 

1909.  Elbert    Sanford    Bradner,    b.    July    13,    1804;    d.    July    26,    1807,    New 

Haven,  N.  Y. 

1910.  Emily  Bradner,  b.  Oct.  8,  1806;  d.  Aug.  17,  1827,  New  Haven,  N.  Y. 

1911.  Elbert  Sanford  Bradner,  b.  Aug.  8,  1809;  d.  Apr.  16,  1836,  New  Haven, 

N.  Y. ;  unm. 

1912.  Edward  Dunbar  Bradner,  b.  May  8,  1812;  d.  Oct.  10,  1839,  New  Haven, 

N.  Y. ;  unm. 
1913.+ John  Bourlin  Bradner,  b.  Oct.  30,  1815;   d.  Mar.  21,  1880;   m.  Lucius 

1914.  +  James  Darwin  Bradner,  b.  May  14,  1821;  m.    (1)    Susan  Mathews;  m. 

f2)  Alma  Maloy. 


802.  LINUS"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  799)  b.  Jan.  16, 
1782,  Plymouth,  Ct. ;  d.  May  29,  1842,  Camden,  N.  Y. ;  m.  (1)  May 
6,  1810,  Polly  Woods,  d.  May,  1816;  m.  (2)  Oct.  11,  1819,  Rhoda 
Alcott,  b.  Sept.  5,  1789,  Wolcott,  Ct.,  d.  May  11,  1881,  Verona,  N.  Y. 

He  had  two  children  by  first  and  five  by  second  marriage,  all 
bom  in  Camden,  N.  Y. 

I915.+Samuel  Thomas  WoodsT,  b.  July  10,   1812;   d.  Oct.  30,  1882;   m.  Jane 

I916.+William  Wallace,  b.  July  9,  1814;   d.  Apr.  16,  1883;  m.  Orpha  Denton. 

1917.  Polly  Woods,  b.  Oct.  2,  1820;  d.  Feb.  17,  1823,  Camden,  N.  Y. 

1918.  Edward,  b.  Feb.  1823;  d.  Feb.  1823,  Camden,  N.  Y. 

1919.  Sarah,  b.  Feb.  1823;  d.  Feb.  1823,  Camden,  N.  Y. 

1920.  Alfred  Barnes,  b.  June  2,  1824;  d.  Nov.  21,  1825,  Camden,  N.  Y. 
1921. 4-P.  Eliza,  b.  Apr.  26,  1827;  m.  Joseph  Sparrow. 

803.  SALA«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  799)  b.  July  16, 
1784,  Plymouth,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  15,  1866  in  111. ;  m.  Margaret  Smith. 

They  had  nine  children. 

1922.  EdwardT. 

1923.  Mary,  m.  Rufus  Byington,  of  III. 

1924.  Emily. 

1925.  William  Smith,  m.   (1)    Philena  .     A  carpenter  in  N.  Y.  City. 

1926.  Catherine. 

1927.  George,  m.  Harriet  . 

1928. + James  Bronson,  b.  Aug.  8,  1822;  d.  Sept.  13,  1892;  m_  Maria  Yeoman. 

1929.  Margaret,  m.  Warren  Sizer, 

1930.  Jane,  d.  unm. 

804.  JEREMIAH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  799)  b.  Jan. 
5,  1787;  d.  Oct.  6,  1856,  Pontoosuc,  111.;  m.  (1)  Jan.  29,  1809, 
Sally  Wakelee  of  Trumbull  Co.  0.,  d.  1829;  m.  (2)  Jano  Stuart; 
m.  (3)  . 

Mr.  Sanford  moved  to  Pontoosuc,  111.,  in  1853.  He  had  twenty- 
one  children,  twelve  of  whom  lived,  nine  by  first  and  five  by 
second  marriage,  the  first  nine  all  bom  in  Camden,  0-,  and  the 
next  four  in  Sugar  Grove,  Pa. 

1931.  Elihu  Monroe^;  d.  Pontoosuc,  lU. 

1932.  Minott. 

1933.  James  LeGrand,  d.  La  Harpe,  HI. 

1934.+DeWitt  Clinton,  d.  about  1882,  m.  (2)  Rebecca  . 

1935.  Adaline,  d.  St.  Louis,  Mo. 

1936.  Antoinette,  b.  St.  Louis,  Mo.;  m.  Dr.  Tyerl. 
1937.+Weltha  Ann,  d.  Aug.  10,  1847;  m.  Emmons  Jones. 

1938.+Mary  Ann,  b.  Oct.  17,  1824;   d.  April  19,  1892;   m.  William  Smiley. 


1939.-|-Harnet  Elizabeth,  b.  July  20,  1827;  d.  Jan.  4,  1880;  m.  Thomas  Stuart. 

1940.  Emeline. 

1941.  Katherine. 

1942.  Giles  H.,  res.  Scranton,  Pa. 

1943.  Jeremiah,  d.  in  Sugar  Grove,  Pa. 

805.  EPHRAIM"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  799)  b.  Aug. 
13,  1789,  Clinton,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Dec.  24,  1861,  Camden,  N.  Y. ;  m. 
Temperance  Dunbar,  b.  Aug.  30,  1791,  Plymoutth,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct. 
13,  1874,  Camden,  N.  Y. 

They  had  twelve  children  all  born  in  .Camden,  N.  Y. 

1944.+Emily  Norton^,  b.  Apr.  1,  1813;  d.  Aug.  30,  1871;  m.  Frederick  Blake. 
1945.  +  Melancthon  Dunbar,  b.  Nov.  20,  1814;  d.  Sept.  29,  1905;  m.   (1)   Sarah 

Blakeslee;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Louise  Wilder. 
1946.+ James  Harvey,  b.  Feb.  22,  1816;  d.  Jan.  26,  1883;  m.  Rebeckah  Johnson. 
194".+Benjamin   Franklin,   b.   Jan.   22,   1818;    d.  Aug.   21,    1883;   m.   Lucinda 

1948.+Sylvester  Curtis,  b.  Jan.  4,  1820;  d.  Mar.  10,  1888;  m.  Nancy  Cahoon. 
1949.+Eliphalet    Johnson,    b.    Feb.    10,    1822;    d.    Aug.    16,    1900;    m.    Almira 

1950.     Cornelia,  b.  May  5,  1824;   d.  Apr.  4,  1898,  Lawn  Ridge,  111.;   m.  Mar. 

8,  1876,  Leroy  H.  Wetmore,  of  Lawn  Eidge,  111.;   d.  Dec.  11,  1881, 

Lawn  Ridge,  111. ;  no  children. 
1951.+AIanson    Gifford,    b.    Oct.    26,    1826;    d.    Oct.    21,    1900;    m.    Jennie 

D  'Orfieulle. 
1952.+Francis  Asbury,  b.  Jan.  15,  1829;  d.  June  14,  1901;  m.  Harriet  Frisbie. 
1953. ^. William  McKendree,  b.  Dec.  21,  1830;  d.  Mar.  22,  1894;  m.  Susan  Mix. 
1954.+Lorenzo  Stoddard,  b.  Sept.  29,  1883;  d.  Feb.  4,  1901;  m.  Frances  Frisbie. 
1955.+Wilbur  Fiske,  b.  Feb.  24,  1837;  d.  June  5,  1893;  m.  Mrs.  Laura  Magee. 

806.  JAMES  B.«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  799)  b.  Mar. 
25,  1792,  Clinton,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Aug.  20,  1829,  Pulaski,  N  Y.;  m. 
Phila  Sperry,  d.  in  Pulaski,  N.  Y. 

They  had  two  children. 

1956.  Mary". 

1957.  Cornelia. 

808.     SARAH"  SANFORD    {Jesse  304,  Ephraim   104,  Sam- 
uel 23,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  27,  1784;  d.  1854;  m.  Eli  Ely. 
One  child  was 

1958.  +  .\lbro7  Ely;   m.   Philomela  Thompson. 

815.  ELI"  SANFORD  {Daniel  305,  Ezekiel  105,  Samuel  23, 
Thomas  5,  J)  b.  Sept.  28,  1767,  Waterbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  7, 


1827,  Ashtabula,  Co.,  O. ;  m.  Sept.  20,  1791,  Sarah  Wheeler,  of 
Derby,  Ct.,  b.  Feb.  21,  1774:,  Derby,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  6,  1827,  Ashta- 
bula, 0. 

They  had  nine  children,  all  except  Chester  and  Henry  born 
in  Litchfield  Co.,  Ct. 

1959.  Chester-,  b.  Oct.  4,  1792,  Northfield,  Ct.;  d.  Apr.  6,  1827,  Ashtabula  Co., 

Ohio ;  married  and  had  several  children,  aU  of  whom  died  young. 

1960.  +  Henry,    b.    Oct.    3,    1794,    Northfield,    Ct.;     d.    Nov.    1861;    m.    Mary 


1961.  Sarah,  b.  Aug.  25,  1798;  d.  June  30,  1864,  near  Jackson,  Mo.;  m.  


1962.  +  Eber,  b.  Nov.  14,  1800;  d.  Dec.  6,  1886. 
1963.+Rowena,  b.  Feb.  1803;  m.  Williams. 

1964.+Simeon  Wheeler,  b.  Mar.  2,   1805;   d.  Feb.   12,   1832;  m.  Julia  Clark. 

1965.  Catherine,  b.  May  20,  1817. 

1966.  +  Daniel,  b.  Apr.  2,  1812;   d.  in  Stoddard  Co.,  Mo.;  m.  Martha  Owen. 

1967.  Harriet,  b.  Sept.   16,  1815;   m.  Solomon  Osborn. 

827.  LY:MAN«,  SANFORD  {Ezekiel  310,  Ezekiel  105,  Sam- 
uel 23,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  Apr.  11,  1780;  d.  Aug.  9,  1815, 
Dryden,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Jan.  7,  1799,  Rachel  Ross.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a 
farmer  in  Dryden,  N.  Y.  The  farm  which  he  purchased  in  1806 
is  now  owned  by  his  grandchildren. 

They  had  five  children. 

1968.+Ezekiel-,  b.  Dec.  15,  1800;  d.  June  7,  1857;  m.  (1)   Sally  Butts;  m.  (2) 

Johanna  Halt. 
1969.  +  Sarah,  b.  Sept.  19,  1803;  d.  July  9,  1877;  m.  Ira  Ellis. 
1970.+Mary,  b.  Apr.  19,  1806;  d.  Apr.  25,  1842;  m.  Jesse  Halt. 
1971.     Rosannah,  b.  June  10,   1809,  Dryden,  N.  Y. ;   d.  June  12,   1849,  Virgil, 

N.  Y. ;  m.  Culver  Hooker. 
1972.+Lyman,  Jr.,  b.   Mar.   29,   1813;    d.   Dec.  2,   1886;   m.   Nancy  Hutchlngs. 

828.  CHLOE*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  S27)  b.  1782; 
m. John  Reed.    They  lived  in  Sparta,  N.  Y. 

One  child  was 
1973.     Linus?  Eeed,  d.  Feb.  1878,  ag.  72. 

830.  ELISAPH^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  827)  b.  Nov. 
20,  1785,  Lebanon,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  3,  1870,  Ossian,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Dec.  12, 
1804,  Rebecca  Wheeler,  b.  Dec.  8,  1780,  in  Sullivan  Co  ,  N.  Y., 
d.  Dec.  25,  1860,  Springwater,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sanford  moved  to 
Dryden,  N.  Y.,  with  his  parents  when  he  was  thirteen  years  of  age. 
After  marriage  he  settled  in  Greenwood,  N.  Y.,  which  was  then 


a  new  country,   and   he   had  a   hard  struggle  to   make   a  living. 

Soon  after  1832  he  removed  to  Springwater,  N.  Y.     Served  in  the 

War  of  1812.     {See  Index  of  Awards  in  State  Library,  Albany.) 

They  had  ten  children,  all  except  John  bom  in  Dryden,  N.  Y. 

1974.  +  DimisT,  b.  Sept.  22,  1805;  d.  Aug.  5,  1889;  m.  John  Butcher. 
1975.+Soton,  b.  Sept.   11,  1807;   d.  Dec.  28,  1859;  m.  Esther  Mitchel. 
1976.+Lymaii,  b.  Sept.  1,  1809;  m.  Joanna  Chubbs. 

1977.+Lucy,  b.  Sept.  6,  1811;   d.  Sept.  7,  1846;  m.  William  Sweeten. 

1975.  +  Chloe,  b.  May  6,  1814;  d.  Oct.  14,  1889;  m.  David  Goldsmith. 
1979.+Rachel,  b.  Apr.  1,  1816;  d.  Apr.  12,  1854;  m.  John  Smith. 
19S0.  +  Thomas  J.,  b.  July  3,  1818;  m.  SybU  Stedman. 

1981.-f-Imo3  Hurd,  b.  Feb.  25,  1820;  d.  Apr.  27,  1905;   m.  Letitia  Mitchell. 
1982.+Elisaph,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1823;  m.  Ruth  Carpenter. 

1983.  John  R.,  b.  Dec.  8,  1825,  Greenwood,  N.  Y.;   d.  Nov.  21,  1853,  Spring- 

water,  N.  Y. 

837.  DIADEMA«  SANFORD  {Stephen  31S,  Zachariah  107, 
Samuel  23,  Thomas  3,  Thomas  1)  b.  Sept.  11,  1774;  d.  Aug.  10, 
1839;  m.  Oct.  8,  1795,  Truman  Webster,  d.  Sept.  17,  1844,  North- 
field,  Ct. 

They  had  six  children. 

1984.  David  Sanf ord^  Webster,  b.  May  30,  1800 ;  m.  June  15,  1825,  Clarissa 

Wattles.     Four   children. 

1985.  Sophia  Webster,  b.  May  10,  1802;  m.  Titus  Turner. 

1986.  Lyman  Webster,  b.  Nov.  7,  1805;  m.  Elizabeth  Smith. 

1987.  Abigail  Webster,  b.  July  10,  1808;  m.  Tartiers  Turner. 

1988.  Annie  Webster,  b.  Apr.  12,  1811,  m.  Albert  G.  Fox. 

1989.  Sally  Webster,  b.  Apr.  11,  1814;  m.  Aaron  W.  Fox. 

838.  ENOS«  SANFORD,  JR.  {Enos  322,  Zachariah  107, 
Samuel  23,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  Oct.  24,  1773;  d.  Feb.  5,  1847; 
m.  (1)  Dec.  11,  1793,  Abigail  Hubbard,  b.  June  11,  1774;  m.  (2) 

He  had  twelve  children  by  first  and  seven  by  second  marriage. 

1990.     Abigail  S.t,  b.  Dec.  16,  1794;  d.  Apr.  1,  1878;  m.  Hutchins. 

I991.-|-Stephen,  b.  Oct.  2,  1796;  d.  Nov.  20,  1884;  m.  Emma  Russell. 
1992. -(-Samuel  Enos,  b.  Dec.  30,  1798;  d.  June  27,  1868;  m.  Dorcas  Alderman. 
1993.     Joel  Hubbard,  b.  Aug.  13,  ISOO';   d.  May  2,  1847. 
1994.-f-Truman  C,  b.  Dec.  1,  1802;  d.  Mar.  4,  1870;  m.  Jane  Sampson. 
1995. -I- George   Washington,    b.    Feb.    6,    1805,    Paris;    d.    Aug.    24,    1882;    m. 
Elizabeth  Hopkins. 

1996.  Noble,  M.  Q.,  b.  Apr.  6,  1807;  d.  Apr.  23,  1880;  m.  Susan  Graham. 

1997.  Elias,  b.  Apr.  13,  1809;   d.  Apr.  15,  1890. 

1998.  Hannah  C.,  b.  Oct.  27,  1811;   d.  Mar.  3,  1843. 


1999.  Polly  M.,  b.  Feb.   16,  1814;   d.  Mar.  19,  1892;   m.  Hiram  Chamberlain. 

2000.  Martha  G.,  b.  June  29,  1816;  d.  Sept.  5,  1903;  m.  Trotter. 

2001.  Eoxena,  b.  May  10,  1819;  m.  Fox. 

2002.  James,  b.  June  23,  1828. 
2003.+WilIiam,  b.  Sept.  7,  1830;  m.  Mary  Johnson. 

2004.  Andrew,  b.  Nov.  16,  1833;  d.  Sept.  12,  1865. 

2005.  Nancy,   J.,   b.   Apr.    25,    1836. 

2006.  Euth  T.,  b.  Apr.  22,   1838. 

2007.  Charles  S.,  b.   Mar.   25,   1840. 
2008.+Carson  E.,  b.  Apr.  11,  1844;  m.  Sarah  Johnson. 

847.     JOHN«  ROBINSON  {Lois  360,  William  118,  Thomas  27, 
Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  Nov.  12,  1760;  m.  1783,  Serena  Spencer. 
They  had  eight  children.  _  . 

2009.  MaryT  Robinson,  b.  Aug.  2,  1784. 

2010.  Uriah  Robinson,  b.  July  6,  1787. 

2011.  Desire  Robinson,  b.  July  6,  1787.  '   .'        ■ 

2012.  Clarissa  Robinson.  >  ■ 

2013.  Abigail  Robinson.  '  •  .■ 

2014.  Susan  Robinson.  '  .    \ 

2015.  Solomon   Robinson.  '.    ^~- 

2016.  Erastus  Robinson. 

854.  JAIRUS"  SANFORD  {Thomas  361,  William  118, 
Thomas  27,  Thcmias  5,  Thomas  1),  b.  Nov.  21,  1762 ;  m.  (1)  Clarissa, 
dau.  of  Daniel  and  Hannah  (English)  Brown  of  East  Haven,  Ct. ; 

b.  June  14,  1783;  m.  (2)  Lucy .    Mr.  Sanford  received  from 

his  father  27  acres  of  land  with  buildings  in  North  Haven,  Ct.,  Oct. 
27,  1809.  {No.  E.  L.  R.,  Bk.  3,  p.  218.)  He  was  one  of  the 
church  choristers  of  the  Cong.  Church  in  No.  Haven  in  1792.  He 
was  a  Revolutionary  soldier,  and  received  an  annual  pension  under 
Act  of  June  7,  1832  of  $30.     {See  Census  of  Pensioners.) 

He  had  six  children  by  first  and  four  by  second  marriage. 

2017.  Isaac''. 

2018.  Hannah. 

2019.  Daniel. 

2020.  Sarah,  m.  EosweU. 

2021.  Phila. 

2022.  Clarissa. 

2023.  Titus. 

2024.  Thomas. 

2025.  Lovinia. 

2026.  Lucy. 

The  last  four  children  were  all  minors  in  1816   {New  Uaven  L.  B.  Bit. 

65,  p.  146.) 


y  859.  TITUS*  SANFORD  {William  362,  William  118,  Thom- 
as 27,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  May  1,  1770,  New  Haven  Ct. ;  d. 
1854,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  May  20,  1795,  Lydia,  dau.  of  Isaac 
and  Lydia  (Field)  Hotchkiss,  of  East  Haven,  Ct.,  b.  1776,  d.  June 
26,  ISll,  buried  in  Fair  Haven  Cemetery;  m.  (2)  Huldah,  dau.  of 
Lieut.  Isaac  Smith  and  widow  of  Capt.  Chauncey  Barnes,  b.  1774; 
d.  Jan.  19,  1820,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  (3)  Rebecca  Smith,  d.  1859. 
He  had  seven  children  by  first  and  three  by  second  marriage, 
all  born  in  New  Haven,  Ct. 

2027.     Isaac  Hotchkiss^,  b.  Mar.  3,  1796;  drowned  when  a  young  man  in  Xew 

Haven  Harbor. 
2028.+Betsey,  b.  1797;  d.  in  Carbondale,  Pa.;  m.  Solomon  Kuss. 

2029.  Child,  d.  June  10,  1800,  ag.  two  years. 

2030.  +  Elias,  d.  in  Perth  Amboy,  N.  J.;   m.  Deborah  "Russ. 

2031.  Selina,  d.  in  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  George  Redfield;  no  children. 
2032.+Maria,  d.  in  Perth  Amboy,  N.  J.;  m.  George  Redfield. 

2033.  + Harriet,   d.   in  Perth   Amboy,  N.   J.;   m.   Phineas   Spencer. 

2034.  +  Elam,  b.  Aug.  31,  1815;   d.  July  21,   1881;  m.  Jerusha  Larkin. 
203.5. +  Huldah,   b.   1817;    d.   in  Perth  Amboy,  N.  J.;    m.   David   Morehouse. 

2036.  +  Jane,  b.  July,  1819;   d.  in  Perth  Amboy,  N.  J.;  m.  John  La  Forge. 

865.  SHERMAN^  HUMISTON  {John  367,  Mary  119,  Thom- 
as 27,  Thomas  5,  1)  b.  Sept.  24,  1789;  m.  Dec.  28,  1812, 
Polly  Tompkins.     Resided  in  Litchfield,  Ct. 

They  had  four  children. 

2037.  Laura^  Humiston,  b.  Oct.  1,  1813. 

2038.  John  Humiston,  b.  July   11,   1815. 

2039.  Belinda   Humiston,   b.   June    11,   1820. 

2040.  Phebe  B.  Humiston,  b.  May  3,  1823. 

866.  ASA"  COOPER  {Caleb  368,  Desire  129,  John  62, 
Thomas  3,  Thomas  1)  b.  1773;  d.  Aug.  21,  1855;  m.  Hannah,  dau. 
of  Nehemiah  Botsford,  of  Derby,  Ct.,  d.  Apr.,  1845,  Derby,  Ct. 

They  had  six  children. 

2041.  +  GilesT  Cooper,  b.  Mar.  10,  1804;  d.  May  29,  1857;   m.  Lorinda  Fowler. 

2042.  Henry  Cooper,  d.  young,  Derby,  Ct. 

2043.4-Betsey  Cooper,  b.  Oct.  21,  1805;  d.  May  29,  1887;  m.  Elizur  Prichard. 

2044.  +  Hannah  Cooper,  d.  in  Derby,  Ct. ;  m.  Jeremiah  Andrews. 

2045.  Jane  Cooper,  d.  in  Orange,  Ct. ;  m.  Clark. 

2046.  Lucy  Cooper,  d.  in.  Derby,  Ct. ;  m.  Allen. 

871.  LUCRETIA"  SANFORD  {Eliada  373,  John  130,  John 
32,  Thi/mas  Cj,  Thomas  1)  b.  Sept.  20,  1787,  No.  Haven,  Ct. ;  m.  Dee. 


13,  1807,   George  Leete,  b.   Mar.  29,  1782;  d.  Dec.  26,  1826,  No. 
Haven,  Ct. 

They  had  four  children,  all  bom  in  No.  Haven.  Ct. 

2047.  +  Mary  Ann^  Leete,  b.  Apr.  5,  1810;  d.  Mar.  5,  1374;  m.  Henry  Bradley. 
2048.+Lucretia  Leete,  b.  Sept.   6,  1812;   d.  Mar.   19,   1870;   m.  William  Peck. 

2049.  +  Eliza   A.  Leete,   b.   Feb.    18,   1815;    d.  May  30,   1881;    m.    (1)    Luciu3 

Dudley;   m.    (2)    Fore;   m.    (3)    Street  Jones. 

2050.  +  Harvey  Bidkar  Leete,  b.  Aug.  2,  1817;  d.  Sept.  11,  1888;  m.  (1)  Cynthia 

Clark;    m.    (2)    Mary  Isbell. 

873.  PERIT  MERIMAN«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  871) 
b.  Jan.  2,  1791,  No.  Haven,  Ct..;  d.  July  28,  1888,  Springfield,  Mass. ; 
m.  Sybil  Dorman,  d.  Mar.  1,  1863.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  prominent 
member  of  the  Congregational  Church  and  Ecc'l  Society.  They 
resided  in  No.  Haven,  Ct. 

They  had  five  children. 

2051.  Julius  EliadaT,  b.  Dec.  22,  1815,  No.  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  1349,  Dubuque,  la.; 

m.  July  16,  1845,  Henrietta  Johnson,  b.  in  New  Haven,  Ct.  No 
children  survived  him.  Mr.  Sanford  was  graduated  from  Tale  College 
in   1839.     Studied  law  with  David  Davis. 

2052.  Susan  Rebecca,  b.  Feb.  22,  1817;   d.  June  25,  1903,  Springfield,  Mass.; 

m.  Dec.  2,  1847,  Franklin  Cowles;   no  children. 
2053.+Mary  Angeline,   b.   Apr.   22,   1818;    d.   Oct.   10,    1398;   m.    (1)    George 

Munson;  m.   (2)   Elam  Hale. 
2054.+Eliza  A.,  b.   Nov.   15,   1826;   m.   Levi  Silliman. 
2055.+Lucy  A.,  b.  Nov.  15,  1826;  d.  Mar.  17,  1907;  m.  Lyman  Munson. 

8T4.  ELIADA«  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descerit  as  S71)  b. 
July  11,  1794,  No.  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.,  1889,  No.  Haven,  Ct. ;  m. 
May  30,  1821,  Maria,  dau.  of  John  and  Anna  (Simmons)  Abbott,  b. 
1800,  Southington,  Ct.,  d.  1890,  Plainfield.  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford  was 
born  and  lived  in  No.  Haven  till  late  in  life,  when  he  removed  to 
Plainville.  He  was  buried  in  New  Haven.  He  was  an  earnest 
Christian  gentleman  and  a  man  of  strong  temperance  principles 
even  in  those  times.  He  was  a  man  of  high  character,  unquestioned 
probity,  and  led  a  most  exemplary  life.  His  wife  was  a  woman  of 
fine  character,  ability  and  great  Christian  devotion.  She  traces 
her  ancestors  in  an  unbroken  line  to  Gov.  Haynes,  the  first  governor 
of  Hartford  Colony,  who  went  from  the  vicinity  of  Boston  through 
the  wilderness  to  Hartford  with  the  celebrated  Thomas  Hooker  in 
1635.  His  daughter  Ruth  married  Samuel,  son  of  Gov.  Wyley, 
whose  daughter  Mehitable  married  the  Rev.  Timothy  Woodbridge 
of  Wethersfield,  and  their  daughter  Ruth  married  the  Rev.  John 


son  of  the  Rev.  Abraham  Pierson,  first  president  of  Yale  College. 
Their  daughter  Anna  married  Deacon  Benj.  Stillman,  and  their 
daughter  married  Joshua  Simmons.    Their  daughter  Anna  Pierson 
married  John  Abbott,  the  father  of  the  subject  of  this  sketch. 
They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  North  Haven,  Ct. 

2056.  +  Whiting   StillmonT,  b.   Apr.   15,   1822;    d.   Sept.   28,   1907;   m.   Frances 

2057.+Nanc7  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  29,  1824;  m.  Dr.  George  Moody. 
2058.+Charle8  Edwin,  b.  May  31,  1830;  m.  Anna  NeaL 

875.  WHITING"  SANPORD  {same  descent  as  871)  b.  1796, 
No.  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  at  Port  au  Prince,  Hayti,  from  yellow  fever ; 
m.  (1)  Aug.  30,  1821,  Mary,  dau.  of  Dr.  Joseph  and  Mary  (Bassett) 
Foote,  b.  June  3,  1798;  d.  Nov.  16,  1825,  Laurel,  Del.;  m.  (2)  dau. 
of  Gov.  Mitchell  of  Delaware.  Mr.  Sanford  was  graduated  from 
Yale  College  in  1816.    He  was  a  shipper. 

He  had  one  child  by  second  marriage. 

2059.+MaryT,  m.  James  Milligan. 

876.  SALLY"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  871)  b.  1797, 
North  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  in  N.  Y. ;  m.  Richard  Mansfield. 

They  had  one  child. 

2060.     StHesT  Mansfield. 

885.  GEN.  RANDALL  SANFORD"  STREET  {Mabel  375, 
John  130,  John  32,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  1780,  Catskill,  N.  Y. ;  d. 
Dec.  4,  1839,  Monticello,  N.  Y. ;  m.  1802,  Cornelia,  dau.  of  Maj. 
Andrew  and  Cornelia  (Livingston)  Billings,  and  granddaughter 
of  Gilbert  Livingston  who  was  Royal  Sherifi:  of  New  York  when  a 
British  Colony.  She  was  born  1783;  d.  Jan.  13,  1838.  Major 
Andrew  Billings  was  in  the  Rev.  Army,  present  at  the  battle  of 
Quebec,  and  was  at  the  side  of  Gen.  Montgomery  when  he  fell. 
He  was  a  personal  friend  of  Washington. 

Gen.  Randall  Street  attained  eminence  as  a  lawyer  and 
politician  early  in  life.  In  1810  and  again  in  1813  he  was 
appointed  one  of  the  six  district  attorneys  of  New  York.  In  the 
War  of  1812  he  was  Major  of  his  regiment,  and  after  the  war, 
rose  to  the  rank  of  Brigadier  General  in  the  Militia  of  the  State. 

In  1819,  Gen.  Street  was  elected  to  the  16th  Congress  as  a 
member   of   the   House   of   Representatives   from   Duchess,   N.   Y. 


He  died  in  Monticello,  N.  Y.,  where  he  had  practiced  his  professiori 
nineteen  years. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  bom  in  Poughkeepsie,  N.  Y. 

2061.  Sanford  Augustus^  Street,  b.  Apr.  28,  1803;  d.  Dec.  1,  1837. 

2062.  +  Cornelia  Street,  b.  Feb.  9,  1805;   d.  Oct.  16,  1872;  m.  William  Dayton. 
2063.+William  Ingraham  Street,  b.  May  11,  1807;  d.  Oct.  23,  1863;  m.  Susan 

2064.+Alfred  Billings  Street,  b.  Dec.  18,  1810;  d.  June  2,  1881;  m.  Elizabeth 

2065.  Louisa  Street,  b.  Dec.  11,  1812;  d.  Apr.  12,  1861. 

2066.  EUzabeth  Street,  b.  March  28,  1814;   d.  July  14,   1828. 

2067.  Adolph  Bentner  Street,  b.  Feb.  14,  1816;  d.  Aug.  28,  1848. 

2068.  Helen  Maria  Street,  b.  Apr.  21,  1818;  d.  in  infancy. 
2069.+Sarah  Street,  b.  Dec.  21,  1819;  m.  Benjamin  Barroll. 
2070.     Frances  Mary  Street,  b.  Mar.  6,  1822. 

889.  LINUS''  SANFORD  {Moses  382,  Moses  133,  John  32, 
Thomas  3,  Thomas  1)  b.  Jan.  14,  1786;  d.  Jan.  6,  1858;  m.  Aug.  12, 
1810,  Sally  Perkins  at  Orwell,  Vt.,  b.  Nov.  22,  1790;  d.  Jan.  31, 
1877.     They  moved  to  St.  Lawrence  Co.,  N.  Y.,  about  1817. 

They  had  seven  children,  the  last  four  all  born  in  Canton,  N.  \  . 

2071.+Fanny    MafiaT,    b.    July    11,    1811,    Bridport,    Vt.;    d.    May,    1890;    m. 
Lyman  Langdon. 

2072.  Calista,  b.  Mar.  2,  1814;  d.  Mar.  13,  1814. 

2073.  +  Senaca  Alonzo,  b.  June  9,   1816,   Shoreham,  Vt. ;   d.   Oct.  21,   1893;   m. 

(1)   Harriet  Boyden;  m.   (2)   Mary  McConeghy. 
2074.+Lucia  Louisa,  b.  Apr.  29,  1819;   d.  Nov.  12,  1902;   m.  Truman  Barnes. 
2075.+Wesley   Perkins,   b.    Apr.    21,    1822;    d.    Dec.    3,    1899;    m.    (1)    Lovisa 

Barnes;   m.    (2)    Mrs.  Charles  Stratton. 
2076.+Nancy  Eliza,  b.   July   10,   1825;    d.   Jan.   8,   1889;   m.    (1)    Dr.  William 

Porter;   m.    (2)    Ezra  Leonard. 
2077.+Mason    Franklin,    b.    May    20,    1828;    d.    Nov.    9,    1858;    m.    Christina 


892.  ANNA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  889)  b.  Dec.  30, 
1793,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  25,  1851,  Brandon,  Yt. ;  m.  Aug.  19, 
1813,  Joseph  Edwin  Higgins,  b.  May  3,  1792,  Weathersfield,  Ct., 
d.  Aug.  18,  1842,  Bridport,  Vt. 

They  had  five  children. 

2078.     William  H^.  Higgins,  b.  May  3,  1815,  Orwell,  Vt. 

2079. + Julius  E.  Higgins,  b.  Apr.  23,  1817;  d.  June  18,  1873;  m.  Catherine  Day. 

2080.  Lewis  E.  Higgins,  b.  July  29,  1819,  Orwell,  Vt. 

2081.  Delia  Ann  Higgins,  b.  Dec.  13,  1822,  Shoreham,  Vt. 

2082.  Joseph  S.  Higgins,  b.  Oct.  25,   1833,  Bridport,  Vt. 


896.  CATHEKINE"  SANFORD  {Asa  384,  Moses  133,  John 
32,  Thomas  5,  Thomas  1)  b.  Sept.  9,  1791,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  11, 
1813,  Elias  McNeil,  b.  May  15,  1791.  They  were  married  in 
Chenango,  N.  Y. 

They  had  six  children. 

2083.  Henry-  McNeil,  b.  May  30,  1815. 

2084.  Amanda   McNeil,   b.   Oct.   4,    1817. 

2085.  Mary  Antoinette  McNeil,  b.  Jan.  11,  1820. 

2086.  Myron  McNeil,  b.  Mar.   22,   1822. 

2087.  Samuel  McNeil,  b.  Oct.  14,  1824 

2088.  Charles  McNeil,  b.  Feb.  25,  1829. 

897.  GARWOOD*  SANFORD  [same  descent  as  896)  b.  Dec. 
14,  1793,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  5.  1876 ;  m.  1820,  Diantha  Bissell, 
b.  1800,  Litchfield,  Ct.,  d.  Feb.  24,  1881,  Litchfield,  Ct.  Both 
buried  in  the  West  Burying  Ground,  Litchfield. 

They  had  eight  children,  all  born  in  Litchfield,  Ct. 

2089.+Susan  Louisa",  b.  Mar.  4,  1821;  d.  Dec.  8,  1863;  m.  Eichard  Fowler. 
2090.     Derrick  Rolla,   b.   Sept.   18,   1822;    d.  June  19,  1898,  New  Haven,  Ct.; 

m.  1859,  Emily  Barnard,  of  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  4,  1900,  New 

Haven.     No   children. 
2091.+Frances  Maria,  b.  Aug.  5,  1824;   d.  Feb.  20,  1891;  m.  Edgar  Atwater. 
2092.+Mary  Angeline,  b.  Nov.  25,  1825;  d.  Sept.  5,  1901;  m.  Edwin  Bulkeley. 

2093.  Garwood  Theodore,  b.  Nov.  10,  1828;  d.  Aug.  5,  1890,  Naugatuck,  Ct.; 

m.  Apr.  5,   1860,  Emeline  Palmer;   no  children. 

2094.  Elizabeth  Bissell,  b.  Dec.   25,   1830;    d.  Jan.  3,  1903,  Waterbury,  Ct.; 

m.  Edward  A.  Stone,  b.  Mar.  25,  1826,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;   d.  Sept.  25, 

1895,  Litchfield,  Ct.     (One  child  died  in  infancy.) 
2095.+Frederick  Marsh,  b.  Dec.  18,  1834;   d.  Nov.  15,  1901;   m.  Sarah  Lewis. 
2096.     Edwin  Benedict,  b.  Aug.  22,   1838;    d.  March  1,   1910;   m.    (1)    Lottie 

Downs;  m.   (2)  Mar.  14,  1892,  Mrs.  Mary  Morehouse,  of  Naugatuck, 

Ct.;  no  children;   res.  Colebrook  River,  Ct. 

906.  NATHAN"  SANFORD  {Nathan  386,  Samuel,  135,  Sam- 
uel 35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  7,  1749,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug. 
9,  1821,  Plymouth,  Ct. ;  m.  Sarah  Smith.  Nathan  Sanford  lived  in 
New  Haven,  Ct.,  in  1781,  when,  Mar.  28,  he  received  from  his 
brother  Archibald  six  acres  of  land  in  Cheshire,  Ct.,  that  had  for- 
merly belonged  to  Daniel  Sinith.     {Cheshire  L.  R.,  Bk.  1,  p.  283.) 

Mr.  Sanford 's  will,  dated  Apr.  19,  1820,  proved  Sep.  5,  1821, 
mentions  wife  Sarah  and  children  Lucy,  Erastus  and  Sarah. 
{'Waterh\i,ry  Pro.  Bee,  Vol  17,  p.  193.) 

They  had  three  children. 


2097.  Lucy',  m.  Amasa  Bronson. 

2098.  Erastua. 

2099.  Sarah,  m.  Amos  Andrews. 

907.  HENRY«  SANFORD  {sayne  descent  as  906),  b.  Jan.  22, 
1752,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Dee.  25,  1830,  ag.  78  years ;  m.  1779,  Rhoda 
Perkins.  A  Henry  Sanford  served  in  Continental  Reg't.,  9th.  Co., 
dis.  in  North  Dept.  Nov.  25,  1775 ;  again  in  Conn.  State  Troops, 
1776,  Capt.  Johnson's  Co.,  who  is  believed  to  have  been  this  Henry. 
{Conn.  Men  in  Rev.,  pp.  43,  407.)  On  Aug.  20,  1781,  Mr.  Sanford 
received  a  deed  of  sixteen  acres  in  Cheshire,  Ct.,  from  his  fathei 
Nathan  of  New  Haven,  Ct.  He  is  found  in  the  Conn.  Census  of 
1790  as  a  resident  of  Cheshire.     {Cheshire  L.  R.,  B.  1,  p.  42.) 

They  had  nine  children. 

2100.+Jared-,  b.  May  19,   1780;   d.  Oct.  12,  1845;  m.  Abigail  Wooster. 
2101.+Truman,  b.  June  17,  1782;   d.  Nov.  26,  1856;  m.  Anna  Curtis. 

2102,  Ehoda  P.,  b.  June  1,  1784;  m.  Seth  Carter. 

2103.  Tryphena,  b.  Aug.  22,  1786;   d.  Jan.  20,   1787. 
2104. + Joseph,  b.  Apr.  2,   1788;   d.  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. 

2105.  Francis,  b.  Mar.   12,  1791. 

{These  dates  taJcen  from  Bhoda  Perkins  Sanford's  Bible.) 

2106.  Harvey. 

2107.  +  Lyman,  b.  Sept.  27,  1796;   d.  Apr.  17,  1877;  m.   (1)   Clarissa  Webster; 

m.    (2)    Eunice  Webster. 

2108.  +  Philena,  m.  Charles  Smith. 

910.  JONATHAN"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  906)  b. 
1757,  :\Iilford.  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  2,  1S36 ;  m.  June  12,  17S0,  Jerusha,  dau. 
of  Isaac  and  Jerusha  (Baker)  Sanford,  b.  Jan.  3,  1763,  d.  Feb.  9, 
1836.  Settled  first  at  Watertown,  afterwards  removing  to  New 
York.  On  Mar.  2,  1779,  he  received  from  his  father  Nathan,  land 
in  "Wallingford,  Ct.  (New  Cheshire),  which  had  formerly  belonged 
to  Daniel  Smith.  He  gave  a  quit  claim  deed  of  one  half  this  land 
to  his  brother  Joel  and  Joel  Collins,  Aug.  18,  1779.  [Cheshire 
L.  R.,  Bk.  21,  p.  499  and  Bk.  2,  p.  439.)  A  Jonathan  Sanford 
drew  an  annual  pension  from  March  4,  1831  of  $80.  He  was  then 
living  in  Chenango  Co.,  N.  Y.,  and  his  age  given  as  75,  which  fits 
above  Jonathan  closely.     {Census  of  Pensioners.) 

They  had  six  children. 

2109.  Clara",  b.  Nov.  7,  1781;   m.  Lyman  Smith. 

2110.  Isaac  B.,  b.  Sept.  5,  1784;  d.  July  12,  1802. 

2111.  +  Anson,  b.  Dec.  25,  1786;  d.  Jan.  15,  1828;  m.  Olive  Porter. 

2112.  Harley,  b.  Dec.  29,   1792. 


2113.  JuUa,  b.  Nov.  5,  1794;  d.  July  12,  1821. 

2114.  Ely,  b.  Dec.  19,  1797. 

911.  ARCHIBALD"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  906)  b. 
Apr.  14,  1759,  Milf  ord,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  2,  1844,  Cheshire,  Ct. ;  m.  Amy 
Peck,  b.  1764;  d.  July  30,  1843.  On  Mar.  2,  1779,  Mr.  Sanford 
received  from  his  father  Nathan,  land  ta  Wallingford,  Ct.,  parish 
of  New  Cheshire,  which  formerly  belonged  to  Daniel  Smith.  Mar. 
28,  1781,  Archibald  deeded  one  half  of  this  land  to  his  brother 
Nathan,  both  of  New  Haven,  Ct.  {Cheshire  L.  B.,  Bk.  1,  p.  283 
and  Bk.  21,  p.  499.) 

He  was  in  Capt.  Curtis'  Co.  Time  of  marching,  Apr.  7, 
1777.  "Was  a  pensioner  in  New  Haven  County.  {Conn.  Men  in 
Rev.,  pp.  500,  655,  661.)  His  name  is  in  the  Census  of  Pensioners 
with  res.  Prospect,  Ct.,  age  given  as  81.  He  drew  annual  pension 
from  1832  of  $80.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  Methodist  minister.  Late 
in  life  he  became  so  deaf  that  he  sat  in  the  pulpit  to  hear  the 
sermon.  His  will  was  proved  Mar.  14,  1844.  Eli  Sanford,  his 
grandson,  was  executor.     {Cheshire  Pro.  Rec,  Vol.  2,  p.  173.) 

They  had  six  children,  all  except  Julius  bom  in  Prospect,  Ct- 

2115.+ Julius    MaximmusT,    b.    Feb.    15,    1781;    d.    July    11,    1853;    m.    Lucy 

2116.+Friend,  b.  Mar.  10,  1785;  d.  Dec.  19,  1853;  m.  Stella  Grannia. 

2117.  EU,  b.  Mar.  25,  1789;  d.  June  8,  1810. 

2118.  Anna,  b.  June  9,  1793;  m.  Nov.  15,  1812,  Lauren  Preston;  no  children. 

2119.  +  Philemelia,  b.  Dec.  31,  1796;  d.  Mar.  12,  1829;  m.  Amasa  Preston. 
2120.+Freeman,  b.  Aug.  22,  1803;  d.  1872;  m.  Lydia  Welton. 

917.  LOIS*  SANFORD  {Isaac  390,  Samuel  135,  Samuel,  35, 
JSphraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  July  14,  1760;  m.  Oliver  Tucker.  They 
settled  at  Woodbridge,  Ct.,  where  he  was  a  carpenter.  He  bought 
the  Abel  Sanford  house,  and  it  is  still  standing  (1908). 

They  had  two  childrenf 

2121.  Sheldon^  Tucker. 

2122.  Nancy  Tucker. 

919.  ABEL"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  917)  b.  Mar.  22, 
1763;  d.  Sept.  10,  1843,  Marion,  N.  Y. ;  m.  (1)  Oct.  14,  1784, 
Deborah  Sperry,  b.  Dec.  28,  1758,  d.  Nov.  8,  1817,  Wallingford,  Ct. ; 
m.  (2)  June  14,  1820,  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Tuttle,  b.  Oct.  2,  1777,  d. 
Sept.  21,  1855,  Marion,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  school  teacher 
and  farmer.    The  first  sixteen  years  of  his  married  life,  he  resided 


in  Woodbridge,  Ct.,  then  removed  to  Wallingford,  Ct. 

He  had  six  children  by  his  first  marriage,  all  bom  in  Wood- 
bridge,  Ct. 

2123.+Permelia7,  b.  Apr.  29,  1786;   d.  May  4,  1832;  m.   (1)   Amasa  Hall;   m. 

(2)  A.  D.  Piatt. 
2124.+P0II7,  b.  Apr.  29,  1786;  d.  1846;  m.  Thomas  Mix. 

2125.+Isaac  Eansom,  b.  Nov.  12,  1790;  d.  July  2,  1879;  m.  Patience  Atwater. 
2126.+Jerusha,  b.  Jan.  20,   1793;    m.  Ephraim  Hough. 
2127.+Deborah,  b.  June  11,  1795;  d.  Jan.  9,  1827;  m.  Josiah  Cowlea. 
2128. + Amos   Baker,   b.   June    18,    1798;    d.    July   9,    1873;    m.    (1)    Catherine 

Johnson;  m.    (2)   Mrs.  Andrew  GriflSn. 

921.  DAVID«  SANFORD  {Gideon  391,  Samuel  135,  Samuel 
35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Apr.  3,  1765;  d.  Nov.  26,  ]839;  m. 
July,  1792,  Millicent,  dau.  of  Capt.  Gideon  Hotchkiss  of  Waterbury, 
Ot.,  b.  May  16,  1771,  d.  Oct.  9,  1849.  The  author  has  the  original 
life  use  lease  by  Gideon  Hotchkiss  to  his  daughter  Millicent 
Sanford,  of  his  home  in  Waterbury,  dated  Apr.  28,  1804.  Also  the 
original  lease  of  their  home  by  David  Sanford  and  Millicent  his 
wife,  to  Hershal  Sanford  of  Waterbury,  dated  Mar.  29,  1826. 

They  had  nine  children. 

2129.+Hershal7,  b.  Aug.   6,   1794;    d.  July  28,  1868;   m.   Hannah  Lounsbury. 

2130.  Levi,  b.  Mar.  1,  179B;   d.  Aug.  25,  1823. 

2131.  Phila,  b.  Mar.   17,   1798;    d.  Apr.   27,   1804. 
2132.+Philinda,  b.  Sept.  27,  1805;  d.  Nov.  3,  1854;  m.  Ethelbert  Cook. 

2133.  +  Perus,  b.  Jan.  28,  1807;  d.  Aug.  14,  1867;  m.  Abigail  Cook. 

2134.  +  Hannah,  b.  Mar.  16,  1809;   d.  Sept.  21,  1854;  m.  Silas  Hitchcock. 
2135.+Abby,  b.  Mar.   14,  1811;   d.   Sept.   22,   1872;   m.  George  Brockett. 

2136.  Betsey  b.  Mar.  20,  1813;  m.  Stephen  Ives,  of  Cheshire,  Ct. ;  no  children. 

2137.  Garry  Colbreath,  b.  Apr.  11,  1815;  d.  Oct.  23,  1847,  Lancaster,  Mass.; 


The  following  letter  is  given  entire  because  of  its  little  items 
of  family  history,  but  more  particularly  on  account  of  the  generous, 
manly  and  noble  sentiments  it  contains. 

Letter  of  Garry  Sanford  to  Mr.  Hine,  with  whom  he  must  have 
lived  since  he  called  himself  his  obdt.  son. 

Auburn,  April  3,  1836.  ^ 

Dear  Sir,— I  now  attempt  to  write  a  few  lines  to  you,  I  don't 
know  as  I  need  to  make  any  excuse  for  you  well  know  my  failing 
both  by  nature  and  by  practice.  I  received  your  letter  the  19th  of 
March.  I  had  almost  concluded  that  you  had  forgotten  me  but  was 
glad  that  you  would  once  more  trouble  yourself  to  write  to  your 
disobedient  child.  My  health  is  good  at  present.  I  accidentally 
hurt  my  hand  last  fall  so  bad  that  I  was  unable  to  work  tor  three 


weeks.  We  do  a  driving  business  here.  There  are  ten  of  us  at  work 
at  forks.  The  water  that  we  drink  here  we  get  out  of  the  creek 
which  flows  past  New  Guinea  where  there  is  a  settlement  of  blocks 
on  the  bank  of  the  creek  a  few  rods  above  us.  I  will  assure  you  that 
it  is  delicious  tasting  stuff  to  me  (?). 

I  am  very  well  suited  with  the  country,  but  the  people  are  hard 
subjects.  Truth  is  a  scarce  article  here,  I  think  they  deal  with  it 
sparingly.  I  would  not  believe  what  they  say  no  more  than  I  would 
believe  that  a  codfish  could  climb  a  liberty  pole  tail  first  with  a  loaf 
of  bread  under  his  arm. 

I  am  very  glad  to  hear  that  you  are  going  ahead  in  your 
business.  I  hope  that  you  will  get  rich  and  then  I  will  '^ome  and 
help  you  spend  your  money,  for  I  am  practicing  that  business  now. 

The  pigeons  fly  in  every  direction  here,  very  thick,  but  not  so 
as  to  darken  the  sky.  Understand  me.  You  mentioned  the  cold 
winter.    It  is  certainly  the  most  severe  winter  that  I  ever  witnessed. 

Give  my  respects  to  your  workmen,  particularly  to  Deacon  Hoit 
for  it  is  not  right  that  a  man  so  amiable  and  accomplished  as  he  is 
should  pass  unnoticed.  Give  my  respects  to  Aunt  Huldah  for  I 
never  shall  forget  how  kind  and  obliging  you  and  she  were  while  I 
lived  with  you.  Give  my  best  respects  to  Miss  Jane  and  Simmons 
and  to  all  my  inquiring  friends  if  there  be  any. 

I  intend  to  start  for  home  within  the  course  of  four  or  five 
weeks  if  possible.  I  would  mention  one  thing  to  you  which  would 
perhaps  be  well  for  you  to  know.  I  do  not  assert  it  as  a  fact,  how- 
ever there  is  strong  suspicion  resting  on  the  postmaster  of  

as  having  opened  letters  that  come  from  this  place.  If  that  be  the 
fact  I  presume  that  he  will  get  into  business  weather  of  a  serious 

Give  my  respects  to  father  and  mother.    Do  not  fear  troubling 
me  with  postage,  but  write  to  me  again. 
This  from  your  obdt.  son, 


Brother  Herschel, — Ireceived  a  few  lines  from  you  respecting 
our  parents.  I  know  that  the  place  is  out  of  repair.  It  seems  as 
if  some  of  us  might  repair  it  and  still  let  them  live  there.  I  believe 
they  can  have  a  comfortable  living  off  from  that  place.  If  I  have 
any  small  share  in  supposed  property  I  would  willingly  give  it  to 
any  one  who  would  support  them  through  life.  I  presume  that  if 
they  leave  there  they  will  not  be  contented,  but  you  can  do  as  you 
think  best.  I  am  willing  to  agree  to  anything  that  the  family  thinks 
best.  I  am  glad  that  you  think  best  to  do  something  about  it  for  it 
is  right  that  they  who  supported  us  through  the  tender  age  of  life 
should  long  be  remembered  by  us.  Mr.  Hine  please  coppy  the  above 
and  hand  it  to  Herschel  and  oblige 



924.  BETSEY  MARY«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  921) 
m.  Feb.  15,  1781,  Ebenezer,  son  of  Capt.  Gideon  Hotchkiss,  of 
Waterbury,  Ct.,  b.  Dec.  13,  1757,  d.  July  26,  1853.  He  was  a 
Revolutionary  soldier. 

They  had  two  children. 

2138.+Anna7   Hotchkiss,   b.   Dec.   23,   1781;    m.   John   Prichard. 

2139.  +  Gideon  MiUs  Hotchkiss,  b.  Nov.  11,  1785;  d.  Jan.  27,  1864;  m.  Arvilla 


930.  RACHEL"  HARRISON  {Hannah  394,  Joseph  136, 
Samuel  35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  15,  1751,  So.  Farms, 
Ct. ;  d.  1795 ;  m.  Levi  Peck.    Resided  in  Morris,  Ct. 

They  had  five  children. 

2140.  EacheF  Peck. 

2141.  Mary    (Polly)    Peck. 

2142.  Linus  Peck. 

2143.  Weltha  Peck. 

2144.  Hannah  Peck,  m.  Samuel  Bissell,  of  Litchfield,  Ct. 

931.  DAVID"  HARRISON  {same  descent  as  930)  b.  Nov.  9, 
1753,  South  Farms,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  13,  1812;  m.  (1)  Jerusha  Marsh; 
m.  (2)  Mehitable  Landon,  d.  Mar.  26,  1827. 

They  had  one  child. 

2145.  Norman''  Harrison. 

933.  HANNAH"  HARRISON  {same  descent  as  930)  b.  Mar. 
20,  1757,  So.  Farms,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  Elijah  Peck  of  So.  Farms,  Ct. ; 
m.  (2)  Ebenezer  Marsh;  m.  (3)  Gen.  Timothy  Skinner,  father  of 
Gov.  Skinner  of  Vermont. 

She  had  seven  children  by  first  marriage. 

2146.  RhodaT  Peck,  b.   1776;   m.  June   22,   1797,   Truman   Clinton.     Went   to 

New  York  State. 

2147.  Clarissa   Peck,   b.    1778;    m.   June   22,1797,    Isaac   Woodruff.     Went   to 

New  York  State. 

2148.  Mahala  Peck,  b.  1781;  m.  June  23,  1800,  John  Harrison.     In  1805  they 

removed  to  Genesee,  N.  Y. 

2149.  Almon  Peck,  b.  1784;   d.  in  Greenbush,  N.  Y. 

2150.  Truman   (Freeman)    Peck,  b.  1787. 

2151.  Lucy   Peck,   b.   Aug.   14,   1790;    d.   Feb.   24,    1870;    m.    Sept.    12,   1810, 

Norman  Kilbourn,  of  Bantam,  Ct.,  b.   1791;   d.  Jan.  27,   1886. 

2152.  Elijah  Peck,  .Jr.,  b.  Aug.  19,  1792;  d.  Dec.  1869;  m.   (1)  Mrs.  Randall; 

m.    (2)    Lavinia  Booth. 


934.     SOLOMON'  HARRISON  (same  descent  as  930)  b.  Apr. 
17,  1760,  So.  Farms,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  11,  1834;  m.  Susan  Gunn. 
They  had  three  children. 

2153.  Rachel'   Harrison. 

2154.  Susan  Harrison,  m.  Asa  Pannlee,  at  Bethlehem,  Ct. 

2 J 55.     Ephraim  Harrison,  b.  1805;  d.  Feb.  25,  1868;  m.  (1)   Lydia  Stoddard; 
m.   (2)   Letitia  Smith;  res.  in  Bethlehem,  Ct. 

936.  LUCY«  HARRISON  {same  descent  as  930)  b.  Mar.  29, 
1762,  South  Farms,  Ct. ;  d.  1812;  m.  (1)  Samuel  Woodruff;  m.  (2) 
Oct.  14,  1790,  Jesse  Spencer. 

She  had  one  child  by  second  marriage. 
2156.     Eliza''   Spencer. 

938.  SARAH«  SANFORD  {OUver  396,  Joseph  136,  Samuel 
35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Sept.  15,  1764,  So.  Farms,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug. 
7,  1844 ;  m.  1785,  Ephraim  S.  Hall,  of  So.  Farms,  Ct. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  bom  in  So.  Farms,  Ct. 

2157.+William7  Hall,  b.  Mar.  9,  1786;  d.  1833;  m.  Therina  Waugh. 
2158.+Mary  (Polly)  Hall,  b.  Sept.  28,  1788;  m.  Josiah  Hubbard. 
2159.     Annis  HaU,  b.  Aug.  21,  1790;  d.  Mar.  16,  1861;  m.  July  12,  1857,  Ezra 

Judd,  d.  Apr.  15,  1867. 
2160.4-Sally  Hall,  b.  Dec.  4,  1792;  d.  Apr.  11,  1872,  m.  Deacon  Harmon  Ensign. 
2161.+Rebecca   HaU,   b.   Dec.   4,    1794;    d.   June   12,    1873;    m.    (1)    William 

Doolittle;    m.    (2)    Richard   Marsh. 
2162.+ Julia  HaU,  b.  Sept.  6,  1797;  d.  1881;  m.  William  McCord. 
2163.+Alanson  HaU,  b.  Dec.  21,  1802;  d.  Dec.  20,  1858;  m.  Elizabeth  Marsh. 

941.     ORENDA«  SANFORD   {same  descent  as  938)  h.  June 
27,  1769,  So.  Farms,  Ct. ;  m.  Enoch  Hyde  of  Catskill,  N.  T. 
They  had  two  children. 

2164.  Chauncey''  Hyde. 

2165.  Demetrius  Hyde. 

943.  JOSEPH'  SANFORD  {Jonah  397,  Joseph  136,  Samuel 
35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Apr.  17,  1758,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  17, 
1843,  Triangle,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Jan.  1,  1784,  Chloe,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  and 
Elizabeth  (Marsh)  Goodwin,  b.  July  31,  1776,  Litchfield,  Ct-;  d. 
Oct.  8,  1805,  Lyle,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sanford  served  as  ensign  in  Conn. 
Militia;  private  in  Capt.  Redding's  Co.,  Col.  Whitney 'a  Reg. 
He  drew  a  pension  from  Feb.  24,  1819.     {Census  of  Pensioners.) 

He  lived  in  So.  Farms,  Ct.,  and  moved  to  Triangle,  N.  Y.,  aboat 


They  had  nine  children,  all  except  Mary  and  Pamelia  born 
in  So.  Farms,  Ct. 

2166.  Nathaniel,  b.  Oct.  27,  1784;  d.  Jan.  15,  1863,  Chenango  Forks,  N.  T.; 

m.  Oct.  11,  1807,  Clarissa  Orton.     No  children.     He  settled  in  Broome 
Co.,  N.  Y. 

2167.  Rhoda,  b.  Jan  23,  1786;   d.  Jan.  1,  1806,  Triangle,  N.  Y. 
2168.4- Elizabeth,  t>.  Apr.  18,  1789;  d.  Nov.  26,  1869;  m.  Charles  Abbott. 

2169.  +  Clarke,  b.  Dec.  3,  1791;  d.  June  27,  1886;  m.  (1)  Mary  Clark;  m.   (2) 

Hannah  Batchelder. 

2170.  +  Freeman,  b.  Apr.  7,  1794;   d.  June  23,  1876;   m.  Cynthia  Bowers. 
2171.+LUC7,  b.  Mar.  6,  1796;  d.  1867;  m.  Godfrey  Hoffman. 

2172.  + Seymour,  b.  Oct.  18,  1798;  d.  Dec.  19,  1883;  m.   (1)  Maria  Pendleton; 

m.    (2)    Louisa  Eaton. 
2173.+Mary  Ann,   b.   May    11,   1800,   Triangle,   N.   Y. ;    died   in   Michigan,   m. 

Ebenezer  Bliss. 
2174.     PameUa,  b.  Feb.  1804,  Triangle,  N.  Y.;  d.  Sept.  10,  1874,  near  Perry, 

N.  Y. ;  m.  David  Wallace;  no  children.     They  lived  in  Castile,  N.  Y. 

944.  BENJAMIN^  SANFORD  {sayne  descent  as  943)  b. 
June  4,  1761,  Litchfield  (South  Farms),  Ct. ;  d.  July  1,  1883, 
Cornwall,  Vt. ;  m.  Sarah,  dau.  of  John  and  Anna  (Marsh)  Marsh, 
b.  Jan.  8,  1766,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  28,  1818,  Cornwall,  Vt. 

The  land  about  Litchfield  being  all  taken  by  reason  of  the 
great  immigration  from  the  coast  and  the  great  birth  rate  of  the 
settlers,  he,  in  August,  1784,  with  wife  and  child  of  five  months, 
set  out  with  a  pair  of  steers  and  cart  with  some  fiour,  pork  and  a 
few  simple  farming  tools  for  a  place  in  the  woods,  which  then,  or 
soon  after,  took  the  name  of  Cornwall,  Vt.  It  is  stated  that  his 
father  had  previously  selected  the  tract  for  him,  paying  therefor 
one  ear  of  corn  for  each  acre.  He  was  only  able  to  proceed  north 
as  far  as  Bennington  with  his  cart,  since  no  road  had  been  cut  any 
further.  Thereupon  he  cut  a  crotched  tree  and  made  a  dray  of  it. 
Placing  his  load  on  it,  he  proceeded  as  far  as  Southerlands  Falls, 
where  he  fell  in  with  a  fellow  emigrant  who  also  had  a  pair  of  oxen 
and  some  goods.  They  united  and  built  a  raft,  upon  which  they 
placed  all  their  goods,  which  his  new  found  friend  guided  down 
stream  to  Asa  Blodget's  at  the  Ox  Bow,  then  the  principal  place 
of  entertainment  on  the  Creek. 

Mr.  Sanford  drove  both  pair  of  oxen  through  the  woods 
by  a  line  of  blazed  trees  through  Huhbardtotn,  Sudbury  and 
Whiting  to  his  future  home.  [See  Hist,  of  Cornwall,  p.  82.) 
Reaching  there  he  went  to  work  with  a  will  to  clean  the  forest 
and  make  a  home.    From  the  first  he  was  an  active  and  influential 


citizen,  taking  part  in  all  matters  of  a  public  nature,  and  especially 
those  of  a  religious  character.  He  was  often  called  by  his  townsmen 
to  places  of  trust,  was  for  many  years  a  justice  of  the  peace,  and 
represented  his  town  in  the  Legislature  for  the  years  1805-6, 
1821-3  and  1824- 

His  first  home  was  of  log,  and  stood  down  on  a  brook  near  a 
spring.  His  son  Daniel  was  bom  in  this  house.  He  soon  built  a 
frame  house  where  the  present  residence  stands.  In  this  all  his 
children  subsequent  to  Daniel,  all  the  children  of  his  son  John  and 
all  the  children  of  his  grandson  Edgar  were  born.  In  1861  this 
house  was  moved  back  and  converted  into  a  granary  and  sheep 
barn,  still  in  use.  In  that  year  John  Sanford  built  the  present  fine 
residence.  The  well  that  Benjamin  dug  is  still  in  use  with  an  "old 
oaken  bucket." 

Not  long  after  settling  in  Cornwall,  his  wife,  Mrs.  Jacob  Peck 
and  two  other  ladies  went  back  to  Litchfield,  Ct.,  through  the 
sparsely  settled  coimtry  on  horseback  to  make  a  visit. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  a  very  industrious,  prosperous  and  influential 
farmer  and  citizen.  When  his  children  married,  he  ably  assisted 
each  to  get  a  start  in  the  world.  He  kept  an  account  of  the 
property  and  things  that  he  gave  to  each,  which  account  is  now 
held  by  his  great  grandson,  Harrison  E.  Sanford  of  Cornwall,  Vt. 
For   the   property   given   to   each   child,   see   individual   sketches- 

The  farm  on  his  death  passed  to  his  son  John,  and  on  his 
death  to  his  son  Edgar,  who  held  it  till  his  death,  July  17,  1907, 
when  it  passed  to  his  son  Harrison  E. 

The  Centennial  of  Benjamin's  settlement  in  Cornwall  was 
celebrated  Aug.  28,  1884,  at  the  old  homestead,  (for  account  of 
which,  see  sketch  of  Edgar  Sanford). 

They  had  twelve  children,  all  except  Orman  born  in  Cornwall, 

2175.     OnnanT,  b.  Mar.  6,   1784,  Litchfield,  Ct.;   d.  Mar.  3,  1790,  killed  by  a 

loaded  sled  passing  over  him. 
2176.+Daniel,  b.  Oct.  25,  1786;  d.  Oct.  26,  1876;  m.  Dotha  Peck. 
2177.+Permelia,  b.  Aug.  16,  1788;  d.  Nov.  4,  1859;  m.  Edmund  Hill. 
2178.+Jonah,  b.  Nov.  30,  1790;  d.  Dec.  25,  1867;  m.  (1)   Abigail  Greene;  m. 

(2)    Harriet  Barney. 
2179.+Ozia3,  b.  Jan.  30,  1793;  d.  Sept.  10,  1863;  m.  Maria  Sterling. 
2180. -f  .John,  b.  Feb.  14,  1795;  d.  Feb.  1,  1869;  m.  Anna  Peck. 
2181.+Benjamin,  Jr.,  b.  May  7,  1797;   d.  May  1845,  m.  Lucy  Simonds. 

2182.  Sarah  Ann,  b.  Sept.  1799;  d.  Mar.  1808. 

2183.  +  Mary  Ann,  b.  Jan.   15,   1802;    d.   Sept.  6,  1872;   m.  Daniel  Beecher. 


2184.     Josephus,  b.  Mar.  1804;  d.  Mar.  1813. 

2185.+Ju]ina,  b.  July  28,  1806;   d.  Mar.  6,  1871;  m.  Julius  Belong. 

2186.+Bet8ey,  b.  June  6,  1810;  d.  Dec.  30,  1898;  m.  Zimri  Pond. 

945.  DR.  CLARK«  SANFORD  {savie  descent  as  943)  b. 
July  10,  1764,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  5,  1819 ;  m.  (1)  Sarah  Marsh, 
who  died  soon;  m.  (2)  May  2,  1786,  Anna  S.  Marsh,  of  So.  Farms, 
Ct.,  d.  June  20,  1847.  About  1809,  Dr.  Clark  Sanford  erected  mills 
in  Connecticut  for  the  purpose  of  grinding  and  preparing  Peru- 
vian Bark  and  sundry  chemicals.  He  was  the  first  to  use  ealisaya,  or 
Peruvian  Bark,  as  a  remedy  in  malarial  fevers.  He  began  his  prac- 
tice as  M.  D.  in  Fredericksburg,  Va.  He  also  practiced  for  a  time 
in  Lunenburg,  Va.,  and  then  removed  to  Greenwich,  Ct. 

He  had  five  children  by  second  marriage,  all  except  Henry 
born  in  Fredericksburg,  Va. 

2187.     Josephus",    b.    1786;    d.    1803,    Prince    Edward,    Va. ;    unm.     A    skillful 

physician  and  surgeon. 
21S8.+Ehoda  Pamela,  b.  1795;  d.  Feb.  26,  1831;  m.  Judge  Nehemiah  Browne. 
2189.-f-John  Clark,  b.  1798;  d.  Mar.  28,  1873;  m.  Susan  Hull. 
2190. -I- Henry   Josephus,   b.    1804,   Portchester,   N.    T. :    d.   Mar.    30,    1854;    m. 

Mary  Jarvis. 

2191.  Nancy  Marsh,  d.  1860,  Eye,  N.   i.;  aiim. 

946.  RHODA  PAMELIA*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  943) 
b.  Apr.  27,  1768,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  June  4,  1805,  Triangle,  N.  T. ; 
m.  Daniel  Clark,  of  Bethlehem,  Ct.     Went  to  Triangle,  N.  Y. 

They  had  two  children. 

2192.  Julia'  Clark;  d.  at  three  years. 

2193.  Joseph  Clark,  d.  at  seventeen  years. 

948.  SIMEON"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  943)  b.  May  6, 
1775,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  June  23,  1846 ;  m.  Elizabeth,  dau.  of  Ros- 
well  Post,  of  Cornwall,  Vt.,  d.  May  25,  1853,  ag.  72  yrs.  He  resided 
in  Cornwall  for  some  years  as  a  prosperous  farmer  and  then 
returned  to  So.  Farms,  Ct.     Both  buried  in  Morris  Cemetery. 

They  had  four  children. 

2194.  OrmanT,  b.  Oct.  29,  1799;  d.  May  24,  1803. 

2195.-)-Ehoda,  b.  July  7,  1801;  d.  July  7,  1893;  m.   (1)   William  Harrison;   m. 

(2)   Edward  Cowles. 
2196.-fClarinda,  b.  Feb.  28,  1804;  d.  May  21,  1875;  m.  William  Harrison. 
2197.+Eollin,  b.  Mar.  27,   1806;   d.  Dec.  2,   1879;  m.   (1)    Maria  Seymour;   m. 
(2)    Lucy  Wright;   m.    (3)    Clarinda  Harrison. 


951.  JOSEPH"  SANFORD  {Joseph  399,  Joseph  136,  Samuel 
35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  15,  1773,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  m.  Tem- 
perance Ives,  of  Goshen,  Ct.     Moved  to  Goshen,  Ct. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  ia  Goshen,  Ct. 

2198.  Harriet^,  m.  Jan.  28,  1822,  Elliott  Mason. 

2199.  Caroline,  m.   Joseph  Bunnell,  of   Goshen,  Ct. 

2200.  Maria,  m.  Simeon  Scoville,  of  Goshen,  Ct. 

952.  OLIVE«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  951)  b.  Nov.  3, 
1774,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  6,  1817;  m.  June  30,  1799,  Capt. 
Erastus  Goodwin,  b.  Dec.  19,  1772;  d.  Nov.  3,  1853.  (He  married 
(2)  Phebe  (Beach)  widow  of  James  Thomas.) 

They  had  seven  children,  all  bom  in  Litchfield,  Ct. 

2201.+Emeline7    Goodwin,    b.    Sept.    25,    1800;    d.    Feb.   23,   1885;    m.    Myron 

2202.  Edmund  Sanford  Goodwin,  b.  Sept.  2,  180^;  d.  Nov.  24,  1806. 

2203.  Chloe  Eliza  Goodwin,  b.  June  16,  1805;   d.  Nov.  10,  1806. 

2204.  Erastus  Goodwin,  b.  May  15,  1808;   d.  May  30,  1808. 
2205.+Elizabeth  Goodwin,  b.  May  18,  1811;  d.  Sept.  24,  1867;  m.  Charles  Ives. 
2206.     Clarissa  Beebe  Goodwin,  b.  June  26,  1813;   d.  May  18,  1856;   unm. 
2207.+Olive  Catherine  Goodwin,  b.  Mar.  18,  1816;  m.  Whiting  Smith. 

953.  STEPHEN^  SANTORD  {same  descent  as  951)  b.  Sept. 
6,  1776,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  1843,  East  Avon,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Olive,  dan.  of 
Andrew  and  Maranda  (Orton)  Woodruff,  b.  1780,  Litchfield,  Ct. ; 
d.  1861,  Livonia,  N.  T.  They  removed  from  Litchfield,  Ct.,  to 
Avon,  N.  Y. 

They  had  ten  children. 

2208.-t-PollyT,   b.   1800;    d.    1850;    m.    (1)    WilUam   Godfrey;    m.    (2)    Gilbert 

2209.+Eliza,  b.  July  4,  1802;  d.  Nov.  7,  1890;  m.  Charles  Shepard. 
2210.  +  Claris3a,  b.  Feb.  11,  1804;  m.  William  Whittlesey. 
2211. + Julia  Clark,  b.  Sept.  1,  1805;  d.  Apr.  23,  1887;  m.  Marcus  Brown. 
2212.+CaroIine  Beckwith,  b.  Aug.  19,  1807;  m.  Eeuben  Newton. 

2213.  Susan,  b.  Sept.   1809,  Litchfield,   Ct.;    d.  unm. 

2214.  Mehitable,   b.   Aug.    1812,   Litchfield,  Ct.;    d.  ab.    1880,  Tipton,   Mich.; 

m.  Samuel  Kimball;  no  children. 

2215.  +  Fannie,  b.  Aug.  1814;  d.  in  Michigan;  m.  Hiram  Brown. 

2216.  Infant  girl. 

22 17. -L.Joseph  Clark,  b.  June  15,  1818;   d.  1898;  m.  Caroline  Stone. 

954.  EDMUND"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  951)  b.  Oct. 
25,  1781,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  9,  1860,  Sherburne,  N.  Y. ;  m.  (1) 


June  7,  1804,  Sarah  Lynde;  m.    (2)    1844,  Betsey  Sheldon.     He 
settled  in  Herkimer,  N.  Y.,  after  his  first  marriage. 
He  had  six  children  by  first  marriage. 

221S.     Caroline  AmeUaT,  b.  Mar.  22,  1805;  d.  Feb.  9,  1823. 

2219.  Charles  Watson,  b.  Nov.  17,  1806;  m.  May  13,  1S33,  Julia  Ann  Weed, 

Binghamton,  N.  Y.,  d.  July  30,  1883.     He  was  a  merchant  in  Bing- 
hampton,  N.  Y. 

2220.  Edmund,  Jr.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1809;  d.  Mar.  17,  1809. 

2221.  Sarah  Eliza,  b.  Feb.  17,  1810;  d.  June  12,  1831. 

2222.  Horatio  Wolcott,  b.  Jan.  21,  1813;   d.  Dec.  6,   1884,  Sherburne,  N.  Y. 

Settled  in  Dubuque,  la.,  about  1834  or  1835. 
2223.4-Sidney  Dwight,  b.  Feb.  16,  1819;  m.  Margaret  Jones. 

955  OZIAS'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  951)  b.  Aug.  24, 
1784,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  7,  1856 ;  buried  in  Morris  Cemetery ; 
m.  (1)  May  24,  1810,  Lydia  Brown,  of  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  13, 
1815,  ag.  27;  m.  (2)  Feb.  4,  1816,  Eunice  S.  Hand  (widow),  b. 
Feb.  1782,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  June  1,  1869.  Buried  in  Morris 

He  had  one  child  by  first  and  two  by  second  marriage. 

2224.  Lucy-,  b.  May  7,  1811;  d.  Nov.  9,  1893,  Litchfield,  Ct.  For  many 
years  hopelessly  insane  caused  by  a  fall  from  a  horse.  Buried  in 
Morris  Cemetery. 

2225.+ Ann  Mehitable,  b.  Feb.  10,  1818;  m.  John  Babbitt. 

2226.+ Joseph,  b.  May  1,  1820;  d.  July  30,  1871;  m.  Betsey  Potter.  {Litchfield 
V.  S.) 

956.  CLARISSA"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  951)  b.  Jan. 
19,  1786,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  12,  I860;  m.  Jan.  17,  1805,  Maj. 
William  Beebe,  b.  Mar.  24,  1782,  Litchfield,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  18,  1861. 
He  was  the  son  of  Col.  B.  Beebe,  of  Revolutionary  fame  and  a 
distinguished   man. 

They  had  six  children. 

2227.  +  ElizaT  Beebe,  b.  May  9,  1808;  d.  Mar  22,  1887;  m.  Dr.  John  Russell. 
2228.+Rebecca    Rockwell    Beebe,    b.    June    4,    1810;    d.    1865;    m.    Alexander 

2229.+Philip  Schuyler  Beebe,  b.  Mar.  12,  1812;  m.  (1)  Catherine  Hall;  m.  (2) 

Lucy  Robbins. 

2230.  Harriet  Sanford  Beebe,  b.  Nov.  11,  1814,  Litchfield,  Ct.;  d.  May  1836, 

Harrisburg,   Pa. ;    unm.     Buried   in   Litchfield,   Ct. 

2231.  +  01ive  Goodwin  Beebe,  b.  Dec.  14,  1817;  m.  Sheldon  Peck. 

2232.  Clara  Beebe,  b.  July  7,  1820;  m.  Aug.  4,  1862,  Joshua  Harrison  Darling, 

of  Warsaw,  N.  Y.,  d.  Mar.  21,  1869,  ag.  59  years.     No  children. 


957.  J0EL8  SANFORD  {Jonas  411,  Jonathan  138,  Samuel 
35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  d.  ab.  1842 ;  m.  Huldah  Prindle,  d.  Oct.  4, 
1839,  ag.  62.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  merchant  in  Bridgewater,  a  part 
of  New  Milford.  Was  justice  of  the  peace  in  1828.  "He  was  the 
author  of  an  arithmetic  and  had  a  model  mind  for  mechanics.  He 
constructed  the  first  wooden  clock  made  in  this  country."  His 
estate  was  distributed  Sept.  24,  1842.  {New  Milford  Pro.  R.,  Vol. 
13,  p.  126.) 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  New  Milford,  CX. 

2233.     Harriet^,  b.  Oct.  31,  1796;  m.  Oliver  Mead. 

2234.+David  Curtis,  b.  Jan.  23,  1798;  d.  May  1864;  m.  (1)   Caroline  Merwin; 

m.   (2)   Amelia  Seymour;   m.   (3)   Emily  BuU. 
2235.4- Julia  Maria,  b.  May  9,   1803;   m.  Albert  Gaylord. 
2236.+Charles  Grandison,  b.  Feb.  25,  1814;  d.  May  12,  1891;  m.  Eunice  Morris. 

958.  ABIAH'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  957)  b.  Mar.  3, 
1773,  in  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  19,  1843,  Hopkinton,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Apr.  6,  1797, 
Eli  Roberts,  b.  June  28,  1769,  in  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  7,  1837.  They  were 
married  at  Hinesburg,  Vt.,  and  came  from  Vergennes  to  Hopkin- 
ton, N.  Y.,  in  Feb.  1807-  He  settled  a  mile  south  of  the  village  and 
at  once  built  a  sawmill  on  Lyd  Brook.  On  Jan.  25,  1814,  Eli  Rob- 
erts and  his  wife  Abiah  gave  deed  of  a  tract  of  land  situated  in 
New  Milford,  in  the  Society  of  Bridgewater,  lying  a  little  north- 
easterly of  Joel  Sanford 's  (her  brother) '  dwelling  house,  to  Rich- 
ard Randall,  husband  of  Mrs.  Roberts'  sister  Esther. 

Y7itnesses — Abijah  Beach  and  Joel  Sanford. 

Recorded  July  4,  1817.  Per  Elisha  Bostwick,  Reg.  {Neiu  Mil- 
ford L.  R.,  Vol.  29,  p.  827.) 

At  this  time  Eli  spelled  his  name  Roburds,  but  a  few  years 
later  changed  it  to  Roberts. 

They  had  seven  children. 

2237.-fFanny7  Roberts,  b.  July  5,  1798;  d.  May  6,  1853;  m.  Joel  Gould. 
2238.     Angeline  Roberts,  b.  Sept.  15,  1800,  Vergennes,  Vt.;   d.  June  10,   1828, 

Hopkinton,  N.  Y.;  m.  Mar.  4,  1822,  Chester  Tupper,  d.  Feb.  3,  1S61, 

in  California.     No  children 
2239.-t-Mariette  Roberts,  b.  July  12,   1803;   d.  Nov.  8,  1839;  m.  John  Gould. 
2240.-)- John  S.  Roberts,  b.  Feb.  3,  1806;  d.  Dee.  19,  1865;  m.  Eveline  Gibbs. 
2241. -(-Clarissa    Roberts,    b.    Sept.    16,    1808;    d.   Feb.   4,    1866;    m.    Elnathan 

2242.-f  Hannah   J.   Roberts,  b.   Sept.   22,   1811;    d.   Mar.   4,   1863;    m.   William 

2243. -f  Eli  B.  Roberts,  b.  Aug.  21,  1816;  d.  Dec.  13,  1891;  m.  Martha  Hunter. 


959.  MABEL"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  957)  b.  Dec.  7, 
1774,  New  Milford  Ct. ;  m.  June  18,  1797,  Joel,  son  of  Thaddeus 
Baldwin,  b.  Oct.  29,  1772,  New  Milford,  Ct. 

They  had  six  children. 

2244.  Stanley  Sanford^  Baldwin. 

2245.  Samuel  Baldwin. 

2246.  Minerva    Baldwin,    m.    Charles    Briggs.     No    children.     They    lived    in 

Brookfield,  Ct. 

2247.  Mabel   Baldwin,   d.   unm. 

Two  died  young. 

960.  ANDRE*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  957)  b.  1781 ;  d. 
Dec.  8,  1809 ;  m.  Eunice  Bennett,  sister  of  Elijah  Bennett. 

On  Apr.  13,  1807,  Mr.  Sanford  was  deeded  three  pieces  of  land 
by  his  father  Jonas  for  the  consideration  of  the  parental  love, 
regard  and  good  will  he  had  for  his  son.  {New  Milford  L.  Rec, 
Vol.  24,  p.  643  and  N.  M.  Pro.  Rec,  Vol.  6,  pp.  SO  and  84.) 

The  administration  of  his  estate  was  granted  to  widow  Eunice, 
Mar.  3,  1810,  and  it  was  distributed  Mar.  16,  1811,  to  her  and  their 
daughter  Flora  Maryetta. 

They  had  two  children. 

2248.  Flora  Maryetta^,  m.  Dr.  Edwin  Lacy,  of  Brookfield,  Ct. 

2249.  +  Harley,  b.  Mar.   17,   1801;   d.  June  1.5,   1883;   m.  Alosia  Peck. 

963.  LUCY  ANN«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  937)  m. 
Nathaniel  Randall. 

They  had  one  child. 
2250.+JaciDthiaT  Randall,  b.  Oct.  15,  1808;  m.  Fretieriek  Boland. 

976.  COL.  ELIHU"  SANFORD,  JR.  {Elihu  415,  David  141, 
Samuel  35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Apr.  26,  1759,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d. 
Oct.  9,  1839,  Bethany,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  1782,  Sarah,  dau.  of  David  and 
Highly  (Bishop)  Thorpe,  of  New  Haven,  Ct.,  b.  Nov.  4,  1762, 
North  Haven,  Ct. ;  d.  July  14,  1837,  Bethany,  Ct. ;  m.  (2^  Jan.  14, 
1839,  Nancy  Atwood,  widow  of  Ailing  Carrington,  b.  177",  d.  July 
5,  1853. 

Col.  Sanford  enlisted  in  the  Rev.  Army  at  the  outbreak  of 
the  war.  Re-enlisted  Feb.  16,  1777,  for  three  years  as  Corporal  in 
the  8th  Regiment  Continental  Foot,  Col.  John  Chandler;  May  25, 
1778,  he  was  appointed  First  Sergeant  of  Capt.  David  Dorancc's 
Co.,  5th  Reg.  of  Continental  Foot.  Served  until  the  close  of  the 
war  and  was  honorably  discharged  as  First  Sergeant. 


He  served  in  numerous  campaigns  and  was  at  Valley  Forge. 
At  the  Battle  of  Monmouth  he  was  distinguished  for  gallantry  and 
received  the  personal  commendation  of  Gen.  Washington.  Capt. 
Munson  of  the  Sth  Continental  Foot  was  an  eye-witness  of  this 
episode  and  told  the  story  to  Hervey  Sanford.  He  received  an 
annual  pension  of  $96.  {Conn.  Men.  in  Rev.,  p.  231,  348,  637,  and 
Census  of  Pensioners-) 

At  the  close  of  the  war  he  returned  to  Bethany  and  married 
Sarah  Thorpe.  In  1783,  he  sold  land  to  Strong  Sanford.  {Wood- 
bridge  L.  Rec.) 

In  the  War  of  1812  he  was  appointed  Lieut.  Col.  and  afterwards 
promoted  Colonel  of  a  Conn.  Regiment,  and  was  in  charge  of  the 
coast  line  from  the  neighborhood  of  New  London  to  Stamford.  His 
will  was  probated  Oct.  15,  1839,  in  New  Haven,  and  named  his 
four  children. 

He  had  four  children  by  first  marriage,  all  born  in  Bethany, 

2251.+Tubal  Cain',  b.  Oct.  20,  1783;  d.  Apr.  14,  1871;  m.  (1)  Polly  Newton; 

m.   (2)   Lucinda  Barnes. 
2252.+Hervey,  b.  May  30,  1785;   d.  Jan.  9,  1869;  m.  Mary  Lyman. 
2253.+Elihu,  b.  June  4,  1789;  d.  Aug.  20,  1866;  m.  Susan  Howell. 
2254.  +  Hannah,  b.  Sept.  30,  1793;  d.  Sept.  13,  1868;  m.  Eliada  Tuttle. 

977.  STRONG"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  976)  b.  Oct. 
9,  1760,  Bethany,  Ct. ;  d.  May  3,  1846,  Barkhamsted,  Ct.  Buried 
in  Hartford  Ct. ;  m.  1785,  Temperance  Hotchkiss,  b.  1767,  Wood- 
bridge,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  4,  1843.  Mr.  Sanford  enlisted  Feb.  16,  1777, 
in  the  Rev.  War  and  served  in  the  same  regiment  with  his  brother 
Elihu.  He  was  made  Corporal  Sept.  20,  1780,  Sergeant  Sept.  5, 
1781,  in  5th  Reg.  Conn,  line,  Capt.  Richard's  Co.  Paid  fiom  Jan. 
1,  1781,  to  Sept.  5,  1781.  Drew  annual  pension  of  $96  from  1818 
to  1828,  and  after  that  $120.  Res.,  Barkhamsted,  Ct.  {Conn.  Men 
in  Rev.,  p.  237,  344,  637,  663,  and  Census  of  Pensioners.) 

He  moved  after  his  marriage  to  Washington,  Ct.,  where  all  his 
children  except  Laura  were  born.  About  1830,  he  moved  to  East 
Hartford,  Ct. 

They  had  seven  children. 

2255.-(-Laura7,  b.  May  24,  1786,  Waterbury,  Ct.;  d.  June  7,  1870;  m.  Mathew 

2256.     Strong,  Jr.,  d.  young;  unm. 

2257.+Pol]y,  b.   1791;   d.  June  24,   1866;   m.  Jedediah  Lemmon. 
2258.  +  Sally,  b.   Oct.  6,  1793;   d.  Jan.  31,  1861;   m.  Ebenezer  Clark. 


2259.  +  Hiram,  b.  July  17,  1794;  d.  May  7,  1867;  m.   (1)   Percy  Case;  m.   (2) 

Polly  Gibson. 
2260.+Daiiiel,  b.  Aug.   14,  1797;   d.  Dec.  23,  1870;   m.  Phebe  Burnham. 
2261.+Hannah  Clarene,  b.  Dec.  23,  1802;   d.  Nov.   1884;  m.  Hiram  Burnham. 

979  STEPHEN*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  976)  b.  Oct. 
24,  1763;  d.  Dec,  1824;  m.  (2)  1802,  Statira  Benton,  of  Goshen, 
Ct.  (So.  Farms)  ;  d.  in  Northfield,  Ct.,  buried  in  Thomaston,  Cl. ; 
m.  (3)  at  Albany,  N.  Y. 

He  had  one  child  by  first  and  two  by  second  marriage. 

2262.  Clarissa",  b.  Oct.  1786;  m.   (1)  Johnson;  m.   (2)   Burdick.     In  1871  she 

was  Living  in  Watertown,  N.  Y. 

2263.  +  Samuel,  b.  Oct.  28,  1803;  d.  Nov.  28,  186.5;  m.  Orlenda  Thomas. 

2264.  Sylvina,  b.  Feb.  2,  1805;  d.  Oct.  22,  1884,  Northampton,  Mas* 

Stephen  Sanford  had  several  children  by  his  third  marriage,  names 

980.  DR.  SAMUEL^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  976)  b. 
Oct.  20,  1765,  Bethany,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  25,  1803,  Humphreysville ;  m. 
Feb.  28,  1791,  Rowena  Davis,  b.  Nov-  15,  1772;  d.  May  26,  1823. 
Dr.  Sanford  was  the  first  physician  at  Humphreysville.  In  1797, 
he  built  a  small-pox  hospital  north  of  Castle  Rock.  His  will,  dated 
Jan.  18,  3803,  proved  Feb.  10,  1803,  mentions  wife  Rowena,  and 
sons  Samuel  P.,  Marvin  and  Mark.  His  wife  and  brother  Elihu, 
Exec.     {New  Haven  Pro.  Bee,  Vol.  23,  p.  130.) 

They  had  five  children. 

2265.  PierpontT,  b.  Dec.  30,  1791;  d.  Mar.  19,  1794. 

2266.  Samuel  Pierpont,  b.  Aug.  6,  1795;   d.  June  26,  1823,  N.  T.  City. 

2267.  Minerva,  b.  May  29,  1797;  d.  Aug.  29,  1800. 

2268.+Marvin  R.,  b.  Apr.  13,  1800;   d.  Oct.  28,  1867;  m.  Hannah  Treat 
2269.+Marcus,  b.  June  22,  1803;   d.  Jan.  22,  1850;  m.  Harriet  Perry. 

984.  SUSAN«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  976)  b.  Jan.  27, 
1774;  d.  Feb.  11,  1835,  Bethlehem,  Ct. ;  m.  May  5,  1793.  David 
Hannah,  b.  May  9,  1769 ;  d.  Sept.  19,  1857.  He  was  a  farmer  in 
Bethlehem,  Ct. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

2270.-fMaria  Hannah",  b.  Jan.  25,  1794;   d.  Apr.  28,  1877;   m.  Jabez  Atkins. 
2271.     Marilla   Hannah,  b.  Aug.   5,   1795;    d.   Feb.   14,   1813;   unm. 
2272.+Sanford  Hannah,  b.  June  24,  1797;  m.   (1)   Eliza  Collins;  m.   (2)   Olive 

Cleveland;   m.    (3)    Elizabeth  Shepard. 
2273.     George   Noble   Hannah,   b.    Apr.    13,    1799;    d.   Nov.   9,    1825,   Chatham, 

N.  T. ;  unm. 


2274.     Susan  Hannah,  b.  Dec.  14,  1800;  m.  Sept.  24,  1847,  John  Hannah,  of 

Portage  City,  Ohio,  d.  Dec.  25,  1872.     No  children. 
2275.+Abigail  Hannah,  b.  Jan.  8,  1803;  d.  June  14,  1878;  m.  William  Thurston. 
2276.+Eliza  Hannah,  b.  Jan.  25,  1805;  d.  Oct.  22,  1885;  m.  Robert  Thurston. 

2277.  David  Parlemon  Hannah,  b.  Jan.   13,   1807  ;d.  Feb.  22,   1844;   m.  Nov. 

1834,  Laura  L.  Robinson. 

2278.  Mary  Ann  Hannah,  b.  June  7,  1809;   died  unm. 
2279.4-Caroline  Emily  Hannah,  b.  Feb.  16,  1811;  m.  Lorenzo  Abbott. 

2280. 4- Clarissa   Marilla    Hannah,    b.    Nov.    27,    1814;    d.    Sept.    10,    1849;    m. 
Lorenzo  Abbott. 

985.  JOSEPH*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  976)  b.  Nov.  3, 
1779 ;  d.  Oct.  26,  1851,  Simsbury,  Ct. ;  m.  Feb.  25,  1801,  Hopey,  dau. 
of  Asa  and  Esther  Wilmot,  b.  July  5,  1780 ;  d.  July  18,  1H51.  Mr. 
Sanford  moved  from  Litchfield,  Ct.,  to  Granville,  Mass^  .and  when 
an  old  man  to  Simsbury,  Ct. 

They  had  eight  children. 

2281.+Esther  Minerva",  b.  Dec.  4,  1801;  d.  Aug.  22,  1843;  m.  Pierpont  Botham. 
2282.+RoTvena,  b.  Aug.  8,  1804;   d.  Feb.  16,  1873;  m.  Daniel  Barker. 

2283.  Betsey,  b.  July  26,  1806;  d.  Jan.  27,  1807,  buried  in  Northfield  Cemetery, 

Litchfield,  Ct. 

2284.  +  George  Willis,  b.  Dec.  20,  1807;  d.  Sept.  23,  1892;  m.  (1)  Jane  Adams; 

m.   (2)   Ada  Euo. 

2285.  Betsey,  b.  Aug.  27,  1809;  d.  Feb.  4,  1815. 

2286.  +  Hopey,  b.  July  26,  1811;  d.  Feb.  24,  1837;  m.  Harvey  Trumbull. 
2287.+ Joseph  David  Franklin,  b.  May  29,  1814;  m.  Mary  Smith. 
2288.+Hannah,  b.  Nov.  24,  1818;  d.  June  23,  1863;  m.  Henry  Neale. 

{Taken  from  an  old  family  Bible  of  Joseph  Sanford,  which  was  printed 
in  1803  at  Charlestown,  Mass.) 

987.  DAVID*  SANFORD  {Joseph  417,  David  141,  Samuel 
35,  Ephraim  6,  TJwmas  1)  b.  Mar.  26,  1760;  d.  June  18,  1811. 
Buried  in  West  Haven,  Vt. ;  m.  Phebe  ,  d.  1814. 

On  July  17,  1811,  Phebe  Sanford,  widow  of  David,  was  ap- 
pointed administrator  of  his  estate.  On  the  first  Monday  in  April, 
1814,  settlement  of  the  estate  not  being  completed,  Joseph  Sanford 
was  appointed  administrator.  Parti^tion,  Nov.  6,  1815.  Samuel 
Adams  was  appointed  guardian  of  Reuben  and  Electa.  {Castleion 
Yt.,  Pro.  Eec,  Bk.  8,  p.  130;  Bk  10,  p.  27  and  216.) 

They  had  six  children,  all  born  in  Shoreham,  Vt. 

2289.     Mn.rtliaT,  b.  1790;   d.  1872,  Eureka,  Mich.;  unm. 

2290.4-Joseph,  b.  Nov.  3,  ir92;  d.  Aug.  1848;  m.   (1)   Polly  McCotter;  m.   (2) 

2291.     Electa,  d.  in  Mich.;   m.  James  Fife. 


2292.-|-ClariB8a,  d.  in  St.  Louis,  Mich.;  m.  John  Jennings. 

2293.     Mary    (Polly). 

2294.-I- Reuben,  b.  Dec  8,  1805;   d.  May  19,  1870;  m.  Susannah  Dwelle. 

988.  CLARK*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  987)  b.  Jan.  4, 
1762;  d.  Aug.  23,  1853,  Orwell,  Vt. ;  m.  Rebecca  Conkey,  b.  in 
Orwell,  Vt.;  d.  Jan.  11,  1816,  Orwell,  Vt. 

They  had  two  children. 

2295.     Caroline^,  b.  Dec.  25,  1797;   d.  Jan.  4,  1817. 

2296.+William  Riley,  b.  Mar.  4,  1805;  d.  Sept.  23,  1399;  m.  Emily  Bascom. 

991.  SUSANNA*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  987)  b.  Jan. 
20,  1767,  Old  Woodbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  22,  1855,  Hopkinton,  N.  Y. ; 
m.  June,  1785,  Solomon  Chittenden,  b.  Sept.  14,  1761,  Killingworth, 
Ct. ;  d-  Feb.  9,  1855,  Hopkinton,  N.  Y.  Both  are  buried  in  Hop- 
kinton, N.  Y.  Mr.  Chittenden  was  a  soldier  in  the  War  of  the  Revo- 
lution, serving  two  enlistments  of  three  years  each  and  some  months. 
He  drew  a  pension  of  eight  dollars  a  month  for  many  years. 

They  had  twelve  children. 

2297.     Nathaniel"   Chittenden,   b.   Oct.   12,   1786;    d.   ag.   21  yrs.,   Troy,   N.   T. 
2298.-f01iva  Chittenden,  b.  Feb.  S,  1788;   d.  Jan.   19,  1867;   m.  John  Crouch. 

2299.  Polly  Chittenden,  b.  Feb.  7,  1790. 

2300.  Joseph  N.   Chittenden,  b.  Jan.  2,   1792;    d.  May  3,   1869,  Orwell,  Vt.; 

m.  (1)   Olivia  Ormsbee;  m.   (2)   PameUa  Brewer.     No  children.     Mr. 
Chittenden   was  a  member  of  Assembly  and  Colonel   in  the  militia. 
2301.-fChauncey  Chittenden,  b.  Jan.   10,  1794;   d.  Feb.  27,   1868;   m.  Malinda 

2302.  Nathan  Chittenden,  b.  Mar.  3,  1796;   d.  ag.   14,  yrs. 

2303.  Ann  Chittenden,  b.  Apr.  1798;   d.  Mar.  24,  1877,  Lawrence,  N.  Y.;  m. 

David  White,  d.  May  24,  1877,  Parishville,  N.  Y.     No  children. 

2304.  +  Clark    S.,  Chittenden,    b.    May    16,    1803;    d.    May    18,    1890;    m.    Julia 

2305.-|-Sally  Chittenden,  b.  Apr.  22,  1805;  d.  Apr.  16,  1847;  m.  John  Sheldon. 
2306.     Twins,  d.  in  infancy 
2307.-f  Asahel  Handy  Chittenden,  b.  Aug.  25,  1811;  d.  Aug.  24,  1858;  m.  Mary 


992.  ESTHERS  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  987)  b.  Aug.  6, 
1768;  d.  May  26,  1860,  Burlington,  Vt. ;  m.  June  17,  1792,  Joseph 
Thomas,  b.  May  22,  1764;  d.  July  15,  1829,  Orwell,  Vt. 

They  had  eight  children,  all  born  in  Orwell,  Vt- 

2308. + John-  Thomas,  b.  Oct.  20,  1792;   d.  Mar.  31,   1849;   m.  Lucinda  Gillet. 
2309.     Anna    Thomas,  b.  Nov.  10,  1794;   d.  Feb.  1,  1808. 


2310.+Henry  Thomas,  b.  Oct.  2,  1796;   d-  July  3,  1847;   m.  Hannah  Mayo. 

2311.  +  Sally  Thomas,   b.   Apr.   3,   1799;   m.   Calvin  Converse. 

2312.+JuHus  Clark  Thomas,  b.  Oct.  7,  1801;  d.  Jan.  25,  1887;  m.  Mary  Hull. 

2313.  Catherine  Thomas,  b-  Aug.  7,  1805;  d.  July  30,  1823. 

2314.  Levi  Sanford  Thomas,  b.  Apr.  28,  1808;  d.  Apr.  29,  1850. 

2315.+ Julia  Thomas,  b.  Nov.  4,   1811;    d.  Sept.   1,  1895;   m.  Edward  Smith. 

994.  MAK.Y«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  987)  b.  Dec.  17, 
1771,  Old  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  June  24,  1862;  m.  (1)  Mar.  27,  1795, 
Jabez  Barnum,  b.  May  1,  1760,  Lanesboro,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  3,  1814 ;  m. 
(2)  Judge  Henry  Olin,  of  Leicester,  Vt.  They  settled  in  Shoreham, 

She  had  seven  children  by  first  marriage. 

2316.     LoraT  Barnum,  b.  Dec  27,  1796;  d.  Mar.  10,  1805. 

2317.4-Susan  Barnum,  b.  Oct.  25,  1799;  m.  William  Perry. 

2318.     Sanford  Barnum,  b.  Aug.  19,  1801;  d-  Sept.  11,  1840;  m.  Louise  Moon. 

2319. + Jonah   Sanford  Barnum,  b.  May   18,   1803;    d.  July  7,   1852;   m.   Mrs. 

Hannah    (Hobart)    Sterrat. 
2320.+Ori3  Barnum,  b.  Apr.  10,  1805;  m.   (1)  Electa  Eoe;  m.   (2)   Mrs.  Mary 

2321. + John  Wesley  Barnum,   b.   Jan.  31,  1809;    d.   Oct.  20,   1836;    m.   Zilpha 

2322.+Nel3on  Barnum,  b.  Jan.   12,   1811;    d.  Aug.  5,   1854;   m.  Natio  Curtis. 

995.  LOT«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  987)  b.  Sept-  5,  1773 ; 
d.  Apr.  20,  1860;  m.  Feb.  19,  1801,  Lurana,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  Bush, 
of  Shoreham,  Vt.,  b.  Oct.  2,  1783 ;  d.  June  22,  1865. 

Soon  after  his  marriage  Mr.  Sanford  bought  a  farm  in  Shore- 
ham, where  they  moved  and  resided. 
They  had  two  children. 

2323.+MariahT,  b.  Dec.  25,  1801;  d.  Oct.  13,  1859;  m.  Alexander  Perry. 
2324.+Leonora,  b.  Feb.  4,   1805;   d.  June  5,  1842;   m.  Alexander  Perry. 

996.  ANNA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  987)  b.  Nov.  24, 
1775,  d.  Oct.  3,  1852,  Racine,  Wis. ;  m.  Feb.  7,  1799,  Asa  Gary,  d. 
Sept.,  1862,  Racine,  Wis.  In  1831,  they  removed  to  Sterling,  N.  Y., 
where  they  lived  till  1851,  when  they  went  to  Racine,  Wis. 

They  had  nine  children. 

2325.+Bushnell  Bostwick^  Gary,  b.  Dec.  22,  1801;  d.  Feb.  14,  1860;  m.  Arminda 

2326.+ Alfred  Cary,  b.  Jan.  25,  1804;  m.  Mary  Knight. 

2327. -I- Pauline  Cary,  b.   Aug.   31,   1805;    d-   Jan.   1859;   m.  Ransford   Sanford. 
2328.+Nathaniel  Chittendon  Cary,  b.  Dec.  10,  1807;  m.  Sophia  Eaton. 
2329.     Levi  Sanford  Cary,  b.  July  23,  1809;   m.    (1)    Eosetta  Shaw;   m.    (2) 

Mrs.  Baker.     Resided  in  Springfield,  Wis. 


2330.     Melancthan  Wheeler  Gary,  b-  Oct.  26,   1811;   m.  Sept.  21,   1836,  Laura 

Ford.     No  children.     Eesided  at  Racine,  Wis. 
,  2331.     Mar.y  Ann  Gary,  b.  Apr.  22,  1814;   d.  1874,  Galedonia,  Wis.;   m.   1837, 

George  F.  Roberts.     No  children.     They  resided  in  Galedonia,  Wis- 
2332.+John    Watson    Gary,    b.    Feb.    11,    1817;    m.    (1)    EUza   Vilas;    m.    (2) 

Isabel  Brinkerhoff. 
2333.+Sarah  Ann  Gary,  b.  Dec.  26,  1818;  m.  John  CarsweU. 

999.  DAVID«  SANFORD  {David  418,  David  141,  Samuel  35, 
Ephraim  6,  Thamas  1)  b.  Jan.  6,  1759,  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  d. 
July  19,  1841,  Egremont  Plains,  Mass. ;  m.  Dec.  7,  1780,  Hannah 
Thompson,  b.  Medway,  Mass. ;  d.  Dec.  12,  1829,  Great  Borrington, 
Mass.  Mr.  Sanford  was  bom  in  the  house  built  by  his  father  on 
the  dower  land  of  his  wife  Bathsheba  in  1758.  At  the  beginning 
of  the  year  1775,  he  joined  a  Mass.  Regiment  under  Capt.  Fair- 
banks and  Col.  Metcalf,  whether  as  Ensign  or  whether  this  rank 
was  conferred  later  is  not  known.  He  served  not  quite  one  year 
but  took  part  in  several  battles.  Soon  after  his  marriage  he  took 
up  his  residence  at  the  farm  house  at  Great  Barrington  on  Sanford 
Hill,  where  all  his  children  were  born.  Here  he  led  the  uneventful 
life  of  a  well-to-do  farmer. 

They  had  ten  children. 

2334.     ElectaT,  b.  Jan.  13,  1782;   d.  Feb.  18,  1784. 

2335.-l-John,  b.  May  22,  1784;  d.  Feb.  13,  1857;  m.  Aurora  Farnam. 

2336.     Anson,  b.  Jan.  1,  1786;  d.  Jan.  13,  1851,  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  unm. 

2377.-fElihu,  b-  June  4,  1788;  d.  May  1861;  m.  Penelope  Beckwith. 

2338.  Glarissa.  b.   Sept.  4,   1790;    d.  Sept.   16,  1842,  Gatskill,  N.  Y. ;   m.  Oct. 

17,    1812,   John   O'Brien,   b.   Feb.    1,   1784,   Great   Barrington,   Mass. 
No  children.     Mr.  O  'Brien  was  a  lawyer  in  Gatskill,  N.  Y- 

2339.  Moses  Thompson,  b.  Mar.   13,   1793;   d.  June  10,  1843;   m.  Mar.  1816, 

Frances  Beach,  of  Manlius,  N.  Y.,  b.  Mar.  19,  1796,  Stratford,  Gt.,  d. 

Aug.  21,  1882.     Buried  in  Green,  N.  Y.     No  children.     Mrs.  Sanford 

was  a  gifted  and  most  brilliant  woman.     In  1832  she  had  small  pox 

and   became  totally  bHnd. 
2340.-f  Stephen,  b.  Feb.  7,  1797;  d.  Mar.  2,  1873;  m.  Maria  Pixley. 
2341. -f  Edward,  b.  Mar.  16,  1799;   d.  July  13,  1849;  m.  Amanda  Flint. 
2342.     David,  b.  Mar.  31,  1802;  d.  May  5,  1827. 
2343. -I- Hannah,  b.  Nov.  6,  1804;  d.  June  3,  1879;  m.  Hezekiah  Lathrop. 

1000.  PHILO"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  999)  b.  Sept.  7, 
1761,  Great  Barrington,  Mass.;  d.  Sept.  8,  1835,  West  Medway, 
Mass. ;  m.  Mar.  18,  1784,  Lydia,  dau.  of  Nathaniel  Whiting,  b.  Aug. 
23,  1764,  Medway,  Mass.;  d.  Oct.  25,  1834,  Medway,  Mass.  {See 
Nathaniel  Whiting  Genealogy.) 


^Ir.  Sanford  served  as  Private  in  Mass.  troops  in  Col.  Wade's 

They  had  ten  children,  all  born  in  Medway,  Mass. 

2344.+Nathaniel  WhitingT,   b.   June   11,   1785;    d.  Feb.   19,  1844;   m.   Hannah 

2345.  +  Philo,  b.  June  18,  1787;   d.  Mar.   11,  1865;   m.  Martha  Druce- 
2346.+ Joanna,  b.  Apr.  8,  1789;  d.  Apr.  25,  1853;  m.  Joel  Partridge. 
2347.+Sewall,  b.  Dec.  7,  1790;  d.  Apr.  29,  1831;  m.  Edena  Holbrook. 
2348.+Bath9heba,  b.  May  8,  1793;  d.  Feb.  4,  1820;  m.  Horace  Holden. 
2349.+L7dia  B.,  b.  Feb.  6.   1795;   d.  Mar.  25,  1850;  m.  Rev.  William  Eaton. 
2350.  +  Stephen,  b.  May  10,  1797;  d.  Aug.  15,  1845;  m.  Maria  Fisher. 
2351.+Clarissa,  b.  Sept.  16,  1799;  d.  Feb.  6,  1878;  m.  Rev.  Levi  Packard. 

2352.  +  David,   b.   Aug.  8,   1801;    d.  Dec.   7,   1875;   m.    (1)    Sarah  Daniels;    m. 

(2)    Mrs.  Adeline  Patrick. 

2353.  Edmund  Ingersoll,  b.  Sept-  25,  1804;  d.  Sept.  19,  1825,  Medway,  Mass.; 


1001.  CLARISSA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  999)  b.  Nov. 
20,  1763,  Pompey  Hill,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Mar.  15,  1850,  N.  Y.  State;  m. 
Feb.  4,  1793,  Rev.  John  Morse,  b.  Mar.  24,  1763 ;  d.  Jan,  3,  1844. 
Resided  at  one  time  in  Glen  River,  N.  Y.     They  had  six  children. 

2354.4-David  Sanford^  Morse,  b.  Dec.  22,  1793;  d.  Dec.  21,  1871;  m.  (1) 
Margaret  V'anDyke ;  m.  (2)  Mrs.  Lydia  Kent;  m.  (3)   Ann  Hubbard. 

2355.+Clarissa  Morse,  b.  May  4,  1796;   d.  Feb.  10,  1875;   m.  Isaac  Fairman. 

2356.+ John  Stevens  Morse,  b.  Feb.  14,  1799;  d.  Mar.  24,  1876;  m.  Anna 

2357.     Mary  Morse,  b.  Mar.  23,   1801;   d.  Jan.   13,  1889. 

2358.+ Julia  Morse,  b.   Feb.   16,   1803;   m.   Thomas  Smith. 

2359.  Elizabeth  Morse,  b.  Sept.  20,  1807;  d.  Feb.  21,  1826- 

1002.  ELIHU"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  999),  b.  Jan.  28, 
1766;  d.  Jan.  15,  1839,  Oxford,  Mass.;  m.  (1)  Feb.  9,  1792,  Han- 
nah Metcalf,  b.  Sept.  20,  1767;  d.  Jan.  22,  1798;  m.  (2)  Apr.  15, 
1799,  Elizabeth  Fisher,  b.  Apr.  15,  1778 ;  d.  Jan.  18,  1853. 

He  had  three  children  by  ^rst  and  seven  by  second  marriage, 
all  born  in  Belchertown,  Mass. 

2360.  NancyT,  b.  Feb.  23,  1793;   d.  June  16,  1794. 

2361.  Emory,  b.  Apr.   18,  1795;   d.  June  14,  1876;  unm. 

2362.  Harriet,  b.  Feb.  9,  1797;  d.  Nov.  3,  1815. 

2363.  Elihu,  b.  Mar.  14,  1800;  d.  Mar.  27,  1880. 

2364.  Hannah  Metcalf,  b.  Aug.  24,  1801;  d.  Feb.  13,  1877;  unm. 
2365.+Richard,  b.  Mar.  12,  1804;  d.  Feb.  16,  1880;  m.  Elizabeth  King. 

2366.  +  Frances,  b.  May  31,  1806;   d.  Mar.  8,  1836;  m.  William  Pease. 

2367.  Edward,  b.  May  9,  1808;   d.  Apr.  24,  1841.     Probably  unm. 


2368.  Elizabeth  Phelps,  b.  Feb.  24,  1811;  d.  Sept.  23,  1833. 

2369.  James  Madison,  b.  July  9,   1813;   d.  Oct.  31,  1894,  Oxford,  Mass.;   m. 

Sept.   12,    1843,    Emily   Spurr,   of  Charlton,   Mass.,   b.   Dec.   3,   1821; 
d.  May  31,  1877,  Oxford,  Mass.     No  children. 

1003.  ICHABOD"  SANPORD  {same  descent  as  999)  b.  Oct. 

18,  1768,  Medway,  Mass. ;  d.  Aug.  6,  1860,  Belehertown,  Mass. ;  m. 
May  6,  1799,  Nancy,  dau.  of  Dr.  Estes  Howe  of  Belehertown,  Mass., 
b.  Feb.  1,  1776,  Belehertown,  Mass. ;  d.  Oct.  22,  1840,  Belehertown, 

They  had  eight  children,  all  bom  in  Belehertown,  Mass. 

2370. 4- William  Howe',  b.  Feb-  14,  1800;   d.  Nov.  27,  1879;  m.  Harriet  Smith. 

2371.  Bathsheba  Ingersol,  b.  Jan.  22,  1802;  d.  Apr.  11,  1805. 

2372.  Susan  Dwight,  b.  June  16,  1804;   d.  Apr.  21,  1805. 

2373.  +  George  Carlos,  b.  Feb.  9,  1806;  d.  Mar.  8,  1874;  m.  (1)  Sophia  Burnett; 

m.    (2)    Harriet  Loomis;   m.    (3)   Jane  Johnson. 

2374.  +  Horatio  Gates,  b.  Mar.  22,  1808;  d.  Apr.  26,  1891;  m.  Harriet  Harkin. 
2375.+Bathsheba,  b.  Sept.  4,  1810;  d-  Aug.  1,  1888;  m.  Addison  Burnett. 

2376.  +  Susan  Tracy,  b.  Apr.  30,  1813;  d.  Apr.  24,  1894;  m.  Thomas  Clark. 

2377.  +  Este3  Howe,  b.  Nov.  21,  1815;  d.  May  6,  1901;  m.  Delia  Dwight. 

1004.  BATHSHEBA"  SANFORD  {same  descent  us  999)  b. 
Feb.  14,  1771,  Medway,  Mass.;  d.  Apr.  5,  1835,  Ponapey,  N.  Y. ; 
m.  Feb.  4,  1793,  Rev.  Ethan,  son  of  Deacon  Elijah  Smith,  b.  Dec. 

19,  1762,  Belehertown,  Mass.;  d.  Aug.  29,  1849,  Boylston,  Mass. 
He  was  a  soldier  in  the  Continental  Army.  Was  at  West  Point  at 
the  time  of  Arnold's  treason. 

They  had  ten  children. 

2378.  MyronT   Smith,  b.   Jan.    10,   1794;    Haverhill,  N.  H. ;    d.   Apr.   26,   1818, 

Hebron,   N.    Y. ;    unm. 
2379.+Lyndon  Arnold  Smith,  b.  Nov.   11,  1795,  d.  Dec.   15,  1865;   m.  Frances 

2380.  +  Stephen  Sanford  Smith,  b.  Apr.  14,  1797;  d.  Oct.  28,  1873;  m.  Lucretia 


2381.  Laura    Smith,    b.    June    14,    1799,    Haverhill,    N.    H. ;    d.    Oct.    5,    1800, 

Hopkinton,  N.  H. 

2382.  +  Carlos  Smith,  b.  July  17,  1801;   d.  Apr.  24,  1877;  m.  Susan  Saxon. 

2383.  +  Grace  Fletcher  Smith,  b.  May  23,  1803;  d.  June  18,  1840;  m.  Rev.  Job 


2384.  +  Sarah  Towne  Smith,  b.  Aug.   5,   1805;    d.  Nov.   22,   1879;   m.  Rev.  Job 


2385.  Harriet  Smith,  b.   Sept.   12,   1807,  Hopkinton,  N.   H. ;    d.  May  7,   1899, 

Worcester,   Mass.;    m.    Rev.    William    Howe    Sanford.      {See   2370.) 

2386.  Margaret  Barker  Smith,  b.  Oct.   15,  1810,  Hopkinton,  N.  H. ;   d.  Sept. 

27,   1811. 


2387.+Ellen  Chase  Smith,  b.  Dec.  3,  1812;  d.  June  23,  1846;  m.  Hon.  Charles 

1006.  MOSES*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  999)  b.  Nov.  7, 
1775,  Medway,  Mass. ;  d.  Feb.  8,  1833,  in  the  South ;  m.  July  17, 
1804,  Margaret  Welsh,  b.  Mar.  4,  1788.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  lawyer 
in  Pawtucket,  R.  I.    His  grave  was  the  first  in  the  old  cemetery. 

They  had  seven  children. 

2388.  William   Stanley^,  b.  May  2,   1805;    d.  May  4,   1842. 

2389.  Edward  Henry,  b.  July  7,  1807;  d-  May  6,  1809. 

2390.  Edward  Henry,  b.  1809. 

2391.  Tryphena  "Welsh,  b.  1811. 

2392.+Eegina  Ingeraol,  b.   1S13;   m.  Christian  Nestell. 

2393.+Maria  Jeanette,  b.  1815;  m.  Carter  Trask. 

2394.+Samuel  Green,  b-  1820;  m.   (1)   Martha  Clough;  m.    (2)   Mary  Harvey. 

1008.  SAMUEL"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  999)  b.  Jan. 
27,  1780,  Medway,  Mass.;  d.  Apr.  13,  1845;  m.  3803,  Betsey  Wight, 
b.  Mar.  9,  1784,  Medway,  Mass. ;  d.  Aug.  25,  1853. 

They  had  six  children. 

2395.+Electa  Wight^,  b.  May  15,  1804;   d.  July  3,  1842;  m.  Abel  Hull. 
2396.-fSamuel  H.,  b.  July  15,  1807;  d.  July  10,  1864;  m.  Susan  Porter. 
2397.+ Aaron  Wight,  b.  Feb.  16,  1810;  m.  Hannah  Atkins. 
2398 -l-Betsey  A.,  b.  Oct.  20,  1812;   d.  Oct.  30,  1870;  m.  Abner  Alden. 
2399.+Clarissa  M.,  b.  July  16,  1816;  d.  1875;  m.  George  Safford. 
2400.+Charlotte  G.,  b.  Oct.  16,  1822;  m.  Henry  Dunbar. 

1010.  ESTHER  LUCY«  SANFORD  {Stephen  419,  David 
141,  Samuel  35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  July  26,  1769,  Wood- 
bridge,  Ct. ;  m.  Feb.  2,  1794,  Jared  Pitkin  Sperry.  In  early  life 
Mrs.'Sperry  lived  in  New  Haven,  Ct.,  but  after  her  marriage  went 
to  Russia,  N.  Y.,  where  she  raised  a  family  of  eight  children. 

Two  children  were 

2401.  AurillaT   Sperry,  m.   Reed.     Resided  in   Taunton,  Mass. 

2402.  Anner  Sperry- 

1011.  RACHEL*  SANFORD  {sam  descent  as  1010)  b.  Dec. 
1,  1771 ;  d.  May  22,  1860 ;  m.  Zeri,  son  of  Samuel  and  Sarah  Downes. 
Late  in  life  Mr.  Downes  removed  from  Bethany,  Ct. ;  to  Bethlehem, 
Ct.    He  was  a  tailor. 

They  had  ten  children. 

2403.  Wealthy''    Downes,   m.   Cowles.     Resided   in   Bethlehem,   Ct. 


2404.  .  Anna  Downes,  m.    (1)    Kimberly;   m.    (2)    Sheldon  Brown.     Eesided   in 

Bethlehem,   Ct. 

2405.  Willis  Downes,  b.   Dec.  26,  ;   d.  June  2,  1860;  m.  Mar.   13,   1822, 

Millicent   Guernsey,  of  Watertown,  Ct.     He  was  a  miller.     Resided 
at    Woodbury,    Ct. 

2406.  Lucretia  Downes,  d.  July  14,  1843;  m.  Frederick  Luddington. 

2407.  Betsey  Downes,  b.  1804;   d.  Jan.  11,  1849. 

2408.  Lewis  Downes,  m.  Louisa  Buel.     Eesided  in  Derby,  Ct. 

2409.  Albert    Zeri    Downes,    b.    1806;    m.     (1)     Oct.    12,    1830,    Sarah    Cook 

Pritchard,  of  Waterbury,  Ct.;  d.  June  19,  1884,  Westville,  Ct.;  m.  (2) 
May   1,   1867,   Emily  Evarts. 

2410.  Frederick  Downes,  m.  Phebe  Hawley. 

2411.  Brintha  Downes,  m.  William  Cash.     Resided  in  Goshen,  Ct. 

2412.  Henry  Downes,  b.  1817;  d.  Apr.  30,  1872;  m.  Fanny  Gabriel. 

1014.  ELISHA«  SANPORD  {same  descent  as  1010)  b.  Mar. 
30,  1779 ;  d.  Dee.  9,  1845 ;  m.  Margaret  ToUes. 

Mr.  Tolles  resided  in  Bethany,  Ct. 
They  had  five  children. 

2413.  Lewis^. 

2414.  Stephen. 

2415.  Lucretia. 

2416.  Henry,   d.  early. 

2417.  +  Henry,  b.  Mar.  30,  1817;  d.  Nov.  11,  1888;  m.    (1)   Mary  Morris;   m. 

(2)    EUza   Sharp. 

1015.  SYBIL«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1010)  b.  July 
27,  1782,  Woodbridge,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  13,  1862,  Sherman,  N.  T. ;  m. 
1802,  Nehemiah  Sperry,  b.  Sept.  5,  1780,  Woodbridge,  Ct. ,  d.  July 
11,  1860,  Sherman,  N.  Y.  They  removed  to  Russia,  N.  Y..  in  1810, 
and  to  Sherman,  N.  Y.,  in  183'4.  Mr.  Sperry  served  in  the  State 
Militia  at  Sacketts  Harbor,  N.  Y.,  in  the  War  of  1812.  He  was  an 
ardent  abolitionist. 

They  had  six  children,  the  first  three  all  bom  in  Woodbridge, 
Ct.,  and  the  last  three  in  Russia,  N.  Y. 

2418.+Leonard7  Sperry,  b.  Dec.  2,  1S02;  d.  1893  (?);  m-  (1)  SaUy  Brigga; 
m.    (2)   Mrs.  Eunice  Crane. 

2419.+Merit  Sperry,  b.  Apr.  5,  1806;  d.  Aug.  18,  1863;  m.  Beulah  Bunce. 

2420.+Mary  Sperry,  b.  Apr.  23,  1808;  m-  Silas  Woodin. 

2421.+Beede  Sperry,  b.  Apr.  9,  1810;  d.  Oct.  5,  1860;  m.  (1)  David  Richard- 
son; m.  (2)  David  Moore. 

2422. -f  Lewis  Sperry,  b.  Mar.  20,  1813;   d.  Jan.  18,  1854;  m.  Emeline  Sperry. 

2423.  +  Henry  Willis  Sperry,  b.  Sept.  7,  1815;  d.  Jan.  13,  1885;  m.  Harriet 



1016.  AMOS  WHITE"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1010) 
b.  Dee.  29,  1786,  Hamden,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  29,  1850,  Hamden,  Ct. ;  m. 
Obedience,  dau.  of  Samuel  and  Ruth  (Dickerman)  Atwater,  b.  Dec. 
12,  1788,  Hamden,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  10,  1868,  Hamden,  Ct.  Deacon  Asa 
Goodyear 's  will,  proved  in  1811,  at  New  Haven,  Ct.,  devised  to 
Amos  White  Sanford  a  part  of  the  homestead  and  ten  acres, 
bounded  on  the  east  by  land  that  belonged  to  Mehitable,  former 
■\^ife  of  Dea.  Asa  Goodyear.  Amos  W.  Sanford  was  one  of  the 
Executors  and  Lucretia  Sanford  one  of  the  witnesses.  {Hamden 
V.  S.  and  Tuttle  Gen.) 

They  had  eight  children,  all  born  in  Hamden,  Ct. 

2424.     Goodyear  Asa^,  b.  June  11,  1811;  d.  Sept-  21,  1813. 
2425.+Goodyear  Asa,  b.  Aug.   28,   1814;    m.    (1)    Elizabeth  Bassett;    m.    (2) 
Harriet  Austin;   m.    (3)    Sarah  Goodall. 

2426.  Albert,   b.   May   1,   1818;    d.    Sept.   23,    1854,  Eockford,   111.;    m.   Emily 

Barnes,  of  Eockford,  111.     A  son  died  in  infancy. 

2427.  + Cynthia,  b.  Sept.  20,  1822;  d.  Mar.  25,  1882;  m.  Julius  Gorham.. 

2428.  Eobert  Amos,  b.  Nov.  17,  1825;  d.  Nov.  24,  1871,  Virginia  City,  Mont.; 

m.   July,   1851,   Anna   Gaylord,   b.   1829,  Cheshire,   Ct. ;    no   children. 
Mr.   Sanford  was  a  merchant. 

2429.  +  Samuel  Dennis,  b.  June  20,  1827;   d.  Mar.   1,  1906;   m.  Mary  Eogers. 

2430.  +  Catherine  Obedience,  b.  Oct.  20,   1831;   d.  Mar.  10,  1906;   m.  Jeremiah 

2431. + John  White,  b.  Nov.  14,  1835;   m.  Phebe  Wooding. 

1017.  LUCRETIA"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1010)  b. 
Oct.  27,  1789,  Hamden,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  27,  1880,  Outville,  0. ;  m.  1809, 
Zina  Beecher,  b.  Nov.  1,  1784,  Bethany,  Ct.  They  moved  to  Russia, 
Herkimer  Co.,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Beecher 's  father  Hezekiah  was  an  own 
cousin  of  Henry  Ward  Beecher. 

They  had  ten  children. 

2432.+Lucretia7    Beecher,    b.    May    1,    1810;    d.    Sept.    27,    1873;    m.    Eoswell 

2433.+Beri  Beecher,  b.  Mar.  19,  1812;   d.  Nov.  24,  1895;  m.   (1)    Lucy  Gray; 

m.   (2)  Elizabeth  Morehouse;  m.  (2)   Fannie  Switzer. 
2434.+Amelia  Beecher,  b.  Aug.  28,  1814;   d.  May  15,  1842;  m.  Clark  Watkins. 
2435.+Lyman   Beecher,   b.   Mar.   21,    1817;    d.   May   21,    1888;    m.    (1)    Jane 

Willoughby;    m.    (2)    Almeda   Bloomer. 
2436.+Edwin  Beecher,  b.  Sept.  11,  1819;  m.  (1)  Susan  Wood;  m.  (2)   Ophelia 

2437.     Philo  Beecher,  b.  Oct.  10,  1822;   d.  Nov.   10,  1822. 
2438.+Mary  Elizabeth  Beecher,  b.  July  29,  1824;  m.  Josiah  Wilcox. 
2439.  +  Georgie  Truman  Beecher,  b.  Apr.  18,  1827;  m.  Roseann  Eogers. 


2440.  Charles   Albert    Beecher,    b.    Aug.    27,    1829;  "d.    Apr-    11,    1904;    unm. 

Mr.  Beecher  was  a  lawyer.  In  1890  he  was  sent  to  St.  Petersburg 
by  American  capitalists  to  get  concessions  from  the  Russian  govern- 
ment to  build  the  Trans-Siberian  Railroad.  He  did  not  succeed  but 
Russia  built  the  road  immediately.  Mr.  Beecher  was  a  personal 
friend  of  Pres.  Harrison.  He  was  a  man  of  wide  experience  and 
acquaintance,  well  informed  in  history,  politics  and  literature. 

2441.  +  Walter  Booth  Beecher,  b.  May  23,   1S32;   m.  Orinda  Sherwood. 

{For  full  record  of  this  family  see  Beecher  Gen.) 

1018.  OLIVER'  SANFORD,  JR.  {Oliver  420,  David  141, 
Samuel  35,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Apr.  18,  1765;  d.  Oct.  21,  1835, 
Poultney,  Vt. ;  m.  Feb.  3,  1791,  Catharine,  dau.  of  Robert  Green, 
b.  jNIar.  2,  1775 ;  d.  1846.  Mr.  Sanford  was  an  early  and  promi- 
nent member  of  the  Baptist  Church,  and  for  many  years  a  deacon. 
He  was  a  farmer  in  Poultney,  where  all  his  life  was  spent.  On 
May  25,  1795,  Oliver  and  Catharine  Green  Sanford  signed  a  quit 
claim  of  all  rights  in  the  Susquehanna  Purchase  which  had  been 
willed  by  their  father  Robert  Green  to  his  children.  The  estate 
was  distributed  Aug.  29,  1846.  {Hist.  Society,  Hartford,  Ct.,  Bk. 
C,  p.  562.) 

They  had  twelve  children,  all  born  in  Poultney,  Vt.    ' 

2442.+Mary-r,  b.  Nov.  4,  1791;  d.  Sept.  30,  1845;  m.  Amos  Pierce. 

2443.     Phebe,  b.  Jan.  15,  1793;  d.  Oct.  15,  1815;  unm. 

2444.+ William,  b.  Dec.  20,  1794;  d.  Nov.  24,  1870;  m.  (1)   Malvina  Hubbell; 

m.   (2)   Lydia  Lowe. 
2445. -I- Salmon,  b.  Dec.  3,  1796;   d.  Nov.  29,  1838;   m.  Elizabeth  Beecher. 
2446.+Sheldon,  b.  Aug.   18,  1798;   d.  Jan-   1870;   m.  Phoebe  Nash. 

2447.  +  Harvey,  b.  Nov.  20,  1800;   d.  Apr.  12,  1862;  m.  Lavinia  Smith. 

2448.  +  Hiram,  b.  Apr.  21,  1802;   d.  Oct.  18,   1884;   m.  Phoebe  Sanford- 

2449.  Charlotte,  b.   Oct.   17,   1804;   m.  Eggleston. 
2450.4-Alba,  b.  Sept.  22,  1806;  d.  Aug.  28,  1871;  m.  Minerva  Rust- 

2451.  +  Eliza   (Lizany),  b.  Jan.  22,   1809;   d.  Dec.   14,   1896;   m.  Alba  Sheldon. 

2452.  Nelson,   b.    July   24,    1810;    d.    Nov.    27,    1811. 

2453.  Harriet,  b.  Sept.  27,   1812;   d.  Oct.   15,   1815. 

1019,  DAVID«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1018)  b.  Jan. 
9,  1768,  Woodbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  2,  1842,  Castleton,  Vt. ;  m.  (1) 
Abigail  Sturtevant,  d.  Feb.  19,^1813,  ag.  44;  m.  (2)  Lucretia,  dau. 
of  John  and  Mary  (Fuller)  Beaman,  b.  1769,  Leominster,  Mass.;  d. 
Feb.  20,  1813.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  farmer  and  hotel  keeper  at 
Castleton,  Vt.  The  deed  of  his  first  purchase  there  is  dated  July 
12,  1796.  He  was  Captain  of  a  Company,  30th  Reg.  U.  S.  Infantry 
in  the  War  of  1812.  On  May  7,  1842,  dower  was  set  out  to  Lucretia 
Sanford,  widow  of  David.     Partition  proceedings  July  15,  1843. 


Heirs  named :  Louisa  Andrus,  Barnum  D.  Sanf  ord,  Lucy  Drake, 
Harriet  E.  Everett,  Charles  Sandford,  Charlotte  Sandford,  Albert 
S.  Tuttle.  The  heirs  of  Persis  S.  Sandford  each  to  have  one- 
eighth.     {Castleton  Pro.  Bee,  Bk.  19,  p.  4  and  29.) 

He  had  nine  children  by  first  and  two  by  second  marriage,  all 
born  in  Castleton,  Vt. 

2454.     Davids  b.  Sept.  3,  1789;  d.  Sept.  5,  1789. 

2455.-fPerez  Sturtevant,  b.  Feb.  6,  1791;  d.  Apr.  24,  1826;  m.  Electa  Leonard. 

2456.+Louisa,  b.  Mar.  IS,  1793;   d.  June  27,  1846;  m.   (1)   Eleazer  Sherman; 

m.   (2)   Andrus. 

2457.     Sarah,  b.  Julj  13,  1795;  d.  June  28,  1820. 
2458.+Ehoda,  b.  Oct.  3,  1798;   d.  July  13,  1817;  m.  Harvey  Tuttle- 
2459.     Salmon,  b.  Mar.   1,   1801;    d.  Jan.   11,  1802. 
2460.-f-Harriet  E.,  b.  Jan.  27,  1803;  d.  1863;  m.  Dr.  Jesse  Everett. 

2461.  +  Barnum  David,  b.  June  27,  1805;   d.  Oct.  1,  1870;  m.  Julia  Andrus. 

2462.  Lucy  A.,  b.  Apr.  13,  1808;    d.  Lagrange,  Ark-;   m.    (1)   James  Drake; 

m.   (2)   Dr.  Jesse  Everett. 

2463.  Charlotte,  b.  Aug.  11,  1816;   d.  Jan.  31,  1879,  Detroit,  Mich.;   unm. 
2464.+ Charles,  b.  Aug.  2,  1821;  m.  Olive  Barney. 

{These  hirths  taken  from,  the  family  Bible  of  David  Sanf  ord.) 

1020.  NEWTON"  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  lOlS)  b.  Dec. 
19,  1769,  Poultney,  Vt. ;  d.  Feb.  20,  1829 ;  m.  May  2,  1793,  Lydia 
Adams,  b.  Mar.  12,  1775;  d.  Apr.  13,  1835.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a 
farmer  living  in  Hampton,  N.  Y.    He  was  a  prominent  Methodist. 

They  had  nine  children. 

2465.+Chloe7,  b.  Mar.  25,  1794;  d.  Apr.  13,  1835;  m.  Salmon  Wheat. 
2466.+ Eunice,  b.  June  25,   1796;    d.   Nov.   6,   1841;   m.   Erastus  Hitchcock. 

2467.  +  Syrena,  b-  Dec.  15,  1799;  d.  Apr.  1829;  m.  Leonard  Field. 

2468.  Phebe,  b.  Apr.  5,  1802;  d.  Oct.  29,  1883;  m.  Hiram  Sanford.  {See  2448) 
2469.+Lydia,  b.  Jan.  30,   1804;    d.  Mar.  24,   1868;   m.    (1)    Hiram  Wood;   m. 

(2)    Seth  Hunt. 
2470.+Asenath,  b-  July  19,  1806,  d.  Jan.  15,  1879;  m.  Chester  Perkins. 

2471.  Lucy,  b.  May  14,  1808;   m.   Erwin  Wentworth,  of  Batavia,  K  Y. 

2472.  Lucinda,    b.    Oct.    11,    1810;    m.    Solomon    Gould.     Lived    in    Ohio    and 

later  near  Beloit,  Wis. 
2473.+Newton  Adam-s,  t).  f*«v.  4,  1814;   d.  Aug.  17,  1859;  m.  Mary  Pardy. 

1021.  PHEBE"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1018)  b.  Jan. 
19,  1772 ;  d.  in  Newark,  0. ;  m.  Samuel  Buckland,  d.  Oct.  4,  1845. 
Resided  in  Poultney,  Vt.,  in  1808. 

They  had  five  children. 

2474.  NelsonT  Buckland. 

2475.  Emily  Buckland. 


2476.     John   B.   Buckland. 

Other  names  unknown. 

1024.  iVIAJOR  REUBEN*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as 
1018)  b.  Dec.  3,  1780,  Woodbury,  Ct. ;  d.  May  19,  1855,  Columbus, 
0. ;  buried  in  Green  Lawn  Cemetery,  Columbus,  m.  Feb.  16,  1804, 
Polly,  dau.  of  John  Lewis,  b.  Sept.  15,  1784,  Poultney,  Vt. ;  d.  Mar. 
20,  1869,  Plattsburg,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sanford  settled  in  Jay,  N.  Y., 
about  1800,  soon  after  removing  to  Wilmington,  N.  Y.  He  soon 
started  a  potashery,  opened  a  hotel  and  engaged  in  various  enter- 
prises. Previous  to  1820,  he  erected  a  forge  at  Wilmington,  which 
h  conducted  till  1849.  He  was  at  different  times  Supervisor  and 
Postmaster;  Member  of  Assembly  1815-16-17;  State  Senator  1828- 
31 ;  Member  of  Constitutional  Convention  in  1821.  He  >vas  com- 
missioned Captain  in  N.  Y.  State  Militia  May  22,  1806,  and  Major 
Commandant  -of  an  Independent  Battalion,  Mar.  2,  1814,  resigned 
Apr.  6,  1815;  served  in  the  War  of  1812  as  Capt.  of  the  8th 
(Miller's)  Regt,  detached  militia,  July  1,  1812,  to  Jan.  10,  1813,  on 
Canadian  Frontier;  Capt.  9th  Regt.,  Aug.  1  to  6,  Murray's  Raid, 
Plattsburg,  N.  Y. ;  Major  of  Sanford 's  Battalion,  May  13-16,  1814, 
mouth  of  Boghet  River,  and  Sept.  2-14,  1814,  siege  of  Plattsburg. 

Major  Sanford  was  one  of  the  Pioneer  settlers  of  Essex  Co. 
A  man  of  the  very  highest  integrity  and  Christian  character. 
Sketch  and  portrait  of  him  in  Essex  Co.  Republican  of  Apr.  17, 
1890,  and  in  Elizalethtown  Post  of  Feb.  12,  1903. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  except  Paulina  born  in  Wilming- 
ton, N.  Y. 

2477.     Paulina^,  b.  Sept.  4,  1805,  Jay,  N.  Y.;  d.  Mar.  12,  1806. 

2473. -f  Eliza  Bucklin,  b.  Sept.  18,  1808;   d.  Feb.  28,  1875;  m.  Amos  Avery. 

2479. 4- Ann  Lewis,  b.  July  22,  1810;   d.  in  Columbus,  Ohio;   m.  John  Bartlett. 

2480.-1- Jane  K-,  b.  Sept.  28,  1812;   d.  Sept.  22,  1870;  m.  Harvey  Carter. 

2481.-f-Perley  H.,  b.  Nov.  11,  1814;  d.  Dec.  7,  1893;  m.  Lewis  Pierce. 

2482.-|-Phebe  B.,  b.  Feb.  3,  1817;  d.  Aug.  11,  1889;  m.  EUsha  Adams- 

2483.     Polly  L.,  b.  Sept.  20,  1819;  d.  Feb.  8,  1842,  Wilmington,  N.  T.;  umn. 

1026.  WILLIAM"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1018)  b.  Dec. 
18,  1784,  Poultney,  Vt. ;  d.  Mar.  24,  1866 ;  m.  Feb.  13,  1812,  Betsey, 
dau.  of  Calvin  and  Ruth  Tuttle,  b.  Sept.  28,  1796,  Poultney,  Vt. ; 
d.  June  29,  1877.  They  moved  to  Castleton,  Vt.,  where  he  was 
town  representative  and  held  other  offices  of  trust. 

They  had  nine  children,  all  except  Laura  born  in  Castleton,  Vt. 


2484 -j-Lau^a^   b.   Apr.    26,    1813,   Poultney,   Vt.;    d.   Mar.   3,    1904;    m.   John 

2485.+MarT,  b.  Oct.  18,  1814;  d.  Mar.  3,  1894;  m.  John  Whitlock. 
248J.+Jame3,  b.  Oct.  19,  1816;   d.  Jan.  3,  1903;   m.    (1)   Miriam  Forbes;   m. 

(2)    Ettie  Mace. 
2487 -l-Franklin,  b.  Dec.  18,  1818;  d.  Apr.  2,  1891;  m.  Elizabeth  Roberta. 
2488.+Carlo3,  b.  June  27,  1820;  d.  Dec.  17,  1895;  m.  (1)  Ellen  Gilroy;  m.  (2) 

Sarah  Cornish. 
2489.     George,  b.  Dec.  13,  1821;   d.  Feb.  23,  1852,  Castleton,  Vt.;   unm. 
2490.+Phebe,  b.  June  21,  1824;  d-  1892;  m.  James  Hogle. 
2491.+Clarissa,  b.  Apr.  7,   1828;   d.  Aug.  27,  1886;  m.  Lafayette  Preston. 

2492.  Delia,  b.  June  20,   1835;   d.  June  12,   1842. 

1027.  ELIZABETH^  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  1018)  b. 
May  12,  1786 ;  d.  May  27,  1862,  Bata\'ia,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Oct.  16,  1802, 
Reuben,  son  of  Elijah  and  Ruth  (Griswold)  Hartsworth,  b.  Oct. 
6,  1779.  Resided  in  Batavia,  N.  Y.  They  had  four  children,  all 
except  Santford  born  in  Sudbury,  Vt. 

2493.  SantfordT  Hartsworth,  b.  Feb.  26,  1804;  d-  June  12,  1825,  Sudbury,  Vt.; 

killed  by  lightning. 

2494.  Erwin  Hartsworth,  b.  Sept.  25,  1806. 

2495.+Adaline  Hartsworth,  b.  Nov.  20,  1808;  m.  Lyman  Stewart. 

2496.     Albert  Hartsworth,  b.  Apr.  23,  1810;  d.  Nov.  18,  1842,  Batavia,  N.  T. 

1028.  CATHARINE"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1018)  h. 
1788;  m.  William  Angevine.  Resided  in  Poultney,  Vt.  in  1808- 
Later  removed  to  Victor,  N.  Y. 

They  had  two  children. 

2497.+William7  Angevine,  Jr.,  d.  Dec.  11,  1855. 

2498.  Albert   Angevine- 

1029.  ABIGAIL"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1018)  b.  Aug. 
10,  1790;  d.  Apr.  19,  1868,  Milwaukee,  Wis.;  m.  Oct.  3,  1811, 
Gideon  Kendrick,  b.  May  8,  1787;  d.  May  17,  1844.  They  were 
married  at  Castleton,  Vt.  In  1824  they  removed  to  Western  New 
York  and  in  1840  to  Wisconsin. 

They  had  four  children.  " 

2499.  Newton  Samuel^  Kendrick,  b.  Oct.  1.5,  1812;  d.  Sept.  7,  1880;  m.  1836, 

Emeline  B.  Birchard.     No  childreH. 
2.j00.+Maria  Abigail  Kendrick,  b.  July  25,  IS  16';  m.  James  Holton. 
2501.-i-Eliza  Ann   Kendrick,   b.   Nov.   20,    1820;   m.   George  Bradley. 
2502. -j- William  Henry  Kendrick,  b.  Aug.  27,  1828;   m.  Jennie  McAllister. 



1030.  ALTHEA"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1018)  b.  Sept. 
25,  1792 ;  d.  in  Batavia,  N.  Y. ;  m.  William  Lusk.  They  lived  near 
Batavia,  N.  Y. 

One  child  was 

2503.  Salmon"  Lusk.     Resided  in  Batavia,  N.  T. 

1031.  AARON°  SANFORD  {Aaron  421,  David  141,  Samuel 
35,  Ephraim  6,  Thmnas  1 )  b.  Feb.  19,  1771 ;  d.  July,  1851,  Oneida, 
N.  Y. ;  m.  1796,  Dolly  Parmilee,  of  Washington,  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford 
served  in  the  War  of  1812. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

2504.  Mitchell^,  b.  1797;  d.  early. 

2505.  +  Harriet,  b.  Sept  18,  1798;   d.  July  18,  1846;  m.  Adam  W.  Ehle. 

2506.  Almira,  b.  Jan.,  1800;  d.  soon. 

2507.  +  Almira,  b.  Apr.  19,  1801;  d.  May  15,  1863;  m.  William  Greenleaf. 

2508.  Mary,  b.  Feb.  2,  1803;  m.  Nov.   16,  1847,  Adam  W.  Ehle.     They  lived 

in  Whitewater,  Wis. 

2509.  Augustus  Mitchell,  b.  Mar.  27,  1805;   d.  1818. 
2510.+Fanny  M.,  b.  July  26,  1807;   d.  Jan.   17,   1862;   m.  John  Hoyt. 

2511.  +  Orvilla,  b.  Aug.  7,  1809;   d.  Oct.  22,  1868;  m.  Abram  Vosburg. 

2512.  Ashbell,  b.  1811;  d.  early. 

2513.+Ashbell  J.,  b.  Feb.  20,  1814,  Pawlet,  Vt.;  m.  Agnes  Watteraon. 

2514.  Olive  F.,  b.  Feb.  27,  1817;  d.  July  1840;  unm. 

1033.  TRUMAN"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1031)  b.  Oct. 
16,  1775,  Woodbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  1,  1851,  Greenville,  N.  Y. ;  m. 
Nov.  17,  1796,  Silence,  dau.  of  Jonathan  Tuttle,  of  Woodbury,  Ct., 
b.  Aug.  12,  1777,  Washington,  Ct. ;  d.  May  23,  1842.  Both  buried 
at  Greenville,  N.  Y.    They  resided  in  Greenville,  N.  Y. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  born  in  Greenville,  N.  Y. 

2515.  +  AlatheaT,  b.  Oct.  24,  1797;   d.  Mar.  16,  18B7;  m-    (1)   Erastus  Barnes; 

m.    (2)    Judge  Perkins  King. 
2516.+Mitchell,  b.  Feb.  24,  1799;   d.  Mar.  29,  1861;  m.  Sarah  Wells. 
2517.     Minerva,   b.    Feb.    11,    1801;    d-    Aug.    31,    1802.     Buried   at    Greenville, 

N.  T. 
•2518.+Sarah   Minerva,  b.   May   26,    1803;    d.   Dec.    14,    1881;    m.   Eev.   Tyrrell 


2519.  +  Sherman,   b.    Feb.   9,    1806;    d.   Sept.    2,    1849;    m-    Caroline   Townsend. 

2520.  Emeline,   b.    Sept.   14,    1808;    d.   Mar.   7,    1813.     Buried   at    Greenville, 

N.  Y. 
2521. -f  Lyman,  b.  Nov.   13,   1811;    d.  Mar.   4,  1881;   m.  Ann  Bouck. 

2522.  +  Truman  Minot,  b.  July  8,  1814;   d.  June  1,  1875;  m.  Helen  Snyder. 

2523.  +  George,  b.  Sept.   20,   1816;    d.  Jan.  29,   1859;   m.  Harriet  Boardman. 
2524.+Mary,  b-  Sept.  27,  1819;   d.  Oct.  31,  1900;   m.  Erastus  Stanton. 


1034.  ASAHEL"  SANFOED  {same  descent  as  1031)  m. 
Aug.  30,  181S,  Abby  Whitlock  ( ?).  They  lived  at  Freehold,  N.  Y., 
from  1817  to  1824.     Had  a  tannery  on  Saw  Creek. 

They  had  one  child.  » 

2525.     Amos'. 

1035.  DAVID  M."  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1031)  m. 
Laura  Spencer,  of  Pawlet,  Vt.,  sister  of  Hon.  Chester  Spencer,  of 
Castleton,  Vt.,  d.  Sept.  16,  1817.  Mr.  Sanford  served  all  through 
the  War  of  1812.  For  a  long  time  he  was  sword  master  of  a  com- 
pany of  Dragoons  stationed  at  Sackett's  Harbor,  N.  T.  He  went 
South  with  the  Army  and,  it  is  supposed,  died  at  New  Orleans,  La., 
as  he  was  never  heard  from.  Mrs.  Sanford 's  father  took  her  and 
her  children  home,  where  she  soon  after  died. 

They  had  three  children,  all  bom  in  Pawlet,  Vt. 

2526.+Jeannette7,  b.  1811;  d.  May.  7,  1862;  m.   (1)   Charles  Duncan;  m.   (2) 

Charles  Works. 
2527. -[-Henrietta,  b.  Dec.   4,   1814;    d.  Jan.   22,   1878;    m.  William   Campfield. 
2528.     Cynthia,   d-   ag.   about  fourteen.     Buried  near   her  grandparents. 

1039.  OLIVE*  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1031)  d.  Paw- 
let, Vt. ;  Buried  in  Greenville,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Hosea  Loveland,  d.  about 

They  had  three  children. 

2528a.  LauraT  Loveland,  b.  1801;  m.  (1)  Eussell  Brown,  d.  1825;  m.  (2) 
Abiatha  Woodard,  d.  1856;  m.  (3)  1871,  Eeuben  Ely,  of  North 
Hebron,  N.  Y.,  d.  Sept.  6,  1881;  no  children. 

2529.-fLydia  Loveland,  b.  Apr.  15,  1803;   d.  July  23,  1875;  m.  John  Betts. 

2530.-fReeves  Loveland,   d.   1869,  Buffalo,  N.  Y. 

1040.  CLARISSA"  STODDARD  {Eunice  422,  David  141, 
Samuel  35,  Ephraim  6,  Thovias  1)  b.  Mar.  27,  1766;  d.  Sept.  10, 
1849;  m.  (1)  1783,  Timothy  Terrill,  b.  Jan.  15,  1757;  d.  1786;  m. 
(2)  1791,  Capt.  Timothy  Strong,  b.  Nov.  19,  1764;  d.  Feb.,  1835. 

She  had  two  children  by  first  and  five  by  second  marriage. 

2531.  TimothyT    Terrill,   Jr.,    b.    Nov.    19,   1734;    d.    Nov.   28,    1856;    m-    (1) 

Huldah  Dudley,  of  Guilford,  Ct.;  m.  (2)  Dolly  Bacon,  of  Woodbury, 

2532.  Eunice    Terrill,    b.    Apr.     15,    1787;     d.    Mar.    8,    1831;    m.    Vining. 

2533.  Nancy  Strong,  b-  Mar.  21,  1793;  d.  Oct.  20,  1845,  Cabot,  Vt. ;  m.  1818, 

John  Damon,  of  Cabot,  "Vt.,  d.  Apr.  19,  1864,  Cabot,  Vt. 

2534.  Alfred    Strong,    b.    Oct.    16,    1796,    Bethlehem,    Ct.;    d.    Jan.    16,    1852, 

Williamsville,    N.    Y.;    m.    1824,    Annia    Spicar,    b.    Oct.    31,    1804. 
Kingston,  N.  Y- 


2535.  Flora   Strong,   b.   Jan.    15,   1799;    m.   Dec.    18,   1825,   William   Fisher. 

2536.  Lemira  Strong,  b.   May   9,   1806,   Pawlet,   Vt. ;   m.  July   10,   1826,   Dr. 

Moses  F.  Colby,  b.  July  2,  1795,  Thornton,  N.  H. ;   d.  May  4    1863, 
Stemstead,   Lower   Canada. 

2537.  Nelson  Strong,  b.  Nov.   10,  1808;   m.   (1)   Apr.  9,  1830,  Dana  Moon,  d. 

Sept.  9,  1844;   m.    (2)    Dec.  28,  1848,  Priscilla  Childs. 

1041.  NATHAN  ASHBEL"  STODDARD  {same  descent  as 
1040)  b.  July  27,  1768;  d.  Apr.  7,  1850;  m.  Aug.  14,  1793,  Ruth 
Judson,  b.  Apr.  2,  1775;  d.  Mar.  8,  1859.  They  first  resided  in 
Woodbury,  Ct.,  and  later  removed  to  Pawlet,  Vt. 

They  had  nine  children. 

253S.     Eichard^   Stoddard,   d.   in  Wisconsin;    unm. 

2539.  Rodman   Stoddard,  b.  July  5,    1797,  Woodbury,   Ct.;    d.   May  13,   1853, 

Detroit,  Mich.;  m.  May  26,  1829,  Mary  Mattison,  of  Murray,  N.  Y. 

2540.  Catharine  Stoddard. 

2541.  Nathan   Stoddard,   b.   Oct.   26,  J801;    m.   1826,   Betsey  Clark. 

2542.  William  J.  Stoddard,  b.  July  7,   1808;   m.  Dec.  6,  1853,  Louisa  Gray. 

2543.  Eunice    Stoddard. 

2544.  Charles  Judson   Stoddard,   b.   May   9,    1811;    m.   June   11,    1856,   Sarah 


2545.  Joshua  C.  Stoddard,  b.  Aug.  26,  1814;  m.  Jan.  23,  1844,  Lucy  Hersey. 

2546.  EHzabeth  Stoddard,  b.  Aug.  29,  1817;  m.  May  10,  1839,  Chauncey  Sims. 

1042.  PHEBE"  STODDARD  {same  descent  as  1040)  b.  Nov. 
5,  1769 ;  d.  Aug.  1858 ;  m.  Dec.  10,  1786,  Hon.  Timothy  Hinman,  b. 
July  21,  1762 ;  d.  Apr.  29,  1850. 

They  had  eleven  children. 

2547.  Albert-  Hinman,  b.  Dec.  29,  1788;   d.  Feb.  13,  1862;  m.  Aug.  1,  1815, 

Eliza  Cunmiings,  d.  Apr.  4.  1852. 

2548.  Laura   Hinman,   b.   Jan.   12,  1791;    d.   Aug.   16,   1877;    m.    (1)    Apr.   9, 

1811,  E«v.   Luther  Leland,   d.  Nov.  9,   1822;   m.    (2)    Dec.   16,   1827, 
Jacob  Bingham,  d.  Jan.  17,  1881. 

2549.  Hoel  Hinman,  b.  Jan.  22,  1793;  d.  Aug.  13,  1865;  m.   (1)   Oct.  7,  1824, 

Mary  Forbes,  d.  1832;   m.   (2)   Apr.  18,  1837,  Betsey  Chase. 

2550.  Olive   Hinman,   b.   Apr.    16,   1795;    d.   1864;    m.   Dec.   17,   1823,   Samuel 


2551.  Ezra  Hinman,  b.   May.   4,   1797;    m.   Apr.   26,   1826,  Betsey  Sweatland. 

2552.  Erastus  Hinman,  b.  May  9,  1799;   d.  Jan.   18,   1811. 

2553.  Clarissa  Hinman,  b.  June  20,  1801;  m.  Dec.  21,  1820,  William  Forbes, 

d.   1849,  Derby,  Ct. 

2554.  Timothy  Hinman,  Jr.,  b.  June  18,  1804;  d.  Oct.  27,  1842;  m.  Feb.  13, 

1827,   Betsey  Nelson. 

2555.  Catherine  Hinman,  b.  Oct.  26,  1806;  m.  Feb.  2,  1830,  Horace  Stewart. 

2556.  Sanford  Hinman,  b.  Mar.  4,  1809;   d.  June  20,  1809. 

2557.  Porter  Hinman,  b.  Jan.  26,  1812;  d.  Apr.  14,  1886;  m.  Aug.  17,  1836, 

Mary  P.  Wilder. 


1043.  SARAH«  STODDARD  {same  descent  as  1040)  b.  Nov., 
1771 ;  d.  Nov.,  1825 ;  m.  Mar.  1796,  Japheth  Benham.  They  went 
to  Derby,  Vt.,  in  1800. 

They  had  three   children. 

2558.  MaryT   Benham,   b.    Dec.    11,    1796;    d.   Aug.    6.    1828,   Salem,   Vt.;    m. 

Samuel  Blake,  of  Salem,  Vt. 

2559.  Lydia  Benham,  b.   1799;   d.   1810,  Derby,  Vt. 

2560.  Nathan   S.   Benham,  b.   Dec.   12,    1802,   Derby,   Vt.;   m.  Apr.   3,    1826, 

Mary  Bates  of  Derby,  Vt. ;   d.  Nov.  8,  1854.     Mr.  Benham  lived  'n 
Derby,   Vt. 

1044.  OLIVE»  STODDARD  {same  descent  as  1040)  b.  Dec. 
23,  1774;  d.  June  11,  1840;  m.  (1)  1793,  Simeon  Wheeler,  d.  Sept. 
1794;  m.  (2)  1797,  Truman  Judson,  b.  Feb.,  1773;  d.  Aug.  6,  1830. 
They  lived  in  Woodbury,   Ct. 

She  had  one  child  by  first  and  five  by  second  marriasre. 

2551.  Sally-  Wheeler,  b.  May  9,  1795;   d.  1843;  m.  David  Bacon. 

2562.  Harriet  Judson,  b.  June  16,  1800. 

2563.  Nathan  S.  Judson,  b.  1802;  m.  "Frea"  Wining. 

2564.  Nancy  M.   Judson,  b.  Nov.   11,   1809;   d.   Nov.  2,   183-1;   m.  Apr.  1830, 

Obediah  P.  Northrop. 

2565.  Olive    Almira    Judson,    b.    May    28,    1812;    d.    1870;    m.    1834,    Eobert 

' '  Canyre  ' '. 

2566.  Truman   Hinman   Judson,   b.   Mar.    15,   1816;   m.   Jan.   16,   1841,   Sarah 

Patterson,  b.  1820;    d.  July  14,  1876. 

1045.  HANNAH"  STODDARD  {same  descent  as  1040)  b. 
Sept.  4,  1775;  d.  Sept.,  1862;  m.  Aug.  1,  1793,  Timothy  Wheeler,  b. 
Feb.  16,  1770 ;  d.  1850.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Wheeler  resided  in  Burling- 
ton, Vt.,  and  were  members  of  the  Congregational  Church. 

They  had  ten  children. 

2567.  SimeonT  Wheeler,  b.  Jan.  20,  1795. 

2568.  Betsey  Wheeler,  b.   July   10,   1797;   m.  John  G.   Chandler,   d.   Feb.    11, 

1862.     Resided  in  Burlington,  Vt. 

2569.  Hannah  Wheeler,  b.  Jan.  20,   1800. 

2570.  Nathan  Wheeler,  b.  Jan.  25,   1802,   Derby,  Ct.;   d.   Feb.   25,   1876;    m. 

Mar.  31,  1837,  Mary  M.,  dan.  of  Eev.  E  B.  Baxter,  b.  Dec.  11,  1811, 
Cornwall,  Vt.     Resided  in  Marshalltown,  la. 

2571.  Alden  Wheeler,  b.  July  1,  1805;   d.  May  23,  1809. 

2572.  Sally  Wheeler,   b.   July   17,    1807;    d.  Mar.   28,   1836;    Sept.    18,   1828, 

Horace    Barber. 

2573.  Alden  Wheeler,   b.  May   17,   1809;    d.  May  5,   1878;    m.   1835,   Emeline 


2574.  Nancy  Wheeler,   b.  May  20,    1811;    m.   Feb.   22,   1846,   Horace  Barber, 

her    brother-in-law.     Resided    in    Burlington,    Vt. 


2575.  Laura  Wheeler,  b.  Feb.  20,  1815;  d.  Apr.  10,  1862;  m.  Alfred  Bicknell. 

No  children. 

2576.  JoLin  Wheeler,  b.   Dec.   1,   1316;   m.  Nov.  9,  1842,  Catherine  F.  Porter. 

1046.  EUNICE^  STODDARD  {same  descent  as  1040)  b. 
Mar.  22,  1778,  Woodbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  4,  1854,  Kenosha,  Wis.; 
m.  (1)  Nov.  16,  1797,  Alden  Sprague,  d.  Mar.  28,  1811,  Bamet, 
Vt;  m.  (2)  Aug.  11,  1812,  Jonathan  Elkins,  d.  ^lay  15,  1852, 
Albion,  N.  Y. 

She  had  five  children  by  first  and  six  by  second  marriage, 
the  first  four  all  born  in  Haverhill,  N.  H. 

2577.  Noah  Paul^  Sprague,  b.  Nov.  6,  1798;  d.  Aug.  21,  1879,  Buffalo,  N.  Y.; 

m.  (1)  Abiah  Carleton;  m.  (2)  Oct.,  1852,  Mrs.  Mary  Bache.  He 
lived  in  Erie  Co.,  N.   Y.,  where  he  held  several  civdl  offices. 

2578.  Alden   Spooner   Sprague,   b.    Jan.    19,    1801;    d.   Jan.   6,    1863,   Buffalo, 

N.  Y.;  m.  Feb.  6,  1827,  Mary  Bosworth,  b.  Mar.  2,  1802;  d.  June 
15,  1877,  Buffalo,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Sprague  was  a  physician  and  surgeon 
at  Buffalo,  N.  Y.,  for  many  years. 

2579.  Sarah  Hammond  Sprague,  b.  Feb.  1,  1803;  m.  Aug.  26,  1823,  Franklin 

Fenton,  b.  Jan.  22,  1777,  Sturbridge,  Mass.,  d.  Mar.  19,  1856, 
Kenosha,   Wis. 

2580.  Catherine    Stoddard    Sprague,    b.    Mar.    27,    1805;    d.    Mar.    24,    1814, 

Peacham,   Vt. 

2581.  Martha  Osgood  Sprague,  b.  Dec.  31,  1808;   d.  July  3,  1852,  Peacham, 

Vt.;  m.  Nov.  25,  1828,  John  Marshall  Martin,  b.  Feb.  11,  1803, 
Woodbury,  Ct.;   d.  May  3,  1877,  Peacham,  Vt. 

2582.  Samuel  Elkins,   b.   July   10,   1813;    d.   Sept.   13,   1813. 

2583.  Ephraim   Sprague  Elkins,   b.  July   10,   1813;   m.  Aug.   29,   1839,  Louisa 

Merrill  "Swasey",  d.  Nov.  2,  1876,  Kenosha,  Wis. 

2584.  Ann  Maria  Elkins,  b.  July  27,  1817;  d.  July  6,  1818. 

2585.  Henry  King  Elkins,  b.   May   2,   1818;   m.  Aug.   9,   1852,  Hetta  Merrill 

' '  Swasey ' '   of   North   Haverhill,   N.    H.     Eesided  in   Chicago,   HI. 

2586.  Katherine  Elkins,  b.  Feb.  27,  1823;   d.  Oct.  27,  1835,  Peacham,  Vt. 

2587.  Harriet  Sprague  Elkins,  b.  Mar.  1825;   m.   Sept.  30,   1845,  Rev.  Daniel 

Reed  Cady,  at  Albion,  N.  Y.,  b.  Oct.  8,  1813;  d.  May  17,  1879. 

1051.  CLARISSA"  COE  {Abigail  428,  Abigail  143,  Samuel 
35,  Ephraiyn  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  1784;  d.  1874;  m.  Heman  Stone,  b. 
1783;  d.  1864. 

They  had  seven  children.     Two  were 

2588.  +  ElizaT  Stone,  b.  Nov.  29,  1804;   d.  Jan.  6,  1891;  m.  Jonathan  Norton. 
2o89.+Heman  Coe  Stone,  b.  1815;   d.  1890;   m.  Sarah  Hollister. 

1071.  JOANNA"  SANFORD  {Ephraim  431,  Nathaniel  145, 
Nathaniel  38,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  9,  1785,  Sandgate,  Vt. ; 


d.  Sept.  17,  1867,  Sandgate,  Vt ;  m.  1807,  Joseph  Nicholas  Briish, 
b.  Nov.  24,  1780,  Weston,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  3,  1871,  Sandgate,  Vt. 
They  had  four  children,  all  bom  in  Sandgate,  Vt. 

2590.  Sarah-  Brush,  b.  Dec.  1808;   d.  1847,  Sandgate,  Vt. 

2591.  +  Charity    M.    Brush,    b.    Aug.    29,    1813;    d.    Mar.    5,    1908;    m.    Hiram 


2592.  Julius  Erastus  Brush,  b.  May  30,  1820;   d.  Sept.  1856,  Sandgate,  Vt.; 

m.  about  1849,  Harriet  Whitney,  of  Moriah,  N.  Y.,  d.  about  1855-6, 
Moriah,   N.    Y.     No   children. 
2593.+ Justin  Erasmus  Brush,  b.  May  30,  1820;  m.  Betsey  Botsford. 

1075.  DAVID  EPHRAIM«  SANFORD  {Simeon  432, 
Nathaniel,  145,  Nathaniel  38,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  1795,  Sand- 
gate, Vt. ;  d.  July  29,  1873,  Moriah,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Feb.  23,  1823,  Lydia 
Reed,  of  Granville,  N.  Y.,  b.  1800,  Granville,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Mar.  7,  1877, 
Moriah,  N.  Y.     Both  buried  in  Mineville  Cemetery. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  a  private  in  Capt.  "Winston's  Co.,  N.  Y 
Militia,  War  of  1812. 

They  had  seven  children  all  bom  in  Moriah,  N.  Y. 

2594.  Martha-,  b.  Mar.   19,   1825;    d.   Apr.   25,   1825,  Moriah,  N.   Y.     Buried 

in  Mineville  Cemetery. 

2595.  .  Martha  C,  b.  Jan.  30,  1826;   d.  Dec.  28,  1842,  Moriah,  N.  Y.     Buried 

in  Mineville   Cemetery. 
2596.+Mary  Z.,  b.  Eeb.   25,   1828;    d.  Feb.   25,  1865;   m.  William   Tunstall. 
2597.     Sarah  J.,  b.  Apr.  5,   1830;    d.  Nov.  12,  1864,  Greenfield,  L.  I.     Buried 

in  Mineville  Cemetery. 
2598.+Cordelia  E.,  b.  May  23,  1832;   m.  Lewis  Curtis. 

2599.  Isaac  E.,  b.   Apr.   23,   1833;    d.  May  18,   1834,  Moriah,   N.   Y.     Buried 

in  Mineville  Cemetery. 

2600.  Eosabella,  b.   Apr.   7,   1835;    d.   Sept.   7,   1835,  Moriah,  N.  Y.     Buried 

in  Mineville  Cemetery. 

1076.  SIMEON"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1075]  b.  Sept. 
16,  1798,  Sandgate,  Vt. ;  d.  Mar.  3,  1883,  Fremont,  111. ;  m.  Luthera 

They  had  three  children. 

2601.  Louisa",  b.  Dec.  10,  1838. 

2602.  Louise,  b.  Dec.   10,   1838. 

2603.  +  David  N.,  b.  Sept.  22,  1841;  m.  Elizabeth  Pate. 

1077.  BENJAMIN  CLARK"  SANFORD  {Nathaniel  433, 
Nathaniel  145,  Nathaniel  38,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  July  6,  1772, 
Woodbury,  Ct. ;  d.  July  4,  1849,  Castleton,  Vt. ;  buried  in  Fair- 


haven,  Vt. ;  m.  Feb.  19,  1794,  Clarissa  Kimberley,  b.  July  9,  1776, 
Woodbury,  Ct.;  d.  June  21,  1862,  Cambridge,  N.  T.  Mr.  Sanford 
was  the  occupant  of  the  homestead,  but  being  unfortunate  by  way 
of  endorsements,  lost  his  property  so  as  to  reduce  him  to  moder- 
ate circumstances. 

They  had  three  children,  aU  born  in  Sandgate,  Vt. 

2604.  +  Olive7,  b.  Feb.  9,  1798;  d.  May  22,  1874;  m.  Merritt  Hurd. 

2605.  Betsey,  b.  Jan.  25,  1801;  d.  Aug.  2,  1856,  Castleton  Vt.;  m.  Levi  French. 

2606.  +  Sally  R.,  b.  July  3,  1811;  d.  Mar.  21,  1847;  m.  Royal  Stetson. 

1078.  SIMEON«    SANDFORD    {same   descent   as   1077)    b. 

1777 ;  d.  Sept.  17,  1814 ;  m.  Sally ,  d.  ab.  1868,  ag.  93.    Buried 

m  Northampton,  N.  Y.  Letters  on  Mr.  Sandford's  estate  were 
issued  to  his  widow  Sally,  and  to  Benjamin  C.  Sanford,  Nov.  7, 
1814,  at  Sandgate,  Vt.  The  widow  was  appointed  Oct.  17,  1816, 
guardian  of  Henry  and  Hiram  and  Feb.  2,  1820,  of  Ben.iamin  C., 
an  infant  of  seven  years. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Sandgate,  Vt. 

2607.  Henry^,  m.  Mary  EUza  Watson.  Lived  in  Hudson,  N.  Y.,  for  some  time, 
2608. -f- Hiram,   m.   Jane   — ■ — — . 

2609.  +  Benjamin  Clark,  b.   1813,  d.  1875,  Buchanan,  Mich.;   m.  Cornelia  Dick. 

1079.  NATHANIEL*  SANDFORD'  {same  descent  as  1077) 
b.  1782 ;  d.  Dec.  20,  1856,  Whitehall,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Elizabeth  Eunice 
Hurd,  b.  Mar.  4,  1784 ;  d.  Aug.  13,  1855,  Whitehall,  N.  Y. 

They  had  three  children,  all  bom  in  Whitehall,  N.  Y. 

2610.+ElijahT,  b.  Oct.   16,   1814;   m.    (2)    Julia  . 

2611.+Berzina,  b.  Apr.  5,  1816;  d.  1906;  m.  Warner  Arbuckle. 
2612.+Milo,  b.  Nov.  23,  1823;  d.  Jan.  23,  1877;  m.   (1)   Mary  Coi;ey;  m.   (3) 
Mary  Stephenson. 

1081.  RUTH  ELIZA"  SANDFORD  {same  descent  as  1077) 
b.  Dec.  28,  1789 ;  d.  Feb.,  1871,  Granville,  N.  Y. ;  m.  William  Brady. 

They   had   six   children. 

2613.  JaneT  Brady. 

2614.  Julia  Brady. 

2615.  Althea  Brady. 
2816.  Delia  Brady. 

2617.  Betsey  Brady. 

2618.  Lucy  Brady. 

1082.  ISAAC"  SANFORD  {Benoni  436,  Zachariah  149, 
Nathaniel  38,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  9,  1785,  New  Milford, 


Ct.;  d.  June  23,  lS2i;  m.  Sept.  11,  1806,  Betsey,  dan.  of  David 
Northrop,  b.  1786;  d.  Sept.  16,  1875.  IVIr.  Sanford  received  from 
his  father  June  5,  1806,  the  equal  undivided  half  of  the  home- 
stead.    {New  Milford  L.  R.,  Vol.  24,  p.  244.) 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  New  Milford,  Ct. 

2619.  +  George  Northrop^,  b.  Sept.  3,  1807;  d.  Mar.  20,  1850;  m.  Laura  Lamson. 
2620.+Harr7,  b.  Sept.  23,   1809;   d.  Feb.  2,  1846;   m.  Phebe  Cushman. 
2621.     Solomon  B.,  b.  Apr.  7,  1812;  d.  Jan.  2,  1850;  unm. 
2622.+Betsey  Maria,  b.  Feb.  16,  1816;  m.  J.  Wesley  Stark. 

1083.  GOULD«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1082)  b.  Oct. 
31,  1786,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  5,  1855,  Queensbury,  N.  Y. ; 
m.  Nov.  IS,  1817,  Sarah,  dau.  of  Job  and  Joanna  Sheldon,  b.  Dee. 
15,  1790,  Providence,  R.  I.  Mr.  Sanford  went  to  Sanford 's  Ridge, 
N.  Y.,  and  bought  the  David  Sanford  homestead  after  his  uncle 
David's  death,  i.  e.,  after  David's  widow  married  Capt.  Elisha 
Folger,  formerly  of  Nantucket. 

They  had  seven  children. 

2623.     Mary  Crawford^,  b.  May  21,  1819,  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  July  2,  1822. 
2624.+Charles   Stebbins,   b.   Feb.    1821;    m.    (1)    Louise   Vail;    m.    (2)    Annie 

2625.+William   Crawford,   b.   Nov.   9,    1822;    d.   May   30,    1900;    m.    Elizabeth 

2626.+Mary  E.,  b.  Jan.  21,  1825;   d.  July  12,  1865;  m.  David  Haviland. 

2627.  +  Frederick   Crocker,   b.    Aug.    21,   1827;    d.   Feb.   8,    1905;    m.   Charlotte 


2628.  Harvey  H.,  b.  Sept.  11,  1831;   d.  Mar.  7,  1834. 

2629.+France3  Amelia,  b.  J-une  10,  1834;  d.  Oct.  26,  1891;  m.  Rufua  Packard. 

1084.  SARAH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1082)  b.  Mar. 
2,  1788,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  m.  July  19,  1812,  Elijah  Bennitt. 

They  had  two  children,  bom  in  New  Milford,  Ct. 

2630.  Noble    Sanford"    Bennitt,    b.    1813;     m.    1841,    Sarah    N.    Morehouse. 

Resided  in  Dorchester,  Mass. 

2631.  Stanley  Bennitt. 

1085.  WILLIAM*  McDONALD  {Mary  437,  Zachariah,  149, 
Nathaniel  38,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  29,  1784,  New  Milford, 
Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  11,  1870,  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y. ;  m.  . 

He  represented  Glens  Falls  in  State  Assembly  in  1821-22 
and  1828. 

One  child  was 

2G32.     Leonard   P.   McDonald.     Was  once  candidate  for  New  York  Governor 
on  Greenback  ticket. 


1087.  RACHEL"  SANFORD  {David  439,  Zachariah  149, 
Nathaniel  38,  Ephraim  6,  Thamas  1)  b.  July  2,  1793,  New  Milford, 
Ct.;  d.  May  9,  1868,  South  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y. ;  m.  (1)  May  27, 
1815,  Abraham  L.  Van  Den  Berg,  d.  June  11,  1821;  m.  (2)  July 
26,  1830,  Dr.  Abram  Allen,  b.  Nov.  10,  1764;  d.  Mar.  30,  1845; 
m.  (3)  Apr.  28,  1849,  Perry  C.  Barker,  at  Salem,  N.  Y. 

She  had  one  child  by  first  marriage. 
2633.     David^  Van  Den  Berg,  b.  Sept.  19,  1818;  d.  in  infancy. 

1089.  DELIA  J^L^RIA"  SANFORD  {Same  descent  as  1087) 
b.  June  11,  1803,  Sanford's  Ridge,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Mar.  6,  1855,  Racine, 
Wis. ;  m.  Oct.  18,  1824,  Nehemiah,  son  of  Job  and  Joanna  Sheldon, 
b.  June  10,  1801. 

They  had  two  children,  bom  at  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y. 

2634.+ Julia  Maria^  Sheldon,  b.  Aug.   20,   1829;    d.   Oct.   16,  1876;   m.  B.   D. 

2635.+ Amy  Emeline  Sheldon,  b.  Feb.   1,   1839;  m.  Eev.   Octavius  Perinchief. 

1090.  GEORGE^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1087)  b.  Oct. 
25,  1805,  Sanford's  Ridge,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Mar.  24,  1862,  Clifton  Springs, 
N.  Y. ;  m.  Jan.  8,  1834,  Louisa  Cornelia,  dau.  of  Leonard  and 
Betsey  (Robards)  Gibbs,  b.  May  24,  1812,  No.  Granville,  N.Y. ; 
d.  Mar.  3,  1857,  Syracuse,  N.  Y.  Both  buried  in  Albany  Rural 
Cemetery.  He  removed  to  Glens  Falls  in  1837-8  and  held  many 
public  offices  in  his  home  to-mi,  where  he  was  a  much  respected  and 
influential  citizen.  In  1837  and  38  he  was  Supervisor;  in  1841, 
representative  of  Warren  Co.,  in  N.  Y.  Assembly;  one  of  the 
founders  and  earliest  trustees  of  Glens  Falls  Academy.  He 
founded  and  built  largely  of  his  own  means,  a  private  select  school 
for  the  education  of  children. 

He  was  a  dealer  in  lumber  in  various  localities  of  New  York 
and  Pennsylvania.  He  established  many  lumber  camps  in  the 
Adirondacks.  Sanford  Lake,  in  Essex  Co.,  N.  Y.,  is  named  for 
him.  {See  sketch  in  Holden's  Hist.,  Town  of  Queenshurg,  N.  Y ., 
p.  52-53.) 

They  had  seven  children. 

2636.+Emma  LouisaT,  b.  July  24,  1835;   d.  Oct.  20,  1902;  m.  Byron  Eiee. 


2637.  George  Henry,  b.  Dec.  14,  1836,  Sanford's  Ridge,  N.  T.;  d.  Not.  29, 
1871,  Sconondoa,  N.  Y.;  m.  Jan.  1,  1861,  at  Sconondoa,  N.  Y.,  by 
T.  Dewitt  Talmage,  Helen  Breese  Stevens,  b.  Jan.  28,  1839,  Buffalo, 
N.  Y.  No  children.  Res.  Oneida,  N.  Y.  At  the  age  of  28  Mr. 
Sanford  was  a  delegate  to  the  National  Convention  at  Chicago,  HI., 
which  nominated  Gen.  McClellan  for  the  presidency.  Was  Supervisor 
of  Verona,  N.  Y.,  in  1865-6.  He  was  elected  to  the  Assembly  in  the 
third  assembly  district  of  Oneida  in  1866.  In  the  years  1867-8-9, 
a  member  of  Democratic  State  Central  Committee.  In  1868  a  dele- 
gate to  Democratic  National  Convention  in  N.  Y.  City.  In  1869,  he 
was  elected  Senator  by  26  majority,  the  first  democratic  senator 
elected  from  that  district  in  twenty  years.  Up  to  the  time  of  his 
death  he  was  one  of  the  most  popular  politicians  in  the  state.  His 
last  election  for  senator  was  forced  upon  him  when  he  was  fast 
failing  in  health  and  had  to  be  carried  to  the  polls  to  cast  his  vote. 

2638.+Leonard  Gibbs,  b.  Feb.  1,  1839;  m.  Lillias  Rumsey. 

2639.  +  Edward  Rollin,  b.  May  14,  1840;  m.  Julia  Wright. 

2640.  David  b.  Dec.  20,  1845,  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y.;   d.  Dec.  3,  1893,  Syracuse, 

N.  Y.;  buried  in  Albany  Rural  Cemetery;  m.  Oct.  31,  1872,  Adele 
Work,  dau.  of  Westminister  and  Harriet  (Couch)  Abbey,  b.  Sept. 
9,  1850,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. ;  d.  1904,  Seneca  Falls,  N.  Y.     No  children. 

2641.  Harriet   Elizabeth,  b.   Sept.    12,  1848,   Glens  Falls,  N.  Y.;   d.   Apr.   15, 

1871,   Sconondoa,  N.   Y. ;   unm.;   buried  in  Albany  Rural  Cemetery. 
2642.+Orlin  Mead,  b.  May  13,  1856;  m.  Hetty  Reid. 

1091.  EMILY  FRANCES^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as 
1087)  b.  May  7,  1809,  Sanford's  Ridge,  N.  Y. ;  d.  May  14,  1837, 
Glens  Falls,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Dec.  13,  1835,  Orlin  Mead,  b.  Feb.  22,  1808, 
Chester,  N.  Y ;  d.  Mar.  28,  1878,  Syracuse,  N.  Y. 

They  had  one  child. 

2643.     Eugene^  Mead,  b.  Nov.  8,  1836,  Glens  FaUs,  N.  Y.;   d.  1902. 

1092.  AMY  EMELINE'  SANFORD  {same  descend  as  1087) 
b.  Oct.  10,  1811,  Sanford's  Ridge,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Jan.  22,  1834,  Glens 
Falls,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Oct.  8,  1832,  Orlin  Mead. 

They  had  one  child. 

.2644.     George  Sanford^  Mead,  b.  Aug.  30,  1833,  Glens  Falls,  N.  Y.;   d.  Dec. 
13,   1843. 

1093.  CAPT.  MENEMON*  SANFORD  {David  440,  Joseph 
150,  Nathaniel  38,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Nov.  15,  1789,  Pawlet, 
Vt.;  d.  June  24,  1852,  N.  Y.  City;  m.  Jan.  14,  1816,  Harriet,  dau. 
of  Thomas  and  Ruth  (Storer)  Bontecou,  b.  June  25,  179S :  d.  Oct. 
11,  1883,  Oakland,  Cal.     When  about  seventeen  years  of  age  Mr. 


Sanford  went  to  sea,  his  first  voyage  being  to  Liverpool,  Eng.  In 
1813,  on  a  voyage  from  Turk's  Island,  his  vessel  was  captured  by 
the  British  near  New  London,  Ct.,  and  burned;  he  was  placed  on 
board  a  prison-ship,  where  he  was  confined  for  some  time.  After 
his  marriage  he  made  his  home  in  New  Haven,  Ct.,  but  i.'ontinued 
to  follow  the  sea  as  master,  making  voyages  to  the  Pacific  and 
Europe  up  to  1822,  when  he  engaged  in  the  steamboat  business; 
at  first  in  boats  running  between  New  York,  New  Hr.ven,  and 
Hartford,  and  afterward  to  various  other  places.  In  the  spring 
of  1835,  he  moved  to  Hartford,  Ct.,  and  in  1840,  to  New  York 
City.  His  vidll,  proved  Aug.  3,  1852,  gave  to  wife  Harriet  his 
house  at  305  E.  Broadway,  New  York  City,  and  their  pew  in  All 
Saints  Church. 

They  had  twelve  children,   the   first  eight   all   bom   in   New 
Haven,  Ct. 

2645.  Thomas  BontecouT,  b.  Oct.  25,  1816;  d.  Mar.  4,  1858;  m.  June  3,  1846, 

Elizabeth  Prentice,  dau.  of  Abner  and  Anna  (Hammond)  Taylor  of 
Bangor,  Me.,  b.  Sept.  18,  1819,  Bangor,  Me.;  d.  Sept.  5,  1876.  No 
children.  Mr.  Sanford  was  engaged  in  steamboating,  first  as  clerk 
and  afterwards  as  master.  After  his  marriage  he  settled  in  Bangor, 

2646.  Susan  Bontecou,  b.  Sept.  5,  1818;  d.  July  13,  1875;  unm. 

2647.+ Asa  Menemon,  b.  Mar.  19,  1821;  d.  Sept.  9,  1849;  m.  Lucinda  Kidder. 

2648.+Edward  Huntington,  b.  June  1,  1823;  d.  Sept.  27,  1865;  m.  Mary  Foster. 

2649.  William  Higby  Bontecou,  b.  July  11,  1825;  d.  1866;  unm.  He  entered 
the  steamboat  service  and  became  master  at  the  age  of  21.  Resided 
in  N.  Y.  City.  June  10,  1864  he  sailed  as  passenger  in  the  ship 
"Blenheim"  bound  on  a  voyage  to  the  Pacific.  The  ship  was  spoken 
June  20  but  never  heard  from  again.  He  had  previously  made 
voyages  to  California  in  1849,  Europe  in  1858  and  China  in  1859 
and   1862. 

2650.+Charles  Benjamin,  b.  May  23,  1828;  d.  Jan.  29,  1896;  m.  (1)  Frances 
Taylor;  m.  (2)  Marie  French. 

2651.  Maria  Huntington,  b.  Aug.  2,  1830;  d.  Oct.  18,  1857,  N.  T.  City;  unm. 

2652.  Harriet  Ann,  b.  Oct.  23,  1832;  d.  Jan.  12,  1888,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.;  unm. 

2653.  James   Thompson,   b.   June   10,   1835,   Hartford,   Ct.;    d.   May   3,    1885, 

San  Francisco,  Cal. ;  unm.  He  resided  in  N.  Y.  City  for  may  years 
as  manager  of  Sanford 's  lines  of  steamers,  between  Boston  and 
Bangor,  and  New  York  and  Philadelphia.  Removing  to  California, 
he  became  interested  in  coal  mining  operations. 

2654.  George  Washington,  b.  Jan.  9,  1839,  Hartford,  Ct.;   d.  Aug.  11,  1870. 

Flushing  Bay,  L.  I. ;   unm.     Was  never  engaged  in  active  business. 

2655.  Josephine  Leonora,  b.   Feb.   13,   1841,  N.  Y.  City;    d.   Sept.   1897,   San 

Francisco,    Cal. ;    unm. 

2656.  David  Stebins,  b.  July  8,  1843,  N.  Y.  City;  d.  Oct.  19,  1845. 



1097.  JOSIAH*  HURD  {Catharine  441,  Joseph  150,  Nathan- 
iel 3S,  Ephraim  6,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  5,  1792,  Sandgate,  Vt.,  d.  Apr. 
7,  1885,  Sandgate,  Vt. ;  m.  Dee.  17,  1813,  Abigail  Parker,  b. 
1795;  d.  Oct.  15,  1888. 

They  had  four  children. 

2657.     MariettaT  Hurd,  b.  1815;  d.  1854. 

2658.+Chauncey  J.  Hurd,  b.  Jan.  6,  1820;  d.  Jan.  20,  1890;  m.  Ehoda  Randall. 

2659.  Abbie  Hurd,  b.  1825;  d.  1859. 

2660.  Harriet  Hurd,  b.  1830;   d.  1904. 

1102.  WILLIAM  R."  SANFORD  OYait**\  Joseph''", 
Nathaniel^^  Ephraim\  Thomas'-)  b.  Aug.  26,  1798,  Pawlet,  Vt. ; 
d.  Jan.  23,  1839,  Marion,  N.  Y. ;  m.  1821,  Lucy  Olmstead,  b.  Feb., 
1801,  Saratoga,  Co.,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Aug.  27,  1836,  Marion,  N.  Y. 

They  had  four  children,  all  bom  in  Marion,  N.  Y. 

2661.+Laura  Jane^,  b.  Nov.  6,  1825;  m.  Asa  Stoddard. 

2662.     Orlando  Harmon,  b.  May  31,  1828;  d.  Mar.  5,  1902,  Marion,  N.  Y.;  m. 

Mar.  31,  1852,  Jane  E.  Hoagland,  b.  Nov.  1833,  Williamson,  N.  Y.; 

d.  Apr.  1857,  Marion,  N.  Y.     No  children. 
2663.+Jeannette  E.,  b.  Oct.  2,  1830;   d.  Mar.  13,  1897;  m.  Cameron  Stoddard. 

2664.  Lorin  J.,  b.  June  17,  1833;   d.  Feb.  5,  1839,  Marion,  N.  Y. 

1103.  PERMELIA«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1102)  b. 
1800,  Pawlet,  Vt. ;  d.  1864 ;  m.  1817,  Giles  Cogswell,  b.  in  Vermont ; 
d.  1866,  Williamson,  N.  Y. 

They  had  eleven  children,  all  born  in  Williamson,  N.  Y. 

2665.  Eliza  Jane^  Cogswell,  b.  July  6,  1818. 

2666.+Sanford   S.   Cogswell   b.   Oct.    17,   1819;    d.   1885;   m.   Amelia  Bancroft. 
2667.+MyTon  Cogswell,  b.  Aug.  31,  1821;  d.  1875;  m.  Betsey  Hart. 

2668.  Mariette  Cogswell,  b.   May  5,   1823;   unm.     Res.  Marion,  N.   Y. 

2669.  Marianna  Cogswell,  b.  May  5,  1823;   d.  Mar.  15,  1905,  Marion,  N.  Y.; 

m.  Mar.    1873,   Zebina  Crane.     No   children. 
2670. 4- Richmond  S.  Cogswell,  b.  Aug.  9,  1826;   d.   1907;   m.  Lydia  Strecth. 

2671.  Almond  Cogswell. 

2672.  Alma  I.  Cogswell,  b.  July  5,  1831;  d.  1858,  Williamson,  N.  Y.;  m.  18.55, 

Christopher  Wilder.     No  children. 

2673.  Emeline  Cogswell,   b.   June  8,    1834;    d.   1862,   Sodus,   N.   Y. ;    m.    1860, 

Oscar    Tinklepaugh.     No    children. 
2674.+Merritt  Cogswell,  b.  Nov.  1,  1836;  d.  1906;  m.  Mary  Alma. 
2675.     Caroline  Cogswell,  b.  Mar.   2,   1839;   d.   1860,  Williamson,  N.   Y. 

1104.  LEMAN«  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1102)  b.  July 
2,  1803,  Pawlet,  Vt. ;  d.  Apr.  23,  1879,  Marion,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Mar.  29, 
1832,  Emeline  Pratt,  b.  May  4,  1808,  Williamson,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Jan. 
13,  1890,  Marion,  N.  Y.     Mr.  Sanford  was  a  Brigadier-General  of 


Militia  in  the  30 's  and  40 's.     Spent  much  time  and  was  greatly 
interested  in  military  affairs. 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  Marion,  N.  Y. 

2676.  Mary   Jr.,   b.   Mar.    29,    1833;    d.    May   5,    1905,   Marion,    N.   Y.;    unm. 

Miss  Sanford  was  a  very  successful  teacher.  She  was  preceptress 
in  Macedon  Academy,  Walworth,  Mexico,  and  Marion  Collegiate 

2677.  +  Theron,  b.  Mar.  10,  1837;  m.  Lydia  Potter. 
267S.+Byram  Green,  b.  Oct.  13,  1843;  m.  Flora  Blen. 

2679.  Harriet,  b.  Dec.  20,  1845;  d.  Oct.  3,  1S5S,  Marion,  N.  Y. 

HOT.  DR.  WALTER  ROLLIN«  SANFORD  {sanu  descent 
as  1102)  b.  Apr.  30,  1812,  Pavvlet,  Vt. ;  d.  Mar.  2,  1898,  m.  (]) 
May,  1838,  Abigail  S.  Higby,  d.  Sept.  5,  1851;  m.  (2)  Oct.,  1855, 
Mrs.  Catherine  V.  S.  Saunders,  d.  May  20,  1900.  Dr.  Sanford 
received  his  education  in  the  public  schools,  after  which  he  studied 
medicine,  receiving  his  diploma  from  the  Herkimer  County  Medi- 
cal Society.  In  1836,  he  went  to  Kendall,  N.  Y.,  where  he  prac- 
ticed his  profession  for  over  fifty  years.  Dr.  Sanford  was  aiso 
Inspector  of  Common  Schools ;  Postmaster  from  1845  lo  1853 ; 
agent  for  the  Hartford  and  other  Fire  Insurance  Comp.anies  for 
over  thirty  years. 

He  had  five  children  by  first  and  one  by  second  marriage. 

2680.  Elizabeth  Barney',  b.  Apr.  26,   1840. 

2681.  WilUam  Rufus,  b.  June  16,   1843;    d.  May  3,   1885.     Mr.   Sanford  was 

Express  Messenger  for  the  American  Express  Co. 
2682. -I- Amelia  Jane,  b.  Sept.  12,   1845;   m.  Wilbur  McEwen. 
2683.-(-Sherrill  Higby,  b.  Oct.  12,  1846;  m.  Margaret  Ashmun. 
2684. -I- Elbert  Alpin,  b.  Apr.  1,  1849;  d.  Feb.  6,  1876;  ra.  Mary  Bridgman. 
2685.     Annie  Louise,  b.  Mar.  25,  1872;  d.  July  12,  1902;  m.  Sept.  7,  1893,  H. 

Howard  Wallace. 

1108.  LOUISA"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1102-^  b.  May 
11,  1821,  Marion,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Oct.  4,  1839,  Charles  Wilcox.  Res. 
Williamson,  N.  Y. 

They  had  two  children. 

2686.-{-Elmina^  Wilcox,  b.  Aug.  9,  1840;  m.  Michael  McKuen. 
2687.     Myron  Wilcox,  b.  Dec.   7,   1847,  Williamson,  N.   Y. ;    d.   Sept.   1864,   in 
the  Army. 



1109.  JOHN  BLACKMAN^  SANFORD  {Liffe  449,  Nehe- 
miah  156,  Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Jan.,  1788, 
Bridgewater,  Ct. ;  d.  1856,  Bridgewater,  Ct. ;  m.  1812,  Rebecca 

He  went  to  Brookfield,  Ct.,  at  the  Iron  Works,  and  engaged 
in  business  as  a  hatter,  afterwards  removing  to  Bridgeport.  His 
brother,  Glover  Sanford,  learned  his  trade  of  John  B.,  beginning 
about  1813. 

They  had  three  children. 

2688.  George  Glovers,  b.  1814;   d.  1878. 

2689.  Harriet  E.,  b.  1816;  d.  early. 

2690.  Julia  E.,  b.  1818;  d.  early. 

1111.  JOSEPH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1109)  b.  May 
17,  1792;  d.  Sept.  14,  1864;  m.  (1)  Feb.  10,  1822,  Ann  Crane,  b. 
1802;  d.  Aug.  Q,  1825;  m.  (2)  March  24,  1830,  Maria  Toung,  b. 
Mar.  11,  1808 ;  d.  May  26,  1872. 

He  had  one  child  by  first  and  three  by  second  marriage. 

2691.  Harriet  Es.,  b.  1824;  d.  July  31,  1825. 

2692.  Jane  E.,  b.  Sept.  22,  1832;  m.  Oliver  Hartwell. 

2693.  Martha  Ann,  b.  June  22,  1835;  m.  Monroe  L.  Frost. 

2694.  Eebecca  M.,  b.  Feb.  18,  1844;  m.  James  H.  Keeler,  Jr. 

1112.  LAURA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1109)  b.  Apr. 
1794,  Bridgewater,  Ct. ;  d.  1857 ;  m.  April,  1821,  Bushnell  H.  Bost- 

They  had  one  child. 

2693.     JuHa  E.8  Bostwick,  b.  July  20,  1823. 

1113.  GLOVER'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1109)  b.  Mar. 
3,  1797,  Bridgewater,  Ct. ;  d.  May  30,  1878 ;  m.  Feb.,  1821,  Betsey, 
dau.  of  Benjamin  Lake,  of  Brookfield,  b.  May  '5,  1800 ;  d.  Nov.  7. 

Mr.  Sanford  commenced  making  hats  in  Bridgewater,  Ct., 
in  1823,  by  making  a  few  a  week  for  retail  in  the  conimunity — 
many  of  them  being  made  to  order  of  heavy  wool,  and  a  few  napped 
hats.  He  afterwards  made  wool  hats  exclusively.  He  continued 
the  business,  enlarging  the  buildings  as  it  increased,  until  his  sons 
becoming  engaged  with  him,  they  established  the  buildings  as  they 
now  appear.     In  1870,  the  firm  removed  their  business  to  Bridge- 


port  in  order  to  secure  larger  and  more  advantageous  facilities. 

He  was  Postmaster  in  1831  in  Bridgewater,  Ct.,  receiving  the 
appointment  from  Andrew  Jackson  and  holding  it  for  eleven  years. 
Representative  of  town  of  New  Milford  and  one  of  the  incorpora- 
tors of  the  bank  of  Litchfield  County  at  New  Milford,  now  the 
First  National  Bank  of  New  Milford,  and  was  a  director  until  near 
his  death.     His  picture  is  on  page  435  in  History  of  New  Milford. 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Bridgewater,  Ct. 

2696.4-Charles  Hs.,  b.  Mar.  24,  1823;   d.  Mar.  8,  1908;  m.  Susan  Smith. 
2697.+Homer  B.,  b.  June  17,  1824;   d.  Jan.  30,  1903;  m.   (1)   Ophelia  Fenn; 
m.    (2)    Jane  French. 

2698.  +  Frederick  S.,  b.  Feb.  19,  1826;   d.  Nov.  29,  1876;   m.    (1)   Mary  Treat; 

m.    (2)    Sabra  Howe. 

2699.  + Edwin  G.,  b.  May  25,  1832;   d.  May  11,  1905;  m.  Emily  Judson. 

2700.  Charlotte  A.,  b.  May  5,  1838;   d.  Apr.   19,  1903,  Bridgewater,  Ct. 

1114.  ROBERT  WALKER'  SANPORD  {Nehemiah  453, 
Nehemiah  156,  Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  May 

10,  1787,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  July  7,  1879,  Rootstown,  0. ;  m.  June 
3,  1806,  Mabel,  dau.  of  Morehouse  Squires,  b.  Sept.  6,  1790 ;  d.  Mar. 
26.  1884.  Li  1819,  they  removed  to  Rootstown,  0.  He  made  the  jour- 
ney with  a  three-horse  team,  and  his  mother  said  when  he  started 
it  seemed  like  "burying  him  alive." 

They  had  nine  children. 

2701.+Charles    Shermans,    b.    Aug.    22,    1808;    d.    Dec.    1881;    m.    Deborah 

2702.+William  J.,  b.  May  24,  1810;  d.  Oct.  3,  1892;  m.  Lavina  Beach. 
2703.  +  Sally  Marinda,  b.  May  9,  1812;   d.  Sept.   14,   1870;   m.  Alanson  Smith. 
2704.-f-Clara  Minerva,  b.  Nov.  21,  1813;   d.  Nov.  12,  1904;  m.  Alfred  Barlow. 
2705.-f- Peter  Harvey,  b.  Nov.  10,  1815;   d.  Sept.  30,  1873;  m.   (1)    Mrs.  Sally 

Hayes;   m.    (2)    Lovina  Arlon. 

2706.  +  Samuel  Harrison,  b.  June  7,  1818;   d.  Oct.  6,  1875;  m.  Betsey  Frazier. 

2707.  Edgar  L.,  b.  Apr.  7,  1826;   d.  May  9,  1826. 

2708.  +  Hannah  Elizabeth,  b.  Mar.   15,  1828;   m.  Eevilo  Avery. 

2709.  Addison  D.,  b.  June  14,  1834;   d.  June  2,  1848. 

1116.     ELECTA^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1114)  b.  Sept. 

11,  1795,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  16,  1836,  in  Ohio ;  m.  Apr.  27, 
1823,  Philo  Carter.     They  settled  in  Ohio. 

They  had  five  children. 

2710.+Eliza  Alices  Carter,  b.  July  16,  1824;  m.  Daniel  Wilson. 
2711.  +  Salmon  S.  Carter,  b.  May.  5,  1826;  m.  Lueinda  Cass. 
2712.+Norval  Beach  Carter,  b.  Mar.  13,  1828;   m.  Mary  Bird. 


2713.     Anna  Amanda  Carter,  b.  Oct.  9,  1830;  d.  Aug.  1866;  m.  Nov.  30,  1865, 

Marcus  E.  Merwin. 
2714.+Henry  M.  Carter,  b.  May  19,  1833;  m.  Harriet  Seymour. 

1117.  GARRY"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1114)  b.  Aug. 
28,  1797,  New  ]Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  June  7,  1845,  RootstowB,  0. :  m.  Mar. 
26,  1822,  Emily  Richardson,  b.  Mar.  29,  1802 ;  d.  Oct.  26,  1873. 
Mr.  Sanford  moved  to  Hudson,  0.,  in  1826  and  settled  on  a  farm 
in  the  east  part  of  the  town.  His  neighbors  came  to  assist  in  rais- 
ing a  barn,  but  as  he  declined  to  furnish  whiskey  they  refused  to 
help  him.  He  thereupon  asked  Peter  Pipkin  of  the  Western 
Reserve  College  for  help  and  he  came  with  a  large  number  of 
students,  who  raised  the  barn. 

They  had  ten  children. 

2715.     Sons,  b.  Feb.  9,  1923;   d.  Feb.  11,  1823. 
2716.+Lorenzo  Dwight,  b.   Sept.   25,   1824;   m.   Susan  Wooster. 
2717.-fPerry  L.,  b.  May  23,  1826;  m.  Harriet  Wilcox. 

2718.  +  Henry  M.,  b.  Mar.  6,  1828;  d.  Oct.  27,  1904;  m.  (1)  Harriet  Thompson; 

m.  (2)   Sarah  Thompson. 

2719.  +  Ransom  M.,  b.  May  26,  1830;  m.  Mary  Harmon. 

2720.  Emily  S.,  b.  Mar.  21,  1832;   d.  Aug.  30,  1850. 

2721.  Marcus  S.,  b.  Aug.  15,  1836;  d.  Oct.  15,  1850. 
2722.-t-Electa  A.,  b.  July  21,  1839;   m.  Abel  Underhill. 

2723.  Harlan  Paige,  b.  May  7,  1841;  d.  Sept.  6,  1843. 

2724.  Sarah  Jane,  b.  Nov.  28,  1842;  d.  Sept.  6.  1843. 

1118.  BEACH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1114)  b.  Aug. 
16,  1804,  New  Milford,  Ct.,  d.  Jan.  18,  1866,  in  Wisconsin:  m.  Nov. 
15,  1825,  Lucy,  dau.  of  Nathan  G.  Smith.  They  moved  to  Roots- 
town,  0.,  about  1821,  then  removed  to  Wisconsin. 

They  had  five  children,  all  except  Oliver  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

2725.-f-George  A.s,  b.  Sept.  15,  1826;  d.  Dec.  9,  1854;  m.  Mary  Perry. 
2726. -f- Lyman  B.,  b.  Mar.  17,  1829;  m.  Eliza  Camp. 
2727.-|-David  H.,  b.   Dec.  6,   1830;   m.  Filena  Hendrick. 
2728.     Charles  G.,  b.  Aug.   26,  1836;   d.  Aug.  26,  1861. 
2729. -I- Oliver  D.,  b.  June  17,  1843;  m.  Mary  . 

1119.  HENRY^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1114)  b.  Oct. 
14,  1806,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  July  24,  1898,  Bridgew.ater,  Ct. : 
m.  (1)  Dec.  4,  1828,  Anna  Jeanette,  dau.  of  Daniel  Canfield,  b. 
1808;  d.  Mar.  10,  1844;  m.  (2)  Nov.  12,  1845,  Polly,  dau.  of  Simeon 
Piatt,  of  South  Britain,  Ct.,  d.  Apr.  26,  1896.  He  was  an  energetic 
and  successful  farmer  on  the  old  homestead  of  his  father  and 


He  was  one  of  the  oldest  and  most  highly  respected  citizens 
of  his  native  place,  Bridgewater.  He  received  a  moderate  education 
and  settled  on  the  home  farm,  caring  for  his  father  and  mother  in 
their  last  days.  He  took  up  the  work  of  agriculture  and  greatly 
improved  the  estate,  remodeling  the  house  built  by  his  father  in 
1786.  He  was  bold  and  fearless  in  character ;  a  man  of  strong  con- 
victions. It  was  rare  to  find  a  man  better  posted  in  political  and 
agricultural  matters.  In  1895,  he  and  his  wife,  Polly  Piatt,  cele- 
brated their  golden  wedding. 

He  had  two  children  by  first  marriage,  born  at  New  ^lilford,  Ct. 

2730.     Canfield  H«.,  b.  July  28,  1839;  d.  Aug.  17,  1839. 

2731. 4- Horace  N.,  b.  Jan.  4,  18-41;  d.  Sept.  5,  18S9;  m.  Dora  Kasaon. 

1130.  ELF  STARR  {Lucy  455,  Elnathan  157,  Joseph  58, 
Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  May  18,  1779,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d. 
July  2,  1849 ;  m.  Mar.  8,  1800,  Mary  Banks  Lea,  b.  Sept.  8,  1776 ; 
d.  Oct.  8,  1873. 

They  had  six  children. 

2732.  Charless  Starr,  b.  Mar.   31,   1801;   m.  Patience  Stockton. 

2733.  Julius  Judson  Starr,  b.   May  20,   1803;  m.  Eliza  Smith. 

2734.  Lucy  Esther  Starr,  b.  Jan.  22,  1806. 

2735.  George  Bradley  Starr,  b.  Oct.  31,   1808;   m.  Aug.  17,  1828,  Rebecca  P. 

Schriver,  b.  May  3,  1806. 

2736.  David    Lee    Starr,    b.    Dec.    10,    1810;    m.    May    22,    1849,    Sarah    Jane 

Harper,  b.  May  11,  1829. 

2737.  Aaron  Burr  Starr,  b.  Oct.  17,  1817. 

1131.  DAVID^  STARR,  JR.  {same  descent  as  1130)  b.  Mar. 
12,  1781,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  July  11,  1854,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov. 
24.  1802,  Eunice  Lee,  b.  Feb.  24,  1782 ;  d.  Mar.  24,  1824. 

They  had  three  children. 

2738.  Benjamin    Alonzos    Starr,    b.    Aug.    22,    1804;    m.    (1)    Aug.    22,    1827, 

Hannah  Maria  Lockwood,   b.   Aug.    22,   1807;    d.   May   14,   1845;    m. 
(2)    Eliza  Liale,  b.   Feb.  24,   1817. 

2739.  William    Oscar    Starr,    b.    Oct.    2,    1805;    m.    June    22,    1833,    Susan    P. 

Berdan,  b.  Mar.  8,  1814. 

2740.  Maria  Angeline  Starr,  b.  July  3,  1808;  d.  Dec.  11,  1834. 

1132.  COMFORT'  STARR  {same  descent  as  1130)  b.  Mar. 
27,  1783,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  13,  1867 ;  m.  Feb.  27,  1807.  Laurana 
Stanley,  b.  Nov.  28,  1787 ;  d.  Aug.  21,  1873. 

They  had  eight  children. 


2741.  Emily  As.  Starr,  b.  Oct.  10,  1807;  m.  Dec.  15,  1825,  Geo.  W.  Downing, 

b.  Feb.  22,  1804;  d.  Apr.  12,  1846. 

2742.  Margaret   H.    Starr,   b.   Apr.    25,    1809;    d.   Mar.    1842;    m.    Charles   F. 

Hajnes,  b.  Apr.   17,   1809. 

2743.  OUver  Stanley  Starr,  b.  Nov.  15,  1812;  d.  1861;  m.  Oct.  1,  1844,  Sarah 

Lisle,  b.  July  18,  1820;  d.  July  21,  1870. 

2744.  Abby  Jane   Starr,   b.    Sept.   21,   1815;    m.   Feb.   21,    1833,   Henry  He«B 

Lugar,  b.  Nov.  4,  1808;   d.  1856. 

2745.  Joseph  AUen  Starr,  b.  Dec.  6,  1820,  m.  May  8,  1851,  Susan  A.  Lawrence, 

b.  Feb.  5,  1830. 

2746.  Emma  Elizabeth  Starr,  b.  Mar.  9,  1823 ;  m.  Mar.  26,  1846,  Daniel  Sickles, 

b.  Mar.  5,  1815. 

2747.  Catherine  Laura  Starr,  b.  May  25,  1825;  m.  Joseph  Henry  Warwick,  b. 

Jan.  25,  1824. 

2748.  Rebecca  M.  Starr,  b.  June  25,  1829;  m.  Sept.  22,  1863,  Isaac  M.  Dunbar, 

b.  Mar.  24,  1833. 

1136.  AARON^  STARR  {same  descent  as  1130)  b.  Sept.  23, 
1792,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  1851 ;  m.  Nov.  1820,  Mahala  Davenport,  b. 
Nov.  20,  1800;  d.  1872. 

They  had  eight  children. 

2749.  Samuel  Sanfords  Starr,  b.  Apr.  12,  1821. 

2750.  Nathan   Sidney  Starr,  b.  Sept.   27,   1823;   m.   Jan.  31,   1856,   Susan   E. 

Harris,  b.  May  16,  1837. 

2751.  Abby  M.  Starr,  b.  Jan.  10,  1826. 

2752.  Amanda  M.  Starr,  b.  Sept.  9,  1828. 

2753.  Edgar  Starr,  b.  Jan.  29,  1831;  m.  Martha  Ann  Layton,  b.  Mar.  12,  1840. 

2754.  Jeddia  L.  Starr,  b.  Apr.  16,  1836. 

2755.  William  A.  Starr,  b.  Nov.  2,  1838. 

1137.  ELNATHAN  SANFORD'  STARR  {same  descent  as 
1130),  b.  Apr.  1,  1795,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  June  18,  18l8,  Sally 
Stratton,  b.  Mar.  28,  1796. 

They  had  eight  children. 

2756.  Edward  GranviHes  Starr,  b.  Jan.  27,  1819;  m.  Mar.  22,  1842,  Margaret 

M.  Haviland,  b.  Dec.  22,  1822. 

2757.  William  John  Starr,  b.  June  10,  1821;  m.  Eliza  J.  Eejmolds,  b.  Jan.  20, 


2758.  Stephen  8.  Starr,  b.  Apr.  1,  1824. 

2759.  Jonathan  D.  Starr,  b.  Feb.   10,  1825. 

2760.  Aaron  Sanford  Starr,  b.  Oct.  16,  1828. 

2761.  Sarah  L.  Starr,  b.  Feb.  22,  1830. 

2762.  Charles  Smith  Starr,  b.  June  1,  1833. 

2763.  David  Sidney  Starr,  b.  Jan.  21,  1837. 


1162.  CHARLES'  MOREHOUSE  {Aaron  470,  Ann  159, 
Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Dec.  13,  1802;  m.  (1) 
Fidelia,  dau.  of  Edward  Starr;  m.  (2)  Anna,  dau.  of  Daniel  More- 

He  had  three  children  by  first  marriage. 

2764.     Julias   Morehouse,   d.   in   infancy. 
2765.-|-CorneliuB  Starr  Morehouse,  m.  Eliza  Kimberley. 
2766.     Fidelia  Starr  Morehouse. 

1169.  JEHANNAH'  SANFORD  {Solomon  482,  Joseph  161, 
Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  July  15,  1791,  Hines- 
burg,  Vt. ;  d.  Nov.  10,  1837 ;  m.  Sept.  1,  1814,  Levi,  son  of  Jonathan 
Marshall,  b.  Sept.  5,  1792 ;  d.  1861.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Plattsburg, 
N.  T. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Plattsburg,  N.  Y. 

2767.-fHoratios    MarshaU,   b.    Aug.    28,   1815;    d.   Oct.    14,    1873;    m.   Amanda 

2768.+ Amanda  Marshall,  b.  Aug.  29,  1819;  m.  John  Douglas. 
2769.+Alba  Sanford  Marshall,,  b.  Apr.  22,  1821;   d.  Dec.  8,  1868;   m.  Electa 

2770,+Lorenzo  Marshall,  b.  Apr.  7,  1824;   m.  Katherine  Elmore. 
2771.     Amelia  Marshall,  b.  1826;   d.  1852;  m.  1851,  James  M.  Spratt. 
2772.+Delia  Ann  MarshaU,  b.  July,  1828;   d.  1883;  m.  Luther  Carter. 

2773.  + Sidney  fi.  .Marshall,  b.  Sept.  2,  1830;  m.  Eebecca  Fox. 

1170.  EZBON^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1169)  b.  July 
22,  1793,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;  d.  Oct.  26,  1876,  Williston,  Vt. ;  m.  (1) 
Apr.  6,  1815,  Mary,  dau.  of  Ebenezer  and  Diantha  (Judson)  Brad- 
ley, b.  Apr.  13,  1792,  Williston,  Vt. ;  d.  Sept.  3,  1842,  Williston,  Vl.; 
m.  (2)  Feb.  9,  1843  (?),  Diana  Tyler,  b.  Oct.  1,  1799;  d.  Oct.  30, 
1856,  Williston,  Vt. ;  m.  (3)  Mary  W.  Chapin,  b.  June  18,  1810; 
d.  Sept.  12,  1863,  Williston,  Vt.  Mr.  Sanford  was  a  farmer  in 
Williston,  Deputy  Sheriff  and  Clerk  of  the  Congregational  Church. 

He  had  five  children  by  first  marriage,  all  born  in  Williston,  Vt. 

2774.  +  Stephen  Bradleys,  b.  Jan.  10,  1816;   d.  Sept.  10,  1889;  m.  Mary  Smith. 

2775.  Emily  C,  b.  Aug.  3,  1819;   d.  June  22,  1821. 

2776.+Aurelia  Maria,  b.  Nov.  19,  1821;  d.  Jan.  10,  1894;  m.  Orville  Wheeler. 
2777.+Mary  Amanda,  b.  April  30,  1827;   d.  1877;  m.  George  Landon. 
2778.     Henry  Martyn,   b.   June   7,    1829;    d.   Apr.   13,   1841,  "Williston,   Vt. 

1172.  TALMADGE'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1169)  b. 
Dec.  26,  1797;  d.  Nov.  21,  1873,  Granville,  0.;  m.  (1)  Dec.  26,  1819, 


Betsey  Elizabeth  Benedict,  b.  Apr.  18,  1802 ;  d.  Feb.  23,  1843,  Hines- 
burg,  Vt.;  m.  (2)  May  17,  1843,  Lydia  Ann  Irish,  b.  Oct.  8,  1818; 
d.  Mar.  3,  1907,  Granville,  0. 

He  had  ten  children  by  first  and  three  by  second  marriage, 
those  by  first  marriage  all  born  in  Hinesburg,  Vt.,  and  those  by 
second  in  Granville,  0. 

2779.     Noble  Benedicts,  b.  June  21,  1821;   d.  Nov.  28,  1893,  Granville,  Ohio; 

2780.+Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  Aug.  30,  1823,  d.  Feb.  26,  1888;  m.  Avery  Hatch. 
2781.+ Alva  Kirk,  b.  Jan.  11,  1826;   d.  Nov.  6,  1895;  m.  Sarah  Laud. 

2782.  Caroline  Louisa,  b.  Dec.  17,  1S27;  d.  Oct.  7,  1898,  Adams,  Mass.;  unm. 

2783.  Hannah  Lorraine,  b.  Apr.   7,   1830;   d.  June  3,  1830,  Hinesburg,  Vt. 
2784.+ Joseph   Harmon,   b.   Mar.   11,   1832;    d.  July  21,   1895,  m.   Mary  Eeece. 

2785.  Anna    Stearns,    b.    July    29,    1834;    d.    Mar.    24,    1859,    Hinesburg,    Vt. 

m.   Mar  8,   1854,   O.   P.  Dibble.     No   children. 

2786.  Charles  Hinsdale,  b.  Dec.  18,  1836;   d.  Apr.  7,  1839,  Hinesburg,  Vt. 

2787.  + Edgar  Augustus,  b.  Nov.  20,  1838;  m.  Louise  Allen. 
2788.+Betty  Elizabeth,  b.  Jan.  10,  1843;  d.  Feb.  14,  1886;  m.  Plimpton  Hitt. 

2789.  Infant. 

2790.  John  Irish,  b.  May  4,  1847;   d.  Oct.  5,  1847,  Granville,  Ohio. 
2791.+William   Henry,  b.  Oct.   20,   1849;   m.    (1)    Isabelle  McDonald;   m.    (2) 

Ellen  Kelvey. 

1173.  IRA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1169)  b.  Apr.  30, 
1800,  Sharon,  Ct.;  d.  Apr.  6,  1857,  St.  Paiil,  Minn.;  m.  (1)  July 
14,  1827,  Laura  Luzette,  dau.  of  Isaiah  and  Molly  (Hill)  Sanford, 
b.  Jan.  30,  1803,  Monkton,  Vt. ;  d.  Mar.  15,  1839,  Springfield,  III. ; 
m.  (2)  Nov.  23,  1842,  Emeline  B.  Mattoon  of  Chatham,  111.,  b.  Feb. 

9,  1812,  Amherst,  Mass. ;  d.  Sept.  9,  1886. 

He  had  one  child  by  first  and  eight  by  second  marriage. 

2792.     Mary  Ehniras,  b.  Aug.  2,  1831;   d.  Nov.  17,  1832. 

2793.+Laura  Luzette,  b.  Aug.   17,   1843;   d.   Aug.   15,   1904;   m.  James  Clark. 

2794.  William    Mattoon,    b.    Jan.    28,    1845,    Springfield,    111.     Ees.    Silverton, 


2795.  +  Solomon  Noble,  b.  Sept.  14,  1846;   d.  May  20,  1901;   m.  Isa  Sheppard. 

2796.  Henry  Alvah,  b.  Feb.  13,  1848,  Petersburg,  111.;  d.  Feb.  16,  1886,  Brown- 

v7ood.  Mo. 

2797.  Franklin  Lockwood,  b.  Dec.  23,  1849;  d.  Aug.  27,  1850,  Petersburg,  HI. 

2798.  Francis  Mayo,  b.  Dec.  23,  1849;  d.  Aug.  27,  1850,  Petersburg,  111. 

2799.  Charles  Arthur,  b.  Feb.  26,  1851,  Petersburg,  HI. 

2800.  Anna  Lucena,  b.  Feb.  9,  1853,  St.  Paul,  Minn.;  d.  Nov.  29,  1855. 

1174.  HIRAM'  SANFORD   [same  descent  as  1169)  b.  Aug. 

10,  1802;  d.  Aug.  1,  1841,  Williston,  Vt. ;  m.  Mar.  4,  1824,  Laura, 


dau.  of  Otis  and  Sarah    (Edwards)    Whitney,  b.  Mar.   17,   1806, 
Waterbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  27,  1875,  Brattleboro,  Vt. 

They  had  four  children,  all  born  in  Williston,  Vt. 

2801.     Sarah  Sophias,  b.  Nov.  25,   1825;   d.  Apr.  12,  1904,  Los  Angeks,  Cal. 

2802.+Maryett,  b.  Sept.  15,  1831;  d.  May  30,  1883;  m.  Henry  Fay. 

2803.     Charles   Whitney,  b.  Dec.   26,   1832;   d.  Jan.   9,   1871,  Chicago,  111.;   m. 

Sarah  Jane  Ladd.     No  children. 
2804.+Amelia  Amanda,  b.  Feb.  15,  1838;  m.  Waldo  Fay. 

1175.  ANNA  MARIAH^  SANFORD  (same  descent  as  1169) 
b.  Feb.  12,.  1805,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;  d.  Aug.  15,  1897,  Williston,  Vt. ; 
m.  (1)  Feb.  15,  1825,  Philemon  GriflSn,  b.  Sept.  4,  1803;  d.  Apr.  17, 
1828;  m.  (2)  Sept.  12.  1831,  Lewis,  son  of  Jonathan  Marshall,  b. 
June  11,  1794,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;  d.  Sept.  3,  1S64 ;  (m.  (3;>  George 

She  had  five  children  by  second  marriage. 

2805.  Henrys  Marshall,  b.  Sept.   15,   1832,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;   d.  July  27,   1847, 

Williston,   Vt. 

2806.  Whitney  Marshall,  b.  Aug.  3,   1S34. 

2807.  Sanford  H.  Marshall,  b.  Feb.  3,  1836.     He  served  in  the  Civil  War  in 

First   Vermont   Cavalry. 

2808.  Alonzo  Marshall,  b.  Apr.   27,  1840;   d.  Mar.   18,   1841,  Williston,  Vt. 

2809.  Alonzo  Marshall,  b.  Mar.  10,  1844.     He  served  in  the  Civil  War  in  the 

First  Vermont  Cavalry. 

1176.  AMANDA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  116:))  b.  Mar. 
12,  1807,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;  d.  Aug.  13,  1876,  Rutland,  Vt. :  m.  Mar. 
16,  1830,  James  Marshall  Goulding,  b.  Aug.  25,  1805,  Phillipston, 
Mass. ;  d.  Mar.  9,  1878,  Rutland,  Vt. 

They  had  two  children. 

2810.  +  Charles  Nobles  Goulding,  b.  Nov.  1,  1831;  d.  Apr.  21,  1896;  m.  Margaret 

2Sll.+Jo8eph   Hiram   Goulding,  b.   June  8,   1842;    m.   Fanny  Pease. 

1178.  SOLOMON  NOBLE'  SANFORD,  JR.  [same  descent  as 
1169)  b.  July  15,  1821,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;  d.  Oct.  17,  1900,  Los 
Angeles,  Cal. ;  m.  July  3,  1848,  Mary  Lucinda,  dau.  of  John  and 
Lucinda  (Case)  Huggins,  b.  Mar.  1,  1827 ;  d.  Jan.  15,  1900,  Los 
Angeles,  Cal.  Mr.  Sanford  was  educated  by  his  uncle  Aivah  San- 
ford. He  graduated  from  Kenyon  College,  0.,  and  became  an  Epis- 
copal Clergyman.  He  succeeded  his  uncle  Alvah  in  his  seminary 
at  Granville,  0. 


They  had  four  children. 

2812.  Sons,  b.  July  24,  1850;  d.  July  24,  1850.     . 

2813.  Arthur  Andrews,  b.  Nov.  10,  1853;   d.  June  11,  1855. 

2814.  Clara    Clarissa,    b.    Aug.    24,    1856,    Granville,    Ohio;    unm.     Res.    Los 

Angeles,  Cal. 

2815.  Son,  b.  Feb.  1859;  d.  Feb.  1859. 

1179.  RUFUS  CLARK^  SANFORD  {Zachanah  483, 
Joseph  161,  Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Dec.  6, 
1785,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  7,  1861,  Charlotte,  Vt. :  m.  Jan., 
1816,  Clarinda  Conger.    Mr.  Sanford  was  a  fanner  in  Charlotte,  Vt. 

They  had  one  child. 

2S16.+Maryetta8,  b.  Charlotte,  Vt.;  m.  Alonzo  Hickock. 

1180.  POLLY^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b.  Jan. 
19,  1787,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  23,  1878,  in  Minnesota ;  m.  Dec. 
26,  1804,  David  Barteau,  b.  Dec.  16,  1781;  d.  Feb.  18,  1886,  in 
Michigan.  Mr.  Barteau  was  a  farmer  in  Vermont.  Later  in  life 
he  removed  to  Michigan.  Mrs.  Barteau  was  a  fine  Christian 
woman  and  firm  in  her  convictions  of  right  and  wrong. 

They  had  ten  children,  all  bom  in  Hinesburg,  Vt. 

2817.+Orin    Montgomerys    Barteau,    b.    Oct.    11,    1805;    d.    Jan.    8,    1881;    m. 

Esther   Averill. 
2818.     Norman  Orlow  Barteau,  b.  May  25,  1807;  d.  1810. 
2819.+Lydia  Adula  Barteau,  b.  Aug.  1,  1811;  m.  John  Wildbahn. 
2820.+Rufus  Clark  Barteau,  b.  May  29,  1813;  m.  Betsey  Isham. 
2821.+Russell  William  Barteau,  b.  June  8,  1815;   Oct.  5,  1859;     m.  Lavinia 

2822.     Betsey    Saluda    Barteau,    b.    Dec.    3,    1818;    m.    William    Hastings,    of 

Malone,  N.  Y. 
2823.4-Clamana  Melissa  Barteau,  b.  Nov.  23,   1820;  m.    (1)    John  McAllister; 

m.   (2)   Wellington  Travis. 

2824.  + George   Grandison  Barteau,  b.  Apr.   6,   1824;   m.  Rebecca  McKinney. 

2825.  Sidney  Mahala  Barteau,  b.  Dec.  29,  1826;  d.  Sept.  14,  1829. 

2826.  +  Harmon  Gilead  Barteau,  b.  Sept.  12,  1828;  m.  Clarinda  Perkins. 

1181.  (HEPSIBAH^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b. 
Feb.  25,  1788,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  24,  1874,  Burlington,  Vt. ; 
m.  May,  1812,  Oliver  Barber. 

They  had  seven  children. 

2827.+Miranda8   Barber,   b.    Feb.    23,    1814;    m.    (1)    Bradford   Churchill;    m. 

(2)  D.  C.  Gillotte. 
2828.-fChloe  A.  Barber,  b.  Feb.  7,  1816;  d.  Aug.  3,  1882;   m.  Warren  Axlett. 


2829.  George    E.    Barber,    b.    July    2,    1817;    m.    Cornelia    Powell,    adopted 

daughter  of  Eufus  C.  Sanford,  of  Charlotte,  Vt. 

2830.  Charlotte  Barber. 

2831.  Mary  Barber. 

2832.  Elizabeth  Barber. 

2833.  Leonard  Barber. 

1183.  SALLY^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b.  Nov. 
25,  1790,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  5,  1874;  m.  May  30,  1811, 
Samuel  Bacheller,  b.  Oct.  19,  1786;  d.  Nov.  10,  1830,  Pierrepont, 
N.  Y.  Mr.  Bacheller  was  a  fanner  and  shoemaker.  Resided  in 
Pierrepont,  N.  Y. 

They  had  nine  children. 

2834.  +  Elvira  M«.   Bacheller,   b.   May   3,    1812;    d.   May   29,    1878;    m.   Hiram 

2835.4-Perry  L.  Bacheller,  b.  Apr.   24,   1814;   m.  Lavinia  Perkins. 

2836.  Asenith  Ba«heller,  b.  Jan.  17,  1817;  d.  Feb.  23,  1817. 

2837.  Sally  Maria  Bacheller,  b.  Feb.  27,  1818;   d.  May  20,  1861. 

2838.  +  Sanford  Paul  Bacheller,  b.  July  3,   1820;   d.  May  8,   1883;   m.  Achsah 

2S39.+Charles  Lockwood  Bacheller,  b.  Oct.  8,  1882;  d.  May  11,  1892;  m.  Phebe 

2840.  Truman  Grandy  Bacheller,  b.  Apr.  17,  1825;   d.  Apr.  9,  1863;   m.  Jan. 

5,  1854,  Celestia  Somers. 

2841.  Ann  Eliza  Bacheller,  b.  Aug.  14,  1827;   d.  Dec.  22,  1883. 

2842.  Henry  Bacheller,  b.  Aug.  14,  1830;  d.  Aug.  28,  1830. 

1184.  ISRAEL  L.^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b. 
Dec.  6,  1791,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  June  5,  1871.  He  went  West  after 
his  marriage  and  but  little  is  known  about  him  or  his  descendants. 

Three  children  were 

2843.  Oranges,  resided  in  Chatsworth,  111.  in  1883. 

2844.4- Homer,  d.  June,  1884;  m.   (1)    Laura  Lockwood;  m.   (2)   "Walker. 
2845.+Lucy,  m.  Benjamin  Jenkins. 

1185.  BETSEY^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b.  Oct. 
6,  ir93,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  13,  1880,  Decorah,  Iowa;  m  (1) 
Nov.  8,  1818,  Jonathan  Paul,  in  Hinesburg,  Vt.,  b.  Feb.  22,  1786; 
d.  Aug.  18,  1831,  Morley,  N.  Y. ;  m.  (2)  June  24,  1846,  Dr.  John 
Hubbard,  in  Chemung,  HI. 

She  had  eight  children  by  first  marriage,  all  except  the  first 
two  born  in  Canton,  N.  Y. 

2846.+Samuel  Walters  Paul,  b.  Nov.  28,  1819,  Hinesburg,  Vt.;  d.  Jan.  1866; 
m.   Lydia  Manzer. 


2847.+Lydia   S.   Paul,   b.   Nov.   29,   1821,   Hinesburg,  Vt. ;    d.   Feb.   26,   1848; 

m.  Sidney  Tubbs. 
2848.+Almon  Dunbar  Paul,  b.  Apr.  10,  1824;   d.  Jan.  27,  1861;   m.    (1)    Ann 

Merrill;   m.    (2)    Lydia  Hill. 

2849.  +  Emeline  Thecla  Paul,  b.  Aug.  20,  1826;  d.  Sept.  30,  1854;   m.  Francis 


2850.  Lucius  Nelson  Paul,  b.  May  7,  1830;   d.  July  21,  1849,  Canton,  Iowa. 
2851.-;-Harriet  Elmira  Paul,  b.  Feb.  17,   1832;  m.  John  Akers. 

2852.  Delia  Florilla  Paul,  b.  Oct.  7,   1834;   d.  Aug.   18,  1835,  Canton,  N.  Y. 

2853.  Edny  L  Paul  (son),  b.  Sept.  19,  1836;  d.  Nov.  29,  1836,  Canton,  N.  Y. 

1186.  LORANA^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b.  Apr. 
18,  1795,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  5,  1882 ;  m.  Nov.,  1815,  William 
Belding.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Hinesburg,  Vt.  Later  they  removed 
to  Grundy  Co.,  111. 

They  had  nine  children,  all  bom  in  Hinesburg,  Vt. 

2854.+Fidelia  As.  Belding,  b.  Aug.  17,  1816;  m.  George  Daniels. 
2855.+Electa   M.    Belding,   b.    Feb.    3,    1818;    d.    Apr.    5,    1843;    m.    Edward 

2856.+Nelson   Belding,   b.   Apr.   8,   1821;   m.    (1)    Eunice   Henderson;    m.    (2) 

Ellen  Brewer. 
2857.+ Amanda  Belding,  b.  Apr.  6,  1823;  m.  Samuel  Eandall. 
2858.     Albert  Belding,  b.  May  15,  1825;  d.  Aug.  1,  1825. 
2859.+ClariDda  Belding,  b.   Jan.   20,   1828;    m.   Franklin   Benton. 
2860.+Aurelia  Belding,  b.  Mar.   15,  1830;   m.   Orrin  Clapp. 
2861.+William  Belding,  b.  May  17,   1833;  m.   (1)  Betsey  Fellingham;  m.   (2) 

Maggie   Kelly. 

2862.  Mortimer  Belding,  b.  Nov.  29,  1837;  m.  Josephine  Vines. 

1187.  AURILLA^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b. 
July  4,  1796,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  July  25,  1877,  Canton,  N.  Y. ; 
m.  (1)  Aug.,  1821,  Abijah  Lake;  m.  (2)  Jan.  27,  1833,  Caleb  Olin, 
d.  Nov.  4,  1865. 

She  had  two  children  by  first  and  three  by  second  marriage. 

2863.  Minerva  Adelias  Lake,  b.  May  1825;  d.  July  26,  1842. 

2864.  Thomas  Lake,   d.   early. 

2865.+Caroline  Ruth  Olin,  b.  Dec.   29,   1833;   m.  Andrew  Place. 
2866.+Calphurnia  Penelope   Olin,  b.  Jan.   11,   1837;   m.   Richard   Finnimore. 
2867.     Eugenia  K.  Olin,  b.  May  4,  1839;  d.  May  19,  1842,  Canton,  N.  Y. 

1188.  LYDIA'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b.  Jan. 
29,  1798,  New  Milford,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  13,  1843,  Canton,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Dec. 
31,  1817,  Gershom  Conger.  He  was  a  farmer  in  Hinesburg,  Vt. 
They  removed  to  Potsdam,  N.  Y.,  in  1820,  and  later  to  Canton, 
N.  Y. 


They   had   seven   children. 

2868.  Patrick   Henrys   Conger,  b.  Dec.   22,   1819,   Hinesburg,  Vt.     He  served 

in  the  Civil  War. 

2869.  Horace  Conger,  b.  in  Potsdam,  N.  Y.     In  the  spring  of  1850  with  his 

brother  Garry,  he  started  for  California  by  the  overland  route.     He 
died  and  was  buried  at  the  Upper  Crossing  of  the  Piatt  River. 

2870.  Garry  Conger,  b.  1825,  Potsdam,  N.  Y. 

2871.  Ionia  Jane  Conger,  d.  at  the  age  of  8  years. 

2872.  Hiram  M.  Conger. 

2873.  Lorenzo  Conger,  d.  early. 

2874.  Auletas  Conger,  b.  1831;  d.  1831. 

1189.  SAMANTHA^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b. 
Apr.  10,  1800,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;  d.  Oct.  1,  1886,  Canton,  N.  Y. ;  m. 
Dec.  5,  1820,  Luther  Lincohi,  b.  Aug.  18,  1787;  d.  Oct.  10,  1853, 
Canton,  N.  Y. 

They  had  nine  children,  all  except  Alvin  and  Betsey  born  in 
Williston,  Vt. 

2875.  +  Silvia  Anns  Lincoln,  b.  Sept.  20,  1821;  d.  Feb.  24,  1905;  m.  Jeremiah 


2876.  Marion  Lincoln,  b.  Aug.   9,   1823;    d.   Oct.   1,   1880;   m.  Jan.    15,   1860, 

James  Beard. 
2877.+MyTon  Lincoln,  b.  July  9,  1825;  d.  June  13,  1874;  m.  (1)  Eliza  Barton; 

m.   (2)    Sylvia  Davis. 
2878.     Lucius  Augustus  Lincoln,  b.  June   16,   1827.     Res.   Auburn,  "Wash. 
2879.+John  Lincoln,  b.  May  3,  1829;  m.  Harriet  Sartell. 

2880.  Carlos  Lincoln,  b.   Mar.   22,   1831;    d.   Mar.    14,   1832,  Canton,   N.   Y. 

2881.  Clarissa  Elizabeth  Lincoln,  b.  June  24,  1833;  d.  Mar.  31,  1836,  Canton, 

N.  Y. 

2882.  Alvm  Lincoln,  b.  Aug.  9,  1835,  Canton,  N.  Y. ;  d.  May  13,  1841,  Canton, 

N.  Y. 
2833.     Betsey  Miranda  Lincoln,  b.  Mar.  12,  1840,  Canton,  N.  Y. ;   d.  Sept.  24, 
1865,  Canton,  N.  Y. 

1190.  ELIZA  ANN^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b. 
Feb.  22,  1802,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;  d.  Mar.  8,  1896.  Buried  in  Mazon, 
111.;  m.  Sept.  9,  1822,  Gershom  Isham,  d.  Oct.  6,  187S.  They 
removed  to  Mazon,  HI.,  in  1846,  where  the  remainder  of  their  lives 
was  spent. 

They  had  eleven  children,  all  except  Cornelia  and  Albert  born 
in  Canton,  N.  Y. 

2884.+Cornelia9  Isham,  b.  Sept.  1,  1823;  m.  Richard  Fuller. 
2885.     Albert  Isham,  b.  Sept.  4,  1826,  St.  George,  Vt.;  d.  May  4,  1882. 
2886.+Edward  Isham,  b.  Jan.  15,  1828;   m.  Sarah  Bannister. 
2887.+Mitchel  Isham,  b.  June  7,  1829;   m.  Ellen  Jenkins. 


2888.+Zachariali  Isham,  b.  Feb.  11,  1831;  m.  Susan  "Vince". 
2889.     Ann  Eliza  Isham,  b.  Jan.  6,  1834;   d.  Aug.  22,  1835. 
2890.+Lydia  Ann  Isham,  b.  May  15,  1835;  m.  Augustus  Murray. 

2891.  Weltha  Isham,  b.   Oct.   23,  1836. 

2892.  +  Gehial   Isham,   b.   Oct.    18,    1838;    m.    (1)    Sylvia   Wills;    m.    (2)    Mary 

Leldy;  m.  (3)  Martha  Thayer. 

2893.  SaUy  Ann  Isham,  b.  July  21,  1840;  d.  July  20,  1842. 
2894. -f  Clarissa  Isham,  b.  Mar.  5,  1843;  m.  John  Lightner. 

1191.  MINERVA^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b. 
Nov.  14,  1803,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;  d.  Jan.  8,  1895;  m.  Oringe  Smith 
Crary,  b.  March  24,  1803;  d.  Jan.  18,  1899.  Mr.  Crary  was  a 
graduate  of  Potsdam  Academy.     Was  School  Commissioner. 

They  had  nine  children,  all  born  in  Pierrepont,  N.  Y. 

2895.+ELi2a  Janes  Crary,  d.  Sept.  5,  1861;  m.  Stephen  Miles. 
2896.+Marcia  A.  Crary,  b.  Feb.  20,  1832;  m.  Sherman  Eoyce. 

2897.  Asenath  Crary,  b.  May  29,  1834;   d.  in  infancy. 

2898.  Eufus  R.  Crary,  b.  May  5,  1835;   d.  Dec.  24,  1842,  Pierrepont,  N.  Y. 
2899.+George  Lucian  Crary,  b.  Sept.  1,  1837;  m.  Julia  Clark. 
2900.+John  Leslie  Crary,  b.  July  13,  1839;  m.  Philema  Montague. 

2901.  Carrie  M.  Crary,  b.  Sept.  22,  1842;  d.  July  15,  1864,  Pierrepont,  N.  Y. 

2902.  Adelaide  E.  Crary,  b.  July  10,  1846;  d.  Aug.  28,  1848,  Pierrepont,  N.  Y. 
2903. + Jennie  M.   Crary,   b.   Aug.    15,   1850;   m.    (1)    Edward   Hunt;   m.    (2) 

George  Barbour. 

1193.  STANLEY^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1179)  b. 
July  28,  1808,  Hinesburg,  Vt. ;  d.  Jan.  25,  1902,  Elgin,  III;  m. 
Feb.  21,  1831,  Marie  Maria  Bradford,  b.  July  11,  1808;  d.  June 
8,  1887,  Fertile,  Minn. 

They  had  ten  children,  the  first  six  all  born  in  Canton,  N.  Y., 
and  the  last  four  in  Franklinville,  111. 

2904.+Laura8,  b.  Apr.   1,   1832;   d.  Apr.  5,   1880;   m.  Lorenzo  Dana. 

2905. -f  Charles  Nelson,  b.  Nov.  27,  1833;  d.  Jan.  2,  1905;  m.  (1)  Betsey  Joslyn; 

m.  (2)   Calneh  Freeman. 
2906.+William  B.,  b.  Mar.  4,  1836;  m.  Susan  Kimball. 
2907.  +  Henry  L.,  b.  June  11,  1838:  d.  Sept.  12,  1906,  la.  Ida  Springer. 
2908.+OUve  Marilda,  b.  Sept.  22,  1840;  m.  Calvin  LaDue. 
2909.     Eufus  Clark,  b.  Oct.  10,  1842;   d.  Feb.  3,  1863,  Vicksburg.     Served  in 

Civil  War. 
2910.+Lydia  S.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1845;  m.  Henry  Burdick. 

2911.  +  Har!an  W.,  b.  June  25,   1847;   m.  AUce  Crane. 

2912.  Horace  C,  b.  Aug.  18,  1849;   d.  Sept.  29,  1851,  Franklinville,  111. 
2913.+WarTen  B.,  b.  Nov.  18,  1851;  m.  Ellen  Condor. 


1194.  CARR  NOBLE^  SANFORD  {Isaiah  484,  Joseph  161, 
Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  29,  1794,  New 
Milford,  Ct;  d.  May  3,  1820,  New  Haven,  Vt ;  m.  Feb.  15,  1816, 
Betsey,  dau.  of  Erastus  and  Polly  Chapman,  b.  July  7,  1798,  New 
Haven,  Vt. ;  d.  May  17,  1877,  Middlebury,  Vt.  (She  married  in 
1825  Alvin  Turner.) 

They  had  two  children,  born  in  New  Haven,  Vt. 

2914.+Cleora  Ms.,  b.  Nov.  10,  1816;   d.  about  1893;  m.  James  Chapman. 
2915.     Delia  M.,  b.  Feb.  15,  1319;  d.  Dec.  25,  1823,  New  Haven,  Vt. 

1196.  JOSEPH  HORACE^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as 
1194),  b.  Sept.  26,  1799,  Monkton,  Vt. ;  d.  Aug.  1,  1866,  Potsdam, 
N.  Y.;  m.  (1)  Elmira  Goiding,  b.  Sept.  17,  1803,  Keesville,  N.  Y. ; 
d.  Apr.  15,  1851,  Potsdam,  N.  Y. ;  m.  (2)  Mar.  10,  1863,  Maria 
Elizabeth  Doyle,  b.  Nov.  14,  1832,  Indian  Point,  Canada,  d.  Aug. 
8,  1894.  Mr.  Sanford  came  to  West  Stockholm,  N.  Y.,  with  his 
father  Isaiah  when  seventeen  years  of  age.  In  a  few  years  his 
father  failed  and  he  took  charge  of  matters,  proving  a  most 
successful  business  man.  He  soon  began  making  black  salts  and 
pearl-ash,  which,  for  some  years,  was  about  the  only  industry  that 
brought  cash  to  the  settlers. 

Proving  himself  so  successful,  Mr.  Sanford  was  soon  appointed 
land  agent  by  Henry  B.  Pierrepont,  in  which  capacity  he  con- 
tinued to  prosper.  He  dealt  in  all  kinds  of  farm  products  and 
trafficked  quite  extensively  and  successfully,  becoming  a  man  of 
large  means  far  those  times. 

The  hamlet  of  Sanfordville  in  Stockholm,  N.  Y.,  was  named 
for  him  and  still  bears  the  name.  He  built  the  first  cht*?ch,  con- 
tributing the  land  and  one-half  the  expense. 

For  the  years  1833-7-8-41  and  42  he  was  Supervisor  of  his 
town.  In  1842,  he  moved  to  the  village  of  Potsdam,  where  the 
remainder  of  his  life  was  spent.  He  had  six  children  by  first  and 
one  by  second  marriage,  all  except  Herbert  H.  bom  in  Stockholm, 
N.  Y. 

2916.     Samuel  Partridges,  b.  Jan.  23,  1825;  d.  June  26,  1826,  Stockholm,  N.  Y. 
2917. -(-William  Albert,  b.  Sept.  13,  1827;  d.  July  11,  1892;  m.  Harriet  Harmon. 
2918.     Carr,  b.  1828;  d.  1846,  Stockholm,  N.  Y. 
2919. -I- Joseph  Horace,  Jr.,  b.  May  2,  1831;  m.  Mary  Hopkins. 

2920.  Merribeth,  b.  1834;  d.  1838,  Stockholm,  N.  Y. 

2921.  Jane,  b.  1839;  d.  1841,  Stockholm,  N.  Y. 
2922.-|-Herbert  H.,  b.  Nov.  1,  1865;   m.  Edna  Woodvcorth. 



descent  as  1104)  b.  May  28,  1812,  New  Haven,  Vt. ;  d.  Aug.  6, 
1886,  Chicago,  111.;  m.  (1)  May  10,  1835,  at  Moira,  N.  Y.,  Nancy 
Fuller,  b.  Nov.  9,  1814,  New  Haven,  Vt. ;  d.  Feb.  14,  1848,  Stock- 
holm, N.  Y.;  m.  (2)  Dec.  29,  1850,  Harriet  G.  Elderkin,  b.  Dec.  21, 
1825,  Potsdam,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Mar.  16,  1894,  Chicago,  111. 

He  had  four  children  by  first  and  two  by  second  marriage, 
the  first  four  all  born  in  Stockholm. 

2923. -f  Henry   Clays,   b.   Mar.    23,    1836;    d.   Mar.    2,    1887;    m.   Mary  Greene. 
2924.-f-Delia  Cleora,  b.  Apr.  26,  1838;  d.  June  27,  1878;  m.  (1)  Israel  Stickney; 
m.   (2)   Mason  Slason. 

2925.  Albert    Hugh,   b.    June    7,    1840,    d.    Dec.    14,    1846,    Stockholm,   N.    Y. 

Buried  in   Stockholm,  N.  Y. 

2926.  Charles  Edward,  b.  Mar.  12,  1842;   d.  Aug.  18,  1846,  Stockholm,  N.  V. 

Buried  in  Stockholm,  N.  Y. 
2927.-|-Lillie  Chapman,  b.  Dec.   12,   1858,  PlattvUIe,  Wis.;   m.  Edward  Baker. 

2928.  Charles,  b.  Dec.  12,  1863,  Fayette,  la.;  d.  May  26,  1867,  Independence, 


1201.  BETSEY  M.^  BOSTWICK  {Tabitha  4S6,  Joseph  161, 
Joseph  58,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezehiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  May  11,  1806,  Ver- 
gennes,  Vt.,  d.  Nov.  25,  1877 ;  m.  Oct.,  1831,  Osman  Cole,  of  Ferris- 
burg,  Vt. 

One    child   was 

2929.  Charles  Ns.  Cole. 

1207.  BETSEY^  SANFORD  {Aaron  494,  Eezekiah  165, 
Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Oct.  5,  1781,  Redding 
Center,  Ct. ;  d.  July  29,  1818.  Buried  in  Read-Sanford  Burying 
Ground,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  I\Iar.  23,  1799,  John  Read,  son  of  Jabez 
Hill,  of  Weston,  Ct.,  b.  April  26,  1775,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  July  29, 
1851,  Redding,  Ct.  Buried  in  the  Read-Sanford  Cemetery,  Redding, 
Ct.  Mr.  Hill  settled  in  Redding  and  was  one  of  its  best  known  and 
most  wealthy  residents.  He  was  a  faithful  class  leader.  Trustee  and 
Steward  of  the  Redding  Methodist  Episcopal  Church.  His  house 
was  a  hospitable  home  for  Presiding  Elders  and  preachers. 

They  had  eight  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

2930.+Aaron    Sanfords    Hill,   b.    Mar.    23,    1800;    d.    July    15,    1893;    m.    (1) 

Phebe  Hunt;  m.   (2)   Abiah  Judson. 
2931. -f  Moses  Hill,  b.  Feb.  2,  1802;  d.  Apr.  1,  1869,  m.  Julia  Fanton. 
2932. -f  William  Hawley  Hill,  b.  March  29,  1804;   d.  Dec.  30,  1880;   m.  Emma 

2933.     Betsey  Hill,  b.  March  6,  1806;   d.  Jan.  25,  1849;  unm.     Buried  in  the 

Kead-Sanford  Cemetery,  Redding,  Ct. 


2934.+ John   Lee   Hill,  b.   June   15,    1810;    d.   Jan.    18,   1852;    m.    (1)    Hester 
Sanford;  m.   (2)    Harriet  Duncombe. 

2935.  +  Morri8  Hill,  b.  Oct.  6,  1812;   d.  Apr.  5,  1902;  m.  Rhoda  Smith. 

2936.  Lydia  Hill,  b.  Mar.  26,  1815;  d.  Dec.  24,  1835;  unm.     Buried  in  Read- 

Sanford  Cemetery,  Redding,  Ct. 
2937.+ Joseph' Hill,  b.  Aug.  21,  1817;  m.  Chloe  Sparry,  d.  Dec.  31,  1909. 

1208.  HANNAH"  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1207)  b. 
May  31,  1784,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  18,  1831.  Buried  in 
Sharon,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov.  13,  1806,  Rev.  Aaron  Hunt,  b.  Mar.  28,  1768, 
East  Chester,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Apr.  25,  1858.  He  was  a  prominent  mem- 
ber of  the  old  New  York  Conference,  Methodist  Church. 

They  had  four  children. 

2938.  Sarah  Anns  Hunt,  b.  Oct.  30,   1808;   d.  Aug.  24,   1855;   unm. 

2939.  +  EIecta  Hunt,  b.  May  27,  1812;   d.  Oct.  10,  1889;  m.  George  Ingraham. 
2940.+Zalmon  Sanford  Hunt,  b.  July  20,  1817;   d.  Nov.  3,  1895;   m.  Juliette 

2941.+Aaron  Hunt,  Jr.,  b.  Aug.   14,  1820;   d.  Jan.  20,  1908;   m.    (1)    CaroUne 
Finch;   m.    (2)    Mary  Hoffman. 

1209.  AARON"  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  1207)  b. 
July  8,  1786,  Redding  Center,  Ct.;  d.  Aug.  20,  1872,  Redding,  Ct. 
Buried  in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. ;  m.  Dec.  19,  1813,  Fanny,  dau.  of 
Andrew  L.  Hill,  b.  Sept.  18,  1795 ;  d.  Feb.  21,  1875,  Redding,  Ct. 
Buried  in  Redding  Ridge  Cemetery.  They  settled  in  Redding 
Ridge,  Ct.  i\Ir.  Sanford  was  a  successful  farmer  and  business  man. 
His  good  judgment  and  public  spirit  made  him  a  most  useful  and 
worthy  citizen.  Besides  filling  minor  offices  he  was  Selectman  I'oi 
many  years.  For  the  years  1818  and  1823  he  represented  his 
town  in  the  legislature.  He  was  a  member  of  the  Constitutional 
Convention  which  drafted  a  constitution  for  the  state.  His  chief 
service  as  a  public  servant  was  rendered  while  Totvh  Agent  in  the 
litigation  between  the  towns  of  Redding  and  Weston.  This  he 
handled  with  such  discretion  and  good  judgment  that  the  people 
of  his  town  were  gratified  and  pleased  with  the  result.  He  resided 
in  Redding  Ridge,  and,  like  his  father,  was  a  devoted  Methodist. 

They  had  eleven  children,  all  born  in  Redding  Ridge. 

2942.+ Andrew  Hill?,  b.  Sept.  30,  1814;   d.  Jan.  6,  1839;  m.  Louise  Taylor. 

2943.  +  DanieI,  b.  Mar.  5,  1817;  d.  Jan.  12,  1902;  m.   (1)   Anna  Ames;  m.   (2) 

Helen  Sammis. 

2944.  Mary,  b.  Dec.  9,  1819;  d.  Sept.  29,  1834.     Buried  in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct 

2945.  Clara,  b.  Jan.  22,  1821;  d.  Feb.  23,  1857.     B«ried  in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. 

2946.  +  Henry,  b.  Jan.  18,  1823;   d.  Sept.  6,  1903;  m.    (1)   Nancy  Lockwood; 

m.   (2)  Mrs.  Olive  Burcbard. 


2947.+ Aaron,  b.  Jan.  28,  1825;   d.  Feb.  9,  1902;  m.  Flora  Beardsley. 
2948.+Fann7,  b.  Nov.  12,  1827;   d.  Feb.  21,   1872;  m.  Edward  P.  Shaw. 
2949.+ Jesse  Lee,  b.  Jan.  4,  1831;  m.  Fanny  Oabom. 
2950.+Mary  Elizabeth,  b.  May  11,   1834;    d.  Nov.  21,   1858;   m.  Marshall  S. 

2951.+John  Swinburne,  b.  Sept.  9,  1836;  m.  Jennie  Miller. 
2952.     Julia  HiU,  b.  Nov.  9,  1841;  umn.     Ees.  Old  Homestead,  Bedding  Eidge, 


1210.  REV.  HAWLEY'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1207) 
b.  July  16,  1789,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  15,  1867,  New  York 
City.  Buried  in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  Nov.  2,  1814,  Betsey 
(Stow)  Howe,  b.  Aug.  15,  1786;  d.  May  24,  1823,  Redding,  Ct. 
Buried  in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. 

"Ye  living  men,  come  view  the  ground 
Where  you  must  shortly  lie." 
m.    (2)    Nov.  20,   1823,   Sarah  Piatt  Ketchum,  b.   Jan.   13,   1792, 
New  York  City;   d.  June   29,   1881,  Baldwins,   L.   I.     Buried  m 
'Redding  Ridge   Ct. 

Mr.  Sanford,  a  man  of  sacred  memory,  early  joined  the 
Church  of  his  father.  {See  sketch  of  Aaron  Sanford.)  After 
preaching  as  a  supply  in  Vermont  and  elsewhere,  he  united  with 
the  New  York  Conference  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church  in 
1811,  and  filled  various  appointments  on  the  Hudson  River  and 
Ashgrove  Districts  in  the  years  immediately  following.  In  1815 
he  was  compelled  to  retire  from  the  traveling  ministry,  because  of 
a  serious  affection  of  his  eyes. 

He  then  settled  upon  a  farm  in  Redding,  near  his  father. 
Of  the  ten  children  of  his  two  marriages,  two  sons  entered  the 
ministry,  while  three  daughters  became  the  wives  of  clergymen. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  ordained  a  Deacon  by  Bishop  Franci.s  Asbury 
in  1813,  and  an  Elder  by  Bishop  Enoch  George,  1822.  After 
he  had  sufficiently  recovered  from  his  physical  affliction,  he 
preached  far  and  near  for  many  years,  his  services  being  in  great 
demand  in  all  regions  which  could  be  reached  from  his  home.  In 
villages  and  cities,  in  churches  and  schoolhouses,  as  wpII  as  in 
private  homes,  he  lifted  up  his  voice  like  a  trumpet  in  defense  of 
the  doctrines  of  the  Church  and  in  entreaties  to  the  people  to 
become  reconciled  to  God.  His  last  sermon  was  preached  to  a 
large  congregation  in  New  York  City,  the  Sunday  previous  to  the 
accident  which  terminated  his  life.  He  was  a  man  of  deepest  piety, 
and  was   universally  respected.     His  influence  lives  after  him. 

No.   1210 

No.   2958 


In  1815  he  located  in  Redding.  His  will  is  dated  Jan.  19, 
1867;  probated  March  2,  1867.  (Bedding  Pro.  Rec,  Vol.  3,  p. 

He  had  three  children  by  first  and  seven  by  second  marriage, 
all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

2953.  Jesse  Lees,  b.  Oct.  29,   1815;   d.  Apr.  13,   1S26.     Buried  in  Redding. 

2954.  John  Russell,  b.  May  2,   1818;    d.  Dec.  18,   1846.     Buried  in  Redding 

Ridge,  Ct.     A  Christian  young  man. 

2955.  Betsey,   b.   Sept.   16,    1821;    d.   Oct.   25,   1853;    m.  Feb.   22,   1853,   Rev. 

Timothy  C.  Youngs,  b.  1815,  Suffolk  Co.,  L.  I.     No  children.    Resided 

in  N.  Y.   City. 
2956.+Francis   Asbury,   b.    Aug.    13,    1824;    d.    Sept.    13,    1899;    m.   Lucy    H. 

2957.  +  Hawley,  Jr.,  b.  May  5,  1826;   m.  Elizabeth  Johnson. 
2958.+ Aaron  Ketchum,  b.  Oct.  19,  1827;  d.  Feb.  21, 1910;  m.  Frances  Burnham. 
2959.+David  Burge,  b.  Mar.  31,  1829;  d.  Mar.  6,  1904;  m.  (1)  Cornelia  Lacey; 

m.   (2)   Julia  Janes;  m.    (3)   Mrs.  Charlotte  Willey. 
2960.+Lydia,  b.  June  6,  1831;  d.  Dec.  29,  1906;  m.  Rev.  Henry  Mead. 
2961.+Morris  Hill,  b.  Mar.  10,  1835;   d.  Sept.  30,  1875;  m.  EUzabeth  White. 
2962.     Mary  Ann  Smithman,  b.  June  24,  1836;  m.  May  18,  1869,  Rev.  Alexan- 
der McAllister,  b.  Dec.   25,   1825;    d.   July   28,   1906.     No   children. 

He   was    a   member   of   the   New   York   East   Conference,    Methodist 

Church.  Res.,  Southampton,  N.  Y. 

1212.  EUNICE'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1207)  b.  Aug. 
10,  1793,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  22,  1827,  Westport,  Ct. ; 
m.  Mar.  30,  1814,  Isaac  Gorham,  b.  Mar.  13,  1791,  Westport,  Ct. ; 
d.  Feb.  23,  1835  Schaghticoke,  N.  Y. 

They  had  six  children,  all  born  in  Westport,  Ct. 

2963.+Phebes  Gorham,  b.  Feb.  16,  1815;  d.  Aug.  15,  1901;  m.  Frederick  Cole. 
2964.     Aaron  Sanford  Gorham,  b.  Nov.  14,  1816.     Married  and  had  two  children 

who   died  young. 
2965.4-Lydia  Ann  Gorham,  b.  Nov.  6,  1818;   m.  George  Mosher. 

2966.  Juliette  Gorham,  b.  Nov.  4,  1820;  m.  Zalmon  Sanford  Hunt  {See  2940.) 

2967.  Isaac  K.  Gorham,  b.  July  18,  1823. 

2968.  Wmiam  A.  Gorham,  b.  May  4,  1827. 

1213.  WALTER'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1207)  b.  Feb. 
18,  1796,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  26,  1875.  Buried  in  Red- 
ding Ridge;  m.  (1)  Dec.  6,  1821,  Harriet  Maria  Booth,  b.  in 
Derby,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  26,  1838,  ag.  38.  Buried  in  Redding  Ridge, 
Ct.;  m.  (2)  Feb.  26,  1839,  Emily  Gorham,  d.  May  9,  1858,  ag.  48. 
Buried  in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. 

They  had  one  child  by  first  marriage. 


2969.  Charless,  b.  1882;   d.  Oct.  29,  1901;  buried  in  Stratford,  Ct.;  m.  Sally 

dau.  of  Ebenezer  T.  and  Sarah  (Lyon)  Sanford,  b.  Aug.,  1823, 
Easton,  Ct.;  d.  July  6,  1908.     Buried  in  Stratford,  Ct.     No  children. 

1214.  CHARLOTTE^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1207) 
b.  Jan.  8,  1800,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  d.  May  1,  1857 ;  m.  May  23, 
1819,  Thomas  Burr,  son  of  Rowland  and  Polly  Fanton,  of  Redding, 
Ct.,  b.  Apr.  16,  1794;  d.  Feb.  21,  1847,  Redding,  Ct. 

Mr.  Fanton  was  a  man  of  sterling  qualities  and  habits.  In 
business  life,  official  capacity  and  church  relations,  botn  official 
and  personal,  he  exemplified  the  fidelity  of  Christian  jnanhood. 
He  was  a  merchant  in  Redding,  elected  State  Senator  in  1841. 
Mrs.  Fanton  was  a  very  sweet  spirited  woman. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

2970.  Caroline  Sanford''  Fanton,  b.  Mar.  31,  1822 ;  d.  July  10,  1903 ;  m.  May 

3,  1848,  John  Morrison  Reid,  b.  1820,  N.  T.  City;  d.  May  15,  1896 
Mr.  Eeid  joined  the  new  York  Conference,  Methodist  Episcopal  Church 
in  1844.  In  1858  he  became  President  of  Genesee  College;  in  1864, 
Editor  of  Western  Christian  x4.dvocate,  Cincinnati,  0.;  in  1868, 
Editor  of  North  Western  Christian  Advocate,  Chicago,  111.;  in  1872, 
Corresponding  Secretary  of  Missionary  Society,  Methodist  Episcopal 
Church,  which  office  he  held  till  1888  when  he  became  Honorary 
Secretary  of  the  Society  and  so  continued  till  his  death.     No  children. 

2971.  +  Thoraas  Burr  Fanton,  Jr.,  b.  May  26,  1829;   d.  Aug.  8,  1887;  m.  Mary 

2972. -{-William  Hawley  Fanton,  b.  Jan.  14,  1834;  m.   (1)   Mary  Smith;  m.   (2) 
Isabella  Annable. 

1215.  LYDIA^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1207)  b.  Sept. 
23,  1803,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  14,  1863;  m.  Apr.  20,  1831, 
Aaron  Sanford  Hyatt. 

They  had  three  children. 

2073. -f  Electa  Ms.  Hyatt,  b.  Mar.  IS,  1832;   d.  Feb.  4,  1899;  m.  Marlin  Lyon. 

2974.  Lydia  Maria  Hyatt,  b.  Feb.  17,  1836;  d.  Mar.  24,  1848. 

2975.  Caroline  E.  Hyatt,  b.  May  5,  1847;   d.  Apr.  20,  1848. 

1216.  Y/ILLIAM  ANSON^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as 
1207)  b.  Jan.  15,  1807,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  d.  June  30,  1875, 
Redding  Ridge,  Ct.  Buried  in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. ;  m.  May  2,  1832, 
Harriet,  dau.  of  Newton  and  Ruth  Tuttle,  of  George's  Hill,  South- 
bury,  Ct.,  b.  July  31,  1807 ;  d.  June  27,  1875,  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. 
Buried  in  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. 

They  had  one  child. 

2976.  Martha    Tuttle*?,    b.    July    16,    1833;    d.    Apr.    30,    1852,    Redding,    Ct. 

Buried  in  Redding  Ridge,   Ct. 


1217.  LTDIA^  SANFORD  {Hezekiah  496,  Hezekiah  165, 
Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  19,  17S-4,  Red- 
ding, Ct. ;  m.  Sanford  Mygatt. 

One  child  was 
2977.     Charless  Mygatt. 

1220.  SALLY^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1217)  b.  Oct. 
13,  1792,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  De  Forest. 

They  had  one  child. 
297S.+Mary  A.s  DeForest,  m.  Dr.  David  Keys. 

1221.  BETSEY^  SANFORD  {same  desceiit  as  1217)  b.  Dec. 
3,  1795,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  or  Mar.  3,  1842 ;  m.  Nov.  25,  1814, 
Walter  Smith  Lyon,  b.  Feb.  12,  1791;  d.  Oct.  13,  1867.  They 
resided  in  Bedford,  N.  Y. 

They  had  ten  children. 

2979.+Maria  Antoinettes  Lyon,  b.  Apr.  4,  1816;  d.  Feb.  20,  1908;  m.  Abram 

2980.     Thomas   S.    Lyon,   b.    Feb.    17,    1818;    m.    (1)    Clesta   Haight;    m.    (2) 

Debbie  Lounsbury. 
2981.+Sarah  Lyon,  b.  July  18,  1820;  d.  1885;  m.  Lemuel  Wales. 
2982.+Mary  Lyon,  b.  June  4,  1823;  m.  John  Wood. 
2983.     Louesa  S.  Lyon,  b.  Feb.  4,  1826. 

2984.+Louisa  S.  Lyon,  b.  Feb.  4,  1826;   d.  Jan.  5,  1907;  m.  WiUiam  Clarke. 
2985.     Caroline  Lyon,  b.  Mar.  4,  1828;  m.  Apr.  7,  1853,  Silas  Albertous. 
2986.-|-Betsey  Lyon,  b.  Nov.  4,  1830;  m.  John  Peck. 

2987.  Walter  Smith  Lyon,  Jr.,  b.  Mar.  26,  1833;   d.  May  11,  1863. 

2988.  John  Ahaz  Lyon,  b.  Nov.  20,  1835;   d.  Sept.  19,  1841. 

1223.  GEORGE'  SANFORD  {William  497,  Hezekiah  165, 
Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Sept.  18,  1792;  d.  Oct. 
21,  1826.  Buried  at  Umpawaug,  Ct. ;  m.  1820,  Ann,  dau.  of  William 
and  Ann  Teed,  of  Somers,  N.  Y.,  b.  Aug.  9,  1800 ;  d.  Aug.  9,  1864. 
Buried  in  the  Rural  Cemetery,  Poughkeepsie,  N.  Y.  They  resided 
in  Sing  Sing,  N.  Y. 

They  had  one  child. 

2989.-|-Lydia    Ann?,    b.    Jan.    28,    1821;    d.    Jan.    28,    1872;    m.    Christopher 

1224.  WILLIAM'  SANFORD,  JR.  {same  descent  as  1223) 
b.  June  19,  1794;  d.  Sept.  2,  1821.  Buried  at  Umpawaug,  Ct. ; 
m.  Hester ;  d.  Mar.  1,  1820,  ag.  25  years.  Buried  at  Umpa- 
waug, Ct. 


They  had  two  children. 

2990.     William  Thomass,  b.  1817 ;  d.  Sept.  22,  1828.    Buried  in  Umpawaug,  Ct. 
£991.     Hester  Ann,  b.  June   23,   1819;    d.  Dec.   18,  1838,  ag.  19  ttb.   5  mo.; 
m.  John  L.  Hill   {See  S9S4.) 

1225.  GILES^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1223)  b.  June 
11,  1798 ;  d.  Jan.  30,  1857,  Albany,  N.  Y.  Buried  in  the  Albany 
Rural  Cemetery;  m.  May  3,  1821,  Cynthia,  dau.  of  Caleb  and 
Phebe  (Merritt)  Willis,  of  Sing  Sing,  N.  Y.,  b.  Oct.  12,  1801;  d. 
July  9,  1842.  Buried  in  the  Albany  Rural  Cemetery.  Mr.  San- 
ford  removed  to  Albany,  N.  Y.,  and  was  a  prominent  lumber  mer- 
chant there.    His  will  was  probated  Feb.  4,  1857,  in  Westport,  Ct. 

They  had  eight  children. 

2992.     John  Ws.,  b.  Feb.  24,  1822;  d.  Sept.  20,  1828.  Buried  in  Umpawaug,  Ct. 
2993.+Wi]liam,  b.  Oct.  8,  1823;  d.  Sept.  4,  1849;  m.  Harriet  Barrett. 
2994.4- Phebe  Willis,  b.  July  31,  1825;  d.  Dec.  18,  1892;  m.  (1)  WHUam  Child; 
m.    (2)    John  Obnstead. 

2995.  Anna  Matilda  Hurtin,  b.  Dec.  6,  1827;    d.  Dec.   21,   1849.     Buried  in 

the  Albany  Rural  Cemetery;  m.  Aug.  22,  1848,  J.  Edgar  Gould,  of 
East  Cambridge,  Mass. 

2996.  Caleb  Willis,  b.  Dec.  7,  1829;  d.  Oct.  14,  1861;  m.  1860,  Cynthia,  dau. 

of   Gen.   William   S.   Eosecrans.     Eesided   in   Albany — later   in   New 
York   City. 

2997.  EUzabeth  C,  b.  Oct.  7,  1831;   d.  July  16,  1835. 

2998. -f  Caroline    Louise,    b.    Jan.    17,    1834;    d.    Feb.    14,    1876;    m.    Eobert 

2999.4-Elizabeth  Parsons,  b.  Nov.  27,  1840;  d.  June  6,  1882;  m.  Lewis  Tappan. 

1227.  ZALMON^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1223)  b.  Aug. 
17,  1803 ;  d.  Mar.  22,  1858.  Buried  in  Westport,  Ct. ;  m.  Oct.  1, 
1822,  Caroline,  dau.  of  Dr.  Thomas  and  Susan  (Heron)  Peck,  of 
Redding,  Ct.  They  removed  from  Redding  to  Westport,  Ct., 
about  1832. 

They  had  four  children. 

3000. -f- William  Heron?,  b.  May  31,  1830;  d.  July  18,  1900;  m.  Sarah  Piatt. 

3001.  Zalmon,  Jr.,  b.   Sept.   14,   1833,  Bedding,  Ct.;   d.  Jan.  22,   1882;   umn. 

Buried   in  Westport,   Ct. 

3002.  Arthur  Heron,  b.  Aug.  11,  1836,  Westport,  Ct.;  d.  Nov.  3,  1852;  unm. 

Buried   in  Westport,   Ct. 
3003. -(-Philip   Gerard,   b.   Dec.   18,   1846;    m.   Margaretta   Keys. 

1229.  JOSEPH  DRAKE^  HUNT  {Eunice  499,  Hezekiah  165, 
Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Dec.  12,  1796;  d.  Feb. 
6,  1864.     Buried  at  Leedsville,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Jan.  26,  1820,  Clarissa, 


dau.  of  Joel  and  Delia  (Sears)  Benton,  of  Amenia,  N.  Y.,  b.  Feb. 
21,  1800;  d.  July  11,  1880.     Buried  at  Rhinebeck,  N.  Y. 
They  had  four  children. 

3004.     Aaron  Bentons  Hunt,  b.  Feb.  21,  1821;  d.  Apr.  1,  1825. 
3005.+ Andrew  Jackson  Hunt,  b.  Oct.  27,  1824;   d.  May  13,  1881;   m.  Phebe 

3006.  Albert   Sanford   Hunt,   b.  July  3,   1827;    d.   Sept.    11,   1898,   Brooklyn, 

N.  Y. ;  unm.  Buried  at  Rhinebeck,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Hunt  graduated  at 
Wesleyan  University.  Was  Valedictorian  of  his  class  in  1851.  He 
was  a  D.  D.,  a  prominent  minister  of  the  Methodist  Episcopal  Church, 
Corresponding  Secretary  of  the  American  Bible  Society,  1878-98  and 
was  widely  known  for  his  high  character  and  influential  service  as  a 
representative  of  his  church  in  many  official  relations. 

3007.  Emily  Benton   Hunt,   b.   May   10,    1832;    d.   Feb.   18,    1851;    unm. 

1233.  FANNY'  BEACH  {Lazariis  512,  Lydia  169,  Lemuel 
59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  30,  1800,  Bridgeport, 
Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  14,  1868,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. ;  m.  (1)  Apr.  8,  181S,  in  New 
York  City,  James  Ladd,  b.  Nov.  7,  1792,  Devonshire,  Eng. ;  d.  Apr. 
15,  1852,  Throgg's  Neck,  N.  Y. ;  m.  (2)  June  14,  1854,  at  Throgg's 
Neck,  N.  Y.,  William  Wliitehead,  b.  Dec.  17,  1786,  Touch  Place, 
Scotland;  d.  May  22,  1866,  Throgg's  Neck,  N.  Y.  Mr.  Whitehead 
was  a  merchant  in  New  York  City. 

She  had  thirteen  children  by  first  marriage,  all  except  Cath- 
erine born  in  New  York  City.    , 

3008.  Fanny  Sophias  Ladd,  b.  Mar.  24,   1819;   d.  May  29,   1840,   Tarrytown, 

N.  Y. ;  m.  Apr.  8,  1839,  in  N.  Y.  City,  James  Law,  M.  D.,  of  Perth, 
Scotland,   res.   N.   Y.   City. 

3009.  James  Ladd,  Jr.,  b.  Dec.  20,  1820;   d.  Oct.  "24,  1823,  N.  Y.  City. 

3010.  Mary  Caroline  Ladd,  b.  Mar.  1,  1823;  d.  Jan.  6,  1834,  N.  Y.  City. 
3011.-I- William  Whitehead  Ladd,  b.  Nov.  1,  1825;  m.  Sarah  Phillips. 

3012.  Samuel  Denton  Ladd,  b.  Feb.  29,  1828;   d.  Jan.  13,  1834,  N.  Y.  City, 

3013.  Catherine  Medora  Ladd,  b.  Mar  22,  1831;   d.  Jan.  5,  1834,  N.  Y.  City. 

3014.  Infant  son,  b.  Dec.  27,  1833;   d.  Dec.  27,  1833. 

3015.  James  Beach  Ladd,  b.  Oct.  19,  1834;   d.  Oct.  19,  1834,  N.  Y.  City. 

3016.  Samuel  Beach  Ladd,  b.   Oct.   19,   1834;   unm. 

3017.+Caroline    Medora   Ladd,    b.    June    25,    1837;    d.    July   2,    1878;    m.    Dr. 
William   Gilfillan. 

3018.  +  Enen  Louise  Ladd,   b.   Oct.  30,   1839;    m.   William  Wallace. 

3019.  Fanny  Beach  Ladd,  b.  Dec.  28,  1841;  d.  Jan.  11,  1844,  N.  Y.  City. 

3020.  Catherine  Ladd,  b.  June  12,  1844,  Throgg's  Neck,  N.  Y. ;   d.  Nov.  10, 

1895  Brooklyn,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Dr.  William,  son  of  Alexander  and  Eliza 
(McCutchens)   Gilfillan,  b.  May  25,  1834.     No  children. 

1234.  CAROLINE'  BEACH  {same  descent  as  1233)  b.  Dec. 
20,  1801,  Bridgeport,  Ct.;  d.  Apr.  9,  1837,  N.  Y.  C. ;  m.  July  12, 


1825,  in  N.  Y.  C,  Augustin,  son  of  Col.  Perry  and  Dorothy  (Whit- 
tlesey) Averill,  b.  Aug.  30,  1795,  Washington,  Ct. ;  d.  July  9,  1857, 
N.  Y.  C. 

They  had  four  children. 

3021.+LUC7  Carolines  Averill,  b.  June  17,  1826;  d.  July  7,  1856;  m.  William 

3022.     Perry  Beach  Averill,  b.  Feb.  28,  1828;  d.  Oct.  9,  1829,  N.  Y.  City. 
3023. + Joseph  Otis  AveriU,  b.  Oct.  22,  1830;  d.  Sept.  29,  1889;  m.   (1)   Sarah 

Jones;   m.    (2)   Mary  Smith. 
3024.     Augustine  Gurley  Averill,  b.  Oct.  30,  1832 ;  d.  Dec.  17,  1833,  N.  Y.  City. 

1235.  CATHERINE^  BEACH  {same  descent  as  1233)  b. 
Oct.  12,  1805,  Bridgeport,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  3,  1866 ;  m.  Apr.  21,  1825, 
Thomas  Smith,  son  of  Peter  and  Hannah  (Smith)  Underbill,  b. 
Feb.  3,  1803,  Great  Neck,  L.  I. ;  d.  Feb.  17,  1852. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  New  York  City. 

3025.-(-Catherine   Sophiaa   Underhill,   b.   May  20,   1826;    d.   Jan.   22,   1863;    m. 

John  Dixon,  Jr. 
3026.     George   Frederick  Underhill,   b.   Nov.   3,   1833,   d.   May,   1834. 
3027.+Hannah   Smith   Underhill,   b.   Mar.   2,   1835;    m.  William   Eumsey. 

3028.  Augustine  AverHl  Underhill,  b.  Sept.  28,  1836;  d.  Oct.  18,  1854,  N.  Y. 


3029.  CaroUne    Averill    UnderhUl,    b.    Sept.    28,    1836;    d.    Nov.    27,    1897, 

Brooklyn,  N.  Y.;  unm. 

3030.  Emma  Beach  Underhill,  b.  Nov.  1839;  d.  Jan.  22,  1841,  N.  Y.  City. 

3031.  Thomas  Smith  Underhill,  Jr.,  b.  Mar.  12,  1842;  d.  Apr.  30,  1843,  N.  Y. 


1240.  PHILO'  LYON,  JR.  {Hannah  515,  Lijdia  169,  Lemuel 
59,  Ezehiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  24,  1791;  d.  May  7, 
1839;  m.  Oct.  29,  1815,  Lucy,  dau.  of  Peter  and  Marrr  (B^ughton) 
Starr,  b.  July  18,  1796 ;  d.  May  10,  1882. 

They  had  two  children. 

3032.  +  Henry5  Lyon,  b.  Aug.  16,  1816;  d.  Mar.  9,  1841;  m.  Lydia  Disbrow. 
3033.+Mary  Lyon,  b.  Jan.  26,  1821;   d.  Apr.  2,  1889;  m.  Ira  Morse. 

1241.  ISAAC  BEACH^  LYON  {same  descent  as  1240)  b. 
Apr.  24,  1796,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  July  4,  1837,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m. 
Julia  Hibbard. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

3034.4-Philo    L8.    Lyon,    b.    Nov.    31,    1826;    d.    June    27,    1896;    m.    Maria 


3035.+JuHa   Lyon,   b.   June   8,    1833;    d.   Mar.   20,   1889;    m.   Uriah  MiUiman. 

3036.  John  Beach  1.yon,  b.  Nov.  8,  1836;  m.  EUen  Moon. 

1245.  REV.  LEMUEL  BEACH^  HULL  {Eunice  516,  Lydia 
169,  Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Apr.  10,  1792;  d. 
Oct.  22,  1843,  Milwaukee,  Wis.;  m.  Oct.  18,  1824,  Polly,  dau.  of 
Nathaniel  and  Hannah  (White)  Waterbury,  b.  Apr.  9,  1800, 
Darien,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  1,  1881,  Milwaukee,  Wis. 

They  had  three  children. 

3037.  Eleanor  Susans   Hull,  b.  July   13,   1825;   d.  Jan.  27,  1875;   unm. 

3038.  Hannah  White  Hull,  b.  March  27,  1827;  d.  Sept.  6,  1843. 

3039. + John  Beach  Hull,  b.  Sept.  17,  1828;  d.  Mar.  17,  1891;  m.  Ellen  Sabin. 

1247.  SETH'  HULL  {same  descent  as  1245)  b.  July  13, 
1796;  d.  April,  1835,  Beardstown,  111.;  m.  May  22,  1823,  Nabby 

They  had  one  child. 

3040.  HenryS  Hull,  married  and  had  a  family. 

1249.  LYDIA'  BEACH  {Isaac  517,  Lijdia  169,  Lemuel  59, 
Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Feb.  27,  1800,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d. 
May  3,  1871 ;  m.  Mar.  28,  1822,  at  Redding,  Ct.,  James  Roger,  son 
of  Joseph  and  Chloe  (Rogers)  Hawley,  b.  Sept.  18,  1797;  d.  Aug. 
29,  1876. 

They  had  two  children. 

3041.  Isaac  Beachs  Hawley,  b.  Mar.  7,  1823 ;  d.  Dec.  8,  1853 ;  m.  Feb.  27,  1848, 

Maria,  dau.  of  James  and  Elizabeth  Anderson,  b.  Feb.   14,   1832. 

3042.  Julia  Amelia  Hawley,  b.  Dec.  11,  1824;  m.  Feb.  10,  1847,  Geo.  H.  Chase, 

b.   July  5,   1815;    d.  Mar.   24,   1885. 

1250.  CHARLES'  BEACH  {sayne  descent  as  1249)  b.  Nov. 
27,  1801,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  14,  1864,  Danbury,  Ct. ;  m.  Nov. 
20,  1832,  at  Danbury,  Ct.,  Lucy,  dau.  of  Bliakim  and  Polly  Peck, 
b.  Aug.  29,  1804,  Danbury,  Ct. ;  d.  May  31,  1856,  Danbury,  Ct. 

They  had  three  children. 

3043.  Mary  Pecks  Beach,  b.  Aug.  14,  1833,  Redding  Ridge,  Ct.;   d.  June  12, 

1838,  Redding  Ridge,  Ct. 

3044.  Sarah  Louisa  Beach,  b.  Aug.  4,  183.5,  Redding  Ridge,  Ct.;  m.  June  6, 

1872,  at  Danbury,  Ct.,  Edward  Eli,  son  of  Ira  and  Clarissa  Barnum, 
b.  Feb.  6,  1824,  N.  Y.  City;  d.  June  24,  1893,  Brooklyn,  N.  Y.  No 

3045.  Julia   Hill   Beach,   b.    Sept.    24,    1840,   Danbury,   Ct.;    d.    Feb.   7,    1842, 

Danbury,  Ct. 


1253.  ISAAC"  BEACH,  JR.  {same  descent  as  1249)  b.  July 
14,  1808,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  July  10,  1862,  Forrestport,  N.  T. ;  m. 
Nov.  1,  1840,  at  Redding,  Ct.,  Mary  Rebecca,  dau.  of  James  and 
Parthenia  (Seeley)  Winton,  b.  Apr.  6,  1821,  Bridgeport,  Ct. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  except  WiUiam  and  Emily  born 
at  Remsen,  N.  Y. 

3046.     William  Henrys  Beach,  b.  Nov.  23,  1841,  Eedding,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  15,  1873, 

Greenbush,   Mich.;    m.   Oct.   13,   1869,  Margaret  Jane  Ballantine. 
3047.+Emily  Parthenia  Beach,  b.  Apr.  6,  1843;  m.  Marcus  Jolley. 

3048.  Charles   Winton   Beach,   b.    Oct.    20,   1845;   m.   Jan.    15,   1889,   Frances 

Agnes,  dau.  of  John  B.  and  Clarina  (Middlebrook)  Wilson,  b.  Easton, 
Ct.     No  children. 

3049.  Aaron    Somers   Beach,   b.   Apr.   30,   1847;    unm. 
3050.+Isaac  Hill  Beach,  b.   Oct.   18,   1851;   m.  Virginia  Grimm. 
3051.+Mary  Lucy  Beach,  b.  Mar.  8,  1856;  m.  ArUngton  Lewis. 
3052.+Lydia  Julia  Maria  Beach,  b.  June  22,  1857;  m.   (1)   James  Neelands; 

m.   (2)   Edward  Meaker. 

1254.  JULIA'  SANFORD  {Lemuel  519,  Lemuel  170,  Lem- 
uel 59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezehiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Sept.  7,  1797;  d.  June  8, 
1858 ;  m.  Feb.  24,  1817,  Rev.  Thomas  F.  Davies,  b.  Aug.  23,  1793 ; 
d.  Feb.  16,  1865. 

They  had  four  children. 

3053.+Mary  Sanfords  Davies,  b.  Oct.  6,  1818;  d.  Dec.  23,  1890;  m.  Ebenezer 

3054.  Julia  Sanford  Davies,  b.  Mar.  29,  1821,  New  Haven,  Ct.;   d.  Sept.  13, 

1846,  New  Haven,  Ct. ;  unm. 

3055.  +  Lemuel  Sanford  Davies,  b.  Feb.  2S,  1823;   d.  June  14,  1897;  m.  Stella 


3056.  +  Thoma3  Frederick  Davies,  b.  Aug.  31,  1831;  d.  Nov.  9,  1905;  m.  Mary 


1255.  MARY  HERON'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1254) 
h.  Apr.  21,  1801,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  June  4,  1832,  Ridgefield,  Ct. ; 
m.  Oct.  10,  1821,  Dr.  Nehemiah  Perry,  of  Ridgefield,  Ct. 

They  had  five  children. 

3057.  Lucys  Perry,  b.  1823;   d.  1841. 

3058.  Sarah    Perry,    b.    1825;    m.    Dec.    15,    1869,    Hon.    Henry    Euggles,    of 

Norwich,  Ct. 
3059.+Nehemiah  Perry,  Jr.,  b.  Feb.  12,  1827;  m.  Emily  Jennings. 
3060.    "Lemuel  Perry,  b.  July  15,  1830;  d.  May  11,  1832. 
3061.+Samuel  Perry,  b.  Mar.  22,  1832;   d.  1874;  m.  Lucy  Osborn. 


1260.  LEIVrUEL^  SANFORD  {Jonathan  523,  Lemuel  170, 
Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  TJwmas  1)  b.  Sept.  18,  1816,  Red- 
ding Center,  Ct. ;  d.  June  19,  1890,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  m.  Jan.  13, 
18-47,  Abby  Maria,  dau.  of  Bradley  and  Betsey  Hill,  d.  Jan.  25, 

Following  closely  in  the  footsteps  of  Ms  father  and  grandfather, 
he  became  in  his  early  manhood  deeply  interested  in  the  affairs  of 
his  native  town.  Under  the  personal. instruction  of  his  uncle,  Rev. 
Jonathan  Bartlett,  he  acquired  a  fine  classical  education,  and  early 
in  life  developed  a  taste  and  talent  for  legal  studies,  which  continued 
all  through  his  life.  His  habits  of  close  investigation  into  any  ease 
that  came  to  his  notice  gave  him  the  enviable  record  of  never  having 
a  decision  given  by  him  reversed,  when  the  cases  were  caT-ried  into 
the  higher  courts.  During  the  time  his  father  was  Probate  Judge, 
he  filled  the  office  of  Probate  Clerk,  and  on  the  retirement  of  his 
father,  he  was  elected  to  succeed  him,  and,  with  the  exception  of  one 
year,  continued  to  hold  the  office  until  he  also  reached  the  age  of 
retirement.  In  1847,  he  represented  the  Eleventh  Senatorial  Dis- 
trict in  the  State  Senate  to  the  entire  satisfaction  of  his  consti- 
tuency, being  at  that  time  the  youngest  member  of  the  Senate.  He 
was  also  an  honorary  member  of  the  Fairfield  Historical  Society. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  bom  in  Redding  Center,  Ct. 
3062.+Mar7  Eussells,  b.  Oct.  2,  1848;  d.  Dec.  9,  1895;  m.  Henry  Osborn. 

3063.  Sarah   EUzabeth,  b.  Jan.   15,   1852;   unm.;   res.  Bedding  Center,   Ct. 

3064.  +  Abbie  Bartlett,  b.  Dec.  21,  1854 ;.in.  Eev.  William  Hague. 

3065.  Martha. Hill,  b.   Oct.   17,   1856;    m.  June   15,   1898,   Henry   S.   Osborn. 

No  children.     Res.  Bedding  Bidge,  Ct. 
3066.-I- Alice  Amanda,  b.  Nov.  28,  1858;  m.  WilUam  HiU. 
3067.  +  Gertrude  Lucretia,  b.  Oct.  11,  1860;  m.  Lee  Eandle. 
3068. -I- Jonathan  Bartlett,  b.  Oct.  25,  1862;  m.  Edith  Dayton. 

1261.  JONATHAN  RUSSELL^  SANFORD  {same  descent 
as  1260)  b.  Oct.  25,  1819,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  28,  1897, 
Redding,  Ct. ;  m.  May  16,  1847,  Clarissa,  dau.  of  Dea.  Samael  Read, 
d.  Mar.  18,  1889,  ag.  60. 

He  represented  his  town  in  the  Connecticut  General  Assembly 
in  1854,  1870,  1874,  and  was  Senator  from  the  Eleventh  District 
in  1878-79.  He  also  held  many  town  offices,  was  high  in  his  party 
councils,  and  was  often  appointed  to  appraise  and  administer 

They  had  one  child. 

3069.     Hannah  Marias,  b.  Apr.  15,  1851;  d.  suddenly  ag.  25. 


1262.  THOMAS^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1260)  b. 
Sept.  27,  1823,  Redding  Center,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  1,  1890,  New  Haven, 
Ct. ;  m.  Sept,  15,  1863,  Charlotte  A.  Hewitt,  b.  Sept.  10,  1836,  Lee, 
Mass.    Res.,  New  Haven,  Ct. 

Mr.  Sanford  was  one  of  the  best  known  Democratic  politicians 
of  Connecticut.  He  was  considerably  over  six  feet  in  height  and 
was  often  called  "Long  Tom  Sanford."  In  personal  appearance 
he  bore  a  marked  resemblance  to  Abraham  Lincoln  and  had  many 
of  his  characteristics.  He  was  greatly  esteemed  throughout  the 
state  by  men  of  both  parties,  and  probably  no  public  man  in 
Connecticut  possessed  a  wider  personal  acquaintance  or  a  more 
numerous  circle  of  personal  friends,  who  loved  him  for  excellent 
qualities  of  mind  and  heart. 

He  was  at  all  times  a  patriotic  citizen,  a  strong  friend  of  the 
government  in  its  successful  efforts  to  preserve  the  union ;  clear 
headed,  always  standing  by  the  right,  never  flinching  or  com- 
promising, or  yielding  his  convictions  of  duty  and  justice.  In 
1850,  he  was  appointed  Deputy  Sheriff,  which  oflSee  he  held  for 
six  years.  In  1860,  elected  Sheriff  of  the  County  and  for  three 
years  filled  the  position  to  the  satisfaction  of  his  constituents,  but 
declined  a  renomination.  He  served  in  the  State  Legislature  in 
1856  and  1877,  and  at  various  times  served  on  important  state 
commissions  appointed  by  the  Grovemor.  He  had  a  public  and 
private  record  most  honorable  in  all  respects,  was  a  just  and  honest 
man,  a  kind  and  generous  gentleman,  a  warm,  courteous  and 
steadfast  friend. 

They  had  two  children,  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

3079.  Thomas  Fredericks,  b.  Dec.  8,  1864;   umn.     Mr.  Sanford  was  educated 

at  the  Hopkins  Grajnmar  School  and  Tale  College.  He  has  since 
taught  in  Yale  College,  Northwestern  University  at  Evanston,  111., 
and  since  1893  has  been  instructor  and  Professor  in  the  University 
of  California,  Berkley,  Cal. 

3080.  Mary  Avery,  b.  Nov.  28,  1876.     Ees.  New  Haven,  Ct. 

1264.  EZEKIBL  SANFORD"  DREW  {Mollie  528,  Ezekiel 
171,  Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Oct.  13,  1803, 
.Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  1875,  Bristol,  Wis.;  m.  Minerva,  dau.  of  Philo  and 
Polly  (Fairchild)  Bamum,  b.  1803,  Bethel,  Ct.  She  was  a  half- 
sister  of  P.  T.  Bamum,  the  sho^vman.  They  removed  to  Hornells- 
ville,  N.  Y.,  and  later  to  Bristol,  Wis. 
They  had  seven  children. . 

No.  1263 


30S1.  Minerva  Jennetts  Drew,  b.  June  23,  1824. 

3082.  Orlando  Drew,   b.  Aug.    17,   1826;    d.   Dec.   1826. 

3083.  Henry  Martin  Drew,  b.  Apr.  17,  1828;  d.  May,  1828. 

3084.  Henry  Martin  Drew,  b.  Nov.  18,  1831;  d.  May,  1832. 

3085.  Mary  Barnum  Drew,  b.  June  6,  1833. 

3086.  Adeline  Drew,  b.  Feb.  28,  1837. 

3087.  Philo  Fairchild  Barnum  Drew,  b.  July  9,  1845. 

1265.  EDWIN  STARR'  DREW  {same  descent  as  1264)  b. 
Apr.  10,  1804,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  10,  1886,  Orange,  N.  J.;  m. 
Feb.  1,  1832,  Perraelia  Rockwell,  b.  July  7,  1779,  Weston,  Ct. ;  d. 
Mar.  23,  1872,  Bethel,  Ct. 

They  had  five  children,  all  born  in  Wilton,  Ct. 

30S8.+Laura  JaneS  Drew,  b.  Oct.  19,  1832;  d.  June  5,  1862;  m.  Henry  Durant. 
3089.+William  Henry  Drew,  b.  Feb.  IS,  1834;  d.  July  9,  1906;  m.  Katherine 

3090.+Charle9   James   Drew,   b.   June   15,    1836;    m.   Emma  Bouton. 
3091.     Huldah  Ann  Drew,  b.  Sept.  30,  1838;  unm.;  res..  Orange,  N.  J. 
3092.+Robert  Newton  Drew,  b.  June  15,  1843;  m.  Kate  Hannon. 

1266.  ABBEY'  DREW  {same  descent  as  1264)  b.  Apr.  26, 
1809,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  July  25,  1870;  m.  Oct.  25,  1827,  Backus 
Culver,  pf  Pine  Plains,  N.  Y. 

They  had  nine  children,  all  bom  in  Pine  Plains,  N.  Y. 

3093. + Joshuas  Culver,  b.  June  9,  1829;  d.  1868;  m.  Jerusha  Bostwick. 

3094.  Mary  D.  Culver,  b.  Nov.  17,  1830;  d.  Apr.  15,  1848,  Pine  Plains,  N.  T. 

3095.  Laura  J.  Culver,  b.  Sept.  30,  1832;  d.  May  15,  1887,  Providence,  R.  I.; 

m.   Barney  Bartram.     {See  1460.) 

3096.  Sanford  H.  Culver,  b.  Sept.  7,  1836;  d.  Apr.  29,  1840,  Pine  Plains,  N.  T. 
3097.+Walter  Backus  Culver,  b.  May  7,  1837;  m.  Harriet  Mygatt. 

3098.  Dudley  G.  Culver,  b.  Feb.  26,  1839;  m.  Apr.  30,  1871,  EUzabeth  Dailey, 

of  New  York.     No  children. 

3099.  Lavinia  Culver,  b.  Jan.  8,  1842;  m.  Oct.  30,  1867,  William  Henry,  son 

of  William  S.  and  Jane  (Reynolds)   Bartlett,  b.  Feb.  14,  1839.     No 
children.     Res.   Amenia,   N.   Y. 

3100.  Phebe  M.  Culver,  b.  July  29,   1844;    d.  May  6,  1874,  N.  Y.  City;   m. 

Jan.    8,    1868,   Sheron   J.    Paine   of   New  York.     No   children. 

3101.  Henry  B.  Culver,  b.  Aug.  16,  1846;  d.  Oct.  6,  1855,  Pine  Plains,  N.  Y. 

1270.  DUDLEY  SANFORD"  GREGORY  {AbigaU  531, 
Ezekiel  171,  Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  TJiomas  1)  b.  Feb.  5, 
1800,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  1874,  Jersey  City,  N.  J. ;  m.  Sept.  10, 
1822,  Ann  Maria  Lyon,  b.  Apr.  19,  1805,  Albany,  N.  Y. ;  d.  May 
18,  1871,  Jersey  City,  N.  J. 


Mr.  Gregory  was  Mayor  of  Jersey  City  and  quite  prominent 
in  the  affairs  of  that  city  for  many  years. 

They  had  fourteen  children,  the  last  eight  all  born  m  Jersey 
City,  N.  J. 

3102.     Carolines  Gregory,  b.  June  12,  1823,  Albany,  N.  T.;   d.  Oct.  17,  1824, 

Albany,  N.  T. 
3103.+Mary  Louisa  Gregory,   b.   Apr.   28,   1825,  Albany,  N.  Y.;    d.   Feb.  19, 

1885;   m.   Josiah  Gautier. 
3104.+Clarissa  Bartlett  Gregory,  b.  July  22,  1826,  N.  Y.  City;  d.  Jan.  9,  1887; 

m.  CorneUus  Sutton. 

3105.  +  George  Washington  Gregory,  b.  Nov.  23,  1827,  N.  Y.  City;  d.  May  17, 

1864;  m.  Margaret  Henderson. 

3106.  Joseph  Gregory,  b.  Oct.  3,  1829,  Jersey  City,  N.  J.;   d.  Mar.  18,  1832, 

N.  Y.  CUy. 
3107.+Dudley  Sanford  Gregory,  Jr.,  b.  Aug.  28,  1831,  N.  Y.  City;  d.  Feb.  15, 

1886;  m.  Rebecca  Olney. 
3108.     Ann  Eliza  Gregory,  b.  Dec.  29,  1832;  d.  July  3,  1839,  Jersey  City,  N.  J. 
3109. +Ann  Maria  Gregory,  b.  July  6,  1834;  m.  George  Clark. 
3110.+ Walter  Gregory,  b.  Dec.  27,  1835;   d.  July  30,  1870;  m.  Emily  James. 
Slll.+Charles  Edward   Gregory,  b.   Nov.   15,   1837;    m.    (1)    Alice  Maury;   m. 

(2)    Fanny  Sims. 

3112.  Benjamin  Gregory,  b.  Sept.  26,  1839;   d.  Feb.   19,  1885,  N.  Y.   City; 

m.  (1)  May  23,  1864,  Fanny  Neville  Ellmaker,  b.  June  12,  1845;  m. 
(2)    widow  Smith.     No  children. 

3113.  Laura  Drew  Gregory,  Nov.  9,  1840;   d.  Nov.  26,   1840,  Jersey  City. 

3114.  + Archibald    Mclntyre    Gregory,   b.   Dec.    8,    1842;    d.   June   4,   1874,   m. 

Kate  Worthington. 
3115.+David  Henderson  Gregory,  b.  Oct.  27,  1844;  m.  Emily  RandaU. 

1271.  WALTERS  GREGORY  {sa7ne  descent  as  1270)  b. 
Jan.  28,  1803,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  21,  1857;  m.  (1)  Amanda  M. 

Kelly,  d   July  12,  1864,  Philadelphia,  Pa. ;  m.  (2)  Vander- 

heyden,  of  Albany,  N.  Y.    They  resided  in  Cincinnati,  0. 

He  had  one  child  by  first  and  three  by  second  marriage. 

3116.  Benjamins    Gregory,   deceased.     No   descendants. 

3117.  Dudley  Gregory,   d.  in  Cornwall,  N.  Y. ;    unm. 

3118.+Walter   Hanson  Gregory,  b.  in  Cincinnati,   Ohio;    d.   Sept.  2,   1881;   m. 

Louise    Rogers. 
3119.     Landon  Rives  Gregory,  b.  in  Cincinnati,  Ohio;  d.  in  Jersey  City,  N.  J.; 


12T2.  BENJAMIN  PITT^  GREGORY  {same  de-^cenl  as 
1270)  b.  Mar.  12,  1805,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  23,  1848,  Jersey  City, 
N.  J. ;  m.  Aug.  1834,  Ann  Maria  Schafer,  b.  Jan.  12,  1812,  Balti- 
more, Md. ;  d.  Nov.  17,  1876,  Morristown,  N.  J. 


They  had  eight  children,  the  first  four  all  bom  in  Albany, 
N.  T. 

3120. + Annas  Gregory,  b.  Aug.  24,  1835;  m.  Theodore  Van  Zandt. 
3121.+Clara  Catlin  Gregory,  b.  Dec.  16,  1836;  m.  James  Dayton. 
3122.     Mathew  Gregory,  b.  1839;   d.  in  infancy. 

3123.+Mathew   Sanford  Gregory,  b.   Apr.   13,   1841;    d.   Dec.    1903;    m.  Mary 

3124.  James  Telegraph   Gregory,  b.  June  7,   1843,  Mobile   River,  Ala.;    unm. 

Is  now  Postmaster  in  Redding,  Ct. 

3125.  Emma  Gregory,  July  11,  1845,  Albany,  N.  Y.;   d    Apr.  1,  1893,  N.  T. 

City;   m.  John  A.   Stow,  of  N.  Y.  City.     No  children. 

3126.  Frances  Gregory,  b.  July  11,  1845,  Albany,  N.  Y. ;  d.  July  11,  1845. 

3127.  Elliot  Benjamin  Gregory,  b.  1847,  Jersey  City,  N.  J.;   d.   1848,  Jersey 

City,  N.  J. 

1273.  CLARA  BARTLETT^  GREGORY  {same  descent  as 
1270)  b.  Sept.  16,  1807,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  July  28,  1845,  Paris, 
France;  m.  May  9,  1828,  George  Catlin,  b.  July  26,  1796,  Great- 
bend,  Pa. ;  d.  Dec.  25,  1872,  Jersey  City,  N.  J. 

They  had  four  children. 

3128.  Elizabeth   Wings    Catlin,    b.    Nov.    22,    1837,    N.    Y.    City;    unm.     Res. 

N.  Y.  City. 

3129.  Clara  CatUn,  b.  Dec.  10,  1839,  Jersey  City,  N.  J.;  d.  Dec.  18,  1895,  Lake- 

wood,  N.  J. 
3130.+Louise  Catlin,  b.  Aug.  14,  1841,  m.  Ernest  Kinney. 
3131.     George  Catlin,  b.  1843,  Manchester,  Eng.;  d.  1847,  Paris,  France. 

1:274.  JAMES  GILBERT^  GREGORY  {same  descent  as 
1270),  b.  Feb.  13,  1811,  Albany,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Oct.  7,  1865;  m.  Eliza 

One  child  was 

3132.  Elliot^    Gregory,    portrait    painter   and   writer.     A   daughter   of   James 

G.  Gregory  married  Demming  Jarvis,  of  Detroit,  Mich. 

1275.  WILLIAM  S.'  BARTLETT  {Clarissa  532,  Ezekiel  171, 
Lemuel  59,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1),\).  Jan.  23,  1809  ;  d.  Nov. 
6,  1881;  m.  Oct.  16,  1830,  Jane  E.  Reynolds,  d.  June  1.  1881. 

They  had  four  children. 

3133.  Jonathan  Rs.  Bartlett,  b.  July  15,  1831;   d.  Sept.  8,   1872;   m.  Oct.  5, 

1863,  Hannah  L.  Grant.     No  children. 

3134.  Adelaide  Amelia  Bartlett,   b.  Jan.   10,   1836;    d.   Apr.   27,   1838. 

3135.  William  Henry  Bartlett,  b.   Feb.   14,   1839;   m.   Oct.  30,   1867,  Lavinia, 

Plains,  N.  Y.     No  children.     Res.,  Amenia,  N.  Y. 

dau.    of   Backus    and    Abby    (Drew)    Culver,    b.    Jan.    8,    1842,    Pine 



3136.+Sanford  Jarvis  Bartlett,  b.  Dec.  29,  1842;  d.  Sept.  15,  1900;  m.  Mary 

1284.  ESTHERS  SANFORD  {Eli  546,  Daniel  186,  Samuel 
62,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  15,  1787;  d.  1867,  Red- 
ding, Ct. ;  m.  David  Perry. 

They  lived  in  Redding,  Ct. 
They  had  two  children. 

3137.  Andrews  S.s  Perry,  d.  unm.     Res.  in  West  Redding,  Ct. 

3138.  David  Perry,  m.  Lydia  .     Res.  in  Batavia,  N.  T. 

descent  as  1284)  b.  Dec.  11,  1795;  d.  Jan.  17,  1872,  Redding,  Ct. 
Buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery.  "Hope  softly  whispers,  we  shall 
meet  again."  m.  (1)  Nov.  17,  1822,  Elizabeth  Hanford,  of  Norwalk, 
Ct.,  b.  1799;  d.  June  26,  1839.     Buried  in  Umpawaug  Cemetery. 

"Dear  friends,  I've  bid  you  all  adieu. 

Sweet  little  babe,  husband  too, 

But  as  you  leave  this  grave  of  mine, 

Pray  do  not  think  you're  far  behind." 
m.   (2)   Sarah  Merwin,  of  Easton,  Ct.,  b.  1798;  d.  May  31,  1884. 
Buried  in  Umpawaug. 

He  had  two  children  by  first  and  one  by  second  marriage. 

3139.  Ann  Marias,  b.   1829;   m.    (1)    Oct.   16,  1848,  Edwin  Godfrey,  b.  1818, 

Weston,   Ct.     Res.   in   Redding,   Ct. 

3140.  EU,  b.  1839;  d.  Jan.  23,  1852,  Redding,  Ct. 

3141.  George  H.,  m.  Margaret  .     He  conducted  a  millinery  establish- 

ment in  N.  T.  City  in  the  50 's  and  60 's. 

1289.  JEREMIAH'  SANFORD  {Elias  548,  Seth  187,  Sam- 
uel 62,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Dec.  15,  1787,  Redding, 
Ct.:  d.  Jan.  7,  1814,  Danbury  (?),  Ct. ;  m.  Apr.  11,  1813,  Martha 
Barnum,  of  Danbury,  Ct.,  b.  Aug.  23,  1793 ;  d.  Jan.  10,  1874,  Corn- 
waU,  Ct. 

They  had  one  child. 

3142.+ Julia  Ann^,  b.  Aug.  26,  1814;  d.  June  12,  1906;  m.  Seymour  Johnson. 

1290.  REBEKAH^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1289)  b. 
b.  Aug.  10,  1789,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  9,  1869,  Bethel,  N.  Y. ; 
m.  Feb.  15,  1815,  Montgomery,  son  of  James  Fulton,  b.  May  8,  1790, 
Burlingham,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Jan.  16,  1870,  Bethel,  N.  Y. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Fulton  Settlement,  N.  Y. 


3143.  Phebe  Marias  Fulton,  b.  Jan.  3,  1816;  d.  Sept.  11,  1864,  Eulton  Settle- 

ment, N.  Y. ;  unm. 

3144.  +  Hiram   Sanford   Fulton,  b.   May  6,   1818;    d.   Feb.   3,   1871;    m.   Maria 

3145. + Julia   Sanford   Fulton,   b.   June   22,    1820;    d.   Feb.    18,   1893;    m.   John 

1291.  HIRAM^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1289)  b.  Apr. 
21,  1794  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  10,  1855,  Liberty,  N.  Y. ;  m. 
Sept.  4,  1817,  Phebe  Warren,  b.  Norwalk,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  29, 
1872,  Liberty,  N.  Y.  On  the  24th  day  of  January,  1848,  a 
meeting  was  held  at  the  Sanford  Homestead  in  Fulton  Settlement, 
and  Hiram  Sanford,  the  oldest  man  present,  was  requested  to  act 
as  chairman  of  the  meeting.  The  name  Stevensville  was  suggested 
by  Mr.  Sanford  as  the  name  of  the  new  village  and  postoffice  about 
to  be  created,  and  was  unanimously  approved  by  the  meeting.  Mr. 
Sanford  was  appointed  Postmaster  by  the  Postmaster  General, 
Johnson,  and  held  the  position  until  the  Whigs  came  into  power 
after  the  election  of  Gen.  Taylor.  He  was  again  appointed  after 
Pierce  became  President,  but  died  the  next  year.  {Quinlan's  His- 
tory of  Sullivan  Co.,  N.  Y.)     He  served  in  the  War  of  1812. 

They  had  five  children,  all  except  James  born  in  Liberty,  N.  Y. 

3146.  Georges,  d.  in  infancy. 

3147.  +  Elias  Warren,  b.  Jan.   29,   1821;    d.  Oct.   5,   1900;    m.  Mary  Horton. 

3148.  Frances  Jane,  b.  Feb.  13,   1823;   d.  July  20,   1894,  Norwalk,  Ct. ;   unm. 
3149.+ James   Harvey,   b.   Jan.   22,    1827,   N.   Y.   City;    d.   Feb.   23,   1864;   m. 

Sarah  Clark. 

3150.  +  Phebe  Maria,  b.   June  30,   1831;   m.   Lewis  Reed. 

1294.  PHILO^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1289)  b.  June 
10,  1797,  Bethel,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Sept.  24,  1866,  Bethel,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Jan. 
23,  1820,  Hannah,  dau.  of  Capt.  James  Warren,  d.  Apr  1,  1875, 
Stevensville,  N.  Y.,  ag.  75  years,  9  mos.  18  days. 

Mr.  Sanford  left  Redding  in  April,  1813,  with  his  father  and 
family  and  settled  in  Bethel,  N.  Y.  After  his  father's  death  he 
came  into  possession  of  the  homestead,  where  he  resided  the 
remainder  of  his  life.  He  was  commissioned  by  Gov.  William  L. 
Marcy,  First  Lieut,  in  the  2nd  Reg.  N.  Y.  Cav. 

They  had  seven  children,  all  born  in  Stevensville,  N   Y. 

3151.  Mary  Elizabeths,  Oct.  19,  1820;   d.  Sept.  29,  1907,  Stevensville,  N.  Y.; 

3152.+ James  Warren,  b.  July  31,  1823;  m.  Phoebe  Comfort. 
3153.     George  Selleck,  b.  Nov.   10,  1827;   d.  Jan.  8,  1828. 


3154.  +  George  Selleck,  b.  Nov.  28,  1828;  d.  Dec.  6,  1897;  m.  Sarah  Decker. 

3155.  +  Hannah  Maria,  b.  July  13,   1832;    d.  Nov.  8,  1885;   m.   Edwin   Sleath. 

3156.  Jane  Ann,  b.  March  4,  1835. 

3157. + William  Henry,  b.  Aug.  21,  1838;   d.  Sept.  6,  1903;   m.  Romette  Bull. 

1296.  HUDSON^  SANFORD  {Joel  550,  Seth  187,  Samuel  62, 
Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Aug.  18,  1789,  Reding,  Ct. ;  d. 
Aug.  31,  1824,  N.  Y.  C;  buried  there;  m.  Jan.  12,  1811,  Betsey 
Little,  b.  Mar.  17,  1789,  N.  Y.  C. ;  d.  1884,  Bartlett,  111.  Mr.  San- 
ford  was  a  marble  letterer  in  N.  Y.  C.  Enlisted  in  the  War  of  1812. 
His  children  were  mentioned  in  the  will  of  his  uncle  Ebenezer 

They  had  six  children. 

3158.+Joel  Barlows,  b.  Nov.  24,  1811;   d.  July  27,   1889;   m.  Lucy  Bartram. 
31o9.+EIiza,  b.  Oct.  7,   1813;   d.  Oct.  13,  1903;  m.  Henry  Munroe. 

3160.  William  L.,  b.  Jan.  1,  1816;  d.  Sept.  4,  1816. 

3161.  +  Thomas  Little,  b.  July  16,  1817;  d.  Apr.  12,  1897;  m.  Delia  Bouton. 

3162.  John  L.,  b.  Jan.  14,  1820;   d.  Sept.  19,  1821. 
3163.+Wmiam  Henry,  b.  July  23,  1823;   d.  Apr.  20,  1894. 

1300.  ELIAS  STARRS  SANFORD  {Elijah  551,  Seth  187, 
Samuel  62,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  June  2,  1794,  Dan- 
bury,  Ct. :  d.  Jan.  8,  1865,  Danbury,  Ct. ;  m.  Feb.  25,  1816,  Elizabeth 
Wilcox,  b.  Mar.  14,  1794,  Killingworth,  Ct. ;  d.  Feb.  25,  1869  Mr. 
Sanford  was  a  manufacturer  of  shoes. 

They  had  four  children. 

3164.-|-Edward  WilcoxS,  b.  Jan.  6,  1817;  d.  Sept.  24,  1884;  m.  Martha  Clapp. 

3165.     John  W.,  b.  Sept.  29,   1819;   d.  Aug.  7,  1824,  Danbury,  Ct. 

3 166. -I- Charles    Huntington,    b.    Mar.   14,    1826;    d.    Apr.    20,    1886;    m.    Mary 

3167.+Frederick  E.,  b.   Dec.   17,  1827;   d.  Aug.   2,  1893;   m.  Emily  BaU. 

1302.  FREDERICK  BURR^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as 
1300)  b.  Apr.  25,  1805,  Danbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  27,  1879,  Elyria,  0. ; 
m.  May  6,  1830,  in  Weston,  Ct.,  Eveline,  dau.  of  Aaron  and  Abigail 
(Starr) ^Nichols,  b.  Nov.  27,  1806,  Danbury,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  1,  18C4, 
Elyria,  0.  At  the  age  of  seventeen  he  went  to  Newbern,  N.,  C, 
where  he  remained  for  five  winters. 

After  his  marriage  he  lived  a  few  years  in  Danbury,  Ct. 
Leaving  here  with  his  wife  and  six  small  children  he  went  to  the 
new  town  of  Elyria,  0.  It  took  a  week  to  make  this  trip,  which 
is  now  made  in  less  than  twenty-four  hours.     Going  to  Bridgeport 

No.   1302 


by  stage  they  went  to  New  York  by  boat  and  reached  Buffalo  by 
the  Erie  Canal.  Lake  Erie's  waters  conveyed  them  to  Cleveland, 
from  whence  a  stage  ride  over  twenty-five  miles  of  rough  road 
brought  them  to  Elyria.  Here  he  engaged  in  a  general  merchan- 
dising business.  He  was  a  true,  reliable  man;  a  member  of  the 
Congregational  Church  and  greatly  beloved.  He  was  distinguished 
for  dry  humor,  his  witty  sayings  being  yet  often  quoted  by  his 

Eveline  Nichols  Sanford,  wife  of  Frederick  Burr  Sanford, 
was  a  woman  of  rare  gifts,  endowed  with  an  amount  of  energy  anH 
executive  ability  little  proportionate  to  her  size.  She  was  a  bru- 
nette, small  of  stature.  Very  active  in  Church  work,  a  friend  to 
the  poor,  a  sister  of  mercy  to  the  sick  and  afflicted.  For  a  number 
of  years,  an  invalid,  her  patience  and  sweetness  in  illn-^ss  made 
her  room  a  happy  gathering  place  for  all  the  household. 

They  had  six  children,  all  except  Elias  bom  in  Danbury,  Ct. 

3168.     Elizabeth  Milbanks,  b.   — ,   1832;    d.  May   19,    1907;    unm. 

3169.+Elias  Frederick,   b.  ,  1834,  Westport,  Ct.,  m.  Emma  Wooster. 

3170.  Amanda  Seeley,  b.  ,  1836;   unm. 

3171.  Helen  Amelia,  b.  ,  1838;   d.  Sept.   17,  1869;   unm. 

3172.  +  Theodore  Starr,  b.  Apr.   10,   1839;   m.  Arabella  Fenton. 

3173.  Frances  Hamilton,  b.  1841;  m.  Feb.  19,  1873,  Elyria,  Ohio,  Thomas  L. 

Nelson,  b.  Jan.  11,  1823,  Lyme,  N.  H.;  d.  Feb.  21,  1891,  Clifton 
Springs;  buried  in  Elyria,  Ohio.  No  children.  Her  res.,  Elyria, 
Ohio.  He  was  a  prominent  merchant  and  banker.  He  organized 
the  Savings  Deposit  Bank  at  Elyria,  of  which  he  was  chief  stock 
holder  and  President  up  to  his  death.  He  was  a  man  of  unstained 
integrity,  honored  and  respected. 

1303.  HARRIET"  SANFORD  {Samuel  552,  Seth  187,  Sam- 
uel 62,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Mar.  26,  1798 ;  d.  May  16, 
1^49;  m.  Jan.  27,  1822,  Noah  Pierson,  b.  Jan.  30,  1795;  d.  Jan.  23, 
1885.  Mrs.  Pierson 's  uncle  Ebenezer  Sanford  was  appointed  her 
guardian  ]Mar.  4,  1812. 

They  had  twelve  children. 

3174.-1- Ebenezer   Sanfords   Pierson,  b.   Sept.   20,   1822;    d.  Apr.    10,    1902;    m. 
Harriet    Griswold. 

3175.  Mary  E.  Pierson,  b.  Apr.  21,  1824;  d.  Aug.  19,  1895;  m.  Nov.  23,  1848, 

Eri  Chamberlain. 

3176.  John  Thomas  Pierson,  b.  Oct.  28,  1825;  d.  May  25,  1890;  m.  Nov.  26, 

1850,  Martha  Young.     Res.  Walton,  N.  Y. 

3177.  Samuel    G.    Pierson,    b.    May    17,    1827;    d.    Oct.    12,    1846    (drowned). 

3178.  Sarah   C.   Pierson,  b.   Apr.   4,   1829;    d.   Mar.   3,   1830. 


3179.  Sarah   C.   Pierson,   b.   Dec.    11,   1830;    d.   Apr.   15,   1906;    m.   May     14, 

1S60,  James  W.  Smith. 

3180.  Noah  B.  Pierson,  b.  Jan.   14,  1833;   d.  Sept.  19,  1862.     Killed  in  the 

Battle   of   Cedar   Mountain. 

3181.  Esther  C.   Pierson,  b.   Sept.   27,   1835;    d.   Sept.   6,   1869;    m.  Nov.   23, 

1854,  John  Bnindage. 

3182.  Alfred  R.  Pierson,  b.  Aug.  31,  1837.     Killed  at  Cedar  Mountain,  Aug. 

9,   1862. 

3183.  LeGrand  Pierson,  b.  Jan.   17,   1840;    d.  May  11,  1840. 

3184.  Hannah  E.  Pierson,  b.  Apr.  8,  1841;  d.  Feb.  12,  1865. 

3185.  Harriet  A.  Pierson,  b.  Mar.  9,  1843;  d.  Jan.  3,  1892;  m.  Dec.  3,  1873, 

Arthur  McKinney.     Res.   Walden,  N.   Y. 

1304.  GEORGE'  SANFORD   {same  descent  as  1303)   d.  in 

Newark,  N.  J. ;  m. .    He  was  a  minor  when  his  father  died. 

His  uncle  Ebenezer  was  appointed  his  guardian  March  4,  1812. 

They  had  two  children. 

3186.  Samuel*,  d.  unm.  ag.  ab.  30  years.     Was  lost  on  ship-board  while  on 

his  way  to  California  for  gold. 

3187.  Carrie,  m.  Slater. 

1305.  CAROLINE'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1303)  m. 
Nov.  28,  1827,  Daniel,  son  of  Cyrus  and  Esther  (Lee)  Edmcnds, 
b.  Apr.  25,  1806. 

They  had  two  children. 

3188.  Jedediahs   Edmonds. 

3189.  Sarah    Ann    Edmonds,    deceased.      Buried    in    Sanford    Station    Cem. 

m. Mead  of  Branchville,  Ct. 

1306.  LEGRAND'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1303)  b. 
ab.  180S,  Upper  Umpawaug,  Ct. ;  d.  Mar.  7,  1845.  Buried  in 
Umpawaug;  m.  Oct.  14,  1829,  Eliza  Esther,  dau.  of  Cyrus  and 
Esther  (Lee)  Edmonds,  b.  July  11,  1809;  d.  Nov.  23,  187S,  Ridge- 
field,  Ct.  Buried  in  Umpawaug.  Mr.  Sanford 's  estate  was  dis- 
tributed Sept.  3,  1860,  to  widow  and  children.  {Redding  Pro.  Bee, 
Vol.  3,  p.  479.) 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  West  Redding,  Ct. 

3190.  Sarah  E.8,  b.  Dec.  12,  1832;   d.  Mar.  16,  1833. 

3191.4-Ebenezer   Legrand,   b.    May    24,    1834;    d.    Sept.    12,    1872;    m.    Sarah 

Whitehead.  , 

3192. -I- Helen  Augusta,  b.  June  15,  1839;  m.  Minot  Partrick. 

1308.  EBENEZER  BURR'  SANFORD  {Beth  553,  Seth  1S7, 
Samuel  62,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  June  21,  1S06,  Red- 


ding,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  2,  1869,  Ridgefield,  Ct.  Buried  in  Florida  Ceme- 
tery; m.  Nov.  23,  1838,  Sarah  G.,  dau.  of  Thomas  Couch,  b.  Apr.  13, 
1817,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  May  9,  1857,  Ridgefield,  Ct.  Buried  in 
Florida  Cemetery. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Ridgefield,  Ct. 

3193.  +  Seth9,   b.    Sept.    11,    1S40;    m.    Susan   Field. 

3194.  John  H.,  b.  Aug.  19,  1845;  d.  Feb.  19,  1S96,  N.  Y.  City;  unm.     Buried 

in  Eidgefield,  Ct.,   Florida  Cem. 
3195.+Bradley  Williams,  b.  Aug.  11,  1S49;  m.   (1)  Susan  Webb;  m.  (2)  Anna 

1309.  SALLY  MARY'  SAXFORD  {saiiie  descent  as  1308) 
b.  Dec.  30,  1813,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Oct.  3,  1881,  Defiance,  0.;  m. 
June  24,  1838,  Edwin  F.  Wheeler,  of  Phelps,  N.  Y. 

They  had  three  children. 

3196.  Sanfords  Wheeler. 

3197.  Dewitt  Wheeler. 

3198.  Antoinette  Wheeler. 

1310.  BETSEY  ANN'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1308) 
b.  Jan.  22,  1816,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  3,  1889,  Geneva,  N.  Y. ; 
m.  Oct.  21,  1834.  Gould  B.  Sears. 

They  had  three  children. 

3199.+Jame3  Sanfords  Sears,  b.  Oct.  16,  1836;  m.  Mary  Collin. 

3200.  DeWitt    Clinton    Sears,    b.    Sep.    26,    1838;    m.    Clara   VanGelder.      No 


3201.  Annette  Eliza  Sears,  b.  June  4,  1847. 

1311.  ELIZA  JANE'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1308) 
b.  July  14,  1819,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  7,  18SS,  Quincy,  Mich.; 
m.  Apr.  22,  1841,  Orson,  son  of  John  and  Susan  Warner,  of 
Orleans,  N.  Y.,  b.  Dec.  4.  1816 ;  d.  ^lay  27.  1852,  Orleans,  N.  Y. 

He  settled  in  Union,  Ind.,  in  1848,  but  later  ret  irned  to 
Orleans,  N.  Y.,  where  he  died. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Union,  Ind. 

3202.  Maria   Ellas   Warner,   b.    .July    24,    1842;    unm.;    res.,    Quincy,   Mich. 

3203.  +  Albert  J.  Warner,  b.  Sept.  26,  1844;  m.  Adelia  Newton. 
3204.-f-Elliston  Warner,  b.  Dec.  28,  1846;   m.  Mary  Culver. 

1312.  CLARREY'  MERCHANT  {Molhj  337,  David  189, 
Samuel  62,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Dec.  16,  1791,  Red- 


ding,  Ct. ;  d.  in  Patterson,  N.  Y. ;  m.  Hezekiah  Couch,  b.  Mar.  14, 
1791 ;  d.  Oct.  2,  1864,  Patterson,  N.  Y. 
They  had  foiir  children. 

3205.  Marys  Couch,  d.  in  Patterson,  N.  T.;  m.  Apr.  6,  1864,  John  C.  Peck. 

No   children. 

3206.  Jane  Ann  Couch,  d.  in  Danbury,  Ct.;  m.  Feb.  14,  1871,  John  C.  Peck, 

b.  in  Patterson,  N.  Y.    No  children. 
3207.+Joel  M.  Couch,  b.  Oct.,  1819;  d.  Nov.  11,  1898;  m.  Eliza  Cowl. 

3208.  Elizabeth  Couch,  b.  May  21,  1822;   d.  Feb.  16,  1849,  Patterson,  N.  Y. 

1313.  BETSEY"  MERCHANT  {sayne  descent  as  J312)  b. 
Jan.  29,  1794,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  May  6,  1875,  Ridgefield,  Ct. ;  m.  Capt 
Edward  Couch,  b.  July  14,  1792,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Apr.  16,  1856, 
Ridgefield,  Ct. 

They  had  two  children  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

3209.  +  Edward  J.s  Couch,  b.  July  17,  1828;  d.  Apr.  29,  1907;  m.  Mary  Hawley. 

3210.  Simon  Couch,  b.  Mar.  12,  1830;  d.  Mar.  11,  1893,  Ridgefield,  Ct.;  unm. 

1314.  CORTES^  MERCHANT  {same  descent  as  1312)  b. 
June  9,  1797,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Nov.  24,  1874,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m. 
Rebecca  Prockwell. 

They  had  one  child. 

3211.-|-Georgiana8  Merchant,  m.  Aaron  Stilson. 

1315.  ORSON^  MERCHANT  {same  descent  as  1312)  b.  Dec. 
16,  1799,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  7,  1874,  Redding,  Ct. ;  married  three 

He  had  one  child  by  first  and  one  by  second  marriage. 

3212.  Marys  Merchant,  m.  William  Beach. 

3213.  Charles  Merchant,  had  a  son  Charles. 

1316.  EDWARD"  MERCHANT  {same  descent  as  1312)  b. 
July  29,  1806,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.  24,  1877,  Redding,  Ct. ;  m. 

They  had  three  children. 

3214.  Sarah  Jane*  Merchant,  deceased. 

3215.  Elizabeth  Merchant,  deceased. 

3216.  Ann  Merchant. 

1317.  ELIZA  ANN^  MERCHANT  {same  descent  as  1312)  b. 
Nov.  15,  1808,  Redding,  Ct.;  d.  Dec.  12,  1897,  Fairfield,  Ct. ;  m. 
Alva  Sherwood. 


They  had  two  children. 

3217.  Theodore  Merchants   Sherwood,  res.  Bridgeport,  Ct. 

3218.  Mary  Eliza  Sherwood,  d.  Oct.  18,  1897. 

1318.  ASHER  SANFORD^  MERCHANT  {same  descent  as 
1312)  b.  May  18, 1811,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  4,  1884,  Danbury,  Ct. ; 
m.  Nov.  12,  1844,  Sarah  Haviland,  b.  May  12,  1817,  Ridgedeld,  Ct., 
d.  Apr.  11,  1898,  Danbury,  Ct. 

They  had  two  children  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

3219.  Joels  Merchant,  b.  Mar.  25,  1846;   m.  Jan.  28,  1891,  Emma  Sayer,  b. 

Jan.  1851,  Danbury,  Ct.     No  children.     Ees.,  Danbury,  Ct. 
3220. + Arthur  Reed  Merchant,  b.  Jan.  2,  1850;   m.  Emma  Benedict. 

1320.  DAVID^  SANFORD  {Daniel  559,  David  189,  Samuel 
62,  Ezekiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Jan.  25,  1799,  Redding,  Ct. ; 
d.  June  19.  1860,  Redding,  Ct. ;  buried  in  Umpawaug ;  m.  June  15, 
1823,  Esther  Staples,  b.  Oct.  13,  1803,  Weston,  Ct. ;  d.  Jan.  23,  1890, 
Ridgebury,  Ct.    Mr.  Sanford  served  in  the  War  of  1812. 

They  had  three  children,  all  born  in  Millplain,  Ct. 

3221.  +  Eliza  Jane*,  b.  Dec.  26,  1824;  d.  Apr.  19,  1905;  m.  Hiram  Smith. 

3222.  +  Sarah  Maria,  b.  Mar.  8,  1828;  d.  Sept.  7,  1905;  m.  Merriman  WHner. 

3223.  +  Eleanor  Burr,  b.  Aug.  14,  1833;   m.  Floyd  Hunt. 

1321.  EMILY'  SANFORD  {same  descent  as  1320)  b.  June 
24;  1809,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Sept.,  1906,  Westport,  Ct. ;  m.  Aug.  30, 
1848,    Alonson    Coley. 

They  had  one  child. 

3224.  +  Sarah   Abiahs   Coley,   b.   Mar.   27,    1852;    d.   Apr.   27,    1890;    m.   Daniel 

Bradley,  Jr. 

1322.  MARVIN  CHAPMAN^  SANFORD  {same  descent  as 
1320)  b.  Oct.  6,  1816,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Aug.  1,  1890,  Redding,  Ct., 
buried  in  Umpawaug;  m.  Nov.  3,  1841,  Eliza  Ann,  dau.  of  David 
and  Betsey  (Taylor)  Burr,  b.  Oct.,  1818,  Redding,  Ct.,  d.  Nov.  22, 
1892,  buried  in  Wooster  Cemetery,  Danbury,  Ct.  Seth  Sanford  was 
appointed  administrator  of  Marvin  Sanford 's  estate  in  Redding, 

They  had  two  children  born  in  Redding,  Ct. 

3225.  Orlando  Bradleys,  b.  Mar.   19,   1844;   m.   Sept.  21,   1871,  Ella  Frances, 

dau.  of  Nathan  Lane  and  Betsey  Ann    (Field)    Austin,  b.   Jan.   31, 
1850,  Somers,  N.  Y.     No  children.     Res.  Danbury,  Ct. 

3226.  +  Sarah  Emily,  b.  July  3,  1849;  m.  William  Osborne. 


1323.  MOSES  BRADLEY^  SANFORD  (same  descent  as 
1320)  b.  Apr.  17,  1818,  Redding,  Ct. ;  d.  Dec.  5,  1874,  Redding,  Ct., 
buried  in^  Umpawaug ;  m.  Aug.  24,  1846,  Mary,  dau.  of  Reed  and 
Amy  Haviland  of  Ridgefield,  Ct.,  b.  Nov.  10,  1818,  Redding,  Ct., 
d.  May  6,  1886,  Redding,  Ct.  Mr.  Sanford  became  the  possessor  uf 
the  old  homestead  upon  the  death  of  his  father  and  there  he  resided 
all  his  life.  Mrs.  Sanford  was  appointed  adm.  on  estate  of  her 
husband  Dec.  30,  1874.     {R.  Rec.  Vol.  6,  p.  142.) 

They  had  one  child. 

3227.+Isaac  Eeeds,  b.  Nov.  5,  1857;  d.  Feb.  18,  1892;  m.  (1)  Emma  Griffiths; 
m.  (2)  Kate  Curtiss. 

1332.  JAMES  DANIEL^  BOUTON  {Sarah  560,  David  189, 
Samuel  62,  Ezehiel  9,  Ezekiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  Nov.  19,  1812  ;  d.  Nov. 
27,  1867;  m.  (1)  Nov.  3,  1832;  m.  (2)  Aug.  4,  1847. 

He  had  five  children. 

3228.  Amandas  Bouton,  m.  Mead. 

3229.  Janet  Bouton,  m.  Charles  Ames. 

3230.  Sarah  Bouton. 

3231.  Price  Bouton. 

3232.  William  Bouton. 

1346.  EZRA^  KEELER  {Anna  573,  Ezra  194,  Samuel  62, 
Ezekiel  9,  Ezehiel  2,  Thomas  1)  b.  May  30,  1803,  Kortright,  N.  T. ;  d. 
Jan.  2,  1869,  Greenwich,  Ct. ;  m.  (1)  Nov.  27,  1827,  Mary,  dau.  of 
Benjamin  and  Anna  (Anderson)  Sherwood  of  Greenwich,  Ct., ' 
d.  July  8,  1838,  Greenwich,  Ct. ;  m.  (2)  Oct.  23,  1839,  Jane,  dau. 
of  Nathaniel  and  Gertrude  (Sherwood)  Burridge  of  N.  Y.  C,  b. 
May  18,  1803,  d.  Sept.  2,  1868,  Greenwich,  Ct.  Mr.  Keeler  and  his 
last  wife  are  buried  in  Anderson  Cemetery,  Rye,  N.  Y.  They 
settled  in  Greenwich,  Ct.,  and  he  was  Selectman,  Justice  of  the 
Peace  and  a  representative  in  the  Legislature. 

He  had  one  child  by  second  marriage. 

3233.  George  Burridges  Keeler,  b.  Mar.  4,  1841,  Greenwich,  Ct.;  m.  June  17, 

1868,    Mary,    dau.    of    Francis    and    Sarah    (Retolick)     Hocking    of 
Cornwall,  Eng.,  b.  June  24,  1847,  Cornwall,  Eng.    Ees.  Greenwich,  Ct, 

1349.  WARD^  KEELER  {same  descent  as  1346)  b.  Sept. 
4,  1809,  Kortright,  N.  Y. ;  d.  Sept.  19,  1871,  Iredell,  Texas ;  m.  Dec. 
10,  1844,  Barbara  Ann,  dau.  of  John  Lewis  and  Rebecca  ', Gordon) 
Kimbrough  of  Hot  Springs,  Ark.,  b.  Feb.  23,  1828,  Hardeman  Co., 


Tenn.,  d.  July  6,  1876,  Iredell,  Tex.  Mr.  Keeler  was  a  watchmaker. 
In  1849  they  went  to  Texas,  and  after  living  in  several  different 
places  finally  settled  at  Iredell,  where  he  owned  a  large  ranch. 
Here  he  built  a  steam  mill  and  laid  out  a  town.  He  held  various 
county  offices,  including  those  of  District  Clerk  and  County  Judge. 
They  had  ten  children. 

3234.  John  Sanfords  Keeler,  b.  Dec.  30,  1847,  Hot  Springs,  Ark. ;  d.  Aug.  7, 


3235.  William  Gordon  Keeler,  b.  May.  1,  1849,  Hot  Springs,  Ark. 

3236.  Charles   Lewis   Keeler,   b.   Mar.   6,    1850,   in   Texas;    d.   Mar.    29,    1873, 

Waco,  Texas. 

3237.  Cordelia   Ann  Keeler,   b.   Feb.   7,   1853,   Springfield,   Tex.;    d.   Aug.    12, 

1853,  Springfield,  Tes. 

3238.  Ora  Henry  Keeler,  b.  Aug.  2,  1854,  Springfield,  Tex.,  m.  Dec.  20,  1871, 

James  Henry  Smith.     Res.,  Iredell,  Tex. 

3239.  David  McMahon  Keeler,  b.  Dec.  7,  1857,  Bosque,  Tex. 

3240.  Rebecca  Caroline  Keeler,  b.  M«w.  1,  1859,  Meridian,  Tex. 

3241.  Ira  Burr  Keeler,  b.  Jan.  31,  1861,  Meridian,  Tex. 

3242.  George  Washington  Keeler,  b.  Apr.  22,  1863,  Meridian,  Tex. 

3243.  Minnie  Elizabeth  Keeler,  b.  Sep